She is a dreamer.

She is a dreamer, she has an incredibly beautiful mind, and she is very special to me. May I introduce, Fabiana. @emillyders

Drunk tattoo..

Title: “Drunk tattoo..”(look for the detail)have a lovely day.#Keepitsimplestupide@emillyders

Kirsten Dehlholm

I met the artist and stage designer Kirsten Dehlholm in her studio. She is a interesting lady with a lot of quirky ideas and exciting projects. When I saw the big empty wall and the beautiful colors, I had no doubt that I had to use it in some way. Keep it simple, stupid…Have a nice day :) #emillyders #cph

Girl From Copenhagen

I want to show you a silhuet portrait of cool girl from Copenhagen. There is not much to say other than I really like her style and energy:) May I introduce Karen. Hope you have a wonderful day. #cph @emillyders

Friends are the other family you choose.

Friends are the other family you choose. And if you choose correctly, there is no place in the world where there is a shorter way to smile, joy and support when needed. And in combination with summer it seems that everything will be all right.Meet Anne, she is one of them.My name is Emil. I live in Copenhagen, and it is from here, I will try to entertain you for the next 6 days. I really hope you will enjoy it. Thank you. :) #friendsandfamily @emillyders