Photo for BurnDiary by Diana Markosian, 2013 EPF Winner


This is week is number 52 for BurnDiary. Our anniversary. One year of weekly diary posts by 52 photographers from a multitude of countries within all five continents.. So many different approaches to daily life that after looking backwards is kind of impossible to imagine all in one place… But they are, here in BurnDiary; city life, love stories, landscapes and social issues and mainly many pictures about the record of a moment.
I write now not for the past but to announce that this diary will be turned into our third printed magazine, entitled Diary. Yes – life moments disappear while we are living them, but this is also about photography… these images, for the beauty, the pureness, the immediate feeling deserve the possibility to say something for longer. This is why BurnDiary will be a book.
The photographer this week is Diana Markosian, our 2013 EPF winner, announced when BurnDiary was at the very first steps. She continued her work all along 2014 showing very well how a grant can be important in a photographer ‘s life to have the freedom to develop a project otherwise hard to fund.  The current year edition is almost to its deadline, so Diana’s week is just the perfect coincidence for this anniversary, the perfect candle for this birthday.
We want to say once again the 52 photographers who have joined us this past year are with us as part of Burn’s enlarged family and surely they have been able to create one of the best family diaries ever!
Many thanks to all who have created this most amazing collective one year essay. Our team at Burn Magazine looks forward to seeing what the next year will bring. In the meantime, please join us in our excitement for the soon-to-be release of Diary..
Diego Orlando, Editor, BurnDiary

3 thoughts on “BurnDiary anniversary”

  1. A year so far….how time flies!
    There have been so many highlights during that short amount of time.
    One year is a lot but not really :)
    Looking forward to seeing it printed and what the future holds!

  2. i am actually a bit amazing that more of our readers here have not tried a shot on BurnDiary..the absolutely MOST EGALITARIAN thing going on the internet…no bullshit…no politics…no editor to decide..only up to YOU…we will edit for the printed book of course…at some point a jury does decide what is in and what is out…pretty normal…yet for the week of shooting the photographer has free reign…yet very few photographers actually know how to handle the freedom they so often ask for….

  3. Diana’s BURN DIARY has been gorgeous to follow…just as her book, as her work…so so gorgeous :))))…..

    i dont always comment (just too damn busy) but wanted to step in and say: HELL YES, i love this Diary madness…and Diana’s has been particularly luminous! :))))…

    i’ll sink my teeth into the Diary once i’m off to China and Taiwan in October…


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