f/8 and be there…


Tangier Island,Virginia 1972                                          Fisherman and Wife


maybe photographers are not really the largest group of procrastinators in the world , and maybe i just sometimes think this because i am around so many photographers…but, some photographers do have a way of "explaining" the myriad of "good reasons" why they are not doing what they would really like to do…

many come to my home or my workshops to show their work hoping that i will be able to give them a "magic formula" for success, or just please please  hand over my list of "important people" and their phone numbers and surely this will lead to double page spreads and heavy coffee table books…

so many photographers have the hardest time facing the fact that they simply must just "get out the door"…whether they go next door or around the world makes no difference at all….it does not matter where the "there" is, but you cannot be "there" if you are not THERE…..

i first heard the "f/8 and be there" phrase from W.E. "Bill" Garrett, swashbuckling Editor of Natgeo from the mid 70’s to the late 80’s and by far the most SUPERPOWER editor ever at "ole yeller"…he rode a large stallion and swung a long sword….some lived in fear, some in awe….during the Garrett era Natgeo circulation was "blowing up" and money was no object to sending a photographer anywhere anytime for any amount of time…i do not know if Bill actually coined the phrase, but i think he thinks he did…whatever…..but, this "f/8 and be there"  as the obvious way to make meaningful photographs, was the mantra of photoland at Natgeo…

Bill liked me or my work or both…my first essay for Natgeo, "Tangier Island" (Nov.1973),a cover story, made it into print because Bill liked it….had Bill not liked it, my life would have gone in a completely different direction…..in American football parlance, Bill sent me into the end zone and threw me a "long pass"…..i caught it….of course, i had worked so so so hard on this project for so so so little money to feed my young family , so i had gambled everything ….i had given up a "real job" and a "real salary" to take this chance with Natgeo…

in the years to follow, Bill and Natgeo became my Medici…my support system….my resource…..and my extended family for sure….this , however, did not eliminate the fact that it was still "f/8 and be there"…no amount of social graces or friendships  could ever eliminate the sometimes harsh reality that i had to actually "DO IT"…

i always implore the photographers i mentor, to please please minimize the "who can i get to know" list and maximize the "here is what i will do" list….one thing i do know for sure, if you have the work, really  HAVE THE WORK, your Medici will materialize….it would have done me no good whatsoever to have made a "good impression" on Garrett, had i not had the work….

all of you are now in a position to show your work in a way i never had nor did anyone in my generation have..the net….right here…right now… this forum…if you go out and do the work, you will be seen my more potential Medici’s than i have seen in my entire career….yes, yes (i can hear the excuses already) there are more of you…true….but in the sea of photographers out there , i still see about the same number of "supertalents" as in years prior…more people taking pictures, but few doing it in a special way….but if you are "special" there are also way way more opportunities…and so so much room for invention….i swear, i have never seen so much room!!!

i do not give advice to anyone….i do sometimes make suggestions.. you do need to find someone who loves you….loves your work…just one person…no, not your significant other or family/friend… yes of course, you want their support for a different reason ..but, you need a significant mentor…..i am talking about one "gallerist", one editor, one book publisher…do not attempt to "win everybody over"…pick two or three book publishers or galleries  or magazines where you think your work "fits"…then find the ONE who loves you the most…a relationship is a relationship…but do not even "go there" if you have not BEEN THERE!!! 

so how do you feel??  like a photographer with an arm full of great work who just needs a "break" to move forward….or do you realize your best lays out there ahead and you just must "get to it" ??



New York City, 2008                                                            Brooklyn Bridge

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  • David,

    Great Post!
    I think “f/8 and be there” is much older than Bill Garrett, it’s an old newspaper photographer shibboleth from the 40s at least.
    As for your final question… One reason (among mnay) that I haven’t been posting here recently is that I definitely need to ‘get out there’ more, now that I am finally getting to be ‘in my own skin’ as a photographer. More later when I have something put together to show!


  • Shit…I hope my best still is out there! I hope it always will be. Otherwise I have no point for existence.

    I am perfectly comfortable in saying I can produce. I know I’m capable of quality work (crap, too! But that will always be the case, right?) But everytime I go out, whether for my personal project or for an assignment, I am always pushing for/thinking about “better.” Better than the last outing. Better than the last assignment.

    David…after reading the above…not asking you for advice, but what “suggestion” would you give to me, right now, today, as things are in my current photographic existence?

    Hope that’s not too much trouble given where you are and what you’re trying to prepare for!

    As usual, many, many thanks!



  • Goes back to when f/8 was the widest wide open. 250 @ f/5.6 makes the most sense since f/5.6 came about.

  • David,

    Neither photo was up yet when I first read this post. I love the ‘Fisherman and Wife’ photo.


  • i always implore the photographers i mentor, to please please minimize the “who can i get to know” list and maximize the “here is what i will do” list….one thing i do know for sure, if you have the work, really HAVE THE WORK, your Medici will materialize…

    absolutely david, it was this thebeginning of my life as photographer at full time. but first i was making stories just to my self discovering myself and the others.


  • i always implore the photographers i mentor, to please please minimize the “who can i get to know” list and maximize the “here is what i will do” list….one thing i do know for sure, if you have the work, really HAVE THE WORK, your Medici will materialize…

    absolutely david, it was this thebeginning of my life as photographer at full time. but first i was making stories just to my self discovering myself and the others.


  • i always implore the photographers i mentor, to please please minimize the “who can i get to know” list and maximize the “here is what i will do” list….one thing i do know for sure, if you have the work, really HAVE THE WORK, your Medici will materialize…

    absolutely david, it was this thebeginning of my life as photographer at full time. but first i was making stories just to my self discovering myself and the others.


  • i always implore the photographers i mentor, to please please minimize the “who can i get to know” list and maximize the “here is what i will do” list….one thing i do know for sure, if you have the work, really HAVE THE WORK, your Medici will materialize…

    absolutely david, it was this thebeginning of my life as photographer at full time. but first i was making stories just to my self discovering myself and the others.


  • i always implore the photographers i mentor, to please please minimize the “who can i get to know” list and maximize the “here is what i will do” list….one thing i do know for sure, if you have the work, really HAVE THE WORK, your Medici will materialize…

    absolutely david, it was this thebeginning of my life as photographer at full time. but first i was making stories just to my self discovering myself and the others.


  • i always implore the photographers i mentor, to please please minimize the “who can i get to know” list and maximize the “here is what i will do” list….one thing i do know for sure, if you have the work, really HAVE THE WORK, your Medici will materialize…

    absolutely david, it was this thebeginning of my life as photographer at full time. but first i was making stories just to my self discovering myself and the others.


  • i always implore the photographers i mentor, to please please minimize the “who can i get to know” list and maximize the “here is what i will do” list….one thing i do know for sure, if you have the work, really HAVE THE WORK, your Medici will materialize…

    absolutely david, it was this thebeginning of my life as photographer at full time. but first i was making stories just to my self discovering myself and the others.



  • i think i’d have to say “the best lays ahead of me”… i mean i am constantly learning, leaps and heaps and leaps at a time, seeing new things, discovering, realising that it is all about the journey, not just reaching the end goal (whatever that may be)

    i feel like i am a student of my own eyes, my heart, my mind, my guts… looking and learning with the openness and curiosity of a little child… i get pushed over in every direction i can imagine, and everything influences me profoundly… i hope i never lose that, but maybe i should… i am so naive…

    that said, i do hope to find the way to “get to it” as you say… and from time to time it really worries me that i don’t “know the way” to get there…

    whatever way that may be…

    is the concept of medici still possible in this day and age? i definitely hope so, and i believe it very important…


  • F64…
    … F2.8… this is where magic happens!

  • Hi David
    beautiful photographs, I love the picture from Tangier, I think thats an incredibly beautiful shot. I get a nice calm feeling when I look at that photograph. perfect for Saturday.
    thanks for the insightfull words too.
    good reading, and looking forward to how this post unfolds

  • DAVID :)))

    there is nothing that i could or wish to add to the post, for in the end, that’s the rhyme and the chime…to work, to swing long against the darkness and to know that, no matter what, if you yourself don’t believe in the breadth and depth, the blood and the breath, the sound and the bone of your work, no one ever will…i have spent my very short life as a photographer believing and doubting in the work and the direction, never really hoping that i would find a mentor, but only hoping for something simpler: that beyond the sea of eyes and ears, there would be a person, or if fortune reigned, two who would believe and feel the same electric alchemy that I feel when making and writing stories and photographs…i’ve felt extraordinarily fortune (as I wrote you privately this week) to have a drink and eat upon the friendship that you have fed me…I am not sure if I consider you a “mentor” or a “medici”, but i consider you an older brother and one to whom I am bound, even in moments of chaos and confusion and miscommunication…

    Marina and I for so long have tried to create our own path, our own roads, we’ve worked incredibly hard to get gallery shows (just left the relationship with the gallery because of our principles) and to work hard to make the show…often making our work when no one knows or cares…in the end, it has to be the reason…photography and writing is the oxygen that stirs our family’s life and burns without surcease….and i have, no, WE have never searched our mentors or editors or medici’s or others, and yet when we’ve been deeply loyal to the work and to friendship and to the living of making images, somehow people have come…

    we’ll never be rich family and most likely never “well known” artists, but we have carved something much simpler:

    to live as if the only voice in our body was the spin and hum of the world….

    whatelse can a person do….

    thank you for being our mentor here at the blog and for doing so much for ALL of us…



    ps.. something about this idea, from the poem/essay Ordinary Things (the one with the David Alan Harvey quote) that i just submitted for publication:

    “14. Late in the crux of morning my wife bends forward and speaks, ecumenically, and pauses as if a gnat of light birched into a corner: I dreamed that I took a child into my arms and pulled his cowlicked mouth against my breast, bowed my arms around his clavicle, whispered to him as if milkweed settled upon the the spine-stem of a root, that he was protected and i rose aloft. I rose, child to my breast, air beneath my collar and cage and arms, my arms bent and bending like wings until i was aloft and adrift like a bird, he still clinging to my nipple. I, after a moment of surprise and in-expectation, alighted upon the thatched roof. I sat upon the gutter and bone of the spout of the root, like an owl, and curled out my song while he suckled upon me. I was a bird, sitting upon the perch of the roof, child at my side draining me of all that I am in order to nourish all that I dream to be. I was a bird. He was a still a child, human child, and he clipped the skin of my tit, he bruised the fruit of my hope, he swallowed all that I dreamt i would be in order to be that which I meant him to be, by leaping into flight. We leap. We sit upon the roof and speak as if a hum, as if a song. We alight not as if birds, but as bone and feather and dream. We fly, not from skeleton but from alchemy. Squawk. By the dreams end, he fell from beneath my breast, and my wings squandered the air in descent. There, the falling. The ascend from the plummet. How could I have been aperch? All that. All that. Listen….past your window…do you hear that, the leap and the anguish and the falling..”-from Ordinary things, bobblack

  • P.S. I LOVE LOVE THE TANGIER PHOTOGRAPH! :)))….and the Kibbutz pic: especially the Asian woman’s piruet foot and the light on her face :)) (same woman from Nachtwey pic??) :))

    running toward water


  • Ah well, the best most certainly lies ahead and, of course, just getting out there and doing it is the most important thing. Workshop helped me immeasurably with this. But i think too how you live your life, how you approach life, plays a big part in getting out the door and making compelling work. Just figuring that out … big changes … getting a life again ;-) The best is most certainly ahead … :)))

  • David,
    I’ve been taking pictures with intent since November, inspired to do so by you and this blog… everything I’ve done since is throwaway… I’m trying to find my voice, work on my technical chops, get the derivative, puerile, cliche, stupid pictures out of my system. That being said, it’s time, I think, to start making some decisions…

    To answer your question, my best work is on a map somewhere I have never been, but I’m getting closer, slowly, with each step. But I’m enjoying the view as I go along.

    I have a question, David… I’m coming to the conclusion that viewing work on the internet (obviously) is a totally different experience from sitting in a room with some nicely printed 11×14 prints… The internet experience favors a certain type of work, and is totally inappropriate for others (mine, I think!)… for several reasons.. scale is a problem, setting up rhythms between two or more pictures (side-by-side) is impossible, the physicality of the picture is gone. These problems are very destructive to the experience of viewing photography for me. I wonder what you think, and do you think that the primacy of the internet as a vehicle to display work is changing photography, and is it for the better? If a website reduces, in some way, the work, what’s a photographer to do? Should I just cave in to modern living and judge pictures by how they look online?

  • david alan harvey


    you are a great writer/photographer and damn good private detective too!! yes, i shot that on the roof when i you all were interviewing James…


    for all of the virtues of the net, looking at pictures is not really one of them…yes, i feel the same as you about scale, tone etc etc….

    the net is for building community or awareness or information related…having an 11×14 in your hands or a giant wall mural print becomes an entirely different experience…the web is just a tool…NOT a FINAL product…


    thanks for clearing up the history of “f/8 and be there”


    can you please ask me that question again next week (after the 14th)??…i am running now to meet my new students for this week in c’ville…thnx for your patience amigo…

    cheers, dafvid

  • “to live as if the only voice in our body was the spin and hum of the world….”

    BOB! :)))) Yes, yes … consciousness. very well put, i will remember this. You are a muse … did i ever tell you this? it is true, and very rare. someday soon i will have something to show you ….

    And SIDNEY, it’s good to hear from you again neighbor!!!! missed you here. please hang with us :)))


  • i’ve been taking photos for the last ten eyars and i don;t really have mentor, i wish i had but whatever I’ve learned in photography is from asking and getting advice from other photographers.

    i wish i was further in this field than i am now but i think the important thing for me to remember is that i am still doing it, that i haven’t give up and i still continue to submit work for grants etc.

  • No problem David!

    Will definitely say hi to you in C’ville. But will get back at this “future” stuff with you after the 14th.


