Anton Kusters (above) is one of the hardest working collaborators on the planet….Burn does not exist without Anton…the fact that he is jet lagged and needs a “time out” should be of no surprise….he jets back and forth from his home in Belgium to Japan, and his Yakuza project, and now just as easily to New York where he is crashing on the Burn office/gallery/crash pad sofa…he is here to work on BURN…we can do a lot by Skype, but one on one we can really get some work done….

what started out as an extension of my Road Trips blog and just a fun project with and for our audience here, has now blossomed into a seriously considered online media outlet/producer….all that has happened to Burn in the last few weeks is humbling to say the least….our nomination for a Lucie Award is  flattering considering we are just a two person lap top from wherever operation at the moment… this was predicated by a nice mention of Burn on the New York Times “LENS” blog last week, whose progenitor, editor/ photographer James Estrin, just left my loft after meeting with my students for two hours…..David Walker, Senior Editor at PDN,  this month  did a nice, accurate, to the point Q&A interview with me  in their magazine which always makes a strong push in the direction of young emerging photographers….The Digital Journalist guru Dirck Halstead at the same time wrote a strong editorial about the state of affairs for young photographers, and suggested that large funding operations direct some of their efforts in the direction of Burn, MediaStorm, 100 Eyes and other online efforts who pledge to pump lifeblood into a sagging industry….

so all at once, Burn has a place at the table ….organic…based on personal history and trust….working with the best people for all the right reasons, and all of it audience driven…..all of it…..funding for EPF, from you….donations which have kept our loft alive for office and gallery space, from you….submissions which have us now with more content than we can handle, from you….incidentally, i apologize for not being able to respond to every submission of photographs and every kind donation….we are way behind in viewing submissions and will soon employ a professional experienced editor to help, but i assure i view each and every submission…for those i like, i make contact as soon as possible, but please be patient…many many thanks to those of you who have given support….we could not have survived this long without you….

if now is the time for Burn to receive funding so that commissions can be given to the young generation and original work can be produced here for Burn from the iconic to the youngbloods, then OUR  efforts here will be deemed someday to have been significant and historic… i just think that way….

so, let’s take this audience one step further….do i need your help?  yes…. more pictures of course…but , what we all need now is to have a small first class team of grant writers and/or sales people to at least get me to the right person at the right kind of sponsorship venue…Burn is easy for me to pitch….really easy….first of all, it is not about me or my work(that is another problem!!)….Burn is about making a contribution to the new generation of photographers who express themselves either journalistically or artistically or both…..if you have any thoughts about potential funders and grant writing talent,  please send them to Kerry Payne (photo below) who celebrated her 40th birthday at the Burn loft last night with our students toasted with Veuve Cliquot and Orios …Kerry is a hard core Aussie and should be recovered from last night’s modest bash by the time you send her an e-mail – kerry@burnmagazine.org….she is a biz person….do not write to Anton or to me, we are not….please please..

Anton and i cannot do any more than what Burn is now by ourselves…with just a little bit of help we can revolutionize….hey , is there anything better than the start up of a rock band in the garage?? yes, that is us….underground…underdog….full of enthusiasm…the best combo for creativity…

tomorrow we will go on with a live Q&A with Martin Parr…he will answer thought provoking questions from the readers here for two hours….Martin wants to do an original essay with first publication on Burn….i want to make that happen….and at the same time give concurrent commissions to two or three young less known photographers….i will make this happen….Martin, and Magnum , support this effort….a story on Alex and Rebecca Webb will follow soon behind, and they will be presenting at the Burn gallery event this friday evening where about 30 Burn audience photographers will be hanging on the same walls with Bruce Davidson, Elliott Erwitt, Gilles Peress, Susan Meiselas and Chris Anderson….we will try to invite likely print buyers and hope that someone who might collect an Erwitt would also buy a print from an emerging photographer…anyway, a nice thought…..oh yes, my loft students for the week are the highlight of the evening when they present their efforts for the week….we are hard at work on this show now…

so, this is a 24 hour time out from our normal programming….essays and singles from you will up again by tomorrow afternoon….but, this should give you all something to chew on….for one thing, do you take a time out right in the middle of when things are busy???


2,666 thoughts on “time out….”

  1. This really is a special place filled with people who are just plain DOIN’ IT!!! Yes, DAH is a visionary but, dammit, he brings those dreams to life. That is, with the help of folks like Anton, Mike Courvoisier, Kerry Payne and more behind-the-scenes people than any of us could imagine. IMHO we are at the epicenter of a revolution that is changing the way photography will be seen and supported in the future…not to mention how photographers will craft their work. Burn has a place for everyone, from conceptual to photojournalistic to art to documentary to multimedia. And yes, we have a place for non-photogs who add more than they know. Yes, a civilian mass audience, I’m talking about you!

    So what’s next? Who knows? As DAH says, this whole endeavor has been organic from the start, and such creative ventures make their own paths. No one is following anyone or anything here; we are making up our own rules as we go.

    It is such a gift to be part of the Burn community! Thank you thank you thank you…


  2. Hi David, I am confused…there is a Burn Gallery show this friday night? why such short notice on the show and are people invited? Sounds like a great show but it feels like I missed something somewhere, did I? Was it posted on Burn somewhere?

  3. Burn is great and I love it. I will return for every essay that you publish and will watch and see what becomes of the careers of the young photographers that you feature.

    Yet, after reading this piece, there is one thing I cannot help but feel discouraged about.

    There are many older photographers who have been around, doing good work, always struggling, still struggling, who yet have much to contribute.

    Unless they are already big names – and even some of those are struggling, it seems – the avenues of support grow every more narrow, because the thrust is to help out the young, emerging, photographer and let the older ones drift into their meagre pastures.

  4. VALERY…

    the answer is yes….we contacted photographers who we thought had photographs most likely to work in a gallery sales event…if you think we missed you, please bring a print…the one we ran here on Burn would be terrific…or better, get it over here tomorrow…

    why such short notice?? we are going to have a crowd control problem as it is..i was a bit reluctant to post even what i just did…of course, Burn readers are invited…i am just worried we could have so many people that we literally cannot handle it..

    hope to see you Valery….

    cheers, david


    a very very good point….i define “emerging” loosely and say so regularly…. there are certainly some photographers who are shall we say “over 40” who are in fact emerging…the two books i mentored this year , Michael Loyd Young “Blues, Booze, and Barbque” and Patricia Lay Dorsey “Falling Into Place” are by photographers who are both comfortably over 40….so, i am open …totally…many photographers who are published on Burn are perhaps not so well known and evolving/growing and not 25…..the audience here is largely younger, but good pictures are good pictures….so send me some links…it is never to late to be the man/woman you could have been…

    cheers, david

    you’ll find all ages among us at BURN.
    I have not had the impression that it is about the age here. It is about photography! :-)

    great hoodie … but I am not a hoodie person. Do we have mugs too? If not, we definitively should do some.
    Hey, it’s getting wintery outside. I got my first cold of the year today. It is definitively because I was not drinking my hot tea/chocolate/coffee/whisky out of the right mug!

    speechless … so so happy about this. So pround to have a print on your wall too … What an honour!

    Congratulations!!!!! All my best wishes to you and thanks so much for helping out here :-)
    Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday – looking at the image I think you had it … All the best for your future…

    and whose big smile do I see on the right?

    Looks like you are having lots of fun! Hope your new little digital helper is doing a good job there …
    I would blame myself if this was not the case.
    Looking forward to meet you for a looooooong coffee break once you are back here. Lots to talk about.
    Enjoy! Enjoy! Relax! Have fun! Get excited! And enjoy some more!


  7. ok… someone said..
    photos… more photos…
    we need more photos..
    thats why im here…
    everyone enjoy…
    have fun….

    ( SOME CRAZY STUFF happened in venice last night… but thats for later…)

    now, enjoy the latest San Francisco craziness…i know .. little late..
    but better late than never..
    ( hey DAH, im just trying to buy Anton some time…)

    NEW LINK….clivk below…:


  8. Ok, just checked the store. No mugs (yet)!
    But t-shirts and I will be getting some. BUT … there is something wrong with the logo: The BURN dot is not red. Can we fix that?

    we might be able to apply for some financial help from the EU. But it is quite complicated. They even offer workshops to help you fill those application forms … There are a couple of websites. I’ll do a search and send it to … whom? Kerry? hmmm …
    Will write you a separate email in a week or two when things calmed down a little.

  9. DAH – burn is profound.

    I have for a long time argued among my own community as to when photographers would shed their old world mantles and wake up to the new world of media and distribution which is ever emerging. Photography needs a new model to not be swallowed by other emerging world orders. Your previous post (with the snazzy film sequence) and this post proves to me beyond a doubt that burn is striving to create this new world/place for photographers – establishing a new photographic order.

    burn is pioneer. I salute you for this. Bravo burn. The accolades are more than well deserved. Your comment as to burn being ‘two people and a laptop’ made me chuckle. This is the new world, and two people and a laptop can create and change that world. Perhaps this mute point goes to prove the adage of it’s not the camera you have but the person you are which will make truly a great photograph.

    Innovate, invent, create, burn.

    with every best wish.

  10. oh i forgot the warning…
    ( do not open in front of kids or anywhere around AKAKY’s office..:))))))))
    parental advice for the above slideshow…
    especially from number 32 photo and up….
    (… dont shoot the messenger…)

  11. My brain is crashing. I’ll be back in the morning so that I can better digest this. Time out.

  12. I love the top picture but I don’t know who is in the second shot. I suppose the woman is Kerry.

    I can’t really think of Burn as an underdog, not with a big name at the helm – perhaps its relative. But nevermind, its all great what you are doing and I wish Burn every success. I think of Burn as a runaway success in a new model of image sharing. I think you can’t lose, though of course no one can afford to be complacent.

  13. David, you’re f….ing nuts, keep it up. When you need to chill, please stream http://wdvx.com/
    it WILL make you happy…er. I’m sorry I could not make contact with you last week. I was working
    in Staten Island and had hoped we could meet mano y mano.

    Let me know what I can do. Perhaps the Poynter Institute should be informed of your efforts. There really is a lot of non-profit cash out there. I know you know.

    Paul O

  14. Burn keeps on burning
    and the world keeps on turning…

    thursday morning here, wednesday night there…

    been loving the evolution of burn…
    (dah – still miss your road trips diary stuff ; )


    Civi – can we put that on a t-shirt?



    Love Peace & Photography!

  15. Lovely day at the loft, report coming as soon as I can, but maybe will wait and will scribble the day and the slideshow and opening all together..must do Frank talk too, so some juggling of time, but for now, what a great group at the workshop, and I too am oh so proud that roadtrips is all grown up!

  16. I just looked through Penns “Passage”, twice. What amazing stuff. What amazing vision.

    In 1947, the year I was born, he was doing stuff that still looks ultra edgy today. I am in awe.

  17. David, Anton,

    This may not be exactly what you are looking for as far as help but at least it’s something…
    I “discovered” some new talent for you tonight. (Since I used to do that in Hollywood with comedians, musicians, actors…I may as well use my ability to include discovering photographers.) Sent him your way so hopefully you’ll get his submission soon.

    His name is Jake Mendel. Powerhouse is publishing his book on Short Track.

    Maybe I’ll have better luck getting other people’s work published here :))
    I don’t seem to be doing so well with my own.

  18. kathleen fonseca


    I love the top shot also..

    don’t have much to add, just keep on doing the do the way you do…

    thanks to you and Anton..


  19. In physics “Critical Mass is the smallest amount of material needed to create a sustained nuclear chain reaction. Its size depends on several factors, including the kind of material used, its concentration and purity, and the composition and geometry of the surrounding reaction system”

    People, we have reached critical mass…..!!

    Congratulations to all (with special a mention, of course, for DAH & AK)

  20. David…Burn/Road Trips has been a continued inspiration for myself and for many many photographers I know. To be a part of this has been a non-stop ride and I am ready to keep going. I am really hoping our paths will be able to cross towards the end of this month. I am working on it and will try to keep tabs of where you are to meet up. I for one, would also like to help out more in any way I can. Maybe I could set up a field office here in Beijing?! Are you getting many hits from China? I hope you can at least maybe sell my print on Friday to help boost the coffers. Best, Sean.

  21. Anton and David you rock. I am just sorry not to be there with you to celebrate such beautiful event. All the best for the evening and I wish Burn the best.
    Speak soon

  22. Uncle Dave -do you take a time out right in the middle of when things are busy???

    right on man I am a big advocate of the siesta , nana nap , a couple of bex and a good lie down.

    Even last week when things are horrendously busy in hot steamy and tragic after the earthquake in Padang, you got to take time!

    Living and working under an equatorial sun has really taught me how to live, work and play!

    Congrats on the Lucie nomination you guys ,I’m proud to have been there with you guys in some small way!

    Cheers Glenn

  23. It feels so good to wake up to such an amzing and inspiring post (and comments, too!).
    I don’t post much (even because I was offline for two weeks, having moved to a different country, and I’m waaaaaay behind trying to catch up with the 2000+ comments on “Avalon”), but I follow burn very closely, wishing I could do something more than just visiting daily, sometimes hourly. I so hope I’ll be able to come up with an essay worth of being submitted and worth of being looked at by such an amazing group of people (that is, david, burn staff, the photographers featured on burn, and most people who regularly post here).
    And posts like this just makes it all seem easier, it’s so up-lifting, I couldn’t help but smile while reading and thinking this is all true, happening, and so beautiful.
    Don’t know if my words make a lot of sense, but as Patricia so rightly put it, “it is such a gift to be part of the Burn community! Thank you thank you thank you…”

  24. David B…It went well thanks. Just put the images up on my blog from the workshop (just click my name to see them). It’s early days for us but we’re hoping to build them up. Let’s see where they take us!

    By the way, do you live in the Washington DC/NYC area? Will be in the States for a couple of weeks at the end of this month/early Nov. If yes, let me know, would be good to meet up.

    If any other Burnians are reading this then, let me know if any of you will be in the DC/NYC area around that time too. It’ll be my first time in both cities. Would be great to meet people.

  25. GLENN…

    i can relax right in the middle of the most potentially stressful scenario…5-10 minute siestas work for me…i have never studied meditation, but have my own version, and can get some relaxing space when chaos reigns….

    you have been here in a big way with your comments and your work….i think i first started writing to Marcin and to you and Cathy…and Rafal in there at the beginning also..isn’t that correct??


    thanks for the tip on Jake ..i was not familiar with his work….i will take a close look…and i will always look at your work, offer suggestions, and hope that you too will published here…with all that good light, spectacular scenery, and good subject matter all around Santa Fe, i am sure you will come up with a nice single for us….i know, i know, you are off to India soon…but, please try to do something right at home…i know India is exotic and colorful and so much going on..everyone likes to photograph India, i like to photograph in India….that is the problem…everyone has good pictures from India…very difficult to come up with something beyond the cliché …however, if you do, then i am ready to publish…


    we are ready with your essay….it is now just a bit too long….i will make a recommended edit and let you have a look…then we will be ready to go….many thanks for your patience…..

    cheers, david

  26. Congratulations Burn….David, Anton, Michael, Kerry, Tom, Chris, and all those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes…

    David: i am so pleased and happy that you and James had a chance to finally meet and that your students had a chance too…he’s a great guy and i hope that what little i did helped you 2 meet, helped Burn become the place/magazine/outlet it is…

    Anton: :)))) u r the foundation, for all…and couch of no couch, that’s one of the most gorgeous views in the world, not a bad crash office for the 2nd hardest working Belgium class act in history (just behind John…and with him, i was so hoping to see the CountOlaf look ;)))))))…bur u r the boss…from a behind the scenes perspective, i can say that David or anyone on the planet couldnt imagine a more dedicated, compassioned, loyal, wide-heart-thump-open partner than u….

    Best of luck for a great show friday, we’d be there if we could, off for a family drive….anxious to have a report…

    congrats burnians, workers (in front and behind the spotlight), published photographers, commentators, writers, readers, followers, the whole enchilada…

    wide-world hug


    i am sure both of you know that without your input, both in photographs and in writing, Burn would not exist….Audrey, your sensitive photographs of your family have been inspirational to many and we are ready to publish very soon your newest pictures from Brigitte et Bernard…Bob, you have taken the time to write extensively on almost every essay and single published here on Burn and have been a fine talent scout as well…we are now preparing also the prints from you and Marina for the show tomorrow…

    cheers, david

  28. a civilian-mass audience

    OUR PATRICIA(love you) once wrote:

    “It is such a gift to be part of the Burn community! Thank you thank you thank you…”
    yes,Fransesco… What a gift !!!

    Viva ALaska !!! Frostfrog …I knew you were BURNing up there :)))

    I LOVE the 1st and the last photo…Explicit??? …
    No problem…I see no explicit…I see only your trademark :)))hihihi

    ” 2 people and a laptop” for a minute I thought …” 2 people and a lap dance”
    funniest ever …:)))

    if you cannot digest…might be the gratitude …or the beef:)))

    “Burn keeps on burning
    and the world keeps on turning…” you rock !!!

    young pups+geckos= BURNIANS United .

    Critical mass…Civilian mass…Ramon Maaasssss…:)))

    “keep it Up…it will make you happy…??? ” hihihi…what a message !!!
    Up,Up,Up …

  29. DAH – Have Napped in APC’s , taxi’s ,last week the tiles of Jakartas international airport , the Padang govenors palace , I owe my sanity and good humour to my ability to catch 40 winks ,napping is an act of self preservation and nothing buggers you so much as sleep deprivation the sooner the western world stas keeping tropical hours the better we all will be.

  30. a civilian-mass audience


    Behind a successful BURN…there is always a hard working LADY !!!

  31. a civilian-mass audience

    my love to your family…VIVA the whole enchilada …GO BOBBY,GO BOBBY,GO BOBBY !!!

    we count on YOU…Sky is the limit…not even the sky…cause we have

    SPACECOWBOY…up there…CROWD CONTROL…We need help …OVER .

  32. a civilian-mass audience

    AUDREY ,my family …
    BURNIANS …and I mean ALL of YOU…wherever you ARE …

    P.S I will be watching YOU :)))
    You know…therefore…Don’t get me started …:)))

  33. a civilian-mass audience

    SEAN ,

    we can’t wait to have you in the DC/NYC area…!!!
    SEAN in Beijing,
    SEAN in DC,
    what not to love,
    emerging no more …:)))

  34. Hi all at Burn HQ,
    Great news about tomorrow night have a good one and you manage to contain the crowds.
    Looking for the Mr Parr when he can make it.

    This place is really rocking.

    Just a quick techie note, my rss feed doesn’t seem to be working, don’t know if anyone else is getting this problem. Maybe it’s just traffic overload.

    Cheers all and best of luck.

    If you need any help from England drop me a line.


  35. TOMMY..

    as i have said many times, it is comments like yours that keep us going….there is no way to keep everyone happy all the time….but, if we have a healthy confluence of opinions and photography , then i think the energy will flow….the minute it is not organic and fun and educational and inspirational for all of us, is the minute i go do something else….we are all bonded here on Burn by positive energy and that is how it will stay….again, many thanks for your thoughtful comment….


    Anton is having his coffee now, but i just alerted him to your concern….30 seconds later…he tells me everything is fine as far as he can see…..

    cheers, david

  36. a civilian-mass audience

    I am not sure about your sanity…but there is no time for TIME OUT…:)))
    We ALL know that MR.HARVEY is a joker …:)))THERE IS NO TIME OUT !!!

    I was the one doing the OVERLOAD…oupssie…

    I am going to drink some red wine …hopping to free some lanes …

    CAN I GO NOW ???
    AKAKY…IRL…I thought you have gone already (&)

  37. a civilian-mass audience


    I will Skype KERRY…she will talk to ANTON and then they will call MR.HARVEY…who will be in the middle of the Skyping Session with OUR PATRICIA….who is Skyping …REIMAR …


    P.S Go figure…not that I know how to do skyping …

  38. david:….thank u…..send u a message…wish you all the biggest suggest on friday….will await the reports from attendees…..i my picture doesnt sell (can’t imagine it will, that’s weird abstraction ;)), i am giving it to you…it’s my gift….for all u’ve done for us

    now off for our own long family drive….


  39. kathleen fonseca


    *scans the comments with her little metal detector..picks up a tiny nugget, holds it to the light…lets go a EEEEHAWWW when she realizes that it came from a vein located deep in one of the most talented mine shafts of Burnland..*

    a soon to be published essay by MIMI!

    GOOD-O! soon-soon-soon, i hope!

    YES, i also want a ¨BURN. what´s not to love, tee shirt¨!


    Have a wonderful time in DC and NYC! What a difference from North Korea, eh? NYC, my fave city in the en-tire world! (Not that i´ve seen all that many other cities, but i was spoiled by Manhattan and will never get it out of my blood!)


    Have a great time in India..i would like to second DAH and say i´d love to see some kick-ass photos from you of Santa Fe..there is something about the knowledge that comes from ultra-familiarity that provides very fertile ground for a seriously original artistic contribution. says me anyway. So? Hope to see your work on Burn sooner rather than later. Keep your heart, keep thinking..it will happen!


    Love how pumped up you get when there´s a new post here from DAH..You´re a regular dancing bear this morning ;)

    Ok..work beckons..no, it doesn´t beckon it cracks the whipski, so BEST to ALL

  40. DAVID and co..
    thank you so much for giving us this opportunity…
    to learn and to grow….
    thank you,,,,
    and of course special thanks again to martin….
    what not to love?

  41. DAVID,

    I’m leaving Santa Fe next week. Won’t be back till Spring but I’ve got hard drives full of unedited work from here to edit. In the meantime I started a great new project in California and can’t wait to get back to continue it. The project I’ve been searching for a long time. Forget the singles, this is going to be a kick ass essay!

    I know what I want to shoot in India and it’s not cliche at all or even exotic. I’ll be there for five weeks so exotic will be hard to avoid but I’ve already got a couple of “assignments” for myself. Not leaving for India till January though.

    I’ve already submitted some single images from Santa Fe that I thought were pretty darn good but have yet to see anything here.

  42. I would like to send my hearts to all Burnians! Especially, David and Anton !
    Celebrating Friday fiesta, I hope our all works sold out. :)))

    a civilian-mass audience! You are very lovely….:))
    Hi! Kerry. it’s me. very glad :))

  43. a civilian-mass audience


    lonely indeed …How is your daughter
    You must the Hawaiian LADY…I might be wrong…
    I am doing a research…” if olive oil and alcohol combined …can improve memory”


  44. a civilian-mass audience

    Herta Mueller wins 2009 Nobel literature prize

    Davin…check her out …about …Romania…


    i flew in last night as the sun was setting. loved all the trees below (which reminded me of the spongy kind that adorn architectural models). have a piece in a show that opens tonight at the photographic center northwest. am flying back to california 7.35 friday night.

    email me.

  46. Hey DAVID

    we spoke way back when, when the spark of Burn started to roaring … and I just wanted to let you know that I am still in Brooklyn, In the Willyburg area, and SOOOOO more than willing to give my time and energy to Burn to help it progress … I still would like very much to get my hands dirty in Burn be it a Gallery attendant or writing grants or flying to mars to prove a point thats not yet made!

    Please let me know if you need anything, and I can arrange to stop by the loft if you are having any general meeting … my # is 203-217-9718 and e-mail vaso.lakis@gmail.com

    Cheers, hope to hear from you soon.


