BURN.02 limited edition

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(For volume purchases (over 10 copies) or countries not listed, please contact
Diego Orlando directly at diego@burnmagazine.org)

Some of you were on hand September 1 in Perpignan for the launch of Burn 02. By all accounts, the buzz on Burn and Burn 02 was palpable. In all my years in the business, I never saw quite this sort of “big warm”. Was it the slide show? Was it the new in print magazine? Perhaps those things helped. But it was way more than a function of display. It was about YOU. This audience. This audience who supported new and original work by Paolo Pellegrin and Alisa Resnik and Bruce Gilden and others to be seen now first in Burn 02.

Burn 02 is not a repeat of Burn online. Burn 02 is its own original work. A 1500 copy limited editon. Online is terrific, but when you hold 02 in your hand, you will know what photography is all about from our perspective. I am not published in it. I wish I was. The place to be published for sure.

Yes, 02 was a collaboration. But there is always one person who is THE driving force. Diego Orlando, our special projects editor, is that person for 02. Anton and I were in the background on this baby. Designed and printed and bound with loving care in Italy by the very best, you will quickly see why there is pride all around.

I am proud of this magazine/book…I can say this in a way I could never say with my own work. That requires silence. But I can say that this feels like my best effort so far  as the director/coach and not in it as a direct “player”…Yet  I made something happen..Put the talents of others to work..Gave them all the rope they could handle. Kept an eye out..Mostly to set a standard….And to push everyone just a bit further than they wanted to be pushed..I knew they would thank me later …laughing…I will say no more now. On the front flap I wrote:

We are the photo equivalent of the garage band. Can this last/should this last? No. There is a curve on any creative endeavor. We are not at the peak yet. When we get there, then we will do something else and start the whole process over again. Could be an evolution, or could be a revolution. So let’s enjoy this moment. Now is the time to appreciate what we have, seek out new ways of doing things, celebrate our mutual language and push it just as far as we can possibly go.



1002 Responses to “BURN.02 limited edition”

  • It’s just beautiful. Congratulations.

  • Will there be copies at the loft available for purchase?

  • Is the same david@burnmagazine address still the right one to send you a message, David, BTW?

  • OK just ordered…$22.25 to ship to Canada..whew.

  • David, it was an honour meeting you in Perpignan at La Poste. You showed me BURN.02 and it really looked amazing. I just ordered. Can’t wait to receive my copy.

  • ALL:
    I’m back to normal life after a great week in Perpignan.
    Too much to see, too short time :-(, but I talked with some nice people (photographers and not) and hope being there in 2o12.

    One of the goals of this year was to met some burnians and have two greats books signed by the authors. “Cuba” and “Odo Yakuza”. The books are now resting with an enormous joy in my shelf beside Burn 02.
    I’m pretty sure that burn 02 will be sold out in a few weeks as it “brother” did last year… And yes, something different from and online magazine. Grazie a Diego! 1,4kg of pure photographic essays.
    What a coincidence that the person in the cover, shoot by EPF Argentinian winner is named “Diego”! ;-)

    I’m also happy to have talked at least a few minutes with them in the Cafe de la Poste.

    Your signature/comment in the first page my the book keeps me thinking all the way back home.
    “Jump and fly, but jump with sensibility”, here an image of that page -> http://www.patricio-michelin.com/

    Will put that in practice, cause that is the right direction (of photography and life).

    Thanks a lot for that and thanksx1000 for what you do/did/will do in burnmagazine with the rest of the folks.

    Thanks also to David for his terrific energy and for signing my Cuba book at 3am after the Burn projection, looks like everyone is a friend of him (and not in the FaceBook style), he was surrounded and talking and spreading energy to everyone!

    I won’t do a report ’cause Eric Espinosa has already done that very well.
    Hope to see David, Anton, Diego, Audrey, Lauras, Eric, GG and everyone else with Burn 03 next year with more time…

    PS: DAVID: your spanish astonished me! :-)

  • A la EMCD, anyway to reserve a copy and pick it up at the loft?

  • DONE! now the hard part begins…..the wait!
    Looks amazing….nice fonts and page number layout. Sorry I notice those things ;-)
    Can’t wait!
    Thank you!

  • Burn 02 looks amazing :-))) I just ordered…wish I could come and pick up a copy at the loft…€ 22 shipping costs to EU…but I am SURE it’s worth all the hard cash ;-). Congrats to you all, Burnians!

  • the answer to ALL ABOVE QUESTIONS is : YES!

  • aLSO for whoever attends the BURN-ED GALLERY IN TEXAS, books will be available for SALE there too…!

  • 8th of October the premier that is in Texas

  • panos skoulidas
    September 7, 2011 at 1:47 pm
    I’M DOING MY BEST TO KEEP ALL PRINTS IN PERFECT SHAPE (keeping it away from Lola that is-the Dogg)..
    MY dream is to SELL ALL of them so the photogs can profit and BURN raises enough $$ for the NEXT EPF FINALIST!..
    Yes, thats my hope if possible..to keep moving the BURN GALLERY AROUND THE WORLD, TOURING LIKE AN OLD SCHOOL ROCK’N’ROLL BAND!
    “The Burning Stones”? maybe? (lets just stay away from Keith Richards, thats all;)

    panos skoulidas
    September 7, 2011 at 3:10 pm


  • Ordered it, than looked at the pictures. Stunning!
    now looking forward to have it in my hands.

  • Ordered!

    My wife asked me a couple of days ago what I wanted for a birthday present. I said, “Burn ’02,” of course.

  • MW..

    sure…if you do it that way, you also get a complimentary beer, or two..but then, you KNOW that!! good move…see you soonest…

    cheers, david

  • JIM..

    many thanks my friend…and as much as i want to meet you, i am even more anxious to meet your bride…for sure a very strong woman…

    Burn would not be Burn without you..

    cheers, david


    you are looking at something wrong..shipping cannot be that much…if you in Europe , we ship from there , not from U.S…

  • Jim, u have to come and support BURN in SA Texas.. i know u only a few miles away (Sugarland that is;)

  • Congratulations to all who contributed to Burn 02; I’ve been away from Burn over the last few weeks with family stuff taking priority. But I’ve still had a sneaky peek most days, just haven’t had time to contribute… Again; congtratulations! :-)

  • “Pictures are everywhere, all the time. If you are in the right mood, there is for sure a picture right in front of you. Any time, all the time. It is never necessary to go someplace else. Where you are is THE place to be.”

    Yes! Exactly. Even though I do make many forays into what most people would consider the extreme and exotic (although it has come to seem quite normal and everyday to me and it is home to me, where I like to be) this is what I always try to follow, and to communicate with people. When people who do not know me learn that I am a photographer, they almost always tell me that Alaska is the right place for a photographer. They generally assume that I am out to take pretty pictures of wildlife and scenery.

    “Any place is the right place for a photographer,” I tell them. “I see a photo everywhere I look.” And to make my point, I often take their photo, right there on the spot.

    As to Burn ’02, will I be safe waiting to purchase it until I get to New York in just over two weeks? I won’t have to worry about shipping, then.

  • sorry Jim..u r not in Sugarland…you are wayyyyy closer , Tyler, right?

  • Ross, WE are the Family, the Priority;)

  • you either stay here or you’ll see some japanese gangsters at your door soon-ly ;)

  • Speaking of Texas, Jim, up here in New York we have all that water you guys have been praying for. Could you send some guys with ten gallon hats up here and take some of it? We’re running out of space to put it all. Thanks

  • David,

    I’m based in Munich and when I placed my order for BURN.02 I too was charged €22 for shipping (€35 for BURN.02, €22 shipping) so I guess this is similar to what rosaslight saw. Its a lot but as I missed out on BURN.01 I wanted to get this one.

    Ps. I also just ordered Anton’s Second Edition book so my card used well in the last hour!

  • Akaky, I always wondered where the “happy little burg” you referred to was!

  • Panos, I’m about 300 driving miles from San Antonio.

  • Jim; isn’t that just a drive to the supermarket in Texas? ;-)

  • Gordon, I’m sorry, but I thought everyone knew where out happy little burg was. Our happy little burn lies in the Hudson Valley of this our Great Republic’s Vampire State, where it has always lain, ever since that happy day when Henry Hudson stopped here in 1609 to relieve himself near where the train station is now. I am sure that the place resonated with happiness even before Henry dropped his deuce in Metro-North’s parking lot, but having a real live celebrity honor us with a bowel movement made everyone’s day; as soon as he left, the Chamber of Commerce was already rife with plans to improve the tourist trade based on the new attraction.

  • Ha, you know I bring a six pack, at least. Hoping to meet many of the burnians coming in for the loft send-off though. I’m sure it will be a special time.

  • Jim , u r right…Tyler is super east…really pretty Kim says..tall treees and u guys get lots of rain..
    (i apologize coz its my very first time in texas and as u noticed by previous comments , im a Texas ignorant..although riding a bile around the Missions is almost as rewarding as riding my bike in VENICE beach!

  • big CONGRATULATIONS to all!!
    it’s kind of amazing to see all of what’s happened since “Road Trips” (which i still miss..).
    still way behind the curve and haven’t seen burn01 yet.
    any seattleites out there with a copy who will let me have a peak? :)

  • Panos, not in the city of Tyler, I am in Tyler County. Big state! :)

  • looks fantastic : ))

    shipping to australia $49.15…. ouch!

    but what to do – i want it want it want it…

    any ideas before i hit the button?


  • Jim, :) told ya im a texas newbie… either come if you can!..that’ll be a great nice surprise!

  • Sam, come to Texas or go Brooklyn..unless u visit Venice Italy…;)

  • its that Akaky IRL guy im afraid i’ll never be able to do a portrait of…

  • I’m sorry, Katia, but I don’t think the State of Washington will give you a peak of your very own, not unless you promise to clean up after the eruptions. You might want to get one of those Dyson vacuum cleaners for those jobs. I hear they’re very good.

  • Panos : )) now that is a great idea… then i can hand deliver you a print : ))
    (which buy the way is about to ship to you… sorry for delay… but it will be shipped Monday)
    i could do a cheeky stop over in LA too and maybe chuck in Bangkok too round it out…
    if only!!

  • WOW!!
    a truly amazing community!!!!
    BuRNING it up!!!
    And DAH
    I think your love of fog must have something to do with your connection to San Fran, no? :)

  • Sam, lol…theres no BURN exhibition without your print…of course i’ll wait!

    GORDON, was nice enough to send me two prints, printed in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY,(i couldnt afford that honestly), a B&W and a Color PRINT..
    I HAVE ONE WORD for print quality: UN-F*****G-BELIEVABLE!


  • Btw, Wendy, thank you for coming down to the Cadillac Hotel, Venice Beach and party at Robin’s Dudley Garden!..by the fire!!!!!!!

  • !!!!!


    will order as soon as i pay off my trip…

    looks rad…and beautiful…

    big big chiani for DIEGO O! :)))

    and yup, a surprise: most not shown on line…

    and the cover is so hard-core right! :))))))))))))

  • Just bought mine!! I’m really excited, I missed the first one, I had to buy this one, it just look great!

  • AKAKY– i caught that as soon as i hit submit! damn these no edit/delete options.

  • Thanks for the compliment Panos, but hey, you could afford it. Those were printed with my ancient wood-burning Epson 2200 set up for matte, on Epson radient white watercolour paper. I’ve seen these printers used for a hundred bucks!

  • Gordon those photos are sweet………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • of course im a color guy and i will do b&w when/if i ever grow up;)

  • PAUL

    i was in error when i told Rosalight that 22 Euros seemed to high..i did some investigating and found out indeed that shipping in Europe is 22 Euros…i asked why…reason: to ship anything safely and with a tracking record, UPS the best way to go..a bit more expensive? yes, but just a bit…to prevent lost books Diego felt this was the smartest way to go…i go with Diego on this one….we are just passing on a cost…thanks and i hope you will feel it is worth it…i am proud of this magazine/book…my best effort as the director/coach and not in it as a direct “player”…but i made something happen..put the talents of others to work..gave them all the rope they could handle…and kept an eye out..mostly to set a standard….and to push everyone just a bit further than they wanted to be pushed..i knew they would thank me later …laughing…

    cheers, david

  • Panos, I have an Epson 2200 collecting dust, it’s yours if you want it. It was/is a great printer but will eat you up in ink. It has not been run in a few years so I am sure the head is clogged and will need to be flushed out. Let me know if you want it.

  • Panos

    How ’bout some instagram print teasers?

  • KURT yes!

    MARK yes!

    and DAH yes yes yes and yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • and to push everyone just a bit further than they wanted to be pushed..i knew they would thank me later

    later??????? nah!
    what better place than here what better time than now!!!!!!!

  • i am going order one right now…

  • Panos, FB me a mailing adress and I will get it in the mail, no garunties as the coals have not been stoked under this Epson in a few years.

  • DAH, I plan on being up at the loft on the 1st for the slide show, but I know you will be in Mentor mode and will be happy to just to soak it all in. Let me know if you need someone to run the Burn 2 sales booth as I have a feeling it might be a hot topic. When and if your travel schedule accommodates it I would truly enjoy some coffee and a little one on one time on your porch.

  • David, UPS is very expensive for international shipping, at least to Canada. Besides the big initial cost, they then ding me another big chunk for clearing customs. The US postal service is much cheaper, very reliable, and the the Canadian post office charges me much less to clear customs. Unfortunately, many of my US suppliers seem married to UPS and will not ship USPS.
    Not complaining, looking forward to Burn 02. Just keeping things in perspective, I always remind myself that almost any book I buy is much less than I charge my clients for a single 8×10 print.
    From the previews it seems that there is a lot of material in Burn 02 that did not appear on this site. I’m excited!

  • Kurt/Panos
    I resurected my 2200 this spring after not having printed anything on it for about two years. For work I use a 7880 which is set up for glossy but I wanted to print some matte black and white. Anyway, it took about four cleaning cycles to clear it.
    The inks are really not that expensive unless you are trying to do production work. They can be had online for as little as 10 bucks for a cartridge (there are seven).
    These printers use the original Ultrachrome ink set which is great but does display much more metamerism ( print colour changes with light source) than the present ink sets. I usually add some warmth to my black and white prints to compensate for a cyan shift under daylight.
    I’ll gladly give you any help I can Panos if you decide to take up Kurts offer. The biggest challenge to making good prints is calibrating your moniter, and proper use of profiles in the print interface. When it finally all came together for me it was as if the heavens opened and I had been let in on the secrets of the universe.

  • Gordon, USPS will be the MAN…
    I absolutely agree witchu!


    very little of 02 appeared here online…the order of appearance may vary..first here, later in print, or first in print later online…no point in pure repetition…and you will see at least one story in 02 that would have been almost impossible to look quite right online..some things just have to be in print…

    ahh Gordon, alas shipping is not my specialty…please query Diego if you seriously concerned and have a clear better plan that would work for all…we are always open to logic…..www.diego@burnmagazine.org .. i can tell you Gordon that he tried to choose the most reliable and track easy method he could find that would make the most sense for the most people..two ship points…Italy and Texas…for you we are shipping out of Texas..so i am thinking most likely USPS..you were reading about Europe….for sure in the most expensive countries it would be wise for some to group ship…would save everybody a lot of money…we obviously make no money on the shipping..we pass on the direct cost..

    all of us sincerely hope you will cherish this book …and aspire to be in it at some point…after all , that is the whole point of Burn…to publish this readership….ok yes, we throw in a couple of established photographers each time…but my ratio of 5 to 1 unknown to known still holds….

    many thanks for your support…we hope you feel we earned it…

    cheers, david

  • David, let me know if you will be sending it to me as a result of the FB contest. I will be happy to donate to cover largely the cost of sending it, BTW. If not, I still would not wish to miss having not and will order it. But you need to let me know, amigo!

  • Hey, don’t complain about shipping! In Texas, we get dinged for the taxes, too. And the math still doesn’t add up!

    Subtotal $45.00 USD
    Shipping and handling 0
    Tax $5.86 USD
    Total $63.02 USD
    Payment $63.02 USD

  • ^^ haha that’s nothing. I’m not complaining. I’m happy to pay for this, I (really stupidly) hesitated when I saw the shipping cost to Australia for burn 01 and then when I finally gave in, it was gone. Not letting it happen this time. Shipping to Australia costs more than the actual book. But I think it’ll be worth it. $115AUD total. Better be good, David ;)

    Can’t wait to get it!

  • Hey Panos,
    I’ll probably send you a print tomorrow.
    Have you decided if you’ll set up a table for books as well?

  • Well, Burn 01 was definitely worth the bucks, so I’m looking forward to 02 arriving. I’m just spoiled by Amazon Prime cheap shipping. ;)

  • forgot to mention last night, i LOVE this picture of the green girl with the green tree in the green mist! :)))))….

    btw, Marinka showed BURN01 to Boris Mikhailov this summer….so…..

    those are some eyes who saw burn01…i wouldn’t hesitate to swallow burn02…you can always ebay the delivery costs in 2 years ;))))…

    will order it next week on payday and then will write about it when i see it, and this (fine line Sidney) will be a ‘written’ review..


  • Just to confirm shipping costs: sending Burn.01 from Italy to either Spain or the UK, WITHOUT tracking, by regular mail sevice, not courier, is € 15 each.. it’s insane, but that’s how it is.. and I don’t think 02 is any less heavy than 01.. plus tracking is nice and essential, I’ve heard back from Paul, no word from Framers Intent, no idea where the book has ended up.. can you figure having these kind of problems with 1500 books? Anybody would become crazy!

  • !!!CANADIANS!!!

    I’ve just been invited on a NYC roadtrip for this weekend. If this could work, I’d be happy to pick-up any BURN 02 magazines, and then mail them first-class to you when I get home. This should be a major savings for all. David and co. will have to co-ordinate with me, but I think it can work. I’ll be leaving tonight at 10pm, so we have until then to figure out all the details. Discuss here until then.

    Payback time..

  • a civilian-mass audience


    BURN02 is here…and if I can DO it(Greek)…then YOU can do it !!!

    I have ordered MASS and guess what…only 25 euros…YEs,YES,YES…
    no souvlakia for 3 days,no smokes,no ouzo…BUT,BUT,BUT…I will have some of you…
    sitting next to me!

    EVA got for me ANTON’S book…yes,our EVA…helped me out
    and now it’s my time to give back to the family!

    WHAT NOT TO LOVE…thank you ALLLLL….I am so freaking proud.

    P.S and a big thank you to our AUSSIES…wow,if the AUSSIES can do it,then WE ALL CAN DO IT.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    are we SOLD OUT…yet?

  • I’m just spoiled by Amazon Prime cheap shipping. ;)


    Glad I’m not the only one.

  • Panos – Glad to hear it. We need to see images from the displays!

  • Speaking about books.. just got this one in the mail:


    So looking forward to see the 40 new photographs in this edition.. this is one of the books that have opened my eyes a few years back when I completely changed way of not only making pics, but looking at photography..

    Are we sold out yet?? IS IT THE 15th YET????? Ufff……….

    And for those who might have missed it.. ANTON’s up to something too.. HE and DAH are to hold responsible if I ever finish something, that is the biggest lesson I have learnt hanging around here..

  • Great to see Burn 02!!
    I’m spoilt by Amazon UK’s free European shipping, but no worries 02 will be utterly worth it!!

  • Epson 2200!!

    I’m still using mine I didn’t bother with profiles and went all the way and bought the ImagePrint Rip about six years ago. Nothing beats that at all and if someone argues with me it’s because they haven’t tried it! OK price is excessive but I get new profiles for EVERY new paper that comes out and each folder for each new paper has a profile for all standard lighting/viewing conditions that kills any metamerism problems….
    As Gordon has commented the Epson 2200 works best with matt papers although it’s not a metamerism problem when I use glossy paper in ImagePrint, it’s the damn “bronzing” the original Ultrachrome inks create…

  • “Photography has always been my textbook, my encyclopedia, my bible. I didn’t read Shakespeare, but I’ve photographed kings. It’s a way of life, and a way to life, also.”
    Bruce Davidson

  • First Drafts: How Sam Abell Makes a Photograph:



    when we start selling millions of books like Amazon, then i think we will also have free shipping!! in the meantime, have a few less beers this week and support your colleagues!! and get a nice book! not available on Amazon at any price…hell, you know i will buy you all the beer anyway…

    here is another way to look at it…Burn 01 which sold originally for 45 bucks is now being sold for 75-100 bucks signed..some people of course bought several copies for this reason..so buy two of 02 and sell in a few months and pay for the shipping, or buy three, sell two in six months, and make money …i used to sign sign sign books when i first published ..for book stores etc..flattered..ahhh, but then i realized i was just making big bucks for the book stores a couple of years down the line…not all books go up in price…limited editions most likely of course..but you can pretty much figure the ones that will…01 is up 50-75% from last year at this time….pretty fast rise in a dead economy

    cheers, david

  • “Burn 01 which sold originally for 45 bucks is now being sold for 75-100 bucks signed”

    Whoa. So all I have to do is sign my copy and I can make money off of it? Will the snotty comments I wrote under everyone’s pictures jack the price up? And how about the corrections to my text? OMG, I’m sitting on a fortune here!

  • David…

    Laughing!! I was only joking, I have no intention of missing out on Burn 02!!

  • David…

    BTW are we going to see any of your work published this year or are going to have to impatiently wait till New Year?

  • http://instagr.am/p/MhDIR/

    excellent , I could expect of course mr.Imants to send me something cool other than a print and he delivered..
    Accepting installations/sculpture now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank u Imants
    (in photo above is just one jar out of many Imants Sent from Australia to Texas!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    wowwwwah…I can go ouzoless and beerless for a week…YEAP,babieee



  • a civilian-mass audience

    oime,PANOS?@#$%…IMANTS…you are crazier than you think…:)))))))))))))))))))

    damnit…MR.HARVEY …where did u find these people…?


  • PAUL

    well, i have three projects each 95% finished…RIO will be a book and a tabloid by May 2012..and a full blown article in NatGeo at about the same time…and opening exhibitions in Sydney, Rio, and probably a couple of other venues by then…yet, going down to Rio in a few weeks for one last live it live it on the edge shoot…..

    Outer Banks i am shooting now, labor of love, and it should be a NatGeo story in 2012 also, but not sure when…not sure if i will have a book or not…yes, i have lots of pictures, even lots of meaningful pictures, but lots of pictures does not necessarily a book make…we will see..i have to write that one as well..

    Family Drive continues on exhibition tour (next Valencia, Spain) even as i shoot more…it is just a work in progress forever…i shoot on this all the time ….i have sold three of the 15 handmade books (that do not even exist yet) already as part of this project, but the final exhibition and book will not come until the end of 2012…

    other than the above, i don’t have much going on….well yes Burn…this is making me sleepy….

    cheers, david


    good question,very very good question…but i have no answer….”these people” just came out of…well, i just do not know…just remember, you are one of them!!

    hugs, david

  • more ? coming?

    No-Hurry Nate and Fast Maria in Atlantic Basin (can Maria Hit mexico gulf? how much for an umbrella?i was preparing for the HEAT…but Rain is coming…DAH? seal windows/doors once again??????????


  • Thodoris, cant wait,
    and YES we gonna sell books too IF ANYTHING LEFT TILL OCTOBER 8TH, …
    honestly i really really doubt that there will be available unsold books till october…either way!
    this is gonna be the STRONGEST BURNING YEAR ever…so far of course!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oups,the answer MR.HARVEY…
    hhhiii…the answer, my friend is blowin in the wind…;)

    back to our regular program…

    BURNIANS…go out and shoot…I promise I will work harder…
    cause more books,YOUR books are coming…RIO and BURN07 and…

    goodnight from beautiful Grecolandia…be humble,be you…zzzz

  • DAH – please please save me a copy to be collected at the loft.

  • i want my BURN.02 BOOK to be signed by VISSARIA!…
    So i gotta carry it with me next time i’ll be in grecolandia!


    I can remember that Burn01 was distributed also in some selected bookstores in Italy (micamera in Milan, for example)… are you going to follow the same approach also for Burn02? I would prefer to feed a small bookstore specialized in photography than a huge courier company ;)

  • Herve, i’ll try to have an answer for you soonest…about your win in FB contest…Books are still on airplanes…we are in the middle of craziness right now…give a few days and we will sort everything out..ok?

  • DAH – I hope you don’t think I was complaining. Just a little light fun. Looking forward to getting my hands on 02.

  • BRIAN..

    no worries…knew you were teasing…the shipping is high and we all know it and we all wish we could somehow get around it…this is one of the reasons we are working right on the margins with the price of the book in the first place..we who produced 02 are actually suffering the most from the high cost of shipping…the quality of the book itself would warrant a higher price and help us a bit if the shipping price was not so high…i honestly do think you will be pleased with 02 and hope you see it as an investment in your own future…i have written several times here that we tried to create a magazine/book that we would want to be in as photographers ourselves…i think you will feel the same as a purchaser of 02…i just keep picking it up as it sits on my table..a good sign :)

    cheers, david


    we will follow the same route with a few bookstores as we did last time…but only as a courtesy to some buyers….i do respect your wish of helping out the bookstore, but of course we lose the most if you buy from a bookstore…bookstores take half the price of the book …so for us bookstores are not our first choice…and why the online book sales biz is thriving and bookstores are almost a thing of the past…frankly, i love bookstores…and if i could somehow stock every photo bookstore in the world with 02 i would be willing to suffer the percentage they take..but the carbon footprint for stocking so many bookstores or ironically the cost of shipping to so many bookstores is just too much to think about …

    which is why the photo book biz is disastrous in the first place…we should be thankful here that we have what we have…that is an audience willing to purchase our carefully thought out and crafted books ..

    in the so called “real world” Burn 02 could not exist…

    in the “real world” a staff that created the book would be demanding fair salaries…the quality would not be what it is for what the customer is getting…the bookstores would be taking half the money and something would have to give..either the price would be way higher, or the quality would drop or both…as i said in my forward to the book…”let’s enjoy this moment”….the selling of 01 and 02 is not a business plan…it is a heartfelt response to a suffering craft and business…let’s just enjoy it while we can…many thanks for your personal support all along…

    the very very best thing for all of us was selling 02 from the bar/cafe table in Perpignan..we could have a beer, chat a bit, sign the book…ahhh what fun and a good price for the purchaser!! particularly since they got a beer and a book..and hopefully not beer on the book :)

    cheers, david

  • ERICA..

    well of course…you get to be part of the beer and a book community…what am i talking about? you invented the beer and a book community!!

    hugs, david

  • ”let’s enjoy this moment”….the selling of 01 and 02 is not a business plan…it is a heartfelt response to a suffering craft and business…let’s just enjoy it while we can…many thanks for your personal support all along…

    translation: we are trying to keep PHOTOGRAPHY ALIVE! as simple as that!
    Same reasons i keep shooting VENICE over and over…

    (..we are all photogs/all poor but its not the right time to worry about pennies and dollars..lets all buy a six pack of corona LESS and delay that friday sushi night for next week..)

    one thing for sure: BURN IS DOING ITS BEST TO KEEP PRICES (shipping , prices as low as human possible..)

  • ABELE…

    i was just thinking…before we all get too upset with the large courier companies, we had better think twice..i don’t know about you, but i surely could not exist as a photographer without Fedex and UPS etc..not just these days but ever…they shipped my film from Borneo to NatGeo in Washington 30 years ago….today they pick up my film from my front door now and deliver contanct sheets two days later..all of my exhibitions, prints, camera equipment, etc etc is delivered by these courier companies..and they charge i suppose a high price but mostly i think it is a miracle they do as well as they do AND they are competing fairly with each other..just a cost of business and in fact makes the cost of business less since you do not need anywhere near as much infrastructure at home as you would have without these companies..UPS trying to beat Fedex trying to beat DHL gives all of us damned good service..without the courier company infrastructure i think we would be just as lost or more than if we lost our mobile phones…to live the way i live, i need the internet and i need those couriers..i am willing to bet you are the same…and so is that charming little bookstore equally dependent on the couriers…but yes yes support the charming bookstore just the same!!

    cheers, david

  • just a BRIEF (b-r-i-e-f) word for a moment in defense of the pricing….

    I am a photographer.


    I am also a lover and a buyer and a collector of books.

    As i’ve written before, here before, they have literally save my life on 2 occasions.

    Like David and Eva and many of the rest of y’all, I have spend ‘ridiculous’ amounts of money on photography books. I just last week spend $82 on shipping to send as a gift the big Giacomelli book to a friend in BKK (more than the price of the book). I’ve also paid a ton of money on shipping for rare/hardtofind and friends photobooks….and i buy my fair share from amazon/photoeye/abes etc, and of course in my local bookstores.

    So, Let me ask a simple question:

    when the hell did you buy a NEW photography book of any quality for less than $60??…it rarely happens. If BURN02 costs me $67 that is really peanuts for a good, let alone a limited edition book. Come on people! ;))..More importantly, to me, what this book stands for: Y-O-U! As an alumni of both Burn and BURN01, i can only say this entire place has been constructed by YOU and for YOU, all of you. Will i ever be published in BURN or BURN03/04/11? Who knows, who cares. I’ll buy every edition that is ever printed, including the cost of shipping, just as i did for Anton and anyone else here who will publish someday, because for sure BURN is really about each of you and a goal. and the money goes back to y’all eventually. I have not/am not privy to the context of 02 except for what David and Orlando have shown us here, but at least 10 stories in the book were not published on line, meaning they appear to be assigned essays, meaning Burn is delivering: it is GIVING work to photographers. For that alone, in this pallid day of work for picture takers, I’ll stand beside everytime.

