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Morning ghosts, Mullumbimby walks / photo: @mishkusk #nature #light #australia


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Morning Ride, Mullumbimby / photo: @mishkusk #landscape #australia

Light settles

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Light settles in for the night over Mullumbimby /photo @mishkusk #light #australia

Beach ride

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Ride to the beach / photo: @mishkusk #australia #byronbay


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Morning plant study / photo: @mishkusk #australia #nature

Niki Gleoudi – Shades Blue

Niki Gleoudi

Shades Blue

How would we describe our life today? In a world that moves rapidly, in a world that constantly changes, in a city like New York where time imposes fast response and gallops breathlessly, can people be alone? Do they have time to feel alone?

In this photoessay I am portraying mainly the loneliness, the impossible actual communication even when people are in physical proximity. I am trying to capture the fragmental substance and present contact through an intermediate reality which is “mirrored” as a reflection in the glass. Perhaps the only truth is the one happening online, illuminating with a blue light the everyday routine. Subtracting the city’s surroundings, the noise, the traffic, the commotion and sometimes even the ambience around the subjects photographed, the moment that these people are and feel alone is evident. The only time where there is contact between two people is a blurred kiss. Finally, communication is accomplished by a couple. They are not alone. They become one and the energy interflows from one to another.




Born and raised in Greece, Gleoudi studied at Washington University in St. Louis, USA.
While working in Greece she developed an interest in people and street photography. After moving to Miami, USA four years ago she started working on various projects, mostly documentary. Gleoudis took workshops with David Alan Harvey, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris, Bruce Gilden, Costa Manos, Raul Touzon who also mentored her for a year while working on a project with native Americans. She have exhibited solo in ZM Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece in 1998 and group exhibitions in St. Louis, Athens, Thessaloniki Greece and Cyprus as well.
Gleoudi is a member of BULB collective.


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Niki Gleoudi

Night visitor

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Night visitor / photo: @mishkusk #wildlife #australia


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Rainforest explorations / I find it fascinating how tadpoles are contained to their own little world, their own reality and as time passes they seemingly morph into a completely different creature, crawl out and discover a whole new reality / photo: @mishkusk #australia #wildlife

Starry night

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Today’s starry night of some sorts / photo: @mishkusk #australia


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Sounds of the night fall / video: @mishkusk #video #australia #wildlife