burn.02 launch party with special guest bruce davidson…

At Home with David Alan Harvey workshop students and staff with today’s guest,
photographer James Estrin (in red) creator of the NYTimes LENS blog.

Burn.02 Launch Party with Special Guest Magnum Photographer Bruce Davidson

Saturday, 8 October
Doors locked at 9pm sharp for respectful showing of work from Bruce Davidson and our workshop students…
get here early or you won’t be let in until the show is over.
Fiesta to follow, please bring your preferred beverage…
475 Kent Avenue #607 –  Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Featuring the work of:

There is lots going on this weekend in Burnland. For those of you in the New York area, please come and see work from Bruce Davidson and my class from last week as per described above.

If you are closer to San Antonio, Texas, then check out the burn.ed GARDEN at the SMARTart Project Space. The brainchild of Burn Curator-on-the-Texas scene, Panos Skoulidas and mostly Kim. Many Burn commentators have submitted prints to this totally renegade and totally endorsed exhibition from our Burn family…yeah, family sounds corny I guess, but I would not know how else to describe. Panos has worked very hard to assemble prints from many of our readers here.

I want to thank Jim Estrin (in red shirt above), MaryAnne Golon, Steve Fine, Chris Bradley, David Griffin, Alice Gabriner, Danny Wilcox Frazier, Michael Loyd Young, Kerry Payne, Franco Pagetti, Peter Turnley, Christopher Anderson, Bruce Gilden, and Bruce Davidson…all who came to my class to present to my 12 students and a few assembled guests. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This gathering is also a celebration and New York official launch of Burn.02. Come and check it out. Yes, purchase one for the good guys. Check us out carefully, and you will see we are simply trying to do the right thing. To help get something going in our biz for the next generation. Not mine. I am fine. This is for you. Pay back/pay forward. Do it when the time comes.

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  • Where the real stuff happens.. just nice.. hard work all around, but it is alive! Looking forward to the reporting all around :)


  • Wish I could make it! Congrats to all! And what Eva said :)

  • http://instagr.am/p/PZcir/

    McLellan arrived safely in Texas checking BURN.02 with Kim!

  • PANOS..

    warmest regards to Doug from me please..so so cool he came down from Canada to help you out..

  • Doug says hello to new freaking york!!!!!!!!!!! and to you especially!

    viva Burn!

  • i so wanna be in the Kibbutz right now…my heart bleeds!
    David, i know you know…this loft …almost., almost became my home last year…how the hell did i miss that??? A Serendipity..universe forces wanted me to keep on roaming….and it seems that it all turned out to be fine!!!!

  • Panos,
    You’re right… You’re doing great!
    And no worries mate, we’ll cheer to you -and will have a few drinks (why not ouzo, anyone?), just as if you were there with all of us!


    1) have a great night tomorrow….enjoy the nights, reverie, fever, etc….that is a great 1-2 punch combo! :))))…burnnyc, burntx…quite a Carolina bbq….

    2) David: sending a friend over tomorrow to the follow as my stand in…a journalist, drinker and all round good guy…he is also pals with John vink…he’s my drinking buddy here…Patrick Halby…blonde…i told him to cornpipe it with y’all…in lieu of my absence…

    3) wish i could be both in nyc and tx (had originally planned to make this weekend, alas, other issues cropped up in last 4 weeks that need tending (family))….anyway, there in spirit…

    4) print + $$ = u will have….

    in lieu of my absence, wishing u luck:

    i’ll always remeber kibbutz party i attended and at one moment felt like saying on the stairwell: Eres la chica más bonita en este bar aunque eres travestí…;))))

    my memories….

    there, both, in spirit

    off and away now for a good bit of time…, family healing


  • Is the showing/fiesta open to all fans of Burn? – Robert

  • we are all happy and celebrating here…check my facebook for details..hope u guys doing the same…
    ohhhhhhhhhhh…btw…WE ARE SENDING A BLACK LIMOUSINE…..
    fellow BURNIAN mr. Michael A. Shapiro that arrives in flesh around midnight!
    yes yes! A limo driver in the airport with/holding a name sign/banner that says: Michael A. Shapiro.
    we are hooking it up!


  • a civilian-mass audience


    I am the proudest Civilian in the world…and this I have to say :

    “Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours”
    Swedish Proverb

    can I cry now?…hiii


    yes, of course..just get there early…doors locked down tight at 9pm sharp….no party during the showing of the work…and after, well the best party in town!

  • http://instagr.am/p/PY3mq/
    Audrey’s “young FRIDA KAHLO”

    What’s up with your fingernail,Panos :)

  • Uncle P.

    Thank you. This is for you.

    Dear Photografers,

    I hope you have fun. Mr.David A.Harvey thank you.
    I am so happy that I have so many Burning uncles and aunts.

    Hello from Greece.

  • Vissaria! stop embarrassing me !
    yes thats me in that photo, 7 years old!

  • Hmmmmm.. is it possible to be in three places at the same time?

    Guess I’m with Civi on this one..

  • PANOS!
    You look good on that photo!
    and thanks again for taking all the effort to collate the pictures, put them on walls and show them tonight.
    Big Hug!

    EVA, CIVI, may I join you?

  • Tonight, we are all seven years old…faces scrubbed, almost settled in, curated:


    All the best to the Loftians and San Antonio Burnians. VIVA!!!

  • Waiting in Naples to ship-check in.. a pink rainbow.. Vissaria’s rainbow comes to mind..


    Jeff.. they look innocent and full of amticipation, fitting pic!

  • http://instagr.am/p/Pfgmg/

    ALMOST DONE WITH hanging…salon style….

    STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PANOS…

    what is your obsession with Michal Shapiro?? just kidding…he was one of the very first Road Trips bloggers….and he flew to New York to meet with me as well a couple of years ago or more…great guy….

    i just want to wish you a good old fashioned good luck high five for tonight in San Antonio…very proud of your work here amigo…..and so cool for all of our commentators ….i am buying the Vissaria two kids in the garden..right? .and maybe others too once i find out what you have in inventory….

    anyway Burn buzzing New York/San Antonio…i will call you in the middle of it all…don’t lose your phone….

    cheers, hugs, david

  • a civilian-mass audience

    why edavid…why?