  47. a civilian-mass audience

    I am very impressed…MR.PARR is “shooting” answers fast…

    I am afraid he is drinking the same coffee as MR.HARVEY …
    speedochino like cappuccino

    VIVA …I am still drinking MARTINi …:)))

  48. a civilian-mass audience

    Did HE say FART …???

    MR.HARVEY…what can I say …You have Cool friends …
    take it from an old fart …like myself !!!

    It’s only rock & roll and I love you !!!

  49. a civilian-mass audience


    Glenn,Haik, Herve,Katharina,MartinK,Eric, JennyLynn,AndrewB, MartinB,Eva,Lisa, CharlesP,Chrisb,Abele,

    Walm- ART …is OPEN…please proceed …NOW :)))

  50. a civilian-mass audience

    dear BURNIANS,

    I like the Dear…
    as much as I like the Cheers…


  51. a civilian-mass audience

    dear HAIK,

    what are you drinking, mate ??? beef…???


  52. a civilian-mass audience

    did you say ninja …you such a pisser…

    When you will be an old fart yourself…Mr.Englishman with the Norwegian wine…
    I wish you to have the same “speed” like MR.PARR …
    or like…MR.HARVEY…he writes…and Skypes…and drinks tequilla…and travels…and
    dances…like 17years old…OIME …

    May the spirits of Universe …be with you, BURNIANS !!!

  53. DavidB, you better go and draw his attention to it. I think he missed it by accident.

    It’s quiet in here. I want to ask him another question about nostalgia. It’s so hard to avoid and not everyone can be interested in walmart etc. There must be a way to tackle the problem of nostalgia otherwise I think I am going to land in it. I’m just not that interested in the appearance of New India, not unless someone’s paying me. I much prefer exploring what I haven’t seen before than seeing what I already more or less know. I want to see into the past. Maybe that’s not even nostalgia. I’m not sure.

    Someone somewhere was saying that photography helps us see the world better. I think it only helps photographers see better or differently and maybe even only when they are engaged in picture taking. I’m not sure it helps your average Joe with only a domestic interest in photography see the world any differently. I notice that its only when thinking about taking pictures that I see the world photographically. The rest of the time, I am just rushing about seeing it the way I always do. I guess we all filter our view of the world through our own interests and preoccupations.

  54. whoooosh..
    and the rush subsides..
    i think the burn server had trouble keeping up with mr. parr on occasions..
    great session – really enjoyed reading the answers.. and the walmart project will be fun.

  55. a civilian-mass audience


    I believe that you have to post your questions …in the other dialogue…

    Go Aussie…go get him…before MR.HARVEY serves the turkey sandwiches …

  56. a civilian-mass audience

    and the question from the CIVILIAN to MR.PARR:

    CIVILIAN : MR.PARR , are you happy with your new “bloody” Walmart project…???

    What NOT to LOVE !!!

  57. a civilian-mass audience

    What did I tell you ???

    time for turkey sandwiches,low fat, no sodium maybe salmon and medium NY steak…poker… and wine !!!

    and now who is gonna analyze in depth the ninja answers…:)))

    Thank you MR.HARVEY …and the BURNing team … and BURNIANS…
    Goodnight from Greece… can you imagine if i wasn’t dyslexic …OIME


    Congrats for all the well deserved recognition that is going your way these days. There is nothing more pleasing than to have witnessed how Burn has grown and to see what it is becoming….I remember the start, the vision you had and little by little, it is all coming together… You can both be very proud!

    I wish I could be there on Friday to see the exhibit…I am sure this will be a success! My spirit is with you guys!!!



  59. Huge inspiration to read everything here tonight. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!

    My favourites from Mr. Parr:

    ‘There is an unwritten law that tells you when it is OK to shoot someone , and when there is a problem. about 1% of the population ( more if they are with kids) get angry when they see a camera.’

    ‘(…) It is my intuition that drives this thinking.’

    ‘there is nothing as quirky or fascinating as people.’

    ‘(…) However I sometimes think that photojournalists, in particular, always look to other societies problems rather than confronting their own. It is too easy just to blame others.’

    ‘So in one sense I want the photos I take now to be about now, not about times that have disappeared. Having said that, I too sometimes am lazy and shoot old world, but at least am aware of this when I do it.’

    Going to copy these to my ‘favourite quotes text document’…

  60. Civi (all)…

    I’m here, I’m here!!

    just got back from Greece… did my duty—voted… in my memory cards I think I might have a short visual story of a guy who jumps on a plane to go cast his vote in a desperate attempt to participate in a so called democracy :))) … now the hard part—editing… if indeed I have a sequence I’ll make a slideshow and post a link in a couple of days…

    Burn seems to be spreading its wings… that’s really cool… all the attention/nomination(s)… the gallery show tomorrow… just read the interview with Martin Parr…

    As a wise person I once knew said… ??what’s not to love??

    Cheers :))

  61. loved that one
    ‘So in one sense I want the photos I take now to be about now, not about times that have disappeared. Having said that, I too sometimes am lazy and shoot old world, but at least am aware of this when I do it.’

  62. kathleen fonseca

    ohmygod, i am so HIGH! It was so great reading Martin´s answers to our questions. His answers gave me yet more questions but that´s good too..turbo fired my imagination.


    See? Told you he was amazing! Did you google him and see why i´m such a groupie? And yeah,

    ¨a civilian-mass audience! You are very lovely….:))¨

    Wasn´t that just the love-liest comment? I am still smiling at that kind and humble recognition of your contribution here..


    Hats off, Mr Burn..thanks for bringing Martin to Burn..it plain made my day, week, month.


    You said way back when, start with your own village. i never forgot. Both DAH and Martin seconded that today. It might not be exotic but it´s part of our DNA. What do we know most about? i.e, what is within us that most bears exposing to the light? The closer to the bone, the sweeter the meat.

    Let´s celebrate poker night at Burn..it´s a big week…the exhibit on Friday night..the walls are gonna jump for joy, the pixels are gonna swoon, the air is gonna vibrate with all the energy that´s there and worldwide from others wishing they were there. Happy days..

    best to ALL


  63. ERIC
    I have been wanting to say this for a while!
    congratulations to you for your work..I have been following the development of the lords of the rings ad other stories you did.
    I really really appreciate this, especialy considering the fact that photography is not your main activity.
    you are a such an inspiring person!

  64. KATHLEEN…:)
    exactly… “back yard”, “little village”..
    Obviously the “exotic” is most of the times “easy” and “lazy”…
    pulling the same powerful emotions , over and over, from
    Africa, India and New Orleans and poverty and this and that…
    The hardest to photograph is the boring , ordinary Wall Mart…
    in the brain killing american suburbia..
    but yet everyone prefers Las Vegas…because las vegas is easy, “safe”..
    something like the “folsom leather festival in san francisco”…
    easy, full of photos… but ends up boring in its own excess…
    What Martin is photographing ( wal mart essay ), is not easy..
    not guaranteed… unsafe…
    good luck…
    open the way.. we are all eyes..:)

  65. kathleen fonseca


    Yes, YES! Walmart is the metaphor for the backyard, the village. Some naturally have that ability to slice cleanly through the familiar and splay it out for the rest of us in all its gory glory. (Todd Hido, Yoshiyuki Kohei, Richard Billingham for example). These people serve as 100 watt sources of inspiration to look homeward angel and pull it out from our souls, put it out there fearlessly. Yuh, well, my eyes hurt from thinking about this, LOL…so good to hear from you Panos..i thought it would be days before you saw that part of my post addressed to you.


  66. Panos. A shit picture from wal-mart is still a shit picture from wal-mart, and a good picture from vegas is still a good picture from vegas. it dont matter where or what you shoot, its the shot that should count. This is easy, that is hard, is nonsense. so conversly, a shit shot from vegas will still be shit and a good shot from wal-mart will be good.


  67. john gladdy- did you see my question to you awhile back about Ken Schles and Invisible City? Do you know / are you a fan?

  68. John,
    absolutely agree…
    I just believe though that to pull an essay like ,
    for example .. hmmm… Audrey’s , or Rafal’s…
    its kinda harder than and more “unsafe” than an essay
    about “HIV in africa”…etc..
    but in the end ( as u say )..
    its the picture that counts not the location…
    so its not “walmart” vs “india”…
    its ( non cliche) photography vs “boring”…

  69. i wonder if people go for the cliche and vegas shots because of insecurity that they will not be taken seriously when photographing stuff closer to home.
    the flikr generation thrive on ‘great shot’, and ‘WOW’ – shots which viewers are already familiar with and feel confident are ‘good’ shots… take a shit picture of a tough subject, bang it into black and white and some will still think it’s good snappin.. treat vegas to HDR or cross process and some will wet themselves.

    our back yard could be walmart.. for some it is vegas.. or congo.. wherever it is – that is the place to start because there is good work to be done there..
    after that, ‘work’ might propel you to other locations, yet you will still be in the same place and time..
    it’s still martin who photographed new brighton that will be photographing american supermarket giants. still david ah who photographed ‘tell it like it is’ who fell in love with cuba.
    it’s as difficult for any of us to crystallize our time and place.. our point of view..
    it’s a place in-mind where good photography is made, rather than a place on the road.

    i liked what martin said about photographing ‘old’ vs ‘new’, because to me that’s one of the essences of snappery – the ‘moment’ is not just confined to the fraction of a second, but also to the place, time and mindfulness of the photographer..
    if we’re illustrating our place and our time as individuals, wherever that place and time is, the photographs have much more potential to be interesting.
    it doesn’t even matter what flavor of photography you like to practice.
    it just has to be honest..

  70. kathleen fonseca

    hullooo, am i invisible? sheesh..this f*in place has way too much testosterone..what am i doing here anyway?

  71. you know – i’ll bet there is someone who was ‘inside’ the “folsom leather festival”
    with some great snaps which were far from easy to procure..
    hope so.

  72. kathleen fonseca

    if you can pull it out of yourself in your own backyard then you sure as hell can pull it out in Vegas..THAT´S what Panos was saying way back when..START in our own village..that´s where familiarity makes it oh so hard to expose OURSELVES in the process..it´s part of our DNA..that´s why it´s a challenge, that´s why it´s important. Yes, like Audrey, like Rafal and yes, like Panos shot Venice. Doctor, heal thyself!

    Freeman Patterson had a simple exercise in one of his books..walk 50 paces outside your front door, stop, find something to shoot. That could be 500, 5000, 50000 paces…it´s the Walmart in our lives that bears exposing to the world, then, ergo, expose the world to Walmart.


  73. kathleen fonseca

    except the simple exercise is far from simple..


    s´ok, just sorta got to me for a second. thx. i love your comments, btw..and that post on electronic music in Eastern Europe was amazing..not sure if you saw my comment to you on that subject.

    well, back to work for me..

    ok, the rest of you can go back to ignoring me (´cept you, Panos ;)


  74. kathleen fonseca


    Your last post btw, was superb, imo..i read it twice (the one about shooting honest and with mindfullness wherever you happen to be)..

    really excellent..am printing it out.



  75. ahh – sorry again.. very kind.
    on close to home.. looking at my first print from 20 years ago – a crumbling wall 400 meters from my house :o)
    electronic music started off photographing free parties for fun, which the guys in the flat upstairs organized.. a collective called DIY.
    then it span out of control for a while.
    hopefully have a post up on burn soon to chat about it all..
    looking forward to people tearing into my work in both reasonable and unreasonable ways..

  76. feeling parr inspired .. perhaps.. really enjoyed reading him.. his tone.

    one of the things i love about the perceived ‘greats’ is how disarmingly reasonable and well explained their ideas are.. a real talent for simplifying some quite complicated ideas without breaking a metaphorical sweat.
    good musicians are the same – just doing what they do.. able to explain it to anyone.

    now i really must sleep..
    night Kathleen

  77. kathleen fonseca

    night, D..

    i look forward to seeing your work published here..

    yes, painters, writers too, btw..simplifying everything to the barest essentials.


  78. ooohhhh … I missed the fun with Martin Parr… :-(((
    And I really wanted to know what his favorite dish is.

    Actually, after listening to all the interviews that are online, I did not really have a question concerning photography any more. More about other things. I wonder how the person behind these images is. That was one of the beautiful experiences of the workshops: you get to meet the person in a more or less “normal” daily situation. You see them move and react to situations and you get an idea about cause and effect that lead to the images. You get a glimpse. Just for a second. Like when DAH grabbed the camera in the dining room of the convent in Italy to make a picture of Chris and Atlas … or how everything in Antoine’s physique changed when this drunken guard came up to us in that parking lot in copsa mica where we were not welcome. These little things … you cannot really talk about them … they sometimes are minimal and … if you get a lot of them, you get facettes that maybe help you understand somebody. We all are where we are due to so many small and big decisions … I just love to watch that … and to try to understand. It just makes me happy somehow.

    And that is one of the things I love in photography: it gives me an excuse to get close and watch – and sometimes I come up with little puzzles about different people. :-)) But never the last piece. It is always incomplete somehow. It is the only incompleteness that gives me satisfaction.

    So I guess I meant is seriously when I said that I would have asked for his favorite dish. But then again I probably would have gotten the shortest answer. :-))))

    there is no way John Gladdy does not fall for “invisible city”. I had to think of him too, when I saw the images … Absolutely!!! Although Ken does reach a more universal stand with the images he has chosen for this one book. I have just seen portraits from John. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, dark portraits … They do reach far but the ones I saw are still very connected to the person he photographs. I did not have the impression he was trying to go tooooo far beyond this person – to transcend. But would be interesting to see him do that. I am sure he can.
    John … forgive me for talking about you in the 3rd person. It is just that I got this terrible flu since last night and I just hope it is not this swinethingy … I can hardly think.

    Time to go to bed.

    Hope the workshopstudents are all set up with their projects now and things are rolling! It is going to be an exciting and terrific day tomorrow. Hopefully someone is there with a videocam or an iphone or both … Panos? Are you going to be there???

    good to see/read you.
    Yeees.. we have to meet.
    Let me email you tomorrow – if I am still alive.

    Good night from Germany.
    Over and out.

  79. kathleen fonseca


    From that link:

    ¨I do not want to see another photo essay, multimedia or any visual on dying Africans. Never, ever again. Enough. I understand that it makes for compelling images, that it seems that the photographers cares, but it present such a distorted vision of this beautiful continent. Not every country is at war, not every African is an orphan dying of aids or malnutrition. Not everyone lives in a broken down shaft wearing nothing more than rip jeans.¨


    now GO to sleep!

  80. Anton. Mike, Workshop people..

    am trying to transcribe the interview I did with DAH yesterday and have a missing blip..what was the work from Vernazza that was shown? thank you..


    sleep well..i never asked DAH the questions..nor did I see our prints yet. We will all be surprised :)

  81. Great conversation…I believe it started with my question to Martin which followed David’s comment to me regarding India…Too bad I can’t join in but keep going so I can read it later! :))

    Also keep in mind what I said to Martin…that he makes the ordinary exotic. He turns Wal Mart INTO Vegas.

  82. kathleen fonseca


    Yes it started with DAH´s response to you about being published here at Burn..i thought you turned it into a timely question for Martin and the conversation since then has been interesting. I particularly respect David Bowen´s response before he went nighty-night. The reason i think that Martin can turn Walmart into Vegas is because he started with Walmart from the get-go. Metaphorically speaking, that is. I would still like to see YOUR view of Santa Fe. Sans cliches which, as a resident you are uniquely able to do. And Santa Fe, because it so thoroughly markets its own cliches, would seem a particularly difficult place to dig some truth out of. But if anyone can do it, you can. And, since David has thrown down the gauntlet to you to do just that, i suspect you will.

    best on your travels

  83. David.AH

    Thanks for bringing Martin Parr to Burn.

    Here’s the quote that was freshest and most inspiring to me. I’ve gotta go dig that interview up now.

    “…I disguise my serious photography as entertainment in order to help it get published, as the magazine market does not much like serious documentary/ photojournalism at the moment.”

  84. David and Anton and all Burn people..

    I’ve had almost zilch connection to media and blog sites but what was like a discovery for me of the perfect in sinc combo, as I wandered down a side street by chance, hearing the rhythm and rhyme coming out of from behind that wall has been BURN. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found the inspiration you’ve injected in my veins after a couple of years of feeling lack lustre. Now got myself a scanner and spending the hours needed has been what I need; getting organized. Don’t know how you at BURN do it, fitting in so much and David, I once thought of you like Deniro and what he’s done with that southside N.Y film festival thingy but maybe your more like Scorcese, your energy levels so high. Your offers of help to all of us I hope wont over load you to much.

    I wish I could offer a brilliant idea to take us all further in to the statasphere of creativity and communication but at this point all I really have to add is a huge hug and thanks for your enthusiasm and sincerity….

    to all. xxx

  85. ALL

    anyone interested who hasn’t seen it before, over on my site I have a synopsis of the talk Martin Parr gave this year at LOOK3..just go to http://ericamcdonaldphoto.com and then to scribbling in the dark, Martin Parr.


    short of the name of the photographer whose work of Vernazza you showed the workshop group (I think that’s what you said) the interview we did is transcribed. Do you want to proof? Should I put it up just at scribbling or do you want to put it here too?

  86. kathleen fonseca


    Maybe if you bring enough cash to the table the casinos would provide shopping carts. Then it would be a really honkin´ big wall-to wal-mart. But it would still only count as a Walmart photographically if you called Vegas your village. Kabish?


  87. David B

    “i wonder if people go for the cliche and vegas shots because of insecurity that they will not be taken seriously when photographing stuff closer to home.”

    Assuming you mean by cliche and vegas shots, pictures of traditional subjects, then I can’t agree with your supposition. I don’t think people do it because they worry they won’t be taken seriously if they do something original. Surely we all strive to be original. I think its just that doing something original is that bit harder to work out and find. People probably don’t even think about how unoriginal they are being most of the time. If it weren’t we’d all be shooting original stuff all the time. Sometimes we may not be aware that we are shooting a cliche. In fact, you say it yourself.

    “it’s as difficult for any of us to crystallize our time and place.. our point of view..”

    The rest of your post I agree with and would say “good post”.

    For my part, I’m going to shoot India. I don’t care if someone thinks that’s the essential cliche. I think its only a cliche if you shoot the same shots that we’ve seen over and over again. Certainly I am not going there to “blame” anyone for anything. I am doing it because it interests me and there are things I want to see that I haven’t seen – I got a hint of this last time. I think its honest to shoot what interests you, as honest as it may be to shoot in your own backyard. It’s a question of finding your own voice, or eye rather. To find something to show that others haven’t already seen. That’s the challenge.

  88. Jared said, (and Chuck had the same thought): I don’t know why Martin’s doing this really — it’s already been done.


    I hope that Martin would be more subtle and more interesting. I mean they are interesting but only on the surface. There doesn’t seem to be much else going on. They are pretty scary, especially the woman with the bum-length dreadlocks and yellow shorts and the guy with his shirt tied up under his man-boobs.


    I’m trying to figure out whether you’d still say “What not to love?” Would you?

  89. KATH :))
    Love your comment. Thanks for the inspiration, motivation and for your contribution here.

    See you in India :)) I like what you said about it being honest to shoot what interests you.
    What it boils down to for me is that the camera gives me an excuse to hang out. I’d rather hang out in India than at WalMart. Period.

  90. Imants; “ps my vegies in the garden are not for sale, mind you the local possums usually take first choice”

    Nothing that a .22 won’t fix up… Oops, I forgot they’re protected in Oz :-)

  91. Yea we trap them and then release them at or neighbors a couple of clicks away……………….. the thing about India etc shooting there is a bit like fishing in a bucket, point shoot and the tr0phy is neatly tucked away into the SD card

  92. Yea we trap them, shoot them, poison them and run them over in the car and there’s still too many of the buggers here in New Zealand :-)

    It’s funny actually, you probably know we dump a LOT of 1080 poison in the native forest to try and get the numbers down. so many conservationists leap up and down about how bad 1080 is, but you don’t see many of them lugging traps or cyanide into the bush to do their part in getting rid of possums. (and yes I am a conservationist)

    Here’s a few fun NZ possum facts… “Each night possums consume about 21,000 tonnes of vegetation (300 g wet weight per possum x 70 million possums). Each possum killed saves 109.5kgs of vegetation annually”

    Aaah yes, we REALLY knew what we were doing when we imported possums here!!!

  93. Jared, Sarcasm works when you know the person who’s speaking. I think I’ve read about two of your posts before this one.

    Cathy, Where are you going? I’m going from the far east to the far west across the middle with a few zigs and zags. God yes, you’ve got to wonder about someone who chooses to hang out at Walmart ;-).

    I’ve been shooting around here lately, it’s not difficult to find something shootable. I went to the markets on Saturday and felt more free than I’ve ever felt pointing my camera at people there. Not a single person objected or turned away. I could turn into a fly-on-the-wall photographer after all. But that’s a different topic. I’m considering doing a series of portraits about the locals next year. It’s not as if one only does one thing.

    Bucket fishing is easy if the fish you want to catch is in the bucket in the first place. There’s a lot to be said for shooting in your own back yard but I don’t think there’s a rule yet that says we all have to do that now.

  94. no time to report in details …………… bt we just have had 5 prints up on the wall …… 30 more to go …….!!!!!!!!!!!!


    am burned ….. need a time out !!!!

  95. kathleen fonseca


    It’s all good, grrl..shoot what makes your heart pound and your knees go weak..after seeing the people at walmart i realize a lot of what we worry about is a bunch of hair-tearing-angst. Shoot what makes you scream for ice cream..because if there’s a shred of talent in you and you shoot long enough and passionately enough, well it has just got to stick to David’s wall sooner or later. And if not his because half his preference for published work is highly manipulated PS stuff and that’s not what you do and there’s a long line of other wannabepublishedonburn contenders, then someone else’s wall. Insist on it!! Make them see you’ve got the goods. Our number one job is to shoot our vision and our number two job is to get the world to listen. And from what i know, the greatest innovators have had the toughest time getting published: William Klein and Robert Frank are just two examples. I have no idea how long it took others but unless they were well-connected then it wasn’t overnight.

    so..ok..now i’m wiped out.

    thx for the thx


  96. Joining in late, Kathleen,
    if you want to go to extreemes check out ANDRÉ KERTÉSZ from my window, it was all produced from confines of his apartment. Done in sad circumstances after his wife died and he withdrew from the world, but what a piece of genius.