    Shit, BURN is cheaper cheaper than the last 4 photo books i’ve bought…..and maybe this one will feel the most personal…

    $45 for a photobook, honestly, that is a steal…..even at $70, it’s steal (limited edition)…

    anyway….ok, back to work as i don’t want to be misidentified as a salesman….a cheerleader sure :))

  • p.s. please note the grammar errors contained above are due to typing while cooking my dinner…hope it is not too much of an irritant ;)


    trying to figure your math…unless you ordered the book from Italy,which would be a mistake, your price should be: $45. for the book and $12. for shipping..total $57. there are no other costs…this is what anyone in the U.S. will pay…

    cheers, david

  • Bob, you are trying to hard to be brief. Don’t worry about it. Just be Bob. I guess in a way you are, because, even brief, you are still less brief than most. But don’t worry about it! Write like Bob. Those who want to read, can, those who don’t, don’t need to.

    Good defense of the pricing. I’m not even going to worry about it. I’m just going to get one – not only for the book, but as a show of support for Burn, and this great effort that David has launched and so many have contributed to.

    I don’t want to order it, though. I want to buy it in person, when I am in New York. So, Burn sellers, if by any chance it looks like you might sell out within two weeks, set one aside for me. Two weeks from tomorrow, I leave Wasilla for New York – just so I can pick up Burn ’02 in person. That is the only reason that I am going to New York. Well, maybe not. Maybe I will do a few other things there, too.


    briefly: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    will try :))


    p.s. i’m sure those guys can make it happen for someone flying in from Alaska: i mean that price (the flight) is one hell of a shipping price anyway ;)))))

  • BOB…

    so, what did you cook for yourself?

    many thanks for “defending” the pricing of Burn 02, but honestly i do not think we need to mount a defense…i am willing as always to answer any questions about anything about why we did this and why we did that, but heaven help me if i am mounting a defense!!

    quite the contrary..02 will sell out fast…not because we “defended” it…but because it is worth it…simple as that..astute buyers will see it in a heartbeat…we are selling it right now sight unseen, but once a few get their hands on it, then they are gone…maybe the only thing we will have to “defend” is why we did not print more…but that is the point of all our publishing….a finite number of copies exist..and that is that….and as with everything i do in my work, i explain, i am transparent, and i lay it on the table, take it or leave it…..nothing more i can do…and those who want it will have it and those who do not are welcomed any time no matter..


    do not worry, your copy is set aside for your arrival in new york…the place to buy it is of course my new york loft ..to hang , to appreciate…these two classes i am teaching at the loft will be the last…an era gone..i just cannot afford to keep the loft any longer….a luxury and this is no time for luxuries…so you are doing the right thing by taking this class right now…the kibbutz will go down in history for sure…enjoy every moment…we are going to max it out all the way….going to be great for sure….peace

    cheers, david

  • Bob, yes tell it like it is!!!!
    burn.02 is super INEXPENSIVE …cheaper than it should be FOR THE QUALITY it contains …
    its waste of time to talk about UPS, usps, fedex , dhl, blah blah…
    we are keeping photography alive here…this aint no joke…All of us (myself included): BUY THE BURN.02 NOW…support BURN…Burn is always looking after us, time to put our pennies where our mouth is!

  • PANOS..

    damn dude, i don’t think i am paying you enough!! thanks amigo…but do not worry at all..as i said the book lovers in this crowd will get it…no doubt in my mind….yes, we are doing our little bit to invigorate the craft…yes, we are…and we must also recognize that some others are doing the same…stories coming up on Burn in the next months will recognize the noble efforts of many….

    thanks for waving the flag..big hug to you and to Kim…

    oh yes, the Magnum crew was so so so impressed with the two of you as you helped Alec Soth and company get rolling with Postcards from America..Susan Meiselas could not say enough good things about both you and Kim when she and i were just in Korea…and she is not easy to please!! good work!!

    cheers, david

  • David,
    from the first day in Roadtrips i knew it,,..i knew something BIG is gonna come out of this…Anytime i followed my heart/intuition i had good results… i ONLY support what i believe, deeply believe… I’m not just impressed by Burn (only) , but i really believe in it! YOU are writing HISTORY DAH/BURN!

  • DAVID ;)))

    dinner: broccoli, ginger cutlets (i just had to refry) and salad: type a couple of sentences, check on cutlets and broccoli, type, check etc ;)))…..and yup, BURN02 doesn’t need to be defended…just wanted to chime in…post friday (tomorrow), my order will be in (payday) and the review post-receipt :))…


    i always try amigo, always try :)))

    off to bed (quickly) ;)

  • I’ve gotta chime in…
    I’m lovin’ all the love,
    and RESPECT for our craft and vision…
    it gives me HOPE
    and it pushes me to make better pictures….
    All of us here
    feel it….
    it runs deep…….
    THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!
    and especially you,
    David Alan Harvey……

  • Bob B
    what is with the ‘chime in’
    you, and me both…..
    maybe we have rings on our fingers and bells on our shoes……


    Thank you for all of your hard work. I LOVE my copy of Burn01 and am so excited about 02. I missed out buying my copy here and scored one of the last ones that the Magnum website store had in stock. Will you also be selling copies of Burn02 through Magnum? (Just thinking that with its infrastructure that it might be able to save on shipping for those outside of the US…)


    You are one awesome guy! Way cool of you to ship that Epson to Panos; I am still immensely grateful to you for helping me out. (Folks, that those of you who missed it, earlier this year Kurt helped out a brother in need and gifted me with a D200, lens, and battery.) I hope that things are well or you, ’cause good karma should be heading your way :-)

  • Too bad good Ipad Apps are so expensive to create. Looking forward to the print Burn 02, but would love to have it on the Ipad, too. Maybe Burn 03? :)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and that’s the way…we write history in BURN…

    Beer Photo Book…credit where credit is due…

    P.S yoho,yoho…the BURNIAN’S life is for me…:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    JIM is an optimist…BURN03 !!!

    What not to LOVE…I love you ALLLLLL…

    be back in a beer second…;)

  • Amazing and Lovely! … I can’t wait.
    Thank you for Diego, Anton and David.. :)))

    I am very expected to see “BURN 02”!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and don’t forget to give credit to:

    your civilians next to YOU…like MAMA HARVEY,MICHELLE,KIM,MARTHA,ROBERTA and RENATA …your kids and pets…because without them…BURN would be just a kibbutz:))))))))))))

    and credit to our Silent Readers and Donors !!!

    my sincere apologies…I am forgetting names…hmmm… my brain cells have been BURNED:))))

    are we sold out yet???…are we,are we?:)))

  • really really LOVE , Jim’s idea!

  • your kids and pets…because without them…BURN would be just a kibbutz:))))))))))))
    Civi yes!, although i usually disagree with u in pretty much everything;) this time u nailed it!
    viva pets! viva Lola!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS…you are such a sport…hiii…

    I am studying English…I wanna be an academian;)?


  • Hey Jim,
    Surely there are more affordable alternatives than a full-blown App.
    If one doesn’t want enhanced media like audio and video integrated a basic well-designed
    PDF portfolio presents images wonderfully,albeit,in a linear format.
    I’ve purchased a handful of ebook portfolios from a few photographers for less than $10.00 and
    apart from lacking the interview and directors cut they present the images every but as effectively
    as those in Chris Anderson’s ,Capitolio.

    I’ve also,recently,spent an evening at the Getty Reportage site downloading about 50 PDF essays to my
    iPad. Makes for a great archive of comtemporary photojournalism.

  • I wanna be an academian;)?
    u see, and we were doing so fine! u throw something like that and im lost again…

  • “Outer Banks i am shooting now, labor of love, and it should be a NatGeo story in 2012 also, but not sure when…not sure if i will have a book or not…”


    I’ve seen some of these photographs screened.. and ok, having enough pictures does not a book make.. BUT!!! you cannot just bury them somewhere.. I refuse to think all we’ll get is OBX in NatGeo, which is lovely and cool of course.. but you see, I got Koudelka’s newly reprinted book just yesterday.. some full bleed printed pages.. something to really cherish.. so to make it brief, I want to be able to cherish your OBX work the same way.. not a book, ok.. a box of prints then? Yes, I know, you’ve got a lot of other work to do.. I know RIO will make THE book.. but I’m in love of what I’ve seen of your Outer Banks work, don’t ask me why.. it’s soothing..

  • Kyunghee Lee
    September 9, 2011 at 1:08 am
    Amazing and Lovely! … I can’t wait.
    Thank you for Diego, Anton and David.. :)))

    I am very expected to see “BURN 02″!

    K.Lee , ;))))))
    are you the Sweetest or what?

  • David…

    limited edition boy of a few hundres maybe? something like this:


    Somebody (thank you!) posted a link to it a while back, can’t remember who..

  • EVA

    well all of my work goes into my archive…only .005% of my work is in books…Vietnam, Maya, Chile, Sumatra, Bahia, Tunisia, Nat Parks, Libya, Cambodia, Living Treasures, lots and lots of entire years worth on any particular subject is not in a book….each one of those was a year for example or more…and most have some good work in there…but a book has to be a book, not just a series of good or even great pictures..that is a collection, not necessarily a book… this is what is so hard for many to understand..they bring me 50 good pictures and say they want to do a book..and i say “what is the book?” and they get confused because they think a book is 50 good pictures on a “topic”…..a book has to GO somewhere, be something on its own..have a life as a book….you must “read” even a picture book….hard to describe i guess…..maybe OBX will be that..or maybe the best of OBX ends up in Family Drive..lots of crossover…just as the best of Bahia became a part of Div Soul..i never did a book called Bahia even though lots and lots of good work from there……anyway i am not done OBX..we will see…

    cheers, david

  • Hello!
    And what happened with the auto portraits framed in windows?

  • denislav,
    great question: Self Portraits Are Printed (included ) in DA BOOK!
    BURN.02, that is!
    Yes yes, in earlier comments there was a list with ones that cut the deal,…but yes , Self Portraits is the GATE OF BURN.02 if i may tease ..the Dooor ! the front Door!

    ok, nuff said! order BURN.02 ! NOW!

    DAMN, 4:010AM HERE…running to bed!

  • While you’re at iApps… DO check Carl De Keyzer’s Zona. It offers more pictures than the book (which is out of print), adds sound and comments on pictures by Mr Carl himself (although it is not his voice), as well as a set of pictures by his fixer in the same prisoners camps…

    And get ready for my Quest for Land… should be released in a couple of months… By the way: how much would you pay for such an iApp? There will be over 600 pictures, interviews and a lot of documentation. i’m curious…

  • JOHN:

    after all these years, i’d pay the same $$ for Quest for Land App as a book…but that’s me….and since i don’t have an IPHONE (or any cell phone) or IPAD (or any tablet), i don’t know how much apps sell for (or how they work), but if the app (is this possible, i’m stupid with tech stuff) is usuable for a laptop, i’d pay $30 for a Quest for Land app…and for the book alone (600 pics, a la Case History), well, i’d fork over $100….

  • Hi all.

    David already answered too many questions but i will resume the main points about shipping and shipping costs.

    1_shipping costs are high because we are using UPS outside of the United States. Of course if you are in Europe the costs is reasonable, but if you are in australia, asia, south america is really really high.
    the best is to collect some order from there, to write me personally and the we will ship there 10-15 books all together.. This is going to cut at least 50% of shipping costs or more.
    This is ALL we can do. We don’t want to use normal mail and anyway we could not take care of that in the same way we are sure about UPS.

    2_Abele: David gave you the best answer about libraries. Yes, MiCamera, Spazio Labò, Mandeep will have our book as we did with FNAC in Perpignan and Magnum Bookshop. it is good for us of course, but the best way to support BURN is to buy the book directly from us. Yes, of course being in Italy, i invite people from here to contact me directly if they don’t want to buy the book from the website.

    3_I am talking about Europe and Rest of the World.
    for USA CANADA MEXICO.. there is a guy with all the answers…

  • David…

    in my head I know all this, and you might be right.. or better, you are probably right with what you say.. but see, I have seen the OBX work (some of it), have not seen your other work in the archives.. btw, I think an update on your website might be due as well.. and knowing OBX will be just there in your archive.. how do we access the archive?? just makes my heart ache.. I want to HOLD stuff.. yes, I know, can’t have all I want, but can ask and hope, can I? And yes, OBX added to Family Drive makes sense too.. whatever and however you want, as long as it is accessible in some way :) .. just rambling..


    don’t know how much, but I’ll get it once it’s out.. as said above to DAH, in whatever way is better than no way!

  • JOHN,

    despite the fact, I have no iPAD (yet, we talked about it), I would not hesitate to pay up to $30. with hesitation probably more.
    However, that is me.

    Looking at other iPad Apps, like Via Panam, World Press Photo, Zona – they are below $10, so it may make sense thinking about alternatives, if that is the market.

    600 pictures is quite a number – so you may consider to break up into smaller chunks, and sell more than one app. May be chapters of the whole package as apps, which go for a cheaper price, and the sum of all finally lead to the reasonable price.

  • JIM

    we are working on an iPad app for Burn 02 right now…you will have it….

  • I feel like I should be apologizing for mentioning the cost to Australia… I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of money on books the last year. My wife can attest to that! :S So Burn.02 is really nothing cost wise in comparison.
    I’m new to Burn. New ish.. more of a silent admirer. I’ve got Anton’s book and now burn.02, I wish soooooooo much that I hadn’t waited so long for burn.01, but I’m sure I’ll find it somewhere, some time.. eventually… anyone in Australia (melbourne) got one I can borrow? I just really wanna see it!

    Anyway, Thanks a lot for all the hard work. I can’t wait to get .02, and everything else that follows.


  • EVA..

    many thanks for your sentiments and i totally appreciate it…no doubt if i stopped Burn and just had about 5 people working for me night and day this could all be realized, for my archive is actually quite a bit deeper than most…i have been shooting every day for over 50 years…i do not know of anyone who has done that…not because it is me, i just do not know of anyone…so, even if the pictures are just terrible, and some are, it is a deep deep archive!! some of my work is in the Magnum archive and easily accessible , but much of it is not..

    i have not even been to my own website for two years…somebody told me it was broken, but i have not had time to check…however, what is happening is that new books coming , new work being produced, and i will spend a good part of the winter in the darkroom …i could earn my living with prints coming out of the darkroom alone….

    i could create a factory out of my beach house to do all of this..but then, my beach house would be a factory…..anyway, thinking about the best way to deal with this….if i could justify the new york loft , then that would be the best space to have two full time people just working on my archive and getting all into Magnum etc etc etc…

    DAH is a full time job…BURN is a full time job..hmmmmm

    cheers, david

  • David…

    I suppose all this archive of yours with “Vietnam, Maya, Chile, Sumatra, Bahia, Tunisia, Nat Parks, Libya, Cambodia, Living Treasures, lots and lots of entire years” is full of work that hasn’t been published. By this I mean I’m sure there were photos you took which were just as good or even better than those published in Nat Geo and didn’t get through because they didn’t help tell, help the story. These photos maybe have never been seen by anyone except you, so couldn’t you do a kind of greatest hits with unpublished work?
    A visual feast for all us DAH fanatics :)

  • ERIC G

    our whole team is coming to Australia..in Sydney for HeadOn…in May 2012 …my RIO show and book will launch then, as well as Burn audience singles show and several other shows from our photographers including of course Anton’s Yakuza… if you keep reminding us , we might still have a 01..we held on to a few copies just to see what they would be worth in the long run…we sell any copy we have of 01 within minutes and at a price now about 50% higher than its original cost…so this is good for everyone..it means Burn books go up in value…thanks for your support…we honestly want this whole experience of shooting for Burn online, audience building to create new things, to be of mutual benefit to all of us…so far so good…

    cheers, david

  • David, great news on the Ipad APP! Will be looking for it!

  • “…somebody told me it was broken, but i have not had time to check…”

    Well, I’ll save you the trouble.
    Your site is ‘live’ with links out (Road Trips, Burn,etc) all functioning but all your image galleries
    are blank.

  • EVA,

    You’re welcome :-) (I posted that Lance Rosenfield link a while back.) You also might want to take a look at some of the things that Alec Soth & co. are doing over at Little Brown Mushroom:

  • David…

    Uhmm.. that somebody was me.. wanted to look at ‘Tell It..’, but no way..

    And please, Magnum displays stamps, not pictures.. I mean the size.. PLUS the logo all over.. better than nothing, but if you’re a book junkie like me it’s a nightmare..

    I very much like your last word though.. that ‘hmmmmm’ looks promising.. ’cause once you start to think about something it’s half done :)

  • David ~
    hmm, Sydney huh? I’m not a huge fan but I can make an exception for you and the Burn crew. :) I’ll have to start planning. Or, you could come to Melbourne! it’s not as big as Sydney, but I’d say there’s a much higher appreciation for art.
    OOOH an .01! I’ll definitely keep reminding you. So, do I have to go to Sydney to get it? That alone might actually make Sydney worth it ;)

  • Justin!!

    Yep, know LBM, think have at least half of what one can find there.. sigh.. ;)


    sent you a message..

  • Oh.. and about FILM IS DEAD and such:


  • Eva~ I’ve sent one back… as long as I got the right address. :)


    just trying to keep you happy!


    yes, that was the part i heard was broken….the part with my pictures!! smiling..thanks for reporting..

    ERIC G

    well having worked in Australia on Banjo Paterson story NatGeo i well know the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney..but the Australian Center of Photograhy and HeadOn invited us to the party…no invites from Melbourne!! ..but we would love to come to Melbourne for a presentation, seminar , whatever…i will buy you a stubbie if you will buy me one!!

    cheers, david


    Just saw this Fender Guitars press release today (edited for brevity):

    Fender is very proud to introduce one of the most distinctive signature models in its history, the Kurt Cobain Jaguar guitar…

    Accessories include a black textured vinyl hard-shell case and an exclusive Fender Kurt Cobain book featuring extensive photos and commentary by Charles Peterson and an insightful interview with Nirvana guitar tech Earnie Bailey.

    Nirvana photos courtesy Charles Peterson, © 2011.”

    Pretty cool – Congratualtions!

  • Let me go off topic for a moment and register a complaint. It has nothing to do with the price of Burn 02 or why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings. In short, my complaint is not germane to anything previously discussed in this thread. Those wishing to remain on topic may skip this and go directly to the next post. Thank you.

    Please allow me to preface my remarks here by saying that yes, despite what many people here in our happy little burg will tell you, I really do like dogs. I am fond of dogs in much the same way that I am fond of children. In fact, I actually know people who have both dogs and children and I know them to be among the finest people I have ever met. If I understand their reasoning correctly, having a dog is like having a small child that will never grow up and stick you in a substandard nursing home, whereas having a child is like having a dog that can actually talk to you, even if what they have to say is not very interesting and the passage of time will turn your loquacious toddler into a sullen adolescent snot who will want you to sign off on a student loan you can’t afford because going to the local community college is just too gauche for words. In any case, I have neither dogs nor children, but I think they are good idea for other people. I am all for other people making their own choices and then having to live with them.

    What I am not all for is people living in denial about their dogs; living in denial about your kids seems to be all the rage these days and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about that, other than point out that the reason that your little Johnny can’t do this, that, or the other thing may well be because your little Johnny is dumber than a box of wet rocks. But we are talking dogs at the moment. I bring the beasts up because I am committed to the walking lifestyle. I did not know that walking was a lifestyle until recently, when a friend pointed out that while he liked walking as much as the next person, he did not make a point of walking five miles [8.04672 km for those of you on the metric system] every day. I am not sure how my walking this distance every qualifies it as a lifestyle or me as a participant in said lifestyle—walking is just exercise to me—but again, if my friend wants to think that walking is a lifestyle, then more power to him. Walking still just exercise to me; you put one foot in front of the other and if you do it enough times, eventually you get somewhere. I, however, am not the only person here in our happy little burg committed to this lifestyle manqué. From my observation, I can report that there are hordes of walkers trooping the highways and the byways trying to improve their cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, many of these people feel the need to bring their dogs along with them as they walk.

    Canis lupus familiaris, the domesticated dog, is the most varied species of mammal on this planet, its variety being the almost exclusive fruit of human genetic interference with the canine genome, but in many ways Canis lupus familiaris differs little from the ultimate root of its species, Canis lupus, the grey wolf, and one of these ways is that dogs, like wolves, are territorial creatures who dislike the idea of anyone trespassing on their territory. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, as there are to all things; Alaskan huskies, I believe, are not territorial at all, the Aleut and the Inuit having bred the trait out of the husky as unnecessary to their needs for the breed, those needs being little more than a knack for pulling heavy loads over long distances through the snow and a willingness to look at backsides all day long. But most other dog breeds are territorial, and their territory extends to wherever their masters happen to be at the moment whether I like it or not, and I usually like it not, a lot of not, veritable scads of not.

    I usually like it not because I am of the opinion, and please correct me if I am wrong about this, that as my taxes went into paying for the many fine sidewalks that grace our happy little burg, I may therefore use these sidewalks in a safe, legal, and appropriate manner whenever I choose. I do not need a license to use the sidewalks nor does the Vampire State require such a document or carry pedestrian insurance to cover the hospital costs of my bumping into someone accidentally, although it does occur to me that maybe I should not be giving the malfeasant and altogether peculative crew of feculent two-bit goniffs who run this state any bright ideas. In short, on the sidewalks of our happy little burg I am a free man, a free man using the commons open to all, and it is exactly this state of affairs that dogs refuse to acknowledge and their owners constantly seek to excuse.

    Dogs do not accept, much less understand, the legal and constitutional principles raised in the previous paragraph. All dogs know is that I am on the same side of the street as their owners and that means that I had better get out of the way, as in right now, buster, or you’ll be sorry. When this dog, having determined that this sidewalk, a sidewalk that my taxes paid for [I did mention that, didn’t I?] is not big enough for all of us, acts on its determination by barking, snarling, baring its teeth, and generally straining at the leash in an attempt to get close enough to me to take a bite out of one of my legs, the owner of this aggressive pooch will invariably inform me that I have nothing to worry about—the dog is friendly, the dog does not bite, the dog loves people, and that this dog has a warm and fuzzy personality with a heart as big as the great outdoors. I must admit that I find all these alibis intensely fascinating, no two ways about it, as it shows almost better than almost anything else that I can think of, the power of the irrational and cognitive dissonance in the lives of people you would otherwise think of as entirely rational.

    Let us look at the facts of the matter here. You, the owner of this dog, claim that your dog is a friendly dog that loves people. Well, I hate to be the one who breaks the news to you, friend, but your mutt’s snapping, growling, tooth-baring, barking, and pulling on the leash in order to get within chomping distance of my legs are not the signs of a dog filled with the milk of canine kindness; they are the signs that your dog has no special regard for any hominid that isn’t you. I would also venture to say that the very tight grip you’re keeping on the leash as your dog goes about snapping, etc., etc., etc., tells me that you don’t believe all that nonsense about your dog being a friendly dog who loves people, either. As for your mangy fleabag having a warm and friendly personality, well, I am sure he does; you say so, after all; and I think you should encourage the beast to bring that personality with him during your sojourns through our happy little burg, because I’ll tell you, pal, the personality your mutt’s got now needs work, a lot of work, and maybe a good-sized dose of tranquilizers as well.

    I know that none of these people will actually do this, but I think they’d be better off leaving their dogs at home while they go for their walk. The purpose of walking is to get some exercise, which you are not going to get so long as you stand around waiting for your dog to evacuate its bowels, which is a subject I will get into at some other time. Dog owners are not improving their cardiovascular health when they stop every twenty feet or so the dog can sniff the base of every perpendicular object in the neighborhood. I’m sure that all that sniffing is your pooch’s way of keeping up with the canine Joneses, but you’re not wandering up and down the sidewalks so your dog can pay social calls with his neighbors, you’re trying to become a better and fitter you. So leave the dog at home and walk; you can always take the horrid little beast out later to drop its deuce, and the rest of us pedestrians will be much happier that you did.

  • David ~ Looks like I’ll have to have you invited here some day. I may have to create some sort of event just to lure you over. As for the stubbies. I don’t actually drink… how about a steak?
    I’ll be checking out the HeadOn guide for sure.. whether or not I can actually make it is another thing… *fingers crossed!

    time for bed, good night!

  • “…..anyway, thinking about the best way to deal with this….if i could justify the new york loft , then that would be the best space to have two full time people just working on my archive and getting all into Magnum etc etc etc…”

    It would only amount to a drop in the bucket but,as I have my own Imacon 848, I’ll float you a standing
    offer to scan 25-30 images a month,no cost, so that you can, at least, start digitizing the more important
    imagery in your archive.

    You’d have to send them to Montreal but it would be a pleasure to help


  • MARK

    that is too generous on your part…i like trade outs though…..either prints or free workshop , or ?? are you ever in new york??

    cheers, david

  • Akaky…

    I agree with you totally and so does my pitbull who is sick and tired of dog running loose where we live, who come bounding up to him looking for a fight. We both want to get on with our exercise which is walk peacefully and mind our own business.
    I’ve always believed a large percentage of human beings should be banned from having dogs. Above all they don’t treat them as dogs but as children as you quite rightly mentioned and they don’t understand the animal or even try to. Nowadays dogs seem to be fashion statements.
    My dogs pees when I allow him to, not when he wants to. Just like the leader of a wolf pack doesn’t stop every one hundred metres while the other members of the pack smell the trees and lift their leg. Dogs need leaders not friends it’s stresses them out and that is one of the greatest problems dog owners don’t understand and it’s got nothing to do with physical aggression or shouting.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “it would be a pleasure to help”…
    and I offer to cook chicken…with quinces…and homemade bread;)

    AKAKY…may the spirits of your “writings” be with me!

    EVA…are you home,finally?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Welcome home ERICG…

    JIM,MR.VINK,JUSTINS,PAUL,K.LEE:)…thank you for reporting…

    and I am still waiting to hear from so many of my Lost BURNIANS…

    cause BURN is THE place to BE

  • David…

    I don’t know but I’m only speaking for myself, but thinking that the Loft is going is very, very sad news. Discovering RoadTrips all way back in the middle of 2007 going through a pretty bad time creatively in my life and full of doubts in general your stories made my life much brighter. For me the loft is part of those memories even though I’ve never been there, it for some reasons is a bit like some magical place which I would love to one day visit. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, it’s legendary.
    Can’t we help you with the loft? I mean perhaps 5 Euros/dollars or 10 Euros/dollars each of us, being so many of us we might be able to maybe muster up a couple of months rent.
    Speaking personally there is probably no way I would be the photographer and mostly likely a person I am today if it hadn’t been for RoadTrips and Burn. There is no way in any book or any college a student would ever find the experience and knowledge you have given us all. So I feel I owe you so much I have no problem whatsoever in helping out some way.

  • EricG.. Paul.. David.. Diego..

    Ok.. so, reading Paul’s message above, EricG wanting a copy of Brun.01, me having one and willing to sell it.. EricG has already ordered 02.. I see Diego next week and can bring him 01 to put in the package with 02.. will check with Diego if it’s do-able.. soo.. EricG, instead of paying me the book, make a donation towards burn loft expenses, US $ 50?? everybody gains.. Eric a book, Burn some $$, Paul a thumbs up for the idea? Can do?

    Civi.. home right now, leaving Sunday, MUST be back for doc appointment Thursday thoug.. so yes, almost home :)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    whatever PAUL said…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…10-4 !

  • David
    “….if i could justify the new york loft , then that would be the best space to have two full time people just working on my archive and getting all into Magnum etc etc etc…”

    Yes, this is a dilemma especially for folks our age. My own business has suffered hugely in the past few years, mainly a result of not having staff anymore to keep our marketing up, and to keep me organized. I’m facing the decision, do I let my commercial space go, operate from home, and slide gracefully into retirement? Or do I bite the bullet, find a good assistant, and pull myself and the business together. It is a tough decision. I love what I do, but after a summer off, I could really get into not having to carry the overhead and spending more time doing other things.
    At the moment I’m leaning towards biting the bullet, although I’m not sure if is just avoiding the much larger decision to sell the commercial building and move home.

    Anyway, would have love to come to New York for the last loft experience, but cannot manage it I’m afraid. Perhaps you will re-consider letting the loft go and I will get another chance.


  • Eva, you probably know this, but one way to see many of David’s photographs is to buy the NatGeo DVD collection and take screen shots. Far from optimal, but better than Magnum defaced postcards.

  • And it comes with incredible bonus material, too. 100 years of National Geographic!

  • David, I’ve already sent you a message delivering congrats for this several wonderful pieces of victories coming though your way and converging to ours. Of course, I’ve noticed that it’ll be half part of the mission, if I don’t extend my applauses to you Anton and Diego, for the professionalism, sweat and energy on this and finally and not less important…for putting belief, ideals, dreams on practice ..and practice most of the times can be so challenging. And now , the spotlights on my special “VIVA” to all the photographers composing what is the differential and what I call magnificent in Burn , Burn 01, Burn 02, also the photographers aspiring for , the readers, the writers, the supporters..for all of us who keep moving and standing by it. As I could imagine Panos saying.. That’s the revolution.. and I’ve signed… happy and proud of myself to be part and to witness it
    -And Civi and Panos…” your kids and pets” YES! YES! YES

  • Congratulations to all of you, it seems you made once more something great!

