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  • I so wish I could be there. Good luck with it all and I hope the floor doesn’t collapse with the huge crowds that’ll likely attend. Will such an event ever likely take place in London? If so, I’d like to be involved in some capacity.

  • There is no such thing as being utterly unique. Unique describes an absolute state and does not take an adjective. The word means singular and something is either singular or it isn’t.

  • “…extraordinarily exquisite selection…”

    and highlight the apostrophe S in David Alan Harvey’s

  • My apologies for the pedanticism, folks; that sort of thing grates on my eyeballs.

  • and put the apostrophe after the S in special collector’s showing (you expect only one to show up?)

  • a civilian-mass audience


  • I like the poster and the red points! I wish I could be there too…

    have a nice day, show, exhibition, evening!

  • One day, I will have to move to New York…. Drives me nuts to be missing these events but hey….I hope you have all fun and that our Burnians sell many many prints…. I also would not mind having one from Alex…. :) or Bruce :)…. Erica, we want a detailed report!!!!!!



  • great selection david!
    have a nice evening and good luck.

  • ALL….

    if you are coming to this event, do not bring everyone you know please…also, it might be a good idea if you brought some refreshments…we will have some, but i found out from my insurance agent that i am at high risk serving unlimited amounts of alcohol…these events have always been crowded but well behaved…i am assuming the same tonight..


    you are of course quite right…proofreaders deserve always a special place in every publication and we do not have one..so easy to make simple obvious mistakes when rushed……thanks for looking…..we are fixing it right now…

    cheers, david


    sorry you both cannot be here…incidentally, the show will grow before it goes to PhotoWeek in Washington in about three weeks….many new pieces will be added, yours among them….

    cheers, david

  • I too wish I could be there.

  • Eric – i will try..will be rushing along from the Frank exhibit then lecture, certain to have brain overload..no one do or say anything interesting before I get there for the sake of reporting :)

  • Clicking my red ruby slippers…

    There’s no place like Burn.

  • I wish I could go down to the city and see the show, but that’s not possible today. Everyone enjoy, and Mr Harvey, again my apologies for being such a grammatical nitpicker. Nuns have ways of making sure you never forget this sort of thing and all of those ways are painful, or at least I thought so at the time.

  • why why why am in not in new york?!

  • God I wish I could be there to see this. David what you are doing for photographer is so Appreciated.

  • mmmm..
    sounds fun….
    my ruby red slippers,
    click, click….
    have a GREAT opening….
    did the magnetic wall ever get installed?

  • Lance, we are asking the same question!

  • Lance, Preston..:)))
    broken car is my answer…:(
    f**k all detroit iron horses…
    mucho balloni… F*****g Ford…:(

  • can at least someone, ANYONE post some photos from the
    to see photos?, pictures?, selections..????
    we dont have to see drunken faces…just photos…
    Anyone??? plz?
    again… no boring blah blah blahs…
    photos god damn it…
    you are all photographers in there…

  • Vivek????????
    plz post at converses rouges… or anywhere really…
    we wanna see the BURN GALLERY EXHIBITION…
    plzzzzz..! pretty plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

  • Add me to the list of the “wish I couldbe there” crowd.

    I’m sure it will be a huge success. Good light to all attending, and who wish they could..


  • Siding with Panos. wtf? vivek? you ran out of film?

  • PANOS…

    relax…it shall be done….

  • I can’t relax…
    Plz check “submissions”…:)
    ok.. I’m going for a brewski

  • relax…it shall be done….

    Great !

    How ’bout making it interactive like Google Streetview :>))

    Next time!

  • Wow, dear David, all of you; Congratulation!!! This is fantastic, you/Burn is really writing history here! I wish I could have been there..
    Haven´t been posting here for a long, long time, so I propably missed a lot. But just curious, do you select the Burn pictures for the show, or how does it work? I am going to Greenland again, but will be back, I promise.
    Good luck with the show,
    hugs Andrea

  • Congratulations everyone! Have a great night.