  97. VIVEK>>>>> how did it go? what did you shoot?

    andrea – perhaps i was being a little fatuous.. and tired :o)
    people tend to copy postcards.. pictures they have already seen in the news.. the public records it’s consumption in this way. in bergen during the cruise ship season there are 3 spots in the city where i can sit for an hour or more and see 4 or 5 photographers at any one time, all taking the same view which is in the brochures they booked their holiday through..

    india as a case in point – there are lots of things to look at outside of the people / festivals / differences between them and us.. the more i look back at the negs from my time there the more i love the photos of tourists.. those along with the day to day of where i was living are the most interesting things captured..

    the package rajestan / goa / himalaya route is interesting to me when looking at the tourists buying into the authenticity of the exoticism.. the formnula..
    other than that it’s a pretty dull route to take. if the animals interest you i would guess that animals anywhere interest you.. and a project focused on that would produce some great work. i think many people have no real personal interest though, and getting the ‘sadhu with chillum’ photo is as much part of their package tour as sitting on an elephant.
    tourists don’t want to see nike swishes painted onto monks robes, no matter how in-their-face the swishes actually are. recording their active and adventurous consumption of exoticism is more the point.

    people want to imitate the virtually dead profession of ‘travel-stock photographer’ and seek out the views other people first noticed.. photograph that hill in bergen the way it is in the brochure and pass it off to their friends as their own.. no one will know.. apart from the other 500 people who took the same photo on the same morning.
    there is nothing wrong with this of course.. courses for horses.. but it’s not photography.

    what i liked about melchers africa blog post is that it carries over to other places..
    in india people expect to photograph poverty / festivals / old wrinkled faces smiling and i would guess that some are at pains to avoid getting other tourists in the photos.
    people often make up their minds of what to photograph before they see a place.. hunting of poverty in places like india and africa is as prolific as hunting animals.. as imants hints – it’s the same sport.. and as melcher points out it has no consideration to the effect on the place being photographed.

    it puts me in mind of the north of ireland, where i have probably worked the most away from home..
    i remember someone on lightstalkers asking if it was ‘safe’ to do street photography there.. people still go there to experience their first ‘conflict’ when the conflict is long over.
    people there are sick to the back teeth of people dwelling on the past, when there is a vibrant, young and relevant scene growing there.. and that relates to photography being about the ‘moment’, which is 1/30th of a second in a wider time-line of ‘right now’..

    photographers who are ‘concerned’ and seek out problems can often have an adverse effect on the general perception of a place.. in the case of n. ireland it is taking a very long time to alter perceptions which PJ’s have firmly ingrained in peoples minds..

    after all – when the war / famine / disaster is happening, well meaning / ambitious photographers flock there to document and publicize..
    when the war / famine / disaster is over, very, very few return in order to update and redress the balance..

    i think many photographers make the mistake of thinking that photographing serious subjects qualifies them as being serious about their craft..
    undoubtably there are also people who genuinely mean-well.. and perhaps, for them, the troubles began in their own back yard..

    to the fresh snapper on lightstalkers, though – n. ireland is still a place of daily conflict when in actual fact it’s offers some of the warmest and broadminded pockets of society in europe.

    god knows i need to be more concise.. i could probably have said that in 2 sentences.. why i am not a writer..

  98. kathleen fonseca


    I know of that book but have never had the good fortune to see it..he’s such a fave of mine though, i’m sure it’s wonderful. Josef Sudek also took a lot of photos inside his apartment and also through windows. You couldn’t get the man to leave Prague. All his work has the poignant tang of loving familiarity. Recently a woman photographer whose name i do not recall completed a book of photos shot entirely within her apartment in L.A.

    Our imagination is our world. The best artists have shown us that time and again. It’s all about vision. The rest is details.

    thx, Ian :)


  99. working in different places over long periods of time helps avoid the cliches.. as well as having a focus of interest..
    one day, when i have the money, i want to photograph taxi drivers the world over as a way of illustrating the relative income from the job..
    my late father was a taxi driver in london :o)

  100. kathleen fonseca


    It is SO funny you mentioned taxi drivers..two weeks ago i walked by a long line of sitting taxis. The drivers were waiting for fares and each had his own way of waiting. Some stood outside their taxis, others sat inside. Some were half in/half out, others were leaning heavily against the fender. I shot from the hip, had my camera loaded with fast film, pre-focused and was able to shoot each and every driver as i strolled past..from the same angle, the same distance, nothing changed from photo to photo but the driver (because the cars all look the same)..i was so pleased at these portraits, because they really were individual portraits, that i want to do it again..and perhaps again. I worry about taxi drivers here. So many are killed..it’s so awful. I have a lot of compassion for them and when i saw the scans i was so moved by their expressions of resignation, boredom, fatigue, silent strength..nothing i’m sure you don’t know since your dad was a taxi driver :))

    Well goodnight all..i am going to dream of walmart people…eeks..


  101. kathleen fonseca


    It is SO funny you mentioned taxi drivers..two weeks ago i walked by a long line of sitting taxis. The drivers were waiting for fares and each had his own way of waiting. Some stood outside their taxis, others sat inside. Some were half in/half out, others were leaning heavily against the fender. I shot from the hip, had my camera loaded with fast film, pre-focused and was able to shoot each and every driver as i strolled past..from the same angle, the same distance, nothing changed from photo to photo but the driver (because the cars all look the same)..i was so pleased at these portraits, because they really were individual portraits, that i want to do it again..and perhaps again. I worry about taxi drivers here. So many are killed..it’s so awful. I have a lot of compassion for them and when i saw the scans i was so moved by their expressions of resignation, boredom, fatigue, silent strength..nothing i’m sure you don’t know since your dad was a taxi driver :))

    Well goodnight all..i am going to dream of walmart people…eeks..


  102. kathleen
    after dad died i spent a while traveling up to london at 5am to meet his buddies where he began his day.. sloan square.
    it’s a difficult profession which definitely shortens life.. angina and other heart related problems.. problems related to pollution and stress.. he died at 53 of a heart attack.
    there is a hospital in london which has a wing dedicated to them.

    i often think of his profession and mine not being a million miles apart – the constant flow of new people, conversations and interesting snapshots of life.

    what i’d like to do is photograph taxi drivers at home with their family – a formal portrait standing next to their relative ‘mantle piece’ of prized possessions. the idea came when i spent a week living with kishor – a rickshaw driver in dehli – in 1996.. and found that he could not afford a mantle piece, let alone possessions.
    just never had the cash to throw at it.

  103. kathleen fonseca


    I am worn to a nub right now but one last comment to say that i am sorry you lost your father at such a young age. Yet i am not surprised because i could see the wear and tear on the faces and body language of the drivers i shot. I think your project would be amazing..really, really. It would be such a tribute to your dad. I urge you to try it. Let me know how it goes, k? Maybe it’s something you can do a little at a time wherever you are. Not sure if you can work that way. But chip away at it. Think about it!

    Oh yeah, i sent your earlier post (the one i said i was printing) to a friend of mine and she said she never thought of it that way and that your words were an epiphany..fatuous nada. I re-read them and liked them just as much as the first time.


  104. “Maybe it’s something you can do a little at a time wherever you are. Not sure if you can work that way. But chip away at it. ”
    i try to shoot side projects when working abroad, yet the logistics of a trip normally have me tied to the brief i am there to shoot as shorter trips have been more common.
    one day.. :o)

  105. a civilian-mass audience

    I just had a skype session with SPACECOWBOY …
    he says that you father is proud of you and he loves you much … just focus and don’t loose
    your dreams…hmmm…someone has to stop drinking here…

    LOVE YOU MATE… may the spirits of the Universe…blah,blah…

    P.S BEATE time for siesta…:)))Love

  106. a civilian-mass audience

    KATIE…you know …I had to quote you too…

    “Our imagination is our world. The best artists have shown us that time and again. It’s all about vision. The rest is details.”


    GOT TO GO…HAIK…is helping me with my crashed computers…
    LOVE ,LOVE,LOVE all we need is BURN…


  107. a civilian-mass audience

    Before I go… check this out…

    …The Emerging Photographer Fund grant was initiated by David Alan Harvey in 2008, and is awarded by the Magnum Foundation, a non-profit created by the the member photographers from Magnum Photos, Inc…Funding for the EPF has come from several private donors who have chosen to remain anonymous.

    The EPF Jury for 2009 was: Martin Parr, Gilles Peress, Eugene Richards, Carol Nagar, Fred Ritchin, Maggie Steber, David Griffin, John Gossage and James Nachtwey…

    DONORS …ANTON,KERRY ,MIKEC…Bruce Davidson, Elliott Erwitt, Gilles Peress, Susan Meiselas and Chris Anderson…I copy and paste…

    P.S I will be back

  108. David you might be interested in a little known book by magda segal called London at Home published by conerhouse. If i remeber rightly there is a taxi driver in that.



  109. VIVEK…

    I hope you’re keeping detailed notes… when the dust settles… I’m looking forward to one (or better yet, a few) of your play-by-play for both the workshop and the gallery show… cheers…

  110. imants – night on earth is one of the best films by jarmusch.. the clown driver.. the ‘bishop’ passangers.. brilliant..
    ian – will try to find it.

  111. all,
    sorry for being away (from comments) for quite sometime, but i’m back to share a music tip (please, see this as a kind of Time Out magazine “things to do”) and invite our canadian friends in British Columbia to three concerts of ‘Stockholm Lisboa Project’, a fantastic band with musicians from Sweden and Portugal, two european countries 4.000 kilometres apart from each other. if you want a short definition for their music it may well be “polska, fado and beyond”. they will be in Victoria (october 15, Alix Goolden Hall), North Vancouver (october 17, Centennial Theatre) and Kelowna (october 18, Rotary Centre for the Arts), and for a taste of their two CD’s, “Diagonal” (2009) and “Sol” (2007) and information about these and other concerts, go to http://www.stockholmlisboa.com/ and also search them at YouTube. enjoy.

    David and all,
    inspired by the example above and a Sean Gallagher comment i came up with an idea – how about a “burn world tour”? i’m thinking travelling exhibits and projections, sometimes linked with special events (workshops, lectures, talks, portfolio reviews, slideshows, etc.). maybe we could start with the presentations made for Look3 Festival, and a couple of other essays, available in formats we could use in places and events around the world, and even rent exhibitions – i think it was David who brought up religion as a topic when the idea of EPF first came around, but it could be families, poverty (2010 is the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion), the emergence of the south (with 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, both in Brazil) and a million other subjects. burn could be the core of small scale events, low-profile, a night out with friends, beer and photos (like in the loft sessions) and/or in association with major events like Arles, Visa, and those big cities exhibitions like Mois de la Photo in Paris, PhotoEspaña in Madrid, etc. where burn could set off as a kind of an off-off-Brodway, and before we know have one of the leading roles. i think i already wrote this before – a kind of international francishe supported by a network of affiliates. Yes, we can.
    um forte abraço para todos (and a special one to DAH, Patricia, Bob Black, Panos, Herve, etc.)
    carlos filipe

  112. Wow..Obama really did win the Nobel Peace Prize.

    President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday in a stunning decision designed to encourage his initiatives to reduce nuclear arms, ease tensions with the Muslim world and stress diplomacy and cooperation rather than unilateralism.

    White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama woke up to the news a little before 6 a.m. EDT. The White House had no immediate comment on the announcement, which took the administration by surprise.

    The Norwegian Nobel Committee decided not to inform Obama before the announcement because it didn’t want to wake him up, committee chairman Thorbjoern Jagland said.

    “Waking up a president in the middle of the night, this isn’t really something you do,” Jagland said.

    “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future,” Jagland said.

  113. ………………… yea just in time to send more troops to Afghanistan,each with a stick of dynamite neatly tucked away in the shirt pocket

  114. News has arrived here from Norway that the former junior Senator from Illinois has, for reasons I am sure sounded better in Norwegian than they would in English, won the Nobel Peace Prize, thereby causing one of the many attacks of cognitive dissonance I seem to be suffering from these days. As I understand the traditional purpose of this award, one needs to have actually done something to promote peace and harmony amongst the warring peoples of the Earth in order to receive it; yes, even Jimmy Carter actually brokered an Israeli—Egyptian peace treaty to get his Peace Prize; and as far as I can tell, the former junior Senator hasn’t done anything to promote world peace except show up at conferences and give speeches. I have nothing against showing up—Woody Allen once pointed out that 80% of success is just showing up—but just showing up, in and of itself, is not much of an accomplishment. If it were, then the Peace Prize would more properly go to the former junior Senator’s appointments secretary than to him, with honorable mentions going to the Secret Service and the staff of Air Force One. This then brings up the inevitable question of why he is getting a Nobel Peace Prize in the first place. I can’t be entirely sure about this, but I am reasonably certain that he is getting it for his perfect attendance record and playing well with others, which are very important attributes, I think, and ones that will certainly impress your average totalitarian despot no end.

  115. I like Obama and sure he would probably deserve the Nobel Peace Prize at some time, but this is too early. There has been people waiting for Nobel prizes and never gotten them (or when they’re dead) and Obama gets one almost before going to real work. Did they fall for the hype? I think this is a shame, even though I’m a big fan Obama as said earlier.

  116. The timing for this is incredible — who gets a Peace prize as he escalates a war. Literally as he’s planning an escalation. The world has turned upside-down. No more dumb-American jokes please… Norwegians…

  117. Back to the Walmart vs India/Vegas conversation for a sec.

    As far as it being the “easy” or “lazy” choice to travel to exotic locations to take photographs…

    At least for myself I don’t run halfway around the world looking for things to shoot.
    I was already going to India way before I became serious about photography.
    All I do is live my life with a camera. I’m going to go to India whether or not I am a photographer.
    SInce I’m already there, I may as well shoot! :))

    Here’s an image from 2003 (?) long before I was familiar with DAH, documentary photography, cliche vs not cliche, etc. What interested me then and still does is the incorporation of modern technology into a traditional lifestyle. It will be great to discover if WHAT and HOW I see has shifted over the past several years.


  118. To photograph the same things that photographed Alvarez Bravo, Frank, Sander or… is not appropriate any more to let see which direccion the world is taking. Those things are dissapearing anyway. This doesn’t mean that is not good that some photographers document carefully dissapearing things, so the better they do. But the main question for me is, why so many people try to do that, why so many western people try to find and document traditionnel ways of live? Could it be that the reason is the desperate need for something else than our liberal-capitalist consumer society? The consequence of the fact that so many people try this, is that these same people become part of the process which destroys these traditionnel cultures. The circle is round.

    Now, the other options is to document straightforward our liberal-capitalist consumer society, seriously or with sarcasm. This option is very easy. As our society is becomming a caricatural image of itself, just throw your camera in a supermarket, make a good composition together with a good moment and there you have , a funny image which pretends to be a mirror of us, consumers as we are (remember Andy Warhol?)

    Those images become cult (martin Parr is the best selling photographer of Magnum), because people in the art market, smart publicity managers and the blase elite like what critisizes their conduct, without opening a road to another possible world. To open a way, one needs to go deep inside himself, under the layers consurism put on our brain, to dig in that, confront it with the world and create a new world, which opens minds if those minds are able to stand open for it. Therefore you need to have the courage of feeling dissapearing sand under your feet. As many minds are eager to be closed by consumerism and the confortable emptiness it provides, they gratefully accept sarcastic images of themselves. A bit of funny critic doesn’t do any harm anyone, does it? For one of the biggest mechanisms of liberal-capitalism to continue its game, is its ability to use the negative image of its system by throwing it on the same pile than other consumer goods.

    Sarcastic images of consumer society are a sign of the impossibility of our current culture to create new visions, of its fear for poetry and imagination. Our world is getting terrifyingly ugly. The images of Martin Parr only do confirm the same processes in our mind by which we buy those consumer goods. It is old content in a new box (Andy Warhol). Just like most of the conceptual contemporary art (Marcel Duchamp). Give us something new under the sun please, not an ugly image of an ugly burger. It only ads to a feeling of disgust we already have a long time. And so it doesn’t open to new horizons and to different ways of canalizing our animal desires. Consuming burgers or consuming repetitive images of burgers, cheap jewels and other goods, is the same overfed thing. It only adds to our spiritual fatness, which has to hide the empty void deep under.

    Those images confirm the way we think and behave now, the same way which brought us where we are. On the other side, images of dissapearing traditions only make us more sad. The only way out is to imagination and poetry.

    Martin Parr: “I have discussed the whole issue of the declining market for magazines on a pdn interview quite recently. What I said then was that I disguise my serious photography as entertainment in order to help it get published, as the magazine market does not much like serious documentary/ photojournalism at the moment. So the ball should be placed back to photographers to be more cunning in how they promote their work and the subjects they choose. It is too easy just to knock the magazines, we are guilty too.”
    Does this mean that in order to sell pictures and books (so we can make a living out of it), we have to succomb to the petrified desires of managers who carefully look at the biggest possible gains or should we try to alter these things which pervert our world at the risk of not making a living out of photography?

    Documenting a dissapearing world is one thing, documenting wallmart another. But in the ground the same if there is no poetry in it.

  119. you can never define “an exact alternative” because it has to be created. And creation doesnt mean just and only implement a totally rational plan on future reality. We have seen what the outcome is of that (utopist Le Corbusier his total inhuman cities or Marx and his eschatology). but this brings us to fear away from my main point.

  120. kristof …
    i wanted to make a comment previously on this discussion, but had no time to write…
    after reading yours, i dont need to rewrite… im so much with u in ideas and in spirit of the things u say.
    it is a Western Culture Practice … to present the suffer of the remote worlds, and then with semi-sophistication (usually immediately perceivable) to kick the butts of our own cultural elements after we see that we spin things to disgusting levels (like consumerism).
    we do not do a massive in-depth reflection, we do not really respect other cultures if it is not on the same lines of ours (business-wise, consumerism, science etc) … i mean we (the western culture) do talk about relativism, pluralism, tolerance etc so sweetly, but in fact, in our culture (or “agents in charge of our culture”) make of it a “new age” in the exact same consumeristic spirit, or otherwise, make of it a romantic and exotic journey with a holy feeling of “compassion” to those that are not like us…

    Poetry … yes, especially in photography… compare a typical song to typical novel, the issue of plot.
    in my work, i call it “art and idealizm” – kinda Alternative view, with indpeth reflection – suggestive and seductive perspective on the themes that interest me …

    so now another point which is especially relevant to Documentary photography (africa, walmart, vegas or whatever)…
    take a look at the greatest docu photographer. they were not just documenting… they were inherent part of their intellectual surrounding or at least, if not fully involved then deeply aware and interested… in fact many of them had elements and spirit on the edge close to “revolutionists”. cartier-bresson, for example, was not writing influential intellectual essays like some great french figures of his time… but in his work, he expressed about the same. with the same depth, reflection, eagerness in social conditions etc. he was talking about grand abstracts and about particular occurrences at the same time …
    the good docu should not just follow the genre … it should use the photographic language and its genuine capabilities to explore the themes (events, political philosophy, social conditions etc etc)…
    in addition, as i previously mentioned, an alternative positive view (suggestive and seductive) can also be a virtue of good docu work… i certainly dont think that a measure of good docu work is “who kicks the butt harder” when it comes to critics of our society or who “generates” more feelings of compassion when it comes to remote “primitive lands”…

  121. Cross-posting from Martin Parr’s thread.


    What you wrote about is interesting but can you clarify this question a bit.

    Here’s a bit that you ended off with. “Those images [ie such as Parr’s] confirm the way we think and behave now, the same way which brought us where we are. On the other side, images of dissapearing traditions only make us more sad. The only way out is to imagination and poetry.”

    However, is it even possible to do that with documentary photography – to show the way forward, a world that does not yet exist. Surely to do that you have to at least work in the manner of photographers like Henson and Crewdson, those who are constructing their images in or out of a studio or even in photoshop but not trying to capture what’s already there. Surely such efforts would look like the futuristic films we saw in the 70s which are rather quaint and comic to look back on today. For all that they still comment on what fears and concerns people had at the time.

    I’m not sure its documentary photography’s role to do other than show us what is, and comment on it if we can through the images. What photographer has ever done other than that?

  122. Frankly, I’d just like to say thank you. I’ve never followed a blog sooo much… it’s incredibly interesting to see all the variables possible in photography, different styles and visions. Interesting as well to get some feedback…

    I love burn, keep on truckin.

  123. David,

    It’s fantastic that the future is looking brighter! The success of burn will help a lot of new photographers like me get inspired and learn from the masters like you, Parr, Sanguinetti, and others.

    Thank you very much for all you do!!


  124. ALL – I’d like to draw your attention to an online photojournalism fiesta set up by my friends at Griffith University Photo Dept , some big names will be speaking in real time.
    Speakers include Paul Fusco, Ed Kashi, Jodi Bieber, Marcus Bleasdale, Shahidul Alam, Gary Knight, Robin Hammond, Adam Ferguson, Travis Beard, Michael Coyne, Masaru Goto, Jack Picone, Megan Lewis, and more to be confirmed.

    On October 15th we will connect an international community of documentary practitioners and journalists for one day, to share stories, to stimulate discussion and debate about our discipline, and to inspire each other to continue the fight for justice.

    Follow the link http://cdp.edu.au/cdp/conferences-and-events

  125. …ERIC…
    funny how it starts with “the Birthday Barty” photo…
    Even funnier is that i met him last year in brooklyn,
    we talked for quite a while for this and that and wayyyy
    later Diego came and informed me:”..did u realize that u were talking all this
    time to Stanley G???..”
    “Yes”…i lied…;^

  126. Barty.
    fresh air of big bear? those buttons arent even close :)
    really laughing, Banos

    Piper, welcome!!! dont go anywhere until Civi wakes up and gives you a proper glorious BURNing welcome.

  127. a civilian-mass audience


    Welcome to the BURNLAND where everything is possible…
    So GLAD you are bringing good energy!!!

    as PANOS wrote:
    “..STANLEY is A GREAT guy…”
    like all the BURNIANS…

    and GLENN …VivA the Griffith University Photo Dept …Cause we LOVE whatever has to do with
    …EDUCATION !!!

    B.S …oups, I meant P.S :))) HAIK the High tech BURNIAN …

  128. CARLOS….

    yours is a good idea and a reasonable conclusion…can you maybe give us some help?? whatever we do here must be done with great care…i do not want to get too big and complicated where is would be easy to make mistakes…in any case, in the next few weeks we will be making plans which could include all of which you speak…

    cheers, david

  129. Ooook, so I do post some images too.
    My first Holga shots!!!

    Yeah, I know … But with a darkroom in mind I have to start to shoot film and I have not found “my” camera yet. So the Holga is both a cheap “in between” and a way to take the pressure out. Because it is really odd for me not to shoot digital, in the sense of having to wait for feedback. I am just not used to it. With the Holga, I thought, at least for the beginning, I can always blame the camera :-))))


    I a looking for a WP plugin with which you could have a look at piece of film. In the sense of scrolling an image horizontally. Anybody seen anything like that?

  130. It is really a nice toy – including the possibility of using red/yellow/blue/white flash! Or multiple exposure … Imagine! I walked around with this big smile in my face…
    I just wish the film was not that expensive.
    And the Ilford was wrong. 125. I would have needed 400. But maybe it was the 6 years in the fridge, too …

    Remember I asked you if you still shoot Velvia, Marcin? I had some left over from this trip and wanted to give it to you. I did not believe in my holga experiment. And I knew you were doing so wonderful photographs with Velvia film.

    But you said you were only using digital now … and then I now kinda liked some of the weird results of this first Holga-experiment … and with the darkroom in mind … :-))))

    Guess I am glad now that you did not need the Velvia whe I asked and I thus still have it here :-)))))

  131. Panos,
    if it is a good picture, blame the photographer,
    if it is a bad picture, blame the camera!

    Or the other way around??

    Well, glad you liked it … really … :-))

  132. Lassal;

    Good on you! They’re great fun aren’t they? I’m just about to go into town to drop off half a dozen rolls of film shot through the Holga and an old Agfa Isoly. I bought the Isoly because new and classic Diana’s are too damned expensive, and they reckon the Diana was modelled off the Isoly (the Isoly only cost $12)

    I haven’t had any processed from the Isoly yet so have my fingers crossed! But the Holga is shooting pretty nicely. There’s a three day punk gig coming up in a couple of weeks so I need to check whether the Isoly is working properly so I can use it there (along with the Holga)!