    ADMIN…can I change my name to ecivi?…oime!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    credit when credit is due…BRAVOOOOOOOO to ALL of US…
    BURNIANS(donors,photophilosophers,crews,silent readers,silent civilians,chickens,cats,dogs…frogs…)
    only this I have to say…

    MAY THE SPIRITS be with YOU and MAY your VISION keeps BURNING!!!

    P.S EVA,safe travels…I can smell November!

  • ipod,ipad, iphone imav imants

  • Imants; is that evolution or regression? :-)

  • Panos,

    I am floored by all the hard work you put into this show. My frend, I hope the event is fun, successful, joyous and more. Enjoy your evening. You’ve earned it.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    icivi…why not?:)))))))))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    whatever iBRIAN said…!!!
    whatever happens in San Antonio…doesn’t stay in SA!
    whatever happens in Kibbutz…stays in Kibbutz…

    I love you my i-BURNIANS…!

  • “A slew of others?” I think I resent being called a slew.

  • PANOS!!!

    I can’t do FB, but have just seen your instagram stream.. YOU DID IT!! Thank you! And of course KIM, and those who have helped too!

  • Bravo Panos for pulling this off…

  • Panos,

    Joining the big round of applause for you and Kim.

    Your FACEbook links however all produce the same error message here in Germany:
    This content is currently unavailable . . . etcetera . . .

    Eva, can you enlighten me (?) How to link to the instagram stream???


  • Gerhard..

    try this:


    Am not home and with the phone only, so a bit limited..

  • Eva,
    Congratulation to your sale!


  • @ ALL: Photomicrography from the Boston Big Picture. Awesome and interesting images of what sourround us and we “can’t” see.


    Enjoy in full screen.

  • @ AUDREY: Congrats for your SOLD, just see the Instagram from brother Panos in SA!

  • Panos, so happy to hear that the opening was a total success – always expected it to be. An amazing feat on your part, mate.


  • a civilian-mass audience

    ok,ok…let me tell you what I see…
    EVA and my other NON FB BURNIANS

    Well,PANOS is going around and around with his iphone…he is reporting…
    I see names…your horse,birds,naked bodies…
    I see a lady with an umbrella
    I see PANOS saying hi and thank you to a lady…

    oime,I am telling you…PANOS is like a butterfly… flying from print to print…
    ok…that’s the reporting for now
    I am gonna check again…hold on

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I see…all my BURNIANS…
    I can hear …blah,blah and some laughs
    I see…Uknown



    and a big THANK YOU to all the people behind the red dots…THANK YOU!!!
    cause when there is a vision…there is a wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    now,I am looking to hear from the kibbutz area…come on,you can do it too…

  • Good job Panos. How many photos did you end up with on the walls? Thanks so much for all your hard work. You are a wonder. Thank Kim too. I know she must have done so much to help. Cause that is what a good partner does. Love you and thank you so, so much!

  • panos — ALL FB links lead nowhere :-(((

    WAS the evening a total success????? we are all awaiting a report — time to wake up there in TX — full details please!!!!!


  • According to Panos’s FB page, these are the sold prints so far….
    WAY TO GO PANOS and KIM!!!!!!!
    SUCCESS** SUCCESS!!!!!!!!

    Kurt L
    Stephen Uhraney
    Charles Peterson
    Matt Newton
    Annie Musselman
    Chuck Farley


  • oh,
    sorry P,
    I see you are posting now…….

  • Thank u Wendy.. Exhausted ! Everyone asleep, Doug, Michael , Kim..
    But I have to walk Lola! And working on iPhone not as fast but once again thanks to STEVE JOBS now I can multitask.. Pleas befriend me on FB to see videos ( plus I need more friends anyways)
    Anyway continuing:

  • what did you finally decide on prices for prints??

  • It was a SILENT AUCTION.. I will talk the pricing/money talk later…
    I could write a whole post about it, but mainly I followed the photographers requests and couple prints were sold “less expensive ” just to Benefit BURN!
    that was the biggest headache , but I think I LEARNED some SERIOUS lessons last night about , art, money and SALES..soonest about that…

  • But WE HAVEN’T DONE YET! because we will do a special BURN.02 “Texas launch”
    Stay tuned about that!

  • P
    welcome to my world!!!!

  • http://instagr.am/p/Pj7ce/

    Matthew Newton sold

    QUICK PAUSE HERE: Matthew’s print was the most “talked about” print, along with Charles P and David Alan Harvey of course ( a print that was for DISPLAY purposes only)…

  • http://instagr.am/p/Pj6vR/

    Chuck F. My amazing street artist/graffiti from venice beach sold

  • http://instagr.am/p/Pj6La/

    ha ha.. I’m loving it!

  • NOW , all, please remember THIS:
    that was just the beginning , opening night..
    more ideas coming

    Another lesson I learned last night ( I was a little overpriced ,.. Just a tiny bit..
    I know I could have sold at least 5 more prints if I could swallow my pride.. And I will swallow my pride starting from today )

  • We are gonna have Private showing to collectors, wine and cheese happy hours and BURN.02 PRESENTATIONS..
    AS I SAID: WE JUST STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wont stop till i drop…or no sleep till Brooklyn!

  • Panos,

    Thank you so much for all your efforts. :))
    Congratulations on success of sale!
    I wish i would be there…:))

  • Brother P! :))))))))))

    this will be quick as i’m on the fly, as u know, no computer time…but big big big congratulations on the success/joy, etc….and big props to you and kim for busting your asses for BURN…and big congrats to all those who exhibited (sold or unsold) and to all those who sold prints :))))….great to hear…as u know, my print is probably right now sitting on the border (thanksgiving weekend here) and hopefully you’ll have in in your hands before closing ;))))))…i am especially happy for Vissaria!!!!!!!…as for money and sales, man don’t sweat it, that’s life and the gallery world and most importantly the world of buyers…they always want to buy cheap, but having lived that life now for past 10 years, you gotta see the positive: you created a reality and an experience for yourself, for burn and for the photographers and this means way more than what got sold and for how much: you moved it, and that is what matters and i’m so happy and proud o fyou and so thankful for your vision and energy and generosity ;)))…as u know ‘payment’ to you is in the mail ;))))….and btw, i have another idea to help you…but i will keep that to myself for now until after the show finishes….an idea about payback for you…will announce it at the end of October :)))

    ok, must run, driving calling

  • kyunghee ;))))…i see we’re next to each other in Burn02 cover ;)))))…can’t wait to see :)))…ok, family calling, running…

  • a civilian-mass audience


    YES,congrats to ALL…BUT YOU ARE ALL THERE…!!!

