11 thoughts on “Photo Tips #5”

  1. Thanks for posting the fifth tip! Funny! Two of my favorite color photographers together having fun in a hotel room. I admire the humble and empathy of Steve, who only stay with “WINNER” just a few seconds…

    Looking forward #6. Happy spring everyone. P.

  2. I’m glad you have documenting McCurry’s suitcase. It should be remembered and discussed in college courses throughout the remainder of human existence…

  3. John R. Fulton Jr.

    Dave, inquiring minds want to know – at least those of use who have been around suitcases for a while. How exactly does Steve keep the suitcase SHUT? Latches are always weak spot. Al Moldvay taught me to gaffer tape those old flip-up latches on the Halliburtons. Steve’s case *had* red tape around it at one point but it’s now very faded. Does he use those belt-like straps to keep it shut? Thanks, and as always I hope all is well.

  4. I don’t know how much gear Steve used to carry or carries now but I wonder how it differs today from say 30 years ago. I believe he shots both now film and digital but he might not have to carry so much film because of his digital camera? which might make it easier to pack and actually have a smaller bag?

  5. Holy Cow! I want to hang out and talk about luggage with you gentlemen. I will carry it too if you need that. I am strong like bull!! Thank you David for the awesome video it made my day. And I can’t wait to purchase the Filson bag.

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