  • panos skoulidas, would you please give me a link to the list with those who have their auto portraits published? I am tired of searching and I still cannot find it!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    welcome home…DENISLAV…my name is civi…nice to meet you
    here is the list:

    August 23, 2011 at 8:30 am
    Hi all.. here the selfportraits published on Burn.02
    Internal cover images (from top left): Aga Luczakowska, Denislav Stoychev, Kurt Lengfield, Sean Gallagher, Andrew Harrington, Camille Beckles, Anton Kusters, Barbara Tomarchio, Carlo Pirrongelli, Jim Powers, Sandra-Lee Phipps, Eva-Maria Kunz, Thodoris Tzalavras, Wendy Marijnissen, Dominika Gesicka, Panos Skoulidas, John Vink, Roberta Tavares, Virginia Roncaglione, Andrea Barbato, Vissaria Skoulida, Michael Kircher, Gordon Lafleur, Michal Daniel, Ross Nolly, Thomas Bregulla, James Chance, Paul Parker, Kyunghee Lee, Bob Black, Jarle Kavli Jørgensen, Sidney Atkins, Wendy R. Walter, Michael A Shapiro, David Alan Harvey, Melissa M. Maltby, Laura Montanari, Sam Harris, Audrey Bardou, Cynthia Henebry, Valeria Semenzato, Lassal, David McGowan, Krystyna Larkham, Stuart Beraha, Jenny Lynn Walker, Richard Beaven, Frank Hack, Michael Webster, Anna Matlak, Ahmer Inam, Mette Vorraa, Don Hamerman, Abele Quaregna, Glenn Campbell, Jeff Hladun, Diego Orlando, Aaron Zebrook

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and I am not in:)))))))))))))))

    damnit…I should have bought that Leica…damnit:)))

  • lol, civi. All you need is a Holga and one of your chickens! Pulitzer prize.

  • Surely they have Holgas in Greece.

  • Thank you, DAH. I look forward to picking up Burn ’02 in person, and of course to the whole experience. I am glad you are making an iPad app of it.

    Jim Powers, you’ve got me a little worried about your comment regarding how expensive it is to make an app, as I have pretty much committed myself to making my first iPad book this fall. I committed myself without having any idea at all how to go about it or how much it would cost, but just thinking that there must be some kind f software out there that will allow a person to put together a basic book with words and photos fairly easily and cheaply.

    Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I have committed to break myself.

    Oh, well. We will see.

    Marks words comfort me a bit.

    As to the other stuff – this is what I really do not understand: how David does it all. I am a pretty busy guy and time is a big stuggle for me, but compared to David… and how much he does… constaantly… magazines… books… workshops… speeches and presentations all over the world… prints… shooting every single day, for 50 years… and still he finds time to address just about every comment directed at him on this forum…

    This is beyond my understanding. How can one human do all this?

    I got up about two hours ago. Just thinking about all this makes me feel like I need to go climb right back in bed and sleep for 20 years…

    Well, this is it for me today. No time to post further… yet DAH will likely post several more times… and yet will accomplish ten times as much as what I will…

    And there is cat sitting on my desk. A black cat. Directly between my keyboard and my monitor. It is difficult to see the screen, but I cannot make the cat move. He is comfortable there.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Is this JIM…my JIMMY??? heart of gold?


  • Frostfrog, a PDF is probably the better way to go cost wise.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    September 9,2011 at 2:08
    JIM POWERS wrote to civilian…


    FROSTY…can you imagine…MR.HARVEY is still emerging…!!!

  • Jim, that would be the puletzer prize

  • Nice one, Gordon. I’m a sucker for good clean pun!


    thanks for your insightful explanations about Burn02 distribution… I thought you got a more fair agreement with the Italian bookstores, sort of a courtesy from them due to the peculiarity of the product: I mean, they can enrich their catalogue with a prestigious limited edition publication (that proved to be fast-selling in the past, btw), apparently no need to apply a straight 50%-50% sharing… but I am quite outside the publishing world, so forgive my naivety… I bought my copy from burnmagazine site today ;) and I will buy some other books from the charming bookstore too ;)) because I know they are driven by passion, the same passion that led to the creation of Burn01, Burn02, BurnXX… And speaking about couriers, you are right about the fact that they actually bring infrastructure where there aren’t any but at the same time they spoil the existing infrastructure: who needs anymore the passionate bookseller or the passionate printer uncomfortably located ont he other side of the town if the same service is available just a click away (and delivered from whoknows how many miles away to your front door)? Yes, more freedom for the consumer and cheaper prices too (as long as some competition exists…small-size players are already out of the game), but an unsustainable -in the long run- bill from the ecological point of view…imo

    Cheers and thanks for your hard work!

  • “that is too generous on your part…i like trade outs though…..either prints or free workshop , or ?? are you ever in new york??”

    Don’t worry about it. I’ll be like one of those late night furniture stores, “0 % interest and you
    don’t pay until 2017” That said, i’ll take a print any day of the week.
    Plus, if i have to read about you loading the archives into the back of a pickup to outrun, yet, another hurricane I think I’d stroke out.

    All i ask, if you take up the offer, is please no heavy dark, underexposed Kodachromes.
    They’re a f@%ing bitch to scan.

  • Gordon? You ok, the earthquake anywhere near you??

  • Bill. Make the app. Do the workshop with David. Very few,if any,better people. Straight line guy. much respect and love. I feel you are the same maybe. A positive energy source….and thats a treasure wherever you find it.


  • Hey John..

    today I applied for tickets for London 2012.. counting on meeting up for a glass of whatever.. so you better knock the docs over in November!!!

  • Wow! You guys are so amazing. This was a great way to start my day.
    Eva and everyone involved, thanks so much.
    Ahh I’m so excited. Haha ok.. Calm… Calm…
    :D thank again.

  • a civilian-mass audience… civi, thank you!! What a surprise, a great surprise to see my name in the list… :)))) It’s.. let’s say… my biggest achievement in photography outside my country… :-))
    Have a nice evening (or morning?) everyone!!

  • Hey Gordon, stop jumping around up there, made my stomach lurch. Well maybe it was the burrito.

  • Tom, Gordon,

    I was in the grocery store at the time the quake hit and didn’t feel a thing. Either of you rattled?

  • The day’s not over and I am back.

    Yes, Civi, it is Jimmy for sure – and he’s still here! I spend more time with him than I do with any human.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Jim; and John, I will make that app, I will attend the workshop and you are the one who gave me the encouragement necessary to do it. I agree, there are few like David and none at doing what he had done and is doing and he deserves that respect and love, because respect and love is what he gives. I appreciate your good words.

  • ************-CALLING ALL AUSSIES-************

    i am in communication with Diego. we can get BURN 02 for much cheaper (maybe as much 40%)
    by bulk shipping to Australia. don’t have all the answers yet but we are looking into it.

    please let me know if you are interested. either here on burn or e-mail me.

    ALL – have a great weekend!

  • Sidney, honestly I think it was the burrito not the earthquake. Pretty good little quake though, and fairly close, Seattle just barely felt it. I spent a little time with geologist Brian Atwater who did the groundbreaking work on the historical record of the last big subduction quake here, estimated 9 plus. Fascinating detective work piecing together tree ring data with Japanese tsunami records and sand layers along coastal river basins. Pinpointed the last big quake and subsequent tsunami to the year, day and time in 1700 and showed the pattern of regular such quakes going back millenia. We’re due for another any time now, or within the next couple of centuries. I’d rather ride out a hurricane.

  • Wow, coming back to BURN after a couple of weeks absent, I gotta say: this is fantastic!
    Congrats to everyone in and behind BURN 02 – really looking forward!

    PAUL, I don’t like the idea of “losing” the loft either; it has been such an influential, creative and inspiring place (besides all the fun) for so many of us – I would be in for 10$/€ per month to “share” the rent! Not sure if this would be an option? David?

    All the best from predawn Germany – have a great weekend everybody!

  • Tom,

    As I write this, the beautifully illustrated and well-researched bilingual monograph that Brian Atwater compiled in collaboration with one Japanese-American and 4 Japanese scholars, whose English title is “The Orphan Tsunami of 1700,” sits in front of me on my desk. A treasured volume among my books, and a class act. Are you still in touch with him?

  • Sidney!!! :)) Hmmm, I did not give full credit did I? Thank you for subtley pointing that out. It was an international team effort to be sure as Brian was always clear to point out on every occasion I heard him speak. He is every bit the class act. He spent two decades on that research, incredible commitment. I have not seen the book, didn’t know about, thanks Sidney … and … I just ordered one. Should arrive about the same time as my two copies of BURN.02 I suspect.

    No, I just did a few stories and quite a bit related to tsunami preparedness for the coast when the research was breaking in the journal Nature (wow, that was 1996!, I can’t believe it) and for a few years after. Haven’t seen him in years but had great fun digging through the muck of the Copalis River shoreline in the ghost forest with him once. I have never met a geologist I didn’t like. Some laid back and serious like Atwater, some with a burning desire to tell it like it is, like Duke’s Orrin Pilkey (don’t bring up his name on the Outer Banks).

    P.S. Thank you for not jumping on my bad pun in the previous post since I know you winced when you read it.

  • federico agostini
    September 10, 2011 at 12:50 am

    in regards to your last tweet… i am so curious to see your long lens pic… what you do with an iphone is just amazing…

    cheers, federico

  • David,

    Did you see Cristina Garcia Rodero’s last pictures from Cuba? Wow, masterpieces. in style I like most. Remind me yours style.
    I regret I am not able to work this way with people to take such a lifefull photos.

    Anyway, Cuba is my favorite place. I hope to return someday.

  • EricG..

    we’ll work it out :)


    no, never thought of taking screenshots.. but then, I don’t have the DVDs either.. might have to change that, thanks for the idea.. thing is, to me the screen is there to SKIM through pictures, the book to LOOK at photographs, and the exhibitions to ABSORB them, not only see them but get them inside (not all of course, I’m a tad selective there).. and best thing to me is a print I can hold.. I can spend hours at an exhibit but get annoyed and tired very easily looking at the monitor.. my limit, I know..

  • civi ~ Nice to meet you! And thanks, burn does feel a bit like home. :)

    eva ~ Thanks again, let me know when you need anything.

  • Marcin…

    I saw Cristina Garcia Rodero’s pictures on Cuba last October and I agree WOW!! Saw them at a conference she gave here where I live. She’s been working on it for ages at least 15 years I think. I asked her last June at the Magnum party if she was ready to publish a book and she said she still felt she needed more images.
    Marcin all of it is shot with film :))

  • Eva, I wasn’t suggesting it as an optimal solution, merely a way to see many more photographs. The screen shots are not anywhere near the quality of a regular digital image, nothing remotely like a fine art print. I had always wanted to get the Nat Geo dvd’s for the fact that they contain 100 years or so worth of National Geographics, but was spurred to do so when I first started interacting with David on-line and he expressed interest in seeing my photographs. It’s basic politesse, you know, to make oneself familiar with someone’s work when they show interest in yours. At the time, I had been out of photography for so long that I only new David as a publisher and a writer and, as you mentioned, the defaced little images at Magnum don’t do justice. So I did the screenshots and made a little slideshow and spent many hours contemplating the work. Although the quality is bad, it’s a very good little exercise. Technically, it gave me a deep appreciation of David’s compositional skills, use of color, and mastery of artificial light. But the attitude of being the most knowledgeable person in the room and shooting loose shows through as well. You can sense that most of those are not “just photos.” They mean something.

  • Oh, and btw, although I generally enjoy looking at photos on the computer screen, in no way do I mean to imply that everyone should share my preferences or that they are in anyway superior. I think a lot of it is general laziness. With a slideshow, there’s no effort involved in turning to the next photo. One can lounge however one likes and light is typically not much of an issue. And there’s no danger of spilling beer on the screen or setting it on fire. Although I did manage to spill hot red wax on it once, I’m sure that was a one time thing. But I think the biggest difference is exactly that. One of size. I’d much rather look at a beautifully crafted large print than the computer screen, but the images in a book are much smaller and I find the computer screen much more akin to the large print. What I’d really like to do is cut up the fine books and scan the photos, but that requires entirely too much time and effort. I figure someday I’ll buy a little flatbed and pay my kid $5 an hour to do it. Pity about the book though. The best solution would be for photographers to sell apps with hi-def images. I understand the belief that the possibility of the internet being flooded with one’s work will devalue it, but am not sure that’s actually true. Quite possibly, greatly expanding the number of people who are aware of and enjoy one’s work would increase its value.

  • mw…

    big misunderstanding then.. I wasn’t looking at a way to study DAH’s work (done that BEFORE interacting with him, out of interest for his body of work, because it resonated with me, getting to know the photographer behind came only later, by chance first, and curiosity shortly after.. my approach to photography seems the opposite of yours).. I’m looking for a way to have the best possible quality to really enjoy the photographs..

    You say the images in a book are much smaller.. got a chance to look at Anderson’s ‘Capitolio’ (the book, not the app), or Koudelka’s ‘Zingari’, Anton’s ‘Yakuza’.. just to name a few.. not small..

  • my approach to photography seems the opposite of yours)..

    Yea, that’s been evident for some time now. But it’s fine. If everyone were like me, I’d flee in horror and become something else. A hermit muttering inanities, probably. Anyhoo, each to their own way, many paths, all that… I just like seeing other people’s stories that I never thought of and I see stories I want to tell that no one else seems to have noticed. No big thang.

  • Paul,

    I am quite surprised Rodero still working with film. If you meet her again, please pass her she have big fan in Poland.

  • yes!!! i ordered it! i spend that amount of money for going out for two months ……. :))

  • spreading fear again…hmmm ..distraction…seems like more recession coming…

  • P… tomorrow should be even more intense. Will check it out and report back.

    MW… funny!

  • its funny how things get twisted:
    when we say , for example: “think as a child, see the world as a child we do not necessarily mean that we should pretend that volcanoes do not exist..they do exist..they do erupt..so do tsunamis, earthquakes etc..all do exist..fire from lava is just the result though…in other words when we cling on the illusion of “security” all we really do is increase our stress levels anytime we come down from the “high” fake security provides in the end..Everything moves constantly…by instill fear to the mass all we achieve is hatred and feelings of revenge towards an invisible, unknown enemy..we ended up fighting with ourselves..human against human..hmmmmm, whats new?

  • im sure that MASS HYSTERIA was not “invented” in America, but it definitely seems like its been “perfected” here!

  • whAt if..hypothetically speaking ..what if ,that Osama been Laid guy is not dead..what if it was a decoy, an arab actor we will never know his name in that movie…what if he attacks me tomorrow? 9/11? while im riding my mountain bike up in sexy MALIBU? what about my neighbors brand new PORSCHE 9/11 CARRERA?
    I dont know, i worry too much!
    what if he bombs HOLLYWOOD?????????????????
    do u know that TOM CRUISE lives there? MEL GIBSON? think twice stupid terrorists before you attack MEL GIBSON because then the WRATH OF GOD ..will strike you back!
    (juuuuuuuuuuust kiddin! big hug y’all , have a good light if u shooting..if you are NOT SHOOTING then stay home and feel guilty about it..biggest hug)


    Cristina is a good friend of mine…and i introduced her to Magnum and presented her and her work…she is such a lovely person and one of the most prolific photographers i know….always always working…yes, she does prefer film…i think i prefer film as well, now only doing Family Drive with it, yet i end up shooting a lot of digital (i.e. all of RIO) as well..now experimenting with digi capture and then darkroom print…iPhone to platinum print for example…anyway, i digress..so pleased you like the work of Cristina…she is worth admiring…

    cheers, david

  • MK – thanks for the instgrams from DC. Look scary, hazy and smokey (I know, the haze and smoke are special effects).

  • Frostfrog… yeah, that’s kind of how it felt. Still cannot get used to seeing such armaments, weaponry in this city. Serious business.

  • Panos, given that most of the Hollywood movies about the war Osama been Laid wanted to happen so much have been bombs, I don’t think anyone there will notice one more. I could be wrong about that, though.

  • digital capture -darkroom prints is IMO a bit of a dead end street. You pretty much have to contact print, which means making a digi-neg big enough( try it with a 35 6×6 or even 5×4 inkjet neg and you will see what I mean…utterly unuseable, which means 12/16 or 16/20 at least, which means vacuum easels…which are a pain in the ass, which still leaves you ALL the hard developing and toning work to do……
    Why not just do a B/W conversion in potato shop? Lab color luminance channel stripping/silver effex/ exposure 3/Duo,Tri, or Quadtone seperations ….many many ways…and print onto a baryta clone paper such as Hahnemuhle fine art pearl or harmann FB AI. Better quality print by far ( we are talking rivalling ANYTHING you can make in a darkroom). Less hassle. Stay digital all the way through. Easy.

    That said, and having done it myself just to see what it was like, I think you should, and probably will, do it anyways…..but platinum printing iphone jpegs??….gimme a break.

  • David,

    I think magnum is powered by many talented women now; Allesandra Sanginetti, Cristina Garcia Rodero, Olivia Arthur, Lise Sarfati.

  • ALL:

    just a quick chime in (yes Wendy, i think of Chime in as a doorbell rather than an interruption! ;)))…

    I’d wanted to write this earlier, but now’s a good a time as any….

    Those of you familiar with my work and also my support of david/anton/diego and BURN, also know that Japanese photography has had a big influence on both my ideas of what photography can aspire to, but also Japan’s understanding of both the Photography book and Photography Magazine. I can’t imagine living without Moriyama, Akaki, Tomatsu, Hosoe’s, Nakahira, Ken, Ohara, Yutaka Takanashi or Fukase’s books near me….Moriyama, Takanashi and Fukase my favorites…..above all the photobooks I continually return to, other than Giacomell, Koudelka, and Frank, the Japanese photographers of the Provoke era are the ones most thumbed and stained and bent on my bookcase, tables, toilets and floors….but there is another reason…


    for those not familiar, PROVOKE magazine was the short-lived Japanese magazine that ushered and published the work of these extraordinary photographers when they were young and unknown…Moriyama and Tomatsu…for those who know neither the magazine or the extraordinary Japanese photogrpahy books (so many brilliant ones), I want to recommend Aperature’s survey of Japanese Photo books of the ’60’s and 70’s….a great beginning….anyway, about PROVOKE…

    Provoke was shortlived….i don’t know, maybe 4 editions (if that), all called PROVOKE 1, PROVOKE 2, etc…..but the influence that magazine was and has been extraordinary…not because it lasted (it was pretty brief in its blaze) but because of the guts of the work….and its commitment to publishing work that celebrated the range of photogrpahy, not what the photoworld thought warranted publication…

    in a sense, as i once told david over drinks on a bar patio one afternoon, i see BURN as that….the magazine may end in a year (i hope not) and i hope it gets at least to BURN03, but viewers and photographers and collectors should see it in that context….a copy of PROVOKE now could keep my son drinking for a year in college…..

    but PROVOKE also meant something else to photographers then, and much much later to me, a fledgling photographer addicted to messy images and messier words…possibility….not for fame or recognition or entrance into a pantheon, but the possibility that the same gestures that ignite the tipping of things could indeed provoke the desire and the embrace of them…..

    for me, BURN is not inspired and inspiring because david is with Magnum (and Magnum photographers are represented in 02) but because it celebrates the act of a group of people stirred by the imagination can provoke others, and an industry, to open its fucking wearied and jaded eyes…..


  • Bob, you remind me that however much we live in the light, we live even more in the dark. Or at least I do. I am unfamiliar with all these photographers… though perhaps I might recognize some of their work if I were to see it.

  • Bob it is that sensitivity to technique, object and media that is impressive with the Japanese artisans whether it be tactile, visual or in text.

  • Frostfrog,

    I don’t think you are any more in the dark about significant Japanese photographers than most people outside East Asia… it has always somewhat amazed me how deep and vast the world of Japanese photography is, and how little of it is known by the outside world. I suppose it stands to reason that a country that supplies most of the world’s cameras, and has since the late 1960s, would also be photography-obsessed… I can attest to what Bob B. says about the prevalence of photo magazines and photo books in Japan, something that goes back to well before the Second World War. There are huge photobook sections in the major bookstores in the big cities, with a bewildering array of new titles every month, and many of these tend to be one-man or one-woman photo monographs. There are as well a number of photojournalism magazines, both serious ones and the paparazzi variety, and huge monthly enthusiast photo magazines like Asahi Camera with hundreds of pages of high quality photo essays… unlike most of the American photo magazines, these are not mostly about reviewing (and selling) gear, but are for people who really want to look at photographs. Of course, there are plenty of gearhead and consumer mags as well, and lots of soft-porn model shoots, etc. There is a whole genre of fairly commercial work that follows trends but is put out by individual photographers, a cross between a magazine and a photo book, that are called “Mook”s. This stuff wouldn’t be published in such volume or variety if somebody didn’t buy it… there is a huge market for all kinds of photography in Japan.
    So why haven’t more people outside heard about and seen many of the genres and practitioners of Japanese photography? The simple answer is that Japan is in many ways still a closed nation… not so much legally (although there’s still plenty of that) but culturally, and above all shut off from much of the world by language. While the Japanese absorb culture from everywhere and are far more interested in and well informed about the world outside their borders than say Americans are, they export surprisingly little culturally… this has changed somewhat in the last 15 years or so in certain areas… anime and manga, karaoke and Hello Kitty… but that tells the world little about what has been going on in the sphere of either popular or artistic culture in Japan. Japan until recently has been a large enough domestic market to support their xenophobia, which is real and deeply rooted (unlike for example smaller South Korea, just as xenophobic as Japan, but which must export culture in the form of pop music, films, and above all TV soap operas in order to survive as a nation of cultural industries).
    I don’t in any way wish to steal Bob’s thunder… the ‘Provoke’ photographers and the ‘Provoke’ movement certainly occupy an important segment in the history of photography in Japan, Tomatsu Shomei in particular, whose influence is still strong today… and they dominated the art photography dialog of the 1960s… but they are only one group in a much larger and more complex photographic culture of which there are many different threads and lineages… need I add, these were not the Japanese photographers whose works impressed me so deeply when I was studying the language and history in the 60s, or living and working there from the late 70s to the late 90s? Not to denigrate them at all… but I drew inspiration from an older and very different generation of photographers in Japan, prominent in the 1950s, though some of them had been active since back in the 1930s: Hamaya Hiroshi and Kuwabara Kineo were two giants of their era, but these names also deserve looking into: Hayashi Tadahiko, Kimura Ihee, Watanabe Yoshio, Tokiwa Toyoko (one of very few Japanese female photojournalists working then), and Ueda Shoji. Never heard any of these names, either? It wouldn’t surprise me, but I think you would be rewarded by the effort to see some of their work. A good place to start is this book: “The history of Japanese photography” By Anne Tucker, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.
    The photo books of a Japanese photographer of rural landscapes and traditional culture named Midorikawa Yoichi (who started as a dentist), active from the late 1960s through the 1970s. were actually the catalyst causing me to switch from painting to photography in 1972. (One book of his was published in North America, “These Splendored Isles” and I have seen it in some used bookstores in the US in recent years).
    Closer to home… your home… you have probably heard of the Alaska-based Japanese nature photographer Hoshino Michio… some of his books on Alaska were published in English… he was all the rage in Japan in the late 80s and early 90s… until he “got too close” and was killed by a brown bear on the Kamchatka Peninsula in 1996, still quite young. The last roll of film in his camera showed the bear approaching him… I never met him personally, but saw him on TV several times in Japan and owned or gave as presents several of his books, and I remember the shock and dismay among my Japanese photographer friends when we heard the news of his death which was a major news story in Japan.
    I lay all this out not to show off or try to emphasize anyone’s ignorance, but merely to suggest that there are worlds and worlds to be discovered within the history of Japanese photography for anyone with the curiosity to pursue it… Bob’s taste and my own may (do) diverge widely, but I think we can agree on that much.

  • Come on, DAH. This instagram stuff is already so July. How about some 1990’s retro?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ALL MY favorite ACADEMIANS…gathered here…in BURNLAND
    they just came to Provoke me…;)
    oime…I wanna be an academian(don’t start PANOS):)))

    MICHAELK…thanks for reporting

    this is a special day …The Universe has changed 10 years ago…hmmm…
    I don’t think so…

    The Universe is Evolving…
    cause we are the Universe!
    respect to ALL our people
    whatever doesn’t kill you…
    will might kill you later
    BUT I am an optimist

    LIFE goes on
    we have to move on
    Circle of Friends
    BE STRONG !!!

    May the spirits of Forgiveness and Peace…be with Us…ALL of US!

    BURN 01 beer on me
    BURN 02 beer on YOU…
    BURN 03 …let’s wait and see !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    are we sold out yet? are we, are we?

  • Bill..

    Kiyoshi Suzuki also worth to explore.. and if you ever have a chance to see/listen to a talk by Eikoh Hosoe, go, even if you do not know or like his work, he himself is a work of art in a way!

  • Here’s some amateur photography from 9/11/2001. I was working four blocks from the World Trade Center. After going outside and seeing the first tower burning, I went into a drug store and bought a couple throw away cameras. The first picture is from about two minutes after the second plane hit. It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t a photographer back then and also that I didn’t have my regular camera with me. Although I might have gotten famous, it quite possibly would have wrecked my health. As is I stuck around long enough to see some truly gruesome sites and my lungs have never quite been the same. The second picture is a bit later on the Brooklyn Bridge. Rather than hanging around and get in the way of the rescue teams, that plus it looked like the tower could fall in my direction, I walked across the bridge to pick up my 9 year old daughter from school. Turned out she had a direct view of the proceedings from her classroom and the teacher let them watch until the first tower collapsed. The third pic is from an assignment I did on the fourth anniversary. Although I was moving in that direction anyway, I think 9/11 provided a big impetus for me to return to photography.

  • And speaking of amateur photos, here’s some walking around pics from yesterday. I’ll call it the “sick of stupid 9/11 remembrances” edition. Though the original title before I realized what day it was was “sick of taking pictures of people” edition.

    But the real reason I share these harkens back to the ongoing gear thread. Shot these with my new toy camera, the Fuji x100. It’s a strange camera but I’m starting to see why so many people are in love with it.

  • I’ve got this nearby neighbour who’s a commercial pilot and his female Great Dane is friends with my Pitbull, so we sometimes bump into each other on our walks and we let the two dogs round around and play together. So last night I bumped into him and of course the subject of 9/11 came up and he mentioned the fact that any pilot knows how difficult it is make a large airplane turn and aim to crash into building. It’s not something you learn piloting a little Cesna for example…
    Anyway he told me loads of technical things I sort of understood whilst listening to him but it’s virtually impossible for me to recall it all and write it out…
    but of course it made me stop and think.

  • MW…

    That first image from 9/11 is so striking, you really managed to capture the shock and fear of what it probably must of been like being there.


    sorry to lump you two together , but sorry in my mind you are lumped…

    do either one of you know the term “stick in the mud”? you guys are such pessimists all around..everyday, all the time…must be exhausting and frustrating to just not like anything …or more likely to pretend to not like anything….no wonder…

    and yet..

    odds are, you are both probably right..odds are you are correct..both of you..hats off to you for being “right”…and then, and then….

    if i had listened to the “good advice” of folks all around me, i wouldn’t have walked out the front door…ever…the odds? always been stacked against me and my ideas, always….love it!!

    yes John, it is most likely a really bad idea to make platinum prints from an iPhone capture for the reasons you suggest.. although when you see the Burkholder collection you might change your mind…and yes Jim some 90’s retro would be popular and maybe Comic Book destined for the dust bin…

    it is very interesting the reactions from people and the reason why any of us must only march to our own drummer….while you want to see 90’s retro, my Magnum colleagues of course would choke on that and are only interested in RIO and COMIC BOOK (most of all)..so pleasing any camp one way or the other is folly..so, i always forget what most people say, and go on gut instinct…that last line is really my whole philosophy in one short sentence…

    yet for heavens sake amigos whatever happened to the good old fashioned concept of trying something different? …my forays into experimentation are in fact very very conservative…my biggest “jumps” are to go from film to digi on some things, and to play with fiction (which i have done for almost 20 yrs), so there is no radical change of heart in what i shoot or how i shoot it save for the looseness digi gives, loosest of all with the iPhone…let me play boys, let me play!!

    what you read here in comments and see occasionally as a published single here on Burn are my “sketches” or “contacts” if you will…and playing with the internet effects..my daily “newspaper”…not a final product of course…

    the process of trying, elimination and enlightenment…as i have stated here always, 9 out of 10 of my ideas either fail or i just stop doing them…but one out of ten WORKS…

    i am transparent here to help some readers realize what goes on behind the scenes in my head… to be helpful for the thinking process for some…i could easily ONLY here on Burn present my final works..just not show anything to you until you see the RIO book/exhibition in May or the same with Family Drive or OBX or whatever…

    i will make you two totally lovable and often humorous cynics a deal…i will stop showing my new sketches/experiments IF either one or both of you go out and do some new work…take some new pictures…put it up…show it here..on the table…no talk, just pictures….i promise promise to only show final pieces to this audience if you two will just show something.. anything…deal?

    ok, i am going out to shoot…you?

    cheers, david

  • MW

    great shot #2… 9-11…our paths must have crossed….and the weather was just like today…eerie…

  • What pisses me off about the iPhone is the phone……..hate being tethered to the damn things so I leave it at home.

  • Paul, thanks. Although I wasted most of my shots on redundant pictures of burning towers, I was happy that I also managed to pull away and concentrate some on people’s reactions. I think if I could go back 10 years and be there with my current gear, that’s what I would have focused on. I’ve never seen anything like the looks on peoples faces that day. Never seen any other photos that have capture it (though I’m sure they exist). And don’t see it from other disasters in other parts of the world. Wish I would have taken a self portrait as I’m sure I looked like that as well. It’s very strange being that close to so many people dying, especially when they are people you see every day. And then they started jumping… Then when I got to my daughter’s school there were several kids crying in the office whose parents worked at the towers. The staff was trying to console them that it was early and their parents probably hadn’t arrived to work yet, but nobody believed it.

    And thanks David, for not lumping me in with sticks in the mud. Although I’ve go a general hatin goin on for the app crap, I’m curious to see if you can overcome. The platinum print idea fascinating. I really hope you pull it off.