    I make a plea to the IMF and to the Greek Goverment:

    PLEASE,can I have some money back so I can put red dots to ALL MY BURNIANS?
    damnit,I am a hardworking person…
    I have chickens and ouzo and olives and wine…and I have YOU and your vision

  • a civilian-mass audience

    whatever BOBBYB said…!

    What not to love!!!

  • http://instagr.am/p/PnKTB/

    “VENICE BEACH gangsters ( Kim with Granade and Doug MacLellan) terrorizing the mean streets of San Antonio”

  • panos

    Thank you so much for your hard work. Woke up this morning and had a congratulatory email from Jeff H. Look forward to the next phase of this on going effort!!!


    stephen uhraney

  • PANos ….nice to c red dots ……… congratulations !

  • @ Manager PANOS:
    Thanks for the sale!

    I won’t say “pride”, I’d rather say “excitement”, like having a lot of momentum, so you think that everyone will follow you (prize, power, women, etc…) but nowadays is not the case due to crisis… :-D
    Yeah! benefit to burn was my aim (keep some change for some beers when I’ll met you).

    PS: You will sell yours this week, just some excitement, so you need to get plugged/attached to the exhibition until the end…jaja…

  • It sounds like the opening of the San Antonio show was a great success. Congrats Panos, and to all who sold.

    The show at David’s loft last night was a resounding success as well. How could it not be with Bruce Davidson giving another presentation? He shows one astounding photograph after another after another after another and you get the feeling he could go on with that level of quality all night if he had to. He’s very busy publishing as well. He has a new book of his subway photographs and at least two others (I think more but wasn’t counting) in the pipeline. If he’s not careful he might just end up bankrupting poor Eva and Paul. I had seen much of the presentation before and bought Outside Inside last year, so I had a pretty good idea what to expect. But this time I was genuinely blown away by his color work. Of course Davidson is known for his black and white masterpieces and he describes himself as a black and white photographer, but his color work is at least as exceptional in its own way. He said he hated color for the longest time but he sure knew what to do with it when the hating passed. Turns out he studied color theory with Josef Albers at Yale. I’m guessing he aced that class. I’m Looking forward to a book of his color work in Central Park.

    The student show was fun as usual. There were two more Occupy Wall Street projects, both of which were well done. Scared me a bit though since I’ve been down there a lot. I was afraid I’d turn up in one of the photos. As I’ve mentioned in the past, seeing the student work and meeting the students and chatting with them is my favorite part of these little get togethers, but it’s been great meeting other burnians as well. I spoke at length with Michelle Frankfurter, whose Destino was prominent in the slideshow plug for Burn 02. That was great. And I finally met Erica McDonald, which was nice (and a long time coming), and I very much enjoyed meeting Tanguy as well.

    And speaking of Burn 02, I picked that up from Diego while I was there. It’s very well-made, a very solid evolution from Burn 01. Congratulations again to everyone involved.

    And if that was the last of the loft, it went out in style. It was such a wonderful, positive scene. Thanks David.

  • Congratulations, Panos and the whole slew. I am pretty impressed by what you did. Wish I could have got a print to you, but life has been might pressing these past couple of months – one thing to another, no breaks in between.

    Would have loved to have seen the Bruce Davidson show and especially the slide shows of the latest Loft crew – I know they were good. I hope things slow down a bit for me soon, so I can better absorb and reflect upon my own Loft experience and still share it with you all.

  • MW…

    I was going to send you an Email to see if you could ask Bruce Davidson if he has any plans on publishing another edition of Brooklyn Gangs. I know Outside Inside includes this brilliant work but I found out the other day the original editions seem to have about 25 more images in them. But last Friday I lost all internet connection and so I’ve been stranded up until this midday.

  • “Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus” … We came, we saw, we conquered.

    “Veni, Vidi, Vici” … I came, I saw, I conquered.

    Thus, “Venipanos, Vidipanos, Vicipanos” … we can do the math!


  • Panos…

    From what I’ve seen on Facebook and and round here you deserve a round of applause and big hug from all of us…
    So very well done Panos!!

    Bravo Panos!!
    Viva Panos!!

  • Paul, yes, he definitely will be publishing Brooklyn Gangs. Another part of what’s interesting about Bruce’s talks is that he’s met many of the subjects of his famous photographs when they were much older. Sometimes having looked them up, other times fortuitously.

  • Moves to:

    Venicepanos, Videopanos, Victoriouspanos

  • Panos. Good work dude. Thats a lot of dots.

  • MW…

    BTW I given up taking images in colour!
    I was noticing the fact that I was being attracted to, and taking pictures of, pretty colors, without there being anything of any interest or consequence within these images. Never felt so good, it’s a lovely sense of abandon to be able to ignore and not really care much about colour. Now it’s all down to seeing luminances, tonal relationships, and surfaces. I wasn’t sure I would feel comfortable and I had a suspicion I would soon go back to colour but for now it’s all BW both film and digital.
    Of course this is all Eva and John Gladdy’s fault :)

  • MW…

    I’m pleased to hear the news. I just hope he gets Steidl to do all the printing and not leave it up to Aperture. As much as I like Alex Webb’s new book the shitty paper Aperture used to print with, makes it absolutely impossible not to crease whilst turning pages. This of course is Anton’s fault!! The quality of Kakuza has turned into my yardstick by which I measure the quality of paper and printing. Laughing, rare is the day now I buy a new book which doesn’t let me down thanks to Anton. :))

  • MW…

    I think read somewhere there’s only one surviving member from the Brooklyn Gang and they met each other after many years and are back to being very close friends.

