Sitting down

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@folkesonjonas is this week posting photos for BurnDiary. This is his last day. When the weak afternoon sun begins to fade, emptiness begins to surround us, until the dawn is nothing but a track on the lawn. #blackandwhite #burndiary #jonasfolkeson #burnimages #burnmagazine #


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@folkesonjonas is now on his last day posting photos on BurnDiary. Busy day, lots of driving. Its been a fantastic, but also intense week here on BurnDiary. Anyway im very grateful. #burndiary #burnmagazine #burnimages #jonasfolkeson #blackandwhite

Not tired

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@folkesonjonas is now posting his photos on BurnDiary for his last day. Im experiencing something that im familiar with. No need to sleep. Still not tired. No need to eat, still not hungry. Everything is centered to one thing, usually photography. Editing images during whole days and nights. Until it stops. Everything is unimportant


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@folkesonjonas is now postning his photos on BurnDiary. This is my father. We are the same. But different. Same obsession for things we do. #jonasfolkeson #blackandwhite #burndiary #burnmagazine #burnimages


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@folkesonjonas is now posting his photos on BurnMagazine. As he gently walks towards the mist and step by step becomes one with nothingness. #burndiary #burnmagazine #burnimages #jonasfolkeson