  • Yea, I don’t think anyone who was there will ever forget the feel of the weather that day. So crisp and blue.

  • And I’d better get out for my morning walk as well. Getting maudlin…

  • “With a camera in front of his eye, he could see; not without.”
    Masahisas Fukase’s ex wife.
    How very sad a poisoned gift…

  • David, play away!

    Hipster, and Instagram, and, and, and…are kind of cool for the first 15 seconds or so. Then there are a billion photos using them on the Internet and just another cliche.

    And I know for certain the Internet doesn’t need any more of my cliches.

  • David. Pretty sure I didnt attack your iphone snaps amigo. comic book etc either….dont have an opinion on any of it at all. None of my business even if I did.

    AND I am pretty sure Jim was being IRONIC!

    AND AND if you are talking about Dan Burkholder Im pretty sure his iphone prints are all digital.

    But maybe im just being overly pessimistic? I mean, the sun is out now, but for sure its going to rain before the years out :)

  • I dunno. I’m just not a fan of photos as “art,” and I see these gimmicks as a means supposedly to enable the masses to transform the banal into art (or least into something less banal). When someone with real talent uses the same gimmicks, they cast their work into that same stream of noise. IMHO, of course.

  • David, even though none of us can see the future, I bet that right now you’re pretty happy you didn’t go down the Blurb road with Burn-01… listening to the advice of others is not in itself a bad thing… you just need to pick and choose whatever fragments of what those “advising” have to offer make sense to you… in this instance, trying out digital capture with analogue output sounds just about right… I’d be very interested to see what you’ll create…


    NO worries…you know what keeps me such a kid about anything (photography,books, writers, music, cities, food etc) is that it always amazes me how much we continually find and learn!…there’s no failure in not knowing…only in not searching :))

    SIDNEY :))

    I TOTALLY agree with you! :))….about all you write (even without paragraph breaks, now where’s Peter to jump on your ass as he always does my own? ;)) )…Japanese belief and expansion of the Photobook (and its concept) is a continued inspiration, regardless of the style/genre/form etc…I used Provoke to illustration something about burn, but you are right the Japanese Photography book was an extraordinary beast beginning post WWII…and continues to this day…and while those i mentioned seem closer to my heart, i actually have a pretty wild range of tastes or loves/appreciation of Japanese photography….thanks for sharing your insight :)

    IMANTS :))

    ABSOLUTELY! congratulations on being published in the Japanese blog I WAS THERE……..and i agree exactly ))


    Michael, that’s a great 2nd shot…though 1 too is so visceral….i too am wearied of all the 9/11 coverage….today i’m thinking of Mark and will call him soon, as it is the 10th anniversary of his father’s death in the towers….

  • here is our image…oli pin-fat had invited me a 7 months ago and i said, ‘yes, if i can do it with marina and dima’….my image is from my russian book project, marina’s is from Versts…dima’s is when he was a child at dacha

    this writing i worked on ;)))

    this was published last week….


  • Bob and Imants…

    Another thing about Oriental art in general is the lack of artist ego.

  • ALL:

    Mark just read out his father’s name at the memorial in nyc…a strong and loving man….a true burnian….

  • Bob,

    Apologies. I tried to indent lines for paragraphs, honest… after I hit “submit” they somehow all disappeared. I admit that makes it harder to read… next time I’ll try leaving open lines between…


    I love COMIC BOOK… not just the idea, but the actual pictures you are taking and showing and the narrative flow it sets up… lots and lots to be explored there.. I can’t agree that it has to be only a temporary and soon overworked fad… not all cellphone pictures are equal… in the hands of an artist, art can be created in any medium. My old drawing teacher, who knew classical European painting materials and technique very well, insisted we learn to draw with felt pens, magic markers, and ball point pens… things anyone would probably have in their pocket.

    About platinum prints in the darkroom from iPhone images… not something I myself am eager to try, but an interesting, if slightly offbeat, experiment…

    The real point is that, as you say, when it comes to ideas, experiments, thought processes… you are totally transparent here, and all of us benefit from that incredible generosity. You shouldn’t have to defend yourself from such quibbles.

    I was reminded of some stage banter that Joni Mitchell used to use when fans would scream out for her to perform her old hits from the past… she would say, “How do you think Van Gogh would feel if people stood around him yelling, “Paint ‘A Summer’s Night’! Paint ‘A Summer’s Night’!” when he was trying to do something new???

  • sidney: no apology necessary….it is all good….

    from former Poet Laureate Billy Collins

    The Names

    Yesterday, I lay awake in the palm of the night.
    A soft rain stole in, unhelped by any breeze,
    And when I saw the silver glaze on the windows,
    I started with A, with Ackerman, as it happened,
    Then Baxter and Calabro,
    Davis and Eberling, names falling into place
    As droplets fell through the dark.
    Names printed on the ceiling of the night.
    Names slipping around a watery bend.
    Twenty-six willows on the banks of a stream.
    In the morning, I walked out barefoot
    Among thousands of flowers
    Heavy with dew like the eyes of tears,
    And each had a name —
    Fiori inscribed on a yellow petal
    Then Gonzalez and Han, Ishikawa and Jenkins.
    Names written in the air
    And stitched into the cloth of the day.
    A name under a photograph taped to a mailbox.
    Monogram on a torn shirt,
    I see you spelled out on storefront windows
    And on the bright unfurled awnings of this city.
    I say the syllables as I turn a corner —
    Kelly and Lee,
    Medina, Nardella, and O’Connor.
    When I peer into the woods,
    I see a thick tangle where letters are hidden
    As in a puzzle concocted for children.
    Parker and Quigley in the twigs of an ash,
    Rizzo, Schubert, Torres, and Upton,
    Secrets in the boughs of an ancient maple.
    Names written in the pale sky.
    Names rising in the updraft amid buildings.
    Names silent in stone
    Or cried out behind a door.
    Names blown over the earth and out to sea.
    In the evening — weakening light, the last swallows.
    A boy on a lake lifts his oars.
    A woman by a window puts a match to a candle,
    And the names are outlined on the rose clouds —
    Vanacore and Wallace,
    (let X stand, if it can, for the ones unfound)
    Then Young and Ziminsky, the final jolt of Z.
    Names etched on the head of a pin.
    One name spanning a bridge, another undergoing a tunnel.
    A blue name needled into the skin.
    Names of citizens, workers, mothers and fathers,
    The bright-eyed daughter, the quick son.
    Alphabet of names in a green field.
    Names in the small tracks of birds.
    Names lifted from a hat
    Or balanced on the tip of the tongue.
    Names wheeled into the dim warehouse of memory.
    So many names, there is barely room on the walls of the heart.

  • Please see the above “forbidden docu” or maybe not! You will be able to “live in it” soon, no reason to be prepared! Or maybe not???

  • Headline on MSNBC, quotes someone saying, 9-11-01 was “our Pearl Harbor.”

    Ahem… who’s Pearl Harbor was Pearl Harbor, anyway?

    I mean, I think I get what he’s trying to say, but do you really want that as the headline? This is the kind of foolishness we’re going to see all goddamn day as the media continues its orgy of “remembrance” and “honoring.” Desperately trying to out do the other networks as to who’s most patriotic and who is honoring the dead with the most heartfelt, Hallmark cards vapidity. Aaagh!

  • http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/11/opinion/sunday/europes-fiscal-fantasies.html?_r=1&nl=todaysheadlines&emc=tha211

    Most important, European leaders must shift from austerity policies that are leading to recession, not relief. They need to stimulate demand in stronger economies, like Germany, and defer austerity measures in fragile ones. One reason Greece keeps missing its deficit targets is that recession is shrinking tax revenues almost as fast as the government can slash spending. Now Italy, whose growth rates have lagged behind Europe’s for a decade, is being forced to swallow the same bad medicine.

  • First, MW: Maybe taken by a temporary amateur with a disposable camera, but definitely with the look and vision of the pro.

    Sidney, Eva, Bob — Now I am faced with the problem of trying to keep all these names in my head! Japan is just a short jet hop away from Anchorage. I’ve always wanted to make that jet hop, but you know the old thing about time and money. But… somehow… before I get too much older…

    And Sidney, I knew Michio. I once took a picture of him holding up one hand and the ends of his fingers were swollen in big blisters – frostbite!

    One of my best friends is Japanese, who was a prefessor at Columbia University when I first met her in Barrow, Alaska, but now teaches at Oklahoma, although she went back home for a time after the earthquake and tsunami. She is a budding photographer, too, and she tells people that I am the one who inspired her, so that always makes me feel good.

    It just occurred to me… you can meet her here, in this series of pocket camera snapshots from New York:


    And this dance series from Barrow:


  • Bill. Seeing as I am a pessimist, I think that you should cancel your trip to new york. Nothing good will come of it. You will not learn anything new nor have any life affirming experiences. In fact statistics show that the flight itself is a major cause of depression. You should either spend the money on opiates and pass a couple of months in a relatively benign stupor(I mean why not? the worlds fucked anyways and attending workshops is pointless in the face of this right????) or send the money back to the Idiot who sent it you so that he/she can do the same.
    ……..or, ….you can go ahead and go and have a chance to have a major league hoot, amongst some cracking people, in a killer location, with a truly gracious host.
    learn some new shit; teach some people some new shit too, and generally have a time.
    I guess you will probably do the latter…… but it will all go wrong. probably get mugged etc etc…
    Will rain the whole time…. Should really listen to me on this one blah blah blah blah….(continues ad nauseum )

  • You should either spend the money on opiates

    stop copying my s&$t!
    big hug , happy sunday y’all


    While it last! Last call for alcoyooooool!

  • John…

    You’re not a pessimist it just that you and I are English. English sense of humour is an acquired taste if one can ever manage to grasp it, my wife reminds me of this everyday. So, as I’m reminded of this so called handicap, I’ve learnt to tread lightly and bite my English tongue often, as people may feel offended by the most innocent of comments!
    But please DO NOT censor your comments as I would miss them.

  • I was just wondering if someone may be able to help me out please…. I’ve been hunting high and low (just about worn out Google!) but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. Has there ever been a seminal essay done on the right wing/national front/right wing resistance etc.? I’ve been hunting high and low and have found some KKK stuff and the usual protests etc. and that’s about it! Any ideas? Thanks :-)


    Some startling covergences at work here… just for starters, my academic field just happens to be cultural geography, the same as Chie’s… only I went the other way, from North America across the Pacific to study the human-environment relationships in East Asia, and ended up teaching in Japan… and for a while did a seminar on the indigenous peoples of the Americas that my Japanese female students were fascinated by… and yes, the film “Dances With Wolves” was usually the catalyst for their interest.

    Wait, it gets better… the first place I went to college was Columbia in NYC (we’re talking 1964-66) and later, after I’d been in and out of the army, I lived for a while in that neighborhood again, though not as a student… pretty much every Sunday my cohort of bohemian-musician-artist-academic friends and I would have a very leisurely Chinese Sunday brunch at the old Harbin Inn on Broadway and 100th St, real northern Chinese holiday brunch food that was not on the menu but that we knew they would serve if we knew enough to order it… and then to burn off the calories we would hike the several miles up through Riverside Park and past the George Washington Bridge to the Cloisters and while away the afternoon there in the garden listening to the madrigal and recorder concerts they used to put on… so Columbia was my alma mater (it was there I learned Japanese and first studied Korean) and the Cloisters were my leisurely haunt of choice in NYC.

    Someday I bet your friend Chie and I could have a pretty interesting conversation in both English and Japanese.

    I guess I shouldn’t be at all surprised that you knew Hoshino Michio, but it adds even further luster to the esteem in which I hold you and your work.


  • As for the ongoing hipstamatic debate. I’ve always wondered why photographers say that these techniques are overused; the effect is too obvious, it alters reality etc etc etc. Yet B&W is “acceptable”; but its effect is about as obvious as you can get; and it sure as hell alters reality. So why is B&W acceptable? Just because it is a traditional technique? But it only became a traditional technique because there was no colour photographer available at the time…

    Also; blurred out of focus backgrounds alter reality (if you “see” like this you really need to see the optometrist!) and is used everywhere. Why are these “overused” techniques acceptable? I think it just goes to show how conservative photographers can be. ;-)

  • Maybe it’s because B&W was born out of necessity… the only way to take a picture for the first 60 years was in B&W… hipstamatic on the other hand is kind of the equivalent to using a Holga or a Lomo… the people using them are doing so almost exclusively for the look—which some argue is a trend that will pass and then their pictures will look like a haircut from the eighties… while the B&W “look” has passed the test of time… we’ll know for sure in a decade…

  • It seems that David is not the only Magnum photographer showing interest in platinum printing…


  • Photo sobs is what dives all this negativity about apps etc……………… usually led by film shooters who watch digital videos

  • So fear not Ross they are converted without themselves in the know.

  • John – for some reason, your pessimistic rant has made me smile and laugh. I will go through with it, all right, and if I get mugged it will be okay, so long as I survive it with my health reasonably intact. It will be another experience to write about – since I probably won’t have any photographs to document it visually.

    Thank you, Panos.

    Sidney – those are interesting convergences. If you ever meet Chie, she will love to chat with you in English, Japanese, Portugese, Spanish and even a bit in Iñupiaq… and you will love her instantly, as does everyone, male or female, who meets her.

    I knew she was in North Carolina – but she has been hopping all over the world and my failing mind just dropped into the wrong notch for a moment.

  • Thodoris; “the only way to take a picture for the first 60 years was in B&W”

    That’s sort of what I was getting at. :-) Cheers

  • does someone know when the orders will be shipped? :))

  • “Shipping will commence on September 15.”

    ow… excuse me!

  • Geez, after seeing how much shipping charges are I’m happy I just went to Perpignan, right David? ;)

    I got my signed copy the same night it was released, and I tell you: it is a BEAUTIFUL piece of art. Well done DAH, Anton and especially Diego.

  • okay, my next question is how long will it take to ship from Italy to Bulgaria? I desperately want it on Saturday!! :)))

  • denislav, you will receive it before saturday. For Rest of the World the shipping here has started a little before… just because the book has been printed here and shipped from here.
    timing for rest of the world is this (with exceptions):
    from the order to the shipping 2-3 days plus 2 days of shipping (Europe) and 2-4 Rest of the World.
    Once the book is shipped you receive an email with tracking number and you can always check.

  • oh great idea…different photos from BURN.02 book ..sweet!

  • STEFANIE! :)))

    GORGEOUS portrait!….love the relationship between these 2…like an Aesop Fable….can’t wait to see the essay…

    3 days ’til payday and then BURN02 shall be mine! :)))))

  • diego, thank you very much!!! have a nice evening!

  • Diego, one “little detail”
    For Canada ONLY
    we might have the “usual little extra time”…up to a week from the day the books will “hit” the USA shores/distribution center..make sense?

  • OK, this book selling is great and all, but isn’t there an essay laying around somewhere? A single?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Don’t stand by the water and long for fish; go home and weave a net”
    Chinese Proverbs
    PETE…bring some of your photos in…I know,you have them!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    are we sold out yet?are we,are we…???

  • Okay, I was in the city today. Walked from Grand Central to the Battery and then up to Central Park and didn’t see a single Burnian. Where was everybody?

  • a civilian-mass audience


    “laying … a single”…
    shoot me…oime…I am slow…:))))

    ok,I am out…

  • “We are the photo equivalent of the garage band”

    We’re not gonna have to learn the words to Louie, Louie, are we?

  • PETE

    you insatiable photo fiend!! my oh my, in the last 5 days of trying to sell 02 we have changed the pictures up top more than usual..we have changed the lead 4 times in 5 days…you just aren’t paying attention amigo..picture even changed today (single of the animals) and will change tomorrow or next day…we did exactly the same thing last year with 01…yes , we will definitely keep the sales possibility up top for another week or so because if we did not there are many who just would not know we had done a knew volume…and we want to pay our printing bill , so the bankers do not come and get my beach house cause then you would not have a porch to sit on when you come down…. but will also change the pictures up top , none of which you have seen before i am sure….if you just can’t handle it, buy a 02, go finish your essay on Capitol Hill and by the time you have studied 02 and finished your own essay which i want to run here, it will be time to run it!! See, timing and timing!!

    cheers, david

  • Civi you won’t catch anything by jumping up and down by the beach yelling”Hey fish come here”………….. Pete tries to, but the Fish called David won’t bite


    anybody who does not know the words to Louie Louie just does not get invited to the party….which means no party…who can know those words? nasty nasty…hot

  • Fish …………. won’t bite!
    lol and a lil extra lol on the side!

  • a fine little girl is waitin for me
    but i ‘m as bent as dostoevsky
    louie louie
    oh baby i gotta go
    louie louie oh baby
    i gotta go>/i>

  • “Louie Louie” of course has its legion of fans, but I was always more into “Woolly Bully” by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. Long. long ago, in a galaxy far away, in another incarnation 5 times removed at least, I spent a week working as a roadie in NYC for Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention (no lie). During their concert at Columbia University’s Macmillan Theater, Sam the Sham was in the audience and Frank called him up on stage… the band rehearsed the song live in front of the audience, and then launched into the most kickass version of “Woolly Bully” I ever heard, with those unforgettable lyrics, “One, two three, quatro…”, “Watch it, now, watch it!” and “Hey, Leroy… yo’ mama… she’s callin’ you man!”

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Do we have to study…lyrics too???
    oh,nooo,nooo…I am a civilian…I don’t do studies…oh,no

    this I have to say…photophilosophers like PETE are true BURNIANS!

    and as SIDNEY says…”one,two,three,quatro…”

    are we sold out yet?:))))))))))))))))))

    P.S…IMANTS…the cat ate the fish…and EVA are you home yet?

  • DAH, aka the party nazi. “No party for you!”
    That reminds me of a hotdog joint in San Jose as well as a tv show in NY.

  • There are actually words to Loui Loui and Wooly Bully? All I know is na na na na na, Wooly Bullyyyyyy, Wooly bully.

    I thought Harvey and I were the only ones here old enough to remmember those tunes.

  • Loui Loui?the only ones here old enough to remmember those tunes.???????????

    u kiddin? thats THE anthem!

  • all along of course with tha:


    the Ramones!

  • Don’t forget about suits for everyone like the kingsmen

  • Have to agree totally with Sidney, I much prefer “Woolly Bully” by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs than “Louie Louie” or Iggy Pop…

  • IMANTS…the cat ate the fish……………..so what’s the cat fish recipe?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    IMANTS,I don’t know…BUT,BUT…I know a chicken recipe…;)

    hiii…don’t we all love BURN…?:))))))))))))))))

  • see I knew there were very few recipes for cat

  • Actually, to properly perform Louie Louie, you need to be drunk enough to slur the words to make them unintelligible. When I was a young lad of 13 I, like almost every other teen in Texas, was in a little rock band (anyone remember “Battles of the bands” at roller skating rinks?) and since Louie Louie had just come out, we were all over the song. What could make teenage rock band poseurs happier than a rock song with dirty lyrics! Anyway, since none of us actually had access to alcohol, our rendition left a lot to be desired. ;)

  • Civi..

    not home yet, but on the way.. taking a detour, gotta drop off Eric G’s 01 and pick up a 02 or two or so.. and tear at some hair.. ;)

  • Oops my mistake, never been a fan of Iggy Pop perhaps it’s because I’ve never given him a chance…
    Just couldn’t remember what song “Louie Louie” was…
    Classic song like “Woolly Bully”

    Bumped into this just now, forgotten how good this was. Nothing dirty here just another classic…
    And for the John Frusciante and Red Hot Chili fans…

  • MR. HARVEY..

    I don’t know if you realise the huge faith and belief you have in your fellow photograhper colleauges (spelling??) and the audience of BURN and the civillians out there..

    ’cause, if something goes wrong, they’ll really come after YOU, as responsible of this venue.. my bet would be you didn’t think a second about this though.. jump and swim is more your thing..

    It is great that there’s people out there like you.. and along with you Diego and Anton, with equal belief.. thsnk you!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    This is what I call REPORT…!!! JIM POWERS did it!

    EVA…safe travels…tear at some hair?…wow!

    IMANTS…I found a recipe…grilled catfish with garlic…

    can I sing now?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    hiii…I swear to the spirits…I didn’t hack EVA’S account…nope

  • .. thsnk?? THANK, even..

  • I’ve just realized the Burn 02 little images link to a slideshow… WOW!!
    I’m drooling just looking at Burn 02’s content…
    Just seeing a quick look and I’m itching full of inspiration to get out with my camera.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PAUL…I am gonna wait for your book…

    two years ago…I was waiting for IMANTS…and now,I see myetrouko,Yeah…
    EVA I am waiting…and many others have promised me …

    I am waiting…that’s what I do…and you Deliver…

    What not to LOVE…IMANTS…first copy is mine(you have promised)

  • my copies of burn 02, just arrived at 4:14pm local time (one hour ago)
    it is great to have it. YAY!


  • A little louie, louie for you all… – love that version!

  • Dominik, love the Sonics – they ROCK!

    One of my fave versions, Black Flag’s cover:

  • Baby going home:


    Paul, got yours too!

  • “DOMINIK DUNSCH’s Print arrived in Texas


    thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu FRANKFURT Germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Panos,
    have a hard time keeping up with your postings on different boards …
    in short: I also mailed you a print from Germany via AIRMAIL last week
    and would be interested to know if it has arrived in TEXAS?


  • Eva – that is quite a thought! Hopefully, that will never happen, but if it should, we who will stand ready to back him up will number in the legions.

    Jim – In my opinion, one of the greatest, if not the greatest, rockers ever came out of those Texas bands. Of course, I mean Buddy Holly. Did you ever get to play with him?

    Man, I am jealous just thinking about it!

    Now, I agree with whoever left the comment yesterday – and I am too lazy to backtrack and refresh my memory – it is time for a new essay to pop up here!

  • Gerhard
    yes me too..im lost in all those rooms but mainly in the labyrinth of my own mind!
    Not yet, just received Dominik’s print from Frankfurt Germany..

    i will let u know asap , once i get it!

  • u know what im gonna do soon..im gonna post a gallery from every print and every photog participating (willingly or simply by twisting the arm;)

  • Civi..

    I have promised and will keep the promise.. but scrambling a bit at the moment, don’t know when.. not first copy from me.. but with a print, ok?

  • Hey PANOS,

    Get your greasy thumb off the image area of Dominik’s print! That is what the white margins are for! That Instagram photo scares me silly… Seriously, those are some bad manners, dude, when people are not only sending you their precious prints but forking over big postage rates to do so. If I catch you putting your thumbprints in the middle of either of the prints I just sent you, your ass will be grass and I will be the lawnmower!

    Otherwise, I appreciate and admire your efforts, but watch those thumbs!

  • Sidney…lol ..i wasnt touching it at all! but its a photo, two dimensions..my thumb is too close those..i got gloves!!!!!!!

  • btw



  • , your ass will be grass and I will be the lawnmower!
    good one ;)
    one love!

  • Animal Portraits by Stefanie Mueller. Love love squeeze.

  • PANOS – thanks so much, amigo, really glad that the print made it over the big water safely!
    SIDNEY – lol, thanks for that – the instagram picture got me thinking too…
    JUSTIN – cool version of the Black Flag, they rock!

    and PANOS again – thanks again for all your effort and enthusiasm! You rock too!

  • Well, there’s no party for you, bubba.

    AKAKY IRL: Really? Why is that?

    AKAKY: You won’t learn the words to Louie Louie. You’ve been disinvited.

    AKAKY IRL: I don’t know how I’ll go on living, guy.

    AKAKY: I knew you were going to say that.

    AKAKY IRL: I’ve become predictable in my dotage.

    AKAKY: Yes, you have.

  • Eva…

    WOW and thanks!!
    Fix by Email how much I owe you, although there is not enough money in the world to pay back your kindness :)))))))!!

  • With Bill Clinton voice:
    “I did NOT TOUCH that woman”

  • ….sorry…
    “I did NOT touch that PICTURE”
    one looooooveeee!!!!

  • PANOS,

    Please keep your cigars away from the prints, as well :-)

  • cigars??
    i dont do’em…
    hmmm , the Bong , u meant to say, right?

  • Justin;)))
    if any fingerprints found anywhere in any print, im willing to do a fingerprint test, a polygraph test, a DNA test and a drug test!

  • ok..scratch the last “test” ;)

  • Yep!

    (Just keeping with the Clinton theme.)

  • ;)

    ALL..im sitting here WEARING GLOVES , STARING AT YOUR AMAZING PRINTS…im having a blast! makes me wanna go shoot more… u see!!!!! its so different to see your work on the web and soooooooooooooo different to see it 50×50…
    jeeeesuuuuuuuuuuus! what an experience…
    wish YOU were here!

  • http://instagr.am/p/NGby3/

    “THE GLOVES”…(Live from the United States of America!)

  • congrats to all, can’t wait for my copy :)

  • Pete
    You’ll have to settle for my “what I did on Labour day weekend” snaps.


  • Gordon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thats some cool sh$t!dig it… especially the gal with the “tube” in the beach!


    Wow! I love your coverage of the Island holiday beach bash… it is SO British Columbia Coast!
    Many great pictures there… I especially like the crowd at the potluck table, feeding the rabbits, the lady in red, and the starry night sky. Thanks for sharing your wonderful long weekend with us!

    Unfortunately, it looks like our all too brief summer is now over…


    Forgot to mention the trombone and tuba players, the bass drummer watching the crescent moon, and the mushroom boots.

  • Gordon,

    Excellent series of photos.

  • impossible!!!!

    LArry Towell publised color photos!!

    The world ends…

  • ok, there are from Towell’s collecion….

    The world is safe…

  • Thanks for the feedback all.
    The beach shindig is the annual birthday party for Barb Green, a long time resident of Lasqueti. I think she was 84. That is her house in the photo.
    Lasqueti is a magical place. I managed to spend about three weeks there this past summer.

  • Gordon – Incredible party. Excellent pix. Yes, I see what you mean by your “wonderful life.”

  • Gordon; hopefully all taken with your Zorki? ;-)

  • Browsing through BURN.02…

    I do not have the time right now to really dig into it, but since I drove 13 hours yesterday, 5 of them to go and pick it up, I’ve sat down and had a quick look at it this morning..

    It is a book, it looks and feels and smells like a book, not a magazine, the quality is great, and while there have been props to DAH, Diego and Anton so far, I gotta say the designer Andrea Barbato deserves a high five big time also!

    The work.. I wish there was more.. it’s so good.. when I came to the last page I just wanted it to go on.. I know I will go explore more of it when I have time, and I know I will go visit exhibits and/or buy monographs of at least 2/3 of the photographers, hands dowm.

    Something to cherish, that is for sure. Thanks again to all those who have made it possible to TOUCH and FEEL it!

  • GORDON. Is there a Wicker man lurking somewhere near?

  • EVA,

    you found the right words!

    …and I love to pick the names and find the right selfportrait to it. Some, I recognized immediately, for some, I needed to count.
    I am sure, this copy will suffer, as I will carry it with me and show it to many people during the next days.

    This is the real thing!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    the comment of the month goes to SIDNEYYYYYY!!!

    “If I catch you putting your thumbprints in the middle of either of the prints I just sent you, your ass will be grass and I will be the lawnmower”
    a bottle of ouzo …(only pick up)

    EVA…thank you as PAUL says…” there is not enough money in the world to pay back your kindness”

    GORDON…I love them all…say hi to MARTHA and can you bring your mom and baby GISELLE in…:)?
    if you don’t mind…

    BURNIANS…YOU are all Amazing!

  • oooh the time is near! it’s getting closer and closer!! I’m pretty excited… :D

  • self-portraits look gorgeous! :)))))…like stained-glass windows opening up the book!…

    must BE that Italian Influence! ;)))

    can’t wait :))))

  • GORDON! :))))))))))))))

    GOD-damn…that IS where i want to be !!!!!!….Ontario and t-dot has nothing on BC…and i thought i went wild last year at NS/Cape Breton….can i get an invite PLEASE! :))))

  • EVA

    in Perpignan, if you replay the tape, you will notice i gave credit to Andrea…and he is well credited in 02 itself of course….a most brilliant designer …..when i give credit to Diego i am also automatically giving credit to Andrea Barbato…those two did it….i plan to work with both men again…just great to work with, just great….


    saw you were looking for me on skype, i responded (finally) but then never saw you come back…IF you do indeed want a chat, now is the time…after next week i will disappear again for awhile…hope we can talk


    terrific looking gathering…nice little essay actually…

    cheers, david

  • David..

    I would never want to imply you didn’t credit him, elswhere or in the book.. all I’m saying is that looking even quickly at 02 it becomes clear that there’s been a brilliant design work done, it’s something I’ve noticed with the other things I’ve mentioned.. that’s all. Nice work all around, very nice..

  • David,

    Honored for the inclusion of my self-portrait in the inside cover of Burn.02. The book looks very good indeed. Will be ordering asap.

    As I mentioned on Skype, I’m on course to be in the US for the first couple of weeks of November. Will have a bundle or prints and ideas I’d like to share with you in Brooklyn over a beer, should your schedule coincide with my visit.

    I’ve been working on something recently with the Asia Society you might like to view: http://sites.asiasociety.org/chinagreen/threatened-waters/

    All the Best from Beijing,

  • All

    marvelous self portraits, congrats!

  • David,

    Did you see my follow up email to your response?

  • a civilian-mass audience


    the Universe is working…!!!

    What not to Love!…you are all kissable(iouuu…):))))))))))))))))))))

  • Now that the self-portraits thru a window are posted here, once again here is the list of names from Diego. I cannot fathom why the extremely pedestrian mug shot of myself was included in this illustrious and creative group of photographers’ portraits, but I am honored and flattered to be in such good company.