  • david: wow i was born in Oct.73 one month after Tangier Island was published in Nat Geo, boy do i feel dated. seriously fisherman and his wife is luminous and forces me to realize that some of the best pictures are on our own soil. as a child i would peruse through the pages of national geographic as my grandfather had been a proud subscriber since the first half of the 1900’s. he had a whole bookshelf with many rows by the time i had become a teenager. anyways david i just want to say thank you to the whole staff of national geographic for planting the seed of wanderlust in all of us.

    not sure why however my favorite pictures are almost always made by the old school set of photographers. maybe life was more beautiful back then as it was more simple. maybe everyone had less everything so it was harder to be separate from oneself. i think that the most thought provoking pictures are always the ones that the subject is reduced to their core (essence). not easy to do. more specifically people that cant help but be authentically themselves always because that is who and what they are. after the industrial revolution people started to change undoubtedly and not always for the better good of mankind. with the henry fords model A the american dream was then Born. seems as though an avalanche or snowball effect was in store for all of us. soon enough our material items would start owning many of us. making everyone compare and contrast who has the most or the biggest everything mentality. keeping up with the jones family.. technology is a double edged sword. technology separates and brings us all together simultaneously. perhaps less is more, only time will tell. well i do appreciate you bringing us back to a time that appears to be measured through an hourglass.


  • Inspired by this thread, I determined to go out to f/8 and be there for our happy little burg’s annual homage to Fedora, the hat goddess. My pockets full of Tri-X, my two digital p & s’s set to Postive mode, I sallied forth to record the paraders and their strange hats. Here in our happy little burg the temperature is currently 98 degrees Fahrenheit, or 36.6666667 degrees for those of you on the distaff thermometer, and the humidity is hovering somewhere close to 145%. It is hazy, it is hot, it is excessively humid. In short, even the damn mosquitioes are sweating like Mrs Murphy’s prize pig. I hereby authorize all here on this blog to take me out and slap me until I come to my senses the next time I even think of trying this stunt again.

  • You know what really makes me feel dated? Robert talking about dated he feels because he was born the month after the Tangier Island story came out in NatGeo. If that makes him feel dated, how much more dated must I feel then, since this story came out in the second month of my sophomore year in high school, and now I must listen to infants complaining about how old they’re getting? You guys are not helping me get out of my chronology funk.

  • DAVID,

    I agree completely with your wake up call. Just waiting for a “break”, to be discovered is a dead end, rather than to actively discover. Any successes I’ve had have come from a firm belief in what I was doing, persistence, and “work”, although when things really click, the “work” feels more like “play”, and who wants to stop playing??? So definitely, my “best lays out there ahead” and I am jumping on it.

  • My answer to your question is both. I’ve never been readier than I am RIGHT NOW! And I’ve been through the ringer, so I know.

    It’s as I wrap up here in New York City and ponder my return to full-time shooting “Euroside” that I know I’m ready. Letters from old clients saying good bye and is there anyone I can suggest to them that could take over my work, have helped me realize that I’m ready. Knowing that I have to provide for my kids and set an example that anything is possible with hard work and a little bravery helps too.

    Wanting to make work that will dazzle my wife is a huge motivator. It’s the biggest motivator. Prevarication is not an option. Just make it happen is all that matters.

    I have some good work behind me and I’ve not yet done enough with it but my best is out there waiting for me.

    I’m ready to scavenge ever harder to find the zaniness, the craziness that humankind has to offer. And not just humankind, of course.

    Bring it on, world.

    I wonder, David, about that little book you are, or perhaps were, writing, how goes that?

    Thanks for those invigorating words above.

  • f8 and be there: david, for us neophytes could u please give some background information to tangier island. curious as to a picture taken roughly forty years ago..are you transported back to that scene when you see your own picture ( fisherman and wife) do you remember the scent of the place or the light or perhaps scraps of conversation or a car parked outside or the coffe-tea shared with guests ?? also the camera and film is that all cemented in the minds eye of memory when looking at ones obsession in retrospect through a lifetime of shutter speeds and f-stops ? do you miss the days of kodachrome ? i heard that national geographic society bought over 50,000 rolls of kodachrome and froze it years ago for all the photographers whom prefered this film > true or false ?

  • Getting out there and doing the work…Then finding something to do with the work…Then making it pay…

    Since I took up the camera as a way to integrate into a group foreign to me, photography has taken on its own life. It leads me about like a bull with a ring in its nose.

    People are constantly asking: what kind of photos do you take? I say, whatever comes into my viewfinder. Then I say to myself, what’s up with this need to label what kind of photographer I am. I’m a shooter.

    What kind of photograher am I? What am I doing with the work? Why is it that any time you get into something new that interests you it all of a sudden becomes a deadline? A requirement? Something that has to be done?

    I remember when I was working on getting into Harvey’s loft workshop last October he said it was for those that wanted to get to the next level. At the end of that workshop I felt like I was at another level. It became clear to me, again, that I could shoot good photos and it was a huge relief. Half way through that workshop I was ready to quit and Harvey said, “That’s rediculous.” And it was. But that is how I felt and sometimes, like an alcoholic or drug addict, you have to hit bottom to find your way back up.

    Each time I reach a new peak I feel like I have to start all over climbing another one. Now I am struggling, for some reason, with getting the right exposure. The intense sun of the mainland in summer is one of the issues for sure. Like a newby I feel like I am starting all over again with this exposure issue.

    Then I capture that perfect photo that really blows my skirt and all who see it go WOW. That is what it is all about for me.

    I do have an advantage in that photography doesn’t pay my bills; but then maybe it is a disadvantage in that it doesn’t have to pay my bills and sometimes gets put on the back burner.

    In an earlier topic Harvey commented that he felt my photography was a way of expressing the emotions and tribulations of my life over these past 18 months. That is what I am struggling with now. It is easy enough to take documentary photos but those “conceptual” photos are the hardest for me.

    The pieces I put together from the shoots of the old flames came together nicely but they are documentary, not conceptual.

    My oldest daughter, in whose house we are staying in this portion of the vacation, has a husband in Afghanastan. There are flags and patriotism incorporated into the decor of her new home. Big bed with a lonely figure, kids hanging out in a room with US flag curtains. A little girl with a constrant frown on her face from missing her daddy. But it still hasn’t come together totally.

    How does one take a series of photos depicting the course of events in their life and/or family/friends in a conceptual piece? That is what I am struggling with, besides getting my exposures back on track.

    And one day I might even finally get the flash thing to work for me!


  • great post david. to your point, i know that my future lies with a story up north, way north in fact.

    if only funding were no object :)



  • DAVID,

    Great post… I love the first picture of the fisherman…At first, I had not seen the date and I thought that this could be one of the first pictures from your new American Families project…. By the way, as I saw that you will open the actual Look3 festival on Thursday, I have advanced my arrival by one day….If I drive all the way to Charlottesville, I was not going to miss “Uncle David”….

    Regarding your question, for me, there is no hesitation…If “best” there is, best lays out there ahead. I have so much to learn… I do hope that, at some stage in the future, looking back, I will be able to say that I was able to eventually “get to it”… It may take a little bit longer for me than for others… I guess I am no exception to many who find “good reasons” why they are not doing what they would really like to do…You know my reason…always the same…the busy professional career that I have outside photography that does not always leave me as much time as I would wish to be able to “get to it”. But, at the end of the day, it is a poor excuse…it is entirely up to me to change life and priorities… I am also sometimes wondering if it is possible to also get to it at my own pace, even without becoming a full time professional photographer…I remember that not so long ago, I was not taking any pictures oustide of the 1-2 weeks of vacations I would spend traveling into an exotic destination. I lived in Rome for 3 years and must not have taken one picture of the city…was simply not seeing anything around that was inspiring me…I thought I needed to be somewhere else to take great pictures…and then…I decided that it would be a good idea to join one of your workshops to learn more…in Rome…and then, as you know, during one intense week, I shot more pictures of Rome than in the previous 3 years…during that one week, no excuse…like the other students, I had to produce so I went out and tried to make a few interesting photographs… Since that one week David, there has rarely been a week during which, somehow, I do not touch my camera, or open a book, get out of the door to take a few shots if only to take pictures of my great kids… I will be forever grateful to you for having inspired me, for having encouraged me…I do not know if I could best describe you as a mentor for me… what I know David is that you have a great gift in that you are able to touch others’ life in a unique way…funny to see Bob talk to you as a long time friend, almost family, and yet the two of you have never met…. Great gift to see the best in others and help them realize their best… In many ways, you have touched my life and if I ever “go and get it” this will be thanks to you…Keep reminding us to get out of the door, produce NOW!!!!!NOW is not always easy and in my case, it may take me longer to accumulate a good body of work but hey….recall I am still young!!!!! I am only 40 (Shit, 40???).

    I hope to bump into you and say HI in Charlottesville….I am sure you will be a busy man this week so hopefully we still get a chance to meet… I am traveling there with wife and kids in a good “Harvey fashion” (we are actually heading afterwards to Charleston for one week of vacations with the kids) so I might try to meet few bloggers but may be tough to join party animals like Panos and follow the Rythm….



    PS: By the way, as I needed to get out of the door, I have jsut started my idea of “boxing” in the ghetto. I took some shots and earlier this week, I shared some very large prints that I did for the kids/ guys of the gym….It was great…They loved it and I now have full freedom to go there and shoot. I am sure you will not have much time to look at the start if this project but if some of our bloggers want to have a look and share perspective, this is very welcomed.


    When back from vacations, I will spend more time shooting these kids, at the GYM and outside and, who knows, if you like the idea, we still have the opportunity to possibly turn this into an assignement although I will pursue this idea, assignment or not.

  • Son of a B$%#^!

    I just wrote a long post complete with links to many of the emerging photographers whose portfolios I viewed last night at the public viewing for Review Santa Fe and lost it all. Darn!!!

    To recap…

    I certainly hope my best is ahead. The big question is HOW FAR ahead? :))

    Your comment is very timely. I saw the work of 100 photographers who were juried into Review Santa Fe last night and what was incredibly clear is that most of these folks have WORKED THEIR ASSES OFF.

    Here are links to photographers I liked. Take a look and see what you think.

    http://www.clemencedelimburg.com/ (a former intern for DAH)

  • Nevermind…
    The site won’t let me post all the various links.
    Thinks they are spam.

    I did meet a fellow DAH blogger there.
    Davin Ellicson was a participant. Check out his link too.

  • I think you really need to answer to both sides. Although it’s true that you can’t get anywhere if you don’t have the work to show for it, I find that most photographers have the work and simply believe that if they are a great photographer, then work and recognition will come to them and that’s simply not the case. They need to go out there and show it, market themselves and make sure as many people as possible see their work. You need to produce, yes, but you also need to market. They go hand in hand.

    I also agree that it is important to have that one contact who loves your work. I met a really nice guy who was a supervising editor for AP and if it wasn’t for his help in motivating me, I would have only aspired to find work at the local paper…I’m still trying to find my way, but at least now I have more ambition than that and believe that the possibility of following my dreams exist.

  • DAVID-if i remember right the cover for the tangier story was a crab hanging on the finger of a young man.
    bill abourjilie in norfolk used the 5:8 and be there back in the 60s–that was the first time i had heard of it

  • “get to it”….Obviously! ;-)

    There is always something in your entry posts, David, that hits us and helps redirect our energies, or rething our assumptions. For me, It’s you saying not to knock at too many doors, “please evryone”. And I relate it as well to James Nachtwey telling us he works with few, but committed media outlets (though TIMES is no shabby relationship!).

    Anyway that threw me off, in a good sense.

    I wonder if some here have found that special relationship already, it would be great to tell us.


    I am serious, when I get my book happening I would be honored if you wrote an essay for it!!!!!!!!

    I believe you are by far the most talented essayist I have read in a long time, your work is visceral and emotive to the point where I can feel, tangibly- like the hug you give at the end of each of your pieces, I can feel those arms and the child and the perch, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant….


    I also thought the first shot was from your new series. Also brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Its funny isn’t it, there is always something inside each of us that is so unique and distinctive and it just yells out who we are in our work.

    I reckon its all about finding that thing under the layers of stuff that we are taught that we are meant to be through life. I handed my friend’s (who passed away) 11-year old daughter my camera the day of the funeral to give her something to keep her mind off everything at the wake and her photos are great, framing feel everything. She photographed the celebration of her Dads life without fear. If I have my way she will never learn to be bowed down by the critics either. Or told its ‘inappropriate’ to express herself.

    So I am not sure that it always is about ‘f-8 and be there’ I think it can be more a case of overcoming the knowledge that being creative is not a sin. That picking up a camera, a paintbrush, a pen to express who we are is not either a pleasant ‘hobby’ or a ‘waste of time’ or ‘worthless’ because it doesn’t make money and having the courage of your convictions enough to keep going until you ‘get it’.


    I don’t want to sound like I am whingeing but I do have one question, is it always a struggle- not to do the work, that’s the joyful easy bit- but to try and find that ‘Medici’? Someone that is actually willing to take a bet on you? Maybe I am intrinsically a ‘misfit’ and a ‘loner’ but it seems to me the more my work is more me, the less work I am getting. Or perhaps the point is ‘me’ is crap and not worth continuing with.

  • Herve
    on my last job, I had the good fortune to be in the prescence of a major photo editor, who happened to be a close freind of the person that hired me. so I am thinking holy crap, what an awesome opportunity. we actually kind of collaberated on the event.
    so then when all the work was done, I sent over a disk with all the work on it, and a week later I get an email back saying how much they liked the work, and quote “we should get you on something in LA”, so naturally I am leaping around with joy, doing back flips all the way down 8th street and back again, finally maybe this is it, my opportunity to be featured in a major major publication. I am pacing around, chomping at the bit, a race horse ready to bolt, as soon as that gate opens.
    so I mentioned my book mock up, and the reply is “send it!’ so that was sent out last week. I gave it a week and last Monday sent out a msg, but I still have’nt heard from them yet.
    this is a publication that if I landed an assignment could be huge, but the waiting game is really doing my nut in. I don’t really know what I should do. the last thing I want to do is bother a major editor, but at the same time, I don’t want to slip out of their mind.
    I don’t think thats going to happen, reason being was that I recieved such a positive response. I can’t imagine that such a heavy weight would send out a false msg, but this waiting is so tough.
    its really got me thinking about the relationship that photographers have with art directors and photo editors. we are in their hands. thats pretty tough, you know, especially because we all, in a way, demand our indepedence.
    I have over the last 15 years accumulated a lot of work. work that I am extremely proud of. so I feel that I have a really solid body of work, I have not been idle, but at the same time, I also feel that where I am at right now I think I am producing my best work. (thats just my own thoughts, you can tear my work apart if you want, critique or whatever), so even though I feel good about my work to this point, I really enjoy each step forward.
    so this post “f8 etc”, kind of pertinent to my life right now.
    also made contact with to interesting gallerists today. there is quite a strong art scene developing in downtown LA at the moment.
    so, this was good for me to read Davids post. kind of perfect. we shall see though, like I said last post, had a lot of ups and downs, so…I don’t know. I hope, pray to the Mystery God, something…Mystery God…unravel the secrets of this confusion. show me to the path.