  • Panos,
    the horse got sick? Mustangs these days are getting more and more moody.
    Perhaps you should get yourself a decent Ford Fiesta with a 1.1 liter engine. Fuel efficient and cheap ;-) Mine never let me down.
    Okay, after 10 years of service and 250 000 kilometers on the clock, the speedometer stopt working. A tiny piece of plastic broke and was too expensive to fix… the TÜV (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein), which is a group of serious looking folks who check cars every 2 years, don’t like broken speedometers… that was the end of my trusty red Ford Ferrari…
    Hope your horse will be running again soon :-)

    Burnians in N.Y.
    enjoy the evening at the burn gallery! I will think of you!
    All the best!

  • Reimar..:))))))
    big hug…and yes…
    Ford and GM are dinosaurs that destroyed our economy..
    Detroit is STARVING because Ford keeps making mustangs ( still no independent suspension..
    rear live axle…in 2010… and stupid GM making camaros..)
    in the meantime Toyota Prius makes a killing… best selling car for years….
    But the guzz guzzler automakers still wont figure out why they bankrupt…!!!????
    yes my effing mustang with the 300 horsepower cant even move like a donkey…
    water pumps and fuel pumps and censors and this and that and its only has 20.000miles on the odometer..
    go figure..
    ( donkey was actually the original hybrid..:))))))

    but on a slightly happier mode…
    Obama is the NOBEL PRIZE WINNER…
    imagine 8 years from now…
    new Ghandhi..????????????
    ( again, Cathy, u r not allowed to go India ever again…u r banned…;-)

  • Panos, I would like to see your Greece … where the troll is … and Burn needs a Greek office, or does Civi already have that covered?

  • keftedes and mythos all around …

  • kelly lynn, the brilliant author of the “burn” name, i keep waiting for the finished swimmers multimedia show to play here …

  • Tom,
    u bet … about greece…
    and i have to work “hard” to fit in the greek “mytho”logy…
    i totally rely on that particular CIVILIAN…
    magnetic paint and azaleas and keftedes and mythos…
    and unprotected greek island sex…and afgani hash instead of california chronic…

  • I need to get the hell outta iowa. Cold winters, mediocre culture and Chuck Grassley. What’s to love???

  • David Alan Harvey.

    So don’t rush. The poster on top was a disaster. Best way to proof read is make a simple, low res print. Mistakes leap off the printed page whereas they will not present so easily on screen. I didn’t say anything in my first post because a, I was rushing out and b, I’ve been campaigning on this stuff for ages and I’m jaded. Besides, though english is the first language of the global internet, it’s not always the first language of the person posting. However, english is the language of burn, along with photography and so there’s no excuse.

    The photography is of the highest standard here. So too should be the official announcements, no?

    Hoping y’all are havin’ a ball.

    I’m off to bed. Good night.

    Paul Treacy

  • Ohhh… Brian..
    u r an honest man…
    and you are INVITED…
    ( now i started copying Civilian and thats lame and tedious )…
    but like i said to Tom… greece is not even my country anymore..
    i dont even consider it home, but…
    greece’s hospitality is beyond me…
    i have a secret plan.. they will be magnetic walls .. and sofas…
    and BURN meetings…give me a little time…
    im working on it…
    u r going to greece…( sooner than later…)

  • …and mythos and keftedes…

  • but, for now…
    cheap Charles Shaw chardonnay from the local Trader Joe’s…

  • I am so happy for DAH and everyone at Burn..i hope tonight is a resounding success..so many of us are there in spirit..no mas, just wanted to say HAVE FUN! And congrats´ to all who are showing their work tonight. What a unique honor to be part of the first Burn Loft show! HIP-HIP (oh yes, muy hip!) HURRAY!


  • Kathleen,
    i second that , and also…
    Anton & Mike.. plz try to sell some prints….
    plz…..leave the beer aside for a sec and try to sell whats on the wall..
    big hug…
    kibbutz is the place to be today.. and i, just Kathleen missing.. the show…:(
    M*****effing mustang stupid iron horse….+@###$#@

  • Good luck on the show! Wish I could be there. Hoping to see some pics tomorrow!

