Sathish Kumar

Town Boy


These are images from as early as my teens to this day. The essence of every new experience as I was growing up was recorded with my camera – roaming around the neighborhood, meeting old friends, most times making new ones. At some point, I had to move to a large city for work. As the life in a large city got suffocating, I began to seek relief by going back to my town or by going on treks, to take a deep breath, to be back to the demands of the city. Town Boy is an observation of this gradual transformation into who I am today. These string of images are about my coming of age, my movement from a small town to a cosmopolitan city, to somehow fit into this contemporary world. (ongoing work)




Short Bio

Sathish Kumar, born in 1986 in Kanchipuram, India. A large part of my school vacations was spent at my uncle’s photo studio which became an inspiration for me to pursue photography. I got a point and shoot film camera from my uncle as a gift which I always carried around to school picnics, cricket grounds shooting my friends and everything around. With photography, I want to record my everyday existence, of all encounters and journeys to create an expression of myself, of my life, of the world around. Currently, I am working as a freelance photographer and as an artist pursuing personal works from Chennai, India.

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