  • Thanks for the honest comments regarding the portraits. Useful feedback. Should perhaps have given a bit of background info… They are not to be included in the essay I am producing. They were shot to be used in the Multimedia piece running with this project. I have audio of the subjects introducing themselves and saying how long they have been living in the cemetery. I hope they work better in this way as the overall response to the images has been mediocre. Thats fine, all the incentive I need to go out and work on my medium format technique. The camera (a Rollei) was gifted to me by my late grandfather, this was its first outing and I have to say I loved using it! I’ll have to check out your site again ERICA for some inspiration.


    Absolutely mate! V. happy to help out. I got your email and will check your work today. Bear with me, will get back to you, promise!!


    Been meaning to say for a while. Love the new site. Right fancy!!!

    Cheers peeps!



    Cheers for that mate, needed a prod today. Very, very eviction type broke AAAARRRGGGHHH! (hope they keep the site up, I owe them $’s on top of all else)

    BTW mediocre response? The new work is unbelievably gorgeous! I am in awe (and kinda envious) When you gonna apply to the big M ‘eh?

  • Wrobert, not everyone has answered David’s yet, but yours was the most honest, probably because it’s happening now too, yet you did not go on a flight of fancy, which is so easy when we talk about art, how much we can achieve by being….Smirk….Unachievers, and call that total freedom.
    You are out there, suspended, and not pretending that whatever happens, you’ ll fall on your feet. No courage, no art.

    Thanks, man, wake-up call from you too.

    Also, coming from the many discussions we have here, and maybe I read wrong, but aren’t we in general putting too much discrepancy between work and “personal project”? Why couldn’t a photographer put as much excellence in work done for a living as in a side project. Somehow, I think that is the challenge underlined in David’s entry: trust your best work is not just a secret garden, but what you really have to offer.

  • Sorry, errata again, I should have written “most personal” work, not “best” work.

  • Hey James, it’s not mediocre, far from it, but when David wrote me a few lines about my EPF essay, he said he was judging it against the highest standard, something I am sure he has told evryone else, and it’s a damned good and honest way to go about it.

    I have not seen anything mediocre from anyone here. It’s the last word that would enter my thoughts.

  • Hello,

    I am not sure to have seized well your expression,
    I think that it is by the work that I shall arrive to a career, I don’t still worry about it, I think that I have to photograph and that it will come later, and I always hope the best of me (but maybe I have already made him(it)? It is what what frightens me), but I continue to photograph by hoping for the best to come…
    This summer, I am going to have some photos exposed in Arles in the gallery sfr and also a projection during the festival Voies Off in Arles, it isn’t much but I am already very satisfied, I always thought that the work will pay one day and I have the impression that it begins, 3 years on a subject and it begins to move….
    found you, accidentally, I learn many things with you all here, notably photographers (you and the others) whom I didn’t know or little, painters, authors… thank you very much
    And I hope that I shall find as you said a gallery owner or a chief editor or…, I have already found a quite small agency photo in Marseille http://www.camayeuxmarseille.com who believes in me, I didn’t gain(win) money for the moment, but they believe in me and it is already a lot…
    I work and we shall see well…

    Kind regards,

  • david, i just have to get to it. my creativity is still developing, but i am ‘ready’, and now i have to use my brain to take my story ideas and content and intimacy in my stories to the next level.

    my ‘armful of great work’ burned up in my house fire last month, right after an agency said i was close but i didn’t quite have a good enough portfolio to join them yet….this is no coincidence in my opinion… all that work was just the first steps on the staircase i am climbing, and i am only looking forward…. so look out!

    –david ryder

  • Classic! You are doing a great blog David! Hope to meet up at Look 3 next week.

  • thank you Cathy for your links…


  • The best work always has to be the next job. One of the great things about taking pictures is you can always get better, be better. Sometimes everything slips through your fingers and turns into a pile of shit but then it would be no fun if it was too easy. I’m currently trying to get hold of some camera traps for my next couple of trips so it could well be a case of F8 and be some where else.

    I’m also waiting for that big break I’ve got some great stories that I failed to do anything with hopefully because I’m a shit businessman rather than a shit photographer.

  • Charlie,

    I did send you a message back with my suggestions for your edit. I hope this email reaches you. Let me know if this is not the case.



  • OK was maybe being a little harsh (woken up hungover by a drill and general loud maintenance sounds in the room directly above me this morning)… and I was by no means just referring to your comments HERVE (thanks for the follow up btw) :) A few have mentioned that the portraits are not up to the caliber of the essay work.

    It is so necessary, and I appreciate it when people are willing to speak there mind regarding edits, pussy footing around is so detrimental to the process. Gotta tell it like it is!!! Hopefully will have the Multimedia finished tomorrow, Its been a real b**ch!!! (drilling and hammering really don’t help the voiceover process either!!!).


  • AKAKY i just had to tell you i laughed out loud this morning reading your comment :))))))

    the day ahead is much lighter to me now, thanks for that!


  • david alan harvey


    as usual, your comments continue to inspire me….you are writing better and better all the time…i will be teaching all this week and so i will not have much time for responding, but i am reading and thinking…..

    by the way, i noticed the other day that we had received well over 20,000 comments here on this forum since we started a little over a year ago…i do not know for sure, but i think that must be quite a few by blogland criteria…yes, yes i have the whole thing printed out…and, yes, i will soon have it all categorized by writer…all of Akaky in one place all of Cathy in another etc etc etc…

    many of you will be around for Look3 and i am wishing that at least one of you will “report from the field” on the whole fest…

    ok, running running to class…this will be my last workshop class for awhile actually…i must totally “drop out” of so many things to work on the family project…

    wishing you all a good day…back soonest…

    cheers et al, david

  • Some I’ve the best advice I’ve read……….

  • DAVID :))…Detective, i guess that’s comes from being a dad ;))…besides, my photographer eye tends to always look for shadows and lights and clues :))…have a great week and marina and i are with you in spirit…will write u after the 2 weeks have past and u’re recovered :))

    YOUNG TOM: ;))))…i dont think im beautiful enough to be a real muse: aren’t they suppose to be gorgeous, the muse that is ;))…but i’ll swallow any pics u have: would be a pleasure to look :))))

    ANTON: Will write u something after you finish your workshop: now, you should concentrate soley on your time and the strong and brilliant insight of David: he’ll give u more than anything i can write about your essay: have fun and knock us out with pics :))

    SISTER LISA: :))))…would be my pleasure: u let me know, and i will make the time for you to write something :))))

    ok, have to run (literally run) with marina :)))

    by the way, i think it’s interesting to put that for some photographers (like us) “personal work” is our work and the work we live and die by, earn money from…for others work that is “assignment” is their bread and butter and their existence ….it is entirely what kind of photographer you are and what means funnels your ends…maybe it’s the “professional” distinction between being Editorial photographers and Fine Art photographers…i dont mean to classify or ghettoize, ’cause i dont believe in that distinction as a differentiating quality but one of funding per se……few magazines or media outlet will show the kind of work that marina and i do, though we try try try to get it seen, and often the outlet for us are galleries or books or websites, where as our best friend in Toronto (an Ian-perry award winning photographer) publishes in newspapers and magazines almost exclusively and often by assignment…though now she’s working on a “personal” project ;))…

    for me, the thing that matters the most is just that: have you committed yourself to what kind of photography you are doing and have you committed yourself to the time to do that…it often comes at great expense (for us, over the last year particularly the expense has been at great financial costs, which is why i am not with y’all this week at Charlottesville)…but, as Marina reminded me on friday: the work and then the money ;))…

    good luck ya’ll, great thread :))

    ps. wrobertangell :)))) good luck good luck…i have a friend also who is a major major PE (she used to work for Magnum too) and i’ve never approached her for work, cause i know her mag would never publish our stuff, so i talk to her instead about photographs…i hope u get all that comes u r way :))

  • I’ve been recently more concerned with WHAT? Rather than WHOM? for a while now.
    The WHAT? is the harder of the 2 to reconcile because the who is subjective and leaves room for excuses……The WHAT?
    Well that’s the question is’nt it?
    I’m still taking knocks and taking pictures , I’m sure it will work out in some fashion …….I am Living the WHAT?

    PAUL – my wife gives me nothing but shit most of the time about my pictures,she is my punter.

  • BOB & DAVID: Inspirational. Thanks for helping us keep the eye on the ball.

    ERICA, LISA, JAMES & ERIC: I haven’t gotten to your emails yet, but I will now. Thanks.

    Why aren’t we talking about a gathering one night in C’ville? I have to leave on Saturday because I’m going to Mexico, but I’m arriving with Brendan on Thursday, so Thursday or Friday night would be ideal!

  • Charlie and all-

    I think that the suggestion to get together one night in C’ville is a great one. Count me in. I do not know the place so if any here can think of somewhere to get together this would be great. Thursday or Friday would indeed be great. Hope someone can figure ot a plan!



  • A question to all.
    Has anyone, especially those “ready”, been contacted by one or some of the editors or profession people, who are, David tells us, dropping by, reading the blog?

    A “maybe?” question to David and all:

    How about a new entry in WS/students for people to introduce themselves, in a few lines, and what they’re after. I am sure I am not the only ones mixing up names, and who said what?

  • David,
    difficult to keep up here as the proxy server makes life complicated !

  • Mr Harvey, regarding the low light assignment, I think you’ve probably seen all of these:


    except for the last one.

  • right on Akaky..

    Ladies and Gents… i just “rediscovered” AKAKY…
    click below:


  • So… STORMY WEATHER …the whole week in
    except tuesday and friday…
    Can anyone from over there send some weather info… plaeese!
    is it really humid?

    do we need umbrellas!!!

    Rihanna U there?

    happy sunday everyone!

  • ;-) @ Anton.

    Panos, I dont think that orange sheet is really me. As for famous on the Web, this, to paraphrase Rene Zellweger, is an honor akin to being the world’s tallest midget.

  • PANOS…

    it is outrageously humid…all up and down the mid Atlantic region…especially south of the Manson-Nixon border.

    I pretty sure I saw a few Yanomami walking through Rock Creek park the other day!

    It pretty much is raining/storming in the afternoon to late evening this week. Shouldn’t be too bad.

  • “…It pretty much is raining/storming in the afternoon to late evening this week. Shouldn’t be too bad.

    Posted by: Michael Kircher | June 08, 2008 at 01:29 PM…”

    thank you Michael for weather info…but
    that last one???
    How do you define “too bad”…?

    I’m california california spoiled!
    dont you see i started complaining already!???
    laughing ,

    “outrageously humid”…
    sounds like a boot camp..

  • SO IS IT

    “F8 ( FATE )”
    “BE THERE”…

    or just , simply f8????

    in other words, is serendipity included in that quote…
    or is it me that thinks that

    F8= FATE…????

  • Panos…said: “How do you define “too bad”…?”

    Just remember….some of the best photographs are in the crappiest weather. Which means we’ll have no excuses!

  • I still think that David McGowan,
    is the guy that picked up the trickiest assignment…
    Because , for America Today, recession is the NUMBER ONE PROBLEM…
    Sorry DavidMcG, i’m not trying to steal your assignment from you…
    Actually I’m NOT..
    Let me explain my “perspective”…
    I’m interested mostly and foremost at the “STILL LIFE”
    version of it…
    My street is getting “empty”…
    houses “repos”…back to the BANK…
    AMERICAN SUBURBIA HOLOCAUST…! coming soon to a little town
    near YOU…!

  • I do not believe “f/8” is the most important part of the quote. It is all about the “Be there” aspect and the way to definite the “where” of “there”. The easiest definition I found is “there=here and now”.

  • Audrey,
    congratulations on the up-coming shows in Arles, that sounds exciting.

    jeez, I kind of spilled my guts.
    when I was shooting at american apparel, yes that shit was getting pulished, but the work was garbage. I have absolutely no work from that time on my blog. I was just a hired gun. one of the puppets that Dov had on a string, and believe me, he is a very controlling guy. fucking maniac actually. pretty amusing to watch the lacky,s (myself included) click their heels and bow their heads etc etc. my point is though, that ultimately, it was catalog work essentialy that I was getting published. not editorial.
    look, I would be really incredibly stoked to shoot an assignment for a major mag, but at the same time I am who I am, and I like my life. so sure I would be crushed if I get blown off, but over the years i have learned how to move on. I just keep taking pictures really.
    the thing that drives me nuts is when I find myself suspended, at the mercy of somebody else. its internal. emotional, nothing has changed on the surface, I have a few solid accounts. its not about putting food on the table, but being recognised for ones strengths and vision.
    I have to say this though wich is essential, and that is that I don’t photograph for what I believe other people want, but rather I photograph how I do, and if an assignment, was hired for that reason. that the client saw what my strengths are and that is why I am shooting for them. hypothetically.
    the clients that I have, (regular work) is not personal. shooting a little product and a little artwork, and its enough to get by on.
    so I will be fine if nothing ever changes, but sure, I want my work to be liked and appreciated, and paid well for. but ultimately I won’t sacrifice my vision or who I am for a photo job. thats what I did at american apparel, and I only want to do that once in my life time.
    ps, there is a cockerel crowing outside my window as I write. downtown LA, its a mixed bag. love it.

  • Eric and Charlie…

    there was talk in an earlier thread about meeting up outside the theater after Mary Ellen Mark’s talk.

    I think that’s still on.

  • to all of you, next week, at Look3

    work hard… enjoy… and, please, don’t forget us here…
    now, it’s your turn… who wants to be our correspondent in Charlottesville?
    um forte abraço para todos,
    Carlos Filipe



  • To all-

    Well, normally Sunday evenings are rather depressing…but not today….Great sunny day behind us, sat by a pool all day messing around with the kids, just had a nice bottle of French wine with the wife…CARPE DIEM! What’s more, this week is a very short week….3 days of “work” and we shall take the road afterwards, drive 7 hours and get to Charlottesville just before 4pm, in time to hear our Grandmaster David present his American Family project. DAVID, is this some of the very new work you have just started??

