well, nine days in thailand turned into lucky 13 days in thailand….none of us wanted to leave…. i mean, how do you beat hanging out with photographers you respect, warmer than new york weather and thai hospitality…the ex-pat community in bangkok is fairly significant…could they draw me in???



agnes and philip blenkinsop



greg gorman, gerhard joren, nym, and james nachtwey 

5 thoughts on “more from bangkok”

  1. hi pong….nym is one of those people you just have to like right away…when i arrived in bangkok, jim nachtwey told me that she was one of his very best friends….he has known her for two or three years….her boyfried scott has just arrived in new york today and is staying with jim…we will see them both at jim’s opening on friday evening at the seleger gallery….stay tuned…david

  2. hey jay…when are you coming over?? hip hop on the wall…..i leave for mexico on the 23rd, so now is the time…i am sure we will see each other at jim’s….cheers, etc…david

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