Photo ©Michael Loyd Young

Ahhh, after a whirlwind spring and early summer, I am finally at home for a bit.  Summertime is exactly that, and for sure we all need a break at times. In this summertime spirit, we are going to extend the deadline for the Emerging Photographer Fund grant of $10,000 to September 02, 2014.  Our original deadline for the EPF/Magnum Foundation Grant was July 31, 2014.

This is an extension of 4 weeks – all of August. We are receiving a lot of requests to extend it for one or two days, one week… No point to do that, so let’s have a real extension. The grant winner official announcement will be on October 7, 2014 , directly on BURN.
IF you have already entered and wish to add more to your essay or change your entry with this new deadline, then you may do so easily. Simply send an email to: anton@burnmagazine.org.
The next two weeks I will be at home. Working with my Burn team of Diego Orlando, Kaya Berne, Anton Kusters, Panos/Kim Skoulidas and Haik Mesropian to make BurnMagazine and BurnBooks as good as we can make them. Burn is an extension of my general mentoring. We produce workshops and books, yet Burn remains an independent entity. It is just us. We are not owned nor managed by any company nor beholding to anyone. This audience supports Burn through voluntary funding.  We pay back by publishing your work when appropriate and trying to give a good educational experience.  The EPF is only one part of it.
One of the incredible spinoffs from Burn is that I  have had the opportunity to meet so many people from this audience in person in various parts of the world. Matter of fact, wherever I travel, there you are!
In about three weeks I will go to Cologne, Germany where Markus Schaden’s Photobook Museum will open. One of the books featured in this spectacular showing of photo books will be BurnBooks (based on a true story) my book set in Rio. Many thanks for your support on this project from the beginning.
Then to our workshop in Venice, Italy in early September where my students will produce a small book printed by Antiga Press from their week of work .
Soon after that I go to Paraty Em Foco photo fest in Brazil where some of my Rio work will hang and I will have a chance to do a short workshop. And of course drink caipirinhas with my Brazilian amigos where my relationships run deep.
I will end my shooting year in Jeju Island , Korea with a one month intensive shoot on the lady shellfish divers of Korea, producing a b&w book on this soon to be extinct cultural phenomena.
So, if you are anywhere near any of these locations, come see me. I will take the time to meet you if at all possible. I always do.
Let us know please if you have any questions about the EPF, or submitting to Burn, or getting a week of BurnDiary or whatever. We will do our best to answer.
Please enjoy the rest of your summer. Take some time. Shoot some “lazy” pictures. Often the best. If you are around the Outer Banks, come sit on my porch and have a cold beer.  Good ideas pop , and real things get done when the vibe is right. That is the whole point of BURN.

207 thoughts on “A Letter From David…”

  1. Hello, hello, hello,,,
    Thank you for your encouragement!

    Please sleep early and take care of yourself in hot summer.
    And say hello to Burn team!

    I am looking forward to seeing you with pleasure. :)))
    Best wishes,

    Kyunghee Lee

  2. I look forward to seeing the results of the EPF. Unfortunately, I will not be submitting this year. In previous years I’ve always submitted something, more as a donation than an attempt to win a prize, although to be fair, I also looked at it as an opportunity to show the burn crew what I was up to. This year, however, I suffer from a combination of being extremely broke and exceptionally busy, so even though I could manage to come up with the entrance fee, I simply cannot come up with the time.

    I mention that not to whine, but as prelude to a general offer. I was a victim of a series of accidents (as are we all), that found me taking a job as a sports photographer at a small town newspaper. Victimized by yet another series of accidents, I became managing editor of said newspaper. A Jim Powers, so to speak. Of course, it’s like totally uninteresting if you think of it as about me, but I am finding the experience very interesting in the larger context of the power of photography and its place in media. In short, it’s really fucking powerful and drives a helluva lot of traffic to publications that excel in it.

    Although my personal photography has suffered a bit, I get a lot of satisfaction out of creating an entire publication. I’ve realized that small town newspapers are a mostly un-commented upon part of the new media landscape. Whereas they have historically been very constrictive, nowadays they offer an incredible amount of freedom to go for international standards of quality. I’ve asked literally thousands of people if I could take their photographand I think a total of two have said no. It’s like people here think there’s some kind of law that requires them to allow a credentialed journalist to take their picture. Coming from New York, it’s like being in some kind of alternate universe.

    Anyway, I thought I’d offer this in the spirit of burn and the concept of paying it forward. I’d be happy to help out anyone looking to do a project on the midwest United States. We have all kinds of industry and farming; devastating drug problems, prostitutes to rival those of Iquitos and just about everything else that the United States has to offer. If you have a trust fund, or are a European with several months of vacation, or are simply willing to live poor; I can give you a lot of access, a publishing platform and maybe even a little beer money. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.


