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“This is Major Tom to Ground Control.I’m stepping through the doorand I’m floating in a most peculiar way and the stars look very different today.” (David Bowie) I have seen a movie about cosmic collisions in the Planetarium in Buenos Aires. How little important we are, just some spot on a huge map of little dots that belongs to another huge map of little dots. And trying to find out who we are we look up to the sky as if the answer was just there, written by cosmic collisions. But what we see are stars that already belong to the past, time is always ahead of us and the star that seems to twinkle to us in reality is already long gone. This is Day 8 from Sarah Pabst, @_sarahpabst_ for @burndiary , very happy that I was asked to post a little longer.

For a moment

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The last photo Nancy has of her father was in frond of this trees. He was a metal worker and the trees are in the backyard of an old factory. And it’s the place where she feels close to him. Today I accompanied her to take these photos for my series. It was partially clouded but suddenly sun came out, until I took the photos and then vanished again. It was as if he was present for a brief moment. I am Sarah Pabst , @_sarahpabst_ on my last day for @burndiary posting from Buenos Aires.


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Like every country also Argentina has it’s dark spots in history. This is Nancy. She’s a daughter of one of the 30000 ‘desaparecidos’, missing persons from Argentina’s dictatorship from 1976-83. She was 12 years old when her father José was abducted, a rifle put in her stomach because she won’t stop screaming by an uniformed person. She would never see him again. A ‘desaparecido’ has no body, no grave. He just disappeared. Nancy forms part of my ongoing project of the children of the missing. She’s an incredible woman, so strong and kind. I am Sarah Pabst, @_sarahpabst_ for @burndiary posting from Argentina and showing you her story. This is Day 7, my last day for Burndiary.

Out for a walk

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A woman goes for a walk with her baby in the afternoon sun in the city center of Buenos Aires, being observed by a stencil. In autumn, sun draws large heavy shadows that seem to swallow the people walking through the streets. This is Sarah Pabst, @_sarahpabst_ for @burndiary showing you fragments of my life in Argentina.

Love makes you vulnerable

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“Roaring dreams take place in a perfectly silent mind. Now that we know this throw the raft away.” (Jack Kerouac) Love makes you vulnerable. At a certain age we all wear our backpack of broken stories, damaged hopes and little wounds time has given us through the experience of life. When we meet someone, we put down our backpack, both of us, and first we put it aside, so the other one won’t see but then we open it and with every day we reveal who we are. Relationships can be cruel times. There’s no greater solitude than when you are with someone but the other one is not there. And you try to find out who the other one is but what you are really trying to find out is who you are. It’s a journey, a journey together, a risky journey, but worth every part of it. So, throw your raft away, stroll the streets of your city and try to find out who you are on this quite philosophical Day 6 from Sarah Pabst, @_sarahpabst_ for @burndiary from Buenos Aires, Argentina. This photo forms part of my ongoing personal project on love.