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Terminal wheel

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Day 3 – visual diary by Theo Stanley @theo_stanley Terminal wheel. #terminalwheel Please check the hashtag to understand what this is about. I wanted to share one more image connecting to the idea of a visual catalog. I started a project years ago based on exploring the repetition of a single form as it continues to appear over time. In a sense this was a formal exercise, but quickly gave way to an aesthetic challenge not to repeat myself, and gained momentum as more images began to compile in every variety of approach. I chose the circle or a wheel form for this project, and have amassed hundreds (355 to date) of these images since I started, which continues to grow with each new observance. It is not the value of the single image but rather as a whole. I am still trying to decide whether to compile them all to a single large tiling, or perhaps to animate them and see the form morph and change through time. I started the hashtag #terminalwheel for this project, where you can see the extent of the visual obsession. This is also relevant for #terminallight Have others carried an obsession for a single visual motif?

Polaroid phone

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Day 3 – visual diary by Theo Stanley @theo_stanley I like to think of the iPhone as a Polaroid equivalent. A tool for image making, but relieved of the preciousness of it being a photograph with a capital P. I learned shooting 4×5 and 8×10 sheet film, and there is obviously something very considered and intentional in this clear and conscious approach, asking questions to yourself if the image is worthy of the piece of film, the hand processing and printing, with much more editing happening to your impulses prior to making the photograph. With the iPhone or digital Polaroid, I am relieved of that burden, as often I make images to be able to remember one aspect of it, as a catalog of ideas, to be able to draw from later. I think this is a freedom to study yourself, without over conceptualizing, in order to better understand what makes you tick, so while this photograph does not break the Internet, it speaks to how I see, and becomes important for other reasons.


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Day 2 – visual diary by Theo Stanley @theo_stanley The light in nyc has its own rhythm based on the season, the particular neighborhood and color palette, as well as the height of the buildings that cut and reflect the sun. Most of my time during the week to give to photography is being out and about, or rather in between places going about my work day, and staying observant always with camera ready. Mid day sun can be harsh and unrelenting but also gives way to graphic elements that work to rearrange and redesign the figure. #nycnarrative

Self portrait

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Day 2 – visual diary by Theo Stanley @theo_stanley Terminal light. Self portrait. It’s annoying how the word selfie has muddied the amazing history of self portrait work in photography. Self portraits can be documents of age and time and place, but also can be more conceptual interior views, searching for equivalents in images that open up in reading and pose more questions than answers. I use myself as I am always available to myself, and obsessively watch and study light as fleeting phenomenon. I started a hashtag #terminallight for this idea of ‘last light’ as well as #theostanleyself for this exploration of self (not selfie damn it all) through photography.

Breaking images

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Day 2 – visual diary by Theo Stanley @theo_stanley Nyc. Breaking images. Tools both help and get in the way by offering possibility with a set of restrictions. I enjoy finding the edges of the technology, and experimenting with ways to get it to offer up techniques that it was not exactly designed to do, in both production and post production. This image was captured in camera, abstracting nyc architecture. #breakingimages is a hashtag I created for some of these experiments.


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Day 1 – visual diary by Theo Stanley @theo_stanleyThis image kept staring at me during a meeting, and persisted until the meeting wrapped and I was able to capture it. One of the worst feelings for me is not following up on these compulsions and not being in a situation to make the photograph. As the image remains burned in my mind, i might need to draw or paint it to get it out so I can move on.


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Day 1 – visual diary by Theo @theo_stanleyAir gap. NYC is a city that changes its face day by day… some days it conspires against you, and the next it lifts you up. Another it is expansive and dynamic, and then it turns into claustrophobia, conflict, and a human experiment in sharing space. As an idea I am excited by spaces between things, seems to speak volumes. Not that this image is the best example of that, but it is an observation that continues to be relevant for me. This and other narrative moments about NYC I have been collecting at #nycnarrative


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Good day all, my name is Theo Stanley @theo_stanley , and I’ll be sharing visual diary fragments from my POV this week, unfolding moments from life and observations via New York City and the many directions she points to.I am starting with something intimate to tell you a little about myself. #theostanleyself

Skim boarder

Skim boarder waits for the right swell. Surfers own the beach down here, yet skim boarders epitomize the summer scene. I’ve never seen a skimmer in winter. Skimmers are also younger, 10-15 I’m guessing. Summer is almost gone. The next full moon will find this boy back in math class . All the more reason to study the waves , study which one will let you spin turn twist and ride back to shore. Yea the next one just might be it . #fujigfx

Still life

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Happy monday all. @lara_gasparotto here for my last day on burn diary.I showed you my simple summer life in Belgium…thanks for followed me here.Time to day goodbye with some still life from my Garden🤗