    I will look forward to seeing you again in Korea…as always!! Did you see the film we did in Busan?


    hey that’s pretty cool Michael…where are you? i worked on a midwest newspaper out of school and it was a great experience…and where i met of course “Jim Powers”….that’s why i like him….and i know well you will do a great job, and have a lot of fun doing it….congrats on the life change…it will be terrific for sure!!

    cheers, david


    it is those lady divers at the beginning of that film that i will spend a whole month shooting for a book….they are terrific women..so strong….family women…..doing something so unusual…and after they are gone, this craft will exist no more…so i am pleased to be doing this documentary, and very pleased to return to Korea…

    cheers, david

  5. looking forward to seeing this years entries.

    ALL. Anyone around london on 9/11 are welcome to come to the opening of a small selection of the Dogmata, speakers corner exhibition @silverprint, london road. Lots of free booze, live speakers, video installation and some really gorgeous large wet prints. More details when invites/posters etc have been made. show runs for a month.
    Packing cameras and film now for a vintage 1970’s coach trip to Brighton with founding members of the sex pistols, the clash and the stray cats among others for a day of mayhem (well maybe they are a bit old for mayhem)
    Julian Temple will be on board with a small film crew to capture it all.

  6. David,
    I’d love to meet you when you are in Germany and maybe drink a “Kölsch” or two with you in Cologne.
    I live very close to Cologne and I plan to go to the opening of the Photobook Museum of course. I think you’ll meet some very interesting people there.
    Maybe I can help you with something while you’re in Germany, whatever it is. Just let me know.

    You can find my email in the blog about the “one year hiking” that my wife and I just finished:

    Man, meeting you at the Museum would be a great birthday gift for me ;-)

  7. David,

    Jeju Island sounds great for B&W. Look forward to seeing the shots — any chance that there willl be a preliminary, “diary-type” series like CRAZED IN RIO?


  8. Yes, MW? Where are you? And how do we see your work? I am curious to see it.

    Strange summer for me.

    Oh, hell. Strange year.

    Strange two years, since my first surgery June 30, 2012, that the doc told me would put me out of action for three weeks and then I would be totally healed and it would soon be as though I had never had surgery at all. And then that surgery went awry and led to all these other hospitalizations and surgeries so here I am, in the midst of one of the greatest Alaska summers of all time, shooting nothing but snaps with my iPhone. One good contract sustaining me at the edge, but ironically it is about the past, just touching on the present, and mostly involves me sitting at my computer.

    Yet, I find I enjoy being home. Especially when grandkids come around. Which they often do.

    And my first iBook is nearing completion.

    It is about a cat.

    I fantasize that it will make me a million dollars and fund my work for the rest of my life and that I will be strong and healthy, fit for the Arctic at its toughest and able to dash off to Hawaii and New Zealand on the whim of the moment for sun and surf, but I suppose it’ll probably sell 10 to 200 copies.

    But making this iBook is a lot of fun.

    So, even though I complain, I have nothing to complain about.

    I don’t think I will worry about EPF this year. Kind of a joke for me to enter, given my age and experience, but who knows? David has given me a month to think about it and it is possible that at 1:00 AM, September 2, I might say, “what the hell, I will do my part to contribute to Burn” and throw together an entry on any one of who knows how many different possibilities and then send it in along with instructions not to ever post it on Burn EPF?

    Not that I would expect them to, but if by chance they ever did it would be an outrage and angry young photographers would say, “What the hell? That guy’s old!”

    I will quit rambling now.


    you are forever young….and i consider myself emerging as do you….i will buy whatever book you do…hard copy or ebook…..looking forward and not at all surprised it is about a cat…they rule!!


    we all love you…and all happy for you…and we will all be happier when the tabloid DEATH IN VENICE hits the streets…stay tuned…

    cheers, david

  10. Hey all, Currently, I haven’t shown a lot of work that is burn quality. Most of what I post on our Facebook is either of smiling people posing or action sports scenes. Basically, the kinds of photos most people want to see. My experience has been very interesting, however, in the larger discussion about the value of photography to publications these days. When I started posting to FB, our page hits went up over 3000 percent and we have steadily grown our page views since. And although pictures of popular people posing typically get far and away the most likes, and I have significantly brought up the technical quality of those kinds of photos, I think the better photos from an international Photography perspective; although they do not receive many likes, do a lot for the general reputation of the paper and draw a lot of people in. Of course it’s not just group shots. I have a few personal projects going on that I haven’t shown at all and I don’t always show my best photos of regular events. Most people here wouldn’t consider them my best photos anyway, they’d just consider them weird. But not everything I’ve shown is bad. I could probably make a superficially decent little essay out of them.

