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(This is Brandise Danesewich @antimodel for Burn Diary this week traveling to Oaxaca, Mexico. Day 11/711:11 CST 11/5Coyoacán. Just out wandering aimlessly in the streets. My inner city intuition compass is pretty in tune now despite having not really slept much in the past week. But the lack of sleep and addition of techno cafe coffee might make for the perfect recipe. Gorgeous face of a young man in the streets here. I told him I’d send it to him but he doesn’t have a phone).

A Glimpse of Burn Diary

BurnDiary has featured more than 100 photographers in more than two years.

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We have chosen photographers from every continent asking not to show their work but to share their days and moments, using BurnDiary as a personal diary.

So many images and visions that now we are glad to show every now and then as glimpsed author by author.

Diego Orlando