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Gustavo Jononovich – Yuma

Gustavo Jononovich


I traveled to Cuba because my girlfriend decided to do an internship in a hospital in La Havana, she’s a Doctor. Until then, I had always made photographs guided by a specific theme, trying to tell something about other people’s misfortunes. I decided to experience photography in a different way this time. I wasn’t interested in telling or describing anything about the well-known political and historical characteristics of the Cuban system. I didn’t want to need to look for ‘useful situations’. I tried to forget that I was there.

Liberating myself of having to tell something about Cuba allowed me to connect in a more authentic way with the place. Photographing using only my instinct allowed me to discover what I was feeling. My method was to walk the same streets over and over again, in silence, just focusing in contemplating. I sometimes felt attracted to the expression of the shapes and textures and to the simple beauty of nature. Other times I felt I was just photographing my own sense of calmness or the mystery that Cuba inspired me. Yuma is the way Cubans call foreigners, I was the Yuma.




Gustavo Jononovich was born in Buenos Aires in 1979. In 2008 he began as a freelance photographer, after two years of training covering local news as a contract photographer for an Argentine based newspaper.

His first long-term book project RICHLAND, currently in progress, is about the over-exploitation of the natural resources in Latin America and the resulting long-term negative effects, both human and environmental. His approach to photography led him far away from covering breaking news, being more interested in providing an in-depth analysis on the stories.
His work has been published in Newsweek Japan, PDFX12, the Black Snapper, Global Post, Bite! and Lunatic Magazine, among others.

– POYi Latin America 2011 – Migration and Human Trafficking Stories – 2nd prize
– ICP Infinity Award in Photojournalism 2010 – Nominee
– Encuentro Internacional de Foto y Periodismo ‘Ciudad de Gij’n’ 2010 – Finalist
– Environmental Photographer of The Year 2009 – Climate Change – 2nd prize


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Michael Weintrob – Instrumenthead

Michael Weintrob


INSTRUMENTHEAD is a photographic series created to tell the story of the musicians in a surrealistic style without showing their faces. This is a project five years in the making with over 150 musicians to date. Some of the artists that have participated in this project to date are: Bootsy Collins (James Brown, P-Funk), Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead), King Sunny Ade, Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club), Zakir Hussain (Shakti, Masters of Percussion), Lenny White (Miles Davis, Return to Forever), Bill Summers (Herbie Hancock and The Head Hunters), Derek Trucks (Allman Brothers Band), Peter Asher and many more.
“Over the last 15 years I have met a lot of working musicians and I want to turn people on to the artists I have come to know and respect,” says Weintrob about the project. “I am humbled that all of these talented musicians have come forward to par- ticipate in the project; the response has been incredible.”
Weintrob has taken this project on the road, having shot por- traits at legendary venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheater, Preservation Hall and Tipitinas in New Orleans and Mama Rosas Blues Club in Chicago.
The project will culminate as a coffee table book and travelling exhibition that will be a who’s who of modern musicians.
For more information and updates about this project visit the website:




Michael Weintrob’s clients benefit from his ability to consistently produce intimate photographs under a variety of conditions. Whether it is a candid portrait, a live performance, or a cultural event, Michael aims to capture both spontaneity and clarity in his subjects.
“I like to bring out the personality of the people in my photographs,” Michael explains. “For example when I shoot musicians in the studio I try to create a relaxed vibe and let people be who they are. I move really quickly and try to improvise with my camera.”
The skill and ease of Michael’s technique has resulted in a growing reputation both in and outside the music industry. Born in Birmingham, Alabama and currently residing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Michael’s images have appeared in publications such as Rolling Stone, Newsweek People, Spin, Mojo, Billboard, Relix, Jazz Times and Downbeat.  Michael has photographed album images for renowned artists he has photographed include Bootsy Collins, Burning Spear, Taj Mahal, Gov’t Mule, Charlie Hunter and many others.

Michael’s work—which is well-known in musical circles—is now expanding into new avenues. Along with working for corporate clients (Sony, Blue Note, EMI, Carefusion, Loews Hotels), Michael has donated his time and effort to raising money for the New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation and his photography was auctioned off by Sothebys to help provide musical instruments to children affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Michael continues to work as the principal photographer for several music festivals (he is Staff Photographer for the 2011 Barcelona International Jazz Festival) and as a house photographer (Feinsteins at the Loews Regency Hotel). He is also developing a major publishing project that will highlight his unique “anthropomorphic photography” featuring musicians posing with their instruments.

Exhibiting the ease and skill of improvisational jazz player, Michael’s photography continues to explore the depths of the human soul in all its complexity.