    But, like I said above, I don’t have much time for that. In addition to whatever photography I do, I have to write four or five stories, edit six or eight more, find more content to fill several pages, edit other people’s photographs, and then design and layout an entire newspaper. So I’m finding I appreciate the final product as a whole work of art itself. I’m trying to make a good publication, not just a good-for-a-small town newspaper. And quality photography is an integral part of it. Without good photographs, nothing else can possibly work. It’s an interesting challenge.

    Anyway, I’ll drop the people who have specifically asked where I’m at a Skype or an email. Anyone else is always welcome to contact me for whatever reason.

  11. David,
    When a visit to Spain?
    Every June in Madrid there is an international photo festival called “PhotoEspaña”. Abbas, Antoine D’Agata, Chien-Chi Chang and Bruce Gilden were here in 2012 teaching at workshops.
    It would be great if you be here one year! Workshop or an exhibition, it doesn´t matter!

    To all Burn people, enjoy the summer and rest!


  12. CESAR

    i often teach at EFTI in Madrid….i did that every year up until about two years ago…i also had a really nice exhibition of my work on American Family at EFTI….so much of my overall body of work is from Spain of course….it is simply a matter of scheduling and of time…i cannot be everywhere, even though i have tried!!

    let’s hope we can meet in Spain…

    cheers, david

  13. Oh! I did´t know you were teaching there!. I took a course there many years ago, when digital didn´t exist…

    Sure there will be an opportunity to come to Spain!


  14. David,

    I hope this message finds you well. Wanted to wish you and the Burn team a productive run-up to the EPF. Can’t quite believe it has been over 6 years since the first! It seems our paths unfortunately never seem to cross on our travels, but thought you’d like to see what I’ve been working on over the past few years: http://gallagher-photo.com/environmental-stories/ I am still in Asia and recently took on the biggest assignment of all, becoming a parent. Life has changed enormously. Question: How did you balance shooting with a young family?! I find it harder these days to leave home. Have to pick projects much more carefully. Anyway, sending greetings from sweltering Beijing. Please pass my best onto Diego, Anton, Panos et al!


  15. David,

    I have a plan to visit New York City from Late August to Middle October, then am going to go to Oaxaca again.
    I thought I would meet you while I stay in/near the NYC. But your schedule looks very busy at that time.

    I am not sure I am able to back to Japan while you are in South Korea.
    When will you go to South Korea?
    Safe your trip.

    Eiji Ueda

  16. EIJI

    i cannot even keep up with my own schedule….in early October though i should be in new york…by mid October i go to Korea for a whole month…..then back to new york from mid November on…..i hope we can meet somehow….

    cheers, david

  17. Hi David,
    I’ve been following your great work here on BURN for the last years and I’d love to meet you in Cologne. Is that possible?
    If there is something I can do for you while you are in Germany, I’d be happy to help out.
    Safe travels and greetings from Germany,

  18. DAVID.

    Just to be clear, the coach trip/rock and roll OAP’s thing I mentioned is not connected to the speakers corner exhibition. Just a check-in of whats been going on currently and that was one of the things…turned out very different than planned but had a real blast.

  19. MARK

    sure , meet me in Cologne…the PhotoBook Museum bit is going to be quite amazing by all accounts…openings are the 18th and 19th…19th is i think the public opening…..and i do an artists talk at the Museum on Friday i think the 23rd…..i leave for Sicily on the 24th…..i do hope we meet…

    cheers, david


    ok,thanks for the clarification…..it sounds like a lot is going on with you….terrific!! i will be in London in December…any chance for a cold beer??

    cheers, david

  21. Sean Gallagher

    you are certainly super prolific and with some really great stories in the mix…good work!!

    congratulations on parenthood!! that is THE biggie!! and yes also creates a bit less wanderlust…hard to be away…i lucked out in this regard and was able to take family with me so much of the time….yet now with a new grand daughter if i leave i leave and i miss so much…for 2015 i have vowed to myself to not travel as much as i have been doing..it gets too crazy….i have a hard time saying no to interesting projects or invitations, yet i must… i am sure you know what i mean…ironically travel was not why i became a photographer at all…i see myself as only shooting in my backyard, and i do, yet somehow travel got in there….however, in your case, very hard to get out of travel mode…for personal projects you can shoot at home, but most clients want you somewhere else…..

    thanks for checking in and saying hello…you have always been so gracious….i do hope we meet again at some point…..

    cheers, david

  22. a civilian-mass audience

    love ,LOVE,LOVE TO ALL…

    and don’t forget to say Thank you …the Universe is working!

    chicken time for me …zzz

  23. Michael Dean McDonald

    Man, I am excited about what is being posted and shown here on Burn. I am new to the site but have already gotten so much from the posts and even the comments. I’m have been shooting for years but feel like I’m a toddler just learning to walk. I am excited about the EPF (not necessarily for the money, although it wouldn’t hurt) but for the feedback and growth as an individual, story teller and photographer. Thanks so much for the community and I am already looking forward to next year.

