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Ipanema kids

Ipanema Beach. #rio #ipanema #beachgames#burnmagazine #leica #monochrom

Ipanema BeachGames

Ipanema. BeachGames. #rio #ipanema #beachgames#burnmagazine

Leaving London

Lucía gets ready to leave London and come back to Edinburgh. We survived our first trip with the little one. These days it’s getting almost impossible to photograph anything else than my family, but I always enjoy seeing and photographing the stuff around me. #burndiary #burnmagazine Photo by @akirchuk for @burndiary

Copacabana couple

Copacabana. Sketching and stretching for a BeachGames narrative. This essay follows ( based on a true story) so I can’t do a repeat. Creative suicide. So I must push it without going over the edge. I will learn a lot this month. #copacabana #beachgames#burnmagazine

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt photographed on Copacabana. Yup the dog’s real name.#rio #copacabana #beachgames#burnmagazine


This is @akirchuk, in my day-4 of my week posting images for BurnDiary. Today, we travelled to London to give our daughter the Argentine nationality. Going out with a almost-2-months old baby in a freezing place is such an adventure. Travelling is almost an impossible, but we finally made it and Mailen is an Argentine girl born in Scotland. Here, Lucía at our bedroom in Edinburgh, before leaving. #burndiary #burnmagazine Photo by @akirchuk

Shower in Copacabana

Copacabana. #rio #burnmagazine #beachgames


Copacabana. #rio #beachgames #burnmagazine

Lucìa getting ready to go out

Photograph by @akirchukLess than two months after being a father, life happens mainly indoors, at home. We talk with my wife a lot about time: how is possible that time evaporates so quickly, so interceptibly, in many senses. This morning, she said to me a few things about this, where does the time go. I never believed very much in time as a regular timeline, not in life, much less in photography and storytelling. In this image, Lucía this morning, getting ready to go out. #burndiary #burnmagazine #abouttimePhoto by @akirchuk