  • Well Paul, and speaking of Josef Albers: color itself, or more often the juxtaposition of different colors, can be interesting and meaningful in and of itself. The great color photographers usually manage that feat with interesting subject matter to boot.

  • “bloody breakfast” Shot by Michael A Shapiro

  • Jeff, im so glad u introduced mr STEPHEN UHRANEY to Burn!

    Stephen thank you!

  • MW…

    I totally agree but in my case colour seems to distract me too often and just leads to something banal.

  • Talk about a succesful opening…. Merci Panos!

  • Is it just me or is the guy standing behind Mr Estrin in that group portrait look like he’s about to clobber Mr Estrin with a baseball bat? There’s definitely a look of malice aforethought there, I think.

  • Akaky… I thought that too. “Who’s this dude think he is?” ;^}

  • Pictures from NY and SA anyone?

  • Thodoris,
    Doug is flying back to Canada and he is preparing a slideshow, Mike A Shapiro is going to airport in couple hours (I’m his taxi driver) and I already saw he had a lot of photos / slideshow to post about the gallery opening night!

    And then back to gallery for next plan of action!!
    I want to sell more.. WE ONLY HAD 3 hour presentation (7-10)
    and NOT enough time to talk to everyone! As I wrote earlier we are gonna do some “private viewing” by appointment for collectors that did not make it on time and a

    Not confirmed yet but I got a call late last night that possibly ,
    ANDREW STEINER also sold but but but , awaiting confirmation on this one!
    Some collectors/buyers are bargaining really really hard… Smiling!
    Good morning y’all again, Mike sleeping upstairs, Kim dead tired and I’m walking LOLA the dogg!!! since 6 am ( almost 7:30am now … I temporarily gave coffee up couple weeks ago due to an ulcer and insomnia became once again my best friend..
    Need a bigger charger for my phone too!!!
    “BURN-ed Garden” PARTY IS NOT OVER!
    It’s just barely started!

    All, even the few members that bought photos here from Burn Audience

  • HERVE congratulations!
    btw your print brought a breath of fresh air and sense of humor in the gallery room!
    Same with Akaky’s:)

    Some other spectators admired Gladdy’s amazing prints, and talked a bout Thodoris’ , Eva, Laura M and Audrey b&w a lot ( especially the b&w lovers)
    I know also some loved Tom Hyde but my prices for some prints were too high ( I’m working on that )..

    And then the COLOR lovers!!!!


  • a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS reporting from SAN ANTONIO…BURNED GARDEN is rolling

    Thank …I am sending Greek coffee(frapee)…stomach ulcer is Guaranteed !!!

    of course…we are hoping to see some reports from the kibbutz…in 2011!

    cause when there is vision…there is hope…

    EVA,DOUG,MIKEA…my BURNIANS…safe travels!


    well you know how group shots are…you try to pick one where everyone has their eyes open…but getting that AND getting malicious looks off faces is really hard!! nice observation….


    damn dude i have lost my reading glasses, so this is painful..going into Manhattan now to see some friends and to buy glasses…most beautiful day of the century..loving it here, but also smell my beach…out of here tomorrow to catch the weather down obx…

    suffice it to say Bruce Davidson in my loft as the opening act for my students work was historic…the buzz, you could feel it…everyone in the room KNEW this was a special moment…Bruce and Emily are well just Bruce and Emily and Bruce takes pictures for fun and raised his family and was never gone from home more than a week says Emily who honestly cannot remember how many years they have been married nor can he and they both smile and say “around 43 years”…well, need i say more?

    and YOU have made history…you and Kim that is..no doubt in anyone’s mind here on Burn that were in not for Kim this would not be happening…YOU doing it, SHE the catalyst…

    great Panos..proud of you as always…

    cheers, david

  • Cool Panos, can’t wait to see the pics… again bravo for organizing all this, and good luck for all the rest you have planed…

  • DAH thank u!

    Did i mention that also DIEGO ORLANDO’S print sold and awaiting confirmation for ANDREW STEINER’s print (fingers crossed)

    and David!…i didnt do anything…
    its YOU/your legacy that made it possible and ALL THE BURNIANS (KNOWN AND UNKNOWN ) THAT ACTUALLY DID IT!
    THEIR PRINTS…their credit!!!!!!!!!!
    (all credit to me NOT fair!)
    and yes without KIM i wouldnt be able to even find my socks in the morning, nevermind curating A Show!
    I didnt even know what an Auction is prior to all that , barely able managing my own checking account, to say at least…laughing!
    dont they say: “in front of a strong woman is usually a MALAKAS that takes all the credit”?
    ha ha..thats my story!!!!!
    big hug

  • PANOS:

    Sounds like you got off to a good start there. Well done amigo.

    And as Bob said, don’t worry that you didn’t sell more. It takes time – don’t feel pressure, just enjoy the experience of meeting collectors and showing them the work.

    My show is on here throughout October also – it includes a print of the photograph I sent you. Can you send me an installation shot?

    Look forward to more reports.



  • Panos /Jeff

    Just hope I make it through the vetting process.

    stephen u

  • Congrats Panos! and thanks once again for the opportunity.
    Like Justin said…I shot from the entire installation will be nice!
    I like the fact you are saying this is only the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “cause when there is vision…there is hope…”

    Yet more lovely, profound utterings from a civilian-mass audience.

    Reading that just turned my evening around.


  • Panos and Kim, wonderful words from DAH! You know that he wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. We Burnians owe you – big time!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PAULT…you nailed it…hiii
    hugs to the kids…and family!

    and yes…KIM is not a regular civilian…she is DA WOMAN…
    and credit to PANOS
    and credit to ALL MY BURNIANS…who went through fire …to go to the post office(no joking here)
    and credit to the one and only one
    who opened the doors and the windows and let your visions pour in…

    WHAT NOT TO LOVE…YES,we are family (not a regular one) BUT a BURNED one !!!

    and yes,we love BRUCE and EMILY…need I say more?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Yes,I need to say more…


    water on me…cause I am out of ouzo,I drunk it all…oups…

  • http://instagr.am/p/PwRbR/

    PAUL PARKER … sold!!!!!!