    David, FYI my grandfather (passed away 10 years ago) is who got me into photography when I was 6. He subscribed to National Geographic and would point out your photos every time you were featured. I still have a September 1980 copy with an old picture of you in it! You were an inspiration in story telling to him (and me) so thanks for continuing in your work!

    Thanks everyone for this community.

    Im heading to Iraq and Nepal next week and then Brussels in December if any of you are around for a beer or Gluhwein :)

  24. a civilian-mass audience

    Hello MY BURNIANS !!!

    I am waiting to hear from YOU…need reporting ASAP…my list is almost ready…
    Big hugs from Greece and yes,I am still alive and kicking…

    your civi
    reporting from Amfipolis…

  25. PANOS…

    super cool…and i will have the great pleasure of seeing Kyunghee Lee in a few days …she is one of the great women on the planet…..

    and YOU my friend saddle up for New York….Death in Venice will FINALLY come to life…..

    cheers, david

  26. Btw. One of my “actors”/comrades on my movie is one of the GREATEST masters of photography of All times. Can u guess??? Winner gets a free hug from me ( no hidden charges ;)


    i wake up in the middle of the night with I Fink You’re Freaky rocking around in my head….best video of all time (after Thriller)..it is even in the archive here on Burn..i think i am gonna front page it again here just to wake everybody up!!!

    cheers david


    Sidney…i tried getting into the largest wetsuit they could find for me here, and i almost went into major panic attack because my blood circulation was cut off and i could not breathe…not a good sign…BUT i got smart (for a change) and went to the factory where they make the wetsuits for the Haenyeo and YES they will make one for me to size!! in three hours!!!

    Ross…no Nikon AW1 in Busan and Kyunghee Lee is coming to see me tomorrow and i was gonna have her bring one to me..however, they did have the Olympus TG3 which gets great reviews and does the same thing it seems, so i will let you know how it is….both of these cameras sound terrific…i love the idea of shockproof, waterproof, and inexpensive too!!

    so new wetsuit and new underwater camera..so off to the sea i go!!!

    cheers, david

  29. a civilian-mass audience


    I am missing you too…as you can see BURN is Up and I am the Proudest Civilian !!!
    Thanks to YOU !!!
    All these years,I follow and now I am so,so,so …ok,chicken soup time :)))


    P.S…oime, did you say Olympus? ok,then,Greek mountain Olympus will be our meeting “base” !!!

  30. a civilian-mass audience

    and don’t forget to give the biggest hugs to KYUNGHEE LEE and to ALLL OUR BURNIANS in the area…
    see you All soon…

    Love and ouzo and kalamaria
    reporting from beautiful Grecolandia… Beer,Bait & Ammo

  31. Wow, I just noticed that Slideshow Pro is no more. So I’m guessing that’s what David referred to about technical matters leading to the end of burn?

    So what’s up with that? Can you transfer to a standalone server or is all that came before gone?

    I’m a user too, but I’m okay because I run it on my own server and even if my slideshows went away, it would be no big deal.

  32. a civilian-mass audience

    Dearest IMANTS…if you don’t mind…I am jumping in ( I’ll take the bait)

    You know,I am just a civilian,I am not an expert,I have no clue about macro-microeconomics or global economics BUT I don’t agree with your over-simplified rhetorical question…

    The Greek economical crisis is more than that…power games,my friend,power games…

    “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”
    Mark Twain

    With all due respect…give peace a chance and hope !!!
    your civi

  33. From the NYT:

    “The truth, however, is that the great bulk of the money lent to Greece has been used simply to pay interest and principal on debt.

    In fact, for the past two years, more than all of the money going to Greece has been recycled in this way: the Greek government is taking in more revenue than it spends on things other than interest, and handing the extra funds over to its creditors.

    Or to oversimplify things a bit, you can think of European policy as involving a bailout, not of Greece, but of creditor-country banks, with the Greek government simply acting as the middleman — and with the Greek public, which has seen a catastrophic fall in living standards, required to make further sacrifices so that it, too, can contribute funds to that bailout.”

  34. a civilian-mass audience

    Thank you MW for the “inside view”…!!!

    IMANTS …hihii,thanks to the spirits ,you don’t vote in Grecolandia…

    My great want :

    love,peace and a job …

    Say no to humiliation, say no to abuse, say no to bullying …I love YOU ALLLLLLLLLLL

  35. a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS, TELL IT LIKE IT IS…this goes for you:
    “My entire soul is a cry, and all my work is a commentary on that cry.”
    Nikos Kazantzakis

    and to ALL MY BURNIANS :

    “Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.”
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    I Love you ALL,keep shooting and thank YOU for Believing in YOU !!!