    Overall, I am excited by the week ahead and cannot wait to see the expos, hear Mary Ellen Mark or Jim who was recently talking to us on the blog….Should be fun and hopefully, I will finally be able to put faces to several of the names from the Blog… Party will not be complete as many of you should really have been there….Bob, we will think hard about you!! Might actually give a bottle of wine to David for when you guys meet!!!! Above all, I look forward to see the little show that David has prepared with many of the work that you guys have done over the past month. James’ essay should be fantastic, Sean as well…and maybe Panos will steal the show….

    CARLOS, I am sure you will have more than one correspondent in Charlottesville…just knowing that Panos will be there, I am sure that you all will get an hourly update from the famous i-Phone!!!!

    Life should always be that easy…..Why can’t every week be like this coming week…..



  • Exactly Eric…
    I was thinking .. to correspond hourly, briefly,
    A complete one sided coverage… iPhone EXTRAVAGANZA…
    I JUST CALL to order a MEDIUM FORMAT iPhone…
    so i can do A PORTRAIT of each and every DAH blogger i will find…

    ,,,In complete touch with the headquarters in Santa Monica, CA,
    and my good friend Ryan Sharif… we will be posting “BREAKING
    NEWS”… and the DAH blogger portraits… (iPhone) portraits…

    I just got informed that there is NO MEDIUM IPHONE, yet..
    so…. let’s work with what we have for now…


    Eric: 4pm Thursday ???? is DAH announcing family project???

  • PANOS,

    I think that indeed it starts at 4PM. I did get, like many I am sure, an e-mail from Nick and Jessica (organizers) saying that (actual quote): “our favourite “Uncle” David Alan Harvey” is going to kick-off Look3 2008 with a presentation of his current project American Family. David will take the stage at 4PM in the Paramount Theater”…. So, bloggers friends, 4PM!!!!


  • Ok.. then…
    my Delta fucking airplane arrives in c/ville at 4:30pm..
    So, it’s only fair to start without me…
    so please let someone to cover the first minutes of the “play”
    until i’ll eventually make there…
    and i will start working , immediately, i promise…!

  • Lakers 59- Celtics 79… and keeps getting worst… 3rd Q.. jee..

    Another bad night for L.A…!
    I’m glad i’m going C/Ville…
    I can’t wait to discover another “slow” town
    and get away from this “monster Megalopolis” for a sec…


  • If I cant be there I hope I can count on Panos to show us a (almost) live update of whats going on at the festival, especially David’s presentation of his American Family project and the slidshow of the work from the blog….Panos, youve got a big job to do


    Can you do a self portrait?

    I am curious….

  • Tricky indeed Panos. I know your stuff is completely different though.

    From yesterday:

  • Prashanth Vishwanathan

    Hi David,

    You always inspire me. The concept of mentoring is something I prefer over any school which teaches photography.

    So if you still got that intern post going would love to come over. :)

    I am off to shoot now… thank you for the push.


    I was travelling the last couple of days and considering the “new world” unveiled to me by your thoughts and the many amazing contributing writers/photographers we have here.
    As many others here I believe my best is ahead, but also already here! I´m happy with my work but, in this very dynamic media, will always be pursuing the best of me, and it will be always ahead. Does it make sense?
    Hard to follow up on this forum… but I don´t give up!

    All the best,
    Ari B.

  • hey all… going to try to post here once in a while during the workshop… don’t know how far i will be able to take it… pretty intense… david is all i felt he would be so great so inspirational on many levels… plus my essay feels so insanely personal…


    atmostphere is great here, weather way too hot&humid… feel very lost for images… going out to think, to write, clear my head manage my feelings

    more tonight


  • Hello,

    I wish you all the best for your workshop with David,

    I hope that there is still a world on this forum?!! I would need your help(assistant)…
    As I have already spoken to you about it, my work 15 minutes will be thrown(planned) to the festival ways off in Arles, and I shall like very much your notices on my selection and my order of presentation…

    Here is the link
    Name: audrey
    Passwords: 15mn

    What is that you appreciate my selection? Maybe I should present only 30, see less? Of what do you think of it? I have difficulty choosing my images and presenting them, I wait impatiently for your comments, thank you

    Kind regards,

  • Audrey,

    I do think there are too many images..the ones I would let go of first are these (les photos que tu peus omettre, a mon avis..)3, 6, 7, 15, 21, 24, 25, 27, 30, 33, 34

    Again, I adore this work and congratulations!

  • I think that question is a good one to keep asking all the time. I know I’ve got some work I feel good about, but me, as a photographer…I’m not ready to bare all. And I never know how far I need to go/get before I do. Maybe it’s a “you’ll know when you’re ready”. I’ve got some individual projects I feel good about, that I’d love to show around, but I also haven’t felt “ready” just yet to sell myself as a photographer and not just individual projects. I’ve never been good at the hustle. But I’ve always always hoped my images would speak for themselves, and then I’d be ready….

    So for now just trying to “get out there and get it”…I think perhaps I need to take a chance and start by showing you guys at some point soon!

    Can’t wait to meet some of you in Charlottesville. I must have missed the post about meeting up…just outside of the theater after Mary Ellen Mark it is.

    Audrey, congratulations on all at Arles, very exciting! Off to look at your edit now…

  • Thank you Erica, yes, I agree, I have far too many images…
    6, 24, 25, 27, 30, 33, 34 are less strong than the others, I also think of it on the other hand 3, 7, 15, 21 are images which I like very

    thank you Anna, I know as it is difficult to show its work, it is so us…


  • Audrey, I like 3..it’s just a little more fun in my eyes, so breaks my flow a bit..7 I like too, I just don’t think it’s absolutely necessary..I enjoyed 15, but again it has a different feeling and pulls me from the series, and 21 I think the content gets lost..but whatever way you go, it’s wonderful..


    I’m sorry that I am not participate here on your blog as often as usually, but here we have warm and sunny time and my senses just get crazy. I want turn to profit this time, so I’m shooting every day.
    Ok. I will be around.

    hugs for all

    Here is so many comments…

  • DAVID,

    thanks for yet an inspiring and insightful post. you and garrett are so right. it is such strange, what and how much one have to be spoon fed, to get your arse out the door, and just do it….intriguing what words (one have to hear), in which circumstances (you are) and pressure (?) one must have in order to get the wheels turning.

    to you question, i have long felt that i was a person who “had an armful of great work” and felt, that i was in the need of a so called “break”…as i was under the impression that i was doing it…am still kinda there (my ego, i guess ;) but at the same time i gotta “f/8 and be there”…and for me it boils down to doing a long(er) time project. spend time with those people i see, and seldom observe/hang out with for over time…(apart from friends…)

    a project like this i recently, to my greatfullness, “discovered”. it is on the theme of homelessness…where i would like to follow a man (who have an interesting story) and hang out…and also experience some of what he has been and is living. my concern with the project, is how the story will be seen by those in charge (as in government and local authorities). i wold hate to have anything negative published with regards to them and their current living situations…but i guess with good intentions, openness and speaking truthfully, this all should be ok, right?

    wish you all a great start to a fantastic week!!


  • Hi Audrey,

    Thank you for sharing! If I were putting this together I’d have to say that #’s 1,3,5,7,9,14,18,19,26,29,36 are the strongest. All of these are powerful and suggestive.

    There are others that might work as well, but these really stand out.

    The only ones I will say do not work for me are 21,32,33. I found no point of interest with these.

    Very strong work over all. Good luck in Arles!

  • Erica,

    I don’t know why we always want to put it more, what you said to me for certain images, I already knew him(it), I like them less but I am going to look at your selection and to see or you want to take me, thank you
    and do not worry you, I take him(it) not bad whole, on the contrary,



    great looking folio here…must have been quite the interesting project…congrats and all best at arles.

    my selection would be:


  • Thank you Michael,

    For 21, I like his(her,its) theatrical side, the background drape and their intimacy, the decoration of the studio is very important for her, but to be few is not it no good image… I am going to reflect about it…

    For Arles, I don’t make party of the meetings of Arles, just man of the festival off, but I am very satisfied all the same…

  • CHARLIE et al,
    There is a Lightstalkers gathering on Friday night, 6:15pm at X Lounge (very near the downtown mall, site of similar gathering last year). I don’t see any reason why all of us can’t crash that. Of course, we’ll all probably be seeing each other all over the place, esp. at David’s presentation, but don’t forget to go to the LS gathering too! Neal Jackson, as always, worked hard to pull it together.

  • Panos,
    looking forward to your live feed from LOOK3 !!!!

  • Audrey,

    Je pense qu’il est normal de vouloir garder tous. On travaille très dur pour les obtenir. La question pour une présentation est comment montrer seulement le meilleur, pour créer un sentiment, oui ? Ainsi, comme tu sais, il est important de dire au revoir à certains. Tu seras à la fin quoi faire..

  • Erica, tu as raison, je vois déjà beaucoup mieux…

  • Rafal, Katharina, ALL.
    I will try my best for LIVE coverage…
    but please , everone that will be in c/ville
    try to help..
    more angles mo better..
    plus I promised for LIVE coverage..

    So.. I will start my coverage from the airport..
    now ..
    I guess everyone has my phone number by now..
    please feel free to call Thursday..
    give me updates, things I shouldn’t miss,
    must see places , happy hour joints..
    Mary jane outlets ..
    or anything else you want..
    we gonna burn this mother..
    the roof is on fire..
    I will repost my phone again on Thursday ,
    but if you want email me at:


    And we will go from there..

  • going on brendan’s post above… since lightstalkers has a meeting place… perhaps we should all meet. i am sure david will agree… we have all been talking on this blog for quiet some time now and i think it would be great to meet everyone.


    or maybe it is too late to plan something… either way i will be there… my contact information is on my website as well… i would love to meet all of you.

  • Hello! Just want to say thank you for the reminder. Right to the point, there is nothing else to do then to go out there. But one needs to be reminded of that from time to time, it is so easy to just focus on the difficulites and never get going. For sure there will be problems along the way, but usually the problems can be solved.

    Tanks and I just must say your photographs inspires me to work harder on my own photographs.

    – Lars-Göran

  • Mike,
    I agree..
    let’s create first meeting , THURSDAY NIGHT..
    if anyone was there last year,
    please choose a spot, whatever..
    anywhere is fine as long as we dont need
    to drive..
    so whoever is familiar with c/ville,
    please step up..

  • Bonjour Audrey, for me

    1 8 11 14 19 21 32 36 37

    I do see your essay more about pantomime than intimacy with the subject (I do not mean access, BTW thumb up on that). So many backs turned, expectedly I suppose, but it accentuates the staleness and anonymousness of it all, and at 15 minutes for a pop, hard to expect more ;-)….

    This not a criticism, just my reading, I am not sure what to make of it. Nothing new, I felt the same about Katarina’s essay in BKK. Actually, I have one question. Does this woman have a child?

    Off to Paris…

  • i was there last year. there are many places to meet. there is a strip of really great places and coffee houses we can grab a bite or a drink at. and you sit outside or inside if you like… lots of cool places…

    lets try and put something together… either night works for me. depending on when everyone will be there lets try for thursday night… if for some reason no one can make it we have all weekend. i will be in virginia tomorrow afternoon and will check for places once i am there.

    does anyone else have any suggestions at all?

  • also….

    david really great post… great thinking for the week ahead i think. lots to think about with this and many conversations sparked by this i think.

    i am a firm believer in always moving forward… everyone works differently yes. but for me i always have to keep moving forward… even if the work does not agree with me i keep going and i keep pushing. i never loose faith in what i am working on. as bob mentioned earlier in this post…

    “if you yourself don’t believe in the breadth and depth, the blood and the breath, the sound and the bone of your work, no one ever will…”

    i am a firm believer in this…

    how do you feel with your work… does the tone change (go get to it/ arm full of work) with each body of work or assignment or is it all the same for you?

  • Mike and Panos…and anyone else…

    Again, last thing I knew there was going to be a meet-up outside the Paramount after Mary Ellen Mark’s presentation, which is right after David’s, which should work out perfectly.

    Mike, you were there before, it looks to me from Google Maps that the theater is right near the “mall” and all the cafes and bars and restaurants and such….yes?

  • MK’s got it—there’s plenty of places to get a drink on the mall right after Mary Ellen Mark. We’ll just meet in front of the theater, but I’m sure some of us will meet before, too.

  • “be there” in this case means also that you have to recognize what is around you. the important and meaningful “subjects” can be and quite usually are right in front of your eyes. the only problem with this kind of photography is that after you have started it you can’t escape it as the “subject” is all the time around you. in my own photography i have always “been there” as i have mostly taken pictures of my family and friends, and people around me and there are many images that i wish i wouldn’t have taken. still this kind of “being there” is the most meaningful photography that I can personally think of, but it is important to mention that i do not consider other photography to be meaningless as i try to understand all works that i see. good example is Goldin who has pretty much “been there” all of her life, documenting her own life and the life of her friends, or sally mann, or the early larry clark. so the great photography in my opinion doesn’t usually come from the exotic places, but from your own city, town, village, or home and about the people close to you as usually in these cases there are no boundaries between the people, and the person who has the camera. the problem is that it’s not easy to get money out of this kind of “work” (i do not consider myself working when i take my photos, more like writing a diary and documenting at the same time) and it takes alot of time to produce bodies of work out of the life around you without being repetitious.

  • michael,

    yes there are lots of places right along especially right by the theatre. many places to eat and grab coffee. the paramount is a great meeting place…


    can you meet there??? its a really easy place to meet because everyone will be there to see the work.

    and yes it is totally walkable

  • It’s refreshing to read your down-to-earth posts.

    Best wishes from rainy Costa Rica.


  • JUKKA,

    You are right with your definition of ” Be there”. I too long time throught that I should be anywhere else than where I am for photograph. It is very frustating. And it is not productive. I still want to photograph the world, but I do not still wait the world to shoot each day what is around me.

  • As often happens, this post by David has come at an incredibly appropriate time. Yes, I do “f/8 and be there.” I’m out there ALL the time and when I’m not, I’m editing what I took while I was out there. I realize I’m fortunate because I have TIME–something so many of you don’t have–and I don’t have to support myself or a young family with my work as a photographer. Hey, I’m in the Medicare/Social Security age bracket which sucks in some ways but is a real plus in others. Yes, I’ve done some commissioned work but generally speaking I’m following my own Muse.