  • Panos..i am so sorry you can´t be there..this must be killing you..i can´t even imagine how frustrated you are to be stranded on the left coast tonight. Besos..i understand!

    And yes, SELL THOSE PRINTS..failing that, discreetly pick the pockets of the attendees, and failing that, charge a toll to exit the place, and failing that, um, extortion might work..though take care not to try it on Letterman..he´s a little touchy about blackmail these days.




    (my sympathies, Panos!)

  • yes Kathleen…
    frustrated it is.. the word..
    effing ford…
    thanks Kat:)

  • Either everyone is drunk by now or everyone is tucked up in bed. I hope it all went well.

  • Andrea,

    BED??? Are you kidding :)))
    Trust me, no one in NY will be sleeping tonight! :))

    ps Lets chat privately about travel plans.

  • like so many i wish i too could be in new york @ the burn gallery opening…

    and see all those prints!

    i’m sure it will be a great success, well done to all the photographers involved,


    DAH – have you thought about some sort of Burn tour? as sean gallagher / david bowen suggested (i think).
    i know of a good gallery space in Perth… so many of us all over…

    have a great night everyone!!!

  • If I could be there I would, but I’m working in Sewanee TN. tonite.
    Pls send my luv to all who attend. I am looking at a Yuenglings
    wishing I could….

    Oh Damn, have a great time, I’ve got go back to work.


  • Good luck to everyone tonight. Hope you all have a great night. Sorry I am going to be a few weeks late to miss this. Hope to catch the show in Washington though. Best from Beijing, Sean.

  • Sam, If it’s only one exhibition in oz, I think it should be in Alice Springs, somewhere central, easier for us all to get to. ;-) Would be a good opportunity for me to go to Uluru. :-) Time it to fit with the Beanie Festival and you’d have a very big audience.

    Cathy, sure. Here’s my email chillinutmeg@yahoo.com.au In January I might be in Madhya Pradesh.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    AM I LATE ???

  • Hey, guys.
    I hope you have a great party. (Or you had a great party).
    Anyway – I’m also curious about the wall .. and some more pictures.

  • How could the Civilian Mass Audience ever be technically late? A show would not be a show if only the photographers came, now would it? No, CMA, you’re right on time, particularly if you brought some cash :)



  • a civilian-mass audience


    I am working hard … How can I buy when I don’t see …:)))
    BURNIANS in the BURN gallery…please proceed to the BURN area…???

    I am the happiest Civilian in the word ( again) !!!
    UNIVERSE is BURNing !!! It’s all about YOU BURNIANS !!!

    P.S KATIE, KATIE,KATIE …hi,hi,hi…sometimes I Forget my own power …MASS Audience !!!

  • I know I should be in bed but I wanted to share some pics of the Burn Gallery Exhibit/Loft Workshop slideshow with you Burnians. Here is the link. If you click on each photo you can see it larger.


    It was QUITE the event! Not only did we have a full house of workshop participants, Burnians and other photographers and friends, but James Natchwey, Josef Koudelka, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, Antoine D’Agata, Chris Anderson and James Estrin of the New York Times Lens Blog were also in attendance. And hannging on the wall with our prints were prints by Elliot Erwitt, Bruce Davidson, Bruce Gilden, Gilles Peress, Susan Meiselas, Chris Anderson, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb. Like WOW!!!

    You were ALL with us…

    And now to bed, after all it’s close to 4 am here in New York. Night night…


  • Now I KNOW I’m sleepy. I misspelled Jim Nachtwey’s name…and maybe some others. Get thee to bed!!!

  • PAT,

    Thanks for thinking about us…. this is cool that you posted this before going to bed…. please please, we want more when you wake up…. (I am sure you cannot sleep by now anyway :):):).


