This is the work of my 11 students this month in Rio de Janeiro. You are seeing 11 different stories or essays all shot in 4-5 days of real time. Each student comes up with their own idea or theme. These themes can be journalistic or abstract and subjective. The whole point is to get photographers started into seeing photographs woven together as essays. All of them are beginnings of thinking. Something that can be taken further later on.

Some are exercises in thinking and some are projects ready to be taken further. My job is to inspire, to coach, and to help mostly to have those I mentor to start thinking in a non linear way.

In this particular workshop we had a very unusual situation where I was also shooting my own essay, BeachGames. This added an additional spark as we were all putting pictures up on the classroom wall each day. Needless to say, we bonded in a very special way. We had some great times together all around..A time never to be forgotten.

We put this show together for a live audience in Rio in just a few hours from the time the last picture was taken. Enjoy.



9 thoughts on “David Alan Harvey Rio 2015 Workshop, Student Slideshow”

  1. Looks like a fun workshop. Good shots throughout. Essay wise, I was most impressed with Yaniv Gur, who seemed to have a way above average sense for narrative in visual storytelling. Needs some work on technical skills (as do we all (just about)), but those can be learned.

    Having seen so many slideshows from the loft workshop in NY, gotta say, NY looks like a much more interesting city than Rio, at least through student eyes. I was thinking that as the essay with the Azalea Banks 212 song came on. For your next NY workshop, you should consider scoring all the student essays with that.

  2. Really happy, grateful ( to david, dan and all the workshoppers)and proud for the chance of witness the evolution of these 11 great persons and talented photographers. It definitely required lot of sweaty, self avaluation , to rethink and think again about vision, authorship and some braveness to give a step ahead ..What really made special to me was that into the experience we all got connected by the challenge and a lot of good times. That was one workshop to remember forever and to miss all those faces ..we really embraced freedom in all the ways possible. And try to guess…everyone survived with flying colors ahahaha

  3. I won’t single anything out, but there is some excellent photography in here. It looks like everybody had a great experience. And with Roberta helping to look over the flock, how could it have been any other way?

  4. For me every essay was intersting towards impressive with its own signature , some have this young dramatic vibe still ( made me smile though ). The level and individual aproach I enjoyed , very promissing .

  5. Congrats to everyone! I see 11 different points of view, I see 11 different stories, some of them shoot in the same place, DA Beach.
    It’s really interesting that intersection, just ONE place, MANY points of view.

    @DAH: (just for fun)
    A was wondering with your picture, here, if I can guess who is the photographer of a particular series. How a person is dressed, haircut, shoes and what he drinks speak a lot about oneself… The guy with Joy Division T Shirt would not have the same approach of the one with glasses in front row. Both vision are good. No judging. There are no rules in Photography!

    Shine! Hope CU Soon in Europe this year.
    PS: There is no images of the girl in dark glasses with a caki hat :-(

  6. Fun, educational to watch, liked much of what I saw. There was definitely thinking and photography taking place. Always amazed at how the whole workshop pulls together for the slide show at the end. Good coaching, David; good students too.

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