Tara Wray

Too Tired for Sunshine

Too Tired for Sunshine is a photobook that confronts my own struggles with depression by documenting the beauty, darkness, and absurdity of everyday life. The images were made largely in my adopted home of Vermont between 2011-now. They offer a deeply personal interpretation of the Green Mountain State, juxtaposing familiar and picturesque tropes with more surreal, sometimes disquieting, subjects.




Tara Wray (b. 1978) is an American photographer, writer, and filmmaker based in rural Vermont. She is a regular contributor to Vice, BUST Magazine, and is photo editor of the literary journal Hobart. She created and curates Some Days Just Are, a collaborative photo series pairing together photographers from around the world to tell their stories simultaneously. Her work has been featured on Vice, Archive Collective Magazine, La Presse, Lenscratch, Humble Arts Foundation, and Ain’t-Bad Magazine, among others, and is held in collections at major institutions including Yale University, University of Notre Dame, and Dartmouth College. Born and raised in Kansas, Wray graduated from NYU with a degree in documentary film. She has directed two feature length documentaries: Manhattan, Kansas (Audience Award, SXSW 2006; Film Society of Lincoln Center) and Cartoon College (Vancouver 2012).

Her photobook, Too Tired for Sunshine, will be published by Yoffy Press in Spring 2018.

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Tara Wray

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