    “If I had not ruined 1/3 of the film by forgetting to take the lens cover off the camera”

    Or for me;
    Shot at 6×6 with 645 mask in and vice versa,
    Taking multiple shots on one frame because I have forgotten to wind on (damn digi habits!),
    Forgotten whether I have, or have not, wound on; so wind on an extra frame just in case! etc etc…


  133. Lassal;

    Expensive film; I’ve been shooting expired print film bought on online auctions. Mind you i did get extravagent and put a roll of Velvia 100 through the Isoly… I hope it’s working ok!

    I’m thinking about buying some of that Lucky or Shanghai 100 B&W film and Kodak Ektacolour 160 to try. It’s cheap on the online auctions. The Ektacolour is just film rebadged for the Asian market. Might be worth looking at?

  134. Lassal

    certainly you knew how to use this velvias. You love the experiments and I love the results. Hope will see more holgas or pinhole images. Did you try pinhole cameras? A friend of mine did a month exposure with pinhole.

    Btw, I still have about 10-15 rols of exposed 120 velvia films in my fridge from thailand. I shoot some frames with Herve in fishersmans village. After a year I hope there is any image :) Fore sure the colour is not the same, so maybe it will looks like holga pictures? Who knows :)

  135. ROSS

    thanks for the info … yeah, I definitively will have a look at some of these auctions now!

    The point is really that these were my very first 5 rolls of film with the Holga. And I was not expecting a positive outcome of it. Otherwise I would have shot much more! Damn, the landscapes would have looked extraordinary in it! Especially if you put the wrong distance in. It would have gotten completely painterly. Now I just hope to get back there eventually to complete this :-))

    What helped me a lot was the demos they have for the different film types:
    goto “view details”
    They are expensive! But I did not know back then …

    Also probably everybody but me knows the look&feel of these films, so this site was really important for me to decide on what to buy. Especially because I did not have time to research further and I was hoping to get the package from Vienna before my departure to the US. So I bought everything together: camera +films.

    I guess that now I will really sit down and try to find cheaper material. Now I have the time.

    I like the idea of the Isoly … crossing my fingers that it works for you!! It is probably going to be amazing on a punk gig! :-) Please share the images with us afterwards? I am so curious … :-)

    I got around the winding problem, because from the start I would always wind directly after taking a picture. But I could not get used to the lens cover … :-))))

  136. Thanks Marcin…
    its not that i have a ” style”..
    its just that im old and my camera is
    not autofocus either ( barely reaches 2500 iso)..
    ohh i wish i had a markVIIIIIIIIII with a long Tokina
    12-25000mm f4.6-6.4….

  137. Panos

    this looks like a dance, like capoeira … You know capoeira? It was a kind of martial arts disguised as dance (including the music) that a group of slaves developed in Brazil before 1888 when they finally got freed. Obviously they were not supposed to train any martial arts, but nobody thought it was a problem for them to dance. So they came up with this very clever solution.
    Nowadays Capoeira is quite fancy, you even find groups here in Germany training in the parks, as a type of sport. Very strange for me to see this kind of globalization.

    Back to your pictures … they did not really stab each other, did they???

  138. Panos,
    I am with Marcin here … it is YOU that shows in the pictures…
    And that is good to. Your pictures are as real as you are.
    (and you always seem to be at the right place at the right time, too)

  139. @Lassal: 120 film shouldn’t be expensive, if you’re shooting with a holga anyway I’d just buy it out of date and pay not more than £1 a roll (I usually buy fresh film for about £1-2 a roll, though)

  140. Lassal,

    ps. Capoeira is credited as being one of the influences for breakdance/hip hop.
    I took a Capoeira class long ago when I was doing a lot of hip hop. It’s hard!

  141. Cathy
    you took Capoeira classes? Wow.
    It IS hard. And you need a good sense of equilibrium amongst other things I do not have.
    I am impressed!

  142. C’mon Panos, you gotta learn how to pre-focus, guess/focus. Age is no excuse there lad. And only ISO 2500?

    OK, time to upgrade. I’m sure someone would happily trade that clunker M8 of yours for a shiny new Canon 5d, and give you some change.(:

  143. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
    There’s nothing you can’t do,
    Now you’re in New York!!!
    These streets will make you feel brand new,
    the lights will inspire you,athje
    Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York

    …. will update /// stuff frm the workshops soonest …………… need a break from the whirlwind …. gathering my thoughts ……………. till thn .burned vivek

  144. a civilian-mass audience


    when VIVEK can write poems
    then Not even the sky is the limit !!! love to VIVIEK …

    New York,New York,New York

    ***CAPOEIRA is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, games, music, and dance. It was created in Brazil by slaves brought from Africa, especially from present day Angola some time after the 16th century.

    CAN I DANCE NOW??? LOVE,love,love …all we need is BURN

  145. a civilian-mass audience


    Can I be your favorite Civilian ???…laughing hysterically …

    P.S No need to reply… due to extreme working conditions :)))

  146. NO shooting since Sept. 20th. It’s ITCHING. But as we ‘ve got to do everything ourselves these days: mastering (?) Final Cut… tchogh kbal (headache)…

  147. a civilian-mass audience


    Welcome back…
    I google you and oime …YOU are such an inspiration to the BURNIANS here…
    Like MR.HARVEY and MR.PARR and …others…

    P.S for the headache … your energy level might be down…Just breath and smile…
    or come over to Greece…olive oil, raki, chicken soup…everything organic…
    What not to LOVE !!!

  148. I posted a link to some photos last night too… apparently on the wrong page… oh, well…
    Lassal, I really liked the pics of the empty swimming pools in the desert…
    Panos seems to be in love indeed…

  149. a civilian-mass audience

    As one philosopher once wrote :

    “Don’t come close…COME CLOSER”.

    BURN is The place to BE…

    P.S Today we dance ZORBA style …Capoeira !!!

  150. a civilian-mass audience


    you won’t believe that…I thought that you are a male and that MIMI is a female…

    Not that it’s really matter …!!! :)))

    how are you ???…I LOVE the way you embrace the changes in life …
    cause you are BURNING so high UP !!!

  151. a civilian-mass audience

    I lOVE YOUR German HUMOR and yes LASSAL

    I love your website …as I said before…It is clear, it has a point …
    little too “German” for my Greek” spirit …
    Credit When Credit is DUE. VIVA !!!

  152. a civilian-mass audience

    Stay strong Philippines !!! What’s UP AUSSIES !!!

    I will BE back

  153. CIVI
    we do not have humour… we are idealistic romantics with a depressed note and a dark past.

    If you ever have time, PLEASE write me an email clarifying “little too “German” for my Greek” spirit …”
    That would be really very, very sweet of you. Thanks.
    info (at) lassal (dot) de

    and CIVI … thanks for being here. You always cheer things up. That is invaluable!

  154. Civi…

    It turns out that, when you’re sleep deprived, you should keep away from guillotines… thankfully I’m ok… your attention to detail is impressive…


    Thanks for the bbc links…

  155. a civilian-mass audience


    I am not good with e-mails …keys are ready though …
    Come over.

    Clarification too “German” :
    I love
    1) there is order.
    2) clear point
    3) nice presentation (GordonL)

    ” Greek ” spirit:
    1) There is no order
    2) whatever point
    3) nice presentation (free style)

    P.S BURN is BURNing

  156. a civilian-mass audience


    we can’t loose any BURNIANS …not now !!!

    BURNIANS…where are you ???

    P.S Got to go…raining again

  157. lassla – no time right now.. internet on the road type-thing… thanks for email, which i will reply tomorrow..
    think am i the most northerly of burn people right now.. need a fire.. north sea wind is biting.


  158. RAFAL…

    no, not yet…of course, i will take a close look probably later in the week..but, i know from Anton, who was here NYC for three days, that all is well…i will let you know prior to publication..

  159. Lassal….love the holga images! Looks like such fun. I have 4 rolls of tri-x I shot on the old K-1000 I bought of ebay…don’t even know if the camera functinos properly, seems like it should….when the roll that’s in it is finished I am taking it to be developed straight away. I hope I have at least 1 or 2 shots per roll….

    CIVI….key is under the mat in case you (or anyone!) come through Lexington…Keeneland is racing now, boys in coats and ties and girls in dresses and hats….and next year we have the World Equestrian Games, the Olympics of the horse world…first time they’ve ever been held outside of Europe…

    DAH…..as you are planning in the coming weeks, if this region fits the path for a gallery show/workshop/event please consider it….I can and will volunteer to be the point person locally….a good artistic community, a large university, an excellent fina arts school, downtown weekly art events, gallery hops, etc…let me know what criteria you need for success and I will see if it is here….

    All iPhone users……you can download photoshop for the iPhone for free right now….search for it in the app store…doesn’t do a huge amount, but can be useful….and the price is right!

    Monday is here, all…let’s boogie. :)

    good light,

  160. DavidB
    No hurries. No worries.
    Take your time please.
    I’ll owe you one.
    If you ever get too cold up there, come down here … Living at the river Main. Does not get that cold usually, does get foggy though.
    Or we meet in Scotland … I have to take some sheep pictures. Anybody knows how one does take sheep pictures without them running off?? :)

  161. lassal – they are beautiful..you have to throw away the cap – such a pain in the butt that thing – your holgas are so free, i took some over vacation but i like yours better, the way you made light drawings with multiple exposures, very original, but all of them lovely.

    how exactly did you turn your notebook into a light table?

  162. ERICA…

    now surely you must have the most complete report of all regarding events at Burn headquarters…after all, you sat in on a class and survived the friday night event…or, did i miss something you did already?? how can i keep up??

    cheers, david

  163. anybody has photos from the burn show ?

    erica… had a look at your website… u r fantastic… there is some arbus spirit in your theme evaluation and your aesthetics but with current and individual twist… loved

    how u make light-able from screen ? easy, prepare a white paper of the same size (resolution) of the screen… if u r in a good mood, write “JUST” in the corner… open it with a simple app like “preview” and thats it… i also do it for fast draft scans – to see the real negative.

  164. DAH

    I got a migraine right after and am just stammering to my feet this morning after many hours of hell..indeed i will write up something as soon as I can…

    I did manage to transcribe our interview..should I email it to you, post here now or post only on scribbling on my site and link to it?

  165. victor..

    Patricia posted photos here


    and here


    and vivek posted workshop photos a couple of posts up

    and thank you sincerely..my latest work which is mostly shot in 35mm is not on my site yet is definitely a departure, and I hope it will please you as well..am working hard to get it ready to show here on burn, dah and I need to edit still down from 275 photos in my wide edit, but it wont be too long now, just have to find time together/ skype

  166. ERICA…

    you have too many migraines…i am sure you have been to a doctor….take care…

    i was not pushing you at all, just curious and figured i missed something…relax…take it easy…

    cheers, david

  167. EMCD,
    Did you get my e-mail? rest and get well and when you have the time please write back if you have the time. No hurry!

    I appreciated all the pics so far, but as it was an exhibtion 3 or 4 simple high res shots of the walls would’ve been nice. Especially when your half way across the world and can’t take part even though you want to :)

  168. DAH ..

    any thoughts on the interview?

    yes, just went again last week to the doc, she dispassionately said there was nothing new to try, unless i want to get hooked on vicodin..I’ll pass. I know you weren’t’ pushing, just keeping you informed :)

    martin, I did..will write

  169. ERICA

    notebook into lighttable:
    1. open a new browserwindow and fit to screen if you want (they usually are white)
    2. flip the open notebook so that the monitor lies on the table/floor/bed whatever – you might want to secure it with a pillow or book so it does not fall over.
    3. place a sheet of transparent paper on the monitor to diffuse the light (important if you do not want to have a moiree effect)
    4. place the film stripes onto the light surface
    5. take photographs.

    if the film is very dark, like some of mine were, then it might be good to use a tripod or something to fix the camera for a longer exposure. You would not want to use flash for this and, as you can see on some of my frames, it does get out of focus quickly.

    I then took the b&w negatives and inverted them in photoshop. I am not trained yet in reading these things as negatives. So this for me went superfast and easy and regarding with what camera you make the pictures it gives you a good solution/resolution.

    Remember to turn all the light sources off in the room or turn the notebook so they do not cause reflections.

  170. @ vivek… i saw your link and tried to open it before asking for photos in my comment, but it doesnot open… it is blank… problem on my side or your side ?

    @ thanks erica, and patricia

    275 for final edit ?! reduce… something like 100, with up to 25 that feels keys to u… it will be easier for orientation and final selection… if on computer, the alternative frames are always nearby anyway.

  171. blood pressure is normal

    275 is wide edit..we made a tight edit of 15, but there will be an edit of 100 or so for the book, maybe 40 for a mm piece..we will see..15 months of work there, so the pickin is hard…looking at the 275 dah said there were only a few he’d throw out in general, which is good regarding the images, but it becomes more important to figure out which way to tell the story

  172. ERICA

    I have had migraines throughout my childhood. Almost daily. My parents went to all kind of doctors with me and they attached me to every mashine you can think of. But they found nothing.

    It was only as a young adult, when a (good) person at the drugstore, refused to sell me my daily dose of aspirine claiming I would ruin my kidneys if I went on like this.

    She asked me this simple question: do you have low blood pressure? I said that in fact I have always had very low blood pressure. She gave me something agaist that and I have not had that kind of headache since.

    Sounds so simple … but no doctor ever made the connection.
    And I felt as if reborn.

    There are so so many possible reasons for headaches/migraines, the low blood pressure would have been the easiest to solve. Too bad.
    Get well soon.

  173. ERICA
    I am really looking forward to see this project of yours …

    I figured out a possibility to prepare the postcard project as an essay for BURN – which is good, because up to now I had not seen a way it could work. But I will need some time to prepare this.
    2 months minimum. I need to learn some new software before I start. But that is fine, because I have to learn it anyway.

    I know you have asked several times for me to submit the postcard project for BURN … but that was before you got all this great material from all over the world for the EPF. So I would just like to know if you are still interested, then I would start with the preparations.


  174. BRIAN
    no … I do not remember, sorry. I keep navigating quite erratically through the net, following links in all kind of directions. But I do remember how the site looked like. If I see it again, I will know and I willl tell you.

    But as you noticed I was not the only one who has seen your essay around … Jim mentioned it too … maybe he has kept better track?

  175. It has been on my site since I initially “finished” it. As the edit changed, I did re-up it. The final, final version was resubmitted a little over week ago, and that’s the version that’s on my site now.

  176. I definitively saw it somewhere else. Was a completely different way of navigating through the pictures. And I do not know if there was sound … but then I do not always have my headphones on …

  177. a civilian-mass audience


    You are in the mind of all the BURNIANS…may all the good spirits be with you and with your family
    don’t forget Socrates …I am sending good energy :)))
    Thank you.

  178. a civilian-mass audience


    I see that KEYS are flying around… the UNIVERSE.
    BURNIANS …we are becoming UNIVERSAL…
    MR.JIM …Your key is ready !!!


    when you will feel that an episode of migraine is coming :
    1) eat a fat meal
    2) have only one glass of wine
    3) after one hour …have intercourse ( vigorous) to get out all the bad energy and the toxins…

    LOVE YOU ALL…raining very hard in the GREEKLAND

  179. DAH
    how can i keep up??

    You have to accept the effects of age, David, but VIAGRA maybe? :-))))

    PS: I was not going to let this one pass, David, you shoulda known….ahahahha.

  180. a civilian-mass audience


    ERICA is a beautiful, hard working lady with good manners and values
    and since I am very confident of my charm and my charisma …
    why not???

    BURNIANS, all of you …will you go out with me ???

    P.S come on … BURN is THE ONLY place to BE…:)))

  181. will you go out with me ???

    sure, just tell us what to love and what not to love!

    PS: My last sexual innuendo until….David goes to Thailand! ;-)

  182. a civilian-mass audience


    You are my first “Kibbutz” BURNIAN… I have declare my admiration from day one…:)))

    I don’t like sycophants,superfluous and narrow-minded people
    “Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history.”
    Plato (Ancient Greek Philosopher He was the world’s most influential philosopher. 428 BC-348 BC)

    WHAT to LOVE and WHAT not to LOVE..I see no dichotomy …
    therefore…I won’t forsake my love for all of you !!!

  183. kathleen fonseca


    this one quote from you sums up everything i know about you..don´t know how you do it..or how you believe it and then live like you believe it but hope you won´t be-leaving us anytime soon:

    ¨WHAT to LOVE and WHAT not to LOVE..I see no dichotomy …
    therefore…I won’t forsake my love for all of you !!!¨

    all my love and respect, Civi:


  184. Been doing a google search for it, and have not been able to find where it might have been shown. I regularly tweet photos of the day, which probably included some of these images. Perhaps there?

  185. I have an idea –

    I am working on writing up the Robert Frank talk –

    some of the questions from the curators were quite compelling, but I found there was a lot left unasked. I am going to draft a couple questions myself, and see if I can get them answered by the man himself. Very long shot I know, and this will take some time for sure, but..

    if you have a well thought out respectful question you would like asked of Robert Frank, email it to me and possibly I will be able to ask it of him.

    Maybe this will become the model for some of the interviews I hope to do, some q’s fro me and others from you all..

    For now, it is an experiment. If you are game, i am at erica at ericamcdonaldphoto dot com

  186. ERICA: You are THE Burn scribe! Thank you for all for all of your transcriptions/summations…

    I hope that your migraines become fewer and far between. I had them quite often as a child, and they have lessened in severity and frequency as I aged, but my wife has them very often and has seen several neurologists, etc. without lasting relief. I can definitely sympathize with your situation…

    ANDREW B.: I just read that you are in Lexington! I’m just down the road in Somerset, and would love to lend you a hand if DAH brings something our way. I’m just a civilian, but would love to help out!

  187. ALL…

    you know Civi is a woman right?? (i think)


    i will be going to see my mother in about 10 days….i will tell her you say hello from Greece..she will like that a lot…

    hugs, david

  188. Erica and all,

    The documentary: An American Journey: Revisiting Robert Frank’s “The Americans” (2008)
    has just opened in Santa Fe.

    I’m leaving town in a couple of days, hope I have a chance to see it.
    I’ve read that Robert Frank does not appear in the film so I’d like to hear what his thoughts are about it.

    ps If anyone here on burn has seen the film I’d like to hear your thoughts as well.

  189. Erica, its definitely a migraine and not a tension headache? Often people make the mistake of calling tension headaches migraines. Such people tend to stress too much or put themselves under pressure.

    I look forward to reading your transcription and interview with Robert Frank.

  190. Erica, you are not alone. It’s amazing how many women (ALWAYS women) I know who suffer from this.
    Wish I had something to suggest for you :((

    I “submitted” a Robert Frank question…above.

  191. DAH…..

    shoot…I fell down the Frank rabbit hole – was supposed to call Andrew S back..I’d like to join you in the morn, but 8:30 is early and am not sure I can get there on time ..how long might you have to talk?

  192. Just wanted to drop a line congratulating Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez for winning the Eddie Adams and Nikon 10k scholarship today at the Barnstorm…

    Adrian’s a friend and was a shooter here at Pierce College just a year or so ago when I got here. Pierce is just a little community college in Southern California.

    Pierce College, not W. Kentucky, not Mizzou…

    Nice job.

  193. a civilian-mass audience


    “Different though the sexes are, they inter-mix. In every human being a vacillation from one sex to the other takes place, and often it is only the clothes that keep the male or female likeness, while underneath the sex is very opposite of what it is above.”
    Virginia Woolf (English Modernist Writer. Committed suicide at age 59. 1882-1941)

    PLEASE, don’t forget to tell her …THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU…I know,SHE will get it :)))
    It’s not only from Greece BUT from all the BURNIANS… worldwide !!!

  194. a civilian-mass audience


    you know MR.DAH is a sycophant ..???.( i think)
    Damnit …funniest ever :)))

    where have you been ??? Welcome back… I see new photos …VIVA !!!
    BURNIANS are BURNing …

    P.S KATIE …where is my surprise ??? you know how Civilians are…

  195. a civilian-mass audience


    PLEASE, don’t forget to tell your MOTHER …THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU…I know,SHE will get it :)))
    It’s not only from Greece BUT from all the BURNIANS… worldwide !!!

    Now, enough with the Civilian and back to the regular program …

    P.S how someone can improve his/hers EDITING skills ???

  196. a civilian-mass audience

    I am all over the Universe…i traveled for a while but now I am back in the Greekland… I had a BURNing
    family …oh, by the way…I have good news… the BURNing family got assistance from the goverment …
    Well now…
    I have to put the azaleas on the windows,more pillows on the floor,more light for your photo editings, some red wine on the table, cook patsa,clean the toilet…cause I ‘ve heard that some BURNians pretty soon will be coming over!!! LASSAL, ANDREWB, PANOS,KATIE, DAVIDB…BOBB, etc, etc…

    P.S where is MR.PETE M. and MR.DAVIDG and another DAVIDB…hmmm…
    KATHARINA, I LOVE to hear traveling stories…as I said before …I TRAVEL through your PHOTOS !!!
    Can I say it???

  197. a civilian-mass audience

    I have to say it…

    WHAT NOT TO LOVE …hmmm…am I missing a verb all this time…???
    I count on you.

  198. a civilian-mass audience

    and VIVA JARED and
    VIVA Pierce College of Southern California …

    and VIVA VIVEK and New York
    and Alaska,…ok enough…

    P.S Viva Education …and please eat and drink with moderation…

    Do you know how to edit ??? cause I have problem…

  199. a civilian-mass audience

    Before I go…I am calling all the BURNIANS from AFRICA to proceed in the TIME OUT aisle !!!

    I need BURNIANS from all over the Universe…North Pole, South Pole…

  200. a civilian-mass audience

    oups…if it’s OK with the BURN headquarters ???

    cause sometimes LESS is MORE…

  201. Civi

    You must be smoking something tonight.


    Next Tuesday night on ABC television (in Australia) “Foreign Correspondent” is showing a story on the Yakuza family. It’s about their child pornography activities. Thought you might be interested, though I don’t know how you could get to see it without someone sending you a taped copy. Check the website. Abc.net/tv or just google Foreign correspondent. I can’t offer to do it for you since I don’t have a video player or CD recorder. But I’m sure if you really want it, you will find a way.

  202. CMA,
    hope your family is ok now ?
    Thanks for traveling through my photos ! I am sure the people in them will appreciate :):)

  203. a civilian-mass audience


    You can borrow my CD…where are you in the Universe???
    By the way, I am smoking BURNing brain cells …hi,hi

    and KATHARINA… I wish for this family to find their way…But
    I grew from that experience …and yes HERVE …I found out… What I don’t LOVE…
    I don’t LOVE ungrateful souls…
    Please, BURNIANS …don’t forget to say THANK YOU
    …in whatever you do in life …hmmm…

    Therefore …THANK YOU ALL…I got to go…Can you edit me NOW:)))

  204. Had a nice suprise today. On my desk was ‘Retrospective’-Antanas sutkus. Great Lithuanian Photographer.
    Spent the weekend re-calibrating stuff, browsing at the artfair (Thodoris’s prints look glorious in real life) and bought Margaret M de lange ‘daughters’ and Phillip Jones Griffiths ‘vietnam peace’. Saw lots of nice photography…and lots of pictures. Packing cameras and kit for five days in cyprus tommorow.
    It had better be sunny :)


  205. a civilian-mass audience


    May the travel spirits be with you…
    according to my Civilian data you will be fine in Cyprus…
    don’t forget the raki …and maybe some patsa or souvlakia for the fellow BURNian:)))

    P.S by the way MR.GLADDY…say hello to YIANNI (the musician)…your friend…if I am not mistaken
    from Greekland !!!

