Lyu Geer

The Mountain of Qiang


“The Mountain of Qiang” is a plan based on Lyu Geer’s hometown, Wenchuan, Qiang ethnic minority. The construction after the 2008 earthquake has accelerated the process of modernization in the mountains, and the regional communication became more intense and the boundary became blurred. He went through a similar field work to the local area in the early days in a process of “re-familiarity”, the anxiety about identity gradually amplified. So he took this question to the behavior of “Finding the sea up the mountain”(Chapter 2). During the Triassic period, the Wenchuan area was in the coastal environment, he asked if the Qiang people had memories of Wenchuan and the sea. He also went up the mountain to find traces left by the sea. On the way, he met snowmen with arms open, painted white stones, fake horses, pandas……These scenes have a subtle connection with the first chapter, “The mountain of Qiang”. “Finding the sea up the mountain”, this pointless behavior seems to be like climbing trees to catch fish. Beginning to turn to more poetic, the search for geographical and identity images. After that, he collected sand from the mountains, sprinkled on film in dark room. Getting the original image of “Star sea” (Chapter 3). And referring to large number of images of the stars, he painted a color that looks as real as possible for “Star sea”. He also seems to find the answer.




Short Bio

Lyu Geer, b.1995, Sichuan,China, graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in digital media art at BUPT. His works focus on the exploration of boundaries, identity and history. He has been awarded the Sony Young Photographer Program Award, New Talent Award, The Young Photographer Growth Plan of China Photographers Association, China Photography Annual List. On the shortlist of the Lucie Foundation Emerging Artist scholarship, Magnum Foundation’s Abigail Cohen documentary photography.His Self-published “The mountain of Qiang” awarded the Best Chinese Photography Books in 2018.


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