“Una Disperata Vitalità”

by Ciro Battiloro

Sanità and Santa Lucia are two districts in the center of the cities of Napoli and Cosenza. They are in the epicenter of Una Disperata Vitalità which focuses on the intimacy of the life of its people which carries the marks and scars of incurable wounds within their flesh. Both of these areas were born in the core of Napoli and Cosenza but after years of gentrification within these cities, Santa Lucia and Sanità suffered from a process of marginalisation which excluded them from the rest of the cities growth.

Una Disperata Vitalità is an essay about life through indentity, culture, cross generational relationships, family, parenting and memories. In these wounds grows solitude and love in its most sincere display escaping the superficiality of a consumerist society. Inside these doors and windows you can find an amazing energy of life – full of dignity where precious authentic stories tell the nature of humanity in the everyday life. At the center of the project lays the population of the districts within their intimate lives, often ignored because of the stigma of marginality excluded of the great economical and political processes of gentrification. This essay is an intimate disclosure of invisible existences.



Ciro Battiloro (Torre del Greco, 1984) is an italian photographer based in Napoli. He studied philosophy at “Federico II” University of Napoli. He uses a very intimate approach and throat everyday life he discusses more general social thematics.In particular his research of the last years is focused on some urban marginalities in Southern Italy districts (Rione Sanità in Napoli,Quartiere Santa Lucia,Cosenza). In 2015 he was selected for the 2nd edition of LAB, Irregular Laboratory created by Antonio Biasiucci. He was selected for the artistic residency Bocs Art – International Artistic Residences, Up-urban People and Tremplin Jeunes Talent Festival Planches de Contact. His work has been published in several magazines: Internazionale, Courrier International, l’Espresso, LFI, GUP, FOTOILMIC and been exhibited in different museums/galleries and festivals.

Website: www.cirobattiloro.com

Instagram: @cirobattiloro


Selection by Alejandra Martinez Moreno – Editor/Burn Magazine.