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Good morning #kathmandu This is @asmitaparelkar posting for @burndiary I am in Kathmanfu for the first photo festival in #Nepal @photoktm


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Arrivederci Roma, off we go to Tehran! This is Marina @eauditalie and this is my final post for @burndiary. It’s been an amazing week: thank you @diegorlando and @davidalanharvey for giving me this great opportunity: I loved every minute of it, and I hope you did too! #hikaricreative

She knows

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She knows… and I hate leaving her. This is Marina @eauditalie posting on @burndiary #hikaricreative


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This is my husband Sebastian, our way to buy a suitcase to fly to Tehran later today, for the first @hikari.creative exhibition. I never imagined that I would have a photography exhibition and that it would be in Tehran… Life is fun! This is Marina @eauditalie posting on @burndiary #hikaricreative


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The journey is the destination. This is Marina @eauditalie posting on @burndiary #hikaricreative

Self and Another

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Self and Another – Rome. This is Marina @eauditalie posting on @burndiary #hikaricreative

Sam Harris – The Middle of Somewhere

Sam Harris

The Middle of Somewhere

Sam Harris is an uncommon man. He’s at home more than most. Taking care of his family and photographing his two daughters growing up along the way. His latest book “The Middle of Somewhere” is a visual testament to his family dedication. This is Sam’s second book on his family, the first being “Postcards From Home”. Both essays were featured here on Burn prior, so yes we are proud.

Like all of us , Sam needed help.

Our previous post on Kerry Payne Stailey is not the end of the Lucie Awards story. ceiba just became the Lucies “Publisher of the Year” and Sam’s “Middle of Somewhere” was the chosen title. ceiba is a book publisher starting 18 months ago in collaboration with Eva-Maria Kunz. This is the second book from ceiba, having published Zun Lee‘s acclaimed “Father Figure” last year. Eva teamed up with picture editor Candy Pilar Godoy for both collaborations. Eva and Candy got their start in the publishing business with my book “(based on a true story)” , BurnBooks 2012. Eva as producer and Candy as a “character” and picture editor. I am forever grateful. The two also played roles at BurnMagazine, so it’s clear the Eva/Candy team can rock the house down. Branches off the tree. Applause. 

Naturally we at Burn are pleased with all of this. After all the stated goal of Burn since Anton Kusters and I got it rolling in 2008 was to provide a platform for heretofore unknown talents at a time when traditional outlets were dying. 

Good on you Sam Harris. The book looks and feels terrific. The work in it poignant and sublime. It is at the end a true family affair.





Sam Harris is a photographer and educator. As a teenager he taught himself photography, turning his London bedroom into a makeshift darkroom. Throughout the 90’s Sam photographed portraits and sleeve art for numerous recording artists. He also worked as an editorial photographer for publications such as The Sunday Times Magazine, Esquire, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine and Dazed & Confused. The over commercialization of the music industry during the late 90’s was the catalyst for a change in direction, both personal and photographic.

Sam’s photobook Postcards from Home (a self published limited edition) has received several awards including the Australian publishing industries Galley Club Award ‘Australian Book of the Year’ 2012.

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Sam Harris


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In praise of afternoon shadows – Rome. This is Marina @eauditalie posting on @burndiary #hikaricreative


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Ascending – Rome. This is Marina @eauditalie posting on @burndiary


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Untitled – Rome. This is Marina @eauditalie posting on @burndiary #hikaricreative