    I have no illusions about becoming a “well known” photographer. All I want is to keep growing, keep pushing the envelope, keep thinking outside the box, keep honing my skills and listening to my Intuition, and working at becoming the very best that I can be. So it surprises me to hear from a respected editor of a respected photography mag that he loves my work. Not only loves it, but GETS it! That’s what I learned today during a lengthy telephone interview with Brooks Jensen of LensWork.

    Having them accept my unsolicited Dualities portfolio for publication on Lenswork’s July/August Extended DVD was enough of a kick, but to hear what Brooks had to say about the work, the idea behind it, the execution…well, I’m left breathless.

    It’s not that Brooks Jensen is going to be my Medici but just knowing how highly he respects my work is enough to give my confidence a much-needed boost.

    So now I’m anxious to keep going, growing and learning. In connection with that I’ve signed up to take a weekend workshop with Mary Ellen Mark at The Center for Photography at Woodstock (NY) in early August. Now THAT should be an experience!!! One that I’m sure will give me much to ponder and to assimilate, as well as a great big kick in the pants!! But now I feel ready for whatever comes.

  • Mike B,MK, DavidMcG,
    and ALL C/villians..
    Ok.. Paramount it is the place to be..
    I’m in the car right now..
    but later I’m gonna email my number
    to a couple of friends here ..
    so I feel safer and not so lonely..
    I already got Mike W. Number so
    .. So far so good..
    we are on the same page.
    At last.. Our blog from a Radio show
    turns into a tv show..
    its funny coz so far I created my own
    “faces” for all of you.. But now time to reveal
    our real faces..
    Phantom of the opera style..
    I hope I won’t scare anyone by pulling
    my mask ..
    but I already know that nobody expects
    cuteness from me anyways..

  • I had hoped to make it to LOOK3 but no go — an excess of life has intervened. I do wish everyone a grand time, and hope someone (several of you, at least!) keep the rest of us updated and jealous.


  • dont worry Joan..
    I will do what David did with Allard and James..
    they talk, I type..

    My goal is to try to interview as much
    bloggers I can..
    I’ll try to keep my ideas and impressions
    I will focus at our iconic famous bloggers
    from this blog , their ideas, their views..

    .. And everynight , late late ,
    I will do the wrap up show..
    with the highliights and the SHADOWS
    of the day..
    stay tuned..
    in my return I will also
    so you get the PICTURE..

    And finally TOTALLY INSPIRED
    I will shoot video and make things even
    more “real”..
    hopefully David McG will do the same
    so we get it ALL COVERED..

    Keep driving..

  • I was in C’ville last year and it was great. So I just want to wish you all who will be there this year to have a great time…

    One warning though: you are all, naturally, very excited to meet… but this place (DAH blog) wont be the same for you upon your return. Reading Panos (or anyone else you meet), once you meet him in person, will be a totally different experience… ARE YOU READY for magic and mystery behind all of these names to disappear?

    So, BE THERE, but be aware, there are consequences… Just kidding, enjoy it.

    P.S. If interested here you can read (and see some photos) about my impressions from last year.

  • I think it’s the nature of this crowd, no matter what we’ve achieved, to always think/know our best work is ahead of us. I’m sure it’s the Harvey model of pushing and reinventing!

    Why am I not doing what I really want to be doing? I kind of am, I’m just not making any money. And that’s fine, for now—essentially I’ve exchanged money for time.

    Good ideas sometimes get choked out by self doubt and a line of questioning I allow get the best of me, at least when shooting people.

    My photo demons. Does this person understand my intent? Am I bothering them? Can I really own this shoot from start to finish? Is my camera too big? Is this the light I want? Am I over thinking? Why am I not talking? What is the first step?

    I think the stuff I’m working on now offers the opportunity to start dismissing the wrong questions, and to just keep framing and popping the shutter. I could be a good case study making things happen RIGHT NOW! That makes me nervous—wait, that’s self doubt again.

    So far editors haven’t called. So what do I do? Blame it on the economy, and shoot a story about it.

    This group in particular seems to be on the cusp of great things, and here we have a home to share that hunger. It’s competitive and noncompetitive at the same time.

    “but if you are “special” there are also way way more opportunities…and so so much room for invention….i swear, i have never seen so much room!!!”

    I think that line is really exciting, because invention is going to sift out the pros from the prosumers, but beyond that it’s such a nice treat to witness invention first hand, and know something big is happening. This is truly an emerging crowd.

    Three days until C’ville!

  • BOB … hmmm, yes, perhaps “muse” is wrong word, i doubt you have the legs for it, good point … and “sage” is too much, and implies too much age and advice, not that … certainly thought provoking, even inspirational on occassion, and that is too little. But why do i try to box you in, define you, when you are “Just Bob,” and i think you will understand how i mean this as a compliment. I have an idea inspired by you … and you will see it first just as Panos has inspired an idea as well … he will see his first … both very different, and not. Someday. Thanks Bob.

    “…So far editors haven’t called. So what do I do? Blame it on the economy, and shoot a story about it…”

    “…but if you are “special” there are also way way more opportunities…and so so much room for invention….i swear, i have never seen so much room!!!…”



    “…ARE YOU READY for magic and mystery behind all of these names to disappear?

    So, BE THERE, but be aware, there are consequences…”

    VEBA DAMN RIGHT, although i dont think that the mystery will
    disappear… it could actually get ignited…

    ah , will see!

  • mystère gets “ignited”??..

    I wonder what I’m trying to say here..
    you guys really wanna let me do
    “live coverage” on this..?

    I still wonder how the hell anyone
    can ignite a mystery..!!!?

  • DAMN BOB …
    HERVE, AKAKY and the rest of the really STRONG writers..
    we need you…
    but , hey , there must be a reason for everything in this world
    hmmm… again..
    ( Reason for everything ??? : except from the things i choose to do, i guess )

  • Panos, I’m sure a joint effort will spark much inspiration. Could be the highlight of the fest. And so on.

  • Thank you David,
    I just felt into the “self-doubt” zone for a sec…
    plus my herb “doc” is outta town…

    so, i feel very sensitive tonite!!!

  • Yeah my puns were pretty sloppy. I could have done much better. Sleep now.

  • You see!!??? What I mean?
    everytime I start tripping..
    everybody disappears except from
    David and Young Tom..!

    Ain’t this discouraging ??
    and I love DavidMcG and I also love Tom H.
    well ..
    where the hell is everyone else????

  • David McGowan,
    please post the video one LAST time
    I have a hard time finding it ,
    god damn..

  • Bonjour,

    I saw revised my selection which is much more reduced thanks to all, it helped me to see more clearly…


    I wanted that this person remains anonymous because first of all she asked to me for it (even if I have her written authorization, her 22-year-old daughter doen’tt know about her profession, I don’t moreover know how she managed to protect her). In France, the passive soliciting is reprehensible by the law, and I would not want that she(it) is annoyed by my fault…But I understand that you are not sensitive to my series, I take him(it) not bad whole, each has the preferences what me frightened…. it is to provoke the indifference…



    please ALWAYS respect the anonymity of your “INSIDERS”…

    otherwise you are gonna be abducted just like me…

    And not everybody is AS generous AS my boy Stephen…

    ‘nough said… moving away…
    disappearing from Venice… faaaaaaast!

    peace ya’ll

  • I am not sure to have understood(included) everything well also, I am sorry if I hurt(damaged) somebody, is not it especially my intention, I thank you for all your comments….

  • PANOS, PLEASE!!!!!!!




  • okay… just finished editing… i am so empty… i need to sleep… wake up tomorrow morning for first light… for more imagemaking…

    i promised more info… david has us go out to shoot every day… every next morning at 9 show the images… you HAVE to be there, only excuse is when you are shooting… my god panos, i’m beginning to sound like you :)))))

    here are my first days… raw, unedited, and a bonus from this night! even before david sees it…

    title: the process of making “DISLOCATE”

    DAY ONE (no clue what i’m doing)

    DAY TWO (in a dark place, dislocated)

    DAY THREE (PART ONE… david no see yet… pretty intense… self portrait night to complement day two… also music)

    DAY THREE (PART TWO – portraits… david also no see yet…)

    sleep now

  • LISA:

    … if not else… i will try to take a picture of PANOS… then run like hell and post it before he catches me!!!!

    i will not take any pictures of you when you are in charlottesville

    don’t believe the above, shhh don’t tell panos :)))))


  • I love the work I’ve seen by photographers in this forum, and I hope to feature some of you at GlobalCompassion.com (click my name above for the link).

    GlobalCompassion.com is not a commercial site, but it’s designed by a photographer (me) to give photographers exposure.

    Please take a look. Your comments are welcome, too.

    David, I just bought “Divided Soul” and it’s inspiring me with new ways to see.

  • Sorry, I should have said “click my name BELOW” for the link. Or just:


  • Dear all,

    Leaving in a couple of hours for the 18 hour road trip to Charlottesville. Over the Smokeys I go.

    Looking forward to meeting all of you on Thursday and whenever throughout the weekend.

    I’ll be the woman from Maui with the southern accent.


  • ALL:

    Well, as to Veba’s (Velibor) description of the “disenchantment” of meeting folk in real life, i’d say that’s more a state of my beloved Sarajevo’s poet’s world view ;)), disenchantment Veba, you know, comes when folk “create” a more whole-some (so to speak) idea prior: I loved u even more in real life than as a blogger at LS or DAH :)))))….i trust it’s mutual ;)))))))))….

    so, my mask has always been off (‘cept for the sunglasses), but there’ll be at least one of y’all who’ll be able to take my mask off for y’all: MIKE BERUBE, is real-life friend, and we’ve sat down and drunk together and chatted, and yes, he’s met the mysterious Mrs. Black (photo-babe extraordinaire) too, so Mike will have to pony up whether im the same or different, nice guy or motherfucker…next year, we’ll make our debut ;)))


    wow, loved all the series…particularly given the dislocation and discomfort…really really loved the story about the car, ALOT!..:))…of course the self-portrait series is lovely and evocative and revealing of this experience, and the portrait of Bee is lovely…so much terrific terrific work there anton: what u need my words for, bro?…they aint shit, just keep goin’ on the doin’on you’ll for doin! gotta think david’s gonna be real happy and proud of yu!…and too, as an exercise it’s brilliant: specially car “portrait” :))..there’s a writing technique that i subscribe too and it’s the same way i shoot photographs (especially if i dont have an idea for something): just shoot what is in front and see if it interests you, see where it carries you, same is true with writing…these short clips remind me of that: david alan harvey’s a brilliant guy and it’s clear that he’s digging this exercise for y’all and what a difference! :))) good on you anton…david’s a magician-teacher and you’re physicality and emotional expession are so strong, congrats anton: lovely lovely inspired stuff :))



    Just beautiful lil’ bro, just beautiful…

    Now I’m running too…

  • david alan harvey


    the photographers here who do have assignments have certainly already talked here about what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it…and when the work is complete, we will publish it here in its entirety along with whatever text the photographer deems necessary…and all of them now have links with their work and their bios….

    i am not quite sure what you mean by “ready”..we have photographers here who seem to be moving in the direction of securing magazine assignments and others who are more likely to pursue the world of print collectors….however, i do not think we have published enough work here from members of this forum for any editor to pick up the phone and call anyone for an assignment…seems unlikely….however,in the coming months when we have here perhaps 10 or so really strong essays online, i think you will see relationships start to develop…my goal, as always with the photogs i mentor, is to move photographers to their personal next step….that “next step” does not necessarily mean suddenly running off on a round the world assignment …. as i look carefully at the profession today, the world of exhibitions, gallery shows and book publishing with dominate the old world of financing projects through magazine assignments…

    and since there is so little funding available from the traditional media, is the very reason why i have tried to raise funding right here for photographers to pursue their projects….

    so, yes, if someone gets “discovered” here by a magazine editor , that would be terrific….but if you look at the stories being developed now, very few would fall into the category of being publishable by existing media….we are inventing something here….doing certain stories that would not “fit” in any magazine that i know…but, deserve to be published in any case…

    please know that if i see a photographer here or anywhere that i think deserves a “shot” at a traditional media assignment, i will pick up the phone and call an appropriate editor…i have done exactly that many times with my students over the years….i have mentored 6 published books from former students and i think i have 4 or 5 out regularly doing magazine work….and many many others who have discovered their own voice and are either selling prints or maxing out their talents in a way that makes sense to them…..

    will i see you in Paris at the end of the month????


    thursday night sounds fine for a gathering of our “tribe”…but, you may be a bit shocked at how many of “us” there are….i was totally blown away when i found out that all three workshops going on now with Allard, Richards and moi, around 60 photographers total, are all members of this forum…and it is an international group to be sure….8 countries represented in my class…

    anyway, i have a house which has been rented for me…you are welcomed here…

    my little slice of the festival pie kicks in at 4pm on thursday with a showing of the student work from this week, followed by the Emerging Photographer slide show, followed by a few photographs i have made for my family project…..

    Mary Ellen Mark is on at 7pm and will probably go to 9pm…we could drift over to my house after her show…make sense???

    please see me after my presentation and we will firm up a PLAN!!!! although, as you will soon see, having a “plan” can be a bit of an oxymoron at any photo fest….

    the bloggers who are here already have managed to clean me out of a couple of refrigerators full of beer etc…..thirsty crowd you folks!!!….please help me out a little by bringing some refreshments…cool??? many many thanks….

    see you soonest…..

    cheers et al, david

  • DAVID,

    It’s been 100 degrees in the urban shade here for 4 days, and I like many have been moving slowly..but your words above just quickened me..can’t wait.

