Daniel Etter – 41,000 Kilometers

Daniel Etter

41,000 Kilometers


41,000 Kilometers is the length of the European Union’s southern sea and eastern land borders. Here, the EU has fortified itself against refugees and economic migrants trying to reach its prosperity and security. It is also the scene of the EU’s biggest failure. Since land borders are tightly controlled, refugees and migrants are forced towards the dangerous sea borders. This year, more than 70,000 people crossed the Mediterranean from North Africa to Italy – twice as many as in the whole of 2013. Since 2000, at least 23,000 people have died on this route. “41,000 Kilometers” documents the lives of those trying to enter the European Union illegally. It spans from Morocco over Libya, Turkey and Greece to Serbia.





Daniel Etter is a freelance photographer, feature writer and videographer currently based in Berlin, Germany. He is a graduate of the German School of Journalism, holds a master degree in political science, a university diploma in journalism and is a recipient of the Kathryn Davis Fellowship for Peace.

His photography has appeared in The New York Times, TIME Magazine, Newsweek, Stern and many others. His photo from the Gezi Park Protests in Istanbul was chosen as one of the best photos of 2013 by TIME and The New York Times. He was awarded with the Award of Excellence of the Alexia Foundation, has been nominated for the UNICEF Picture of the Year Award and won an Award of Excellence at Pictures of the Year International.

His writing has appeared in several major German publications such as Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Financial Times Germany, zeit.de, Neon and various others. For his stories he has received the Axel Springer Award and the Hans Buchrucker Award.

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Daniel Etter




4 Responses to “Daniel Etter – 41,000 Kilometers”

    Strong essay with many outstanding images, expacially 6,8,9,15,18 and 22. Would you care to say a bit about your method of working and processing that result in these very appropriate colors?


  • Hey Mitch, thanks! It is not much, a little curves, dodging and burning and slight de-saturation.

  • Mitch,

    I do know that Daniel in the past has worked with 10b Studios to do post production. I’d assume so here, as they look similar in post to Yuri Kozyrev’s work, which is done by them as well.

  • Hello. Good job!
    The subject is so vast that it is dificult to summarize it in 24 photos: People leaving their homes, the long travel in space and time, waiting at borders, illegal crossing those borders, the hard life once they cross…
    I like how you start and finish the set. Also pictures 2,4 ,6,17,19 and 21.

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