    Await for more updates!!!!

  • HERVE…..your print brought a breath of fresh air and sense of humor in the gallery room!

    Perfect substitute for me, then! :-)

  • Congrats on the success! Hope it keeps coming.

  • Panos. you keep selling at this rate, burns gonna be able to afford a new roof :)

  • Honestly Herve, what I liked about your print is that actually so HERVE… you managed to DESCRIBE YOURSELF and mirror your personality perfectly!!!!!

  • ALL,
    whoever is not sold YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DO NOT DESPAIR!…this was just the 2nd day of our exhibition!
    im close to ask for more pictures..i mean really…smiling…but wait before u send me more stuff…
    Anyway, we have lots of appointments with clients and a BURN.02 BOOK PARTY COMING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IM gonna do a workshop of “HOW TO SELL YOUR PICTURE” (LOL…im joking of course!)

    Anyway…bottomline , news are great..much progress in just 2 days (3 hours on saturday/premiere and an appointment today)and about 20 prints are already found a home (adopted) by nice people..Art lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Support BURN
    THINK COMMUNITY (no pride, no selfishness…benefit Burn please)


  • http://instagr.am/p/PvXiK/

    “Cmon little elephant! On your Bike!!! Stop acting tired:)”

  • this the technique we used and forced people to buy photos!


  • Great group photo. I don’t see a single grey hair, a good thing maybe.

  • Panos!

    Not much time, day 3 of 8 out shooting, but keeping up with sales and S. Antonio roamings over instagram feed.. so just popping in and give you another high five! Gallery might give you a permanent job, be careful :)))

  • wish i could make it…

    Dear David

    please do a workshop in India.

    looking forward to see the works.

    many thanks


  • WOW Panos!!

    My Pitbull and I were sitting at five am in a grassy field all on our own watching the full moon shine all over the hills and I decided to turn on my mobile and see what was going on a Burn and you BLEW ME AWAY!

    THANK YOU KIM AND PANOS!!!!!!!! :))

  • AKAKY…

    I think maybe this could be the soundtrack to the “look” in the photo above…

    BTW I missed out on that one! I was just too interested in admiring the beautiful woman in the photo especially the woman with blonde hair standing front row top of the stairs, third from the right…
    I wonder if she is one of our silent Burnians? :))

  • Any chance of having the burn prints put online with their sale prices? fell like a schmuck I never managed to send one, perhaps I could contribute by purchasing one – and there must be others who would also like to consider purchasing?

  • feel that is…btw, is there now a way to edit posts? and how do you insert video?

  • Erica, great idea.. I just don’t know how to post Prints online since I have no digi files but just “paper”, prints in my hands..
    About prices etc, it was a Silent Auction.. People biding and having fun ( making customers compete between them )… But gallery has the $ info .. Will do a breakdown by end of the month
    ( remember , we are still on the 3rd day .. And we will push for more PROMOTION parties etc!
    Each and every Burnian that SOLD a print will be contacted (for paypal info – ANOTHER HEADACHE -smiling)
    But ALL PLEASE!!!
    be patient .. We only started.. We have NOT DONE .. not even close to be done..
    It was a “silly” stupid idea I originally thought!
    Who cares about photos anymore?
    People lose their jobs everyday, foreclosures, fear, Recession, Europe/ America falling apart!
    Who would believe that in a tiny town like San Antonio in the heart of Texas anyone would care to buy Burn??? A print??? This NOT LA nor NYC..
    Stereotype say that here it’s all about horses and big pick up trucks..
    ANOTHER STEREOTYPE is broken ( for me at least )

    Next week I’m doing a tiny workshop for kids ONLY here and then present kids work in the art lovers scene..
    Again, THANK U ALL FOR SUPPORTING BURN, people that sold await emails soon , but process is slow since gallery is involved and monitoring handling all that!
    Me and Kim are not “touching” any $$$…
    The gallery also will contact buyers for payments etc..
    So plz understand that I was NOT expecting this, I honestly thought that if we sell one print that’ll be the best day of my life!
    All I was hoping for is to do a presentation party and spread the BURN word!!!
    But we did a great show, threw some models and performers in the mix, little bit of wine,
    Lots of talking and and and….the rest is history

    Now my new idea is the BURN-A-PALOOZA..
    stay tuned!

  • What’s best though is that gallery does a lot of exhibitions..
    At least 2 a month for photography alone..
    They (gallery) were so surprised ( we never sold a single photo/ print lately ) – recession days – most photogs do a show just to bring their NAME up and maybe get some jobs but honestly in REAL LIFE nobody ever thinks to sell a print.. You all know the answer : “selling a Print nowadays? NOT EASY!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BURN-A-PALOOZA…??? I am in.I can do paloOUZA !

    PAUL,don’t mess with silent readers…you are a photo philosopher :))))))))))))

    HERVE…I wanna put a red dot…on you but I only have chickens…
    do we have a deal?;)

    COME ON BURNIANS…I am missing reports…if PANOS can do it…then ALL of you can do it…
    Kibbutz people…do you copy?

    Spread the news,spread the love,spread something…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Recession days?…PANOS, you proved them wrong…


    when all the Universe was closing doors…MR.HARVEY was opening windows…
    THANK YOU ALLLLL…BURN has saved my soul and my sanity…or maybe not?:)))))))


  • Could you or someone take a snap w a digital camera and post along w price and size details on a blog? We could contact gallery directly to purchase.

  • Several new crowd funding pitches are featured on DEVELOP Tube – including the burn supported In the shadow of the Pyramids by Laura El-Tantawy. Have a look, it’s in the Emphas.is playlist – contribute/spread the word if you can.


  • Here is my ‘BURN-ed Garden’ report:

    Kim and Panos are the best of the best. They took great care of the BURNians prints, worked their asses off to make the show work and entertained two visitors. And, damn if a bunch of photos didn’t sell. All that and it was fun weekend too.

