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Day 6 – visual diary by Theo Stanley / nyc @theo_stanley Photography is rooted in craftsmanship, however that isn’t always the road to being effective. Perfect modern lenses, while being a pinnacle of engineering often lack the character, soul and emotion of vintage lenses, which may have more imperfections or less precise coatings for contrast and color rendition. I cherish the look of my Leica lenses, but I also like to explore cheap glass, and obstructing the lens. In the end it’s not about the gear at all, but creating images that communicate what you are after, which can be less about precision, and more about nostalgia, or a dreamlike feel. I like to explore these effects in camera rather than in post production, where drastic decisions such as this image might feel more contrived. I shared two images for this post, the second being the tool to make the image #breakingimages #catskillsnarrative #meadowdwellers