marie is now ordering "take out"….why??  because i am not on a "road trip"….i am at home….hanging ….. ordering "take out", or rather my studio manager marie is…..we are working on this blog, planning a workshop, talking about relationships (this is mostly what we talk about!!)

and we are working on a potential new book…this is a secret now, but not for long!!   not really a secret, but i hate talk about something before it happens…bad luck…my old mantra is "until my mother has a copy on her coffee table, it does not exist"…..i have seen too many things go away just when i thought they were "in  the bag"….nothing is in the bag until it is in the bag… more on the book later…when is really really real….

plus, we are trying to figure out exactly how to modify, change, fix, update, manipulate, and flat out improve this blog!!  i mean, i am a print guy trying to move around in an online world… clues amigos, no clues…my assistants here keep telling me, "this is a blog not a magazine or a book"….so i am trying to learn…and i am trying to teach them a few things too…..that is why they are here because i pay very little money!!  so i listen to my young friends and they listen to me… perfectly symbiotic….

so, you will see some changes soon……a few little design things…..maybe three blogs instead of four…..stuff like that…..and, oh yes, adding a video page, a gallery, and an upcoming events page…

this is not the first time i have been an editor….when i was a kid i was editor of the family newspaper "the harvey herald", circulation 2……i was also the family photographer…….i will show some of those pictures at some  point…..

oh well, here is one now… ultimate ultimate "road trip" picture…..from my family album….13 years old…..sunday afternoon after church, ohio, 1957 ford wagon blue and white and  mom and dad, and my sister patricia (brother gary already in car)….my hand written caption "off for a family drive"……one frame……i never became a better photographer than this….



8 thoughts on “off for a family drive”

  1. David,

    The blog is fantastic! It’s a great way to keep up with what’s going on — a virtual campfire…or virtual messy office. Now if you could just figure out how to move cold beer over the internet…



  2. kent….

    well, moving cold beer over the internet is a goal of mine…nice guess!!! i just did a quick piece on carlo…left out a lot of details, but i am introducing characters that will come in and out of this movie as the plot thickens….you will show up soon enough as yourself!!! but, the deal is, of course, we do not tell ALL of the stories!!!

    i do look forward to this summer in tuscany and , of course, waiting for you to show up in new york to see me in my new natural habitat……i guess i owe you a visit too….best to carol…..un abbraccio, david

  3. David,

    Gracias, Amigo. Just saw the Carlo piece. You’re right, it’s only part of the story — but what’s there is right on. Carlo is off to India tomorrow — TPW East??? Give a shout next time you’re in DC and have some time. Come out to the new digs and spend the night.



  4. allison!! wow!! so happy to hear from you….are you in texas??? married?? 6 kids??? tell me, tell me…….besos, david

  5. David – You don’t have a virtual campfire it’s more like a Virtual Bonfire, Kobersteen, Gorman, Chang… When you get those beer’s served up on the IP Address – Take mine down and pass one over…

  6. david…thanks amigo..and come to my place soonest….hospitality awaits…..i am totally compelled to make this really good…i have so many ideas…but always looking for more, so put a log on……

    my goal is to provide an outlet for emerging photogs and just help them to think beyond the obvious…which is usually obvious!!!

    and to know that “behind the scenes” we all have the same insecurites , weaknesses etc….

    anyway, you know all of this…and you also know that i will be as natural and organic as i can as long as i can….when that is over , i will shut down and do something else…in the meantime, let’s rock!!! abrazos, david

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