Month: January 2015


Danuska, who has received a lot of artificial implantation with highly toxic industrial silicone, struggles with body image issues and often makes jokes about how she is anorexic. Because of a transperson’s desire to match their body with the way they truly feel within, many transwomen seek to enhance their bodies either through surgery or …

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Arien Chang – Coalmen/Carboneros

Arien Chang Coalmen/Carboneros [ EPF 2014 SHORTLIST ] Zapata Swamp, in Cuba’s southern coast and less than a hundred miles from Havana, is commonly imagined as a remote wildlife refuge for mangrove, crocodiles and exotic birds. Isolation, hard work and extreme poverty have kept the Swamp’s human inhabitants disconnected from the contemporary reality of the …

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Wherever Tamara moves, she always takes her collection of saints with her, often keeping a candle lit.Photo by @davillasana for Burn Diary, Day 5.#burndiary #transgender #documentary #humanrights #tamara #lima #peru #faith

A friend’s taxi

Tamara moves her belongings into a friend’s taxi who will drive her to a new communal home around the block. Having to quickly leave where they live is a common occurrence among transwomen for reasons such as poor living conditions, the inability to pay rent or being caught with drugs or alcohol in their rooms. …

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Shower Room

Trans shower room. Priscilla. #beachgames #rio#burnmagazine #leica #monochrom


Oriana, a transwoman from my long-term project, heads out for the evening with another woman who lives in the same communal home. Oriana began prostituting at a young age and says she enjoys it because it allows her to be who she wants. The majority of transwomen cannot find work off the streets because of …

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#Rio #ipanema #beachgames #burnmagazine

Rainbow in Lima

From Callao, a port in Lima. Photo by @davillasana for Burn Diary, Day 4. #lima #peru #callao #ships #inrainbows #color #patch #purple #sky

Young girls

These two young girls walked by while visiting people from the Shipibo-Conibo community to talk about free photography workshops. This particular community was relocated to Lima years ago from the Amazon and still remain in the government houses that were built for them. Photo by @davillasana for Burn Diary, Day 3. #burndiary #lima #peru #shipibo …

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