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from the Burn archive

December 17, 2008

who is this??


the man is a teddy bear….a family man…he would much rather talk about his teenage daughter Nina and French wife Sophie than about photography…honesty is his best policy…. you never never have to worry about what he “really thinks”…i live in Brooklyn…..but, Bruce Gilden is Brooklyn….

many think Bruce “attacks”…i do not know this for sure, but i am imagining Bruce has had a least one of his subjects “attack back”…but, Bruce and i are as much on the “same page” as anyone i know in Magnum …we surely have opposite personalities and ways of working, yet we have exactly the same “code” for life regarding fairness, transparency, and family….

Bruce is now working on a project on foreclosures in the U.S….a hardball look at one of the primary reasons for the financial collapse in America and the folks who “lost it all”…his new Magnum in Motion digs in deep and gives us a vision of a side of this country that most ignore…when Bruce went to Florida for the opening series on foreclosures, he showed us a certain kind of sympathy that i just do not recall in his previous work…

my first impression of Bruce came with his book on “Coney Island”…then “Haiti”, then “Go”….i thought Bruce harsh , but irresistibly fascinating…and funny…i can never take my eyes off of Bruce’s pictures even though i might feel a bit guilty for “intruding”, even as the viewer….if Bruce appears somewhat cynical with his work , when you know him personally , he is more “realist” than cynic….there is a difference…..the man’s work reveals a part of his personality, but not all…there is a straight up kindness in Bruce Gilden..and nobody but nobody has a better sense of humor…

please keep your eye out for Bruce’s continued work with foreclosures….anybody can smell a book in the making…

i am only hoping that i do not become one of his subjects…..

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December 15, 2008


nothing happens until it happens , but things are happening…cracking, buzzing, and yes burning bright…we will launch soonest a working model of BURN magazine (or journal or??)….the house will not be finished…we still need to  get in the wiring and plumbing and it will be a long time before all the furniture is chosen and the interior is decorated and we all feel “at home”…but, at least you will have a sense of it….and you will have a “place at the table”….

i must right now thank Anton Kusters for his tireless efforts working on design and function…the boy flew all the way from Brussels to spend four days here sleeping on my floor… the next sleeping bag was Tom Hyde and tossing and turning on the sofa was Chris Bickford…my place looked like a homeless shelter rather than a home for a  wellspring of  ideas…reminiscent of my grad school days or some version of a camping out road trip….

all i can say is that i was totally humbled by all of the hard work from Tom Hyde(flew from Seattle), Eric Espinosa  (flew from Cincinnati), Erica McDonald, Andrew Sullivan, David McGowan, and Andrew Owen from Look3..and i will never forget Kelly Lynn James who gets total credit for suggesting BURN as a title…many  thanks to all of you who wrote, phoned in, and sent constructive emails..but, it ain’t over yet….

today and tomorrow i must attend our Magnum board meeting…our winter interim gathering of the tribe…who would have ever thought i would be on any “board”, but well life has its twists…i might be able to get an interesting post out of it , but in the meantime all of you will have time to chew on this…..

oh yes, if you are in New York, we have our annual Magnum book signing at Aperture tonight…please join us…

back soonest…..


Lorenzo Meloni – Moonlight Yemen

Lorenzo Meloni

Moonlight Yemen

Walking around the streets at night gives the feeling of travelling back in time, to a place where time has stopped.

The infrastructures here are few and the electricity is scarce – at night it is possible to see the stars on the horizon.

Mountains shield from the scorching desert wind and the muezzin’s chants from all the minarets strike you with strength and melancholy, reminding you that you are in a place where religion still dictates ordinary, everyday life.

Yemen is a Muslim country, a charming reality which goes un-noticed when reading about terrorism and kidnapping related chronicles in the newspaper.

During Ramadan, before dawn, you can still eat and smoke a cigarette on the misty tops of the Haratz mountains or in the Gulf of Aden, gazing at the red sea.

At sunrise everybody goes home to shelter from the heat. People stop chewing khat in order to halt the amphetamine intake, otherwise sleeping would be difficult.

At sunset, everybody gets together again – the streets are now filled with people. Jobs are few and staying at home means dealing with screaming kids and bossy elderly. It is more pleasant to be outside and meet someone to eat Salta with, or to chew khat, or to complain about the

When Ramadan ends, daytime activities return as do daily issues – young adults looking for employment to support their children and wife; wives walking miles to fetch non-existent water; a man going to the market to buy an AK-47, angry because things never change.




Lorenzo Meloni was born in 1983 in Rome, studied at the “Scuola Romana di Fotografia” for three years, focusing his interests on the Middle East and the Italian youth underground scenarios. H
e has reported on major world issues such as those regarding Palestinan refugees and Yemen. Other works include retrospectives on the Italian techno-rave and hip-hop youth scenarios.