  • Patricia

    Antoine was there? hellsbells, i just met him in CR a few weeks ago..man..MAN…i am eating my heart out at that sold gold cast of characters! Gonna check out the photos, but thanks soooo much for checking in and letting us know how it all went..THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! YER THE BEST! CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS CIVI!!!!!!!!

    hugz goodnight to Pat

  • sold gold=solid gold..sooo tired myself!

  • Patricia…

    Thanks for not going to bed before posting these pictures…
    I know for sure that I wasn’t the only one holding my breath…


  • Patricia

    Thanks so much for bringing the show back to Burn. I hope the others will do the same. They are so nice to see. Sleep tight.

  • Patricia

    Thanks so very much..i checked out the photos..it was wonderful of you to get them to us so fast..sleep well and yes, i second Eric’s request for MORE!

    Thx again!


  • a civilian-mass audience


    THANK YOU !!!

    BURNIANS …the whole word is watching !!!

    BURN is the PLACE to BE…

    I am in awe…I am in tears…I am HAPPY…
    VIVA …I see new BURNIANS…
    “… James Natchwey, Josef Koudelka, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, Antoine D’Agata, Chris Anderson and James Estrin of the New York Times Lens Blog were also in attendance. And hannging on the wall with our prints were prints by Elliot Erwitt, Bruce Davidson, Bruce Gilden, Gilles Peress, Susan Meiselas, Chris Anderson, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb. Like WOW!!!”

    WELCOME in the BURNLAND !!!

    P.S Our PATRICIA… have a BURN sleep tonight …
    hmmm…what were you drinking???…Hihihih

  • a civilian-mass audience


    I am speechless …But I count on you …

    Is my surprise ready???

  • Patricia, thank you thank you thank you!

  • Hi All

    Like most of us I would like to ask you for more photos from opening :)


    Do you will publish whole list of names?

  • Hi all,

    Thank you Patricia for posting those photos, I actually got to see my photograph hanging on the wall in one of your photos. I got a really bad cold and could not make the show and missed my chance to finally meet a lot of you, and I thought all night about going with my box of tissues in hand :-). I guess another time.

  • So how many folks showed up? Besides photo geeks, that is.

  • I agree with Marcin. Let’s break the glass ceiling between “names” and “no-names”. Who were the photographers represented in the show, and will we have the link to their pictures?

    In general, we should try to make BURN events an occasion not to say “sorry I will miss, have fun and send pictures”, but make it all available online as it happens, roughly. With reports, video snippets and full program and infos on the proceedings. If we are dealing with a new way to do things and spread photography, let’s use the technology behind these changes, not just use it to repeat the old ways.

    Think if the gallery was open to everyone, not just in NY at a specific time!


  • Herve

    The live “Burn-Cam”. That would be fun.

  • Late night, amazing and historic night. Everyone’s work looked great. Took a few notes but it wasn’t the regular full artist talk, the Webbs were a little more organic and brief with their words. Head hurts from my 4 sips of beer and lack of sleep, but a big thank you to all who participated and to David for providing the impetus and space and innovation and momentum…

  • OK, my friends, here are some more photos from last night. This batch is unlightened/brightened, more blurry & nothing to write home about, but hopefully will give you a feeling of being there.


    Now it’s time for me to go get something to eat. What I forgot to do yesterday was feed my tummy. Today I’m going to rectifyy that omission.

    Have a great weekend wherever you are. Burnians, we are ON FIRE!!!


    P.S. Jim, I’m terrible at guessitmating numbers of people, all I know is the room was PACKED!

  • Harvey…

    I’m totally with you…

    David had mentioned an online version of the gallery from the beginning though… the lack of it, has probably to do with the amount of time/effort required than intention/willingness… maybe tools such as the ones you mentioned will be used in the future shows…

    let’s hope this one was a success in the financial department too, so as to indicate that it has in fact the potential to become a viable revenue for Burn and therefore initiate many more shows to come…

  • SORRY… I meant *Herve* of course…

  • Patricia

    Am I see Bruce Gilden’s photo on one of your pictures?