    Looking forward to finding some hummus/bread and fruit to bring along to keep the throngs satiated at your house. Thanks for having us..


    your images really make me think about the mystery and magic of working digitally..there is something in light that is very compelling in this new work.


    il me semble que personne n’est fâché, et tu as été compris

  • david

    i really like the way you remind us that one has to get out and take photographs to be a photographer, and i also like your practical advise how to go about looking for the ‘mentor’, somebody with whom one can have ‘the relationship going, somebody who loves his work the most. i quite see the point that it is better to try to impress some and actually impressing one or two rather than trying to impress everybody and ending up impressing none. it is an invaluable advise.

    only one thing that i may share with you. may be some young photographers starting with big dreams probably face it at some point or the other. as a young photographer (without that mentor), you go out, do your jobs to the best of abilities sincerely and all the earnestness and hard work. though you first started photography without any big dream, but after you gather some experience, one fine morning it dawns upon you that you can do some real good job. so you put in more hard work disregarding all the odds and expectations that one faces from family and others. you realize you have improved quite a lot, and in spite of trying your best, you don’t find that ‘mentor’ that you have been looking for, may be because you don’t know how to do it, though everybody you meet ‘like’ your work. one day, standing on your own foot and not dreaming anymore, you realize that the pressure has mounted to a level where you cannot just ignore it anymore. so you have to make the choice, whether to continue trying to make a living out of photography and be happy ever after or just get the hell out of it and do something else, like selling potatoes or some other mentor-less jobs.

    the experiences that you shared with us regarding Bill Garrett liking your story, of course it has changed the course of your life. the toughest part is just before that, when everything seems to be crumbling down, and you are pushed to the wall. one gets over it, the others don’t.

    i also totally agree with you about the immense possibilities of the net for photographers of today.

    but now, in stead of writing so much, i must get out and BE THERE! :)

    thanks for reminding…

  • YOUNG TOM :)))…hey, i’ve got the legs bro, and the bod (im running, for real!) :))…but, not the overall beauty ;))))…give me what u got: i’d be a pleasure :))


  • DAVID and ALL,

    About f8 and be there..I’ve been musing (tho my thoughts haven’t taken me too far, maybe someone else has some insight) on what this means for someone who shoots in the way I do, more subject driven than happening driven.

    It seems I am getting more and more clear about the kind of images I want to make, and at the moment that feels like more specific, and therefore, perhaps more narrow in scope.

    For example, I went out (inspired by David’s initial post) in our million degree weather to brave the masses of the Puerto Rico day parade. I’ve been twice before, so I had a sense of the working conditions.

    I photographed one man all day..obviously, had I not been there (and I was at f8 :) ) there would be no chance of getting any image – and in no way I am suggesting that one doesn’t have to do the work to get the work – but what I am musing over has to do with working intentionally and recognizing the times when one is primed to make good work vs when you just aren’t connecting. And with me, my m.o. is all about connection and an inner drive to connect..so is it important to keep showing up when the urge to connect isn’t there, or is that just a waste of film? It takes a certain kind and amount of energy for me to shoot as I do, and sometimes that energy goes dormant.

    Is it important to push even when one feels withdrawn, or will this just result in disconnected work? Or might that disconnect yield something greater that what comes from following a specific, known vision?

  • Erica:


    I think (as i read David’s post and as i balance his experience and ideas with my own philosophy/work habit) that what David is suggesting and what the other f8/bethere means a bit different. I think that the only REAL way to do anything is to DO IT, and do it in the WAY YOU understand that. Being a photographer (in this blog’s example) means many different things to different people. Like my beloved Jukka wrote, i too tend to photograph those who are near, and those people: that includes family, friends, students…but also places that have impacted me…it’s also often “idea” driven: that is i never care about 1 good photo, but rather a story that im working on or inspired by…but this is very different from others…there are great photographers who are incessant about shooting (every day, every hour) like David for example: this keeps them limber and agile and “fresh” (to use a Harveyism), there are others you “stew”…i tend to stew…but im constantly thinking and working…constantly looking thinking “seeing”…and, at least for me, when photography finally bit me hard, i decided that sometimes i would deliberately NOT take my camera (i’ve written about that more poetically here before) as an act of discipline: could i ‘see’ without the camera, could i live with the “lost moments”, lost time, lost people, etc…it’s hard, but eventually it changed my entire relationship…by im not on assignment (sometimes i wish i were) for a newspaper or magazine, but im constantly thinking and constantly at work on projects…sometimes withdraw and confusion and frustration actually yield results and connectivity in ways that ar extraordinarily fresh…

    and then there is the beloved accident…the magical accident: sometimes its re-appraising old work/negatives, sometimes it’s a new face, sometimes its a mistake in the work, and then viola…for me, it’s just like writing: a photographer needs to yield to the work and philosophy that works best for them, not based on what another prescribes, but what feels best most true for them…i live with a photographer whose work is brilliant and strange (and more will know her this year as she will submit for the new EPF when David opens the entries)…and her work method is also entirely different from mine…

    sometimes, as i wrote to anton, the very act of shooting (even when you dont feel like) yields extraordinary things, sometimes it doesnt, just shit…sometimes doing nothing builds…it’s an impossible algebra to cultivate, only this: does someone field that photography is enough of the expressionof their life that it becomes an organic part of who they are?…all of us, all of us TALK more about being a photographer then shooting, that’s part of the trade i think, but i think that each person, as when dancing or listening to music, knows in their heart what feels write…

    now, how does one become a good or interesting photographer?…well…im afraid that’s a question that most likely will never be answered: a combination of luck, will, hard work, luck, genes, mentorship, hard work, luck, thinking, doing, luck, accident, luck, hardwork, luck, etc ;))))…

    in truth, the VALUE of david’s blog for me over the last 15 months as not been to “question” myself, but to re-affirm…what i mean is this: all the great advice and posts that David has given us, all the great ideas and comments that all of the people who’ve written here have given me can be boiled down to one simple thing:

    while doubt is a part of our waking workingl ives, each person must dig deep to get at the heart of who they are and what kind of work they want to do, and finding that or listening to that voice is the hardest part…

    i dont believe my photography or my writing is anything earth shaddering profound or significant but i know this:

    I know it’s part of the life and blood of who i am and aint no one gonna tag the mule other than me, and it’s almost all i can give my wife and son, after the love and the living :))


  • p.s. AKAKY, PLEASE DONT JUMP ON MY ASS FOR MY SPELLING AND GRAMMAR ;)))))))…i know “shattering” not “shaddering”…im typing and running ;)))..my submission to pubs are usually more carefully edited ;)))

  • You know, it’s funny that you mention students come to you seeking the secrets to photojournalism, life. When I attended your workshop last year I had no illusions of grandeur. But deep down I must confess that I hoped you could some how illuminate my path. I felt so lost with my photography during that time.

    I look back and laugh at that thought. You don’t know me, so how could you possibly know my best path? But that is what was so magnificent about your class. I came to that realization while wandering the streets of NYC for the first time. All too often I have had editors assign me a story, complete with contact info and even a time to photograph. I’ve basically had my hand held throughout my entire photographic career.

    Your talk about authorship rang through on that first day of class. At that moment I knew that the class wasn’t going to be about what you could do for me, but what I could finally do for myself. I missed out on a few good beers and even better chats because I was sleeping on the door mats of homeless shelters for the first time to prove to myself I could truly document life the way I had always wanted.

    My great work is out there some where, I believe that. And like you said, I just need to go out and take authorship.

    Thanks David.

  • BOB– Call me if you and Marina can connect. I’m here in Toronto. +1.323.216.6460

    David– Great post. BE THERE to meet FATE with F/8! Don’t you want to do an after party on Saturday for those of us who can’t make it until the tail end?! :))))

  • Shaddering? you’re doing that just for the halibut, arent you? Just trying to give me a haddock just like everybody else who comes down the pike. that’s just offal, chum, absolutely bloody offal. I should see a sturgeon, or someone who knows how to get a stain that size off a manta plays. I want whirled peas the sejm as everyone else, but I am not preprayered to pushkin out oeuf the whey to get it. Ah wail.

  • PS. it occurs to me that poor Audrey will run the above through the translator and then wonder if the computer or I am completely out of our minds. I wonder what the French equivalent of WTF is? And should I take poisson while I am at it?

  • “give me what u got: i’d be a pleasure :))”

    Bob, i’m not sure how to take that given our conversation my friend … but i’m sure i know what you mean, thanks :)))

  • “I am completely out of our minds”

    … perhaps the most telling statement you’ve made Akaky … whoever y’all are ;-)

  • Akaky,
    My Cod, that’s funny.


    thanks so much for the kind words… means so much to me…

    bob you were right david did like it… feeling in a much better place right now because the struggle in my head led to something i could express… which almost always doesn’t happen… david made it happen…

    am really really empty right now, charging up again hopefully for tonight… going for more but i don’t know yet what…

    hmm thinking a DAH portrait anton-style :))))


  • That’s finny, Mike. I’d go outside and give the mussels a stretch, give my life some tang for a change, maybe pour some heart and sole into shooting today. But its too hot for that at the moment; I wish it were cold and clammy again.

  • MR. JOYCE! (i mean mr. akaky): that’s one halibut of a carp de tong-ung….

    won’t even allezt there now (moi brain is fry-eyed, sans beurre, mais avec soiled-sole, soulessly roe-d)…

    u da man! :))))))))))))

    YOUNG TOM: u thinkin’ what i was thinkin’?..guess so (the intent, until Akaky’s lexical genius trump=halibutt-d me!) :)))…no worries, got me the world’s finest catch at home, im the pickled herring in my family :)))…i’ll take all pics :)))))…

    LINDA-O :)))…i have meditation with marina tonight,…tomorrow is the only opening…i’ll talk to her and call u tomorrow…thursday/friday dead-in-the=water, baited and hooked those days (god, these fish metaphors are stinky), so if we meet, it’ll have to be tomorrow…marina works, so let me double check and call u manyana…



  • ANTON: :)))

    would love to see a series on David :)))) AND KEEP IT UP (so to speak)…the work is great!!! :)))..


    keep going..

  • Yes Bob, these fishpuns really smelt bad, didnt they?

  • And will parents be able to get vouchers to send their spawn to schools for the hard of herring?

  • Roe to the man who puns too caviarly.

  • I’m late weighing in, Anton, but I find “Dislocated” quite powerful–and poignant–so far. Keep up the good work, my friend. You’re doing it for all of us stay-at-homes!!! And YES to a DAH portrait Anton-style! Now, get some sleep tonight ;=)


  • all,

    i am here today. ran into david as well for a quick second. thursday night get together sounds like fun. i will bring beer for sure.

    is anyone else here yet… my contact is on my website.

    look forward to meeting all of you.

  • sorry… tiredness has kicked in… drove for 12 hrs… be “here” i meant i am in c’ville.

  • AKAKY!!!


    Once again you have made my day!

    Cheers- er- now was it Dad? (or step -Dad?)

  • BOB ..thank you and my gut tells me the same..

    As well, I think it is helpful to have someone else, like a mentor, looking in from out because sometimes it is difficult to see our own excuses for what they are..and it can be a boon to have a reality check now and again when needed.

    That said..all systems are go for my assignment as soon as I return from LOOK and buy the last few things..am very excited..talked with the maker of my new camera today, Peter Gowland, 92 and impassioned still..and am starting to round up some willing subjects.

    Also have found 2 similar projects done in the last decade, which have stirred my self dialogue about my reason for doing this and how it will be mine..


  • @audrey: 08, 01, 11, 14, 10, 22, 37 (bingo!) ;-) (just brainstorming) tomorrow I should book stuff for arles if I manage to wake up early enough to make phonecalls and stuff…

  • These are some nice videos of David:

  • Bob– Hope it works out for Wed. Would be great to meet you and Marina!

  • Love this f… blog… Inspiring… because of it, I will be creating my first web site… David, thank you again for this space. Everyone, check the cool article about David H and his workshop in the new issue of American Photo Magazine. Have fun… Luis

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    …A gypsy with a broken flag and a flashing ring

    “Son, this ain’t a dream no more, it’s the real thing.”

  • ………I can smell the tail of the dragon.
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    Can you tell me who to contact here, senor?……………………….

  • ………………………….. you know their hearts is as hard as leather.
    Well, give me a minute, let me get it together.
    I just gotta pick myself up off the floor………………………………………

  • david alan harvey


    so so sorry you are not here this week….rest assured that i will find some way to meet with you …i think i am one link behind on seeing your newest work….and i will not be able to take a look until next week….


    i need an aspirin….no, not from your puns, but from last nite…..now, you can see how difficult it is to just keep up here online with this “cast and crew” assembled on our forum, but you cannot quite imagine what it is like when they actually show up “in person” as seems to be happening at Look3…


    i will link to your web when you are set up….i was not aware the American Photo piece was out…thanks for the tip…


    will i see you in Paris the last week in june??? i may not go to Arles….i really love Arles, but i am getting so so wrapped into my family series that i feel compelled to get back to it soonest….

    in any case, i do hope we can meet soonest and i am anxious to see your newest work….

    cheers, david

  • LIND O:

    will call u this afternoon…:))


  • ERICA :))

    yea, cant wait to see :))..make sure David gets some Hummus for that hangover of his :))))

    DAVID: :))…look3 hasnt started yet, dont give urself amigo: u’ve got like 6 days left ;))))))…with u in spirit…

    running y’all

  • david alan harvey


    yes, yes…you have it right…


    many thanks for your kind words….you are totally “on the case” and i will expect to see your work published “everywhere” sometime very soon….you have all of the right “tools”….please come to see me when you get back to the states…..

    LINDA O….

    i think saturday nite has so so much going on that it would be tough to round everyone up…but, in any case, the door to my house is open to you….


    Anton or Robert or Pete or somebody else told me last nite that you were not going to make it for our opening show…late flight arrival???…

    c’mon dude, you can’t miss this….YOUR MOMENT…..the EPF show is part of the opening for the whole Look3 fest.. please try to change that flight if there is any way possible…

    BUT, if you really really really cannot make it in time,and those guys told me you were going to miss it by an hour or so (too close, too frustrating), then you will just have to get reports from some of us…you will have plenty to see of course anyway, but it would be a shame for you to come all this way and miss your own gig…

    now, i realize i am going to make you crazy thinking about this…sorry…relax..travel safe….do the best you can…you will enjoy the whole fest no matter what….

    see you soonest….i hope soonest is in time to see the show….if not, soonest will just be soonest….

    peace, david

  • Hello David,

    Maybe you come to Visa for the Image to Perpignan in September ? I am embarrassed to say to you that financially it is difficult to me to return me in Paris at this month end, I hope that we shall meet very soon…
    I began to work on my parents, dandruff accumulate, I have to develop, but I have no impression to make extraordinary things although he(it) is I shall put them on-line soon,

    Kind regards,

  • Still not down with Snoop or the Doors, Panos…

    here’s 3 guys who are more my speed

  • LISA,

    I’m not sure, even if Bob is. Be content, however, that I didnt try to sell you for cold cuts.

  • Hello All,

    After responding to my LS posting, Erica suggested that I post here.

    This is a last minute inquiry for a room, or floor to share at Look 3. I had arrangements with a friend in the area, but his plans changed. On a tight budget: I was hoping to exchange work, but I am willing to pay if anything is available.