    August 23, 2011 at 8:30 am
    Hi all.. here the selfportraits published on Burn.02
    Internal cover images (from top left): Aga Luczakowska, Denislav Stoychev, Kurt Lengfield, Sean Gallagher, Andrew Harrington, Camille Beckles, Anton Kusters, Barbara Tomarchio, Carlo Pirrongelli, Jim Powers, Sandra-Lee Phipps, Eva-Maria Kunz, Thodoris Tzalavras, Wendy Marijnissen, Dominika Gesicka, Panos Skoulidas, John Vink, Roberta Tavares, Virginia Roncaglione, Andrea Barbato, Vissaria Skoulida, Michael Kircher, Gordon Lafleur, Michal Daniel, Ross Nolly, Thomas Bregulla, James Chance, Paul Parker, Kyunghee Lee, Bob Black, Jarle Kavli Jørgensen, Sidney Atkins, Wendy R. Walter, Michael A Shapiro, David Alan Harvey, Melissa M. Maltby, Laura Montanari, Sam Harris, Audrey Bardou, Cynthia Henebry, Valeria Semenzato, Lassal, David McGowan, Krystyna Larkham, Stuart Beraha, Jenny Lynn Walker, Richard Beaven, Frank Hack, Michael Webster, Anna Matlak, Ahmer Inam, Mette Vorraa, Don Hamerman, Abele Quaregna, Glenn Campbell, Jeff Hladun, Diego Orlando, Aaron Zebrook

  • To all the Burn crew…

    Thank you so much for including my selfportrait in Burn 02 it’s one hell of a mighty honour :)

    Now can someone tell me where is Diego’s post with the list of all Burnian’s self portrait included please?


    you were included because someone besides me had to represent those who remember Wooly Bully…watch me now, watch me now….

  • I count 58 names in the list but there appear to be 59 photos on the endpapers… looks like a name is missing from the group at bottom left… Diego?? Anybody??

  • Again, thanks all for looking, and for the feedback.

    Ross, no Zorki pics I’m afraid. All with the Fuji x100

    Bob B. (and everone else) you are welcome anytime, I’d love to show you around.

    Michael, I do love my life.

  • Akaky:
    Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back. -chuckle-


    Are thou a fan of Hemingway, Steinbeck or Cormack McCarthy?

  • SIDNEY..

    yes, one name was accidentally omitted…Heidi Lender whose self portrait we published was not listed..now Sidney, anybody who counts pictures and then counts names to figure this out of course has extreme obsessive behavior traits , so now while you are at it, figure out which one Heidi is :) ..our apologies of course to Heidi

  • Looks GREAT!
    can’t wait to touch it….
    feel it…
    smell it…….
    off the press……
    Thanks BuRN crew!!

  • yes Sidney! i made a mistake! the name missing is Heidi Lender and i hope she will forgive me…
    i must admit i would have never noticed that so thank you to give me the opportunity to mention her and her beautiful selfportait…
    Heidi.. i am sorry!

  • and about the books to USA: they are leaving Italy the printer place now, direction United States.. so finally next week they will be there ready to be in your hands.
    I will keep you posted about when they arrive there, it should be by next wednesday.

  • I think Heidi is the one with the camera balanced on her head in the bottom row.

  • DAVID,

    I didn’t START by counting names and counting photos… was just trying to match names to faces when I noticed a discrepancy, and THEN I counted in order to make an accurate report and inquiry…

    So, Heidi must be either #4 or #5 from the left on the bottom row… with her Swiss-German-Austrian name, I would guess she’s the blond with the camera on her head…??? (But I’m probably wrong… Entschuldigen, sehr geehrte Heidi!

    Obsessively and compulsively yours,

  • not the blond with the camere on her head.. she is the one on the left of her. it is the very very nice frame with heidi looking out the window.
    heidi selfportait is receiving even more attentions by having the missing credit… i am just sorry we’ve already interrupted the pleasure of counting…

  • Damn! I was going to pick that onE! Haha…

  • After a nearly two month hiatus, I brought my blog back today. I shouldn’t have. I should have waited until next week, but I said I would so I did:


  • WHO is HEIDI??????
    what a mystery! Diego! you are the Mystery Magical Man!


    good to see your blog live again.
    Your selfpic is just great.

  • …and so I had this little light bulb moment.[the fact that they are exclusively energy saver light bulbs nowadays is something for AKAKY IRL and his actuality to riff on]
    I was thinking on the whole pessimist/optimist/ the world is a sensual blinfolded labryinth easter egg hunt ,full of possibility and Kantian positivism/ er, no actuallly its a series of large pathches of boredom clothed in banal habit that occasionally erupts into lust or panic, or remains heading towards universal heat death blind to the failings that are guiding its rudderless skiff etc etc …kind of dichotomy we go through here from time to time, when I got one of those….things. you know, … a brain fart.
    And it was this: YOU [insert name as appropriate] make the pictures you make based almost entirely upon the way that you see and interpret the world. but…..I [also insert name blah blah] make pictures that reflect MY reflection of the world based on MY thing. And if I made them like YOU SEE THINGS…… how could that be true to me???? Where would AUTHORSHIP live???
    The darkness in my picture is ONLY a reflection of its author just as the light in your picture is ONLY a reflection of its author. Where is authorship without remaining true to that??? …..and how does one type of vision TRUMP another???

  • John…

    I’m going to have to read your comment a couple of more times to get the gist of it :))

  • “Mystery Magical Man”, said Panos… There are a few ‘Mystery Magical Men’ -and some ‘Mystery Magical Women’ too!- in the Burn garage band! ;))

    Some Mystery burnians we don’t know anything about, some Magical burnians we follow, but it’s the positive energy here, with all the ideas/projects/critiques/essays/and the likes, that brings us back for more… Even if it’s impossible to keep up with the comments :))

    ps: some self-portraits are really great!

  • John..

    if you don’t remain true to YOURSELF then there’s nothing worth to even talk about.. then it’s just clicking away on the shutter..

    Do you, ok, do I make pictures like I interpret the world.. or how I would want it to be? Can it go that far.. I take pictures and make pictures of what I do not have, but would want to? Or most probably it depends and is different for each and anyone of us, depending what photography is to us.. a healing tool, an expression tool, etc. .. nightmare or dream..

  • …and how does one type of vision TRUMP another???

    Depth of understanding and skill at communicating, perhaps? Something like that anyway.

    And don’t fret. There must be 100 great works of art that come from some dark place for every one that’s all happiness and light. Far more than that, I’d hazard.

  • I like happy snaps of puppy dogs and ice cream.

  • Hey Jason, I resemble that remark!
    Actually, my own Pollyanna approach to photography is often an attempt to lift myself out of the abyss. As I once remarked to David, it is an antidote rather than a purge.

  • Never wear black t-shirts in Memphis nor listen to Metallica!!! u might end up in jail for almost 20 years like the 3 kids above! yikes!!!!!!!

  • ok , back to our “regular” programming..

    time to purchase the remaining copies of BURN.02…before it is toooo late!

    oh btw…anyone want to come to SA for the premiere???? to help Burn out and enjoy tons of free beer??????????????????????????????????
    i think, working on it as we speak, i have a HOUSE for 3 guests!???? anyone interested????

  • Already i have one, THE FIRST confirmed guest for Texas the 8th… He is a fellow Burnian that is flying all the way from Minneapolis Minnesota!and of course is included in exhibition..who is the Mystery Man?


    there is NO trumping ….period…..it is all the same and we all end up in the same place in the end…even the quantifying (this vision is more, blah blah blah) is fodder, fun, games, silliness for the insecure….make the shit you need to make, it will be trumped in the end to begin with…those most concerned with trumping seem the most enfeebled, honestly….the categorizing and organizing is a game for those whose desires/job it is to do that….honestly…..time has its own organizing principles and who knows if they’re legitimate anyway….really matter?….shiiiiiit no….


    i know/guess…i ate sushi with him and his partner when he visited toronto, i’m guessing MS



  • MAS .. Yes Bobus! Exactement!!! Bravo!!!

  • AKAKY: Is it you?

    AKAKY IRL: Is it you who?

    AKAKY: The mysterious visitor from Minnesota.

    AKAKY IRL: You’re kidding, right?

    AKAKY: Just wondering aloud, dude.

    AKAKY IRL: Keep wondering.

    AKAKY: Hey, I’m just saying, you never know.

    AKAKY IRL: I do know. Do you know where Minnesota is?

    AKAKY: It’s out there somewhere.

    AKAKY IRL: Mars is out there somewhere, dumbass. I mean do you know where Minnesota is?

    AKAKY: Vaguely. Lake Woebegone is out that way.

    AKAKY IRL: Lake Woebegone doesn’t really exist. I mean the real place. And I will take another evasion to mean that you have no damn clue.

    AKAKY: I was in New Jersey once.

    AKAKY IRL: That doesn’t count. And you have no damn clue. All of that education and you’re still dumber than a box of wet rocks.

    AKAKY: I blame the new math.

    AKAKY IRL: I blame you.

    AKAKY: You always blame me. It’s unfair, you know.

    AKAKY IRL: That’s true. On the other hand, blaming you saves time and, let’s face it, most times it is your fault. So we have truth and blame in one easy package. And without that annoying bubble wrap that you can’t get open.

    AKAKY: Yeah, I hate that stuff.

    AKAKY IRL: Me too.

  • ALL

    now since i have no photos in BURN 02 and since all i did was to tap into the talents of others for this book, am i not allowed a certain kind of more visible pride than if my work were literally in it? …when RIO comes out in the spring i must be very quiet…but for 02 i think i can without embarrassment or false pride have some true pride…pride for the others…Diego and Andrea….it is a sin to boast are my family values, so this is just in the form of a bar room high five…

    i think the sales stats on 02 are 30 books per day for the last 10 days, just sales of this website and at the bar in Perpignan…that is 1.5 books sold per hour 24/7…..

    so damn, that’s just friggin cool…and they have not even hit the streets in the U.S. and no publicity yet…we printed 1500 and that will be that..a legit limited edition….we will hang on to about 300 copies for ourselves as an investment (01 goes for 40% more than original price)..so really there are only 1200 to be sold at the current price…they surely are not going to be for sale for Christmas…at least not at this rate…i do not know for sure, but i think 30 photo books sold per day off one site is a lot….ok, that’s it…nuff said

    this is fun..and this is US , only us! …nobody else around but us…timing , timing, and timing….we might just have all three…

    cheers, many thanks to all, david

  • brother panos :))

    i only know 2 photogs from Minn…i’ve eaten & drunk with both ;)))….and the one i know will be in nyc during the burn’d garden so the other must have been the one…u owe me a beer and taco ;)))


  • dah ;))))

    tomorrow i order, then when received will write a ‘review’ once it makes it north of the border…see if i can help in the truckin of 02 :)))

    sweet numbers, which i’m sure will accelerate once the damn thing hits the streets…i expect you’ll do a good show at the loft i can imagine you’d be able to sell a couple of hundred over the workshop period….

    ok, running
    must go-gone

  • Bob, i do owe u;) u guessed it right!

    BURN: “something is happening here and u dont know what it is! Do you? mr. Jones? do you? Status Quo?
    no advertisement, no control behind us, no politicians, no tea nor coffee parties…
    thats garage
    thats punk
    thats real hip hop from the Streets..
    BURN/DAH put photography back up in the Art Map!
    We proudly declaring Photography’s Rebirth…in the worst economic times..new order..world is changing…
    Recession, Depression…distraction…but we do not “see” or “hear” nor getting distracted…
    Serving at that “Tower of Song/art/photography” as Leonard Cohen once said!

  • yes, we might have to do 10 jobs to survive, yes we gonna bar-tent and wait tables to buy film, yes we gonna pay the rent later to buy a BURN book, but we know that the money comes back to us and the EXPOSURE we get here in BURN is beyond any coolness or edginess… !

  • and most important: IT MOTIVATES.. serious motivation…not about EPF money, no no…f$$k that..the recognition and respect we get from peers is priceless…

  • “AKAKY IRL: Lake Woebegone doesn’t really exist. I mean the real place. And I will take another evasion to mean that you have no damn clue.”

    What???? What!!!!!

    What are you telling me????

    At summers end, I saw a man walking toward me, talking, singing, a pretty woman by his side doing the same, and he sure did look like the man from Lake Wobegon. So I walked alongside him, too, snapping pix, thinking that it really must be the man from Lake Wobegon.

    And now you tell me that Lake Wobegon does not exist?

    So no one could be from there… I thought I had photographed someone famous. Now I find that I photographed no one.

    Oh well. I have never been a celebrity photographer anyway.

  • PANOS…

    i think we might take the EPF money and turn it into an assignment for publication fund….right now, so far, none of the EPF recipients have been required to show or to publish what they did with the 15k…we gave it to them to finish a body of work, but with no requirements to show us that body of work…for sure this will change…


    can we skype before you come to new york?

  • DAH
    brilliant!!!!! it sounds more “fair” and more interesting! and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy harder, than to show people the best we could do on our favorite subject!

  • Some thoughts…

    Vissaria is still rockin’; Thomas B’s washroom I recognized before Thomas himself; my assumptions and generalizations finally pay off…all Burnian woman are beautiful!!!

    And, thanks Diego for putting my portrait in third last. The ante-penultimate position is probably where I belong, but more importantly, it allows me to use that word legimately, in a sentence, for the first time ever! :))))

  • Speaking of grants (in general). I feel that the “working grant” will become more popular as grants get harder to acquire (in the shrinking economy). The idea that a portion of a grant being given up front; and the rest at a specified length of time through the project seems a good one for both parties. It assures the grant giver that the money is put to the use it was meant for; and the photographer has to really commit to the project.

  • I think the Getty Grant won by Stanley Greene was a working grant

  • Jeff..btw..did u send me your print?
    no pressure:)))))

  • and except from Sean Gallagher that constantly updates and inform us with his work, i ..hmmm, correct me if im wrong, everyone else..never ever reported back..dont get me wrong , i dont doubt they all working hard etc, blah blah..but you folks/winners…
    u can just drop by and say hello once in a while, show us some love after all the love BURN showed/gave u , unconditionally and report…some new work, a link from here and there would be nice…out of courtesy at least…!
    big hug…just be nice, when others are nice to you! its just nice to be nice!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ADMIN…I believe PANOS …hacked my account:))))))))))))))))

    as JEFF says…”all Burnian woman are beautiful!!!”
    and as civi says…

    ALL BURNIANS are beautiful…oime…some are mucho,mucho beautiful!!!

    yes,PATRICIOM…what not to LOVE!

  • BURN works.. because burn WORKS.. it does the work, not the talk

    BURN gives and takes and gives right back.. and most of the time it just plein gives, everyday, each day, to everyone who wants to stop by and have a listen

    BURN motivates.. picking up 01 or 02 and thinking that it could be ME in there along with the others who have delivered stunning work is a scary thought, but I couldn’t think of a better motivation.. and there’s more room, no limit, no waiting, just doing the work and submitting right HERE, one gotta give the best!

    I think, David, you have every reason to be proud, ’cause you don’t dwell on it, but move right on to the next thing.. read the last twitter feed.. others put in a lot of hard work too, alone you could not do, but it is on your credibility that you’ve built this tightly knitted BURNing network that really WORKS!

    And if there’s no tomorrow, you can look back and smile!

  • DAH – Sure – Tuesday or later. I expect to take this Uiñiq to press Monday and then I should be able to relax enough to Skype.

  • CHARLES PETERSON in today’s NY TIMES, all you Burners:


    “Post-Grunge, Seattle Rocks On”

    on the FRONT PAGE of the digital edition as we speak, but they swap that out pretty often… http://www.nytimes.com

    congrats CP

  • a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTY…I came by your “home”…I was the alien…:))))))))))))
    best wishes again!

    why nobody told me that…JIMMY is kinda blond…why?
    I was not prepared:)

    AKAKY…500 is mine…
    and I don’t do Roman tricks…;)

    and again credit to ALLLLLLLL
    and I mean


    from broken Grecolandia
    your civi

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Thank you DQ…credit when credit is due…

    FELIX must be a proud son…hiii…

    Times are changing! BRAVO CHARLESP…

    P.S…BOBBY what is the answer? who is the mystery visitor?

  • Steve had a gig from a national media chain to photograph the Canadian police and fire fighters at the September 11 ceremony in NYC, and when his daughter fell ill with a viral infection, I was happy to accompany him for the weekend. We visited the Magnum office, met Eugene Richards at a book signing, covered the Ground Zero ceremony, and got a chance to photograph the Prime Minister at a Commonwealth event, honouring those from Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Canada who had fallen. I even managed to pay hommage to Maestro Gilden by dragging my shutter in Times Square! (Alas, Bruce was away and we were unable to meet.)

    Like any post-funeral reception, I found the emotions on September 11 to be big and heavy. Stories, sadness and laughter abound. Everywhere was cauterized pride and, I think, healing. Of special note was the consideration all were giving one another; at India House, two soloists signing simultaneously “Amazing Grace” and “The Star-Spangled Banner” in a slow tempo brought a tear to my eye.

    It was a privilege to have been in NYC this weekend:


  • Panos, vis-a-vis print stuff, I have bought the envelope, I have bought the packing tape, I will bring this all home today and try to get the thing out to you on Monday, God willing and the river don’t rise.

  • Sorry, Frosty, but Lake Woebegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average, is not a real place, unlike, for example, our happy little burg, where all the women are twenty pounds overweight, all the men are on drugs, and all the children are mentally challenged juvenile delinquents with nothing better to do with their spare time than set stray cats on fire for fun and profit. We do have a martial arts school on Main Street, though, which is a good thing, or so people tell me, in that it helps the younger generation learn new and innovative ways to commit assault and battery.

  • Still recovering from losing both legs to a land mine explosion in Afghanistan, and still in intense therapy, Joao Silva attempted his first new photo assignment… the problems and frustrations he faces getting back to work make most of ours (at least mine) seem trivial:


  • a civilian-mass audience

    from all the above links…JEFF,MR.VINK,AKAKY*,SIDNEY…one and only one thing I see…:

    The human spirit is STRONGER than we think !

    “The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur.”
    Vince Lombardi

    Thank YOU

  • Panos, Civi… All…

    Reporting from the Potomac River Gorge:



  • a civilian-mass audience

    and what the BURN…is W.E…hmmm?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    as GORDON says…I LOVE your life MR.KIRCHER !

    thanks for reporting…and you do look good …therefore wine on you:)!

  • I’m in the New York Times this morning:


    Be sure to check out the video for some rambling comments by moi….

  • Oh dq just saw that you posted already. Thanks!


    Congratulations! I also saw the other day (and made a post here) that you have some photos and commentary in the book included with Fender’s new Cobain-model Jaguar. Pretty cool!

  • Charles…


  • Justin…

    I’ve never played a Fender Jaguar, have you?
    I maybe utterly wrong with this assumption but I don’t ever remember the Jaguar being cool until Cobain appeared on the scene…

  • Paul,

    I played one unplugged at the music shop while my daughter was taking lessons – being used to my Tele, the offset body felt kind of weird to me, but that neck still felt like a Fender. I agree; I don’t remember them being cool before Cobain. Back then, it seems like Les Pauls/Strats were the cool classics (with Slash giving a big boost to LP’s) and metal guys were playing pointy-headstock Jackson/Charvels, ESPs, Ibanezes and the like.

  • Nice, Charles! Also like your photo within a photo… #3 in the slide show.


    so strange to see Nirvana doing an opening gig at a record store!! such an historic creative band..and you were there..cool…

    cheers, david

  • Charles,

    Saw the NYT piece this morning before heading out (nice!). It feels so strange to say it’s been 20 years! Shit, I remember going to their show for Bleach (and I din’t think much of’em: Kurt wasn’t happy to play in Canada as I recall), but hey, I became a big fan! Damn, 20, already?!?

    Oh well… You said “the most punk thing… would be to reject it all”… You’re probably right but -aside from rejecting the mainstream hype he got caught in- do you think Kurt would reject the music itself??

  • DAH,

    Yeah, I have a great pic of moshing in the store as well – a kid being carried on people’s hands almost touching the overhead fluorescents. Fender guitar just made a gorgeous 9X12 booklet to accompany an exact reissue of the guitar Kurt played at this gig and less than a year later at the Reading festival in front of 45,000 people (which I shot as well). They use only my images (other than the product shot) and I wrote an essay contrasting the experience of the two gigs. The book only comes with the guitar but I have some extras and would love to send you one. It’s really well done and I know you love books! And that pic of the kid being carried is used as a dbl page spread. I’ll email you for an address.



  • CHARLES was there,
    and Charles will also be “here”=Texas in exhibition , HUMBLE ENOUGH to wanna help Burn benefit by sending me/us a RARE , obscure NIRVANA PRINT.. that produced in the DARK ROOM , Charles himself..
    That says a lot about CP’s soul , for those of course u never met him in person!
    Charles is a Good man, and Kurt knew that! And more do u need???
    CP, thanks again for Nirvana print!

  • Justin and all:

    Thanks. It’s been a crazy year ala grunge. In a few days I will have a self curated grunge favorites (not just Nirvana) gallery come up on the Billboard website (I also have the current cover and feature pics in the print version). Lots of interviews etc and of course the big EMP Nirvana exhibit (images of which can be seen in the NYT photo piece as MK pointed out).

    But yeah, 20 years. Crazy. No, I don’t think Kurt would reject the music. Just the hype. Sad thing is if he didn’t kill himself then the hype might be a lot lot less. Wish it was….leaves me bittersweet sometimes. I definitely struggle with the fact that my legacy is tied to his. And yes, I’ve come to grips with the fact that this is my legacy, despite still being relatively young, and I’m sure there will be more projects in my future, maybe more books (well at least one more of my music archives), etc but this work will be pretty near impossible to top.


  • but this work will be pretty near impossible to top.
    wish i had a “problem” like this in my life too!:)

    …Charles , i know u have lots more to show us…from past and especially the future!
    and yes its hard/impossible to top personalities/eras like Kurt’s or the Lizard King’s etc..

  • “I maybe utterly wrong with this assumption but I don’t ever remember the Jaguar being cool until Cobain appeared on the scene…”

    Without Capa, Kertesz, and HCB, would anyone ever have heard of Leica? Having someone great who really means it swear that your product is the greatest thing since sliced bread is something almost all companies dream about. I used Faber-Castell Blackwing pencils for years because Steinbeck loved them. I love them too, but they aren’t made anymore and I’m not going to spend $250 for a box of pencils, even if I do love them.

  • I think Vivitar should come out with a DAH-model flash… maybe have his signature and the Burn logo on it? :-)

  • … and a box of Band-Aids included.

    wonderful YOU!!
    i recently read something that really touched me, and after reading your comment regarding Kurt, i thought you might like it too…..
    ‘Life and death are the same thread, just viewed from different sides….’
    what happened to the self portraits page??
    nice shot mike young!!! can’t wait to see more…..

  • “I used Faber-Castell Blackwing pencils for years because Steinbeck loved them.”

    That’s funny. I did the same thing! I even tracked down the same size writing book Steinbeck used to write “East of Eden” and the letters in. But that was in the late 1960’s after “The East of Eden Letters” was published. I preferred writing in long hand back then.

  • PANOS,

    Laughing! You are so right – not a bad problem to have – just wish Kurt wasn’t dead is all.


    Laughing! Actually as part of the deal I get a couple of guitars. Never played guitar before in my life and probably too old to start. So one guitar for Felix and one for auction at a later date. You know there’s a warehouse full of those pencils somewhere. Happy hunting!

    Here’s a bit on the Fender book. It’s really beautiful and well made. Wish it was available on it’s own…



    You are never too old to start! I just started back playing about 3 years ago after taking 10 off. I suck… but it still is a whole lotta fun.

  • “…I maybe utterly wrong with this assumption but I don’t ever remember the Jaguar being cool until Cobain appeared on the scene…”

    You’re not going back far enough… Carl Wilson, lead player for the Beach Boys, played a Jaguar, as did many lead players in the boy guitar bands of the early to mid 60s, including some of the bands of the British Invasion and some of their American counterparts… it’s true that from the early 70’s on what you saw were mostly Telecasters and Stratocasters, if they were Fenders.

  • Charles…

    Start playing one of those guitars! it really isn’t that hard to have some fun playing away. Just don’t complicate things…
    As far as I can remember apart from a couple of high E string bends Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile solo is all played practically in the twelfth pentatonic position/pattern. So simple but so mind boggling awesome and really impossible to replicate as a solo, all because his frasing is soooooooo free, all ebb and flow… so natural.
    A bit like what we search for in photography

  • Akaky…

    I’m sure Capa, Kertesz, and HCB undoubtedly have helped Leica with it’s success but those cameras do work very well and are extremely discrete. Perfect for street photography, you should try a Canon 1ds out in the street and then walk out with an M and you’ll appreciate the difference straight away.

  • Sidney…

    Yes you’re quite right, I forgot the beach boys!! :))

  • Sidney…

    BTW I was awe struck when you mentioned you were a roadie with Frank Zappa!! Amazing :))

  • Okay, morning of grunge. Billboard piece just went live. Here ya go!



    Yeah, twelth pentatonic, etc etc – sounds really simple! Think I’ll stick to shutter speeds and apertures!



  • OK… off topic… but there’s an apparent search for a gunman on and air force base in Arizona. It is being reported by a station out there with the call letters…. KGUN.


  • Charles; that image of Nirvana out in the field is amazing…. :-)

  • Paul, if a man and his best friend’s wife remain discrete, then there will be no need for them to be discreet [sorry, this one is a pet hobby horse of mine]. As for the M and Canon, I am sure you are right. Discretion in street photography is always the better part of valor, and the big Canons are as discreet as big cannons.

  • PAUL

    It was only for a week, back in the winter of ’69. Did lots of odd, short-term, part-time jobs in that era.. like driving dropped-off rental cars to and from New York, Boston, and Philly, tearing out the interior of a brownstone apartment in the Village for an architect, off-Broadway and college theater stagehand tech work in lighting and scenery (if I remember, that’s the pipeline thru which the Mothers of Invention short-term roadie gig materialized… not sure, a long time ago). Yeah, I was a real Noo Yawk-uh bohemian… but I left in early 1970 for Portland, OR and never really looked back. Didn’t own a camera in those days, and had no desire to take photos… too bad, because many people I knew later became famous, notorious, dead, or even more outrageous than when I knew them. But I WAS an aspiring guitarist and banjo player, coming out of the folk and country blues mold and trying to morph into a rock’n’roller… when I had saved up enough from those jobs, my axes of choice were a Rickenbacker 12-string electric hollow body (a la the Byrds) and Gibson hollow-body ES 330 (a la Chuck Berry, B. B. King, and many others). Way too many kids in my generation with only modest talent had the same dream. Needless to say, I never became a rock star.

  • God willing and the river don’t rise.
    yes yes Akaky. waiting….waiting..

    ALL, great news!
    SIDNEY ATKINS ‘s Print arrived safely in the city of the Alamo and Go SPURS, blah blah etc..
    now putting my GLOVES on (DO U HEAR ME SIDNEY? MY BLACK VELVET GLOVES ON!!!!!;))
    …ready to open tube!


  • http://instagr.am/p/NGby3/

    BLACK GLOVES for BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sexy stuff!

  • correction, update

    SIDNEY ATKINS was cool enough to send 2 prints , not just one but two…
    thank you ! also K.LEE did the same and couple more..u dont have to, but better chances to sell, more choices for Burn audience etc! thank u again Sidney and rest BURNians !

  • Charles, very very cool. And I remember the BIG mosh pit shot in your studio, just amazing.

    Panos, a few days ago I just stopped in mid sentence and knew exactly what to send you, you may want to hang the print somewhere near Charles’, kind of an after thing 2011, a remnant, from my EPF essay, all good synergy.


    damn dude…i think i need to do a story on you….


    yes, i love books…would love to add that to my collection..


    Thanks for the Billboard link (really dig that L7 shot!), and after reading the piece, I got to thinking: “The cover of ‘Louder than Love’ looks like a Peterson photo”… and Wikipedia confirmed it. I’ve always loved that cover, and spent a lot of time listening to that cassette in high school, cruising around in my ’87 Cavalier.

  • DAVID,

    Believe me, these days my life is extremely uneventful, sedentary, boring, and un-photogenic. There’s no story there.

  • Sidney…

    A week is a week!! That is as far as I’m concerned something to be very proud of and as David mentioned worth a good story…

    I once bumped into BB King at a hotel I was staying at. He was really shy but we spoke for a couple of minutes … and I asked him if it was true he once saw Robert Johnson playing on some street corner :))

  • Charles – Wish I could have seen Nirvana just once – first choice would have been when they did the acoustic performance. Good stuff.

    Civi – I should have known that alien was you – the way he kept saying, “you promised… you promised me a cat from Alaska…”

  • Akaky!!!

    Laughing… I never knew that :) Thanks, I really appreciate that.

  • http://instagr.am/p/NP2OR/


    Handling Sidney Atkins prints with super care!

    cant wait!

  • PANOS,

    Once again, many thanks to you for all the work you are putting into this project! Hope all goes smoothly!

  • Well said; Sydney! It’s a great idea coming to fruition. Thank you Panos! :-)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I missed the 500 comment…how?

    conspiracy? WHY? WHY? 500 was mine…who is the brilliant BURNIAN sitting on my 500 comment?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oh,well..it was MR.HARVEY…

    all good…I didn’t see AKAKY’S name…whehhh!!!

    back to sleep…alarm didn’t work…hmmm


  • PANOS,

    Print off today – says you will get it Monday. You do have to sign for it (or pick up at the Post office if you miss it).



