Meet Tamara, one of my most favorite people. Tamara and I met about a year and a half ago through my documentary project on transgender women. Since then we have become extremely close and I spend the majority of my time with her and with the other women from the project.Like many other places around the world, transgender women in Peru suffer from discrimination, stigmatization, rejection and a litany of other issues that push them into prostitution. Tamara has a long and complicated story, but she is strong and has a huge heart.Here we took a moment to take a picture in front of this bright door on the way to the market. We romp around the city together quite often, laughing all along the way. She looks serious here, but she’s just being cool ️ Photo by @davillasana, Day 1 for Burn Diary.#burndiary #lima #peru #southamerica #latinamerica #portraits #strength #beauty #women #transgender

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