    If no one has suggestions, I was entertaining sleeping on the trail (am coming ready to do so anyway) – any recommendations on this front?


  • ALL,

    Does anyone have an extra ticket I can buy for Look3? I wanted till last minute because of other plans and turns out I can make it for a couple days and I need a ticket. If so, send me an email. Many thanks.




    Thanks for your message. Yes, I know when the time is right we will meet, maybe here in Detroit as you cross the country finding American Families. Speaking of which, I already have a Lebanese-American Muslim family who have agreed to be part of your project and still want to ask a lesbian couple who have a little girl & boy, and a single middle-aged male nurse who fosters refugee boys from countries like the Sudan, Iraq, Nigeria and Somalia.

    Regarding my link to recent work, I’m glad you didn’t respond when I posted it. I’m in the process of totally reworking this idea.


    I would very much appreciate your feedback on a reworked series that I tentatively call “my morning toilette.” Constructive criticism is what I’m after. This is a subject I’ve been trying to work with for a long time but have found it a tough nut to crack. Please help me!


    PASSWORD: disability


  • BOB– Hope to hear from you! 1-323-216-6460.

    DAVID– Thanks for the kind invite! Wish I was there right now. Could only get there for the weekend, but am living vicariously through the blog and Panos’ posts!


  • Jonathan –

    Just sent you a message.


  • it is a great post, it mentioned me how much I LOST by not reading this blog for a while. but this blog frightened me. first you David with asking the exact questions I’ve tried to escape from and after that all of you guys with your comments you seem ALL to me special!
    “good reasons” why they are not doing what they would really like to do…
    the same reason I stopped reading this blog. I was afraid.

    i had given up a “real job” and a “real salary” to take this chance with Natgeo…

    yah I did the same thing too and I was extraordinary happy I was working on my personal works and for magazine too to earn enough money to continue then it was happened I felt I’m losing my identity. I was mixed so much with people I was taking pictures and my reaction (hiding myself) was maybe incorrect, it became hard to GO THERE

    so how do I feel now?? better… like a photographer who goes out again and yah my best lays out there ahead, I hope so

  • hey all… update from me at c’ville…

    day 4: trying a new approach to add to the “dark series” of day 2 & 3, tried adding more people and movement into the frame. didn’t really work out the way i wanted, it feels like a slightly different subject (although the style remains the same). to pull off this street photog i think i should have a had a clear subject/place and story. only the vertical of the car really fits in (and was withheld)


    day 5: basically we all have to supply a final essay of 5 images for the slideshow (images that we created in the first five days), and i’m ok already with the work of the first 3 days… so the presure’s off a little… thank god… actually even might have 2 essays (the b&w dark images as opposed to the color portraits) so i’m really glad :)))

    i hope david lets me show both….

    but anyway, tried to bring the sun back in the darkness in day 5 (david no see yet):


    (and a re-crop of an image from day 4)

    tomorrow morning we will all be preparing our definitive edit for the slideshow… maybe YOU can give your take here… which 5 images form a compelling story to you guys, and how would you order them? this would be GREAT

    BOB BRO (and ALL others) i am counting on you guys & gals!!!!!!!!

    i’m soooooooo exhausted right now… i feel like i’ve been photographing, producing, editing, learning, watching more intensely than any other time in my life… truly truly the thing i needed to focus myself and my vision of things… i have A TON of new ideas that i can and will pursue, and the knowledge to actually do it in a professional way… thanks DAVID, thanks…. you are great… love you and love the fact that we work AND party hard :)))))

    going to bed again now, will wake up VERY early to prepare for final edit…

    fingers crossed

    peace to all

  • could anybody tell me that it is possible yet to suggest a subject and send a link of my work or not?
    the good idea post was in 1th May and seems you all wrote yours at the time…

  • hello all, Just logging in for te first time since I arrived in Paris. My time to find out how hard to keep abreast of all posts when you leave the blog alone for 48 hours. A humonguous task! And I hear from the kitchen, Mom is telling me lunch is ready….

    Running, back later, and please everyone in C-ville, have one or 2 on me.

    David, do not forget me, when you are in Paris. To meet Audrey would also be a great honor, if she is in the capital at this time.

    Coming, Mom, coming…..

  • p.s. I love random post too! I used to take more randome pix, I’m going to find out way I became stranger for my camera or my camera for me
    BOBBLACK you write so complicated :0 I got disappointed with my english!

  • LIND-O:

    SORRY ABOUT NOT CALLING, yesterday was an unexpectedly hectic day (life of the family)…i’ll call u this afternoon…Marina cant meet (she had to work yesterday and her plate is filled for today/tomorrow)..i’ll call today ~noon..


    I’ll take a look now :)))..im sure it’s wonderful BUT Bro, that’s the hard work dog, you gotta do your own editing ;))))) 5 pics from 5 days: wow, that’s a tight edit (good for you mr. harvey! :))) )…get u words in a sec…


  • ANTON: look at day 4/day5 stuff 3 times now…from day 4: love the vertical image of the Car!! :))..the first image of woman is nice (a la d’agata/ackerman) and seems totally out of place with charlottesville (which is why i like this photograph much: u brought u to that lovely, pretty buccolic village (been there a few times in my day, prior to FOP/Look)..and like the abstract (of course) pic of wood floorboards with dog in background (almost want dog more “visible” (what f-stop?))…day 5: like best the last sun-comes through pic (of that sequence: cool, ’cause i once submitted to david a photo of a flash from a peson who was photographing me photographing them: all black but the ring of the light ;) )….it seems like its been an amazing experience and a really extraordinarily productive 5 days amigo…what i like about the entirety of these 5 essays is that they have your mark, what appears to me your mark, all over them: you brought u to c-ville and yet c-ville left it’s mark on you: that car shit is gorgeous, really!…plus the portrait work :))

    NO WAY, Anton, im gonna pic images for u, that’s your job and each of us has our own fucked-in-the-head way to see and feel, the only thing i’ll say is this: for you, which seems the strongest voice of who you are and what you saw/heard/felt in charlottesville…u’ve got lots of great stuff and u wont go wrong :))…and if david chooses 1 essay (color vs. b/w), i’d say either way you cannot fail, cause both have some deleriously gorgeous images (i love the outoffocus shot of the white stationwagon against the field of brown)…

    thanks so much for sharing anton :))

    wish we were there…


  • just read in the news, about the death squads in oaxaca…with two radio activists being assassinated…sad news.
    do you know them or any of this story David?


    wish all look3 participants good times in C’ville!! (and of course everyone else too, who are not there :)

    next year, the rest of us, who are now not available to head there, have to be BE THERE!!


  • Hi, David,

    This entry of yours couldn’t have come at a better time. Ever since I quit my job as an advertising creative to become a photographer, I have been continuously searching for my Medici. There were a lot of could-have-beens, but none really stood as out as “The One” like you described. I must admit, maybe I didn’t have any “Work” worth looking at when I was starting, but those days are now eating the dust kicked up by my warp drive. And yet, “The One” remains elusive. And on days like these, the desire to be where I need to be becomes as slippery as well.

    But like I said, your words bring hope. “If you have the work… your Medici will materialize.” Yes, yes, the air is tingling; something is close. I am somewhat invigorated. I will dream in color this night.


    P.S. David, when you have the time, I would really appreciate it if you could revisit my website and see the new stuff I put up there and tell me what you think. Regards!

  • ANTON,

    I’m realy impress by the quantity and quality of the work you did in just 4 days. A workshop with David seems so intense than one day only with him must help us to win one year of experience.

  • Just in case anyone has the time & inclination to check out my most recent series–“my morning toilette”–I’ve just added five images and deleted one, so the image #s have changed. I also added a text introduction.

    Again, I would very much appreciate your feedback. What works & what doesn’t? Is this approach one that holds your interest? Would it work better with different photos or even a different approach? Does the sequencing work or is it too predictable? I know I need to tighten up the editing/selection but wanted to give you plenty of choices.

    Since I was first diagnosed with MS at age 46 in 1988 I’ve tried to address the subject of disability through painting, drawing, writing and, most recently, photography. It’s not easy because so many people go weird–into pity places–when you bring it up at all. But my intention is simply to show another way of being embodied, one that has its challenges & perks, just like anything else.

    Again the link is


    PASSWORD: disability


  • Patricia,

    I just did a quick google search to better familiarize myself with the symptoms of MS. The first to pop up were visual symptoms: blurred + double vision, jerky + constant under/overshooting eye movements, lack of coordination between the eyes, nystagmus, diplopia, flashing lights when moving eyes + in response to sudden noise… I have no idea if you experience any of these… They seem to me interesting points of departure.

    The work you’ve posted gives me a glimpse of what you SEE when you emerge into the world each morning. It’s very literal and a bit too obvious for my taste. That said, I would love to see more of YOU and your “embodiment” (your word) in this project. I don’t feel like I’m accessing YOUR heart, YOUR body, YOUR struggle. I want to know what it’s like to be YOU. Not you pre 46… you NOW. I feel as though images of your scooter are a constant barrier, tertiary to the real meat and potatoes, camouflage.

    As far as I know, you are the only one in our group who can tell THIS story — you’re truly an INSIDER. What is it really like?

    Anna B.

  • david alan harvey


    i welcome your idea and link….we started with this in may, but it is an ongoing “work in progress”…i look forward to hearing from you…


    in two hours comes the opening ceremony of Look3….this opening will consist of slide shows from the workshops of Gene Richards, William Albert Allard and DAH…

    following t will be the show “ROAD TRIPS: A Photographic Journal”..created from our forum here….our first public live “debut”…i do not think it will be our last….

    i only have 15 minutes for this slide show, so i had to cut it down to 11 of you….there will be a longer version for future events and online link….actually 15 minutes is really all i would want for this type of show which follows other slide shows and is in front of others…

    photographers selected for this show are:

    Erica McDonald

    Bob Black

    Ralph Pruszynski

    Panos Skoulidas

    Kyunghee Lee

    Katia Roberts

    Chris Bickford

    James Chance

    Sean Gallagher

    Mike Berube

    Katharina Hesse

    please do not feel discouraged if you are not in this show…there will be more coming….but, of course, the “ball is your court” in terms of producing a high level of work…but, i am here to help you do just that….

    please wish your colleagues well….if this goes down good, we will have an even better chance of funding for many of you in the future….

    ok, running to your show!!!

    peace , love, etc…..david

  • running, jumping,
    connecting flights, pushing,
    losing, achieving, wasting time..
    fucking humid Atlanta .
    what a mess.. Still trying to make it
    on time.. Motherfucking Oddyssey.
    just like real life..
    keep running..
    sooner or later I’ll be there..
    I have no choice..
    its not about the final destination
    its about the trip..

  • Good luck, guys, and knock’em dead, a sentiment that has always struck me as more than a little strange, since slaughtering the audience en masse is hardly the best way to endear yourself and your work to them and their immediate survivors.

  • Akaky, you reminded me of something, don’t ask me why… When Saving Private Ryan (which is awful) came out , everyone was saying how the opening scenes show the reality of war… But Samuel Fuller (director of The Big Red One) said something like this: ‘The only way to show the audience the reality of war is to get the machine guns on the stage and shoot at them…’.

  • uffff….
    i’m honored,
    bless you david.

    btw, i love love love fisherman and wife.
    so intimate, quiet and familiar.
    and the luz is deliciousss.

    Have fun all of you at LOOK3!
    i wish i could be there but my budget does not allow.
    looking forward to many updates and photos.
    someone make a photo of gene richards for me!
    yet another photographic ‘hero’..
    and lots of DAH for sure.

    love & laughter,


  • ERICA,



    KYUNGHEE (you’ll be getting a letter from Marina today),


    CHRIS (i haven’t forgotten to write you about OSX-its coming, i’ve started something for u),


    SEAN (i’m sad we didnt get to meet this trip ($$$), but Arantxa and i are sending u our spirits)

    LITTLE BROTHER HAROLD (MIKE B), (im so so happy and well, give me some of that coffee AND KEEP sending those phone pics, espcially tonight!!!


    KAT (i am so so happy your work is going to be seen: see i told u: never give up and believe in yourself, ’cause no one else will if you don’t: marina will be so happy for you, will tell her tonight!)..

    CONGRATULATIONS ALL OF YOU. I AM SO HAPPY AND PROUD OF YOU AND I KNOW THAT YOUR WORK WILL BE WELL RECEIVED AND WILL MAKE A GREAT IMPACT!!!! MY ONLY LAMENT (BIG) IS THAT MARINA AND I didnt have the $$ to go (welcome to the pleasuredome of life), but we are with all of you in spirit…and i hope to god Panos makes it on time!!! :)))



    DAVID: I DONT KNOW how more i can tell u, but you are simply the best and i am forever greatful to you and what you have done and given to us, all here, and to me. As i told you privately/publically, i dont think of you as a Medici, but as a big brother and a friend who has helped me (spiritually) and my family over the last years in ways you have no idea about yet…and it aint about the recongition of photography, but about your unquenchable and pulpy heart which refuses to yield to cynicism or ennui or start-status pretense, you are the real deal and that is why i start writing here 14 months ago and why i’ll never go, even when i get pooped or reduced to computer time…

    you have given me, and us, something more important than mentorship or advice or acknowledgment or recognition:

    you have fed us the the breadth and crest of your loved-living life and have marked us by love and community and friendship and in a world probated by much less more often, that is a gift that is phenomenonally rare and I for one want to tell u again that, to me, is the agency of your brilliance and your stardom…even more than your keen mind and great photography and wise mentoring/teaching…

    a dancer in the most richer way…

    thank you for your love and all that….

    corn pipe too ;))


  • LINDA O: p.s, i just wrote ur number and it’s long distance, so i’ll go u when i get home (cant call from the school where i teach)…so wont be in 10 mintues ;))


  • Veba, I wouldnt be giving Mr Fuller’s remark wide circulation, lest some actor see it and see in it a solution to his or her problems with the critics.

  • Come on, Bob, tell us how you really feel…

  • Anton, ALL..
    I. Already called couple of people..
    unfortunately running out of fucking
    iPhone battery.. Running on fumes..

    Right now I’m outside the “paramount “..
    please call 310 4259298..
    I also need to find Ben
    to give me directions for the afterparty..
    recharge that piece of shit..
    BOB, ALL,

  • I find endless congratulatory messages insufferable but i just can’t help but say, with great sincerity …

    … a better assembly of Road Trip artists for Look3 i can’t imagine … hats off to you all, just amazing insightful work … and, and just wanted to add, i have learned much, much from everyone here … thank you all!