    And did you saw somewhere my picture?

    Guys you have a fun like always when I am not there :(

  • That might be an interesting model to follow for online selling of pictures….
    It it a project of the New York gallery owner Jen Bekman and it seems to be working quite well http://www.20×200.com

  • “In general, we should try to make BURN events an occasion not to say “sorry I will miss, have fun and send pictures”, but make it all available online as it happens, roughly. With reports, video snippets and full program and infos on the proceedings. If we are dealing with a new way to do things and spread photography, let’s use the technology behind these changes, not just use it to repeat the old ways.”

    As it was, the few hands that were available to hang the show were up until 4 a.m. the morning of the exhibit trying to finish the job. Actually, I gather it was still being hung an hour before folks started showing up last night. Mike Courvoisier was busting his butt printing many of the photos, not to mention pulling together the loft workshop slideshow. DAH was giving a workshop, editing the student slideshow, making contact with his Magnum buddies who offered prints to sell and attended the event last night. All this was in addition to getting in the drinks and preparing the space for the fiesta.

    Well, dear Burnians, it would be great if we had paid staff to make our Burn events more technilogically accessible to everyone, and maybe someday we will. I know DAH is doing all he can to get more funding so more people can be paid to do what needs to be done and to enact what he wants to happen, but we aren’t there yet. This is ALL volunteer effort…including DAH and Anton. And yes, I hope there will be an online slideshow of the Burn Gallery exhibit but I don’t know if that’s in the works.

    All I can say is, please know that those of us who were fortunate enough to be there in person will do our best to share what we can with Burn community. Trust me, the room fairly crackled with your energy! As CIVI always says, “What’s not to love???”


  • Oh yes, in relation to sales, today from 3-6 p.m. is the Special Collectors Showing. That’s when we hope our prints will find new homes…

  • Patricia

    Thanks for the photos. You are amazing. One day I will make it out there.

    I have to admit, I was a bit shocked to see how the prints were displayed. Floppy unmounted prints clipped/pinned on the wall? That is how we displayed posters in our bedrooms as teen-agers.

    It is a matter of respect for the work, and percieved value. Great frames can be had for very little money, lighting could be organized for a few hundred bucks. I realize that there is a time and man-power issue.

    In the portrait biz, an un-mounted 4×6 snapshot sized print has a percieved value of about 19 cents. If it is mounted into a nice leatherette folio and called a mini portrait, it can will sell for $100.00 or more.

    What the hell do I know, maybe they all sold for big bucks. I hope so.

  • Herve…

    Also, another thing to keep in mind (not just you) is the simple fact that this gallery show actually happened… a few short months after the inception of the idea, David made it happen…

    I’m one of the people whose prints was on the wall last night, and I’m *very* happy and grateful about it… but the most amazing thing for me, is this vibe that David has and projects… the idea that anything is possible, if you set your mind to it… it might not work out in the end, but it won’t be for lack of trying…

    From all the (sometimes out-there) ideas I have all the time, only a *very* small percentage makes it to fruition… Burn has been a source of inspiration for the past several months… as Civi says… let’s keep raising the bar…

  • Patricia,
    thank you for the images! That is really nice of you. Looks like you all had a great time!
    Enjoy New York!
    Big hugs!

  • patricia. Thanks for posting the pictures of the night, looks like it was a blast.
    I think everyone at that end went above and beyond the call to put this together. Great job.
    Anything that can be done from here in london just ask.

    Thodoris. Saw your work at photofair today. Lovely prints my friend.


  • lovely prints….
    lovely images…
    thank you Patricia…
    burn baby burn….

  • John…
    I was informed of your visit… glad you liked my prints… it somehow carries more weight when it comes from another printer… would have loved to be there, just like in the Burn show, but… alas… money… have no complains though… really good things happen in many fronts… one of those periods I guess… looking forward to meet you in person… cheers…

  • Congratulations David, Anton and all the other volunteers. It blows me away to see how quickly the Burn Gallery dream has been realised. Amazing stuff, especially considering it is all voluntary. Good luck for the print sale.

