photographic essays

photographic essays

The Promise | By Irina Werning

The Promise | By Irina Werning I met Antonella (12) four years ago because of my long-term project Las Pelilargas, where I search and photograph women with long hair across different Latin American communities, since 2006. During lockdown I photographed her every week. One day in the middle of a shoot she told me “Hurry …

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Minas Gerais | Michael Naify

Minas Gerais | Michael Naify This body of work stems from the 2019 trailing’s dam collapse in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil killing some 270 people. I happened to be in the state capital for the month having moved my elderly mother-in-law there to be closer to family. I was able to visit and shoot the aftermath of the disaster with …

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A Muntagna | Emanuele Occhipinti

A Muntagna | Emanuele Occhipinti Mount Etna and the surrounding area is an island within an island. It’s the highest active volcano in Europe, a majestic presence that touches all of Sicily and all Sicilians but, for those who live on its slopes, it’s a real and significant presence to live with day after day. …

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Exodus | By Nicolò Filippo Rosso

Exodus | By Nicolò Filippo Rosso In Latin America, lack of job opportunities, limited access to education, and political corruption have persisted for generations, fueling cycles of violence and displacement that are both symptoms and causes of disrupted societies.  I have documented this phenomenon for the past four years, traveling along migration routes from Venezuela …

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Afro Atlantico | By Alex Almeida

Afro Atlantico | By Alex Almeida The “AFRO ATLANTICO” series was devised from my experience in the peripheral cultures of big Brazilian cities as well as the plunge into the depths of the Amazon rainforest, mostly renowned for its wildlife and vegetation, however equally vast in its human mosaic. This universe referred to as minorities has been historically oppressed and erased …

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