  • a civilian-mass audience

    wake me up for the 600 comment…cause this has to be mine

    gOOOdnight zzz…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    CHARLESP…we LOVE you …hug FELIX…

    ok…zzzz from broken beautiful Grecolandia!


    hey cp….first of all congratulations on the nytimes and billboard coverage and the fender book…its been a good year, even if born and buttress’d by a world that knew less but tick’t their nostalgia with remembrance…and that isnt/wasnt your fault my friend….and as for your ‘worth’ ‘legacy’ being bound to the movement and inextricably to Kurt’s death, let me just remind you of what we spoke of long ago: a legacy, your legacy, aint about licking light over a moment but about what you carried in your limbs and that has been bequeathed to felix….and that while others may, long-awayandfar, remember the iconic moments of those guys, what will make the work special is the heart therein…and for me, while i love the pics shown in billboard and times, for me, the cypher stuff is even more heartfelt and raucous and pointed….to wit, after showing dima: ‘dad, why can’t u use light and that flash thing like that’….we’re all legacy’d to something that we have little control over, but that we’re threated to the life and the folk and the moments born and shaped us and that you’ve continued to scatter past that toward understanding and seeding, is (for me) the legacy: to skip past the shackles you were cupped with and to not get tripped up…..

    remember: as if brushing teeth…who lives in that celebration?…most of the time, not the fanfare, their loss…..

    the legacy aint the pictures, but the life they carved out for your little one and its celebration….

    for you: :))



  • Superb photo, Michael Loyd Young!

  • Thanks Bob. Mascha and Felix dance party in the living room to Flight of the Conchords as I type. Say no more…:)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTY…you have promised;)

    and happy birthday JIMMY POWERS…!!!

    I will be back with detox tea…is that right JOHNYG?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and are we sold out yet? are we,are we?

  • BOB.. the running one (not that there’s another one anyway)

    I seem to remember that you and Marina are coming over to Italy?? Can’t remember when though, but if it’s somewhere in late November, early December, you might want to visit Lucca and the exhibits, not only Japan, ‘Looking East’ the theme, but also:


    Lemme know.. picked up a couple books by Japanese photographers at the museum bookstore last week.. all your fault.. like I’d need more books!!!

  • PAUL

    so sorry you were not with the crew in Clarksdale, Mississippi…ahhh yes, Robert Johnson, and BB King, and Muddy Waters and dozens more out of this river delta landscape…we are late in production of JOOK, but its coming…the book from the class down Mississippi way….assume you saw the 2 minute clip by Bryan about Pomonkeys juke joint? http://www.bryanharveyfilms.com see JOOK as you probably know Keith Richards and other rockers who thought they woulda shoulda coulda been blues guys jammed in some of these joints….

  • PANOS!!

    tried to reach you over skype, to no avail, so here you go, couple things:

    can you please show me somehow Kyunghee Lee’s prints, so I can decide on which one to pick?

    and, if by Monday my prints are not in Texas (sent off on Sept. 3rd) I get off one more by Tuesday (with courier instead of post office this time), different one, printed yesterday.. nothing anyhere near CP’s one, or those from others, but done with loving care (and some cursing!) in the darkroom nontheless..


  • David…

    Yes I saw Bryan’s brilliant clip sometime ago, only wish it was longer as everything which moves me!!
    I’m a big fan of all blues perhaps not as much as my Hendrix’s obsession which I’ve suffered and enjoyed since I was eleven years old, so I did silently feel very envious of all those on the Jook Workshop…
    Oh that slide guitar just makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck…

  • David…

    I just sent you a message on Facebook with a link to something I just wanted to show you :)

  • “Like you and your woman ain’t gettin’ along and you’re in love. You can’t sleep at nights. Your mind is on her – on whatever. You know, that’s the blues. You can’t hug that money at night. You can’t kiss it.”
    John Lee Hooker

  • PAUL

    well yea, the blues is only about lost love…

  • CHARLES :)))…can hear the feet pattering all the way across the great divide :))

    EVA: :)))…you can punish me in person ;))…we are coming…looks more like spring now, as we have another problem with russia than entails returning in december, but will let you and diego know for sure when the time is…i guess that means drinks on me ;)))…thanks for the link, looks gorgeous….wish i could see it…can’t wait, marinka’s never been to italy :))))


  • ALL:

    just bought my copy of burn02….will write a review once i’ve had some time to thumb through it in the bathtub! :))))


    check your email.


  • Bob
    Don’t drop it.
    Actually the tub is my favourite place to read magazines, but I wouldn’t risk burn02

  • Civi
    Yes, all burn women are beautiful, and at least one of them looks utterly spectacular in a bikini.

  • Panos,
    it looks I’m not alone – Eva a couple message earlier is in a similar situation – my print went out Sept. 7th
    AIRMAIL – sooo – I would get out a second print if . . . etc., undsoweiter
    Never cared much about being in a show, but it seems to me this is THE ONE to be in.-


  • a civilian-mass audience

    i send you my footprint…Greek post office assured me ,it will be there by Christmas…!

    Spectacular…utterly…got to google this one;))))

    BURNIANS in Italy…spring time…I need details…

    VIVAAAAAAAAAAAA BURNIANSSSSSSSSS…you are all Amazingggggggggg!

  • http://instagr.am/p/NV195/

    im not happy at ALL… please ,plz, be kind enough to include your name and bio and photo details, paper, size etc..
    Who send me the ABOVE…un named tube that says ASPEN CREEK?
    IF print sells do i have to send $$ to the city of Aspen??? u guys kiddin????

  • http://instagr.am/p/NV1Xl/

    here is the print WITH NO NAME!..running horses…
    anyone CLAIMS IT? who is the photographer…why do u piss me off early saturday morning? why? why? why?????????????????

    ALL, help me sell your prints..send me BIO , info about print etc..i need to have a selling “point”, what am i gonna tell the collector/audience?
    oh, sorry, i have no idea who shot this one, no idea what size, no idea where is the photo shot at, i dont know anything about it..just fork $500 …
    thanks guys for helping! going for a bike ride…

    EVA..io got your request about K.LEE prints..i’ll send u photos of two prints

  • and at least one of them looks utterly spectacular in a bikini.
    Gordon, thats a true California Girl..thats our Wendy !!!!!
    go Cali!

  • PANOS,

    Looks like somebody had the print made by a company called “Aspen Creek Photo” in Oakhurst, CA and had it sent directly from there to you…?? (No, it’s not mine).

    I included some info with the prints I sent but maybe not as much as you would like… will send bio, paper info, etc. via snail mail which you should get in plenty of time (amazingly, my prints got there in 2 days). Or I can email you right away if you give me an email address. Mine is: satkins@telcomplus.net

    For the people having trouble sending prints to you via the Postal Service (i.e. USPS) from Europe, you should know that as part of America’s “anti-terror” measures since 9/11/01, mailed packages from overseas usually go through one very busy central screening and sort facility and can take a long time to be delivered… things usually go faster if there is an official customs declaration form on the package, even if it theoretically doesn’t need one. If you are sending something in a hurry, although they probably cost a good deal more, UPS, DHL, or Fed-Ex are usually better choices.

  • SECOND BURNIAN GUEST FOR exhibition in SA Texas is CONFIRMED..
    THE gentleman is coming all the way from CANADA to help in exhibition!
    Any guess, who????
    one more to go!


    SAME AS MICHAEL A SHAPIRO, K.LEE and more…but but trying to guess who is the photographer..its beyond frustration…sorry for my outburst! im just having a rough week,…

  • send bio, info, size, paper, title, any limited edition…help me sell them…the more i know (written form) the better…my dream is to “introduce” u to the audience not just throw some prints in a wall and run for the pub!

    NOT DAVID HARVEY , NOT EVEN DIEGO that he deals with the Euro distribution..
    So again, plz do net call, text , email DAH because he has NOTHING TO DO with distribution..
    It will be my job now.
    ok, back to business..i will soon have exact details, such as confirmation numbers etc.

  • my AMERICAN/CANADIAN friends…especially to ALL that rushed to support Burn ASAP by instantly ORDERING THE BURN.02 BOOK! I WILL PROMISE U THIS..I(KIM) WILL PERSONALLY SEND U AN EMAIL the day is in the mail to your home..ok? a personal email to inform what exact day your book left Texas for your home!
    thank you

  • LOL!!
    the ocean is VERY important in my life….
    i had to get WD.40 and a wrench, to loosen my knobs on tripod, it had been so long since i had used it……
    back to the regular programming…..

  • Wendy; My old Benbo tripod was in exactly the same state! It has been sitting unused in the car boot for about the last 3 years. It was my constant companion over many years of nature photography; and I’m sure you can still see its outline on my shoulder from lugging it around for god knows how many kilometres! :-)

  • PANOS..

    laughing just a bit at your frustration…photographer sends you a print with no name!! well, sounds like the same sort of things that happen here as well…photographers are brilliant at some things, and well some just forget some stuff..right? still brilliant though, still brilliant..you just gotta love photographers, just gotta….

  • All good! All groovy ! It was a rough week..
    I’m better now.. Laughing too..!!!
    And I’m ANTICIPATING TOO , to see BURN.02 myself.. I haven’t seen it yet.. Just like all the great friends that ordered it … America is waiting.. Burn.02 arriving..
    It’s coming.. Can’t stop it now.. Stay tuned.. I’ll be on top of all freaky shipment details and I’ll keep u all posted! Burn Love ,Burn hugs and Burn Peace!!!

  • Hey Panos, hopefully you’ll get paid something for all your work on this. If not, someone will have to pass around a hat…

    Walking around photos from today, sick of taking pictures of people edition, cont., really starting to love the x100 edition #1.

  • MW;) yes trust me…we ALL gonna get benefited / paid in the end…As the Beatles said in Abbey Road:
    “and in the end the love u take is equal to the love u make(give)…very wise indeed!Good Energy First and money will come!Money usually avoid the greedy,so once we stop worrying too much about money, or even turn our back to them, then money get jealous, like a lover usually does… and then all of sudden , Money will start chasing us! He he, try it..it might work..but u have to really mean it, be genuine about it!

  • MW…ALL

    Panos gets paid by Burn of course for taking on the shipping of books job…the organizing of the print show is something he came up with on his own and therefore his salary for that is the same as my salary for editing Burn, something i came up with on my own, and is a whole lotta love…there is just no money generated by either the print show or Burn online, so pretty hard to pay anybody out of nothing….the generous donations that do come to Burn go to pay for the EPF grant, the money we pay photographers for stories here, and special projects like the 2k we just gave to Emphas.is to help finance Laura El Tantawy and her journey back to Egypt…check it out..we will be giving more assignments in 2012

    several of the stories in 02 were financed by Burn from these donations…and honestly this is where we want the money to go…towards original work…our whole push in 2012 will be for all original work here on Burn..if it has been seen someplace else, we are not interested..fewer stories? maybe so, but we do not think so…we think we will receive more donations if donors know they are supporting original work…02 is 80% original work, unseen even here…if there is a 03, it will be 100% never seen before work…the work will appear in print before it appears here online, as is the case now with 02…

    by the way, are we not minus a chat or two? did i miss something? i was traveling so much there for awhile, that i most likely missed an email or message from you…i am coming to new york in a few days, so we can meet, or skype, or whatever…let me know what i do not know but should know..

    cheers, david

  • Panos, please tell me if Papa Burnian has donated a print.

  • Because I am dying to get one of Jim Powers prints.

  • David, yea I got Panos’s situation. And that he’s probably taken on more than he bargained for, as they say, with the gallery show. Much respect for that.

    And yea, it’s possible a message was lost in the flotsam and jetsam. I see at least a tiny bit how busy you are and am loathe to impose. Meet, skype, whatever works for you. But at some point I’d like to drop by and pick up Burn02. Maybe get a photo from the roof for the memories.

  • Panos gets paid by Burn of course for taking on the shipping of books job…
    YES, im getting paid for the current distribution of Burn02 and also YES, i got paid too for last Burn HEAT assignment..yes yes and yes!
    geez!!!! really? i remember back in the day working for newspapers in greece and clients later in LA and it was always , like: hmmm..cut me an invoice..3-4 months later if lucky i would get a check that if it was not “empty” i could finally have my money , but way way later, long wait …etc..
    f@$$ that,…i broke me lease, left my country , left my apaRTment and moved to BURNlandia!

  • “i could finally have my money” Or the magazines fold owing you money etc etc etc… Don’t remind me Panos! ;-)

  • Ross, yep , impossible to make a real living…not with bad checks or months of waiting!

  • ALL

    every time i get ready to quit Burn, something happens which keeps me in the game for another 5 minutes…i am sure you can imagine i often have to ask myself “is all this really worth it?”…a pretty typical thought for most people , most of the time, regarding wherever they are putting their psychic energy…i really came into Burn 02 thinking , ok this is it…done..

    and then i actually held 02 in my hands and thought , ok now THIS is something…THIS is it…and i honestly can say that i could easily rock out at least 10 issues before my feet even hit the floor…i am in touch with just that much content and i have so many of the iconics and emerging ready to throw their best efforts into this pot…so hell that’s nice…at this point in my life, that’s just nice..my peer group approval…i like that….your peer group after many many years can love you or hate you….my peer group and i are tight…

    in addition i have people friggin buying my “future”…that’s a new one for me…yes, buying stuff, actually paying me for stuff that i have not done yet….prints out of my darkroom are actually selling and the darkroom is still not done yet..a show and book launch at the Australian Center of Photography booked done on for May 2012, and i am on my way out the door to go shoot the heart of this show/book in a few weeks…nobody is that crazy…curators will be nervous, my friends will abandon me, all stuff i love, and then i will ride into town with the show…with work that coulda been better if i had just been organized!!! smiling…

    point is: my time is going 100% into you/Burn and 100% into me and my work…somehow it is possible …i am on it..somehow doing it..comfortably..learned to zen it…minimal stress….not much sleep , but the minute i fall asleep i wake up with a new idea…yet still i cannot help succumb to temptation and let my mind drift into total selfishness to manifest the hell out of my own work which is more substantial than people know but i have never gotten around to coming even close to getting it out there….and just about the time i get ready to drop the hammer on Burn, something happens…

    five minutes ago it happened…dammit,yes, one of dozens of emails i get a day to open a link and look at work and 99% of the time it is hard work to look carefully and rarely a spark and lo and behold tonight i open up our friend Jukka Onnela work and just got blown away..i looked at it for maybe 30 seconds tops…ok maybe two minutes tops tops…fast anyway…and i KNEW right away, right fucking away, that i had to publish his book…Jukka tells me i am the only one who has seen this particular sequence of work…maybe i got that part wrong…but never mind, not important …so dammit, now i am stuck putting all of my energies into somebody else!! his is brilliant work, you will see, you will see…

    ok, enough for one day…the earlier part of the day was spent totally absorbing a northeast storm ..the best, just the best foul weather that i really love love…

    cheers, david

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.”
    Maya Angelou


    “Go out in the world and work like money doesn’t matter, Sing as if no one is listening, Love as if you have never been hurt, and Dance as if no one is watching”

    let’s put it this way…oh,come on, what money?

    WE ARE NOT HERE FOR THE MONEY…that’s it…period,finito…


    back to our regular program(ming)?

    P.S…thank you all for your support,plenty of ouzo and chickens in your civilian’s house!
    VIVA BURNIANS…trust me,I love money BUT BUT BUT everyday, I “beg” the spirits for
    Health,Happiness and Peace…the rest will come

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and yes…we miss JUKKA…oime…

    don’t we ALL love our BURNIANS?!

  • one thing for sure:
    JUKKA is NOT fu$&#&g around! He shoots from the heart, the subconscious , something that for the most of us need a “dictionary” to grasp it! and btw, ive no idea what DAH is talking about, ive never seen the “unseen” JUKKA word,,,….but how can i not be excited and anxious???????????????
    A book????????
    Jukka , was nice and cool enough to send me some of his books (D’Agata) as a present 2 months ago..in an attempt to seT himself “free” but mostly SHARE, share with me and the world part of his book collection!
    A JUKKA book??????????? thats exactly what i need/want/deserve…why ???????? coz i love that honest motherf@$&$r’s work. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and just about the time i get ready to drop the hammer on Burn, something happens…

    aouch…that’ why some days…I feel weird…hmmm…
    it might be the IMF…I am Greek afterall:))))))))))))

    coffee time…Greek islands are under my supervision …u have been warned!

  • Great image up at the moment…….. hunting the Civi chicken…………..

  • ……….where did the bugger go


    Selfish? YOU??

    YES! Big time indeed!!

    You keep all that work stuffed onto your harddrive, to let it out in bits and pieces every now and then, at some screenings.. you get people sit there all teary eyed (I kid you not, thanks heaven it’s dark in the room when those slideshows go up) and then stuff all that work back onto your laptop again.. and that was it.

    That is indeed selfish. Very.

    So, please, kill Burn, do what you must, but get your work outta there!!

    (I can say that without fear, ’cause the minute you kill Burn, you’ll already be rolling out something else.. new adventure..)

    Jukka Onnela book? WHERE IS THE PREORDER BUTTON??

    I love crazy people..

  • MW…

    Picture No6 is my favourite, I suppose this is the same cemetery you mentioned some months ago.

  • DAH ~ I’m glad you keep being re-convinced to keep Burn going. I may not be the most talkative. But I read a lot. I check Burn very very regularly. Everyone here is really cool and there are some great personalities amongst the Burnians. It really does make reading through all the commentary entertaining. But, I especially LOVE the imagery Burn and its Burnians provide. And it would be an incredibly sad thing to see Burn snuffed.

    the quiet guy in the corner.

  • To get things straight: that ‘crazy’ up there in my comment does not refer to Jukka..

  • Ah, David, you sometimes remind me of the punchline of that old joke that goes,

    “and then he jumped on a camel and shot off in all directions.”

    And I don’t know where all that energy comes from. Like Stevie Ray Vaughn with his blues, I think you are simply a conduit for some greater energy that flows in an unbroken stream through you into the world. :)

  • Paul, yes, that’s Greenwood Cemetery. For ten years I lived within very easy walking distance of it but have now moved to where it’s a pretty long walk to get there, so yesterday was the first time I’ve been back for awhile. I went to an opening at VII the other night for an Ed Kashi exhibit that is largely about the stresses involved for a documentary photographer/journalist photographing people. Kashi and I have had pretty much the opposite intellectual and emotional progressions on the subject, but I could definitely relate. And although I think photographing people in ways that matter is important work and that’s what I try to do, sometimes I find great enjoyment in just photographing trees and flowers, things that don’t move much and care not at all about being photographed.

  • Jim Powers…

    Are you also like me a big fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan? :)

  • JIM

    i can imagine that at a quick glance , it could seem as if i am going in many different directions..but look closely please…fact is, it is the same direction…one thing leads to another, one thing is part of the other…and this kind of energy begets more energy…..and my mother has this kind of energy at 92, so genetics kicks in for sure…..know one thing Jim, i will not forsake my own work..that would be folly…at the same time i can enjoy having this chat with you, perhaps skyping with you , have a cup of coffee with you, go over your work, your life…gets my mind off of me, me me and allows a bit of Jim Powers wisdom to come in or a bit of a Jim Powers strange idea to disagree with and cause a reaction to move forward..both good.

    i know you have heard this from me before, but it is really important…this bit of spending time with the work of others is nothing new..always did it..as a teenager…in school…at Mizzou…spent lots of time helping the other students with their work..this lead to teaching, and lead to this…so this is a circle…oh sure, there are oftentimes conflicts…life is life..but the big picture..pretty damned symbiotic….


    i am with you on this one…i do get totally immersed in photographing people…yet i am 180 degrees out from Ed Kashi i think , but like you , i oftentimes just enjoy photographing nature, landscapes..i do it a lot here at home….don’t show it to anybody….but yes it sure is refreshing, rewarding…i like your closeup of the tree trunk…

    cheers, david

  • Yea, for me, the nature stuff is probably more about meditation than it is about photography. I have no professional aspirations as a nature photographer. But time stops and the rest of the world disappears while I’m doing it. Of course that happens with people shoots too but the stress factor is radically different.

    I just noticed you updated your note above to say Burn would only be publishing original work in the future. As you know, I think that’s great and as it should be, but I’m a little curious how we define “never before seen”? Does that include work on one’s personal website? Cause you know, personally, I’ve restrained myself from showing my unpublished work because of that old school attitude. I expect that publishers require first run content. But the downside is that my website isn’t remotely as good as it could be. Without the projects, I’m mostly left with a bunch of meaningless singles that don’t much represent what I do. I realize the lesson is that I should make more effort to get the unpublished stuff published, but in the meantime I’m not sure what’s best. Seems most people show everything all the time.

    Anyway, the weather outside is fantastic and I’m outta here…

  • Paul, I’m a huge SRV fan. Most blues players, even Clapton (and I love Clapton, too), tend to repeat variations on the same licks as they play and eventually run out of something fresh to say. SRV could just play on and on and keep coming up with this incredible stuff. Some of his “Austin City Limits” performances, in particular, just blew me away.

  • Jim…

    Yes, yes, yes!! The Austin limits shows were absolutely amazing. His Voodoo Chile rendition is as far as I’m concerned the best since of course Hendrix. You’re quite right about Clapton, he’s stuck in time since Hendrix appeared. Although he was quite inspired here, no doubt helped by Phil Collin’s brilliant drumming here but nothing like SRV….Anyway I’m sure John Gladdy will enjoy this even though it ain’t (Although his intonation when bending a string is sooooo off it’s awful)
    I used to collect bootlegs which featured SRV’s live versions of Texas Flood because it was ALWAYS slightly different each damn time and he was also a really underrated singer!!

    Anyway for any Burnians who don’t know who SRV is…
    Jim here’s maybe something you haven’t seen :))…

  • David…

    Come on!! Surprise us one day with a new dialogue post with one of your secret landscape images!

  • Jim…

    Let’s not forget David Bowie! Without him many of us would of never ever heard of SRV, although he was already a legend in Texas…

  • Speaking of Texas.. ,!!! I shot some Rodeo yesterday , but not to worry.. I’m not linking anything .. I found the “show” kinda brutal (especially for the horses and the young bulls.. too soft?
    Why would anyone ride on a horse (abuse) when there so many beautiful Colnago’s,Pinneli’s Scattante’s, Trek’s and Intense bicycles out there????
    Leave horses alone.. That’s lazy and it’s on someone else’s expense(back).
    As Bob Dylan said: “All the tired horses in the sun how I’m suppose to go and ride on one…”
    Leave the Horse alone.. Get on your freaky bike , lazy ass!!!

  • MW – I have backed up a few pages looking for this cemetery photo link of yours, but somehow I have missed it. Could you please repost?

    As to nature photography, when people unfamiliar with my work meet me and learn I am a photographer, they almost always assume that I am a nature photographer, because why else would I be a photographer in Alaska?

    I am a people photographer, but the people I tend to photograph tend to be out in nature a lot, so the nature does get in there. But so does a huge amount of poorly lit indoor shots taken in the dingy light of winter.

    DAH – I really want to see all this hidden work of yours. Yours too, MW. Hell, for that matter – mine, too. I guess maybe we all run around producing hidden work – but I am pretty sure DAH’s collection is more worth seeing than most.

  • PANOS “ALL, help me sell your prints..send me BIO , info about print etc..i need to have a selling “point”, what am i gonna tell the collector/audience?
    oh, sorry, i have no idea who shot this one, no idea what size, no idea where is the photo shot at, i dont know anything about it..just fork $500 …”

    How about ‘look at the picture you redneck fucking idiot!!!!’ DO you like it?? Can you afford it??? Then buy it and shut the fuck up, or go down to the good ole boys bar and bitch about imigration and wetbacks.

    My name is clem. I like hunting nigras on the weekends with my hounds bluey and skeeter. I am a fat fuck but I always go to church on sunday and I am respectful to my mama. Sometimes I talk in tongues, but I remember the ALAMO and I stand firm with the Lone star state. My pictures represent my love of AMERICA. I think FAGS and AIDS is a communist plot. If you buy my pictures I will put the money towards building a wall between us and mexico. praise The Lord

  • sure hope you folks have a sense of humour……..

  • I mean, bound to pump the prices up right???.
    Come across as a good ole boy???



  • Okay. Maybe just stick with UNTITLED. NO BIO. NO ARTIST STATEMENT……probly best all round from me. :)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oufff…for a moment…I thought JOHNYG. is going for the 600 post…
    you know those Brits:)

    but…I am ok now…

  • PAUL …thanks for the SRV links :-0

  • John, I’m sorry, but that kind of cultural ignorance and prejudice is not funny. Texas has a population of roughly 25 million people, so even if in the unlikely event that 70 percent of them are just like your cardboard stereotypes, many millions of others are not. And there’s something about stupid tyrannical majorities that bring out the best in the good people. There are many, many admirable Texans.

  • JOHN G–

    i absolutely agree with the point you are making.
    do you like it? can you afford it? then buy it!!
    all else is superfluous.

  • John, that’s not gonna work unless you’ve got a picture of Jesus [or Elvis, but I repeat myself] in orange Day Glo paint on black velvet. On the other hand, if you run in the Republican presidential primary here in the Vampire State, I know at least twenty people who’ll vote for you.

  • Roman legend has it, and a place as old as Rome has legends the way my late Uncle Max had outstanding gambling debts, that at least one of the early medieval Popes got the job when a bird, no doubt tuckered out from a long day’s migrating from hither to yon, decided that the bare pate of the nearest non-avian cardinal was the perfect place to set itself down for a moment’s rest and a bowel movement before heading off to more familiar parts. Why any bird would choose a Christian hierarch’s noggin as a rest stop in the first place is a question best left to the theologians; it is history that matters here, not dogma, and it is history that the crowd of illiterate, superstitious peasants who saw the bird cop a squat on his Eminence’s skull immediately interpreted this as a sign from the Holy Spirit and demanded the cardinal’s immediate elevation to the Papacy. The College of Cardinals, an educational institution full of extremely learned gentlemen who’d matriculated in, among other subjects, the study of what happened to distinguished clerics who irked the tender sensibilities of the Roman mob, voted to save their skins and made their crap-spattered brother Pope forthwith, after which they beat a hasty retreat out of town before the mob changed its mind. Clearly, the theological implications of irregularity in migrating birds need not concern us here, but I believe that if we leave the metaphysics to those interested in such speculation and treat the matter in practical political terms, we can see a solution to the ongoing crisis of confidence that faces American democracy today.

    It is clear, I think, that the vast majority of people in this country today cannot, in any meaningful way, separate their narrow self-interest from their political outlook, even if it is in the long term interest of the nation that they do so, and it is equally clear that no politician will vote for what they think is in the long term interests of the nation so long as they must endlessly truckle to the short term interests of powerful political pressure groups in order to get re-elected. The whole system being for the birds, I believe that it is now high time that we end the never-ending farce of modern American political life and have the birds to choose our leaders for us. No other single step will so radically change the American political landscape or so conclusively end the baneful influences of the special interest groups on our elections as this one will.

    The benefits of transforming our democratic republic into an ornithological republic are, I believe, almost too numerous to enumerate, much less dispute, so let us simply look at the most beneficial reasons. First, a functioning aviocracy eliminates, once and for all, the power of special interests to influence elections. What possible favors can a defense contractor already five years behind schedule designing a new weapons system do for an Attwater’s prairie chicken to induce them to favor a candidate who wants the program to continue? How do the AFL—CIO, the drug companies, Big Oil, or all three together influence the vote of a turkey buzzard that doesn’t have a job, medical insurance, or a car? By running a negative ad campaign? Turkey buzzards don’t have televisions, don’t read the newspapers, don’t speak much English, and regard billboards as a convenient place to sit and wait for roadkill to happen. Birds, as you can see from these two examples, are the perfect political animal; they are both uninterested and disinterested, just as most of the current electorate is, but they are too stupid to bribe and they know nothing about anything, which places them beyond the reach of ideologues, demagogues, and the pedagogues’ union. The only human demographic cohort with similar political advantages are teenagers, and they come with the unfortunate disadvantages of being vaguely understandable from time to time and needing to have someone else do their laundry on a more or less constant basis.

    Having set forth the perfect political solution to our political problems, you may be asking yourself, and if you’re not, you ought to be, asking yourself just how does a constitutional aviocracy choose its leaders? In such a system, the current system of a long, drawn-out primary campaign leading to a completely uninteresting party convention and then to the general election would come to a swift end. Primaries, being henceforth unnecessary, even for entertainment purposes, would go the way of all flesh, and every four years thousands of candidates from across the length and breadth of this our Great Republic would flock to San Juan Capistrano, California, and Hinckley, Ohio, in order to woo the most important voters in the land. Now, the politically correct among us will, no doubt, wonder why the new system privileges swallows and vultures over such other worthy species as the bald eagle, the blue jay, and that perennial Washington favorite, the yellow-bellied whistleblower, but there are symbolic as well as practical reasons for these selections. Symbolically, Americans will have the chose of voting for the party of the swallows, the party of a bright and sunshiny morning in America, or the party of the vultures, the party that feeds well upon the soft and morbid carcass of government. But my apologies to one and all here; I digress now into a narrow and wanton spirit of partisanship and that was not my intent.

    In practical terms, the candidates would be going to the two places in the United States that would best enhance their chances of a bird landing on their heads and then evacuating its bowels. Other places may also offer great opportunities in this area, of course; one need only think of New York City, for instance, and its large pigeon population, affectionately known to all New Yorkers as rats with wings, and who have shown over and over again over the centuries that they are willing to unload on just about anyone they take a notion to unload on. The problem for the Big Apple’s pigeons and their chances to become the nation’s political kingmakers are falcons, specifically peregrine falcons. The skies over the city are growing ever more dangerous for pigeons, especially over the city’s parks, what with the falcons swooping down on the pigeons and eating them as the pigeons try to eat the stale bread crumbs the old ladies sitting on the park benches throw on the sidewalk for them. The pigeon community has had enough of these predators and wants some action from the Mayor’s Office and the NYPD, but as yet the police have done nothing. Until the police do something about the falcon situation, New York City’s pigeons will lead increasingly stressful lives, and a stressed out pigeon is not the best arbiter of the country’s political future. In Ohio and California, on the other hand, the birds return in such great numbers that the loss of a few to predators, however personally regrettable the loss is on an individual level, is not enough to affect the political thinking of the flock as a whole.