  • I second Ross…
    lets be honest…even if they sell one “iconic” print that
    will be a success….

    As a last years attendee in the kibbutz i can reassure u that it
    is a tremendous amount of work…going on up there..
    Mike C is overwhelmed by the prints, slideshows… blah blah…
    even to buy enough beer for all those photo thirsty beasts is a
    whole operation…
    now for frames????
    that is a huge expense and u know this…:)))
    100 prints…$2K…???? at least?
    then again.. was there enough time????
    who is gonna mount it if not a pro?
    big hug

  • “lets be honest…even if they sell one “iconic” print that
    will be a success….”

    Actually, no. I don’t think that would be a success. Nice sentiment, though.

  • Building anything is a process, and we have more than begun…

    I apologize for not writing any report yet, my head is killing me. Thank you Patricia for the wonderful photo reporting. Somehow your images give the illusion that there was space – possibly because you and scooter commandeer it! – but indeed it was a very full house.

    Andrew Sullivan – how did we not see eachother?

    Mike Young – did we meet?

  • Panos

    Sorry if my comment sounded like a downer. I’m sure it was a great show.
    I do feel very strongly about how prints need to be displayed. If we do not take a print seriously, why would we expect a potential buyer to?

    I’d rather see far fewer prints, well presented, including lighting on them. The difference is huge.

  • it’s all good……..a bit of navel gazing, checking out a couple of prints, pat oneself on the back, drink a bit of piss, talk bullshit, pretend to be a pretentious prick, enjoy the show,love a photo or two what more would one need ………….. maybe a “battered sav” on the way home

  • Gordon; Re; prints pinned on the wall

    I went to a gallery display of one of our (New Zealand’s) most prominent documentary photographers and all the images were presented that way. There were 2 other displays on at the time too and all were presented the same way. So maybe it’s a trend?


  • Jim, one of the iconic prints listed for $8,000.

  • Thodoris, enjoy your work and am especially taken with Mt. Athos since it is at the top of my list … one day, someday, and I’m an agnostic, go figure.

  • Even if it’s not a trend , I think it should…!!!
    Simplicity… no budget… Straight to the point..
    The photo, that’s all it counts..
    “the real deal”… Plus who can decide what is the “right” frame
    for each photo? Since it’s not a “one man show”???

  • Gordon..:)
    I fully agree about the “right lighting”
    on displayed photos but.. frames?
    Hmmm.. I don’t know ….

  • Hey all, I didn’t shoot too much, but here are some shots of lastnight’s monster shindig! As to how many people, 2, maybe 300? +or-
    Patricia, it was wonderful to finaly meet you!

  • Hey Jason,

    How about a workshop report?

  • The work –
    Here is David’s day –
    wake up and be ready for class by 9 am
    9:00 am – 1:30pm (about) with one 10 min break – class begins – Critique of the shooting of students from the day/night before.
    Select images for final use in slideshow, hear all audio, move on… The final day’s critique is short and sweet.

    1:30pm – 5ish
    pin up photos, drill holes for screws for framed work,
    buy About 10 cases if beer
    eat something
    compile entire slideshow
    test it
    clean, sweep, mop, rearrange furnature, make many calls to get more big names coming,
    take calls of those lost in transit, test all equipment for big event
    5ish – 7:00 shower, shave, make sure all beer is cold, buy ice, cups, garbage bags, guests begin arriving, take 20 min break to enjoy beautiful sunset before all hell breaks loose.
    7-9:30 people arrive start conuming alcohol and get rowdy
    9:30 show time failure still occurs in slideshow and must be dealt with by Anton and Mike for nearly am
    hour. Unexpectedly food arrives free of charge from our most favorite restraunt -Patricias distracting the rowdy crowd while Anton and Mike work madly to save the night.

    Show continued and was a success!

