About Burn Magazine

burn was launched as an online magazine/journal on December 21, 2008.

burn team:

Alejandra Martinez Moreno – CEO/Editor – alejandra@burnmagazine.org

Jenny Crawford – Burn Foundation/CEO – jenny@burnmagazine.org  

Michael Loyd Young – Board Chairman

Haik Mesropian- IT Specialist

David Alan Harvey – Founder

Burn Magazine has a new voice: Alejandra Martinez Moreno, a Mexican producer, photographer and picture editor who took over as a CEO/Managing Editor in June 2021. She moves forward with the intention to continue the legacy of founder David Alan Harvey began in 2008. Burn Magazine will also be supported by the newly formed charitable arm, Burn Foundation. 

We plan to maintain our current grant making while expanding into further education, publication and advocacy efforts.  Harvey moves on with his personal projects,  with over $100,000 in grants distributed to deserving emerging artists whose projects have had a resounding impact on the genre.   

Thank you to  our many supporters, students, and grantees, who have allowed Burn Magazine to be a part of their photographic journeys in this first chapter.  We will continue to provide opportunities to all, a place to be widely seen , and a place to admire, discover, and very often fund important work by talented photographers. 

          I am grateful and humble for the extraordinary opportunity to work and carry on Burn Magazine hand in hand with Jenny Crawford, CEO of the Burn Foundation.

     – Alejandra Martinez Moreno

Burn was launched as an online magazine/journal on December 21, 2008 and is a spinoff of my blog “Road Trips” which I started in December of 2006. The intent then and now is to provide a platform for emerging photographers both online and in print. This comes from a lifetime of mentoring photographers. I started teaching photographic workshops a year after I took one myself at the Universtiy of Missouri Workshop. I was a student at 21 and was teaching at 22.

My whole philosophy of teaching and mentoring is based on the theory that I will be of most value because I am very much a working photographer. Constantly creating books for myself, planning exhibitions, printing for collectors, proposing and shooting magazine assignments, and do the occasional advertising shoot. Because of this NOW experience , it is quite easy to relate to the world of photographers who may benefit from my editing and expertise, yet know full well that I struggle with the environs of a fickle publishing world as do they.

burn is not a finished product. burn will not be the same tomorrow as it is today. Evolution and revolution are my keywords for living the photographic life. In an ever fast changing world for photographers and writers, my goal here is to be at the forefront of change and to provide an outlet for emerging photographers, and perhaps established photographers as well. So many speak of tough times ahead. I see opportunity. 

burn is born from an educational imperative and to bring strong photographic essays and powerful text to not only photographers, but to anyone fascinated by a visual and literary interpretation of our complex planet. Your interpretations may be either journalistic in nature or esoteric subjective pieces. I hold all artists in high regard. 

We will do something very special right here on burn. Always exploring new territory. With you as the authors.

Stay tuned...

David Alan Harvey