Joelle putting on makeup to join a pre-Halloween party in Cubao Expo in Manila. #harajuku #contrast #wig #monochrome

Daily Commuters

The daily commuter in Manila takes jeepneys as one of the main mode of transportation. Jeepneys were refurbished from the American time to take in commuters and move around on different routes. Photo for @burndiary by @vjvillafranca. #jeepney #commute #drive #traffic #cityjams

Caed x Fern.

Caed x Fern. Quezon City, 2014. Day 2 of my Instagram take over. Follow me as I take over the @burndiary Instagram feed this week. – @vjvillafranca #son #caeden #fern #doublex #monochrome #contrast

Thank You

@miho_kajioka My week of BurnDiary is ending and this is the last post. It was my first time to use Instagram, so my first task was to open my account and learn how it works. Also it is very rare for me to use colors. I usually do black and white, and they are all gelatin silver prints, which are hand printed in a darkroom. Very different process. So everything was new to me, to take photos and upload them without taking a long time to edit them or figure out the best compositions and densities… I usually need a lot of time to complete one piece, and doing something quickly is not what I am good at. So I am not sure if those images are good enough to show others… I feel a bit shy and vulnerable about sharing those casual snap shots with casual text. However I am very happy that @diegorlando gave me this opportunity. Playing with colors and different techniques was fun. I could disconnect myself from my usual style of making photographs, and yet I learned a lot of things that I can use for my black and white works.It was also very funny to see which images are popular and which are not. My favorite one is the third one, although I like all of them. Which one did you like the best? Thanks you very much for your support and warm comments! I am sorry that I couldn’t reply to you all. I still don’t really know how to use Instagram… to be honest. Well I will be posting my update information such as upcoming exhibitions, publishings or etc. on my Facebook page ( but also will try to post to my new Instagram account @miho_kajioka. Wish me luck. Thank you!!! Arigato! Miho–Miho Kajioka

Are you Japanese?

About 15 years ago when I was visiting Berlin, I met a Japanese girl who was born and raised in Berlin. It was at our mutual friend’s flat. She asked me “Are you Japanese?” in Japanese. I said “Yes.”. “Where in Japan?” she asked. “Okayama.” I answered. “Where in Okayama?” she asked. “Tsuyama” I answered. “Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!” she shouted. She told me that her father was born and raised in Tsuyama. So strange to meet someone, who’s family is from your hometown, 8718.850 km away. Two days ago, I visited her father’s house for the first time. I took pictures and sent them to her. We are still friends. –Miho Kajioka