Tel Aviv Express

By Alexander Bronfer

“Tel Aviv express” was filmed during my evening walks in the Tel Aviv and Negev desert area. Of course, these places are completely different from each other, but for me they complement each other and I like to drive to the desert after noisy Tel Aviv just to stay alone for a while and come back home. That’s why I called it Tel Aviv express. They are two different worlds, two planets which always attract each other in my soul. In that series I tried to express my personal feelings during those late walks.



Born in the USSR (Ukraine), studied in St. Petersburg and lived in Lithuania. After arriving in Israel, I lived in a kibbutz in South Israel where I fell in love with the Dead Sea region and desert. After a serious illness in 2007, I decided to change my life and decided to devote my knowledge to environmental and suitability issues, seeing photography as a continuation of my efforts. Therefore my main interest in photography is environmental issues and human environmental interactions. Over the last four years I have been working on a book about the mystery of the Dead Sea and its ecological catastrophe. On top of that I spend a good amount of time on personal projects mainly in Eastern Europe and Armenia. 
I am a finalist of multiple international and Israeli photography festivals. 


Instagram: @bronfer


Photo Essay edited by Alejandra Martínez Moreno