    And this year nearly everyone in the class were at the loft working their butt off to get this show going. Any added technology would probably Make David, Mike and AntonNGO absolutely crazy at this point.
    But fear not! Print purchases, donations, and those people who are in the area could really be helpful to get something like that going! If anyone wanted to come donate their equipment and time to set it up and monitor it during the show, I’m sure it might work. But if you’ve never been here, we’re talking about a small loft Appartment with 2-300+ people packed into it! People were sitting with their knees pressed into their chest on the floor it was so tight. It’s really a fantastic experience and to have ones work shown infront of so many people and so Many INFLUENTIAL people is mind blowing.


  • The workshop – is one Paradigm shift after another. It doesn’t just reshape your work, but your whole way of seeing and thinking. :) David and his guest speakers are absolutely amazing. Their brutal critiques offer no comfort to poor choices and mistakes. Therefore as a human being FEAR kicks in. Fear of failing, fear of not growing, fear of being upset, fear of waisting your time, fear of waisting David’s time, fear of DAVID’S next critique!!! So the only option is to change and do better and work that eye!

  • Love that shot of David and screen behind, Patricia. If we did not see the perennial DAH glasses standing on the scalp, in the shadow, we’d think he’s about to get bled by Nosferatu the Vampire. That hand on the screen…. shades of Murnau…. So spooky!


  • NosferaDAH….:-)))
    if I didn’t know Herve I would assume you’re
    drunk, but I know u don’t drink..

    FEAR is an acronym


    most of the time :))

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Beautiful report from yourself and our PATRICIA …

    Can I ask if there were any Civilians …I mean Just Civilians, non photographers …but
    Lovers of PHOTOGRAPHY …??? maybe with some paychecks to be cashed in…???

    I LOVE you BURNIANS…You look good… is because you are all BURNing ???

  • wow..reading Justin, Erica, Patricia..etc..phew..makes me wanna dive under my chair and get away from all that madness..i can’t even imagine..i also like the idea of frames pinned to the wall..at first i didn’t but yeah, it’s good. No offense Gordon, but the day one of my prints gets put into a leatherette frame, just take a backhoe to my camera closet and pound all that metal, plastic and glass into dust.

    The show? i still wish with all my heart and soul that i could have been there.

    Thanks all who brought back pics and reports..

    DAH..i am so impressed.

    goodnight all..


  • Civilian M. Audience

    it’s early early where you are..good morning! I am soon to be unconscious. Please keep all the burnians burning brightly while i sleep..

    ur katie


    “FEAR is an acronym


    i just thought it bore repeating :))


  • a civilian-mass audience


    You can’t go to sleep …BURNIANS are so many now …I always count on YOU…
    for BURNING the place down …Up…hi,hi…
    I am drinking coffee …I feel like MR.HARVEY …
    I LIKE IT HERE …:))) damnit …I LOVE YOU …

    P.S OK…there is no FEAR …no more …

  • Patricia, Janson,

    Thanks for the images! this is great that Bruce Gilden add his photo. Hope many of prints will find new homes :)
    Burn rocks!

  • ALL…

    i will give a full report soonest on how we will keep the prints going and move this show around if we so decide…for the moment, i suggest we just leave the show up…i have several appointments from potential buyers…i think we can create smaller appointment based gatherings to help make these prints have a life of their own…i think we have sold three prints so far…2 out of the 3 from our Burn audience..

    cheers, david

  • It would be great to have these photos from “burn photographers” (hey, there’s a nice catch phrase) online so that those of us who can’t get to New York could have a chance to buy some of their prints.

  • +1 to what Jim says, above.

    The sun is finally out here in the bluegrass…perhaps photos of horses and people to be had…

    Good light,



    of course, we will do this…just give me a couple of days “recovery time” please…i do not want to sound trite nor congratulatory, but the event was absolutely organic and historic in nature….quite beyond my imagination actually….i think you would have enjoyed it Jim…our space here is now permanently transformed assuming we can keep the space…we are right on the edge between total disaster and launching forward significantly…my favorite place to be!!

    cheers, david

  • Kathleen, you have such a way with words m’dear.(laughing)

    Actually, little leatherette folios look like book covers, just an elegant and portable way to display a small formal portrait of your kids instead of a thumbtack into your mantle.

