Rush in the Rain

“Rush in the rain | Rio”@peterbauza for @burnmagazine

On Patrol

“In the busy and loud night of Rio, the police makes its patrol“. Reviewing my shootings from last night I thought I should post especially this one. Behind photographers you find relevant friends and collaborators. It is the moment to mention and to say thank you toNanda, always taking care while I am shooting. @peterbauza for @burndiary

Transvestites in Rio

When nights start, city is still in rush and the “He’s” get active… Transvestites in Rio @peterbauza for @burndiary

Awakening City

Awakening city after a long weekend totally popped up with fresh adds… @peterbauza for @burndiary

Running through Rio’s subway

Running through the busy subway stations in Rio is challenging … Everybody take care about their belongings..but, an efficient transportation system. @peterbauza for @burndiary