Polaroid phone

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Day 3 – visual diary by Theo Stanley @theo_stanley I like to think of the iPhone as a Polaroid equivalent. A tool for image making, but relieved of the preciousness of it being a photograph with a capital P. I learned shooting 4×5 and 8×10 sheet film, and there is obviously something very considered and intentional in this clear and conscious approach, asking questions to yourself if the image is worthy of the piece of film, the hand processing and printing, with much more editing happening to your impulses prior to making the photograph. With the iPhone or digital Polaroid, I am relieved of that burden, as often I make images to be able to remember one aspect of it, as a catalog of ideas, to be able to draw from later. I think this is a freedom to study yourself, without over conceptualizing, in order to better understand what makes you tick, so while this photograph does not break the Internet, it speaks to how I see, and becomes important for other reasons.

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