“Bangkok May Be Gone”

By Warun “Bearly” Siriprachai

“It’s such a stressful situation as flood levels in Bangkok are at a dangerous level.

Thailand had experienced a huge flood in 2011, almost all regions were submerged. Experts warning that Bangkok will be sinking in 25 years,In 2022 signs are becoming clearer.

Because of global warming results in heavy rainfall, flash flood hit many areas in Bangkok, Thailand. After the heavy rainfall and the water reached 1 meter high in some areas.

People can not do their normal activities, just living day by day with the fact that water flood is in their bedroom.”


Warun Siriprachai, aka ‘BearLy’

Being a film director is her childhood dream. She’s interested in art and drawing. She likes to look special, wonder, to make the pictures ask questions and interesting things.

Due to COVID-19 and situation in Asia,she did a project about shooting Bangkok during the lockdown situation. After this project came out. Can create understanding and the truth that happens for everyone to know in Thailand.

At this point, she’s aware that shooting photo is another way to tell the truth and help the society. She has passion to make a better society via her photos, so she started to do a personal project and become a journalist. She believes that a journalist can bring her to the places where no one can and bring the truth to the society and make a better world.

Thai photographer who has focused on various social issues in Thailand. She will make her first book next year.

Website: www.bearlywarun.com

Instagram: @bearly_warun

Selection by Managing Editor Alejandra Martinez Moreno (@ale_jandram)