  206. ALL…

    i know many of you are curious about the Burn gallery in New York …who was shown at the event, what was sold , and our plans for the future….

    Anton is now designing an elegant Burn Gallery page for us now so that some who want to secure a print online may do so…all who were exhibited here in New York will be properly listed if they so wish and their work made available here on the Burn online gallery…

    20 year old Yalda Pashai from Toronto sold two prints at $300. each!!! you may remember her striking picture published here on Burn…please search if you do not remember….Mike Young and Elliott Erwitt also made sales …so, three of the four sales from this one event were from the photographers here on Burn…we are scheduling more sales oriented events , with specific collectors invited in the near future…

    the friday night event was all wrapped around my workshop grand finale and prints sales were incidental to that event…however, i think you know that Joseph Koudelka, Antoine d’Agata, James Nachtwey, and Alex Webb were here for the show…there is no doubt in anyone’s mind who was here that in some way this “opening” had the feeling of authentic artistic movement…humbly historic actually…well, ask somebody besides me!!

    of course, i plan to have more photographers here on Burn represented for the next show….we had to scramble fast for this one, but we will come up with a proper way for artists to submit in the future…

    for those of you who sent prints on time and in good order, many many thanks…they are safe, secure and hanging beautifully on the loft walls right now….if some of you want your prints returned now, we will do so…but, i recommend you leave them with us for awhile anyway….more prints sales will happen i am sure….if you want to see how your print is hanging, just send me an email and i will take a picture with my iphone and text it to you….

    ok, your patience please for the next two weeks….i will now go to my home for a handmade book seminar and then to Mexico and returning here to new york around Nov 6 when we will have another print sales event…

    i will keep up with comments as best i can…the posting of essays, singles, etc. will be as per normal…that is if “normal” is a word that can ever be used in the context of me or anything i do!! …smiling….

    cheers, david

  207. DAH…

    My print is yours.
    If it sells, it sells. If not, you can either keep it yourself or offer it as a gift to anyone of those who have been supporting Burn so far.

    Thank you for including me in the show. I really believe that what you do here (not only the gallery) will someday be part of the history of photography. I feel both humbled and proud in being a part of it—even if in a very small way and from a great distance.

    Also, a big *thanks* to all the guys who did the actual legwork to put the show together… you guys rock…

  208. AKAKY: Civi, the proper usage is what is not to love. However, what is is usually shortened to what’s, so what’s not to love is correct.

    AKAKY IRL: You really are a pedantic bastard, aren’t you?

    AKAKY: Leave me alone, I’m not having a good day. I’m stuck in this dump until eight tonight.

    AKAKY IRL: Jeez, sorry to hear that, guy. Pulling the late shift sucks big time.

    AKAKY: Yes, it does.

    AKAKY IRL: You’re still being a pedantic jerk, though.

    AKAKY: Yeah yeah yeah, so I’ve heard.

    AKAKY IRL: Hey, guy, if I don’t tell you these things, who will?

    AKAKY: My mother, my brothers, my niece, my sister in law, my ex-sisiter in law, my future sister in law and her kids, my boss, my coworkers, the people I am allegedly here to help, the mailman, the guy at the camera store where I get my black and white film developed, the monsignor down at the church, almost any nun in the area you care to talk to, my next door neighbors, my doctor, my dentist, my podiatrist, my former teachers, the guy who picks up my trash, Mr. Harvey, although he is polite enough not to say so, and my brother’s dog.

    AKAKY IRL: You bear a heavy burden, bubba.

    AKAKY: Yes, I do.

    AKAKY IRL: Tough shit.

    AKAKY: Thank you. Your empathy for my plight is duly noted.

    AKAKY IRL: That’s what I’m here for, dude.


  209. DAH…

    You have mentioned that as a result of the success Burn has had so far, you’ve been overwhelmed with submissions… adding to that your very tight schedule at the moment (and the coming month or so,) I imagine that now is not the best time for “a friend of mine” to submit a couple singles, right?

  210. I am just back from the Eddie Adams workshop and I recommend all those who have never applied to apply next year! This was the last year I could do it according to the regulations and so I just finally applied. It was pretty sweet hanging out with likes of MaryAnne Golon, Jamie Wellford, Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols, Gary Knight, Tom Kennedy, David Griffin, Gerd Ludwig, Phil Bicker, Nadja Masri, etc. etc. etc.!

  211. THODORIS…

    many thanks for your print offer…if your print sells, then the proceeds will go to the EPF…if not, it will grace the wall of our Burn gallery/office….

    cheers, david

  212. a civilian-mass audience

    what IS not to LOVE !!!
    Thank YOU AKAKY !!!

    BURNIANS …if you don’t BURN here…I hope that you are BURNing shouting or editing…
    therefore …

    P.S VIVA ACADEMIANS …and we have great academians here in BURN…

  213. a civilian-mass audience


    are you still in Venice…waiting for the tsunami???
    ROSSY…you were so politically correct …few days ago…
    anyways…We have beautiful tsunamis in Greece too…over !!!

    Back to our “NORMAL” program…smiling all the way to work :)))


  214. ANDREA –

    sorry for the late reply… traveling…

    thanks for the tip. i’ll keep an eye on it. i know Foreign Correspondent puts the shows online afterwards, so i hope they’ll do this one too


  215. ALL –

    does anyone know the title & publisher of the upcoming book by Antoine D’Agata?

    it’s due to arrive this week, but i have no clue as to title and/or publisher, and no info on the M site…



  216. a civilian-mass audience


    it goes like this :

    **puits – le travail réalisé. vous êtes étonnant. baisers à la famille !!!
    **well done job. you are amazing.
    kisses to the family !!!

    ***les mêmes pour vous Anton. merci
    ***the same for you Anton.
    thank you

  217. a civilian-mass audience

    ANTON ,

    a philosopher once wrote “…BURN does not exist without Anton…!!!”

    P.S What IS not to LOVE !!!

    Back to our NORMAL program …

  218. BACK once again..
    CIVILIAN became a woman.. well.. i guess we all do..
    ‘pink moon gonna get you all, cause it’s a pink moon.. yeah a pink moon..’

    not had time to look – why not post your weblink here and see what the folk here say?
    some are nice.

    a quick reply sent – might be a jumble.. was written so quickly.. ask if it is :o)

    sorry – not been here to skype.. will switch it on now..

    RIGHT THEN.. left.

  219. JOHN G
    good luck in cyprus.. or at least better luck than i had in beeeefa… mentol.. wikkid..
    let me know when the parcel arrives.. the polaroid case arrived today from england – will send on if you need it.

  220. a civilian-mass audience

    WELCOME BACK our blue-eyed son !!!

    DAVIDB, Civilian is male and female…
    but no pink in my agenda yet …!!!

    You seem a very hard to Skype …

    P.S what did you bring back from the Cold for Tor Capa and Beate??? sweaters :)))

  221. DAH SAID:

    you know Civi is a woman right?? (i think)”

    I so wish I had seen this before – I wanted to remind you of your your gender sensing abilities with Lassal!

    Civi, seems to know so much about everything! Civi, tell us about your self!

  222. a civilian-mass audience



    “capture” your favorite Civilian in action…then you will know whatever is needed to be known
    about me…:))) farting in action …sorry …I forgot …the bar has been raised

    P.S Psst…J, I have access to your websites…that’s why I LOVE YOU ALLL…
    and it’s not fair …but I am just a plain Civilian with the same fears,hopes …as you…


    I agree with your argument about the texture of life is always switching around us and so on… Combining b&w and colour within projects aren’t necessarily bad in all cases in my opinion, but in Talias case I think she would gain much more from focusing on one of them. The story is already quite vague and it messes it up when it’s not visually connecting either.

    EVERYBODY (if you have time to spare)

    Please click me and let me know what you think about my photographs. (My fear is that there is too much diversity going on at the moment.)

  224. DAH:

    I’ll send you a link tom my EAW photos in a few days, but they weren’t so good :) I was on the sports team and had to learn to use lights and soft boxes etc.! I can hardly keep up right now! Am back at my mother’s in Western Massachusetts now and then will fly from JFK tonight to Bucharest for a Friday morning portrait assignment for the Chronicle of Higher Education!



  225. I thought many of you might be interested in this blog:


    At a Chicago estate sale, this gentleman purchased 30-40,000 negatives and about 1,000 undeveloped rolls of 120 belonging to a lady named Vivian Maier. He has started a blog to show her work, taken from the 1950’s through the 1970’s. Here’s his thread on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/onthestreet/discuss/72157622552378986/

    (Via this post on the RangeFinder Forum: http://www.rangefinderforum.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=80962 )

  226. ERICA

    I’m reading ‘An Evening with Robert Frank…’ now. My copy of ‘The Americans’ arrived in the mail just a few weeks ago, so this interview with him is extremely interesting. Really appreciate your effort in making this available.

  227. Bjarte – you are very welcome – I made notes that say something like (Americans, 26) when he refers to a certain image, I looked them up, so you can look in the book and see which he is talking about. They weren’t projected, but I figured it out. If you have the smaller book, you will have to count photos, but in the larger edition they are numbered.

    Justin – thanks for that..stupendous..god I’m curious..will spend some time there looking, really looking.

  228. Justin, what a find! Thank you for sharing this link here on Burn. Who says the great ones always rise to the top? Well, maybe they do but sometimes recognition of their genius comes only after they’ve passed on. Thank goodness John Maloof discovered Vivian Maier and is now allowing us to discover her too…


  229. I also wanted to say that I have been shooting with a Leica M8.2 or the last few months in Bucharest and had never made prints from the files until the last few days back here in the US. Many people criticize that M8’s noise, but at 640 ASA, 16 x 20 prints made on my Epson R2400 look like prints from film shot at 800 ASA or so. Prints from my 5d MK II look so much more plasticky!

  230. ERICA,

    Once again we are all deeply in your debt for taking the trouble to write up the Robert Frank appearance at the Met, doing such a splendid job, and sharing it with us. You are the best kind of journalist. You may think that your forthcoming book of portraits needs no or little text, and I’m sure the images will stand on their own. But, if not for this project, perhaps for some future project, I really hope you will consider doing a words AND text project in which the two carry equal weight while complimenting each other. That is a genre that has not been explored anywhere near as thoroughly as the all-picture book, and I can’t think of anyone (other than perhaps DAH and Tom Hyde) as qualified as you to contribute something really powerful along those lines. Meanwhile, I hope you will continue scribbling in the dark for the benefit of us all. Many thanks.

  231. OK, just recieved a copy of “What Matters, the worlds preeminent photojournalists and thinkers depict essential issues of our time” I’m going to sit down with it now.
    G’nite all

  232. Davin;

    So how does the EAW work? Do they give you “assignments” to shoot and critique later? I’m just trying to work out why they would get you to shoot sports with artificial lights etc if that is not your usual subject. I could understand it on a long-term university course where they want to give you a taste of all types of photography.

    Just curious as to why this type of workshop is beneficial compared to a tailor-made concentrated course for your own type of shooting. I did talk to a photographer who had attended the EAW a few years back and he felt it was more of a “networking” experience. How did it go for you?


  233. kathleen fonseca

    hey Kat..just passing by to comment on an essay..wanted to say hello and how wonderful it is to see you posting here. I’m like Civi…dancing all the way to bed..goodnight and hope you are doing super!

    big HUGZ
    the other kat :))

  234. a civilian-mass audience

    KATIE,Street fighter,

    did you see this VIVIAN lady !!!
    it looks like she took photos from the heart … a street photographer with a
    street fighter’s “finger” …
    thank you MR.JUSTIN…

    what a recognition you have received from one of the 1st class academic BURNIAN…
    You deserve it…and keep scribbling in the dark!!!

    WHAT MATTERS the most is that BURN is BURNing and you are one the baby BURNlights !!!

    I LOVE YOU ALL…don’t get me started with BURN names …
    I NEED YOU or shall I say
    I WANT YOU ALL …hmmm…

    Keep shooting BURNIANS …

  235. a civilian-mass audience

    and before I go…


    “…and I can’t think of anyone (other than perhaps DAH and Tom Hyde) as qualified as you to contribute something really powerful along those lines.”
    …with all my respect,I believe that we have highly capable writers among the BURNIANS …
    KATHLEEN FONSECA, BOBBY BLACK, AKAKY,JAN…and others…to contribute …

    P.S my profound inability to express my thoughts in proper English is already well known…
    BUT …I am studying hard…
    your BOOK LIST is highly appreciated …
    THANK YOU so much, SIR ATKINS !!!

  236. CMA,
    “Sir Atkins”, ahhhh CMA thou dost bestow too much upon a humble servant of the realm…… If indeed I am not mistaken with thy good reference. The aforementioned scribe bequeaths veritable exactitude and clarity upon his quill.

    adieu bon études

    Sir A

  237. a civilian-mass audience

    Dearest AITKEN,

    Your post is LOVEly…as MR.JOHNY VINK once said “Makes me feel like dusting off my Rollei…”

    makes me feel like dusting off my dictionary !!!

    P.S Don’t get me started…I got to RUN …
    Laughing hysterically …all the way to my work…:)))

  238. @ kh
    ah, really LOVED that work about china, and congrats to that photographer for “smith”… thanks for the link…
    this Lens of the new-your-times is really great too. i got some emails when my work here on burn was published their under “must see, recommendations”, didnt know about the place before. now looking at it – really good stuff and editing.
    wow, the china work really exited .. gonna have a look at it again

  239. DAVIN…

    sorry we missed you at the loft…Koudelka was sitting on the sofa, drinking a beer, and waiting for you!!! no joke… can you please send me a private e-mail?? i lost your address…in any case, we are almost set to publish the student work from last week…anyway, bad timing with EAW..total scheduling overlay…by the way, i have the same question as Ross Nolly…why would you have been shooting sports??

  240. Bjarte, Erica, GordonL, Patricia, AndreaC, Civi, & John Vink: I glad that you all enjoyed the link to Vivian Maier’s work. Like Erica, I’ll be be spending some real time there. I certainly hope that John Maloof can secure a grant to assist with processing, scanning and archiving.

    I don’t know if any of you clicked on the link to the RangeFinder Forum thread where I came across the link to the blog, but there is a gem of a post from Al Kaplan:

    “I think that there’s a lesson or two (or three) here for all of us. This woman accomplished this with a twin-lens reflex camera, probably a Rolleiflex. She used just one lens and managed to come up with great compositions with the square format. She wasn’t afraid of her subjects, nor were they afraid of her. For the most part they were well aware that she was there.

    Think about it next time you agonize over which camera(s) to take, which lenses, how are you ever going to get up the nerve to photograph strangers, OMG! what if they see you? She probably had more than on keeper on every 12 exposure roll too!”

  241. Justin

    What I think is telling about this work is that she was not a people person but a loner etc. She’s people person enough to get the shots but not enough to get recognition. Obviously she wasn’t much of a networker.

    But one thing is odd in the story. If she was a “film reviewer” as the obituary says, these must have been published somewhere. It’s also a bit odd that he couldn’t get in touch with the person who submitted the obituary.

  242. KH,

    Many thanks for the link to the Lu Guang photos via the Lens Blog. He is really an artist, and is tackling extremely important topics. Not only is he brave and committed, he is a great photographer.


    I deeply appreciate your tireless and irrespressible boosterism, exuberance, and enthusiasm for the BURN conclave, BUT…
    a) I wasn’t talking about “writers” in general (I agree that among BURN contributors there are many people who are talented with words including the ones you mentioned). I meant something much more specific… skilled JOURNALISTIC/Reportorial writers of a certain kind… who can describe events in succinct yet vivid detail with a minimum of their own personality or histrionics or editorializing intruding, and who are also brilliant photographers. There are probably (undoubtedly) others, and I apologize if I overlooked anybody… and I emphatically exclude myself from that category!
    b) As an American citizen, I cannot legally accept (nor would I personally be inclined to accept) a title from any foreign government. So while I appreciate the sentiment of respect it seems to convey, I’m afraid that your “Sir” is inappropriate. To the best of my knowledge, the last time anyone in my family held a knighthood was during the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century.

  243. how is everyone doing,

    It was so good to see you Patricia … and everyone else at the Burn gallery opening … i know this is quite late but I havn’t spoken to anyone since … Anywho Patricia we need to skype!

    also … EMCD … I love your website, the scribbling in the dark stuff is amazing … thanks for hosting that … there are some decent interviews with Eugene Richards on Youtube …

    Eugene Richards Interviews:

    David/Anton/Everyone else … also really good to meet you all last friday at the Burn Gallery … I’m not the most vocal burnian but this site is just as important than coffee to me …


  244. a civilian-mass audience


    I have a stage freeze after I read your post.
    I read your post, I read it again and again… and again.
    I blushed and I never blush…ever (when we meet in your Greek home
    then you will see…I never blush …:))) Oh, well…
    Please accept my sincere apologies. It was not my intention to offend you.
    I would like to offer an explanation …regarding the “SIR” title:

    BURNIAN = UNIVERSAL (no borders…worldwide)
    Therefore as a Citizen Of the World I see no problem with your title :)))
    I LOVE YOU MR.ATKINS…you are one of the BEST writers in our BURN list …
    ( to be perceived as a compliment)

    P.S Even though you are an American Citizen I LOVE your kinda English Humor !!!

  245. Hey all,

    long time no see, but I wanted to say Cheers to DAH and his Burn “team” for the cool ‘gallery opening’ friday night! A real pleasure.
    Special cheers to Patricia (finally met you -great!), Erica (nice work for R. Franck’s ‘transcripts’! hope you’re better), Sam, and Tim H -and a few others I got to chat with…

    ps: I saw a few photogs shootin’away that night, especially DAH, but where are those photos (apart from Patricia’s)? Any way we can see’em?

    Best, T.

  246. a civilian-mass audience

    Welcome back TANGUY,

    Are you Civilian???
    Are you Photophilosopher???
    How was the party???
    See…we have to wait for the pictures…
    BURNIANS are perfectionists too !!!

    What IS not to LOVE !!!

  247. OK, I still haven’t started unpacking even though I returned home from NYC on Monday night. And I just sent Kyunghee Lee five of my pics from the illustrious Burn Gallery opening/Loft Workshop slideshow/fiesta on Friday night because she wants to submit an article about the event to a photo mag in Korea. Speaking of which, I sure wish I’d taken more time & trouble documenting that historic event, but I was having too much fun talking with interesting Burnians like Vivek, Preston, Jason, Kerry, Vasilios, Tanguy, Anton, Erica and DAH, to name just a few. But as Tanguy says, there were other cameras in evidence, so where are their pics??? Jason is the only other Burnian who has posted a link to his gallery/slideshow photos since Friday. Please, folks, don’t be shy. My stuff was crap but, hey, it gives a small sense of the evening. Let’s see more!

    Now that I’m back home, I have had a little time to begin to assimilate what happened on that historic night. And I say “historic” in the truest sense of the word, for what our friend David Alan Harvey is creating here online and in person is the stuff that will be documented in future histories of photography.

    I may have said this here before but it bears repeating: I believe DAH is the Alfred Steiglitz of our time and Burn Magazine, the 2009 version of Camera Work. What is happening here online and manifested itself in a print exhibit at the kibbutz in Brooklyn, is the gathering of persons from around the world who are passionate about photography as it is evolving during this time of dramatic change. We are DOING IT, my friends, and we have no idea where all this will lead. But that’s the nature of revolution/evolution: you catch the wave, hang onto your surfboard with prehensile toes, lean this way and that, and hope the ride will go on forever.

    To my way of thiking, we are the luckiest people on the planet to going along for this ride together. Don’t you agree?

    I mean, picture this: a darkened room packed with old and young iconic and emerging photographers and their friends. On the west side of this room is a bank of windows framing the skyline of Manhattan glittering above the East River. On the east side is a screen showing photos by Magnum photographer Alex Webb and his wife Rebecca, followed by twelve amazing photo essays created in a short, intense five days and nights of shooting in Manhattan and Brooklyn for DAH’s loft workshop. On the north and south walls and behind the slide screen are prints by iconic and emerging photographers from across the globe. Is this historic, or what????

    I don’t know about you but I pinch myself every morning to see if I’m dreaming. What a remarkable wave we have caught! And we’re riding it together. That’s the best part of all.

    Thank you, David Alan Harvey.


  248. a civilian-mass audience


    some of my friends ask me …why BURN is such a big part of my life…hmmm…
    I am not good with words but I am good with energy…
    whatever..let me copy and past for now

    “I mean, picture this: a darkened room packed with old and young iconic and emerging photographers and their friends. On the west side of this room is a bank of windows framing the skyline of Manhattan glittering above the East River. On the east side is a screen showing photos by Magnum photographer Alex Webb and his wife Rebecca, followed by twelve amazing photo essays created in a short, intense five days and nights of shooting in Manhattan and Brooklyn for DAH’s loft workshop. On the north and south walls and behind the slide screen are prints by iconic and emerging photographers from across the globe. Is this historic, or what??? ”

    I am traveling through your lenses …
    I LOVE YOU .

    P.S Goodnight from Greece… and Cyprus has beautiful weather !!!

  249. Thanks for the invitation, Pete. Let me see if I can unpack first and then try to write an article about that historic night. Now I really do wish I’d been attentive to my picture-taking, but maybe that’s a fact of life. When you’re part of history being made, you’re too busy living it to think much about documenting it.

    Thanks, Ross and Civi, for your kind words.


  250. Patricia; “When you’re part of history being made, you’re too busy living it to think much about documenting it”

    Sometimes it’s better to just put the camera down and enjoy the experience….


  251. Vivian Mayer…. John Maloof, yes, Pete, Justin gave the link yesterday.

    Cool, the shape of things to come even more than ever (just an intuition), and with the internet, very little will get lost from now on.

    Always important, VITAL!, to see the profession (too often confused with the medium, parts and all), which is mired in the present, the careering, the networking, the who’s who, and obsequious sycophantry, taken out of Photography, with nothing lacking from it in the end. As it should always be.

    Interesting Times are getting more interesting….

  252. ALL

    It seems a little quiet here so I decided to put up the interview I did with David at the loft last week or so..please read and enjoy!

    It’s at http://ericamcdonaldphoto.com then scribbling in the dark, David Alan Harvey talks with Erica


    Sidney … I will seriously think about what you say..may take some growing into, but am touched by your confidence in me. thank you…

    Vasilos..did we meet at the opening? so glad you are enjoying he scribbling!

  253. Erica, your interview with David is SUPERB! Your questions are so geared to him annd his life, but his answers take us further into his creative process and thinking than I’ve ever seen before. You, my dear, have a true gift at this interviewing business. How about writing an interview for a magazine like Aperture? you are ready and our photographic world is waiting…

    Thank you.


  254. Patricia..so glad you like it! it’s a bucket of fun too :) Sure, sign me up with Aperture…

    OOPS..I am just looking at it now and I am still missing the name of the photographer that DAH showed the workshop students – images from Vernazza..anyone??