  36. PRE ORDER that muthafukin bookZine. It’s all GONZO.. It is a TRUE STORY…
    Kinda like the movie “7 years in Tibet”..
    It’s very very spiritual …
    I hope all Christians and all Muslims will UNITE AND LEAVE IN PEACE after studying this book

  37. Written by ROBIN G BROWN for the DEATH IN VENICE book….
    I love the smell of urine in the morning, it reminds me of North Venice beach. The first place in America where a woman could wear a bathing suit in public, a man could go without a hat, where a person could pee in public without being arrested. The place where Karoake, Burrows and John Wilber spoke while Charlie Parker played saxophone, where Morrison and Krieger pondered the doorway to the other side, where Charlie Chaplin built a ginger bread court for his mother, and W.C. Field’s one for himself. Where you could get alcohol during prohibition, heroin during the fifties and sixties, crack in the eighties, and Meth in the new millennium. Where art meets crime. Where Arnold made pumping iron into Gold. Where you can see a man balance a stove on his chin while juggling chain saws. Break-dancing, roller-skating, and of course skate boarding. The slum by the sea, Dog Town.

  38. Written by ROBIN G BROWN for the DEATH IN VENICE book…. ( it’s KEROUAC btw, NOT karaoke;)
    I love the smell of urine in the morning, it reminds me of North Venice beach. The first place in America where a woman could wear a bathing suit in public, a man could go without a hat, where a person could pee in public without being arrested. The place where KEROUAC , Burrows and John Wilber spoke while Charlie Parker played saxophone, where Morrison and Krieger pondered the doorway to the other side, where Charlie Chaplin built a ginger bread court for his mother, and W.C. Field’s one for himself. Where you could get alcohol during prohibition, heroin during the fifties and sixties, crack in the eighties, and Meth in the new millennium. Where art meets crime. Where Arnold made pumping iron into Gold. Where you can see a man balance a stove on his chin while juggling chain saws. Break-dancing, roller-skating, and of course skate boarding. The slum by the sea, Dog Town.

  39. That’s a beautiful bit of writing Robin G Smith did for your book, Panos. For whatever reason I do not understand, I hate to invoice my clients and absolutely must force myself to do so, so at the moment I am owed tens of thousands of dollars but must watch my pennies. Once I can force myself to send out the invoices and the checks come in, I will buy your book.

    Then I will wait for the Christians and Muslims to unite. Then I will say, “it was Panos who brought them together…”

  40. Sorry, my reaction the apparent self-promotion here is, “Is this some sort of insider joke?” — or to translate into plain English, “WTF”? Or am I simply feeding a troll here?


    I can ONLY say one thing for now , and thank you for the question :

    the WHOLE BURN TEAM -( and of course , the MAESTRO HIMSLF , DAH , is included )-
    is all in Italy , PRODUCING , yes yea U heard it right : producing MY “DEATH IN VENICE” BOOK as we speak .. Have a great morning in Europe, good night from USA

  42. PANOS

    So, it’s an “inside job” after all. That’s good, cuz I’ve run out of troll food :D Look forward to seeing the book.


  43. Btw.. DEATH IN VENICE design is made by SUPER photographer senior ANTON KUSTERS ( based originally on Harvey’s tabloid idea blah blah etc.. Details later… But at this point this collaboration is unique. Proud to be working with Diego , Francesca the HIP HOP star and DAH..
    That famous triangle “DAH/Anton/Diego”
    Are the dream team ! I can’t sleep at nights ! What an honor to “play” with those kiddos above… Dream Team… Of course the photos are mine but so what? Photos alone are not enough when it comes to a book/story telling … Collaboration with THE BEST is what creates SYNERGY … that will give birth to a book, song, object, baby… Smiling … Whatever it is..

  44. Mitch, I’d say that there’s nothing apparent about this self-promotion. It’s self-promotion, pure and simple.

  45. And MITCH , ( tongue in cheek ) , there’s no such thing as “INSIDER’s job”…
    Smiling… No no… We did not hack Sony either ;)

    I love your “conspiracy theory” way of thinking .
    And me being called DIRTY ( opposite of pure ), it could actually work as a compliment:)

  46. And also being called “simple” is almost being called genius…
    I don’t think .. Lol.. That I deserve that , not yet at least ,
    but yeah overall U made my day;)

  47. Dirty is not the opposite of pure, and certainly never crossed my mind in thinking of you. But, don’t sweat it.

    And congrats. I’m looking forward to seeing your book. I saw a very early version. If it’s anything like that, I’m sure it will get a lot of notice.

