Frederique Menard-Aubin – Artist’s Portraits in Their Workshop (Studio)

During the few last months, I visited Montreal visuals artists in their workshops. I wanted to know about their creative process. After I took a photograph, I also asked them to write a few words about the way they see their personal creativity. It was important for me to see their workshop and to engage a good conversation before I started to shoot. I let the subject come to me, I let their ideas and their environment inspire me.




I was born in 1984, Québec, Canada.
I studied in visual arts (baccalaureat-2010), Università du Québec, Montrèal (UQAM).
In 2008, I did a training course at Visa pour l’image (Perpignan).
I work for Festival International de Jazz de Montréal as a concert photographer since 2009.
I’m a (dark room) photo instructor (CEGEP Edouard-Monpetit) since 2010.


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Frederique Menard-Aubin


14 Responses to “Frederique Menard-Aubin – Artist’s Portraits in Their Workshop (Studio)”

  • BEAUTIFUL prints…..
    VIVA film!!!!!
    I wish I could read the text…..

  • Excellent work, very intense. You have been lucky to have the opportunity to meet many creative people.The idea to connect words with the visual is something I like very much and in this case works well. I like the “split” framing of 3 and 7, the intensity of 5 and as a former passionate of slides of course N° 15 !
    PS: by the way, excellent B&W ! And excellent color in your site…

  • Lovely images and the photographer does seem to have managed to get in close and intimate with these artists. I’ve always been extremely curious to hear and see how artists view their creativity, so I was relishing the idea of seeing something more today but BIG problem for me is I can’t see the written text and I can barely read French…
    Apart from this… lovely, lovely work.

  • I like this series of photos. I like to see in general where people work, and especially artists in their environments. The photographer made a real effort to catch something of the artist, as well. Would love to see more of these, and more of the environments themselves.

  • like that

  • I love this… sensitive and tasteful approach to her subjects… like Jim I would like to see more.


  • It’s a very beautiful set of portrait, it’s nice to see a photographer from quebec on burn.

  • Looks like a dreamlike kind of place, captured in dreamy work. Congratulations, Frederique!

    I wish I had paid better attention in my junior high French class. Then maybe I could have read it, too. Still, just seeing the words that I can’t read still adds depth to the essay, so I am glad you included them.

  • I love the sophisticated insight here! Thank you for sharing.

  • Congratulations Frederique on being published! :)

    I enjoyed the series and really wish there were more. I particlarly loved the use of text and in some instances, the playfulness of the text worked perfectly to complement or contradict the picture. Either way, it is a great marriage of words (artists’) and image. strong and diverse work and well photographed. for me, i was curious to see how the ‘style’ and way you shot each artist worked with/against their environment/media….would love the pics to be much larger (though i could read the text when i looked at the essay in Full Screen size)…

    strong work, well done…are you familiar with Toronto-Moscow-based photographer Anya Chibisova. She’s doen a series of artist (in toronto and moscow/petersburg) …strong work too and it is interesting to see the coupling..

    i recognized 1 of these artists and that was lovely to see as well…

    thanks for sharing

  • Frederique, this is great work, enjoyed it very much, and will certainly come back to see it again.. thank you!

  • These leave a lot to be desired for in my opinion. I see these and compare them to Dornac’s and wonder why the emotion of the artist seems lost here…and not just the emotion, but the vigor in their eyes, the curiousity and the ability to just let go. These don’t look like artists so much as poseurs trying their hardest to look inquisitive and honest. Dornac’s, which can be seen here:

    Feel more raw — feel more like each artist really invested his trust to know that the final product was all that mattered. But then, I don’t recognize any of these artists, so perhaps in a decade or so, these will look fantastic and Frederique will be hailed as clairvoyant.

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