  255. kathleen fonseca

    Pete, Justin, et al

    Thanks for the blog link to Vivian Mayer´s work. Being a dedicated, if occasionally discouraged street photographer, her work brought tears to my eyes. And medium format, no less. I am so moved and can´t seem to lose the lump in my throat with each new photo. It´s too painfully bittersweet for me to even spend much time all at once looking. I get too emotional. She lost all her work due to delinquent payments..and only by the grace of God and Mr. Moloof´s curiosity has it been discovered, appreciated, celebrated and brought to its deserved audience.

    As an immigrant (Jewish refugee) to the USA, surely she made sense of her foreign surroundings through the camera, much as i do here in Central America. The skill and talent she brought to the task far exceeds mine. But perhaps not the love, passion and endless looking, looking, looking. I think i can say i very much understand her heart and her drive to understand and capture all that bombarded her sensitive nature. I hurt so much for her never knowing that her work had been saved from oblivion.

    Sorry, but i am so affected by this story.

    Thanks for bringing the link to my attention.

    RIP, Vivian :))


  256. patricia ..those are robertos pics …i was assigned on beer duty that night …. both …. stocking and drinking :-)))))))))))))

  257. Vivek, you did a great job at both stocking AND drinking ;=)))

    But mostly you did a great job at coordinating the carrying Patricia-and-her-scooter up those steep front steps into the kibbutz. Many thanks!


  258. Adam! I owe you an email..just super busy at the moment..great meeting and talking with you too..funny I thought DAH said Vernazza, thought he was working on his Italian accent :)

    Gordon – :)

  259. a civilian-mass audience


    and please, proceed to the VIOLET AISLE …
    I am in AWE or AWW,WRB, RNW …:)))

    Why do I LOVE you SO much???

  260. So, if the gallery show had the feel of the beginning of a “genuine artistic movement”, does this movement have anything approaching a manifesto? There’s a challenge for you all. Or maybe just use Erica’s DAH interview for now…

  261. a civilian-mass audience


    “In the end we are all separate: our stories, no matter how similar, come to a fork and diverge. We are drawn to each other because of our similarities, but it is our differences we must learn to respect.”

    I don’t know who wrote… the above …
    But since the Bar has been raised …I would love to see some RESPECT…in the BURNLAND !!!


  262. a civilian-mass audience


    I have an old book full of quotes…you know here in Greece, we rely mainly on books
    Well, my book doesn’t give me more info…hmmm…
    Anyways, How are you Aussie??? Don’t waste your time googleing …go and check …
    aisle…color violet or violeti !!!


    I am cooking chestNUTS

  263. Erica, I’m pretty sure we did not meet at the opening … pretty pretty pretty sure; I came somewhat late and only got to meet the lovely patricia, anton, and a few of the other burn peeps, including dah (luckily).

    I was feeling somewhat timid as I don’t post often on burn and the community online here is so strong and friendly … you would think that would have a reserve effect but alas different strokes. Do you live in the New York area? It would be great to get some people together who are around (or afar) just for some casual happenings, discussions, round-tables and/or docile tea-party’s.


  264. “genuine artistic movement”
    yes yes – PAUL STRAND would be proud..

    “The Photo League was a remarkable and unique organization, at that time or any other time.
    It has no equivalent, that i know of, as an important organization devoted to photography and photographers in the best sense… They felt, as i have, that the function of art was to speak to people about the world in which they exist”
    24th july 1974,
    (from the book – ‘paul strand – essays on his life and work’)

    david AH – you must be familiar with the League of Photographers and strands mentoring?

  265. Wow … srinivaskuruganti … it is some disturbing images there, but oddly so … it speaks zounds for consumerism and the effects on our environment (specifically the fauna) … really a shame that these animals are eating our garbage, but still what a visual contradiction, to see the innards of an animal full of bottle caps and assorted junk …

    Thanks for sharing … knowledge is power.


  266. It pains me to look at them.
    I cannot get the images out of my head.
    Andy Levin had posted the link on FB and I thought it’s important for us to look at these images so I decided to post the link here.

  267. Wow, Srinivas…. Familiar, though, if thinking of all the shit (baggage) we have in our heads… ;-)

    PS: Someone said a world as DORIAN GRAY?

  268. Erica, thanks too. This DAH interview was long in the making, for no fault of your own, or even David’s, ever busy and roaming the earth.

    If it was not for sounding like a name of some post-whatever-ism french philosopher, I’d call it the DAHRICA interview! :-)

  269. ERICA,

    It had been a while that I had not visited your site. Great interview with David. You do have a talent for writing and interviewing. I think you have that special skill to let others open up…it shows in your interviews and it also shows in your photography… As you know, I have been anxious to see your essay here on Burn. It was a priviledge to see your draft book when we were together in Charlottesville. If I was a smart editor with a lot of money, I would jump on the opportunity to publish that book… I can only imagine that it is getting better and better as you keep working this… I was intrigued by the title “Dark light of his nothing”…and hope you will tell us about it….By the way, I laughed when I saw your picture of the book with your face behind….this talented photographer that never wants to have her picture taken….thank god your subjects are not like you :):):)… Anyway, hope you are doing well and will patiently wait to discover the final version of the essay when you are ready….



  270. srinivaskuruganti

    overwhelmed by the tragedy that is a reality..I wrote Chris Jordan to see if there are any direct initiatives we can contribute to, but of course it is a major global issue. and I just bought juice at the market and tossed that little plastic ring in the trash. painful.

    herve – dahrica, is the accent on the first or second syllable?

    Eric…I so wish I could update my site, but it would just be little stuff and tears at this time anyway..i made a decision not to shoot anything else in a concerted way till I finish this, am too easily persuaded drift in another direction..as it is, this morning was thinking I really want to do another round of street portraits this summer for the book, but I don’t know, half of me just wants to wrap it up and the other half knows I could do better now that I shot the 35mm / street component.. I think the work is much improved since you saw it. I hope so.

    re: open up..many people have told me I should become a therapist..I wonder if the clients would let me photograph them :) ?? a sort of therapy.. I’m surprised more photogs don’t dislike having their picture taken.

    the title, or at the working title is the dark light of this nothing: it comes from the words of the philosopher Derrida that reflect on the experience of the loss of the Other, or the absence of “what I myself am not”. And the photos are really about a group of people that are slipping away, unnoticed by most. So the idea is that after they are gone, there will be a certain awakening, a light of realization that something has been lost. Hence, it is a dark light, or the dark light of this nothing.

    “Upon the death of the other we are given to memory, and thus to interiorization, since the other, outside us, is now nothing. And with the dark light of this nothing, we learn that the other resists the closure of our interiorizing memory. With the nothing of this irrevocable absence, the other appears as other, and as other for us, upon his death or at least in the anticipated possibility of a death, since death constitutes and makes manifest the limits of a me or an us who are obliged to harbor something that is greater and other than them: something outside of them within them.”

  271. I just got back to rainy Bucharest and have been testing the Canon G11 at parties tonight. At 1600 ASA in RAW it’s a go! Fast response and so much less noise! This is a great camera!

  272. MARK W…

    i do not think a “manifesto” is where we are …but, i do think that “something happened” last friday…it was a merging of iconic and the emerging..something i have been trying to push for a long time, but it seemed so so palpable that evening….i want to make it happen more and more on Burn and in the live events we do…Burn is only the net coming alive to do something real….the virtual world as a room to gather, but the outcome of books, shows, commissions etc with photographers benefiting by simply being a part of this vibe this gathering…nothing new in this concept..been happening for centuries…like minded artists , creative people stimulating each other to do great things…those movements never last long…but, in their creation and heyday, there is nothing more productive nor stimulating…in this spirit, i welcome your thoughts….

    cheers, david

  273. Thank you, srinivaskuruganti, for posting a link to those horribly painful yet needed-to-be-seen images. With knowledge comes responsibility. I’m hoping it will make me avoid plastic containers/objects whenever possible.


  274. dellicson, I simply can’t understand why, the way you clearly feel about Bucharest, you remain there. It’s as if you are trying to exorcise some inner demon that won’t let you go.

  275. been so rushed I forgot to say that DAH makes it easy to do an interview and thank you thank you..this is a man who has trouble neither with words or images!

  276. Erica: Thank you so much for the interview & transcription with David! Very informal and candid – I loved it! (DAH: Thank you so much for opening yourself to Erica’s questions.)

    Erica, for some reason, your line of “…the photos are really about a group of people that are slipping away, unnoticed by most. So the idea is that after they are gone, there will be a certain awakening, a light of realization that something has been lost.” made me think of a tombstone in the cemetery where many of my family members reside. There is a stone only inscribed “Tennessee” with the years of birth and death; my father told me the grave belongs to drifter in town that was know only by the name of his native state. No one in town bothered to learn his real name while he was alive, but after he passed, his friends gathered enough funds for a proper grave marker.

  277. I’m hoping it will make me avoid plastic containers/objects whenever possible.

    Will the developpong word reform too? I know not of South and Central America, China or Africa, but just traveling thru India and South-East Asia, plastic is one of the ubiquitous symbols of that side of the developping world.

    To think that in thailand, they discarded, a looong time ago, banana leaves as perfect, and beautiful food container, for styrofoam, adding plastic bags and bottles (stuff almost impossible to frame out of a picture). And forget about trash. The street, the rivers and streams are the bin dust there, and recycling is at wishful thinking stage at best. Or little kids do it, not for environmental reasons needless say, for a buck or 2 a day, at great risk for their health.

  278. Great pacific garbage dump (some say continent, down to 2 miles deep I hear!!!) Easy search on Ytube, most of you know about this, I am sure, but in case:

  279. Srinivaskuruganti

    Thank you for posting that. I had no idea. What a tragedy. I’ve hope the photographer can get it a wide showing. Similarly, in India I’ve seen cows chewing slowly on rags which perhaps they can digest but I’ve also seen them with huge lumps on the sides of their stomachs which the locals told me was plastic bags. It’s also very common. I’m convinced the planet is dying. There is no doubt that its very very sick. Sorry to be so gloomy. But I don’t know what I can do about it. Seems like you have to a politician, or a scientist to be heard at all. Its the only reason I’ve got to be glad I don’t have kids.

  280. Herve

    That also is frightening. I’m going to give up junk food (again) now!!! And in india, this time I think i will have to give up Parle-G (my favourite biscuits).


    Can anyone explain the plucked rooster in Alex’s shot and the painted bird’s wing? It occurred to me that those pictures may be manipulated in some way but on further looking, I don’t think so.

  281. Civi

    Chestnuts! That brings back memories of your nemesis, Turkey, where I ate them for the first time ever so many years ago now. I will be better when i am on the plane heading off to India. Only 4 weeks to go!!! I feel a bit stagnant at the moment. I’m procrastinating. Nevertheless the sea is always beautiful. Yesterday it was dead calm and the sky was a soft pink at sunset. Do you live by the sea or in the mountains?

  282. I have my answer to “Rebecca’s” rooster picture. I was pleased to see that the rooster hadn’t been plucked but only shaved. Still grotesque but ever so slightly less disturbing.

  283. Erica;

    Thanks for all the work you’ve done transcribing all those interviews. Be assured it’s appreciated…


    Received my 6 rolls of Holga/Isoly shot film back today. The Isoly is shooting ok; even the Velvia came out spot-on using B exposures and the old “one thousand and one” count for the 1 second exposures!

    The 800ASA six-year expired film is shooting more like a 400, but I had taken that into account. Now I know how the cameras are shooting I can afford to shoot a bit more.

    I ended up having a splurge today and ordered a Canon 8800f to scan my negs, so it looks like I’m committed now (or maybe I should be committed!)… I’ll post a few images in a week or so after the scanner arrives.


  284. ERICA,

    Thanks for the very thoughtful perspective on the book title… I like it very much. I understand what you are going through about either wrapping it up or carrying on further… I have this sense that Mrs Erica is a perfectionist :):):). I guess you probably want to squeeze the last drop out of the topic and if you feel it isn’t over yet, you may want to keep going until you really know it is over… but at the same time, will it ever be over???? If this is the neighborhood where you live, I can see you shooting for a long time :):)… I think it is great by the way that you kept shooting with the 35mm… You know I love your “large format” portraits but I have to say that the street portraits I saw really did it for me!!!



  285. It’s been very interesting to read these interviews with DAH and Alex and Rebecca. There are not enough good interviews around with photographers, compared with those with writers. My 3 vols of the Paris Review interviews bring endless enjoyable reading and great insight into the creative process.

    ERICA: I see the potential for a “Scribbling in the Dark” small book publication or at least a regular magazine or website column somewhere. Please keep up the great work.

    Bob Black posted this under my essay, but for those who didn’t see it and are interested, here is an interview with my done a couple of weeks ago about The East Anglians project and exhibition. There is nothing like a good interviewer to get you thinking about your work:


    DAVIN E:
    Have you tried out the video on the G11? I’ve been making a film using a G9 and the only thing that really lets it down occasionally is the audio from the built in mic. At times I’ve had to use a separate audio recorder alongside the camera. If the G11 has a audio input jack (as the D5 II does) then it should be almost perfect.



  286. Jim Powers:

    I think that things get interesting in life when there is some tension involved–a healthy tension. I sort of have a love hate relationship with Bucharest. My all time life highs happen here as well as my all time lows. In the US, where I just was for a week, my experience tends to be more even without such extremes. So, I have chosen the adventurous route! I think it’s quite interesting how when I stay here in Bucharest for a few months I start to fall in love with it as I have tuned myself to the right wavelength, but then one week in the West and I come back and I am all out of balance for life here. This just goes to show you how different Eastern Europe still is. So, I stay here because of this difference. Interesting things seem to occur when one is pushed beyond one’s normal comfort zone. But, yes, I am sort of perversely attracted to Bucharest. What repels me also draws me in!

  287. JUSTIN….

    nice interview…thanks for linking…i am hoping we are going to be able to have a conversation soonest about your book….maybe skype this week???


    love the way you think with your little slide shows….i am ready when you are to publish another one here….it is going to be mid november before i am going to have any solid information for you…my schedule is just so tight between now and then…however, i will try to call you this this week as well…

    ANDREA C..

    thanks for the Jo Spence link….i have met several young photographers lately who are studying phototherapy…one young Italian woman , who was interning in my studio, is receiving her PhD in phototherapy from an Italian university where this is a popular course of study…yes, this is a bit different than what you were referring to…psychological rather than physical, but still photography used in medical treatment….

    by the way, you sent me a private email with a question…i wrote you back with another question….??????????


    i am so so pleased to have you back with us….perhaps we can also skype? davidalanharvey we have a lot of catching up to do….i do hope you and your family are well settled now in Belgium…..you should go see Anton or he should come to see you….i have not forgotten your book….and i know you have a new idea..in any case, let’s please have a one on one chat….

    cheers, david

  288. Yea I will put something together……… one of my computers had a major Laura Bingle and I lost my email addresses. could you send me yours David. thanks

  289. .. a crash a accident,a minor crash or upset, as in a car or on a surfboard. Laura Bingle is a high profile model here. Ah dunno maybe I just made it up

  290. Thanks David.

    I will be around on and off this coming week, so hopefully our times to Skype will cross.

    Best time is early morning for you, right? Between 6 – 7am eastern time?

    I’ll be signed into Skype if I’m available. I can always text you to see if you’re around.



  291. David AH

    How strange. I replied straight away. And then again the next day. I got confused about fall. I will try to send them again.

    I got a message from Cathy too and replied but did not hear again. I wonder if something is wrong with the connection somewhere.

    I usually hit reply. Maybe I should start a fresh one.

  292. NY Burnians. The company I work for has an opening in their NY office that I am considering going after. This probably (is) putting the cart before the horse, but what areas are good for living in the area? Somewhat affordable and safe? What can I look to spend for rent?

    I know there is alot of variations, but just looking for some baseline info. Thanks.

  293. Hey Brian … depends what you’re looking for and where in NY you want to live … I can only speak for the brooklyn area, but here we go:

    Williamsburg/East Williamsburg … this is the “Hipster”area of Brooklyn, many great restaurants, vintage clothing stores, the brooklyn brewery as well as a lot of great bars/night life. It can start to get expensive though, usually you won’t find a place in this area (that is suitable for life) for under $800 … You’ll be taking the L (gray) line into manhattan, which is fast and consistent:

    Park Slope … This is also a great place to live, a lot more families in the area and a different, more community feel all together … really the great thing about Park Slope is that you are close to Prospect Park (NY’s Biggest Park, extremely beautiful…) theres also a lot of great eatery’s and bars and the subway lines are all about 15-30 mins out of manhattan, so its pretty quick as well.

    Again, what I would ask myself when looking for a place to live is (in ny):

    1) What am I willing to compromise?
    -Location (Closer to cool stuff to do/manhattan) or farther
    -Do you want to have space to live in or do you not mind living like a rat
    -How much are you willing to spend.

    If you can balance these three criteria, you may find a decent place … and brooklyn has a lot of other good areas … Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, Brooklyn Hights, Greenpoint … etc.

    now if you’re not looking at brooklyn at all I just wasted a lot of space, but as far as manhattan is concerned … Hells kitchen is cheap, Soho, Tribeca, et al are all really cool places to live but boku expensive … You may be able to find some reasonable places to live in the upper east or west side, but wayyyy upper (more than likly).

    Good luck let me know if you want any questions.

  294. Herve

    “Taking the same picture all your life”

    I think most photographers, after the initial exploration stage, settle into a particular groove. I guess we can view this groove as a rut, or as a recognisable style. There is probably a little of both in play.

    We do the same things over and over because they work for us, we can see this in the works of most photographers.

    Earlier this year in a comment I told a story of how Arnold Newman was speaking to a large group of portrait photographers at our provincial convention. At one point he shocked everyone by waving his hand toward all the prints hanging in the back of the room and saying something like “you people are producing plastic sausages, I’ve seen those same images for years all over the world”.

    Newman was presenting a slide show of his famous images. It was interesting that within his own body of work, there were perhaps a half dozen compositions that appeared over and over, just with different subjects. Hey, you do what works.

    I’ve certainly found that in my own work, the groove has become deeper and deeper, to the point where I’m having to strain to see over the edge of it, to push the metaphor a little farther.

    Burn has been an amazing inspiration and journey. Viewing such a diversity of great work, reading, thinking, commenting, have all contributed to a very fresh take on what photography is for me. I’m very excited. I do love my life, and my passions.

    I don’t think I’ve said that in a while, but I love what you are doing here.

  295. a civilian-mass audience


    I am so happy !!!
    I am the happiest !!!

    “…and when I read posts like this one…Burn has been an amazing inspiration and journey. Viewing such a diversity of great work, reading, thinking, commenting, have all contributed to a very fresh take on what photography is for me. I’m very excited. I do love my life, and my passions ” GORDON.L !!!

    and I mean THANK YOU each and all of you …from my big Civilian heart…
    Keep it UP and keep rolling…

    P.S KATIE, street fighter …love and DAVIDB and MyGracie, BOBBY and ABELE and HERVE and ourPATRICIA
    and thank you HAIK …yes the computer tech of the century and oime and ANDREAC …I consider myself
    a MOUNTAIN civilian …and PANOS with Venice in his ipod and AKAKY IRL AKAKIE and AUDREY with my French family and MR.VINK with his itching and MR.SIDNEY with his book list and oime…i am lost with MR.PARR in the aisle waiting to see some violet CUBAN birds from A&R WEBB…

    I WILL BE BACK …i am drinking Mousto …hihihi

  296. Hey, y’all..
    9:46am Venice beach California ..:)
    Jim Morrison and Peacefrog and the Magic Rv
    are departing in 2 hours…
    Going MEXICO..
    yes driving across the border..
    Peacefrog performing tonight..
    Invited by the Mexican goverment..
    Blah blah yada yada…
    I’m invited..to photograph of course
    lets see what happens…:)
    viva mexicoooooo…!

  297. a civilian-mass audience

    DAVIDB or db …
    db looks weird like a BURNing balls of fire…
    sorry mate…it’s the musto

    **Stin iyia mas
    ** cheers ,opa, clear bottoms …

    P.S I am blowing smilies to TOR CAPA and BEATE !!! By the way…I see
    BOB and MARINA BLACK as duet…Will you be duet with BEATE ???

  298. PANOS…

    just keep heading south and turning left and driving fast…you will be in Oaxaca by the time i arrive next week…seriously, the Day of the Dead will blow your mind….i arrive on 28th

  299. vasilios – yes, am in NYC..might gather with a few others for Frank’s CS blues screening..email if you want to join

    justin – tennessee, yes. I can see it. feel the damp air around his stone. about scribbling, I think it will become regular..am trying to gear up for the launch of a photo consulting biz and workshops with Andrew S, and on that website will be lots of photo resources like talks and books and tips and grant info and all that jazz. feels like a herculean effort though to get this organized.

    andrea – jo spence, well that’s real therapy, and amazing. i was sort of being glib, apologies. that rooster sadly was a fighting coq, making it very disturbing for me..that was the one image at the loft slideshow I had a hard time with. it makes me so f’in angry that people have such disregard for the creatures.

    ross :)

    eric – you are right, it will never be as good as it could be, and it’s hard to find the peace in that. just spent some time at the photo-eye bookstore looking around, and that provides some comfort that people do just produce, and sometimes is work that seems not quite there, and yet it is done..

    brian – v has good advice, tho in Park Slope you will be looking at twice what he wrote for Williamsburg. if you have specific Q’s when you get further along, feel free to email

  300. a civilian-mass audience


    VIVA !!!
    We are drinking mousto here waiting for your arrival and you are going Mexico…???
    Oime …May the travel spirits be good with you …
    and with all the BURNIANS …who are traveling tonight !!!

    P.S REIMAR …I am sending you smiles …
    KATIA …we love you !!!
    KATHARINA… what IS not to lOVE !!!

  301. a civilian-mass audience


    can I have a copy of your book …
    ” Scribbles in the dark”

    P.S signed …please ???!!!

  302. Yeeess!!!!
    Introducing Venice to Mexico ..
    What’s more colorful???
    Mexico or Venice ???
    Hmmm , we will see tonight..:)
    one thing I know for sure though..:)
    I’m having a veggie burrito ..
    Not Al Pastor..:(

  303. Gordon, these words are not mine, but many artists and biographers have said it, the first I heard them was from fellini, who said he “made the same movie all his life”, or “I only made one movie all my life”. Though, He did not mean using the same techniques, or using what was comfortable to him (God knows fellini rarely had it comfortable, making movies).

    When Picasso was working on his variation on previous great paintings (Goya, Delacroix, Manet), he liked in the end to put his work against the painter’s original , and evry time, would invariably exclaim “It’s exactly the same thing!”.

    I think in photography, some would say “whatever I ever shot, was a self-portrait” to that effect.

    Which is not realted the copies, imitations, repetitions and too-influenced attempts any student in any art is prone to. Which was all I meant when mentionning going thru a WS as an emerging photographer under “Violet Isle”. It did not have to be David’s. it could be mine if I coaxed some kids into photography, in Asia for ex., or wherever.

  304. Bucharest update:

    I am in my hat, long underwear and North Face coat as the heat in my Bucharest apartment will not be turned on until sometime next week. I turned on the burners on my stove and so the kitchen warmed up a bit :) It is good to be young and strong and virile! It is good to have hardship! It gives you that special edge! I sink my teeth into the cold and enjoy it!