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BURN.02 limited edition

© Alisa Resnik



Add to Cart


Add to Cart

(For volume purchases (over 10 copies) or countries not listed, please contact
Diego Orlando directly at

Some of you were on hand September 1 in Perpignan for the launch of Burn 02. By all accounts, the buzz on Burn and Burn 02 was palpable. In all my years in the business, I never saw quite this sort of “big warm”. Was it the slide show? Was it the new in print magazine? Perhaps those things helped. But it was way more than a function of display. It was about YOU. This audience. This audience who supported new and original work by Paolo Pellegrin and Alisa Resnik and Bruce Gilden and others to be seen now first in Burn 02.

Burn 02 is not a repeat of Burn online. Burn 02 is its own original work. A 1500 copy limited editon. Online is terrific, but when you hold 02 in your hand, you will know what photography is all about from our perspective. I am not published in it. I wish I was. The place to be published for sure.

Yes, 02 was a collaboration. But there is always one person who is THE driving force. Diego Orlando, our special projects editor, is that person for 02. Anton and I were in the background on this baby. Designed and printed and bound with loving care in Italy by the very best, you will quickly see why there is pride all around.

I am proud of this magazine/book…I can say this in a way I could never say with my own work. That requires silence. But I can say that this feels like my best effort so far  as the director/coach and not in it as a direct “player”…Yet  I made something happen..Put the talents of others to work..Gave them all the rope they could handle. Kept an eye out..Mostly to set a standard….And to push everyone just a bit further than they wanted to be pushed..I knew they would thank me later …laughing…I will say no more now. On the front flap I wrote:

We are the photo equivalent of the garage band. Can this last/should this last? No. There is a curve on any creative endeavor. We are not at the peak yet. When we get there, then we will do something else and start the whole process over again. Could be an evolution, or could be a revolution. So let’s enjoy this moment. Now is the time to appreciate what we have, seek out new ways of doing things, celebrate our mutual language and push it just as far as we can possibly go.



Sebastian Liste – Urban Quilombo

Sebastian Liste

Urban Quilombo


This work is a witness about a place that no longer exists.

I lived there almost everything that one can live.

I learned there the dark secrets of the human condition through which our survival and I also learned there that love can exist in ashes and chaos.

I learned there what a family is.

Eight years ago sixty families occupied the “Galpao da Araujo Barreto”, an abandoned chocolate factory in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Before that, these families lived in the dangerous streets of the city until they decided to come together and occupy this factory in ruins and turn it in a home.
Every human being needs a space to feel safe and build their identity. After all this years of convivence and resistence these families have created strong comunitarian feelings to make possible the survival in this environment. In this community, the people helps each other keeping safe the shacks, babysitting the kids or sharing the food.
In spite of the strong relationships between the families, the social discrimination continues marginalizing these people. After eight years of occupation, despite having left the street, the living conditions are similar; the problems that they suffered in the streets, drugs, prostitution, and violence, are now present in the factory.



I have been working in this project since 2009, living with the families and their daily dramas. Documenting the daily life inside of this community, where the life moves between the universal bipolarity of harmony and chaos, hope and despair.

In March 2011 the goverment moved all the families to a new buildings placed in a dangerous neighborhood 30 km from the city. Now I want to come back to the new place to document how the community will manage their relationships to build their dignity, to build a new world around their and just live.

The aim of this project is to create a document of a place where the tragic decomposition of human life combined perfectly with the magic realism of Latin America.




Sebastian Liste (1985, Spain) graduated in Sociology and MA in Photojournalism. Since 2005 Sebastian has concentrated to mixed his sociological knowledges with his visual skills to explore personal and intimate stories, as well as the roots of social structure issues now facing many countries around the world when they want enter a new economic system. He is also interested in the profound cultural and identity changes that occur in our contemporary world.
Recently, Sebastian was selected to participate at the 2011 Joop Swart Masterclass. His work have been also recognized worlwide at Sony WPO, Lucie Awards, Antropographia, CENTER Awards, Fotovisura Grant, Onward, Reinassance Prize, Terry O’Neill Award,  Ian Parry Scholarship, among others.
His photographs have appeared at TIME, The Sunday Times Magazine, PDN, British Journal of Photography, FotoVisura, and other publications.
His projects have been exhibited in London, New York, Paris, Geneva, Barcelona, San Francisco and Tokio.


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Marc Davidson – Saudade

Marc Davidson


Saudade: A Brazilian (Portuguese) word describing a deep emotional state of nostalgic longing for someone who was loved and will never return.

As I explained to my daughters the morning after their mother’s death, “Mommy went for a walk in the woods and something happened that we can’t explain right now, but Mommy went back to nature… Mommy died.”