    Panos and Kim took a chance and as a result a lot of people now know more about photography and BURN. San Antonio, Texas is photo friendly, y’all.

    BURN for me is about community. At its core it is also about giving back. This past weekend, Michael, Kim and Panos breathed and lived it.

    On a personal note, my voice was hoarse from talking. It was like I gave 5 or 6 mini workshops. People asked great questions. The best part was that I actually had examples–from Nancy’s happy ‘snap’ to Harvey’s iconic image–to help answer them.

    Thank you to those who submitted the 82 photos and Imants for the photo sculpture. Thank you David for creating BURN in the first place. Michael A Shapiro, thank you for showing up and lending a well needed hand. Yvette and Andy at SMARTArt Project Space…thank you. Big ups to Kim’s friends and associates at Citigroup who made a positive and real difference. Obviously a great big thank you to Kim and Panos, consider this a love letter to you. Lets not forget Lola the dog too. Finally thank you to the BURN community who invest their time and energy to make this whole BURN enterprise so vital.

    Photos in slideshow format here: http://douglasmaclellan.photoshelter.com/gallery-slideshow/G0000vKCL_cpBSoQ/?start=

    Photos in gallery form here: http://www.photoshelter.com/mem/gallery/gallery-show?G_ID=G0000vKCL_cpBSoQ

    Photos on Facebook, too.


  • Thanks Doug for the great coverage!!

  • Nice report and pictures Doug!
    Great to see the WALL.

  • Doug….
    tears in my eyes!
    thank you for all your help and your amazing personality that glows and shines!
    And thank you for being MY friend! priceless!

  • Doug…

    Thanks for this lovely report.
    Yes indeed Burn is a community and it’s sooooooooooo very very special.

  • i will try to make a little funky iphone movie for youtube so u all get the idea


  • Panos…

    Love the cemetery photo!

    BTW just go back to the old times on RoadTrips I bet you never thought in your most wildest dreams you would create something so very special like the “BURN Garden”. So if you haven’t done it yet, stop and sit still for a minute with a Kim and enjoy this amazing achievement.

    So thank you Kim, Lola and Panos and Doug and Michael.

  • Thank u Paul!
    your print sold , and u made me look good!!!!!!! many congratulated me for the quality of YOUR print!..
    so its a circle of Love!..
    Herve made everyone smile with his “Buddhist” photo and Charles Peterson’s NIRVANA spread some chills and couple tears around! yes , emotions…plenty of emotions!

    Actually im thinking to give everyone a second chance and re do it! i’ll ask the gallery when its the right time!
    As Doug said above: this little ALAMO city is HUNGRY FOR ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good Art! And BURN ,…can produce that!

    remember: that was not “THE BEST OF BURN” …that was just an experiment, a “joke” , a salad, a garden..a BURN-ED GARDEN!…imagine if i had the BEST OF BURN in my hands..do the math!
    but, one thing for sure: we had some of the very best on the wall indeed , im politically speaking, ANTI-ELITE and it all worked fine..
    One thing for sure: THE LEVEL OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN BURN is at a high level , due to DAVID ALAN HARVEY’s insights/workshops/curator skills etc…
    Burn, raised the bar!So i was pretty confident that even if i included “anyone” from Burn, i could still pull a nice exhibition , even with random Singles (photos) ,no theme at all!

  • now, back to my question (2 months ago)
    Who sent me that beautiful huge color print with RUNNING HORSES in sunset???????????/
    (print havent sold yet)but i hate to label a photo as “unknown”!
    thank u!

  • ok..more good news..gallery just called! we are re-doing another big party THIS SATURDAY…whoever has a print still on plane (like Bob Black’s print that i cant wait to receive)please know that i will make SURE THAT U GONNA BE AT THE WALL!
    (I believe that David A H might send me couple more from MAGNUM archive;)
    ha! cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • http://instagr.am/p/P2QAf/?ref=nf

    with this book in my hands i feel the luckiest person on earth!

  • oh i almost forgot!
    big thank u to MILLI APELGREN (u can see her photo in the last weeks post/Kibbutz workshop.Her photo is the one with the skateboarder! She flew back to Austin from Brooklyn, then got in her car asap and DROVE to SA with her mom to support us


  • PANOS:

    In this current economic climate PRICE TO SELL (but don’t give ’em away!). I’m hearing that from so many visual artists at the moment.

    Not sure how you decided on prices, but don’t be afraid to lower them a bit in the name of Burn.

    Nice to see Doug’s images – you and Kim did and good job with the hanging. It’s hard to hang a group show with so many pieces, but yours looks great.

  • Doug Maclellan… thanks for the photos! Good feel. Envious. What were Panos and Kim singing, by the way? ;^}

  • Thanks for the effort Panos, Kim and all

  • Why jars are better than apps http://www.etrouko.com/iman.htm mouse rollover image

  • awesoooooooooooome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www

    even better!……………..great work!

  • Frida was the flavour of the month in the senior school visual arts courses some years ago ………these days it is just the odd token goth or the “which way to Woodstock I lost my way”remnant that show interest in her.

  • nahhh…im not gonna bite! good try :)

  • actually Imants u r absolutely right! i totally agree with your comment!
    im in wrong! i discovered Frida very late in my life..im only obsessed with her for the last 11 years…oh how i wish i could meet her earlier!

  • Not fishing just the way things have go, work has periods of relevance and at times it is dead in the water……then someone reloads the work and it takes on a form if it can

  • “Home”

    happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!(october 31st)


  • Happy Thanks Giving to all my Canadian amigos!

  • Yea it is all a bit odd about these sites some people post images about themselves, family friends in the hope that others may be interested ………. others like Panos go beyond self

  • Panos/Imants; speaking of artists…. Remember the email I posted from NZ artist John McLean? Well his exhibition made a profound effect on me; and his talk was magnificent… The “Abandoned Farmer” series still amazes me; and I learn more from it every time I view it…


  • The occupy movement has come to sleepy little Des Moines. I stopped by there tonight, snapped some quick pics, got a feeling for the small group of about 50. Predictions for the weekend are to have about 200. Base-level democracy is working. Curious too see how far up it can be taken.

