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Joining the ranks of iconic fashion models Veruschka, Suzy Parker & Naomi Sims, Karlie Kloss appears on the cover of LIFE magazine in a special printed issue in celebration of New York Fashion Week, as photographed by Gabrielle Revere. Revere went on a whirlwind journey with the leggy stunner to capture the fleeting and intimate moments from her suburban St. Louis home to the Haute Couture shows in Paris.




Revere’s solo exhibitions at preeminent galleries include: Sotheby’s, New York – “I Remain, You Desire”, and Milk Gallery, New York – “I Only Have Eyes For You”. She also participated in several group shows, with her photographs gracing the walls alongside works by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Damien Hirst.

Most recently, Revere appeared as a guest judge and featured photographer on Australia’s Next Top Model. She has also been profiled by FTV Fashion Television, and featured on E! News Entertainment Television.


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Gabrielle Revere


62 thoughts on “Gabrielle Revere – Life Magazine”

  1. This seems strangely out of context here, a disquieting Burn non_sequitur (which is not to say a bad thing). Beautiful photos but I can’t help thinking/feeling that such a life is so ultimately … hollow. I would have liked seeing something of that I think, just a hint, or perhaps more behind the scenes real moments in what must be a surreal life. Maybe I’m just projecting.

  2. When I usually see images like this, I wonder what I would think of them outside the context – solely on the merits of the images. If this wasn’t a young, beautiful model, but some crusty old curmudgeon? What if I didn’t know that this was in Life magazine, would I still like the images? It’s a tough call. I don’t think one could ever know for sure, but I have a gut feeling that I would with this set. The images really are beautiful.

    There is something that bothers me. There’s a in science that the moment one observes an event, it is altered. To a degree, that’s true in photography, and I think it’s especially true here. Although the statement says that Gabrielle wanted to “capture the fleeting and intimate moments” I don’t really see many (any?) here. Karlie always looks like she’s always “on” in these. Always performing. Anyone else getting that feeling?

  3. “Karlie always looks like she’s always “on” in these. Always performing. Anyone else getting that feeling?”

    Yes, same feeling here.

  4. Eva. The point is ENVY!
    Your life could be like hers[effortless, exciting, glamourous] if only you buy another piece of the useless shit she is hawking this week. Look how even ‘off camera’ [yeah right!!], she has all the grace and beauty that you [the consumer] dont. Thats because she wears OUR brand of shoes. OUR lipstick.
    If you were to wear it as well…then maybe….just maybe….

    Of course she is ‘always on’. those behind her [she herself is also a product after all] have a vested interest to make sure she is NEVER seen ‘off’….Only fashion ‘off’

  5. John..

    yeah, I get that, that wasn’t really what I was wondering about.. I mean, this is so obviously ‘false’, set up, ‘on’, call it what you want, so I wonder what the point is having this piece here on burn.. I mean, if it is up, there must be a point, but I just don’t quite get that point..

  6. if only the photography, essay and drive were brilliant, i would say a great non sequitur (especially following on the heels of Black Father)…but …

    this is, forgive me, empty work and frankly, not particularly inspired Fashion work either…cover of Life?…

    Gabrielle is a big name in ny Fashion photography at the moment…i’m still bewildered by this, given all the brilliant fashion work that is done in china and russia and london at the moment….but, nyc honestly is a myopic place often….and honestly i neither understand the merit nor the interest for burn…

    my lament is not that Burn is showing Fashion work (would love to see that here, and i know personally some fashion photographers who have in the past submitted to Burn), but the choice seems to be about name and this tie-in with Life over substance….

    big lights, bright city indeed….sorry guys…..time to step out for some fresher air…

    for those more interested here’s an interview…much of it is revealing of this type of work and the thinking behind it….

    p.s. i’m with John V on this too

  7. Jamie Maxtone-Graham

    Inside her life? A disappointing view. Not to pile criticism on top of criticism, but this ‘essay’ feels pretty lacking on any number of levels. Love to hear from the photographer in this thread.

    Nice to get the cover of Life Magazine, I suppose. They clearly know something over there that I don’t.

