Yiota Tsokou

The Distance

I don’t need you – please stay.

I keep at arm’s length, as though I were a ghost stuck between two worlds. I linger in this moment and time is frozen. I have overanalyzed reality – cut it into little pieces – and now everything lies shattered; deformed.



The Distance story deals with that very state; how one’s experience of the human condition leaves its mark. It is a story which explores both closeness and togetherness, leaving plenty of room for definitions.




Short Bio

Yiota Tsokou is a Greece-based self-taught photographer. Her interest in photography sparked in 2014, when she started experimenting with analog photography. Her work has been published in a number of publications such as Agitate (Australia, October 2015), Photoklassik (Germany, September 2016), Adore Noir Magazine (Canada, October 2017), Click Magazine (Italy, December 2017), Photographize (USA, February 2018).


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