Mariia Ermolenko



In my project I research time. Man is in perpetual search. In Japanese philosophy, there is the concept of “Fueki Riuko”. This is about form of the eternal and continuous, which are associated with the current and instant. These pictures were taken in different places that I visited. During travels, I take a very clear view of what is happening. And I do not want this to end. Life is fragile, and our stay in it is fleeting as a journey. My series is about the impression, about the moment, about life and death. Often, when my eyes are closed, memories pop up in my head. A person becomes a memoryless person. Memories are like a mosaic that constitutes man. As long as I remember, I am who I am. I’m afraid of losing memories. To forget is to die.




Short Bio

Mariia was born in St. Petersburg (Russia) in 1995. She studied at the restoration of painting. She studied painting with masters from the Academy of Arts. Now studying at the Academy of Documentary Photography. Mariia is interested in exploring the themes of memory, time, the boundaries between sleep and reality, the themes of myths, as well as themes of ecology and the state of the environment. Lives and works in St. Petersburg.


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