  305. Just to confirm:

    Main Entry: vir·ile
    Pronunciation: \ˈvir-əl, ˈvir-ˌī(-ə)l, British also ˈvī(-ə)r-ˌī(-ə)l\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle French or Latin; Middle French viril, from Latin virilis, from vir man, male; akin to Old English & Old High German wer man, Sanskrit vīra
    Date: 15th century
    1 : having the nature, properties, or qualities of an adult male; specifically : capable of functioning as a male in copulation
    2 : energetic, vigorous
    3 a : characteristic of or associated with men : masculine b : having traditionally masculine traits especially to a marked degree
    4 : masterful, forceful
    — vir·ile·ly adverb

  306. Davin…
    Fuck Bucha…
    Come Mexico ..110 degrees today..
    We are all naked..
    4 young talented rock n roll players..
    and an old guy ( me ) with a tiny camerita…
    Big festival at the Cultural Centro in Tijuana..
    The DOORS , headlining….
    Everybody get in..
    RV is ready to depart… In 10 minutes..
    Ticket? Just bring a case of coronitas..
    We got two coolers ready to go
    Adele.. Orale por favor…:)

  307. Panos

    You are in mexico??? Coool :) Take some photos of senioritas for me. I am jealous. I need sun. High depressed… rain.. wind… everything grey. But best for photos. Great mood for homeland stories. All time M6 in my hand. A few 400tx exposed. I need sun.

    Take care.

  308. Marcin, Davin…
    Yes.. I’m at the back of the RV right now staring at the 405 freeway..
    I will post as we go at the
    u know… The coolest “post live as u go”
    website ever created…
    By our tech guru HAIK…:)
    what’s not to love???

  309. DOMINIK,

    Thanks for the photos of THE night…. For those of us who could not join, it gives us a good feel of what it must have been like…. I had the privildege of being at the Loft before and seeing the images of this place bring a lot of warm memories. Kind of nice as well to look at the wall and see images from many friends… Mr Tom Hyde, this shot of yours at the top of the building should be mine…. I hope no one bought it :):):):) We need to do this print exchange eventually my friend!!!….



  310. DAVID,

    Would love to catch up with you indeed…I will look at you on SKYPE and hopefully we can get our crazy schedules to match sometimes soon:):). You are absolutey right…No excuse for not getting together with Anton… now that he is friend with the YAKUZA I must have been scared :):)… I wish I could join you in Mexico some day…Probably not this year but might try next as I have been so keen to do the Day of the dead as well….

    Will catch up in any case.


  311. Thank you Dominik for your reportage of the historical happening… just curious: who is the author of the print behind the guy’s head in image #15?

  312. Davin; I posted this a few pages back, but you probably missed it. I was interested in the format of the EAW.

    “So how does the EAW work? Do they give you “assignments” to shoot and critique later? I’m just trying to work out why they would get you to shoot sports with artificial lights etc if that is not your usual subject. I could understand it on a long-term university course where they want to give you a taste of all types of photography.

    Just curious as to why this type of workshop is beneficial compared to a tailor-made concentrated course for your own type of shooting. I did talk to a photographer who had attended the EAW a few years back and he felt it was more of a “networking” experience. How did it go for you?”


  313. Hi Ross,

    You have no say in what team you get put on. But the idea is to push you out of your comfort zone anyway and many students on various teams used lights. It’s a 3 1/2 day event with about 3 hours of sleep per night max. You have two days to shoot an assignment which actually = about 10 hours total to get to the location and meet your subjects and photograph. You then get to edit alongside your team leader and editor. The rest of the time is spent listening to many, many lecturers and watching their slideshows. On two of the nights there is the ‘11.30’ club where you get to do portfolio reviews for a few hours with a whole slew of top people. Yes, it was different than a 10 person DAH style workshop, but the networking and meeting other emerging photographers was pretty good. I started to get the feeling that I was missing something by not going as so many good photographers have done it. So, I finally applied the last year I am eligible.

  314. Do you need special software to make a slideshow that looks like those we have seen here of late? Do you have to turn the sound into an MP3 file? Or is it in camera recording? I don’t think I can do this after all. I am too much of a luddite.

  315. a civilian-mass audience

    after the fire …It’s still painful to watch…

    “…hopelessness, sadness, and despair” …It’s so UNIVERSAL …

    I LOVE YOU ALL…BE SAFE out there.

  316. More comments on ‘After the fire’…

    I think the audio worked particularly well when we could hear the voices synchronised with the people visible in the pictures, for instance the woman with the cat. There was often a sorrow in their voices which added something to the photographs.

    I think for people who aren’t used to watching movies with subtitles it can be harder to focus on the captions as well as the photographs and audio… But it wouldn’t hurt if the text was bigger, it would be easier to focus on everything…

  317. ROSS….DAVIN

    my feeling on EAW is that it is primarily a newspaper photographers workshop…and, yes, a networking experience, although networking is way way over rated as aiding any kind of career move in general…means nothing unless you have something special to offer……nevertheless, for a three day sponsored workshop , EAW is quite good…i taught there for the first six years or so and Eddie Adams was a good friend and he sought to provide a meaningful experience for young photographers who wanted to be photojournalists….with its close proximity to new york, many editors from the major magazines can easily drive up for the long weekend and lend their expertise…photography as personal expression , book publishing, and the gallery scene are not part of the EAW program, but for those who want to break into straightforward photojournalism, then EAW is a good starting point….

  318. The EAW was a lot of fun 10 odd years ago when I attended , but what was more enlightening was meeting the photographers who were workshop lecturers a couple of years later on the road….funny stuff!
    The guy who was my mentor got a real taste for my winfield blues and never bought out his own smokes once the whole 3 days.
    It was a meaningful experience in that I had never been exposed to so many people with such passion in my life , interesting to see what it took then to make some sort of photo career in the states.

    DAH, sorry I missed your tenure – BTW Lara Bingle http://jonpsevers.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/laura-bingle-zoo-magazine.jpg

  319. GLENN,

    Good onya mate, glad to see your taste in reading material is upholding the high literary standards we try to set here at BURN. (I refer of course to that paragon of the journalistic profession, Zoo magazine!)



  320. Andrea

    there are more complicated ways of creating a mm piece but for a slideshow a lot of people use soundslides (http://soundslides.com) and a digital recorder to gather sound as .wav or .mp3 files, but yes you use mp3 for soundslides.

  321. Andrea, I use Slideshow Pro as does Burn. If you use Lightroom, there is a version for it that will allow you to do this pretty easily. Adding audio isn’t much more difficult. I use a Zoom H2 recorder for audio. Soundslides is also an easy to use program. Not as feature packed as Slideshow Pro, but for down and dirty slide shows with sound, it works great.

  322. kathleen fonseca

    Civilian M. Friend

    Just a special note, a little hug..will be back..last night at the pool hall in lower La Guacima with Shirley my friend the figure model and lesbian ¨Pooles¨ owner. A surreal evening that included a Jimmy stuck 6 feet from the edge of a 350 meter sheer cliff in the pitch black that only got resolutely more stuck with every effort to free it, scorpion bites, banged kness, cow poop, fights with tow truck drivers, much frantic cell phone activity, Fellini-esque birthday party in a laundry room including one lady who stared into space with a gaping mouth, much like Edvard Munch´s ¨scream¨ painting, liquor made from the local alcoholic beverage Guaro mixed with caramel and ¨nancy fruit¨, a motorcycle hitting a speed bump too fast and the pregnant girlfriend flying off the back, going around and round in the air before landing splat on her back in the road, a guy all dressed up, polished shoes, under the jaundiced glow of a mercury lamp who spent the entire evening leaning mutely alone against a phone booth, only coming to life once when the phone rang, skinny homosexual boys, skinny hetero girls on the backs of motorcycles, midriffs bared, no helmets, stocky lesbians, pot, arroz con pollo, electronic music, and of course, the steady staccato click of balls being struck and sent skittering across the felt of two pool tables that looked far more sedate, sturdy and permanent than the 60 year old shack made of slats, tar, tin, and varicolor cement floors that contained them. Driving back home, trying to navigate the main road of San Rafael de Ojo de Agua, fiestas notwithstanding, drunks, girls, dogs in the road, people who looked like deer caught in headlights, like some movie with aliens that are all doing group speak, looking vaguely human but devoid of any unique individual traits. Feeling lost, alone, much like an alien myself. Getting home, leaning against the inside of the front door, wondering if any of it had really happened, and the phone rings. It´s Shirley. Did I get home ok, she wanted to know..yes, Shirley, how special you are, how unique, full of heart, such a leader, a strong determined chica..yes, Shirl´, i got home ok. Thank you and goodnight.

    take care Civi´..this was for you..


  323. At least for my slideshow, the editing of the audio was the only part that took some real work. I used final cut pro to take the snippets of sound to blend together and to synch the audio with the pictures. From there, I exported the one long audio track, then put it all together in Soundlides Pro. Like I said in the comments for my essay, I’m sure there is an easier way of doing it, but I was guestimating my way through.

  324. a civilian-mass audience


    Did you get home???
    KATIE…YOU are the Unique, full of heart,the leader,the strong determined chica…
    It took me 30 minutes to read your posting …very ” thick” for a Civilian with special needs …
    BUT I felt like I was there …as BURNIAN AUDREY would have said…!!!

    I am honored !!! what a surreal scribbling …

    P.S I LOVE YOU ..this is for you :)))
    I am a young soul trapped in a body …Shrek


  325. a civilian-mass audience

    EMCD ,

    I am honored again!!! I take my copy …you take your key and the organic olive oil .

    Erica…thank you…I am sending good energy …I see no more migraines for you…
    You have the power …

    Keep it BURN LADIES, keep it up BURNIANS …I count on YOU !!!

  326. a civilian-mass audience

    one more thing …KATIE…

    the whole party scene feels more like Almodovar-esque to me:)))

    like MR.HARVEY..Harbest or Harvest

  327. Civi

    Many moons ago, my own little sailing adventure began in your country. We had a couple of misadventures too like the time we missed Pilos (despite the lighthouse) and only just caught sight of Kythera at the end of the third day crossing over from Italy, just in time to avoid heading off to Libya. And then there was a storm that night and all of us who were in the harbour got into trouble with the harbour master the next day. He fined us all (about half a dozen boats) one hundred pounds for not keeping our mast lights on all night. Granted, it was a minor tragedy, but a Greek tragedy nevertheless. I hope this girl makes it, not so much for the glory but because the uproar will be hideous if it goes wrong. Thanks for thinking of us.

  328. DAH:

    Yes, you are right, but the the group at Eddie Adams this year, in 2009, was not really the wanna be newspaper crowd. As we all know, the industry has changed and there are fewer and fewer staff positions. The young photographers this year seemed to be a more varied bunch. In the final night slideshows, the work I saw was indeed better than what I see in most newspapers and many of these guys were in their early to mid 20s! Of course the quality of one’s work is always paramount, but talking it up with editors over a beer to two doesn’t hurt I have found!

  329. kathleen fonseca


    I am soooo moved..i must have 6 Leonard Cohen albums and never hear that song before! (I never saw Shrek) I have spent the last hour listening to every different version pssible, from the illustrious songwriter himself to Bon Jovi to Jeff Buckley..and the one you posted to me, this one, is by far my favorite of ¨HALLELUJAH¨.


    ¨Your faith was strong but you needed proof¨



    my deepest gracias and much love, my dearest Civilian :)))

    ur katie street fighter

  330. Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” is one the best albums ever released.
    And of course there is also his father Tim… “Dolphins” and “Phantasmagoria In Two” are two of my all time favorite songs…

  331. kathleen fonseca


    Saw this interview with Robert Storr, US critic, curator and dean of the Yale School of Art..as so often happens, i think this is great advice for photographers as well as artists. If you have something interesting and worthy to say, it doesn´t matter how old you are. You gotta say what you gotta say so say it and keep saying it, dammit!

    TAN: What kind of advice are you giving art students now?

    RS: I’m telling them that this is actually a fine
    time to be in art school because, when I was in
    art school, when a lot of people I admire were in
    art school in the 1960s and 1970s, there was no
    money. If you go into it knowing that you will
    probably not be rewarded lavishly, but you can in
    fact continue to work, you’re on a much better
    footing than if you go into it trying to make a
    huge impact when you’re 23 or 24, and then
    maintain that for the next 60 years. You know
    John Baldessari is someone whom everyone admires,
    but people by and large forget that he destroyed
    all of his “successful work” and started all over
    again. I’m interested in people who make good
    art, whenever they make it, and I think a lot of
    the best artists today are late bloomers. I’m a
    big fan of both Raoul De Keyser and Tom
    Nozkowski, who I put in the Venice Biennale
    [2007]. Tom is 65 and Raoul is 78 and neither one
    of them really hit it until they were way past
    the age when most people think it would be the
    end of your career.

    TAN: Maybe there’s less of a focus on the cult of youth.

    RS: There isn’t less of a focus yet, but it’s
    going to dawn on people that it’s not working.
    It’s always nice to be a coming attraction, but
    it’s murder to be a has-been. If it hasn’t
    happened for you yet, you can at least console
    yourself with the idea that it might. It’s a
    fashionable world and even good artists go out of
    fashion. If you’ve never really thought about
    what you’re going to do when you go out of
    fashion because you’ve never been out of fashion,
    it’s much harder to take than if you’ve gradually
    come into your own, gotten through difficult
    times and know that you can survive.

    Best all,

  332. kathleen fonseca


    Almodovar-esque..yes, more to the point..perhaps..except for the fiestas..


  333. Katie;

    Re; Leonard Cohen, “Take me to the slaughterhouse and I will wait there with the lambs…” I wish I had the intelligence to dream up words like that…

    Cohen played here for the first time in years, and they reckon that by the end of the concert the first ten or so rows were 18 to 20-something girls swooning over him! The power of words…..

    I wanted to go but had a choice between cohen or The Who and couldn’t afford both…


  334. David AH

    “although networking is way way over rated as aiding any kind of career move in general…means nothing unless you have something special to offer……”

    I found this comment kind of surprising, as it is the the opposite of what other photographers kept telling us the two years I studied photography. But then most of them were usually commercial/fashion photographers; do you think networking has more value there than in other areas of photography?

  335. bjarte.
    “the opposite of what other photographers kept telling us the two years I studied photography”
    i was not one of those photographers, i hope..

    i know you have not asked me – yet feel obliged as a past teacher of yours to answer..
    for my part, networking did not get me anywhere as i could not do it well, had no website and did not live in london.
    one or two very genuine meetings with like minded editors were worth 10 ‘schmoozing’ parties.. and gave me work which led to more work.. which led to>>> so on.
    i have only had a ‘proper’ website a few years, and once working very rarely showed a folio at all.. although i did always carry a small set of 5by4 prints to show interested people.

    finding and targeting a client who’s product you admire for it’s content and style, with an idea which would drop into their pages / gallery effortlessly, will bring results .. much more than a general network will do – my thoughts only, knowing, as i do, your best work.

    i think once we know what we really need, the path opens out much more clearly >>
    starting with a definite goal makes life very much easier than simply networking, which i perceive as a more general exercise..
    it could be a gallery show, book, first client or commercial job for you – – – decided what you need to do and then program how to do it.. one thing will lead to another.

    see you in bergen next month ?
    if so, why not plan to have an exhibition of your ‘travelling’ project.. plan to visit a gallery venue when here..

  336. Of course you have to have the work to begin with, but certainly meeting editors face to face, having an espresso with them, talking about others things even than your own work and photography can humanize you a lot and so you are not just a name but someone they remember as an interesting, committed person. If you have strong work and they get along with you and know they can depend on you then you are on your way.

  337. Re; meeting editors face to face.

    You also get to learn what may be coming up in the mag regarding trends etc. But also, most importantly you make a personal relationshiop with that editor which generally serves you well in the future. As long as you have the style of work they are looking for of course.

    One thing you notice in a small country like NZ is how often you meet editors you’ve previously worked with on new mags. It’s nearly always an entry into that new mag. Also; be nice to editorial assistants because you just may meet them again as editors!! :-)

  338. ross – was working in croatia over the summer again and yes. i have good connections into the punk scene since beginning to photograph there in 2005.. or 6 ? hmm…

    the plan now is to go ‘on the road’ at some point in the new year / late this year period with the most widely known group in the region – the lead singer of which is a friend. they have a new album out, but the longer story i have been snapping started a while ago.

    *if you don’t care – stop reading here and go straight to the bottom for the shorter version*

    a few years ago he and i drove 12 hours, (around bosnia, for one reason n another), for him to visit a gig n mutual friends in serbia – his first time there since the war..
    he was utterly nervous about it and had no idea how he would react, (if we even got there), having lost his father and something of his childhood during the war.. problems.. problems..
    we arrived in novi sad tired, went to the event.. he met a like-mind there.. kind of a serbian mirror to his life.. and aided by some magic, (and mutual friends), made foundations with people..

    at that time, on the way back, he refused to even stop for a piss or petrol until we had crossed the border again into croatia, yet today he is taking his band on tour around the region – in an inspired and honest effort to bring the kids together again, (what he calls “the most important thing he has ever done”)..

    he runs a small festival with this in mind and also preaches tolerance to a mostly right wing crowd..
    he’s a dude really.. well hooked up with now mutual friends in the north OF ireland and serbia.. who have been doing just what he is now doing.. with music for a backdrop.. and the play on stage being love.. regardless of the type of sounds.

    *if you didn’t care and are looking for the short story, start reading again here*

    the work i’ve done in ireland, serbia and croatia has without a doubt been the most inspiring to me.. real positive effects which can be SEEN..

    besides, they’re nutty, innit..
    http://www.bophoto.co.uk/blog/images/blog26garden/6.jpg (in 2007)

  339. seriously – an espresso meeting helped me about as much as an m8 without uv filter.

    i don’t think i have ever discussed photography or my own work with any editor who has commissioned me – and in fact there are very few editors who have regularly used me that i have actually met.

    when i have met them, usually on commission, coffee has been the last intoxicant considered for consumption.

  340. i know it probably depends upon the size of the place you live..
    in england it just did not seem to matter who you knew – in norway, where everyone went to school with each other and has dinner together on tuesdays, it’s difficult to crack into it.
    i rarely showed a folio in the u.k., only had a website for the last few years and, although i would always carry 6by4 prints, the last thing to do was talk about me.. work or photography wise.
    the story / event / subject was all my editors were ever interested in..

    i’d like to buy many of them a beer to say thanks, of course, however so many of the magazines i have worked for folded in time, i’d have no idea how to contact them.

  341. in fact the 10 or 12 years of music work which followed could be attribute to one woman – the first, and one of the few, photo editors i actually did meet called michelle.
    a 5 min folio showing and some good eye contact in a crowded corridor-like office in central london..

  342. good commissions come from a good idea, research and a few phone calls – it’s cheaper than ‘networking’, less generic and clients consider everyone equal, based on ideas and consistency of output, anyway.
    a one time editor of guardian weekend once said to me that be it from magnum, an unknown or the guy who burped beer over her last night – all idea’s are treated equally.

    to get regular good work i think it is a case of finding an editor you get along with and staying in the front of their minds by suggesting good content.. if they commission your ideas they will also throw you a bone once in a while.. they will understand what you are trying to do over time and they will help to fund it.. and it only takes 4 or 5 regular

    good work begins with our own ideas and a phone call..
    the rest is organic food.
    bed.. really now.

  343. David B; Thanks for that. I’ve always felt that music has a unifying effect, and the more i follow the indie music scene around the more I believe it… Cheers



    i do not really know the networking scenario in the fashion/ad world…i do not seek either fashion or ad work, but have done both when an art director wants to take a chance on a doc photog shooting out of his norm….i have had some very good ad campaigns, the very best, and among others a really cool fashion shoot for the NYT fashion magazine in Rio …my own productions…i did not network for any of the above…did not even know the art director i was working for in some cases…now, somebody at Magnum presented my work, my books…they may have been networking for me, but i have always stayed away from directly selling myself…never knocked on an ad agency door in my life unless i was invited up….

    the editorial world involves often lifetime friendships which usually develop AFTER everyone has made a mark or a reputation or has a lot of work or whatever….photographers tend to work for one magazine more than another and naturally after many assignments everyone knows everyone in the biz…it is a small world….but, wide open for those with something special to say….we are all looking for the next great talent…why do you think i do Burn???? lookin lookin…

    interestingly enough , and right to the point again, i am very close friends with top editors who have never commissioned me and never will commission me…shoe might not fit….i am also often friends the editors who do send me out…on the other hand, i have done many magazine assignments where i have never met the editor who hired me….

    the editorial world as i have known it has been very collaborative…i do not just go shoot pictures…i have always been a part of the whole process….idea, production, layout etc etc…i learned early on in my career that one of the keys was to know everyone else’ job…writer, graphic designer, picture editor, news editor, researcher etc etc…be able to at least speak their language and of course know way more about any particular subject than anyone else at the magazine..do not be arrogant…never…just have the knowledge…stay quiet…they will know that you know if you really know……do the above, take a few good pictures, and no need for networking…you will be invited, no need to pander…..

    cheers, david

  345. kathleen fonseca


    Really, what i wouldn’t give to see L. Cohen..but oh well, probably not something i will get to do in this lifetime, at least not here in Central ‘Merica. But it’s ok..i have the CD’s. Still, ya know, after forking over my waitress tips to buy “Songs of Leonard Cohen” on vinyl all those years ago..sure would be great to see him at least once after being a fan for so long. The reason females are such rabid fans is because the man loves women, worships at their shrine and writes songs to them afterwards. He’s a legend in his time. And then, well, there are the lyrics.

    have a great whatever time it is down there in NZ!


  346. kathleen fonseca


    Hunh! Just watched that video..i have to say i fell head over heels for this song today, wondering how it was i never heard it before. But i made up for it today by watching so many versions of it i practically killed the day just on You Tube. What’s interesting about it is that it seems to come from the very soul of any singer who performs it. Watching the version Civi posted impressed that on me especially..thanks for the info, Cathy!

  347. I think NETWORKING is not everything but a BIG PART of this and any job. David, you said that you have a many friends editors who will never give you a job (reasons not important), but they are your friends, also many photographers. This is like self-moved machine. If you know many people someone give you one job, job which push your own photography foward, you take better pictures and someone else give you another job, you are more selfconfident and you are taking better pictures, then somebody else send you at the end of the world where you are shooting the best pictures of your life, you are going to be famus, the world is on your feet.
    I don’t belive that anyone will FIND you. That you will stay in your home full of talent, like diamnod in a ground. Pepole do not see money on the street next to their feet.
    Network is not everything, talent is needed indeed, best if they walking togather. Talend is something what need special conditions to gow up.
    Of course if you think that if you will know DAH some editor of NYT give you a job you are stoopid like piece of glass, the same way if you think that any editor or curator will knock to your door and will beg you for a pictures.

    Many people are surprised why I am not working for magazines or why photography is not my main job, but I am not, I have AWFUL relationships with people. My social life is disaster. If you don’t know how to live with and beetwen people you will never be succeed in this or any job.
    but this is who I am.

    If you are able to make people belive you, your talent, your vison, don’t wait for anything, just go, be yourself, talk with people, take some best pictures in the world.
    Be famous.
    Be satisfy.
    Be happy.