  48. MW,
    I want to personally thank you for picking up from the JFK airport 5 years ago, when I was totally lost in NY.
    You are part of DEATH IN VENICE book too like it or not , smiling …
    Every little piece of “help” adds up!
    Thanks again bud

  49. And btw, I could care less if my book “gets a lot of notice”…
    That’s for the Fake photography imposters out there…
    No no no , as Amy Winehouse said…
    No no no.
    I want “DEATH IN VENICE” book to be LOVED and adored, not just noticed ..
    7 years on the making of this book , the last thing I care about is being noticed, sales or profits
    RESPECT AND LOVE is what I’m after , and SO FAR, thank you LORD, my “requests” and “demands” towards God are being met

  50. Greetings to all! I have been a long time follower of burn silently. I have seen many eloquent, and very heated dialogues transpire. I believe both can be constructive in different ways, somehow this particular conversation engaged me to comment.

    What I know about Panos is that he is flamboyant, and will always push the limits. I believe this is exactly what brings his pictures to life. Sometimes disturbing, violent, or simply beautiful. What I now for sure is that there is never a picture taken that he hasn’t taken the time to get to know the person, even if for 5 minutes. Many of the people he photographed in Venice Beach (I witnessed this) are passed by and ignored, as less than worthy for acknowledgement, yet he takes the time to treat them as a fellow human, just trying to make it through this life. Aren’t we all?

    Self promotion? Who can get by without that? What do you think a resume is? Self promotion, “networking” is a fact of life no matter what.

    I have personally enjoyed the humour in Panos’ videos, and I think it will fit the style of the book, which I personally can’t wait to see!!!


  51. It better be good a good book Panos otherwise my dog reckons thst the money would have been better spent on some nice fillet steak.

  52. Panos, I have three invoices out now. When enough comes in for me to feel comfortable about my short range survival I will buy your book. So be patient.

  53. a civilian-mass audience


    “What I do you cannot do; but what you do, I cannot do. The needs are great, and none of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”
    Mother Teresa

    This is BURN …team work,support and yes,olives and ouzo !!!

  54. Thank you CIVI, as always … Just hold some ouzo for me.. Booze got expensive here home in da USA after California big draught last few years at San J valley…

    PRE SALE update here !!! :

    “hey EVERYONE, this “DEATH IN VENICE” PRE SALE OFFER will expire at the end of this month . 15 more days.
    We are reaching our goal faster than I expr thanks to YOU! The first 100 LOYAL COMRADES will have their books signed by April.
    Thank u all for the support ..

    I do understand that most of us photographers are living paycheck to paycheck , and that’s why your extreme LOYALTY and contribution is so IMPORTANT and that’s why I’ll also include a little “THANK U” surprise gift…
    Again BIG LOVE TO ALL… Tearing up

  56. Ok if that’s “flamboyant” then I’m a rock star by birth … Lol..
    Check dis out:
    A good NON friend asked me the other day to name my INFLUENCES in photography…
    Great question, especially if u think how common and how “non smart” it is…
    But I DID answer .. Oh yes I did.. In an “appropriate” manner but I was honest :
    My BIGGEST INFLUENCES in photography are people that ALIVE , people I MET and people I LITERALLY SLEPT in the same BED, trailer , RV, car , whatever…
    It’s David Alan Harvey and Antoine D’Agata ..
    I’m NEITHER one of them .. thank GOD…
    I’m a HYBRID…
    DAH for example can’t make anyone look ugly, Antoine on the other hand can’t make anyone look even relativity “beautiful”…
    I’m a HYBRID..
    Those TWO MASTERS taught me how to NOT BE THEM , but be me.. JUST ME…
    It was as simple as that !
    Boom .. Sho nuff

  57. Panos, good thing you put up this note. I got one of the three checks I was expecting but I keep getting nicked every which way and was going to hold off on buying your book until at least one more check came in, but, hell, when I saw only 11 left… figured I had better make it ten as quickly as possible.

    Now, you need to support me, too, by going to the ibooks store and purchasing a copy of “Carrizo.” For the moment, you can’t beat the price. $0. This will change down the road. It’s a purely promotional price.

    Of course, to download and read it you must have an iPad or Mac:


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  59. Its hardly Tulsa is it.

    PANOS. We have all pretty much bought the book on pre-order, how about you give it a rest with the crappy special needs videos. I know you love that whole venice/L.A/Wildbunch persona that you inhabit but without exception these videos are junk. Not edgy, not visionary…

    And I hope to god the book is a book after all this and not some silly origami wet dream puzzle book.