Picking up my camera and trying to making meaningful images has been impossible since Sylvia lost her battle with depression but the urge to express has been strong.

Using existing images which I printed on aluminum, I created these sculptures as a way of honoring my wife and our life together.




I am a recent widower with two your daughters making images and art when I can to express and to try and make sense of my new life. Before my wife died, I was a freelance photographer working on personal documentary projects with the occasional commercial client however my current focus is my two daughters.


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moonlight ramble…

Diego (Creative Director of Burn 02) and i are sitting on my front porch…sipping  a tequila, enjoying the total quiet…Burn of course comes up even though we have both agreed not to talk about Burn…but we have a question…for you..our question to all of you is this, and it is a serious question as we often think about in our comment section, which is always the topic of conversation when it comes to change…

anyway, the question is this: why are the numbers of comments often in direct inverse proportion to the quality of the essay? exceptions of course….yet think about it…go back and look…do some quick research…not a challenge, just a real interesting thing to think about…probably a simple answer…now, sure we all to give and take a bit on my tastes etc etc..but what i am talking about are stories over time of all tastes…

by the way, this magazine would be dead as a doornail if i actually set out to consciously please this audience…the more time goes on, the less i am interested in any kind of outside support…all the more reason for me not to try to over please….yes of course i want you to be happy…but that is another concept…whomever wants to be here will just be here….no advertising, no weird pressure… the bullet: i think in the very near future i can pull the top pro talents together to create a serious tour de force and still have Burn be an all important first step for an i really want to get there photographer….seems needed doesn’t it??

yes, as usual i have crazy ideas…but as you also know i make at least some of them come true…when i was a kid , i always wanted my imagination to be real….and so thus i have lived… i have an idea, actually easy to do, that if i laid it out right now, some might just steal it….maybe nobody can steal it…all of my ideas for Burn have always been transparent….and i am sure this will be too…just need to sit on it for a few days….anyway, all to good end is always my motive….i do not need any more stuff…my porch good enough forever….i just want to work to make cool things happen….squeeze the most out of talent and knock viewers between the eyes or spawn a subtle visual sensibility….

ok, back to the porch…


Frederique Menard-Aubin – Artist’s Portraits in Their Workshop (Studio)

During the few last months, I visited Montreal visuals artists in their workshops. I wanted to know about their creative process. After I took a photograph, I also asked them to write a few words about the way they see their personal creativity. It was important for me to see their workshop and to engage a good conversation before I started to shoot. I let the subject come to me, I let their ideas and their environment inspire me.




I was born in 1984, Québec, Canada.
I studied in visual arts (baccalaureat-2010), Università du Québec, Montrèal (UQAM).
In 2008, I did a training course at Visa pour l’image (Perpignan).
I work for Festival International de Jazz de Montréal as a concert photographer since 2009.
I’m a (dark room) photo instructor (CEGEP Edouard-Monpetit) since 2010.


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burn.02 launch party with special guest bruce davidson…

At Home with David Alan Harvey workshop students and staff with today’s guest,
photographer James Estrin (in red) creator of the NYTimes LENS blog.

Burn.02 Launch Party with Special Guest Magnum Photographer Bruce Davidson

Saturday, 8 October
Doors locked at 9pm sharp for respectful showing of work from Bruce Davidson and our workshop students…
get here early or you won’t be let in until the show is over.
Fiesta to follow, please bring your preferred beverage…
475 Kent Avenue #607 –  Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Featuring the work of:

There is lots going on this weekend in Burnland. For those of you in the New York area, please come and see work from Bruce Davidson and my class from last week as per described above.

If you are closer to San Antonio, Texas, then check out the burn.ed GARDEN at the SMARTart Project Space. The brainchild of Burn Curator-on-the-Texas scene, Panos Skoulidas and mostly Kim. Many Burn commentators have submitted prints to this totally renegade and totally endorsed exhibition from our Burn family…yeah, family sounds corny I guess, but I would not know how else to describe. Panos has worked very hard to assemble prints from many of our readers here.

I want to thank Jim Estrin (in red shirt above), MaryAnne Golon, Steve Fine, Chris Bradley, David Griffin, Alice Gabriner, Danny Wilcox Frazier, Michael Loyd Young, Kerry Payne, Franco Pagetti, Peter Turnley, Christopher Anderson, Bruce Gilden, and Bruce Davidson…all who came to my class to present to my 12 students and a few assembled guests. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This gathering is also a celebration and New York official launch of Burn.02. Come and check it out. Yes, purchase one for the good guys. Check us out carefully, and you will see we are simply trying to do the right thing. To help get something going in our biz for the next generation. Not mine. I am fine. This is for you. Pay back/pay forward. Do it when the time comes.