Emerging Photographer Fund

The Emerging Photographer Fund 2018


Shahid Shadman, No Quarter

Shadman Shahid

No Quarter

EPF 2018 RECIPIENT – $10,000

No quarter speaks about the victims of domestic violence in Bangladesh. It takes the form of a docu-fiction about Alo and Sagor, a couple who have been in an abusive relationship for more than 20 years.



The EPF Fujifilm/Young Talent Award 2018


Tabitha Barnard - Cult of Womanhood

Tabitha Barnard

Cult of Womanhood


Cult of Womanhood explores religion and the community Tabitha created with her sisters, revealing a theater of eternal youth and femininity during their transition to womanhood, while escaping from repression in the forests and seascapes of rural Maine, USA.



The Emerging Photographer Fund 2018 –  Finalists


Liza Ambrossio

Tabitha Barnard (winner Fujifilm/Young Talent Award 2018)

Felipe Romero Beltran

Rosie Brock

Sanja Jugovic Burns

Ronghui Chen

Hajime Kimura

David Molina

Annalisa Natali Murri

Tommaso Protti

Shadman Shahid (winner Emerging Photographer Fund 2018)


The full essays of the winners and shortlisted entries will be published here on BURN magazine.



Emerging Photographer Fund 2018 – Judges:

(in alphabetical order)


Adam Broomberg | Artist, professor of photography at HFBK in Hamburg and teacher at KABK in The Hague

MaryAnne Golon | Assistant Managing Editor and Director of Photography at The Washington Post

Sohrab Hura | Photographer, Magnum Photos

Azu Nwagbogu | Founder and Director of African Artists’ Foundation AAF

Fiona Rogers | Global Director of Business Development for Magnum Photos



Previous EPF Winners


The 2008 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to
Sean Gallagher for his essay on the environmental Desertification of China.

The 2009 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to
Alejandro Chaskielberg for his 8×10 format essay on the Parana River Delta ‘The High Tide’.

The 2010 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to
Davide Monteleone for his essay ‘Northern Caucasus’.

The 2011 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to
Irina Werning for her essay ‘Back to the Future’.

In 2012 three Emerging Photographer Fund grants were awarded:
one major to Matt Lutton for his essay ‘Only Unity’ and
two minors to Giovanni Cocco for his essay ‘Monia’ and to Simona Ghizzoni for her essay ‘Afterdark’.

In 2013 four Emerging Photographer Fund grants were awarded:
one major to Diana Markosian for her essay ‘My Father The Stranger’ and
three minors to Iveta Vaivode for her essay ‘Somewhere on Disappearing Path’,
Oksana Yushko for her essay ‘Balklava: The Lost History’ and
Maciej Pisuk for his essay ‘Under The Skin; Photographs From Brzeska Street’.

In 2014 two Emerging Photographer Fund grants were awarded:
one major to Alessandro Penso for his essay ‘Lost Generation’ and
one minor to Birte Kaufmann for her essay ‘The Travelers’.

In 2015 the Emerging Photographer Fund was awarded to Danila Tkachenko for ‘Restricted Areas’, and
the Fujifilm Young Talent Award to Sofia Valiente for ‘Miracle Village’.

In 2016 the Emerging Photographer Fund was awarded to Annie Flanagan for ‘Deafening Sound’, and
the Fujifilm Young Talent Award to Aleksander Raczynski for ‘Views’

In 2017 the Emerging Photographer Fund was awarded to Antoine Bruy for ‘Outback Mythologies’, and
the Fujifilm Young Talent Award to Aleksey Kondratyev for ‘Ice Fishers’



Editor’s note:


I cannot express my thanks enough to MaryAnne, Sohrab, Fiona, Azu and Adam. They worked together to finely tune their choices, looked at the finalists from every angle and awarded the EPF grants to the photographers they felt most deserving. Of course, once it got down to the finalists, choices became extremely difficult, but that is a given… and they did an admirable job. Thank you.
A heartfelt thank you also to Fujifilm for making it possible for the EPF to keep the focus on the future generations, the young ones, the ones with a vision already making a mark now… and just might make another jump soon.




Burn Magazine revolves around the EPF. Our most important curatorial contribution to the oftentimes chaotic landscape of photography today. By choosing a jury whose lifetimes have been spent in looking at photographs and making photographs, we try to give our Burn readers a distilled version of the best work of all that flows before their eyes every day.


Most importantly our mission is to give recognition to the finest emerging authors out there and to provide some funding to at least a few to keep going and to continue making a mark. Our previous winners prove this is not in vain.


Many thanks especially to my EPF team Anton Kusters, Diego Orlando, and Mallory Bracken. First off, they must deal with me!! Never easy. In all seriousness, they all show amazing dedication to the spirit of doing something which just feels good. To provide a platform for the up and coming.

Special thanks to Susan Meiselas of the Magnum Foundation. Nobody on the planet is more dedicated to allowing new talent to develop.
Special thanks also to Michael Loyd Young, EPF funder and BURN Magazine board member.





The Emerging Photographer Fund is a yearly award given to an emerging photographer, supporting the development of his or her work.
In tandem, the Fujifilm/Young Talent Award is given every year to an emerging photographer who is 25 or younger.
The Emerging Photographer Fund was created and is directed by David Alan Harvey, curated and produced by Anton Kusters & Diego Orlando.