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Day 6 – visual diary by Theo Stanley / nyc @theo_stanley.comGood night from a final evening in the Catskills mountains, north of NYC. Tonight was spent with family, enjoying a meal and viewing the Perseid meteor shower which peaked this weekend. Back to the city tomorrow. The remains of this photograph act more like a painting or a silkscreen print with photographic material, broken, banded, color polluted and artifacted. I rarely push something this far, but why not? And I am not feeling precious tonight. I had specialized in alternative process printing at university, learning early printing out techniques including cyanotype, platinum / palladium printing, gum bichromate and van dyke printing techniques. It has been too long since I have worked with this chemistry, and it’s fun for me to try and find an equivalent in breaking and reconstructing this image. #breakingimages #catskillsnarrative #meadowdwellers