Terminal wheel

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Day 3 – visual diary by Theo Stanley @theo_stanley Terminal wheel. #terminalwheel Please check the hashtag to understand what this is about. I wanted to share one more image connecting to the idea of a visual catalog. I started a project years ago based on exploring the repetition of a single form as it continues to appear over time. In a sense this was a formal exercise, but quickly gave way to an aesthetic challenge not to repeat myself, and gained momentum as more images began to compile in every variety of approach. I chose the circle or a wheel form for this project, and have amassed hundreds (355 to date) of these images since I started, which continues to grow with each new observance. It is not the value of the single image but rather as a whole. I am still trying to decide whether to compile them all to a single large tiling, or perhaps to animate them and see the form morph and change through time. I started the hashtag #terminalwheel for this project, where you can see the extent of the visual obsession. This is also relevant for #terminallight Have others carried an obsession for a single visual motif?

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