  • Seriously, we really need to get a group and go crash Gordon’s place! ;^}

  • I’m not at all sure it is possible to make a photograph that goes beyond self. Unless done automatically and/or remotely, maybe for documentation and observation for science or research purposes. But whenever the maker of the image has decided where to plant his feet, and when to press the shutter, he has imposed himself on the picture-taking event. Consider the situation where two or more photographers are in the same event. It is more than likely they will record the event differently (different positions:different moments) and will therefore have imposed themselves into the image.

    Appreciating the image is one thing, but knowing the thoughts of the photographer also adds to my enjoyment. I’m just as interested to read the ideas of the writers here, as I am to see their work. Not only is there a hand-in-hand effect going on, there is a flux between the two, which is very dynamic. It’s exhilarating whenever to two connect for me.

  • Interesting read:


    Why Does Everyone Think They Need A Photo Book?

    “It’s interesting that in this digital age photographers still want a printed book of their work. They believe having a book will give them credibility as artists, and will open the door to opportunities and recognition with museums, curators and the general public.”

  • Brian F

    michael, you’re all welcome anytime.

  • Brian Frank,

    That IS awesome!

  • Jeff…

    Oh I maybe totally wrong and utterly egotistical but I want my stains, fingerprints, psyche all over my work. For years other photographer’s work has over stimulated my creativity, I would find myself time and time again trying to follow their songs, concerns and frolics. Believing my world, my crowd was dull! I would dream of far away exotic lands and people, whilst right in front of my blind eyes and heart my world shuddered and howled like the chimeras I would fantasize about…

  • Leica/Magnum Christopher Anderson video…

  • 100000 comments that is… wow…

  • can’t believe that Akaky and Civi missed this one :))

  • AVE AKAKIU…oh shit.

  • …and the Alex Majoli-MP-4 commercial in Venice is my favorite commercial ever, even better than the old Cap’n Crunch commercials the networks used to play on the Saturday morning kiddie cartoon marathons. Unfortunately, I don’t think bugging Mom for a Leica will work as well as getting some Cap’n Crunch, though.

  • still recovering from my two week new york marathon…back to read comments soonest…so pleased the Texas print sales off the charts..defies all models for selling prints…great work from Panos

  • Akaky…

    I really am a sucker for this commercial…
    I love the whole style and she’s gorgeous and she also uses a Leica in real life.

  • and for the adherents of the smartphone and its photographic possibilities, there is this:


  • note from Bruce Davidson.

    Dear David,
    You orchestrated an amazing event which inspired passion among younger
    photographers and got the blood flowing in seasoned senior photographers
    like myself.

    Of course Michael helped with the presenting the images and
    controlling the mob.

    Emily and I were moved by the creative intensity and the mood of the loft.
    We however forgot to pick up a copy of Burn and the disk of images. If you
    wish to send it, that would be terrific.

    On October 13th Aperture is exhibiting the Subway dye transfers (68
    photographs) which are on loan from a major west coast collector.

    Thank you, and Best wishes,

    Bruce & Emily

  • 4 days done, 4 more to go, 4 medals so far, 3 of them today, 1 more competition for ‘my kids’, a lot more for the ‘normal’ ones.. what a ride!


    Few things learned, as always: Panos’ right about Canoncrapcolour files, need a west? vest?.. that thing with thousand pockets.. and new bones, all if them!

  • ‎”I think my interest gets sparked when I recognize a memory. That is when I take a picture.” -Alex Majoli


  • http://instagr.am/p/P62GS/


  • http://dpreview.com/articles/9890146101/how-smartphones-are-changing-digital-photography

    for those of you who want to know about the super secret nuclear hamster base in Denali National Park.

  • a civilian-mass audience


    What did I tell you?…Greeks are strong and fast and furious…
    according to my theory…

    WE ARE ONE…and together we can do miracles!!!

    P.S…I have to admit though…I am pissed off…:))))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    thank you for your links
    I am out fighting…BUT ,BUT,BUT…I am watching you…
    keep reporting
    you have been warned;)

    P.S…I love you ALLLLL…EVA,November almost here

  • a civilian-mass audience

    note for


    We love you and thank you!


  • ALL, im preparing a tiny utube/vimeo/whatever little iphone movie as we speak from the opening night last saturday in SMARTart gallery
    stay tuned

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Saturday?…no worries,we will be there…!

    SAN ANTONIO is smelling …BURNED:)

    VIVA my people !

  • Eva…

    Wishing the best of luck for all the team!!

    The Canon files always need a very good dose of Lightroom or Camera Raw and I always end up going into Photoshop to really finish punishing my files. The only real difference I’ve found with the cheap Canon’s and the big pro Canon files, is the fact that the pro files can withstand a lot more punishing.

  • An open letter to the Burn community,

    I want to thank those of you whom submitted photos for the BURNed Gallery, in San Antonio, TX.

    I wish to openly thank Kim and Panos for arranging the show. Their hard work must be applauded. BRAVO!

    Being the novice photo enthusiast, I appreciated the wide variety of subjects, settings and the “stories” behind the photos. I am certainly one to immerse myself into a photo and find “my” personal message.

    I must thank Doug MacLellan. Who I just happened to bump into and began a conversation with regarding the photos. Little did I know I was learning from a Master Photographer. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation regarding the many aspects of photography (and hockey).