    This leads inevitably to the question of just how the birds will choose our nation’s leaders. The procedure under the new dispensation will be very close to the procedure that so successfully elected Pope Whoever the Whatever all those centuries ago, with the necessary allowances made for the separation of Church and State. This method caused no end of controversy in the Bible Belt at first, where many saw it as entirely too Papistical in character, but none of the alternative schemes proved workable and so the papal procedure won the day by default. In a nutshell, everyone who wants to be President would go to the town of their choice and allow as many birds as possible to land on their heads and evacuate on them. At the end of Election Day, the most physically noisome candidate would be president. Morally noisome candidates, on the other hand, would get positions as studio executives in the motion picture industry.

    This plan is workable, I believe, and will go a long way to eliminate the bitter partisan divisions that rack our poor country today. By handing our future over to the birds, we make our country stronger than ever before and we step forward into a bright multispecial world. Some will say that America is not ready for the birds, but the birds are ready now. It is only a matter of time and political courage for us to acknowledge that fact and to act upon it.

  • I should just go for 600 now, but Civi will have a fit if I do…


    not that this has anything to do with anything…

  • Bill, here’s the link to the trees and here’s to the flowers. I went out and shot animals today, but I’ll spare you.

    Hope I get to see you when you’re in New York. Last time was all too brief.

  • excuse me if i disturb the dialogue but i’m afraid something is not right. i ordered burn.02 last saturday but i still haven’t received even the email with the tracking number… is there some problem with my order?

  • http://instagr.am/p/NWQ12/

    JOHN G;) can i use the above photo as your most “famous quote”;)

  • sorry JOHN GLADDY , wrong photo…
    check this one here, can i use it as a your passport photo and “famous JG quote?”

  • http://instagr.am/p/Neb8P/

    JG, THIS PHOTO here, Click link …

  • http://front.moveon.org/the-biggest-thing-happening-right-now-that-your-local-news-probably-isnt-telling-you/#.TnYfRaOkMZA.facebook

    The Biggest Thing Happening Right Now That Your Local News Probably Isn’t Telling You
    Posted on September 18, 2011 by Angie

  • Occupy Wall Street Sept 17: Protester speaks out

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vhyC5wbceM&feature=related

    yes we are marching too..NYC
    in solidarity with GREECE and EGYPT!
    WALL STREET F@%K you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • On September 17, 2011 we want to see 20,000 people flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat one simple demand in a plurality of voices.
    Schedule for Saturday, Sept. 17:
    1) At Noon, meet at Bowling Green Park: http://on.fb.me/oshKZG
    2) At 3pm, meet at One Chase Manhattan Plaza for a people’s assembly: http://on.fb.me/qi5…lp1
    First, invite all of your friends to this event, then weigh in on what our “one demand” should be at https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=question&id=10150311631011963&qa
    Alright you redeemers, rebels, radicals and utopian dreamers out there,

    A worldwide shift in revolutionary tactics is underway right now that bodes well for the future. The spirit of this fresh tactic, a fusion of Tahrir with the acampadas of Spain, is captured in this quote:

    The antiglobalization movement was the first step on the road. Back then our model was to attack the system like a pack of wolves. There was an alpha male, a wolf who led the pack, and those who followed behind. Now the model has evolved. Today we are one big swarm of people.
    — Raimundo Viejo, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain

    The beauty of this new formula, and what makes this novel tactic exciting, is its pragmatic simplicity: we talk to each other in various physical gatherings and virtual people’s assemblies … we zero in on what our one demand will be, a demand that awakens the imagination and, if achieved, would propel us toward the radical democracy of the future … and then we go out and seize a square of singular symbolic significance and put our asses on the line to make it happen.

    On September 17, we want to see 20,000 people flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat our one simple demand until Barack Obama capitulates.

  • http://instagr.am/p/NesCe/

    Message from God to Texas retard , Rick Perry!

  • Ah, more closet nature photographers.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    alarm didn’t work…I missed the 600…
    AKAKY’S comment gives me strength…WE ARE ALL BURNIANS afterall…

    Good morning from broken Grecolandia

    I am pissed off,hiii…coffee time…oh,well…608 looks good…!

  • Thanks, MW – I liked them all. Those flower pictures are wild.

    I hope so, too.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    yeah…FROSTY is right…I like them ALLLLLL!

  • Thanks Bill, Civi. I’ve been enjoying getting to know my new toy camera in these non-stressful situations. Thanks very much to Gordon and Pete who were big influences on my decision to go with the x100. It certainly passed the flower test.

    On my walk yesterday I met some Guyanese fishermen casting nets for Mullet in Sheepshead Bay. They were friendly and interesting and I had a nice chat with them and took a few pictures. Reminded me of how enjoyable it can be photographing people. It’s not all stress. A lot is meeting new and interesting people and learning about their passions. The x100 isn’t, btw, the greatest camera for ye old fisherman casting the net test, but it managed.

  • MY SUGGESTED BIO.(John Gladdy)
    My name is clem. I like hunting nigras on the weekends with my hounds bluey and skeeter. I am a fat fuck but I always go to church on sunday and I am respectful to my mama. Sometimes I talk in tongues, but I remember the ALAMO and I stand firm with the Lone star state. My pictures represent my love of AMERICA. I think FAGS and AIDS is a communist plot. If you buy my pictures I will put the money towards building a wall between us and mexico. praise The Lord

    ok ok..i just decided that we should ACTUALLY INCLUDE BIO….!We all can use a good laugh! i know , i need it!

  • but on a serious note, Katia , John, ALL..im just doing a Burn benefit concert thats all , but i love to have answers , in simple questions, like for example: is this photo shot in Haiti? or Miami? etc!:)
    big hug

  • Panos, photograph should reach you by the end of the week: hope it’s not too late! Between broken cat leg and a trip to Canada – thanks to my Sister (in-law but I don’t like the term; I’ve known her since I was ten years old) – I have had no Mike Time.

    Good light Panos,


  • Mike R! never late for you! You are O.G Burn original!

  • Thank you Panos, one day we will meet up.


  • Posting this here, as it is book related:


    But to me it is not the same.. I look for example at Michelle Frankfurter’s essay here on burn, and then I look at it in burn.02 (with new pictures, btw, nice!).. and to me it just is not the same.. as it probably should be, each her/his own preferences, and for sure online publishing reachs more people.. but.. but.. oh well, I don’t know, but seeing Jukka’s proofsheet he sent to Panos, something personal, something that gives you shivers..

  • “several of the stories in 02 were financed by Burn from these donations…and honestly this is where we want the money to go…towards original work…our whole push in 2012 will be for all original work here on Burn…” – DAH

    David, you really do rock :)

    Panos – so, clearly I am not around here as much as I’d like to be, but got the message about the exhibit, and I think there us still time, but – you wrote (I think) at least 11×14. What I have is more like 9×11 or so. Thoughts?

  • thanks vivek, i just upgraded..

    now speaking of BURN BENEFIT concert show i got some gynormous prints from mr.John Gladdy fro London England

    but first John is a master of packaging

    print 1



    yes..its a present from john gladdy TO me all the way from england..only 4 prints avail worldwide, never posted, never printed before!!!!!!!!!!
    Printed by John Gladdy and the photographer is : Jurin Tiberi

    Charles just informed me that is on wiki on internet:

    (see credits:Warner Bros. (corporate author); unknown photographer.!!???)
    Anyway..im really psyched…Thank you JOHN FOR THE SID VICIOUS PRINT!

    always 3 people i wanted on my wall!Kurt Cobain, Sid Vicious and Jim Morrison…(ok ok, snoop dogg and 2Pac/B.I.G too for sure)..im getting close, getting close ;)

  • btw…im not putting this SID VICIOUS in exhibition since its a personal gift and NOT FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER EVER EVER SELL A personal gift ..its precious!thats pure love!

  • Panos. Upload date is 2009 for that shot. About the same time I made the prints for john(its john Tiberi.. not Jurin :)) ) for a sex pistols show at proud gallery camden.

  • Just looked at the wiki site…that is a scan of the exhibition print. cannot be from 77 as you can see the water damage that was repaired just above his head and on the window. matches the small test print I have here perfectly.

  • Zhe Chen, EPF finalist, extended version of her ‘BEES’ here:


    (I’m loving this whole BURN-ED garden thing Panos is putting up.. and no way, just NO WAY I’m giving away my books)

  • Eva; That’s great news… Loved that essay….

  • John G!, thanks for extra info, sorry for misspelling…
    Eva , sweet!

  • Thanks for the Chen link eva, interesting to see the much larger edit. Fascinating work.

  • From teh above link:

    “Today, all of Sebastiao Salgado’s digital images are processed using DxO FilmPack before being transferred to film using a Kodak imager and baryta paper.”

    Wait a sec.. he shoots digital, processes the files with the DxO and then the files are going on film and are being printed on fiber paper?

    Why? Or do I understand something wrong?

  • EVA. I would guess that thats what mr salgado and the people who buy his work want. A ‘real'[blurred line now] print. I do remember an interview where he stated that he was giving up film because it was now almost impossible to get consistency of proccessing. Digi would for sure cure that, and outputting to film [flat copy?….?? ..what method? ] for wet print would let everyone keep that warm feeling that its still a ‘real’ picture. Interesting. Maybe DAH or someone knows something about this shift.

  • John..

    yes, interesting.. but seems a whole lot more work to me though.. inconsistency of processing (really?)? Nice. Adds soul to me.. but that’s just me..
    As it is I fail to see an advantage point..

  • Eva and John…

    I mentioned Salgado was using digi capture round here last winter!
    Exposes his digi file onto a sheet of 8×10 Tri-X film and contact prints onto Baryta paper…
    I read he’s fed up with airport x-ray scanners screwing up his film…
    Look at Cristina Garcia Rodero she told me she came back from South America with 75 rolls of film, some airport scanner erased everything from the all 75 rolls…

  • I read that it was the hassle of airport security checks and the insistence of x-ray scanning that forced the change.

  • PAUL. If he already has used Dxo to clone a tri-x look, wouldnt transferring that to tri-x defeat the object?. Surely you would just project the original clean digi file onto the film, which, being film, would already have the desired characteristics[contrast/grain pattern etc..] in its DNA.

  • John.. no, because, as you know, it’s not only how you process but also how you expose the film that gives it this look instead of this other..

    Anyway, if you put, in whatever way, the file onto film, you’re back to developping that film, thus the non consistent results..

    Paul.. “Look at Cristina Garcia Rodero she told me she came back from South America with 75 rolls of film, some airport scanner erased everything from the all 75 rolls…”… OUCH! That hurts!!

  • John…

    Yes you’re quite right! One of the students in my workshop showed me this article on Salgado in a French magazine, it must of been round the very end of 2009 so perhaps he’e given up on the contact prints and now gone straight to Dxo.

  • Yesterday I printed in my darkroom for the first time in several months… those of you looking for a neutral tone b&w paper with excellent blacks and very nice tonalities might want to check out Rollei Vintage 111… only negative so far is that it’s curly… and I mean CURLY…


  • And since it seems that general dialog has moved here, I repost:

    I uploaded some pictures from Photo+Art Book Hamburg ’11 on our facebook page. Check them out!


  • Antonin Krachovil and Pep Bonet also shoot digital and convert there prints to BW one way or another. I know Pep Bonet’s are all inkjet prints, don’t know about Krachovil although he claimed to be using the Canon G10 a couple of years ago…

  • Re: Salgado — indeed he’s on the homepage at dxo.com, so there’s truth to the rumors …

  • CIVI!!!!!

    look who’s come for a visit:


  • John G,

    I’m not 100% certain but I don’t think digital-to-film output devices are calibrated to
    output to a film of choice nor are most films suited to this process.

    While it might be true that back to developing re-introduces the supposed inconsistencies that
    Salgado seeks to eliminate the one ‘consistency’ in his new process is that the original digital
    will remain intact even if processing of the film output is compromised.

    That said, I do sortvof think his new process is a roundabout way of creating a print.
    There are some pretty impressive fine art and Baryta type inkjet papers available and with
    proper technique the results are beautiful.

    Perhaps,his technique is more of a strategy to add some value to the end product to satisfy


  • I’ve always thought consistency of processing is an old wives tale with BW film. Most BW film is absolutely bullet proof and this obsession with developing with the exact temperature is another one as far as I’m concerned. I was taught BW developing and printing with a master printer and he always used to say if you were worth your money as a printer virtually everything could be fixed in the darkroom, especially these days with multicontrast paper.

  • For USA Residents,

    You probably already know that the three credit bureaus are required by law to give you a free credit report and your credit score, the magic number that tells everyone you want to borrow money from whether or not you’re a credit risk or not. What you probably don’t know, and the credit companies are in no rush to tell you, is that if you want to know your credit score more than once a year you have to pay them for the information. The credit companies have done a great job in advertising that your credit report is FREE FREE FREE that it seems difficult for some people to understand that yes, the credit report is free, but the score’s not, and grasping this seems especially difficult for the asshole I just told this bit of news to and who is now yelling at his wife as if his not knowing this is somehow her fault. I believe in We the People of the United States totally, but I think it’s better not to take a very close look at anything you really believe in; the warts start showing through. Remember, folks, the credit report, the list of all your credit transactions is free, the credit score is not, no matter how many times these guys go on television to tell you that all of this stuff is free. It ain’t, period.

  • Mark..

    the original digital file is secure and uncompromised.. until it is secure and uncompromised, means that every now and then you have to store it on a new device and back it up, as far as I know there’s nothing really secure as of yet, speaking of digital storing…

    I can understand what DAH is talking about, having a device capturing a picture that IS digital – in his case the iPhone allowing him to capture situations where another device would hinder him (my bet would be he’d get the same pic with a regular small camera as well, but that’s just my opinion) – and then bringing that file on film for wet printing. But what Salgado is talking about is different, there I don’t see the point, ’cause the device capturing the picture is not the question.

    For sure the papers for inkjet have improved a lot, some are really beautiful.. but a wet print is still a different one-of-a-kind thing, with each print you start all over again, and there’s no going back to layers if you’re not pleased with the result.. and I have yet to see an inkjet print that renders the depth and the blacks like a wet print on fiber paper, try to look at them sideways..

    That said, I don’t care if it’s digital or film, inkjet or wet darkroom, simply I know what works best for me for a number of reasons, but that doesn’t mean that it is THE way to go, it is just MY way to go.. was just curious about the why of Salgado, and except for the x-rays there’s nothing that makes much sense to me..

  • Thodoris..

    nice to see your book touring the world.. the Rollei paper doesn’t look more curly than the Ilford though, unless the picture is taken AFTER flattening the prints?

  • Picture 12.. that’s cool!! (one day I’ll learn to hit submit AFTER I’ve finished to write a comment..)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA!!!!!!!!!!…I put red dot for the picture with BURNING kido and dog…

    I am out fighting…

    PLEASE…today, it’s the International Peace day…PEACE,PEACE

    love …PEACE and PHOTOgraphy…please,spread the world…I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL

    out fighting( antifasis,oximoron…)…

  • Thanks for the Nick Nichols link,Eva.
    Will buy it tonight and see if he has found the ‘sweet spot’ that almost everyone has missed
    so far. Menu structures and navigation more often than not get in the way in those that I’ve bought.

    I’m not so sure I buy his perspective, though, on some of the reasons for not using a website-difficulty to
    add content, sequencing,etc.

    I think it’s a smart way to generate secondary income- sell your portfolio at an affordable pricepoint
    to those who wish to see or acquire your images.
    He doesn’t even host any portfolio galleries on his active website-just an overview of published works and a link to purchase the App. I think it’s a smart move. We’ll see soon enough

  • Eva, I have the the Nick Nichols Ipad app, and it is incredible. A lot of nice features, terrific images, video, etc.

  • , but I think it’s better not to take a very close look at anything you really believe in;
    Awesome TRUTH!

  • Eva…

    As far as I see it Salgado went digital capture simply because of problems X-rays airport scanners. So he began by contact printing an 8×10 Tri-X sheet of film and now he’s found it’s easier to miss out on the Tri-X film loop and just process through that plugin and use a digital enlarger to print on conventional baryta paper.

  • For those of you looking to distribute books for eReaders, you might find this site of interest, BookBaby:


    It looks like all costs are upfront with no sales commission taken. They partner with Apple’s iBookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Sony Reader Store.

  • http://www.nikonusa.com/index.page


    NIKON 1 coming soonest!

  • Regarding the Nikon news, I read all that in the BJP and came away thinking their strategy will be a colossal failure. The Nikon reps interviewed stressed over and over that they had produced the camera based strictly on what customer focus groups told them they wanted. That approach is about as close to a road map to failure as you can get.

  • mw
    Perhaps Nikon know best and that is what consumers really want, but I can’t imagine a serious photographer choosing the Nikon, with it’s smaller than 4/3 sensor, over the offerings from Olympus, Panasonic and Sony. I would certainly not conseder it.

  • Yea, perhaps Gordon, but that focus group strategy is exactly what Apple has so successfully ridiculed. Successful products provide us with things we don’t yet know we want.

  • Well, I know what I want… just seems that nobody want’s to make it for me!

  • i hope i’ll get one…mess/hack with firmware a bit and i think it’ll be as good , most prob better than GF1..plus with an adapter it takes leica lenses…sweet! i’m sold!

  • Again,

    i just printed 1500 invitations for Burn-Ed Garden Exhibition

    and back page:

    thank you ALL!

  • honestly im not a tech guru by any means but at this point i doubt if anyone uses better sensors than Nikon!

  • I mean we all know that canon sensors are PURE garbage but I never expected that Nikon will allow the best sensors in a cheaper body!
    Well they had to! Canon monopolizes the market with 70% of sales , which is as stupid as it sounds!
    Now the good news for the rest of us is that any nikon, even the cheapest of the bunch employs a wayyyyy better sensor that the cheapo mass production boring canon!
    Although gotta admit , Canon prevails in amateur cameras..
    I wish LEICA could also use what Nikon uses instead of kodak sensors..
    But it’s a game.. A corporate game and WE are the pawns!

  • Panos. One of those prints I sent you uses a boring Canon sensor….an old one at that. You may as well bin it I guess :))

  • Eva, the Rollei paper is almost equally curly both before and after processing! Haven’t seen this on any other paper I’ve used… results are very close to Ilford MGIV FB and Oriental Seagull VC FB, the two papers I’m currently using… looking at the first test prints I’m very impressed and I can’t wait to see what larger prints (say 16×20″) will look like…

  • Oh, and since the portrait I submitted for Burn02 doesn’t show well in thumbnail size, here is a larger version:


  • Panos…

    If I were you I think I would wait and how this works in the “real world” once it starts shipping…

  • BTW as far as I’m concerned I’m not that interested in the amount of pixels the NEX-7 has, it just seems a very common sense camera which is unusual these days…

  • Part two of John Stanmeyer’s blog about working for Nat Geo here


    DAH gets a mention.

  • Thodoris,

    Thanks for sharing that larger version of your self-portrait — I like it! Here’s some video with a similar concept (cool tune, too!), Laredo by Band of Horses:

  • Just flipped through my copy of Burn02…
    very nice!!
    Congrats all around!

  • Mike R,

    Thanks for the link to the John Stanmeyer blog… great story.
    I admire John Stanmeyer’s work a lot… and appreciate his sharing his experiences.. but he needs a proofreader/editor!

  • Sidney, yes, the text is laid straight down just like a conversation – which I like. He certainly does his homework before an assignment and puts in the hours during!

  • thanks Paul, good camera indeed, Zeiss ready!

  • John G! canon sensors boring yes, but a little PS and a great photog behind it and its all groovy!
    i cant believe i got cought in gear talk once again..ive so many things to deal with and i worry about sensors..what a procrastinator i am!

  • Thodoris..

    that Rollei paper has a white emulsion, right?

  • Panos.. you confirm that this is a joke, yeah? (not talking gear!)

  • Eva, unfortunately Dan Fanelli ran for office in 2010!


  • ANIMALS LIKE Dan Fanelli makes musicians write songs like this one here:

  • and Eva, thank god , racist Dan F.never made it past the primary…so harmless “for now”…

  • ok..i better watch out..thats a public forum and i dont want to “mysteriously disappear” anytime soon!
    being an activist in USA? use extra extra extra caution.. Guantanamo awaits!

  • Panos…

    I think the world of photography needs a new camera manufacturer. You may disagree on my choice or maybe not but we need an American manufacturer. Kinda like a Gibson or Fender camera maker something with the typical good decent American pride and workmanship. First camera would be a 4/3 camera body with a 25 million pixel full frame sensor with a proper viewfinder and three fixed lenses. Oh and no zooms please :)

  • This is for some wizard/geek out there who silently reads photo forums looking for ideas….

    I don’t need right now a digital enlarger like Salgado but I want a digital contact printing frame…
    Well what about some kind of USB socket on the contact frame, where I could download to an internal memory 35 digital images, lift the glass lid, chuck a sheet of BW multigrade paper and expose all those digital images onto the sheet like the good old days.

  • Panos…

    The nurse at hospital made a slight measuring error last night as she filled the syringe with a coctail made up of cortisone, something else and too much KETAMINE…

    Needless to say I’ve had 24hours with sense of detachment from my physical body, the most funniest hallucinations and a night full of giggles and creative inspiration!!

  • PAUL,

    Fantastic ideas! Maybe you should fall down the K-hole more often… :-)

  • Paul, why not just make a pdf contact sheet in Bridge and print it to photo paper? Or send it off for hi quality printing for a dollar or so per 8 x 10? I’m pretty sure these are the good old days.

    ————-loves it..its heroin for horses..good stuff..Paul, enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

  • MW , AMAZING PHOTO~!!!!!!!!

  • http://instagr.am/p/N1XwM/

    THIS is a tease from MW huge print and its in COLOR…

    hey wait…postman at my door again knocking…

  • http://instagr.am/p/N1ce1/

    mr.DON HAMERMAN IS ALSO ARRIVED SAFELY IN TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://instagr.am/p/N1c-A/

    above link DON HAMERMAN’S PRINT1



    Thank you Don for valuable info u emailed me..biggest hug!

  • LOVE don hammerman’s baseballs!…i saw them a bit back in an email from Jen Beckman projects….like suns and stars :)))

  • Actually Don Hamerman had a great idea!..to do a virtual show here in burn too , from the photos that will be included in exhibition so Burnians also allowed to buy from their laptops, instead of flying to Texas!
    thats a smart idea (thats why it didnt occur to me;)
    thanks again Don!!!!!

  • Panos; One thing about the ad; at least you know where he stands (even if you/I don’t agree with him)! I hate the type of politician who is all smarmy and greasy before an election (I suppose that’s most of them!); says the “right” thing to get elected, and then brings in a whole lot of new policies once elected…. The type of policies that they know no one will like, so they keep quiet about them… We’ve certainly had our share of them here in NZ :-(

  • wait …wait..POSTMAN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHO CAN IT BE NOW??????????????

  • Gonna need a bigger venue dude.

  • http://instagr.am/p/N1gc-/


    ENORMOUS, GYNORMOUS , unbelievable paper, Print..the whole nine yards as we say here..
    im very very impressed by this print..geez!

  • John G!
    damn …u r absolutely correct !
    many prints are small but some (like yours) are GYNORMOUS/HUGE AND BEAUTIFUL!…
    Never ever ever expected that…not in my wildest dreams!

  • Akaky you are a psychic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Panos; What? You’ve gone from garage to stadium arenas already! ;-)

  • http://instagr.am/p/N1m5E/

    ok , a little TEASER from the beautiful print from MATTHEW NEWTON
    Thank you again, ALL OF YOU! What an honor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MW…

    I’ve gone the bridge contact sheet way too many times especially considering once I start calculating each sheet of A4 Hahnemuele paper comes out at about 3,50 Euros, without counting printer ink. Laughing!! I wish there was someone on this island who would charged an 8×10 for a dollar…sadly it’s much closer to 20 Euros!!

    BTW I love your Burn print!!

  • Hmmm; looks like someone has been muttonbirding in Matty’s pic….

  • Ross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    damn ..yes u r right.. f@ck..somethin is wrong here… from Garage band with 3 people in the audience (all too drunk to leave;) to Rolling Stones/ Bruce Springsteen territory..hmmmm is this a good or a bad thing????

    and John yes we need bigger venue..we are like big fish on a small pond ..hmmmm…problems , problems but good problems!

  • “Moonbird Boy”!
    Ross u are a genius!

  • Justin…

    Don’t think there will be many more happy accidents like last night… my doctor wasn’t very amused. The trip lasted well over 8 hours and we’re talking about a Trigger point injection in the sole of my foot and in less three minutes I was flying very high.
    Big cock-up by the nurse…
    I’ll forgive her :))))

  • Panos; Genius? Nah; we hunt muttonbirds here in NZ too; and Tassie is about the same latitude as NZ

  • Ross, ask me if i know what a ” muttonbird” is!….ive no idea! what a surprise huh;)

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muttonbird

    Panos; they are the young of the sooty shearwater; we used to sell them in the supermarket. The Maori love them and some havea set number of permits each year to harvest them from ancestral islands. I thought they tasted a bit like a chicken that had been soaked in diesel…. Muttonbirds come salted (about 20 birds) in a 10-litre bucket. One girl I worked with always asked me to keep the salty leftover brined blood (from the bottom of the barrel) for her to cook her cabbage in….

  • The Image is all.
    The Single image.

    Keep your clever stories
    and Your inclusive world view.
    leave them at the dentists where they belong.
    On the table with all the other forgotten lives.

    And make me instead a picture that I cannot answer.
    that I can only look to and ask, but never know.
    that has no beginning or end.
    And just, is.


  • http://instagr.am/p/N14rP/




    BURN.02 BOOK THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  • Yep.. burn.02 is THE thing.. and burn online, and burn.01, and burn-ed garden.. gotta love the ride as long as it lasts.. been printing today.. here’s a pic of the one responsible, a few weeks back, in Cortona:


    cool stuff is happening!!


    My third grandson was just born. Coverage on my blog*, right here:


    Also, early Friday morning I leave for New York. To the extent that it proves practical, I will be blogging The Loft experience on my blog.

    Panos – when my second grandson was born, the process took about three hours. So, this time, when I left for Anchorage two hours after my daughter-in-law went into labor, I thought I might find a newborn baby when I got there. As it happened, she spent 26 hours in labor this time and altogether, the stretched out event and its aftermath, including my blog, have eaten up three days of my time.

    So I have no more time left to make a print to send you.

    I am disappointed, but pleased that my grandson appeared in time for me to be there for his birth.

    *I know some here are sticklers on tight editing. With 32 images, this is not tightly edited. This will not bother my regular readers, but it might bother some sticklers. I don’t mean you, DAH. You are about to have a week to teach me how to tighten up.

    In this case, though, I don’t think that I would have tightened up no matter what.

  • PANOS – Mate, I’m glad the little fella has made it across the water to you !

  • My third grandson was just born.
    thank you Bill! congratulations!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    what not to BURN

    FROSTY…miracle…miracles everyday in our life…
    you are blessed!

    YOU are all blessed…may the spirits be with YOU…!!!

    I am out on the streets…and I am calling all Greek BURNIANS to start reporting
    BE strong…and I love you ALLLLLLL…

    P.S…EVA…” bold babies” photo…awesome!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    are we sold out yet? are we,are we?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PAUL…do you have the phone number of the nurse…?
    hiiii…mate…hiii…rock on…!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and to all my BURNIANS in the kibbutz…

    I am sending good energy…I WILL BE THERE…


  • BILL..

    congrats, beautiful sweet new little boy!


    stay strong.. we (the whole of Italy) will follow you (whole of Greece) soon.. am I kidding? soonest!!

  • “And make me instead a picture that I cannot answer.
    that I can only look to and ask, but never know.
    that has no beginning or end.
    And just, is.”

    John Gladdy..


  • a civilian-mass audience

    MY Photo-artists
    you are All BURNing
    with “NO beginning or end”…
    you invite civilians into your vision
    oime…you open the pandora’s box
    and this I know
    and this I see…
    you give no answers
    cause you don’t know
    You are All BURNing
    …in the Abyss…

    to be continued…

    EVA,my VIVA!…I know,you will follow…I wish you WON’T…:(

    to all my BURNIANS…please report to the nearest BURNING aisle…
    I might be out BUT BUT BUT …I am checking you ALLLLL

  • So I have no more time left to make a print to send you.
    Bill, sorry i missed that..NO worries bro at all..this not gonna be the LAST BURN Exhibition..im saving everything for Sidney Australia..u know the Burn World Tour just started!

    back in the day when i was in Reading Festival 1994 to shoot the FooFighters (after Kurt’s tragic departure),i remember i saw a kid wearing “I survived a Nirvana concert”… my dream is to print a t-shirt called :
    “i survived a BURN backstage party!”

