photographic essays

photographic essays

Catching Mice | Jimmy Lam

Catching Mice By Jimmy Lam Deng Xiaoping once said, “It does not matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.”  These words ushered in China’s ‘Reform and Opening Up’ in 1979, transforming a country then in complete turmoil during the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976, into what is now …

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Cai Dongdong | History of Life

Cai Dongdong History of Life Captured through the eyes of ordinary Chinese citizens before, during, and after the cultural revolution and curated by one of China’s most talented visual artists, “History of Life” presents a fascinating story on the determination of the human spirit. A collection of 415 restored photographs chronicling the history of modern China from the …

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Matthew Lam | Hotpot Singapore

Matthew Lam “Hotpot Singapore” In 1819, the year when the British founded Singapore, the place was just an abandoned and unimportant piece of rock about 625 square metres in size at the tip of Malaya in Southeast Asia.  There were only 150 inhabitants, including pirates.  Since, the peninsula had magically transformed into a vibrant immigrant society. …

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Simona Ghizzoni | Afterdark: Consequences of War on Women in the Gaza Strip

Simona Ghizzoni Afterdark: Consequences of War on Women in the Gaza Strip ESSAY CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT I reached the Occupied Palestinian Territories for the first time in 2010, on assignment with a friend journalist, to document the condition of Palestinian women in the Gaza Strip. At that time, we had the access to the Gaza …

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Tanja Houwerzijl | Layered Beauty

Tanja Houwerzijl Layered Beauty Tanja evolved her visual style into analogue collage making. Her collages consist mostly of vintage Japanese materials, i.e. handmade paper, old photographs, schoolbooks and magazines. She collects from antique markets, bookstores and online sellers in Japan. Tanja likes to deconstruct materials and then cut or tear apart before layering and gluing …

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Willy Vecchiato | Lanzarote

Willy Vecchiato Lanzarote Lanzarote is a hymn to the founding elements of the earth, the raison d’être of the senses on which the fragile human intentions rest. Like ancient wills carved on stone. Lanzarote is an epistème and together it traces the same duration of the primordial substance. Life, in which sacred and profane mingle …

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