    Again, a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL!!!
    D. Lawson

  • Diego and i are sitting on my front porch…sipping on a tequila, enjoying the total quiet…Burn of course comes up…our question to all of you is this, and it is a serious question as we often think about this comment section which is always the topic of conversation when it comes to change…anyway, the question is this: why are the numbers of comments in direct inverse proportion to the quality of the essay? think about it…go back and look…quick research…not a challenge, just a real interesting thing to think about…probably a simple answer…now, sure we all to give and take a bit on my tastes etc etc..but what i am talking about are stories over time of all tastes…by the way, this magazine would be dead as a doornail if i or anyone actually set out to consciously please this audience…the more time goes on, the less i am interested in any kind of sponsorship…and right now everybody loves Burn…all the more reason for me not to please….but yes of course i want you to be happy…but that is another concept…ok, back to the porch…just thought you would like to know..

    cheers, david

  • David did you get Tequila’s opinion, she usually has a lot to say and prone not to please all in the morning …………enjoy as we slave at work

  • Tequila sucks mean d$c#;) Imants agreed!


    hey you guys aren’t thinking i am a slacker are you? just cause i have not been here….been bustin it my friend..two weeks back to back classes…you of all people should know how exhausting that is…just taking one night off, and even off tonight i am firing up some stuff..taking this to the front page , stay tuned…

  • what would be interesting to know, is how many DIFFERENT people comment. my sense is that it’s about 6-10 names… imants, paul, civi, bob, panos, akaky, eva… a few others… these are names which most often pop up… unscientific survey by me but i’m sure you could parse those stats quite easily… candidly, not sure WHY that would be interesting, exactly… seems to me that though “everybody” may love burn, you certainly have a zillion more readers than commenters, and that may be because, to the outsider, it seems like a private club with the same familiar names trading youtube links and hugs… not that there’s ANYTHING at all wrong with that, just an observation Mr. Editor…

  • arm in arm with that Tequila lass say no more!!

  • Paul..

    thanks :)

    I just don’t see the point in investing so much time in tweaking on colour files if there’s the possibility (and there IS, I’ve seen the files coming out of the Nikons) to get it almost straight IN camera. Canon might be cheaper, but what good does it if you have to invest so much time (money) in processing?

    That said I’ve just been told to forget about competitions today and go out and shoot COLOUR.. ‘I need colour’ says my chief.. and I’m sitting here, a bit at a loss..


    I might be wrong, but the comments DAH is talking about aren’t the youtube links and grouphugs ones, but those under the essays.. anyway, my 2 cents to the argument is that if you want things to change, don’t talk but do. Just start. And I’m not referring to anyone specific here, but to all and none.

    Off searching colour..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    No comment…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Nooo…actually,I have a comment…

    DQ has a point…where are you MY BURNIANSSSSSSSSSSS…?

    I need to hear from all of you…and whoever thinks that this is a private club…
    this I have to say:

    life is short…we can’t please you ALL
    I am just a civilian…and if I can do it…
    then all of you can do it…COME OVER the windows are open…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    DQ…keep reporting and if you are near Europe …come to Grecolandia…

    we can have ouzo on my front porch…VIVAA!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    break the silence…cause together we can do miracles!

  • … imants, paul, civi, bob, panos, akaky, eva… a few others… these are names which most often pop up…

    but but lets put it this way : “not all the readers of NYT for example are interested in writing there either, although they do read their paper everyday!
    Some love watching car races , that does not mean they will actually want to be race drivers…
    in any field there are some (few) people that work a little “harder” than others!
    Bob’s insights (example) and analysis under essays is NOT your typical anyday comment! its a lot of work, lotsa lotsa work! And some people (like Bob or Imants) HAVE actually SOMETHING TO SAY /write and BURN is an outlet that “needs” Imants, bob or civi!
    I cant imagine anyone here not enjoying Akaky (another example)…And the SILENT readers that enjoy AKAKY SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT, to keep reading Akaky (why take their pleasure away?)
    why kill AkaKY, bob, civi…etc!?????
    why kill EVA when is the ONLY ONE HERE that constantly searches foe venues/exhibitions/contests etc and SHARES the link with ALL?
    I myself PREACH constantly for democracy and ANTI-ELITE!!!!!!!!!!
    i proved it with BURN-ED GARDEN..
    i have names on the Wall that you and the rest here never heard of..but they read what Akaky writes and they SEND me prints when i ask (or beg) for it!…where is that invisible circle jerk party?
    what am i missing here? whats broken? whats needs to be fixed?

  • Maybe it’s something like this?!?!?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS…you need some ouzo,IMO…:)))))))

    observations are vital…
    without them…we would have only chickens and souvlakia…oime…

    BURN is the place to be
    BURN is BURNing

    please,if you have a question…only this I have to say:

    YOU have the answer too…hiii…I am going out…night from Greece…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and yes…we are a private club…

    UNIVERSAL one…


  • a civilian-mass audience

    and DPLAWSON…welcome home and thank you

  • Well, it’s time to pay the school taxes again and once again I find myself wondering just what in the hell my money’s going for. I don’t suppose I’d object to paying the taxes if they uneducable dolts who infest the school buildings my money provides them actually learned something, but as we all know, the modern American school is simply a place to warehouse the young during the daylight hours so they can conduct their social lives with a minimum of adult interference and the modern American curriculum little more than a warm bath of politically correct verities that no one is allowed to question lest someone ask why aren’t the kids getting a real education? Hence, my trepidation at paying for such nonsense. I would not mind paying school taxes if I could choose what schools got the money: I have no objections to paying for parochial schools or for schools of fish or even for schools that trained performing seals. In all of these cases the students actually learn something worth knowing. Parochial school kids learn their 4R’s: reading, riting, rithmetic, and religion, although I suppose for the Roman Catholic kids religion and riting go together [yes, I am punning there, so kind of you to notice], as well as how to avoid mean nuns sucker punching you in a lunch line [yes, that hurts, especially when the nun in question wraps her rosary beads around her fist], school fish learn not to bunch together so closely, lest a whale whack them over their collective heads for lunch, and performing seals learn useful skills like balancing a beachball on their noses, which is a skill no one will pay an illegal alien for and guarantees the seal’s long term job prospects in an uncertain economy.

  • I’m sorry, but I seem to have missed something here; why is the issue of killing me, as well as Bob and Civi; I don’t want this to seem like it’s all about me here-up for discussion at all? I was just wandering by minding my own business…it occurs to me that I’ve been sitting here too long. The assassins must be homing in on me by now….must escape…..

  • Really, guys, kill Bob first; he was supposed to be kielbasa now anyway…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    AKAKY…I had a dream…yeap,a good dream…

    I was writing like you and BOBBY and the other ACADEMIANS…
    and then the rooster started…

  • Roosters are like that, Civi, which is why they wind up in the cacciatore. Annoying little bastards.

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