  60. LAPD chief concerned about fatal shooting of unarmed man in Venice
    Man shot to death by police in Venice
    Man shot to death by police in Venice
    Man shot to death by police in Venice
    Man shot to death by police in Venice
    Man fatally shot by LAPD near Venice Beach
    Man fatally shot by LAPD near Venice Beach
    Homeless man killed in officer-involved shooting in Venice
    Homeless man killed in officer-involved shooting in Venice
    LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said he’s concerned about fatal shooting of unarmed man in Venice
    After confrontation with police, homeless man fatally shot by officers in Venice, LAPD says
    Unarmed homeless man shot and killed in confrontation with police in Venice, LAPD says
    Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck said Wednesday he was “very concerned” by an officer’s fatal shooting of an unarmed homeless man in Venice, saying he had not yet seen any evidence that would justify the shooting.

    Beck said he had reviewed a security tape showing the incident, but did not detail what it showed. He cautioned that the investigation was still in its early stages, but said that so far, “I don’t see the supporting evidence that I normally would.”

    “Any time an unarmed person is shot by a Los Angeles police officer, it takes extraordinary circumstances to justify that,” he said. “I have not see those extraordinary circumstances at this point.”

    Beck said the LAPD would host a town hall meeting in Venice on Thursday to discuss the incident.



    Venice shooting
    Venice shooting
    Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times
    Solomon Turner, 54, protests an LAPD officer-involved shooting of a homeless man in Venice.

    Chief Beck
    Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times
    LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says he’s “very concerned” about the fatal shooting by an officer of an unarmed homeless man in Venice.

    Venice shooting
    Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times
    Protesters shout at police officers near the scene of the officer-involved shooting in Venice.

    Venice shooting
    Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times
    People react after hearing about an LAPD shooting of a homeless man in Venice.

    Police Chief Charlie Beck
    Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times
    LAPD Chief Charlie Beck discusses the officer-involved shooting in the Venice area that left a man dead.

    4:59 p.m.: An earlier version of this post said police would host a Tuesday town hall meeting in Venice. The meeting will be on Thursday.


    The man, whom friends said was known by the nickname “Dizzle,” was described as a transient. He was in his 20s, L.A. County coroner’s officials said.

    About 11:30 p.m., officers with the LAPD’s Pacific Division responded to a call from an employee at a local business reporting that a man was harassing customers near Windward and Pacific avenues.

    Two officers found the man on the south sidewalk west of Windward Avenue and after a brief conversation he walked away toward the Venice boardwalk.

    As officers returned to their police cruiser they saw the man get into a physical altercation with a bar security guard on the sidewalk nearby, police said.

    L.A. NOW
    Homeless services commissioner calls for probe of skid row shooting
    “The officers attempted to detain the suspect and an altercation occurred between the two officers and the suspect,” the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement. “During the physical altercation, an officer-involved shooting occurred.”

    Officers, according to the LAPD, performed CPR on the man until paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital. One of the officers hurt his knee during the struggle, Det. Meghan Aguilar said.

    RELATED: Gunman on roof in South L.A. shot, wounded by elite LAPD crime detail

    The officers were not wearing body cameras, and there was no dashboard camera that captured the incident, police said. Investigators planned to canvass nearby businesses whose security cameras may have recorded the shooting

    Gunman on roof in South L.A. shot, wounded by elite LAPD crime detail
    Gunman on roof in South L.A. shot, wounded by elite LAPD crime detail
    By mid-morning Wednesday, a small crowd gathered near the yellow tape blocking Windward Avenue, shouting at the LAPD officers standing on the other side. Tourists and joggers stopped to watch, with many taking out their cellphone cameras to document the shouting.

    “The police are mercenaries!” someone shouted.

    “I hope your kid is walking down the street and gets shot!” another added.

    As the crowd shouted, Allison Holden, 23, knelt quietly on a curb to write a message on a small white towel. She was friends with Dizzle, she said, describing him as a man who was affectionate toward others, always calling her “Sister.” He always said goodbye with a high five and by saying, “Loving you,” she said.

    She stood up and faced the officers, holding up the towel toward them. Its message, written in green marker: “No justice, no peace. We love & miss you Dizzle!”

    Venice has long been a magnet for transients and affluent homebuyers alike, and the two groups have generally coexisted in a community known for embracing people on society’s fringes.

    But with gentrification and homelessness on the rise, there have been increased tensions.

    Pete White with the Los Angeles Community Action Network said police have been focusing more on Venice’s homeless as new residents and businesses have moved in.

    “We’re talking about sweeps of encampments, taking of property, making it as uncomfortable as possible for people in the area,” White said. “And there’s a curfew on the boardwalk that firmly targets poor people and houseless people, not the new, hip people.… They have totally dehumanized the houseless population in Venice.”

    White questioned whether Tuesday’s incident would have resulted in a shooting if the man did not appear to be homeless. He added that the Venice shooting happened only two months after LAPD officers shot and killed a homeless man in skid row, another gentrifying area.

