Room 32 

By Michael Naify and Simone Cosac Naify

This work is based on the alienation and disassociation stemming from a relationship that has ruptured under the strain of time while on vacation at a beach resort. The subjects are tied together intimately through bonds of time and shared life but are unable to confront their ghosts in a constructive way. The breakdown overwhelms their ability to handle their emotions leading to the sense of isolation and inability to communicate. In the midst of these feelings, they have the sense that these feelings will never end, and time slips into another dimension. This work was co-created together with my wife and artist Simone Naify.



Michael was born in 1962 in San Francisco, California. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History from the University of San Francisco and at the same time went to Brazil where he met his wife Simone Cosac Naify. Michael later went on to complete an MBA in 1992. After a stint working with the famed post-production studio Todd-AO in the 90’s he moved to Italy where he dedicated himself to the purchase and restauration of Historic Villas in and around Florence. At the same time, he founded a publishing house in Brazil called Cosac & Naify Editions dedicating itself to art, literature and culture. After moving back to the United States with his family he developed a serious interest in photography and eventually completed his MFA in photography in 2017 at the San Francisco Art Institute. In the years since finishing his MFA Michael and Simone divide much of their time between their home in Connecticut their family in Brazil as well as Italy when possible.

Simone Cosac Naify was born in Rio de Janeiro. She earned her JD degree and worked as a criminal attorney until 1989 when after marrying and moving to the United States she earned an MFA at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Later when she and her family moved to Florence, Italy she founded a perfume company creating a brand and all the marketing and packaging for Simone Cosac Profumi srl. After moving back to the United States with her family she is dedicating herself to writing having written several books and establishing herself as a painter.


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Photo Essay edited by Alejandra Martínez