Alexander Bronfer


This project is about the tight bonds connecting us to The Dead Sea, in the face of ecological catastrophe threatening the future of this unique natural treasure.



People are always fascinated by the Dead Sea. This place was always a refuge for messiahs, zealots, martyrs, kings, and ascetics. People prayed, sinned, healed and kill each other on these yellowish shores. They built dams and plants, drilled wells, cut the sea from any source of freshwater and left it to die. And meanwhile, we continue praying, sinningand killing each other, moving our beach chairs and sunshades deeper and deeper, silently following the disappearing sea



Short Bio

Alexander Bronfer is an Israeli photographer. Born in Ukraine and studied in Saint Petersburg (Russia). His main interest is the connection between street and fine art photography. After arriving to Israel, Alexander lived in Kibutz in South Israel where he fell in love with the Dead Sea region.  He is a finalist of multiple international and Israeli photography festivals. Recently he spends a good amount of time on personal projects mainly in Israel and Eastern Europe. 


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