photographic essays

photographic essays

Layered Beauty – Tanja Houwerzijl

Layered Beauty Tanja Houwerzijl Tanja evolved her visual style into analogue collage making. Her collages consist mostly of vintage Japanese materials, i.e. handmade paper, old photographs, schoolbooks and magazines. She collects from antique markets, bookstores and online sellers in Japan. Tanja likes to deconstruct materials and then cut or tear apart before layering and gluing …

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Willy Vecchiato – Lanzarote

Lanzarote Willy Vecchiato Lanzarote is a hymn to the founding elements of the earth, the raison d’être of the senses on which the fragile human intentions rest. Like ancient wills carved on stone. Lanzarote is an epistème and together it traces the same duration of the primordial substance. Life, in which sacred and profane mingle …

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María Daniel Balcázar – Kilombo

  KILOMBO María Daniel Balcázar     Kilombo is a tribute to the resilience and vitality of the African legacy in Brazil. During the Atlantic slave trade, approximately 4.8 million people from various regions of Africa were forcefully transported to Brazil, bringing with them only their memories. Through their oral history, in the remembrance of …

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Daniel Hinks – Summer Holiday Dreams

Summer Holiday Dreams Daniel Hinks  China’s northeastern province of Shandong (A.K.A Friendly Shandong) is home to a little city called Rizhao. Its English translation is the sunshine city, and the locals are nicknamed “the sun shiners,” dating back thousands of years to the Dong Yi people during the Xia and Shang dynasties (2070-1046 BC) believed …

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Giorgio Bianchi – Donbass Stories

Giorgio Bianchi Donbass Stories Several tens of thousands of dead and wounded, over a million refugees. The civil war in Donbass has literally erased entire cities and villages from the map, staining with blood the soil of the European continent for the first time in the twenty-first century. These are two chapters – Alina and …

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