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Bullet hole

A bullet hole scar on his back a young man swims for the waves. My BeachGames essay unfolds now in Rio. I am putting pictures up on the wall. I love more than anything shooting and laying out a book in real time. (based on a true story) was done that way. We are having a beer and pics going up. Most fun you can have in photography. Fun works


 Danuska recently moved a few hours away from Lima as she was feeling fed up with the police raids and constant harassment from her boyfriend. This was one of the last pictures I took of her and I’m hoping to visit where she’s living soon. Photo by @davillasana, Day 2 for Burn Diary.#burndiary #transgender #docproject #lima #peru #portrait #humanrights #light


Asumi stands in the light of a police car during a nightly raid. Although prostitution is not illegal in Peru, police raids are a common occurrence. Apart from insulting them, officers can often become violent.Photo by @davillasana, Day 2 for Burn Diary. #burndiary #lima #peru #transgender #police #raid #humanrights #portrait


Meet Tamara, one of my most favorite people. Tamara and I met about a year and a half ago through my documentary project on transgender women. Since then we have become extremely close and I spend the majority of my time with her and with the other women from the project.Like many other places around the world, transgender women in Peru suffer from discrimination, stigmatization, rejection and a litany of other issues that push them into prostitution. Tamara has a long and complicated story, but she is strong and has a huge heart.Here we took a moment to take a picture in front of this bright door on the way to the market. We romp around the city together quite often, laughing all along the way. She looks serious here, but she’s just being cool ️ Photo by @davillasana, Day 1 for Burn Diary.#burndiary #lima #peru #southamerica #latinamerica #portraits #strength #beauty #women #transgender

Posto 8

Rio de Janeiro. Here at Posto 8 on Ipanema a doctor, a lawyer, an investment banker, and a porno star work on their tan and some classic selfies. Foreigners on vacation. Carnaval mood is building by the hour.

Laying down


Rio. Copacabana. #beachgames #burnmagazine #rio

Walking on the beach


Rio. #rio #leme #copacabana #burnmagazine#beachgames #leica #monochrom

Leme Beach

Leme Beach, Rio de Janeiro. It’s Sunday and all beach games are full on…A couple of times here on Instagram I have described Rio as being a Shakespearean stage. Geographically and demographically it is for sure. Do I like the beach here? Sure. I am a born again beach bum. I live at the beach. Yet Rio is more than a beach. An eclectic cultural mix flows to the beaches here and the beach is a literal melting pot. Democratic. Anybody can go to any beach. So you see a slice of the whole demographic in one place. I am working on BeachGames my zine on the games people play. For the next three weeks I will be posting this work in real time daily.. #rio #leme #copacabana#beachgames #burnmagazine #leica #monochrom

Lucía and Mailén at home

I’m Alejandro Kirchuk, @akirchuk, and this is my last post for this Burn Diary. I’ve been sharing some stories from Argentina, as well as some daily life photos here in Scotland, after 2 months of becoming a father. This is now for almost a full-time stuff, and I’m happy I’m doing it this way. I would like to specially thank to @diegorlando for inviting me and to @davidalanharvey for creating this beautiful project that allow us photographers to know new authors all the time, from all over the planet. In this photograph, Lucía and Mailén at home, this morning. #burndiary #burnmagazine #finalpost Photo by @akirchuk for Burn Diary

Daniel Etter – 41,000 Kilometers

Daniel Etter

41,000 Kilometers


41,000 Kilometers is the length of the European Union’s southern sea and eastern land borders. Here, the EU has fortified itself against refugees and economic migrants trying to reach its prosperity and security. It is also the scene of the EU’s biggest failure. Since land borders are tightly controlled, refugees and migrants are forced towards the dangerous sea borders. This year, more than 70,000 people crossed the Mediterranean from North Africa to Italy – twice as many as in the whole of 2013. Since 2000, at least 23,000 people have died on this route. “41,000 Kilometers” documents the lives of those trying to enter the European Union illegally. It spans from Morocco over Libya, Turkey and Greece to Serbia.





Daniel Etter is a freelance photographer, feature writer and videographer currently based in Berlin, Germany. He is a graduate of the German School of Journalism, holds a master degree in political science, a university diploma in journalism and is a recipient of the Kathryn Davis Fellowship for Peace.

His photography has appeared in The New York Times, TIME Magazine, Newsweek, Stern and many others. His photo from the Gezi Park Protests in Istanbul was chosen as one of the best photos of 2013 by TIME and The New York Times. He was awarded with the Award of Excellence of the Alexia Foundation, has been nominated for the UNICEF Picture of the Year Award and won an Award of Excellence at Pictures of the Year International.

His writing has appeared in several major German publications such as Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Financial Times Germany,, Neon and various others. For his stories he has received the Axel Springer Award and the Hans Buchrucker Award.

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Daniel Etter