  8. now everybody take a deep deep breath…and throw away that serious glasses over your nose look …those of us here on the Burn crew honestly thought all of you, or at least most of you, would “get” this totally referential and “tongue in cheek” peek back to the early days of magazine photography …our only intent here was to make you smile…you are going to get wrinkles being so so damned serious!! laughing…

    Life was the first picture magazine for many of us..and this is what it looked like on this type of story….the reason for the cover shot was to let you know we were not running a Burn essay but what some the old Life Magazine essays used to look like…yes, they ran Gene Smith’s Country Doctor, but they ran many many stories that had this look and this style of either celebrity or fashion photography..

    we did not think any of you would see this as one of our normal essays…now c’mon people get a smile in your life!! where oh where is your sense of humor? or irony?

    of course the model pictures are all “set up”…that is the way they used to do it…Life itself was trying for the “retro look”….

    it seems to me to be way more than obvious that this is sort of a “take off” on an old look..

    of course these are not pictures inside her real life…again, we here at Burn thought you would see the Life cover and realize what we were trying to do here….

    and then again, as in all things of style, is Life really trying to come back with this look? for us , this is where we thought the discussion would go…not a Burn thing, but a Life thing…

    in any case, sorry if we threw you off…again, for us it seems so so far off that you would see our intent…i guess not :) ..i mean really, smile folks …

    cheers, david

  9. EVA..

    well honestly , at first i thought this was only a twist Americans would “get”…anybody who grew up with Life would understand, but i guess that is not this audience….

    wasn’t the Life cover some sort of tip off?? hmmmmm….well even my younger European friends totally see the “pop art” of this…

    on a reality note: many many thanks for your prints which i just received yesterday…great pictures and just spectacular prints….i will be picking your brain on chemicals and paper….in any case , these photographs will indeed find their way to my walls at home..

    as soon as i finish Rio at the end of November, i will launch into mentoring a few photographers who are near completion of book projects….your Palio will be one of them….your horse should be the cover….

    cheers, david

  10. MW..

    yes, that was the intent…

    by the way, please come Saturday night….we have Bruce Davidson again for an opening show (in case you missed him last year)…..i cannot believe in fact Bruce and Emily come all the way over to Brooklyn from where they live to my humble little loft, but they always have…i remember when i first moved here , Emily literally cooked a covered dish for me and brought it over … that sort of thing is only supposed to happen in small towns…..anyway, another good student show, my last for a while, and Bruce Davidson…he is the real thing…..hell even if you saw him last year, you should come again..get here early and talk to him if you want…hope to see you Michael….

    cheers, david

  11. david:

    1st sequence (cover and morph) was funny, obvious a parody of life…….

    but, there is parody and then there’s parody ;)))…

    btw, parody of fashion photography as well……

    which is a parody of a parody of life to begin with….

    again, a ny kind of think/g….


  12. My initial reaction was that this was some sort of parody…only because I thought the model WAS Kate Moss! (So much for my skills of observation. :) )

    Really, though, where is the “intimacy” Revere is going for? A week with a supermodel, and there isn’t a single moment where the subject is intimate with anyone. The only intimacy is between the subject and the viewer; there is even a singular lack of emotional connection between the model and the photographer. We are left with images that define beauty as a promise of happiness, but that I think is an idea long dead. What is interesting is that LIFE seems to be going that route, and such a differentiation of concept between a magazine like BURN and LIFE should make for a good fight for the future of magazines and magazine readership.

  13. David, sure, I’d love to come see Bruce again, and the students as well. I’m betting between these two classes you could probably do a small book on Occupy Wall Street? I chatted with Bruce briefly last time, but all he wanted to talk about was me. It was easy to see why people open up to him like they do. And his slideshow was great on every level, but proved costly since I then went out and bought the book(s). It’s now a prized possession so I’m not complaining.

    The show is Saturday this time?