    I was not at all suggesting Burn gallery prints be displayed in leatherette, although a few of those Fulsom shots posted here earlier might benefit from the leather look.

    Just making a point about percieved value. I make my living selling prints and know that my clients would never pay the kind of prices I charge if they came into the studio and saw prints thumbtacked to the walls.
    Presentation is important assuming the intention is to make a sale.

  • a civilian-mass audience


    I am a Civilian…everyday consumer…
    I want to believe that I am closer to the organic side…
    hmmm…but oime,oime…presentation is important …
    BURNIANS …any ideas ???

    to LOVE for…!!!

  • Gordon L

    Appreciate your perspective but must echo others who agreed it felt just right. In fact I recall Martin Parr’s prints thumbtacked (or some such) uunmatted unframed on the walls of a gallery during LOOK3 in C’ville…and each was going for up to $6000 apiece.


  • Tom…
    just saw your comment from yesterday… I completely understand the last part… it’s a bit weird for me too…

  • All…
    (off topic but…)

    I went to Athens for a few days during the Greek parliamentary elections that took place on October 4th and I just finished editing and uploading a sequence which is something like a visual blog entry—kind of a road trip take really—about the whole thing… Hope you like it…


    For a title I chose the translation of a cynical but to the point poster “…they will remember all about you in 4 years, sucker…”

  • Oh, by the way, while editing I was listening to The New Yorker’s fiction podcasts:


    if you haven’t found them yet, they’re the perfect company for scanning, editing, etc…
    (that is, *next* to the complete Pink Floyd discography :)))

  • Erica, you mentioned the Frank exhibit … do you have the expanded version of “Looking In” with the contact sheets? Ordering today … all 7 pounds plus of it … the contact sheets! :)))

    Thanks for the photos from the show!

    Are there any more shots from it? people must have shot loads of pics..


  • Tom I do and worth every penny and pound – the actual contact sheets are up at the exhibit but behind glass – in the book they are full size and you can put your loupe on them

    all – am sick will write soon about frank and the night after recovery

  • a civilian-mass audience


    it so real :(((

    Θα σε ξαναθυμηθουν σε 4 χρονια …!!!**
    **they will remember all about you in 4 years, sucker…”

    How is Cyprus ??? What is going with your finger ??? darkroom accident ??? !!!

    P.S KATIE, sleep like a beauty scanning azalea…I need help in the writing dept… BURNIANS… Goodmorning from Greece…
    DAVIDB, MY GRACIE where are you ???

  • Man this place has gone crazy, I don’t read emails foe a couple of days and wham bam I am overloaded with unread burn comments, Burn is going ballistic it’s going to turn into a full time job keeping up with all the posts here.

    I guess the showing went well which has added to the comments.

    Well done to all involved for creating such a great place.



  • aitken, I hear you, man, it’s exactly the same for me :-)
    I think i spend most of my time on burn just trying to catch up with all the comments, after checking out the featured essays…it’s c r a z y and so beautiful!
    by the way, looks like you guys had a blast and definitely it all makes me want to be there next time, or asap anyway! Too bad i’m “just” a few hundred miles (and a few hundreds euros) away from there, but it’s great to know you can be somehow part of the “burn-experience” just by being online and feeling like a small part of this community. Like an ant witnessing an avalanche, in the most possible positive meaning :-)
    Patricia, Jason, thanks for sharing your pictures!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    even me the Civilian got lost …

    there is no AVALON …no more
    I see an avalanche instead.
    Francesco now is in awe
    and Aitken Loves …
    the BURNing flow…

    from Civilian
    with LOVE

  • Civilian, right on!
    AVALONche :-)

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