  • Eva.. my European friends do not give up.. NPR (radio news) announced yesterday that Italy’s banking system is under “watch” that means that a credit downgrade is unavoidable…but maybe in the long run, CHANGE IS COMING…maybe , ONLY maybe…good things will come globally if we survive this global financial pandemic..
    but im happy to see that people started WAKING UP and realize that a poor tiny little democracy called greece (with barely 9mil people, half the size of Los Angeles )is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the whole domino effect..its the Wall Street sharks alone with 1% super rich (remember : the RICH have no country,no values, money has no heart! there is a tiny possibility to survive , although it seems that collectively the public consciousness is not close to that level of intelligence..back to Nietzsche: “the crowds are stupid, the individual is not, u can fool 10000 people but u can’t fool an individual..”
    ask any dictator, or any PR person, or car salesmen, football leaders, religion leaders and “leaders” of any kind…

  • “dont follow leaders, watch the parking meters”
    bob dylan

  • just picked up my copy and love it.. fantastic wrap-around cover..

    quick flick through and some really worthy work.. looking forward to digging deeper with a pint of the black stuff this evening..

    thanks to all involved :o)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o6TmrbfJM0

    Marilyn Manson Discusses The West Memphis 3: 2010 Golden Gods – Los Angeles, CA 04/08/10

  • http://www.audreybardou.eu/blog/?p=1336

    Audrey i want it i want it i want that print!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Panos…

    give up? Not in my vocabulary, not in our vocabulary.. never. Ever. We’ve gone this far despite of every government we’ve had so far, we’ll manage a little longer :)

  • Panos,

    You are the Best!! and you’ll have it ;) Big hug, audrey

  • Not exactly spontaneous but a decisive moment nevertheless !

  • Mark; That was a pretty cool video!

  • Mark, awesooooooooooome! link!

  • There’s another video, along the same vein, that I was sent earlier this year and lost that
    makes this guy look like he was shooting with a point and shoot.
    He was a California based fine art photographer who used the entire inside area of his
    van as a bellows and exposed huge sheets of black and white paper via a ‘pinhole’ in the van
    He would walk around inside during exposure and burn and dodge with his hands and arms.
    He would fine tune his compositions by moving the van forwards and backwards and when satisfied
    would jack up the wheels to minimize movement.
    Another very committed individual.

  • Mark…

    That’s a brilliant clip!

  • Mark…

    I’ve seen somewhere that video with the guy using his van as a pinhole.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfcDs545k2Y

    This the guy? It’s old and a shlocky bit of reporting, but hey it a pinhole van! ;^}

  • Same idea but ‘my guy’ was more contemporary and exposed much larger-Econoline type van.

    That aside there was a link in the same group that is tailor made for civi

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MTOMALTY …lol…
    are you Brit too…?:)))

    I might be out BUT I am watching…

    may the best of British to YOU…all of YOU…

    Viva to Civi’s CHICKENS !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    AUDREY…red dot to YOU too…!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    are we sold out yet?

  • I sold out many years ago

  • a civilian-mass audience

    then come over…civi’s home is open and I have chicken wings(later,very late dinner)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    this I have to say:

    Shame,shame,shame…it’s all about the “Euro”…

    How can we save the euro…?
    nobody gives a shit about civilians,culture…
    they have created this “euroballoon”…
    and we all know what happens to Balloons
    they BOOOOOMMM…

    oime…I had too many chicken wings…

    BURN.02 finally cleared homeland security and customs and it’s here in America!
    Shipping starts ASAP


  • http://instagr.am/p/N7WCc/

    FED EX!!!!!!
    shipping starts ASAP ! Ok going back to work!

  • http://instagr.am/p/N9Twn/

    and here is THE REASON WHY WE HAD A SLIGHT DELAY , regarding american BOOKS shipped FROM ITALY TO USA!
    LOL! THIS BOOK IS DANGEROUS!!!??? i hope so;)

  • PANOS,

    Your last post reminds me of the time I was shipping a guitar to someone at the post office. I was in line, chatting with a local artist & musician about music and his old Gibson SG, when it was my turn at the counter. I was asked if I was shipping anything fragile, liquid, perishable, or hazardous – at which point he laughed behind me and said “Maybe… rock-n-roll is dangerous.”

    Glad to hear 02 is ready to ship in the US. Can’t wait to receive mine!

  • @ Frostfrog, congratulations on the newest addition of the frozen amphibian family. If you have not yet left for the workshop and would like to be represented in the burn show, I would be happy to print one for you. I am printing my images this Sunday and would be happy to print yours ad well. I have no wet processing facilities, but can print digital up to 17 X 22. I will be shipping out my prints on Monday or tuesday and would be happy to add yours.

  • Kurt – thank you! That is an amazing offer! I am on the jet to Newark right now, but just before I left I put the image I has hoped to print into my computer, just in case I should find the time in New York to get it printed somewhere. I will send it to you once I get settled down.

    Civi wish this were not happening to you and your nation and thank you. You too Eva and Panos. If I missed anyone it’s because I forgot my reading glasses and it is hard to read comments on my phone inside this jet. So thank you, too.


  • my friends , “we” are working hard here to ship ASAP,,
    We received books around 3pm and now we printing, labeling, blah blah…we will be done by 3am or 5am and wait till 9am and RUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNN to post office…Americans will have in 4 business days, Canadians…im sorry but you know the drill!!!! sorry 7-10 days , but you know me, im always a “pessimist” so it could be there a little earlier!
    love u all

    NO bulls%%t!

  • PANOS & CO.,

    Thanks for burning the midnight oil! Here’s some Jimi for you:

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BURN02 is a dangerous liaison
    BURN02 is a Bomb
    BURN02 is made with love
    buy BURN02…
    it’s a vision
    that you’ll love!!!

    FROSTY safe travels…
    enjoy the kibbutz and give a Big Hug to MR.HARVEY and to all MY BURNIANS!

    Civi is strong…
    now,go out and shoot some more…

    good morning from beautiful Grecolandia!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    there is always hope…I am an optimist!

    if PANOS, the rock&rolla,the crazy one, can do it…
    then all of you can do it…

    FOCUS,VISION,COMMITMENT …and don’t forget to say:’Thank you and I love you”

    I will be out …and thank you and I love you ALLLLLLLLLLL

  • “A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.”
    diane arbus

  • “Maybe I only had a relationship with her as a photographer, not as a partner. If I hadn’t documented her death, both the description of my state of mind and my declaration of love would have been incomplete. I found consolation in unmasking lust and loss, by staging a bitter confrontation between symbols. After Yoko’s death, I didn’t want to photograph anything but life – honestly. Yet every time I pressed the button, I ended up close to death, because to photograph is to stop time. I want to tell you something, listen closely: photography is murder.”
    Nobuyoshi Araki

  • Online eye candy. Essay next week on Burn! ;)

  • i think most of you know i will be totally immersed in my new york loft workshops for the next two weeks, so my presence here will be a limited edition so to speak…most likely these will be the last classes i teach here in the beloved and now probably too well known “kibbutz”….since i am no longer living in this loft with the best view in town , i just cannot figure out a way to justify it financially…doing two workshops per year in this space just isn’t enough to justify…in any case,i will be publishing some ongoing student work in these classes..i have mostly avoided publishing workshop work here on Burn, but we are going to take a different view of how we select work on Burn in the first place, so showing you a bit of “work in progress” will i think be of great interest to many of you…

    and surely you will be getting reports i am sure from our own Frostfrog who is taking this class…yes the boy came all the way from Alaska to join us this week…and of course all of you are invited to the grand finale this coming friday night when Bruce Gilden and Chris Anderson will be the warm up band for Frostfrog and company…this is the part i love the most…mixing the established photographers with the up and coming…the combo works…i do it all the time…in my loft, at home in Carolina, and on the pages of Burn…so please join us….as you all must surely know by now, my door is open….

    cheers, david

  • Uncle P. and dear friends,

    I used instagram from mom’s phone.

    Uncle P. and Mr.David Harvey,I am taking pictures for my new essay “Greece in Revenge”.
    We have lot’s of striks and do not have books yet.

    Have a nice day everybody.


  • I love this family. Although I haven’t been here in voice I have been keeping track somewhat as I had the time. Can’t wait to see Burn 02 and I’m so happy to have this connection. It keeps me sane. Imagine a place where a show is put together virtually to be shown in real time in a real city called San Antonio. We are a virtual reality.

  • David…

    I’m utterly sure everyone who attends your workshops comes away changed. However does everybody attending at the Kibbutz successfully complete their chosen essay in time for the Friday show? I ask this because I’m sure a lot of what you probably teach the pupils are concepts which probably go “click” perhaps in three or four months time.

  • Panos!

    Steve U’s and my print have just been dropped off at the post office. Delivery guaranteed to San Antonio by Friday. I thank Toronto Image Works, and especially Ed Burtynsky’s shipping maven, for doing the impossible and coming up with a method to roll a 9×24 panoramic! All is good now…a pano for Panos. Regards.


    I cannot speak for David and his students, but in my May workshop I immediately realized the benefit. Not true with all my fellow students at the time. I think you are quite right with regard to the advantage of time for some. Probably many of our essays sucked because we had been put through the wringer…that’s my excuse anyway. ;) In the duration since, I believe I have noticed an expansion of skill amongst those I’ve been following; they were the ones that were most despondent about the course to begin with. Beer doesn’t help to complete the essay or sooth the intellectual expansion either.

  • http://instagr.am/p/OCEvl/

    aNYWAY…BOOKS ARE ON THE WAY TO YOUR HOUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BIG hug to Carlos from SA Post Office for great help!

    Jedai ? Love it


    7 prints to choose from and the best original PACKAGED BOX I EVER SEEN!
    Sweet :)

  • http://instagr.am/p/OCYVV/

    LEE GUTHRIE’s awesome print also arrived safely in the city of Alamo!
    Thank you!!!

  • http://instagr.am/p/OCarX/

    ANDREW SULLIVAN ‘s 2 Prints arrived safely in the city of The Alamo!

    Again, ALL, we barely slept last night preparing the shipments for BURN.02 to all American/Csnadian/Mexican destinations..
    ALL BOOKS ARE SHIPPED!!! stay tuned!

  • Panos!!!

    I know, you insist you rap, but I tell you, you ROCK, big time!!!

    Now checking out Vissaria’s link, a bit afraid of what I’ll find..

  • They’re there already? Amazing. So, Panos, are the stars at night big and bright deep in the heart of Texas or is that a lot of PR?

  • Paul… Harry Potter comes to mind. ;^}

  • Michael…

    I just found the NY City version quite cool…

  • And you got the note too, right?

  • Just in case anyone hasn’t noticed, there are only three, count’em three, shopping months till Christmas…Happy Holidays, one and all!!!

  • Akaky, just today my wife said that she wants to do some Christmas shopping soon, before it gets cold. My idea of Christmas is that it starts on the 25th of December and ends on the 25th of December – and if I can duck out of that day I will.

  • AKAKY, hell yeah I got the NOTE!!!!
    I will frame it! It’s as good as a picture:)

  • Good news about Tom Cat: he has been to the vets today. All is well and he is to have an x-ray taken of his leg on the 6th of October. If the scan shows that the broken leg has healed then the vet will also remove the pin from his leg and he and I will gain our freedom. I can’t praise the vet, Andrew Milne, too much. Twice since Tom’s accident I have had to telephone him at weekend for advice and both times he returned my calls after hours – one at 9:30pm on a Sunday. He is a genuinely caring man. Thank you Andrew.


  • Akaky :) totally false! Stars??? All hyped up but but..
    One thing fo sho! The city of SA is HAUNTED.. ghosts everywhere !
    I was riding my bike the other night at about 4-4:30am and after about 10 miles, pitch black, helmer lights on and all safety precautions … And then boom..!! I crashed on the river bike path on a WHITE LAB (dog) that was “sleeping” right in the middle of bike path! I tried to avoid the dog (of course) and I lose balance and fell/crashed sideways (on my right side) .. Scrapes on NY right leg and blah blah.. I get up, picked up bike , looked behind me..!!?? NO DOG , ANYWHERE.. I forgot to add that was the “MOST WHITE dog ” I’ve ever seen .. Too bright white to be honest..
    Anyway, finally made it home, fell asleep, woke up next morning, scrapes all over the right side if my body…!!!!! (because I tilted/fell/crashed to the right..
    BUT… the scratches on my Trek was ONLY IN THE LEFT SIDE!!! ??,
    why? How? What? I’ve no idea!
    And as u all well know me, I’ll be the LAST person on earth to believe in ghosts/gods/devils and crap of this nature!
    Big hug and stay away from the river after midnight! You’ve been warned!

  • PAUL. The fourth one in the NYC set ruins the illusion, as its pretty clumsily done compared to the rest and gives the game away to anyone wondering how its done.

  • DAVID,

    I have a quick question, something what torments me from a long time, well… maybe it is a stupid question… but do you know why all D’Agata’s pictures are not avaiable since last Magnum metting? He sold his picture? Or maybe he is not satisfy from his path?
    Well, for me it is a big mistery…
    If you know the answer and you can share of it…

  • John…

    My wife said exactly the same thing about number four. Actually she finds the whole trick a little creepy.

  • Panos…

    One day when we meet up at the massive Burn Mega World reunion I’ll tell you a ghost story which I promise will have us all feeling uncomfortable as the hair on the back of our neck stands on end.
    And it’s a real story…

  • All,

    I probably missed discussion about the bang bang movie here, but what you think about the movie? For me it is extremely weak movie. What is yours impression?

  • Marcin,

    after watching it the first time, I thought the same. After the second time, I thought little different.
    If one knows the book, the movie always will be weak, because many things are too difficult to express in a movie. I guess, that is, which weakens the movie.

  • @ ALL, but specially french people:

    I’ve just come from downtown Lyon and I bought in a store “Ame Partagee” (Divided Soul in French only) for only 16 Euros! SIXTEEN!! That’s only a pizza with a two cold beer…
    The bookstore need some place and books must go somewhere… If someone is interested, they have nearly a dozen of them. The store is DECITRE, Place Bellecour.
    If anyone interested, tell me, I can ship it, then we arrange thru PayPal.


  • Panos, I thought you’d like it. As for the white Lab, did it have red ears? The hounds of hell are white with red ears. Someone cue the eerie music now.

  • And since I’m on a roll, here’s this weekend’s Walking Around Photos, we’ll call it the not touched with photoshop edition. Not entirely accurate, and disingenuous, by any measure, but nevertheless, true, so true, so almost true.


    what do you mean exactly “not available”? not available how, where?

  • David, i admire your patience trying to “translate” Marcin….smiling of course!
    How can u not love Marcin?

  • Marcin; they are all still on the Magnum site… Cheers :-)

  • 17 pictures not like it was before photographers 1000. It happen right after last magnum meeting. I thought there was some reason.

  • I see some bug shows in my post :)
    Of course should be

    17 pictures not like it was before 1000.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    as PANOS says…”How can u not love MARCIN?” !!!

    I guess you are all doing good…

    kibbutz is rocking…
    Italian EVA is in the darkroom…
    we say Thanks to MIKER’S vet…ANDREW!

    how can u not love OUR BURNIANS ?!!!…

  • Thomas,

    I never read the book so I judge only the movie. And for me the movie is very weak. The story is strong but the movie is flat and shallow. Only the photoraphers story is so interesting that keeps this movie bearable to watch. And it’s sad because there will be no opportunity to shoot a new movie.

    And now if you write “the bang bang club” in google search you will se hundreds of photos the actors and movie frames and red carpet and only a few the real photographers.
    this is sad.

  • Marcin…

    I don’t think this is anything new, I’ve never seen a large quantity of D’Agata’s work on the Magnum site.

  • Paul,

    Well, this is new… before you could see 1000 pictures like you can see now looking at DAH’s photos.

    But anyway I was just curious.

  • Marcin…

    Laughing… I never saw the 1000 pictures, I must admit I only became interested in D’Agata’s work round this last winter, after the famous D’Agata Burn debate.

  • Civi…

    wrong. Am in the kitchen right now, developing film while watching a movie (right now Larry Towell speaking), hoping for two pictures from the last two days shooting.. later going out a few hours more, hoping for one more pic..

    Laundry piling up, dustbunnies having fun all over the place.. what not to love?

    Hope the Kibbutz crowd enjoys the ride fully, with not too much nostalgia kicking in..


    it is strange those 17 pictures by d’Agata….i have never searched by name like that until you mentioned it…i have no idea why i have 1000 nor why those particular 1000 which i never would have chosen…some of those are totally random shots that are indeed in the library but certainly not special selections…normally people search by subject and photographer or just go to the photographer page…so i cannot explain this…all i know is that i am going to remove my 1000 that are there down to 17 also!!

    this brings up an interesting dilemma…it is a full time job just to manage where all ones pictures are displayed …particularly on the net…just impossible to manage all possible locations and selections…as i said, until you mentioned this here, i never would have seen it..i mean, i am not going to the Magnum site to search my own name , so i would never have caught this…thanks

    cheers, david

  • DAVID,

    After Leibovitz’s problems with her rights to her own works, I thought that D’Agata have also some issue. It just looks bizzare when his pictures just dissapear. Like he wanted to cut off, or something.

    Thanks for the answer.

    And the searcher is great. I can see many pictures, every time. If I want see the best photography I just click on names. Fun for hours. Also I can see most recent pictures. If I can say; I learned on magnum archive searcher :)

  • Marcin…

    Try “chiaroscuro” that brings up 1000 varied photos from all the Magnum photographers.


    the book focusses much more on the events in the 90s in South Africa, with the personal story of those photographers as a by-story. The movie focusses mainly on the photographers. I guess this makes the movie so shallow.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I am so,so proud…

    TOM YOUNG,TOM HYDE…our TOM…mythos beer on you…

    damnit…you are all so annoying genious…!!!


  • Just returned from Nanaimo, my traditional Sunday drive there with my son Brian. Picked up “Photographers A-Z with money my mom pressed on me for my birthday (thanks mommy).

    ” A comprehensive overview of the most influential photographers of the last century and their finest monographs: Arranged alphabetically, this biographical encyclopedia features every major photographer and photographic artist of the 20th century, from the earliest representatives of classical Modernism right up to the immediate present. Richly illustrated with facsimiles from books and magazines, this book includes all the major photographers of the last hundred years—especially those who have distinguished themselves with important publications or exhibitions, or who have made a significant contribution to the culture of the photographic image. While most of the 400-plus entries feature North American or European photographers, the scope is worldwide, with significant emphasis on the photography of Japan and Latin America, Africa and China.”

    Cool book, kind of a short biography and catalogue of books by well known photogrpahers, (some new to me) Very excited about the book, I can see it is going to cost me a lot of money because there is so many I would love to see more of.

  • One of my favorite photos has always been Ruth Orkin’s “American Girl in Italy.” Recently the woman who was the subject in the photo has spoken out with her take, and been featured in the latest issue of “Smithsonian” magazine and here on MSNBC:

    Was it a total set-up? According the article in Smithsonian, only partly…


    i do not know the answer, but i will find out…there could be any number of explanations….but none of them i can assure you have any resemblance to the annie l. case of losing rights…antoine has not lost any rights i promise….

  • Sidney:

    The Bulger Gallery had a retrospective of Orkin’s work this summer. At a showing of the movie on her life, the “American Girl” was in attendance. She now lives in Toronto…and she even brought/wore the scarf she was wearing in the photograph!

    I was able to view the contact sheet containing that image. I doubt if Orkin worked hard to set up the shot, as there were only two attempts at it. But the groupings had altered in between the time it took. The motorbike was parked, with no one on it, and there were fewer people in the unused shot. I’d conclude that it wasn’t an accidental moment, but that she waited for the elements to fall into place. Undirected by Orkin according to the contact sheet, even though there was evidence of set-ups in other images on that roll. She certainly didn’t massage the idea much.

  • Jeff,

    You corroborate what the model says in the Smithsonian article. But there’s nothing like seeing the contact sheet! Thanks for your firsthand report!

  • Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award

    Deadline: October 15th, 2011


  • Ok, so I’m too dumb to figure out if this is happening right now in Harlem (New York.. ’cause it IS in NYC, right?), but maybe it is, and having the book.. argh.. would love to see the exhibit:


  • Forget it.. one year too late…

  • Sidney
    Thanks for the Ruth Orkin link. Lovely to see other shots from the series and read the story behind the comment. Also lovely to see the subject at 83 and hear her comments.
    I am reminded of an interview and photos of Charis Wilson, which appeared a few years ago in one of the British photo mags if I’m not mistaken. She was of course the subject of many of Eward Westons beautiful nudes. In the article, she appears as she was at that time, a very elderly woman. I don’t know if she is still living. Similarly, a few years ago there was a feature somewhere on Betty Bein (sp?), the favourite model of John Rawlins about 50 years back.
    Of course, I get the same bittersweet feeling when I look back at photos of myself as a twenty-something then look at the geezer in the mirror.


    American destinations will be reached anytime from tomorrow till end of week..check your maiboxes..
    (for Canada ONLY: BOOKS SHIPPED, but add another few days to clear Canadian Customs)
    thank you ALL!
    again : ALL BOOKS SHIPPED , saturday morning (3 days ago) …they are on the way to TOU!

    WE ARE READY TO START PUTTING PRINTS IN THE WALL..not me..but real professional art handlers that work for gallery..
    i will accept all prints that arrive till end of this weekend..(of course whoever is on the mail already, will be INCLUDED and never IGNORED!
    SO PLEASE, REMEMBER, WE ARE OVERWHELMED BY SUBMISSIONS and, smiling, running out of “wall space”
    Again , whoever is already in the mail, no worries!
    email me if any questions:

  • Finally received it!! What a great afternoon!!! :)))

  • Denislav! which country r u in? USA? if so what state?

  • http://instagr.am/p/OSUZy/


  • http://instagr.am/p/OSU0t/

    SAM HARRIS , print 2! amazing paper/Print btw!
    big thaNks!

  • Panos, no no, Bulgaria, EU.

  • awwwwwww… the exhibition would be sweet!!!

  • Panos, my print is on its way. I have a Track and Trace number which delivers the message “Your item, posted on 19/09/11 with reference LY014750959GB has arrived in HEATHROW WORLDWIDE DC and is being processed for delivery.”. So now we know … or not know.

    Hope it arrives in time: if not, it’s yours. Any proceeds from the sale to go 100% to Burn.

  • Panos, got my Burn 02 today. You need to go into the shipping business! Of course, it helps that I’m in Texas. ;)

  • Burn-ed Garden show is where, when… opening when?


  • hey p:

    spoke with printer on saturday….print won’t be done til week’s end, if you’ve run out of space for wall, no worries…will send u the promised envelope instead…have just had other family/$$ priorities…

    which means it won’t arrive this week, not possible…but that’s ok, no worries…you’ve been amazing as is…

    gotta run


    all, do not worry:

    DO NOT WORRY!!!!!!

    all i was saying to ALL earlier is please do NOT (and i hate to say that) send any more..
    We are running out of wall!…We will NOT DESTROY/HARM/FRAME PRINTS…the best way the gallery people advised me to do is MAGNETIC WALLS!
    sO WE ARE going to use tine silver magnets that will NOT HARM YOUR PRINT!…no pins, no crap no cheap s##t!

  • SO AGAIN: no cheap frames, great light, info for photogs, credit card machine handy, FREE BEER, OVER 500 FOLKS, ART LOVERS subscribed to the opening, but i expect more than 1000 people..i honestly predict wayyyyyyyy more than 1000 art lovers , because the premiere of BURNED GARDEN EXHIBITION “COINCIDENTALLY/ACCIDENTALLY” matches the “2nd Saturday ART WALK/NIGHT” in SA Texas …THAT MEANS THAT ITS A HUGE FESTIVAL HERE AND EVERYONE WILL BE ON THE STREETS VISITING GALLERIES..
    That is YOUR night!
    DO NOT MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Akaky! he asked the worst editor in the world to choose the best of his 7 prints ,hmmm,

  • Frostfrog, just visited your blog, keep it coming, anxious to view the workshop through your eyes.

  • Can’t wait for 02. Really, really into the work of Karen Mirzoyan.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “This is YOUR night…”
    no,no PANOS…this is YOUR DAYS and NIGHTS…

    I am the proudest civilian in the world…in the Universe…
    if there is a vision…there is a way…

    damnit…you make me proud everyday…I believe in YOU,ALL of YOU…BURN MF*


  • a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS…what day is the opening?…BURN-GARDEN?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…don’t check your mail…not yet…
    hugs to my Italian familia!

  • CIVI, the GreekLoveGlue..

    don’t do anything, not before November.. will be off soonest, first North then deep South..

  • Bursa Photofest International Photo Contest

    Deadline: October 5th, 2011


  • @ ALL Metal Lovers: I send you some passion and power. Watch this drummer!

    The Trooper (Iron Maiden) cover by Machine Gun Smith: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh_zU2UFCmA
    PS: Boys also want to have fun!

  • Stephanie Sinclair, sorry..

  • TIME The Next Generation Contest

    Deadline: October 17th, 2011


  • Gordon, I remember reading Charis Wilson’s obituary maybe a year, two years ago. She was very old when she passed; if I remember this correctly she was 95 or 96.

    Panos, you’re a worse editor than me? Frankly, I do not see how this is scientifically possible because I have no damn clue what I’m doing.

  • http://instagr.am/p/OYPCX/

    (little tease above, part of the print , thank u!!!!!!!)

  • smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this one made my day
    thank you!


  • Panos, good news that the print arrived.

  • I’m with dq – it’s definitely Rio and my guess is DAH too.

  • Kindly help? I need catching up…

    I think DAH is in town for 2 weeks. One workshop ending this Friday with a bang, and then starts again w the advanced group? Anyone?

    DAH – you asked if I could stop by and show work, would love to if you haven’t filled the during the week docket and we can coordinate time. And excited of course for the final slideshows.

    And on a separate note, how are you embedding videos now into the thread?

    Also, Panos, I think you may have missed my question about me sending a smaller print. All I have it about 8×10. Too small, too late?

    Thanks one and all!

  • Need help with something. I have been using Picasa.google.web to display my portfolio and essays to share but it is so screwed up now. I had it loaded and went back today and it had reposted all the albums I had on there before and keeps wanting me to launch Picasa which is out of control! What on-line storage do any of you use that you could recommend that is good for sharing portfolio and/or essays for review?

  • ERICA, all sizes of prints are fine!
    Imants didnt even sent me prints but just a super cool “installation”
    please feel fee to send anything you like..and u are also A TRUE BURNIAN, so anytime you show “UP” you are “UP”…
    i personally include a big venice print and a tiny BEYONCE print!

  • Definitely RIO, yes, but but buttttttttt! definitely NOT DAH!

  • IT IS SIMPLY A FUN FUN POSTCARD! a great friend of mine sent it from Brazil!
    (damn, i love my job!)
    All, smile, lighten up, whole POSTCARD click below
    PHOTOGRAPHER: UNKNOWN???????!!!!!!!


  • PANOS: Jajaja you’ve made my day!! Funny picture. :-)
    PS: In California you got the same?


    i would love to have you come by…both weeks are equally advanced classes…i have done two classes back to back for the last three years i think…in any case, will call you soonest…i think next week the one, simply because i am pretty booked with presenters this week..of course i am hoping to see you friday evening for the usual presentations….and fiesta following


    hey, your unknown photog is working MY territory…pretty damned good postcard though….

    cheers, david

  • hahaha panos

  • David , laughing hysterically…yes , the “unknown photog” might overshadow YOUR “RIO”, which coming up “COMING UP SOONEST IN A THEATER NEAR YOU” (word on the streets;)

    Patricio..in california u see more of the opposite..bigger “upper-see silicon-buddy” tiny behinds, in Rio the opposite…smiling..but even in LA, it all depends which “hood” are u roaming at..Coz you can find best of both worlds if u interested..only problem:ITS EXPENSIVE!
    (dont get me wrong though, its EXPENSIVE to live in LA thats what i meant;)

  • apologies to Sir David Alan Harvey for even thinking for a minute that that postcard snippet was his photo. had they been putting up their hair at the same time, we might have had something more possibly his…

  • Mike R!
    send me an email here:

    i wanna ask u couple questions ..thanks bud!

  • DAH: Roger that! See you Friday night. Will scribble in the dark.

    panos – got it – now i just have to find the address again…

  • P.skoulidas
    1115 S.Alamo st, #2308
    san antonio TX 78210
    Unites States Of America!

  • Panos… I can assure you that where those come from , there are thousands more…the beautiful traditional Rio landscape (It isn’t an ad by American Airlines, but I hope that was persuasive enough to have you booking your flight ahahaha)And I’m with dq..it’s not a DAh, but it could be if it was 4:45 pm in copacabana beach with beach soccer players at background or a kid taking a shower, another girl running , a bike coming in the left,a volkswagen parked close in the right side, one of the girls fixing the hair, or the last girl looking at him..oh no…not the last dangerous option ahahah Kidding…He’d approach with a different magic ( “COMING UP SOONEST IN A THEATER NEAR YOU” )

  • Yes, indeed! still, the “unknown photographer from Rio”… it will be cool if we find out his name!
    anyway, Brazil, rocks!

  • David, lovin’ your comic book

    Two redheads in two days? Yup. Kerry lunches with Mike, who is friends with Shannon’s husband who shoots transvestites sometimes on the weekend.”

    Yes, I absolutely love red-headed women too. Us and Gustav Klimt. Shannons husband PHOTOGRAPHS transvestites I’m assuming. Shooting is such a loaded word. As a fellow portrait photographer once remarked, yup we book’em, shoot’em, mount’em.

    That photo of Gilda is absolutely absolutely stunning.

  • How the hell did eva manage to stay out of shot while soth managed to get in???

  • John.. you get Soth and a whole lot of other nice people and you complain???? Tststs…

  • JOHN

    time and time again we are reminded of what photography is actually FOR..the real PURPOSE…yes, after all it is simply a tool for reminding us of what we did at a particular time and date…without these fine photos i would not have remembered exactly who was in the elevator that night…and even after seeing, i am not sure i am believing….Soth wrapped in a blanket? where exactly were we?

    cheers, david