i leave saturday for san miguel de allende, mexico…this is one of my "regular road trips"…one of the things i actually have on my "schedule"….i have two large classes organized by the national geographic expeditions group and will be teaching two different classes of one week each….

the good news is that i know everyone in town….the bad news is that everyone in town knows me..
but we always have so much fun in these groups…these are large classes….25 students usually…normally, i could not handle a class this large, but i have help…my usual amigo and co-teacher is raul touzon and this time also eniac martinez……raul was a student of mine way back in santa fe….you will meet raul soonest and see his work…eniac is a fine black & white photographer from mexico city….

some of these students are young professional photogs and some are folks from other professions who want to hone their skills or maybe just hang out in mexico….i can teach both groups and they always end up liking each other and also teaching each other….the age range in this class can go from 21-71…you never know….but one thing for sure….the final slide show will be terrific….i always think it won’t be so good on my first day with the class, and then it always is at the end…..

will try to blog from the road…now, for most people this would be easy, but i have almost zero computer skills….ask marie or laura or luis or any of the people around me who have tried to help….anyway, i will do my best to update during my two weeks in mexico….i think raul will have more to do than he thinks!!!!



6 thoughts on “san miguel de allende”

  1. natalia chantal barbazan

    hola david? como estas? espero que muy bien. nose si tengas algun mail personal para poder escribirte pleaseeee..!!

    me encanta tu trabajo, tus fotos son padrisimas.


  2. hola chanty…..

    gracias por tu carta…..es mejor escribes a mi aqui…..

    yo estoy en san miguel por una semana mas….

    saludos, david

  3. David! I love the photos on this page! I loved your San Miguel workshop and I am forever indebted to you for getting me off of shooting in automatic!

  4. hi meredith….

    so nice to connect with you again!!! and please give roger my warmest regards…..

    by the way, i saw the picture i took of you on flickr….nice bus ride back to the barn!!!

    your work really went from good travel photography to someting more personal and aesthetic…..

    your morroco work is really impressive…very nice amiga, very nice!!!!

    please stay in touch…by the way, i have an opening for my hip hop work in new york on june 14 at the powerhouse arena in dumbo….please come…and , well ok, bring your dad!!!

    saludos, david

  5. meredith…i tried posting a comment on your blog with no success..what did i do wrong??? hope you come back to see my note here…cheers, david

  6. David,

    You must already know this because you take the pictures (!) but if I had to try and describe a ‘classically’ composed DAH photograph I would probably end up describing something like the shot in the story linked to these comments — the Mexican trio. There is something quintessentially DAH about it: three or four often interlocking or bisecting figures, often splashed with dense, sculptural shadow; one figure — often the extreme foreground figure — will be cropped across the face; hats, drapes or other clothing features often add splashes of colour and additional sculptural lines; the light will be used beautifully within the composition to highlight a particular feature or perspective.

    But I have an aesthetic-cum-technical question for you. To what extent is this part of the DAH aesthetic signature, and to what extent is it a DAH technical signature (for example, the combination of the particular 35mm lens perspective — which I know from my own useage will comfortably accommodate small groups of people, say between three and six, very naturally — and your use of slide film?

    Anyway, just wondering ‘aloud’, really… I was fascinated by how ‘familiar’ the Mexican trio picture was and how identifiable its signature was to me.

    Hope you get to see this comment — it’s posted way after your original post…



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