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Rain in Instanbul

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Ekin in Istanbul

Hello everyone! I’m Ekin @ekinik from Istanbul. I will be posting photos this week for @burndiary . #istanbul

Crimean Tatar Wedding

Crimean Tatar wedding taking place in one of the oldiest mosques in Crimea in Bakhchysarai. The bride and groom named Asie and Server spent the first wedding day with their young friends. There were neither parents nor old relatives in the mosque. On the evening the groom has to return his bride to her parents. Tomorrow the couple will go to a registry office to get married officially. Then they will celebrate the wedding with hundreds guests and will be allowed to live together. #crimeaproject #crimea #bakhchysarai Photo by @mmordasov

Evpatoria to Bakhchysarai

I drove from Evpatoria to Bakhchysarai, ancient capital of crimean tatars. Near Razdolie village I found a vast field covered with thousands color plastic bags. There was disgusting garbage dump next to the road. The wind brought bags from the dump and made that weird installation. More than 25,000,000 tonns of garbage were massed in dumps in Crimea. About 300 dumps are illegal here. Photo by @mmordasov