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Happy Holidays

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Day 8 | @gbiprz from Puerto Rico ¡Saludos Burn! Happy holidays from San Juan, Puerto Rico!!

Claudia Heinermann – Wolfskinder

Claudia Heinermann


In the late summer of 1944 the Red Army reaches the border of East Prussia. Despite the imminent danger of a Soviet advance, Nazi authorities forbid evacuation of civilians. In October, the Russians eventually break through German lines, resulting in huge numbers of civilians starting to evacuate. Three months later, East Prussia is surrounded. 2.5 million people are desperately trying to save their lives; hundreds of thousands die. Thousands go missing trying to escape, while countless others remain behind. In both instances most of these are children. On both sides of the River Neman, they fight a battle of life and death against starvation, epidemics, bitter cold and Soviet despotism… On their own, these children struggled to survive in the forests of the Baltic countries. They were called Wolfskinder (German for ‘wolf children’). Some found shelter with Lithuanian farmers who secretly took them in and cared for them as best they could. In return, the children worked the land and looked after the livestock. Most of them were never able to attend school; even today, many cannot read or write. In general, the children were given a new identity and Lithuanian names to disguise their origins. Under these conditions they were able to escape deportation to Siberia. For decades they remained behind the Iron Curtain and were almost untraceable by relatives searching for their loved ones. Until now their fate has being unknown to the general public.

This essay was Shortlisted for the EPF 2016





Heinermann was born (1967) in Germany. She studied Fine Arts and Documentary Photography. She engages in long-term observational documentary projects with an emphasis on 20th century historical topics and the consequences of war. She made projects about German war graves in Russia, the Aftermath of war in Bosnia & Hercegovina, Young Bosnians in the Netherlands, Resistance Fighters, Aftermath of Genocide in Rwanda and about German war orphans (Wolfskinder) in Lithuania. Her work has been shown in several Memorials, War museum, Galleries, Photo festivals, and been published in magazines and photo books. Her book ‘Enduring Srebrenica’ was nominated for the Dutch Doc Award 2013 (best Dutch documentary photo stories) and her newest book ‘Wolfskinder A Post-War Story’ was nominated as one the 15 best photo books of 2015 in the Netherlands.

Heinermann lives and works in the Netherlands.


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Claudia Heinermann


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Day 8 | @gbiprz from Puerto Rico Dinner at iSushi, a restaurant in Condado, Puerto Rico where one browses the menu and orders digitally via touchscreen. There is minimal interaction with the staff. Very strange, yet fascinating concept. Service at the palm of your hand.

Dining table

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Day 7 | @gbiprz from Puerto Rico I visited my dad this afternoon. The dining room table is always set, as if he were expecting company, but nobody ever comes over for meals here. The napkins on the table are Bounty paper towels. That is his favorite brand of paper towel (I can’t argue). I don’t see my dad on a regular basis. Our father/daughter relationship is rocky. I am currently working on a photo series where I discuss this and other complicated issues. Today was a nice visit. He showed me the plants that he’s been growing in his garden. In this image he’s trying to get the TV to work…no luck.

1st assistant

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Day 6 | @gbiprz from Puerto Rico A focus puller, or 1st assistant camera, is a member of the camera department in a film crew whose primary responsibility is to maintain image sharpness and keep the lens focused during filming. My mom drapes this cloth over her head to block out all of the background light, or anything that will distract her. It’s such a strange pose…as if she were using a 4×5 camera.

PR pride

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Day 5 | @gbiprz from Puerto Rico At @lacuevadelmarpr Christmas party. My friend @2nosabe showing me his love for our Island. “Yo seria borincano aunque naciera en la luna.”


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Day 5 | @gbiprz from Puerto Rico I ran a 5k early this morning. I love running, but I don’t enjoy these kinds of events. I don’t like crowds, and I am easily distracted when exercising around a lot of people. I prefer solo sports like swimming. I did this one for my dad. He asked me to join him because the purpose of this 5k is to raise awareness to stop child abuse. As a child, every time I got rid of old clothes and toys, my dad always made sure to donate them to mistreated children’s shelters. Unfortunately my grandmother, his mother, used to hit her kids for scolding purposes. I was never hit as a child, and I’m sure my dads upbringing had something to do with this. The goal is to learn from our parents mistakes…to become better people because of them.


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Day 4 | @gbiprz from Puerto Rico A man selling fruit salad and other snacks out of the trunk of his car. 10:51pm, Santurce, PR.

Cutting caoba

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Day 4 | @gbiprz from Puerto Rico Spent the afternoon learning about wood with my friend Gabriel Maldonado. Here, he is cutting a piece of caoba (mahogany).

Live concert

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Day 3 | @gbiprz from Puerto Rico This was extremely magical. Definitely a night to remember. Somehow, I ended up on stage with El Gran Combo, one of Puerto Rico’s greatest salsa orchestras. They have been together for over 50 years! The second I stepped foot on stage, they started playing my favorite song, “arroz con habichuelas.” Feeling extremely lucky, happy and blessed!