  14. BOB..

    yes, we thought about that too…how many pictures to run…a lot , a few…we ended up thinking what the hell let’s run ’ harm done….but what threw us was that none of you saw the Life cover as a clue that this was not a normal story….anyway, no big deal…and we did not eliminate somebody who has serious valuable work to be shown..we will of course show that too..this is not a replacement, just sort of a coffee break….Loomings terrific…


    to my mind the “intimacy” or the lack thereof is all part of the joke…anyone, everyone, can see these are all setup shots with zero intimacy…quite obvious…so this means it MUST be parody..right??

    cheers, david

  15. David…

    you’re welcome.. thank you for wanting that horse, wouldn’t have sent it just out of the blue.. different thing is the Cortona pic, that one I’d have sent anyway, but smaller :) .. we’ll talk when you’ll be back.. funny thing is that horse didn’t make the edit, HA!

    Picking brains, any time, but what I really would love love love to do is putting my hands on your ‘Tell It Like It Is’ negatives, meaning to have them in my enlarger… ahhhhhh..

    About the LIFE cover, just for your info, on the phone/iPad the lead pic doesn’t show the cover, just a portion of it (unless it’s only me?), but even with the cover popping up right away I wouldn’t have gotten it..


    You have Bruce Davidson’s ‘Subway’? If not, and it’s something your interested it, the reprint is out.. just in case, maybe having it signed?..

  16. ….your horse should be the cover….
    The Palio “Horse” is in the Right Place , in Texas!
    Horses should only live in Texas ;))))))))))))
    (if there was enough hay of course, but there’s not due to the drought)

  17. smile y’all! its Raining!
    The only problem i have with the above essay is that it makes me wanna go break my mirror!
    laughing….but deep inside my heart i surely hope that in my next lifetime i will be born as pretty as that girl is!…thats why im doing good things in this lifetime! building up my karma!
    (ha ha, im not stupid!!!! im smart!!!;)

    btw, two BURNIANS arrive tonight in Texas to help with the “BURN-ED GARDEN” EXHIBITION THAT STARTS TOMORROWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mr. Doug McLellan arrives from Canada and mr. Michael A Shapiro arrives from Minneapolis .

  18. David
    LIFE has not been around in the old form since the seventies, I’m not surprised that many folks don’t get the connection.

    While the look here may be retro, it is also very much now. The style of these photos is very much in the style of contemporary mainstream wedding photography, which tries very hard for that groovier than thou fashion look. Lots of long lense selective tight shots of gestures and details, and out of focus elements in the foreground and so on.

    These photos are competent, and probably achieve what was intended. Young women who are into fashion would appreciate them.

    At the same time, they underscore for me, and, it seems, many of the commenters above, my negative feelings towards fashion industry. Why is it that the the ideal model has to appear spoiled, bitchy, bored, anorexic, immature, and a bit trashy?

  19. contemporary mainstream wedding photography
    kinda true but if u really wanna see a REAL fashion talent , google KOTO BOLOFO!..THE very best!

  20. Panos..

    yeah.. and it’s all your fault only anyway! :D


    Can’t get that stupid grin off my face, so had to explain.. husband then wanted to know what ice cream has to do with photography.. no joke!

  21. I did catch the cover thing…after all, I have the LIFE magazine app on my iPhone ;) I’ve done mock life covers with it :)))))
    But I did not put the two together…I’m slow…what can I say.

  22. Panos thanks for the koto bolofo link. Indeed great stuff. There are even pictures of people smiling and having fun! and older people. What’s the world coming to?
    Anyway, I must back pedal a bit, don’t really dislike the fashion industry totally, love the fashion work of old masters like Penn and Avedon, just don’t follow it I guess. I must admit to having a look at fashion magazines now and then just for the photography.

    Anyway, I must explore the blofo site some more. Good luck with the show. I’m off to Lasqueti Island for Canadian thanksgiving weekend with Martha and my daughter and her English boyfriend.

  23. I’ve been wondering all day what’s going on with this essay, I can barely see Burn on my outdated phone just able to read the comments. Well I would of never got it either, not because I’ve never read life – my mother used to have a load of Life mags strewn all over the house.

