My last post as Burn Diary contributor, and I’m taking a wee bit liberty with this one. It’s a recent scan of a picture I made for my ongoing personal series, Komorebi. This week has been great, and I’d like to thank @kayaleeberne, @diegorlando, and @davidalanharvey for the opportunities, help and generosity. Thank you, Instagramers, for your views and kind words. And a special thank you to dear Uncle Sohrab, for his continual kindness and friendship, for which I’m ever grateful. @zhaosheila for @burndiary

A gloomy day

Today’s been a gloomy day in Shanghai. Now, finally, nightfall. @zhaosheila for @burndiary

Fuxing Park

On a mild day like today, locals enjoy outdoor activities and soaking up the winter sun at Fuxing Park. The park was designed by the French in the early 20th century. It’s also one of my preferred parks around Shanghai’s French Concession. @zhaosheila for @burndiary

Christmas party

Last night, I went to a Christmas party where I met Mama G, (@Gillian.aka.mamag). She had a wonderful presence, beautiful hot pink hair, and an interesting life, so I decided to make a portrait. Mama G ran away from home in Kuala Lumpur to New York City in the 80s, held 3 jobs at once to sustain herself, and eventually worked her way up in the fashion industry. She’s now very successful, and is based between Kuala Lumper, New York, and Guangzhou. @zhaosheila for @burndiary

Early morning


I’m up, far too early for a Saturday, on my way back to Shanghai. @zhaosheila for @burndiary