Thank You For Your Support

Why Support BURN?

Our plan is simple: we create the best photography driven magazine we possibly can, refrain from possible conflict of interest advertising, and then ask you to donate what you think it’s worth.  We’re not likely to get rich this way, but that’s not our goal…

Here at BURN we seek support in any way that makes sense for all of us. We do not believe in banner ads, instead we prefer responsible sponsorship. We choose to refrain from forcibly extracting money from you by charging subscription fees. Instead, we leave it up to you to decide what our service is worth to you.

Your voluntary support enables us to devote all of our time and energy to making BURN the best magazine possible – and pays for the office, all the tech, and the services required to keep the magazine online and the gallery open.

The amount, or type, of your contribution is completely up to you – based on your opinion of how much you enjoy BURN and what you can afford.  Some  readers have suggested  adopting the “one hour’s wages per month” formula, and contribute every month, which is a very cool idea…  and some can afford to send even more than that (thanks!).

We also want to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed so generously to EPF. We quite literally couldn’t do it without you. For those interested ONLY in supporting the EPF and the  IRS 501c3 tax incentives in doing so, please contact me:   for all particulars. The IRS approved 501c3 tax status comes through the Magnum Cultural Foundation. As a Magnum owner/member photographer and Board member of the MCF, this EPF grant is possible from your donations. We  take no administrative fees from these donations. A dollar in is a dollar out to the EPF grant recipient.

Funds going into the EPF do NOT support the operations of BURN magazine, but do support ONLY the grantee of the EPF .

And, as always, we understand that contributing financially is just not an option for some of you. That’s fine. All activities and services at BURN are open to everyone, and we will do everything in our power to keep it that way.

Generous donors will receive signed archival collectors prints and books from me personally….a generous donor is defined as someone who i feel is sincerely generous….this is not dollar specific…

Some of you know me personally. Those who do , will know that whatever you put in , I will pay back times ten in my efforts to create the best new leading edge photo driven magazine on the net.  Remember, this is OUR collaboration.

thank you

-david alan harvey



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