    Yes Kate Moss always…

    I love fashion photography, I’m absolutely certain growing up surrounded every month with Vogue and Harpers Bazaar at my Grandmother’s made me fall in love with photography and women…

  24. JOHN

    yes, Panos the Man…


    you be The Man ….everyone is so excited about the San Antonio show..getting ready now to post the Bruce Davidson thing here in New York tomorrow and your gig in Texas simultaneous…lots going on in Burnland…good…your enthusiasm just the best..i wish everyone could be as fired up about things as are you….

    abrazos, david

  25. CHARLES…

    it is a bit disappointing to me after two years of publishing Burn that nobody here would think that maybe i was not doing a parody…or at least some sense of “smell” that i was trying to say something other than “look at this as a Burn essay” could anybody think i was actually endorsing those pictures as actual essay photographs???…yes, my tastes vary , but surely would never move to THAT level at least not straight up……hmmmmm…genuinely surprised…..the question for me here, and where i wanted to take this , was how much did Life and photographer THINK they were doing at least a copy of the “good old days”? is this the ultimate pop art? an old “new” look? what exactly IS this? this was my question to all of you , and to Life…

    cheers, david

  26. David, I think it might be too late now to get real honest answers….you have laid it all on the table.
    Perhaps it would have been better to kept it going saying something like “you just don’t get it”
    As you said…it’s a parody….and I don’t have an answer to your question…I don’t find it stimulating to give it much thought…with all due respect of course.

  27. DAH,

    Well, I think the problem is that parody, when done well, informs the viewer of something new about the subject, a way of viewing it from inside out, upside down, backwards, what have you. And I (and thankfully not alone on this) didn’t really see that at all. Maybe the fact that it is so subtle a parody is a good thing…. just didn’t work for me is all. I prefer my parodies big and messy…. parody also implies being funny. I wish there was at least one image that was, like “okay…yeah!”, say of her putting make up on the family dog, shot of course in high fashion/LIFE style. Just something that takes one outside…

    I know what you mean about the old “new” look… I did a benefit calendar last year for a local all ages club where we got some people together in a bar and tried to do an homage to the old Max’s Kansas City days. Very difficult to do, or at least do right, esp in one evening (fortunately I did right enough for their needs). From a technical (digital vs film) to an acting (nobody truly fucked up) to values (nobody smoking as not only illegal but calendar targeted at minors) it’s all relative…. how does one reconcile look, subject, and intent? Is new/old really new?

    And who can keep up with the machinations of David Alan Harvey’s mind! Anyway, win some lose some. Name of the game and you or Gabrielle shouldn’t take it personally (I know you don’t). It’s always good to try, and I wish I was photographing Karlie Kloss! As you say, laugh and smile – you’re on camera!



    and the Nirvana book is all addressed and ready to send and I will make it to the post office tomorrow!

  28. david:

    i understand (your thinking of course) but anyway, just as CP wrote, what i tried to write in a short note….your intent maybe was different from Gabrielle’s intent, or well, who knows…not that important, really (our reactions)….

    anyway, to laugh at ourselves is most important thing anyway, as dima reminded: ‘yo, dad, what’s more important that Burn thing or making sure tim hudak isn’t elected’ (he said last night)….


    and in way of parody/absurdity…one of my favorite films o f last year (Yo Panos/Civi, it is fucking Greek film and amazing):

    funny, sad, mad, bloody, sexy, fucked up….

    laughter to tears, tears from laughter…

    enjoy, hope u see it

  29. I have left the sweltering heat that was New York last week and am back up here at the Top of the World, in the snow and cold, able to walk across the frozen lagoon, still jet-lagged and sleep-deprived with a slow internet connection.

    So slow that I had to wait a minute or so for each photo to load and so grew bored and gave up looking after about half-a-dozen images. I just couldn’t take it anymore, after that. I am certain, though, that if I had a fast connection, had not been jet-lagged and sleep deprived, I would have spotted the parody that David wrote of immediately.

  30. a civilian-mass audience

    in BURNLAND…we never settle…and we do think out of the box…

    as my BURNIANS say…congrats!!!

    back to my aisle…ADMIN,do I have one?:)))))))))

  31. Perfect anti-climax (save the copious comments) before the real show, tomorrow, San Antonio, under the care of Panos, who promised me he would not curate it sitting down on his fat ass (his words, not mine).


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