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Day 3: Reflection. Photo to @burndiary by @tomaszlazar #documentary #bw #poland #szczecin #light


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Jump. Photo to @burndiary by @tomaszlazar #szczecin #poland #bw #documentary #moment

Water drop

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Water drop. Picture for @burndiary by @tomaszlazar #documentary #bw #szczecin #poland

Morning run

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Day 2: Morning running in the forest. Picture for @burndiary by @tomaszlazar #sport #documentary #bw #szczecin #poland

Szczecin, Poland

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Hello everyone, my name is Tomasz Lazar and photographer living in Szczecin, Poland. Since today I’m taking over the @burndiary. Day #1 . View at my city from above. #szczecin #poland #bw @burndiary @tomaszlazar

Wall climbing

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After 12 days of working and travelling abroad I really missed wall climbing. For @burndiary @tomaszlazar #poland #szczecin #sport #bw #documentary

My parents house

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Visiting my parents house. Old bathtub in the garden. Picture for @burndiary by @tomaszlazar #szczecin #poland #bw #documentary

Annie Flanagan – We Grew Up With Gum In Our Hair

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Annie Flanagan

We Grew Up With Gum In Our Hair


I first picked up my camera when I was 14 and since then my best friend Hannah has been a consistent focus for my photography. Now, nearly 15 years later, we have created a body of work that confronts the experiences we faced, both challenging and empowering, while coming of age in modern America. “We Grew Up With Gum In Our Hair” is about the various challenges youth face, especially young women, while developing a sense of self and self worth.

I did not set out to make this project. I was always collecting and documenting, not knowing why or what would come of it, and Hannah was constantly willing to being vulnerable in front of the camera. There was no deliberate intention. We just processed our experiences in a way that made sense to us.

When Hannah and I were both 20, we did not speak to or see each other for two years because Hannah was in a violent domestic relationship, and neither of us knew how to handle it. At 22 we reunited and, without hesitation, I picked up my camera and Hannah allowed me to document her recovery. Her recovery was far from immediate as she suffered from extreme PTSD. She would not sleep for days at a time and began pulling out her hair until she had no eyebrows or hair on her head. Now, at age 28, Hannah is able to look back and see how much she has grown since she left her abuser. “My life became worse before it became better” Hannah said. “I lost the person I was before that relationship, and Annie?s project has allowed me to put the pieces of who I am back together.”


Annie Flanagan is an photographer, filmmaker and educator based in New Orleans, LA. Their work explores topics of self worth, personal narrative, gender and friendship within the documentary framework. Through film and photography, Annie works to push the boundaries of the format while exploring social issues. They live for long winding roads, with camera in hand and map laid out.

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Annie Flanagan


Nuestro sendero

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Project Mi Barrio – Nuestro Sendero. (Our Trail). I’ve carried Nahuelito down this trail since way before he could walk. Now he charges it. Thanks so much for following my diary this past week! I hope you enjoyed it. @ivankphoto, @runa_photos, #projectmibarrio, #Rumihuaico, #Ecuador.

La luz

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Project Mi Barrio. La Luz del Penco. The Light of Agave. #Tumbaco, #Ecuador. #projectmibarrio. @ivankphoto, @runa_photos