  348. a civilian-mass audience


    You are one of the luckiest group of people out there !!!

    Focus and LISTEN. These words is what I call Wisdom …cause “wisdom” is the result of failures,tears,excitements,agonies, sleepless nights,closed doors,going down and then rising up like my cake…hmmmm..
    “…the editorial world as i have known it has been very collaborative…i do not just go shoot ci learned early on in my career that one of the keys was to know everyone else…be able to at least speak their language and of course know way more about any particular subject than anyone else at the magazine..do not be arrogant…never…just have the knowledge…stay quiet…do the above, take a few good pictures, and no need for networking…you will be invited, no need to pander…..”

    Especially for the new generation …suggestions like the above is like hidden treasures in our full of self destructed and self absorbed statements…hmmm…

    In plain English or Greek…

    Damnit BURNIANS…you are so lucky that teachers like MR.HARVEY and others are willing to share with all of you their lifetime experiences… WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE !!!

    P.S KATIE…I am cooking apple cake ,cinammon on the top …and BURNing chocolata, may the spirits
    of BURN be with me !!!

  349. “stoopid like piece of glass”
    love that.

    although i don’t agree marcin.. in the commercial photography world there is more of an emphasis on networking – especially on commissions within fashion and other areas where you need to work with a team of people and produce a set of pictures which, frankly, could be produced by anyone with the same equipment and a studio.. hired eye work is very competitive.. business networking events are rubbish though.. like contrived ‘fun’ is rubbish..

    you are right to say get out there and do it because no one will find you, and of course looking at burn as a single, stand alone plan for a career is naive.. getting published here could be more of an encouragement – although perhaps it has led to commissions for people? i don’t know..

    in the editorial world one strange thing is that when working within it, it does not feel competitive – mainly because if your work is good and tied to who you are, others will not be competing with your ideas.. they will belong to you.. you build up contact with a few good people (4 mag clients at one time will pay just about the rent if working hard) and there will be support .. they do not want to have to keep changing photographers.

    david said – do not be arrogant – and quite right.. people want to work with easy going people.. we all want an easy life.. being too proud makes people look stupid when the work disappears.. be grateful, but not too grateful..

    bjarte – i think if you found out the picture ed’s name and called dagbladet – asked to be put on the freelancers list for portraits and send them 3 or 4 of your best, they would listen..
    likewise with a gallery and your travel narrative..

    one thing people forget to do is actually ask for work.. we struggle, moan, snap and process, yet it’s amazing how few photographers ask directly or tailor a proposal for a specific client. people can find us and encourage us, but i still think the work goes to the, (not pushy), well focused people with foresight and the confidence to ask.

  350. .. in addition i actually think you’re in the right place, along with eric, anton and others here who have another stream of income.

    when i emigrated and quite the slog of freelancing in the way i used to, for magazines, work was becoming more and more scarce and less and less interesting..
    what began as a past-time capable of breaking festivals and bands, spreading the word and gaining satisfaction from that had become an excessive in advertorial editorial.. people advertising ‘got’ good press, and the smaller ethical events i specialized in finding began to fall out of the loop..
    i’m not certain that the week in, week out life of on-the-road commissions i had even exists anymore.. one past client told me last week that they simply do not use freelancers at all anymore..

    i think for now, until the web settles into a more money orientated commissioning body, the contemporary photographers will not look at it as an income.. but simply as a passion..
    perhaps thats just me?>>>

    morning .

  351. DAH: I think some of us younger photographers think about the importance of networking because we want to get more work more quickly and don’t want to wait until we are ‘known’ to get assigned work. But I understand all that you say, it really is about the work first and foremost.

    And it it true for me that so far, all the assignments I have done have come from editors whom I have never met! All the editors I have sought out and met have never given me anything!!!

  352. David Bowen:

    Ok, beer is better when meeting an editor! At The Eddie Adams Workshop last week editors were handing out ber actually to students during portfolio reviews!

  353. a civilian-mass audience

    MARCIN, mate,

    you sound so authentic and real…

    yeap…especially nowdays with all the competition is too hard to survive if you are a loner…
    BUT you are doing very well MARCIN …you are a BURNIAN …and you are doing great !!!

    P.S baby suggestion …if I may…BELIEVE in YOU…and the others will follow :)))
    Anyways,are you coming for apple cake …???
    Over…SPACECOWBOY …my gracie, the BURN muse…
    Street fighter …DavidB , the obnoxious no more…Cake is BURNED …over

  354. a civilian-mass audience


    cake is BURNed BUT at least I have your photos,Music and all of YOU …BURNIANS

    it’s raining in Greece…what IS not to SHOOT ??? allelouia

  355. davin – beer is the least of it, although i wish we were allowed to get the students lubricated for truth in collage.. i still fear i was a little soft on occassion – and our very own BJARTE was always telling me to be tougher on work, and the causes of work. :o)

    in our job a strong constitution is needed on occasion, and the ‘right’ eyes to see through.
    we’re the same generation i think – only 6 years younger than me – and it’s still all about those first commissions, which you have done.. maximize each one and it could flow good.. i’m sure you are aware already.

    as an aside, aren’t snappers all walking disasters in one way or another?
    scruffy, at least..
    it’s why i cannot work with the public..
    luckily editors are much more understanding.

  356. On Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting John Gladdy and his famous photographer friend Brett Walker :))

    We took a walk along the buffer zone and conducted a very serious and in-depth discussion about the philosophical principles that govern the relationship between photography and reality… the results will be out in paperback next spring :))

    Here are some pictures of them in action…


  357. a civilian-mass audience


    We miss you mate !!! Our Patricia is very busy lately, and we haven’t had any updates …

    may the spirits be with you !!!

    I LOVE YOU ALLL…and KATIE…write a book or something …

  358. a civilian-mass audience


    this is what I call …BURNIANS in action !!!

    What is NOT to SHOOT !!! My favorite number 10 …

    P.S I see that you have to have strong, flexible fingers to be a photographer…hmmmm…

  359. kathleen fonseca


    So which one’s which? I’m guessing John is in the purple shirt, right? wrong?


    don’t worry, you aren’t the only one with a social life in the dead zone..maybe it’s your nature. But for some others it’s the price of devoting oneself to art. Nobody can do it all. Something has to go. Your camera will always be your friend..maybe a stubborn, uncooperative friend at times but still it won’t exactly get up and move to another part of the world or decide it doesn’t like you anymore or borrow money from you and not pay it back. Your camera’s always there waiting for you. No matter what. Don’t fret about the friend thing and not being comfortable with people. Having a lot of friends is very overrated. ALL those e-mails! Ick!!! And hey, besides, you have a LOT of friends here! Just like Civi said..you are the real deal. smile, Marcin..i even like your Cuba work and i don’t like very much Cuba work..the shot of the kid running down the sidewalk is amazing.


    ohhh, i love burned cake. it’s so, so, well, carcinogenic! Save the end piece for me, k?


    I listened to the KD Lang version..i dunno, it’s like she was trying too hard. And that weird outfit and bare feet. whoa. But i don’t care what she looks like. I really didn’t like all the drama she put into the song. And i am a KD fan, but not this particular song. Am liking more and more L. Cohen’s version the best. He brings a billion years of history and experience and pain to his lyrics.

    ok, time to sleep..’night all..


  360. kathleen fonseca


    write a book..sheesh..you and your books..

    i miss Gracie too darnit..where is that girl?!?!

    late nights with out Grace and Civilian aren’t worth staying up late for.

    you take over the bar, Civilian..i’m crashing!

    ‘night sweets

  361. a civilian-mass audience

    Go to sleep BURNIANS in few hours WEST Universe will wake up and …Hallelujah …oime
    spirits of the world …na,na,na

    KATIE…go crashing like my cake …hihihi…and John must be the guy with the middle flexible finger:)))
    ANDREAC…loved your Irish/Aussie Version

    Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain by Hank Williams


  362. kathleen fonseca


    i am gonna pay for this late hour tomorrow..but got seduced by You Tube yet again today..ok, well, i like fallen, burned cakes..’specially if cooked up by our favorite mass audience civilian type..ok..really gone now..

    ur katie

  363. a civilian-mass audience


    may the spirits of sweet sleep be with YOU … you can go now…:)))

    LOVE LOVE LOVE …all we need is BURN !!!

  364. Definitely didn’t expect that much advices and discussion around networking when I asked about this yesterday, but obviously it’s something that a lot of you have strong opinions on. For me, who is WAY at the beginning of it all, it feels very important to get all these advices. I appreciate all you have written about it very much:

    The David’s

    Mr. Bowen:

    Yes, see you next month. And yes, contacting Dagbladet and a gallery in Bergen are good ideas. I have already sent the woman responsible for the gallery at ‘Sølvberget’ in Stavanger an e-mail about the project… Will phone Sølvberget if she does not reply, because it is one of my biggest goals at the moment; to get the project exhibited there. Yesterday was a great relief for me as I finally decided that I will quit my non-photography-job in late may next year, so it will be only photography from then on.

    Ok, I will definitely need to copy all the relevant text from this dialogue into a text document and print it so I can have all these advices available to read all the time.

  365. a civilian-mass audience

    Bjarte Edvardsen,

    yes, Copy and paste …the suggestions in your brain cells …you sound like a young soul !!!

    We wish you Happy shooting days !!!

  366. good one bjarte.. although stavanger is a very strange place in terms of photography, music and art.. a tightly bound, self preserving bunch .. some good folk to be found though.. will think on it…
    we’ll chat when you visit bergen..

    big-man JOHN G has a leica on his shoulder.

    thats all..
    just CIVILIAN>>>>>> x

  367. a civilian-mass audience


    you might not be that young…BUT the heart of a big teacher stays always young…

    therefore …hmmm …I don’t want to sound obnoxious …BUT you are a big teacher !!!

  368. a civilian-mass audience

    and don’t try to X me again

    I am very sensitive with the …>>>>X … I like circles ()LOVE …hihihi

    I am going to work…I am late …


    i will come back to this subject because it is very important…now, i have to go catch a plane, leaving behind my cat and my beach and my students, to go to new york….for networking!!! laughing…yes, i am trying to get some sponsorship or funding for Burn..but i am only networking in the atmosphere of the Lucie Awards dinner where we ended up certainly with no personal networking…

    i do have strong answers for you both…Davin, of course i was doing assignments long before i was “known”….i got “known” i suppose because i did a lot of assignments!! every generation has this same networking mentality….thinking about it will kill you…believe me…all of the so called networkers in my generation are long long gone…Marcin, rushing out the door…you have some of it right, but not exactly..we must get it exactly..smiling…

    ok , back soonest…

    cheers, david

  370. Good morning Burnians!
    Europe is already busy…
    Yes, Civi, you are right I should have given an update long time ago. Mea culpa!
    I am much, much better and almost back to normal. The progress in the last few weeks was very subtle and I hardly noticed it. I still drink lots of green tea and try to eat lots of vegetables and take it slow. Yesterday I looked at the picture of me that Patricia took 2 weeks ago and I could see the difference very clearly. There is a bit of paralysis still in my face, but I hardly notice it anymore. It is simply that blinking the eye and some other movements don’t always come automatically so I have to use my will and tell my eye to blink.
    Last week I was shooting overweight children doing sport. One of the girls asked me straight away: „Is there anything wrong with your eye?“ Wrong question! Boy, I never thought that I am so full of vanity. That evening I looked in the mirror and I thought the girl was right and I felt real ugly. I guess we are all human ;-) Then I programmed the lower lid of my eye: move! And after some days the first slight movements came back and it got better and better. There is hope! It just takes a while and I have to keep beiing patient.
    Yesterday was a nice sunny autumn day with little wind so I felt it was a good time to do a bit of exercise. I went for a 1 1/2 hour leisurely walk which was really nice, but afterwards I was really tired. So there is some catching up to do as well.
    I am very thankful for this speedy recovery and the support that the Burninans gave me!

    My life is rather boring these days so there is little to write about, but last Friday I felt like back to normal.
    In the afternoon I was having some tasty home made cherry cake with coffee with the staff of the paper I work for. Nothing much was going on and we all had a cheerful afternoon. But from my experience I knew this wouldn’t last very long.
    Around 6 p.m. I went off with a writer to take some picture of something and on my way I got the first call: someone had driven his car into the entrance of a supermarket. I dropped the writer off and she had to take the picture of I don’t know what and I went straight to this supermarket. It was raining and the roads were busy. At the supermarket the police told me what happened: a 64 year old driver of a Mercedes tried to get his car into a parking lot, facing the entrance of a supermarket. He slipped off the break and hit the gas pedal of his automatic car instead and so he went straight into the entrance. Luckily nobody got hurt. I took a picture and kept going.
    The next thing I had to photograph was the opening of the local Oktoberfest. Cheerful people in Lederhosen and merry girls in a Dirndl (traditional Bavarian dress) surrounded me. A „Huba-band“ played moody songs and I took some pictures of the happy folks dancing on the table and lifting big beer glases into the air. So I got my pictures and when I went outside it was already pitch black dark, still rainy and windy.
    The main fire station was in front of me and I saw several ambulances leaving. Not a good sign. And a few minutes later I got the call to drive to the autobahn (motorway) to take pictures of a car crash. When I arrived at the point that I was directed to all I found was an empty autobahn. I met up with a colleague and he said he would know a short cut. Okay off we went in search of another access way to the autobahn. The roads got smaller and smaller and in the end we drove on some totally muddy unpaved side ways. Empty fields on both sides and heavy rain making driving more a kind of sliding. My worn down tires were not ideal for that slippery experience and so I was moving from one side to the other and I thought: please don’t stop! Luckily we reached some solid tarmac again and got to the site of the accident. I knew it was a bad accident and I decided that I wanted to keep my distance. I was not really up to facing a bad accident. The police told us that a bus full of children had hit a van. The driver of the van had died. The driver of the bus and the other people in the van were injured. The police allowed us to take some images from a distance. The scene was brightly lit so I didn’t had to use a flash. Everyone was silent and calm. In my head the time was ticking because of the deadline for the images. After a while another bus came to pick up the children. None of the kids were injured. I took some images and then I headed back to the newsroom. I managed to get the pictures there in time and my editors and I were pleased with the results. They were no shocking images but more of quiet moments that said it all. Nothing special, but it felt right on that day. So that was certainly a day back to “normal”…
    Tomorrow university will start again and now I have to prepare some stuff for my students.
    Everybody, have a nice day and remember to drive safely!

  371. john g – great :o) superb stuff.. really helped.. very much
    reimar – great :o) superb stuff.. back to snappin with full force
    david – great :o) superb stuff.. it’s difficult.. i can only speak from experience about what worked for me..
    looking forward

  372. ALL
    as to networking etc.
    have a look here.

    It is pretty much my experience, too. And I’ve been working for ad agencies for the last 10 years or more – financing my life as a student with it and now my private projects. Was having a chat with DavidB last night where we looked at the similarities of our experiences. Quite striking.

    I am on the road.
    So … cheers to all and good light!

  373. Reimar,

    I’m glad to hear that things are almost better for you.

    Re photographing in India:

    Does anyone have any opinions on the greatest pictures of rural India? Or the greatest photographer/s of India? Is it Steve McCurry? Anyone else? Has there been a Burn essay on India? (There doesn’t seem to be a Burn index and whenever I’ve gone back to look in the archive, I’ve got stuck).

    If Vivek is still around, do you have any indian names that you care to throw around ie, in terms of art photography or documentary? Srini, do you know any interesting Indian photographers? Particularly anyone who is recent and of course I mean who are shooting in India not elsewhere. Is there a photography school over there? Which is the best art school? If you happen to know. I’m looking for stuff that’s out of the usual, a bit contemporary. I’m going to Kolkata (amongst other places) perhaps there is something there I could check out.

  374. Guys

    I have completly no problem with my relationships with world. Really. I am who I am. If I really wanted have more network I probably force myself for that. I am like cat, walk on my own paths. No regrets. No problems. I love that.

    BUT if someone will ask me “do networks are important” I will always say “as hell”, the same as talent. I see it everywhere. Even in art where talent should be 100% of sucess.
    is more less 30%
    Thats the human nature. You have to know with whom drink with, we say in poland.
    Nobody looks at cracks.
    Talent and networks is like wheels and engine in car, both make you driving, without one your drive will tire you.
    Even God if I’m not wrong said; Human should not live alone.

    So drink a lot, with important people…


  375. marcin.. much more important to be respectful to everyone than seek out ‘important’ people to drink with..
    i just don’t buy it..
    once i had a working client list, they were important.. as a network.. but ‘networking’ is something different to me, and something i have not had to go through.. a network of trusted work colleagues and ‘networking’ are different things.

    different strokes for different strokes and all that – the old cliche about ‘as many ways into photography as there are photographers’ is a trueism..
    specifically though, and again in response to bjarte personally – i don’t think any kind of contrived networking circuit will be good for him.
    meet the people you need to to get the work out there.. do not pretend to be friends or seek to socialize with colleagues until it has become a natural next-step..

    if you’re firm in your direction i think ‘networking’ could be counterproductive.. if you’re generally looking for commercial work, perhaps there is a place for it..
    again though.. i’ve not done it..

    much better to make genuine connections on the rough n smooth of the road..

  376. Thanks for the Advice David … makes a lot of sense … I imagine serendipity has a little bit to do with it? I can’t speak outright for the documentary/journalism world because I am not yet fully in it, but in general I see a lot of mediocrity … even in journalism … it’s sad, but also seems to be part of the world, just as much a part of it as is greatness. Maybe I’m wrong, but today the beast has a lot more to pick from … its nature seems to be changing …

    … thank goodness for Burn.

  377. kathleen fonseca


    I missed Patricia´s photo of you! boo-hoo!! You have my e-mail, please send it to me (?) so i can see for myself just how grotesque you have become..haha..NOOO, it´s not possible, please don´t worry..your story about willing your lower eyelid to move made me think of a bit of text in Peter van Agtmael´s recent book ¨2nd Tour, Hope I don´t Die¨ about an injured soldier in Iraq. He realized he could not move the fingers of one hand. Even though he had been drifting in and out of cosciousness, this discovery made him panic. He focused intensely, willing his fingers to move. After a time, very slowly they began to respond. He relaxed and sank into exhaustion.

    The mind is an amazing part of the healing process. Both to stimulate recovery and also to control stress, for example, as you did when you knew that getting too close to that accident was not something you could do right now. Also, you use your mind to make changes in your lifestyle. I am so glad to hear of your improvement and one day you will laugh here at how it´s all become a bad memory and nothing more.

    So glad to hear that you are working..this occupies the mind and the time and also improves self-esteem. You sound really like you are doing great! Keep going :))


  378. John…

    He’s a mythical creature… once upon a time (as the story goes…) there was a thing called “film” and there were many people looking very much like this guy, exercising some sort of primitive magic trying to capture what they perceived to be reality with it… their efforts were called “street photography”, and (supposedly) you could see them lurking around caring their heavy metal apparatus either early in the morning or late in the afternoon… (also, according to an elder in my village, some of them used to raise white mice, paint them gray and after training them, reintroducing them to the wild… go figure…) anyway, I didn’t believe these stories to tell you the truth, that is until I came across this prime specimen of that forgone species. He looked pretty edgy at a first glance, but after following him around for a bit I can honestly say that he seemed to possess a gentle soul… John…

  379. Kathleen,
    no worries, I will send you the image. Patricia will take a picture of me in a few weeks time and I hope to be back to “normal” ;-)

    Andrea C,
    never been to India, but I am dreaming of going there for a long, long time. Here is a link of an interesting photographer from Dhaka in Bangladesh. Check this out:
    They do great stuff, very much inspired by Magnum. There is a photo school in Dhaka, but I couldn’t find the link anymore. Munem Wasif will know it.
    Good luck!

  380. I’ve been following our recent discussion with interest, but am still unclear as to what is meant by the word “networking.” I looked it up on Google and couldn’t even find a definition. I’m guessing we’re talking about spending time with people in your field, especially those whom you hope will be helpful to your getting assignments and/or having your personal work published, all of which will, hopefully, lead to your gaining some degree of recognition and success in that field.

    I am such a newbie to the world of photography that I feel somewhat shy about posting any comments at all about this subject. But sometimes those who are new might see things the oldtimers take for granted. I also have to say that I have no illusions about becoming a “professional” photographer in any sense of the word. I am at a stage of life where the idea of starting a new career that will bring me “fame and fortune” is ludicrous. I am simply doing what I love to do and hoping to become better at it as I go along. But right now I am in the middle of a push to have my personal work published as a book.

    I recall DAH starting a thread on Road Trips about the importance of having a mentor, someone who believes in you and your work, to help you move forward in the field. The link is


    Little did I know at that time that David would become that person for me. No, I did no “networking” to get him interested in my work, unless posting comments and links on his blog could be considered networking. Hey, maybe it is! Maybe today’s form of schmoozing in a bar is hanging out together in an online forum. Anyway, having David Alan Harvey on your side is like having a key that opens doors you didn’t even know existed. Yes, I have still had to find and knock on some of those doors myself — I can’t expect DAH to do everything — but his confidence in me has given me confidence in myself. And, to my way of thinking, confidence is key. Yes, your work needs to be good, but you need to know and believe in it yourself. It is that confidence — NOT vanity — in yourself as a photographer that comes across to editors who are considering you for an assignment or publishers who are considering publishing your book. You need to feel that what you are doing has value and will in some way benefit those who see it.

    My personal experience has been that once you get going on a project that means a lot to you, once it meets with approval from someone you respect, and once you work it and work it and work it until you can’t go any further, then the magic happens. But magic doesn’t come out of nowhere; you have to, as they say, “f/8 and be there.” I am now at the stage where, thanks to DAH, thanks to a number of people with whom I’ve recently connected, thanks to my willingness to go where I need to go (as in travel), and thanks to an amazing confluence of events, my work is going places I could never have imagined. But that doesn’t mean I can sit back and relax. No, now is the time that I must work harder than ever to see my project become a book. And maybe more. Who knows? As I’ve said before, life is such an adventure!

    I don’t know if any of this is helpful; I only hope it doesn’t come across as self-promoting. That is NOT where I’m at. Yes, I’m trying to promote my project, but not myself. If anything, the farther down this path I travel, the less important I become and the more important the work becomes. May it serve a worthy purpose.


  381. kathleen fonseca


    The reason i was confused was because i thought both guys in the photo were photographers. Maybe i didn´t ready your post well. So if the guy in purple was not a photographer, obviously, duh, kathie, the guy with the Leicas was John. I wasn´t blind, just confused.

    I like Johm´s work a lot and like also his comments here which i (almost) always agree with. So happy you two had a chance to connect. hmm…now, where was Civilian? There you all were in Greece and no Civilian Mass Audience. In fact, i can´t believe you and Civi have not met? Or have you and i missed that as well?

    Anyway, ok, no need to respond, John´s a gentle soul with an edgy mind, two Leicas and a street shooter. What not to love??????????????

    off to work

  382. Patricia

    I like your post. It’s another angle that has a lot of truth value in it too. I don’t feel I can contribute anything to this discussion but I’m just going “Yes” each time someone writes in depth about their personal take on it. I’m not even at the stage where I need to worry about it too much.

  383. Herve

    What do you mean by this – your comment on John Busch’s work?

    “…but ok, you just defined what photography is for most people taking it to the next level, and out the door.”

    I’m not even sure if its praise or criticism. What are you saying?