    Bizarre fake police force included Kamala Harris aide, prosecutors say
    Bizarre fake police force included Kamala Harris aide, prosecutors say
    “I was not surprised to hear that it happened,” White said of Tuesday night’s shooting. “I was, of course, outraged.”

    On Wednesday morning, Emanuel Stone, who said he has been living on the streets of Venice for more than five months, was among several dozen homeless people lined up for the 9:30 a.m. breakfast at Bread and Roses Cafe, a soup kitchen run by St. Joseph Center.

    Stone, 57, a retired plumber, said conflicts between police and the homeless in the beachfront community were inevitable.

    “When you’ve got mentally ill people mixed with so many people with no housing and nobody’s getting help, there’s only so many things [police] can do,” he said. “Someone needs to look at this situation big time.”

    Brian Connelly, a homeless member of Occupy Venice who was also waiting for breakfast, said, “There are broken people everywhere.”

    The shooting was the first of three incidents in about eight hours in which LAPD officers fired their weapons. About half an hour after the Venice incident, officers with the department’s crime suppression detail shot and wounded a man who had pointed a gun at them from a roof in South L.A., authorities said.

    About 7:30 a.m. in the San Fernando Valley, officers shot at a man during a parole compliance check in the 12000 block of Van Nuys Boulevard. No one was hit by the gunfire and the man was taken into custody, police said.

    Peter Bibring, a senior attorney for the ACLU based in Los Angeles, said the number of shooting incidents in such a short amount of time was concerning.

    He called on the LAPD to release any video it obtains related to the Venice shooting, saying that “video is the best way for the public to understand.”

    “There were three shootings in eight hours,” Bibring said, adding that there was “little transparency, really.”

    “The only thing the public gets is the department’s summary of the investigation,” Bibring said. “For such an incredible use of authority — the power to kill someone based on immediate judgment — the public needs more transparency.”

    Holden, Dizzle’s friend, said she was sleeping Tuesday night when a friend came to her group and woke everyone up. “Dizzle just got shot,” the friend said.

    Smartphone app from ACLU of California aims to preserve videos of police
    Smartphone app from ACLU of California aims to preserve videos of police
    The group rushed to the scene. By the time they got there, Holden said, police cars had swarmed the area and put up yellow tape.

    On Wednesday morning, gray clouds hung over the Venice boardwalk as news spread of what had happened the night before. “Did you hear about Dizzle?” people asked as they stopped their bikes or skateboards to talk to others.

    As the man’s friends gathered at their regular spot — a grassy patch of park near skateboard ramps — they recalled a young man they considered part of their family.

    “He was a really good dude,” Holden said. “He’s one of us.”

    L.A. NOW
    Homeless services commissioner calls for probe of skid row shooting
    Dizzle’s friends said he had been in Venice for just a couple of months. They agreed he was from somewhere on the East Coast and said they could tell by the way he pronounced “coffee” like “cawfee.” One friend said he was from New York. Another said Dizzle was a former cement worker. Dizzle’s rough hands, Renato Ibarra said, were proof he was a “hard-working guy.”

    Dizzle had a black dog, a Labrador named Dozer, who was “his baby,” said another friend who identified himself as C.R.

    Dizzle’s friends described a friendly man known for his “hand hugs” — grabbing hold of someone’s hand before saying goodbye.

    But, they acknowledged, Dizzle also had his own struggles. One friend said he was a recovering drug addict. Others said he liked to drink.

    “He’s a drinker. He has a drinking problem,” Holden said. “But we all have problems.”

    Dizzle had been drinking Tuesday, his friends said, when he left their group to go toward the boardwalk.

    “He could barely walk,” said Bill Hinson, 37. “He said he wanted to raise money for a beer this morning.”

    Dizzle’s friends acknowledged that he would sometimes be vocal when he drank — one mentioned a “mean streak” — but said they had never seen him be very aggressive.

    Jerad “Street” Essig said he was playing music at the arcade on Windward Avenue when a man with a dog came up to him and tried to give him a hug. The man said his name was Dizzle, Essig said.

    The man was “aggressive and drunk, but friendly aggressive,” Essig said. He said the two men hugged a few times.

    Essig said Dizzle appeared confused and bothered by something, and at one point asked Essig to take care of his dog if something were to happen to him. Essig agreed.

    Essig left the boardwalk to meet with friends. When he came back about 15 minutes later, he said, police cars had blocked off the scene. The man named Dizzle was on the ground.

    For breaking California news, follow @geholland @lacrimes and @katemather.

    Times staff writer Hailey Branson-Potts contributed to this story.

  61. This is the place / warehouse / shipping centre ,
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    It’s a beautiful place that mainly creates anxiety and panick attacks .
    You’d love it . Oh well life has twists and turns , so let’s enjoy the moment ,
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