Paul Guilmoth and Dylan Hausthor are the recipients of the 2019 Fujilm/Young Talent Award for the essay. This honor recognizes photographers 25 and under, granting them $10,000 from Fujifilm to continue the work.


Paul Guilmoth & Dylan Hausthor

Sleep Creek


Sleep Creek i​s a landscape filled with trauma and beauty. It’s a place where animals are only seen when they’re being hunted​ and ​humans balance between an unapologetic existence and an abyss of secrecy. These images manipulate a landscape that is simultaneously autobiographical, documentary, and fictional: a weaving of myth and symbol in order to be confronted with the experiential. Following the rituals of those within it, ​​Sleep Creek​​ ​is an obsession between the subject and the photographer—a compulsion to reveal its shrouded nature.


Short Bio

Paul Guilmoth and Dylan Hausthor are a collaborative artist duo based in rural New England. Their practice is primarily focused on photographic and bookmaking art; experimenting with the boundaries of both. They co-founded the publication studio Wilt Press in the winter of 2015. Both graduated from Maine College of Art in that same year and together make work that centers around the myth of place and the complexity of image-based narrative. Hausthor and Guilmoth search for the sparkling beauty found in performances given for nothing and nobody amidst the intense silence of snow-covered spruce trees. Their work is simultaneously autobiographical, documentary, and fictional : weaving together staged portraits, manipulated natural and man-made environments, and tradtional photographic documentation.


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