    And David, well, what can we say that wouldn’t be lacking in the appreciation you deserve … except thank you for being you. I can feel something even more amazing and as yet undefined coming from all of this … it transcended “blog” long ago.

  • Hey David,

    no big problem but could you use Rafal instead of Ralph? Again its not really a big deal so dont sweat it. I use Ralph in Korea because its the English version of my name.

    Anyway, Im really really hoping that someone does a “live” coverage of this one….would be awesome if panos did his iPhone thing at the show….

  • Oh wait, looking at the time I guess its already done:) So forget the above

    so…who was there? How was it? I want all the details:)

  • Anyway David,

    super big thanks for this opportunity and pretty much for getting me on a different road after that portfolio review you gave me in Seoul. Lots of stuff to think about and a great example of how honesty, harsh honesty is so priceless. So big thanks again, I would have LOVED to be there today but thats the thing about living so far away. Hopfully we can meet up again somewhere, in Seoul or NYC or who knows where.


    How proud I am of you folks who, I’m sure, WOWED them at Look3!!!!! And David, how grateful I am to you for being so open-handed & open-hearted as a mentor to all of us here. Instead of taking the limelight for yourself, you shared it with us. Such a magnanimous gesture! Thank you seems a small word but it carries my heart.

    ANNA B.

    I am deeply grateful to you for taking the time, not only to view my new series of photos, but to research MS and then to share your response to my work so honestly. Your words give me much food for thought. You might be interested in checking out my June 13th photo blog. In it I respond both photographically & verbally to your comments. The URL is


    Thank you so much for helping me grow into this subject.


    P.S. I have no visual symptoms…lucky me!


    Congrats on the show!!! Looks like a fantastic line up, those are 11 great photographers I reckon!

    Now how did it go? Did you knock ’em dead?

    Please PANOS, let us know!

  • Congratulations to you all ! Very good festival and very beautiful meetings…


    ps: Hervé, I shall be also very happy to meet you


    especially for Panos and Rafal!


  • Congrats to all the slide show exhibitors! I wish I could be there to see it. David- maybe you can post a low res Quicktime video of the slideshow some time???

  • OK folks! Charlottesville VA…east coast United States of America. Party at Harvey’s! Booze! And other mind altering fun. Lance, mike, David, Sean, ME!, and …drum roll…Panos!(there are others, but I’m alittle too drunk to remember.) Hate to spoil your well cultivated reputation MR Panos…but he’s of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Seriously. Bill allard, Thom Mangelsen, Nachtwey,…I’m talkin’ serious freakin’ folks here people! Michael C. Maria Arago. (sp?) Bryan Harvey. Booze. (other stuff!) (thanks panos!) I’m with my beautiful wife, Rachel. I think Allard liked her! Who can blame him?

    Anyway, exceptional coolness…drunken coolness. OH! And look for a groups photo by the man…DAH! I will be posting at my blog in the coming days. Not tonight though. Too tired. Going to bed. David…love you man! Thanks for everything.

    Sorry no pics tonight. Soon though.

    Be good,


  • ALL…

    the opening show was great here at charlottesville… man we students were impressed with how all the hard work came together in the slideshow… so intense…

    and then david’s show and the preview of his “off for a family drive”… what to say… blows me away…

    mary ellen mark hugely impressive as well…

    and then PANOS!

    and for all you who couldn’t make it… i’ll try to bring you the atmosphere at david’s house today… unedited party pics!


    you can recognize PANOS in there for sure, but where is he….



    thanks for the words bro… really… they mean much to me… will put up the final edit that david made soon…



    Thanx lil’ bro, can’t believe you managed to post the pics!!!!

    Exceptional work!

    I reckon Panos is in the last frame talking with David, looks like he has a black bandana on his head…

    Am I right?


    For anyone that is interested I have added a few more shots to ‘Beautiful Music’ on lisahogben.com

    If you have any editing suggestions I’d love to hear them, ‘cos I am going to be spending time with the choir members in their daily life for the next little while so I imagine its going to end up a pretty lengthy essay, so there is no room for weak shots.

    I have a kind of a deadline for the preliminary shots on this one so any advice is most welcomed.

    You know you get to that point where you can’t see your own stuff anymore- thats exactly where I am so if you can help with identifying the crap (there are two I am not sure about at least) I would be really grateful


  • Did anyone have a chance to videocast the 15 minutes DAH presentation, and up to the point where Panos is heard banging on te hall windows to get in, there at last, as in a cool remake of THE GRADUATE’s church scene? :-))))

    Lots of love coming from these last posts. Thanks all in C-ville for all the updates for those of us who couldn’t be there. Keep them coming….

  • Anton, your party pix are FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Great energy, technique, captures, etc. etc. You, my friend, really rock!!!!! Thanks so much for putting us in your pocket. We got to enjoy it all without the hangover…


  • MICHAEL: :)))))))))))))…GREAT drunken post ;)))…wish to see a pic of Allard anamoured with the mrs. ;)))..believe me, being married to a heart-breaker myself, know that scene too: :)))))))…waiting to see pics

    ANTON: :)))..i wasn’t TOO sad last night until i saw the party pics :(((((((((…DAMN DAMN DAMN…thanks for letting those of us who couldnt be there ringside!:)))..they’re wonderful: love all, dig the pic of Lance “singing” opera with a bud in his hand ;)))…and mi amigo Panos, im guessing the last pic 2 :)))…originally thought he was bald beauty with read shirt, but after looking at last pic, im guessing that’s him: those are 2 lovely goatee ;)))…cant wait to see hour final cut…got some feedback last night from friends about the ROAD TRIP/BLOG projections :)))))…happy for others here to see them :)))

    PAATRICIA: I’ve been trying ALL MORNING to go to your pics but Pbase is stuck…with a date from Feb…i will try later in the morning to look again and read u something…i had no idea you had MS (dont worry, i dont pitty u my dear, i’ve lived with blindness my whole life, and most have no idea the energy inside ;)) )…will write u something as soon as i get the link up (and i havent forgotten the pic we chatted about :))…it’s been an intense 3 weeks…


  • Hi PATRICIA :))

    ok, so finally Pbased workeD :)) (and i guess im the only non-hung over blog member, so i hope im not coming across as singing in the wind ;)) ), so, some words for you :))

    ok, firstly I totally understand what Anna wrote you and her impression and I think her words/insight are powerful and ones that you should take to heart: hers is a very astute and sensitive reading! :)…I have a slightly different take on the series so far which i’d like to share with you :))

    First, I found them very emotionally compelling, very compelling. This has nothing to do with you being “disabled” or a photographer with a disability. I find them emotionally and psychically honest. Though I found a a few repetitive, or rather a few could be chopped on the edit board, i found the totality of the essay very insightful, and more importantly very generous. I have to tell you that one of the strongest emotions that I felt was TENSION. At some point i felt almost clausterphobic, clausterphobic in the best sense. There is no getting around that you movement is “confined” to the dimensions and definitions of space: it is your reality in a way that most, nearly all people, simply never understand nor appreciate. We are all DEFINED by confined space, spaped and haunted and carved by it and yet most people never understand this, never appreciate their space, both the enclosure of it and the freedom of it (including the freedomon of definitions/enclosures). You, because of your circumstances, cannot escape your physical and your immediate/emotional relationship to space: it is there for you. the repetition of the scotter wasn’t tertiary for me but 1st level: as if this is your exo-skeleton (i fucking love skeletons), your external bones that are part of your abmulation, physically and emotionally. How does one negotiate space with their own body: i see the scooter and all the attendant tools that you need (the railing on the stairs, the chair on the stairs, the seat in the tub) as additional extensions of you, not “aids” but real. This created a real and dense clausterphobia for me, not because “poor ms. patricia who needs a skooter a bath seat a stair chair etc” but the emotion of someone who is confined by space because of their life, their size, their energy, their philosophy! We are all confined in our own way and it is this negotiation of space that is so remarkable in your piece..

    in truth, for me, it wasnt at all about MS or your disability (well, of course i also loved the faitfulness of you staying in the shooting point-of-view from your chair, your seat, your bed, this is affective shooting that allows us to be you, at least visually) but about the negotiation of place for each of us. This was true too with your dance/techno stuff. I can appreciate the “diability” part of you from the fierceness of your pointofview, hiplevel shooting (for those of us who would be standing) but this is, for me, the ENTRANCE to the work, the real strength and heart of this work and maybe all of your work is that your story is about EACH OF US and how we encounter the world around us…who has not felt enclosed by limitation (physically, socially, emotionally, aesthetically, familiarly, romantically, etc)?…we’re all pinned in by our surroundings, and often how we view that is the definition of how we negotiation our lives…

    it is your, in this essay, refusal to toss in sentimentality that really lends for me the strength…this is the morning, so i need to see you: the legs, the painted nails, the bedsheets, etc…now, i want to see this continue, the world outside as your burst wide…you have uncommon joy and strength and energy (i dont mean this cause of ms, but cause of the posts u right here: remember, i didnt know u had ms until last week when u showed the skooter)…

    for me the essay can and will move larger than ms, but about how each of us gathers ourselves…it is more “obvious” for someone like you because WE see you “confined”, but we all are and we all neogtiate this and that is what i love about this work…

    cut some of the pics that (again, i never like to tell another photographer which, cause each has their own vision) seem to repeat others and continue…

    as for the spirit of Patricia, i didnt need that in these toilette pics, cause it’s morning and it’s your beginning (i aint that mad-crazy either in the morning) but i can see this dance move move funk-thunk as the day continues :))

    u can write me off blog, if you want more words :)))

    thanks Patricia


  • p.s LOVE THE TATOO! :)) at least what looks like a tatoo :))


    I agree with all that BoB and Anna B have said, but I would just like to say there is one photo that to me really stands out and thats the one of the stairwell/corridor with the chair at the end of it.

    It just feels so forlorn and yearning- I really ‘feel’ that shot, its about humanity and its very clearly articulated to me. I don’t know but some of the others seem a bit kind of how it ‘is’ to be in your situation, rather than how it ‘feels’.

    I reckon that it must be pretty bloody hard and I can tell you, you are definitely braver than me. While James Nachtwey is a great ‘war’ photographer I am sure even he would blanch at trying to photograph a war within his own body.

    You keep going with this Patricia, I think it could be an extraordinary document one day.


  • Love the party pics and reports thanks Anton and Michael.

    Don’t know if it’s possible with this “arty” crowd but I would enjoy seeing photos of the group that are in focus…it would be great to see what everyone actually looks like!

    Is anyone up for this? Erica perhaps?

  • First, I am not hung over; even if I’d gone to FoP, and really, they’ve got to come up with a better acronym than that–FoP is so 18th century–I still wouldnt be hung over.
    Second, I too weary of endless insufferable congratulatory messages to the well-deserving, so let’s stop doing that and congratulate me, instead. What have I done to deserve congratulations? Not a goddam thing, but then, I am a civil servant and nothing is what I am supposed to be not doing. I would strive for that perfect Zen like state of stasis that all civil servants yearn to reach, wherein I do nothing, I accomplish nothing, I become one with the Void in triplicate, and still get paid for not doing any of this, but to strive to do anything is to do something, which is anathema to the whole point of the civil service. Now that I think of it, this is probably why so few people like my stuff. Mr Harvey wants to see people in my work, whereas I am trying to get rid of the people altogether. It is a truism amongst those of us who work for the public that we can not accomplish a lot more than we aren’t accomplishing now if only we could find some way to keep the public out of the building. An impossible dream, you might say, but I still haven’t given up that one day I might reach that unreachable star.

  • i second that, cathy!
    in-focus photos.
    please. someone.

    there was a point last night …

    ok… restart..

    1) i was sitting all alone outside paramount..
    A long haired guy approached me with two twelve packs in his hands…
    it was michael C.. he said “are you panos”?? , “… then follow me home..”
    2) blazed one..
    got back to the theater.. i meet DAH… WE MADE SO MUCH NOISE THAT THE WHOLE
    PARAMOUNT STOPPED BREATHING for a sec.. or at least i did…
    … it was a point that i was walking next to 4 NAT GEO GIANTS.. going back to david’s…
    i was crying.. the “GIANTS” were talking about Venice Beach..

    we spent 8 hours analyzing the blog and each character.. we talked so much about BOB
    and AKAKY or HERVE or CATHY or RAFAL for example that you guys wouldnt believe…

    the 5 people in the room soon begun 400…
    DAH turns and tells me… ok
    help me.. lets split the crowd in two groups, two rooms , two GROUP SHOTS…
    then MICHAEL K showed with his very beautiful plus smart wife…
    … then Mike Berube stepped in… then this, then that… then CHRIS H…

    then Nachtwey… then National GEO..
    THEN WE HAD TO DO A “MAGNUM” analysis… then KELLY.L.J…. ( hot)…
    then this, then that….
    Early in the morning…. THE CROWD LEFT… WE GOT THE MUNCHES…

    … DAH DECIDES WE SHOULD EAT… HE IS PICKY… like a drunk devil… he wants FUCKING
    WAFFLES… fucking waffles ….
    We ended up next to my hotel having SOUP AND A TURKEY SANDWICH…
    I dont think he noticed… i still think he thinks he had waffles…!!! lol..
    Then the four of us left got so delusional … got back in the car and decided
    to find my room… my hotel..
    We were right next to my MARRIOT hotel… but who cares…!!!
    we got back in the car , start driving (CHRIS )..for an hour just to realize that
    we WERE AT THE HOTEL… we ate soup there … WE WERE THERE, thats why we cant
    find the place…….

    I FORGOT TO SAY that DAH was so content with the slideshow presentation..
    they used a fucking $200.000 projector…
    ANTON, is a character by the way… and CHRISTINA FARAMO is the sweetest person
    i met… last night.. or maybe not…

    ALLARD is the funniest guy….
    I cant believe so many people new me last night…
    I cant believe how many lurkers readers i met….
    I cant believe people wasting precious time to read my shit…

    At one point DAH asked me to organize a post that everyone would step in and leave
    one comment…SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE…

    ok.. i need to fight this hangover…
    i need to call DAvid now… he promised me a LOOSE day …
    I will post as i go.. my iphone is charged…
    ill be bugging you all day… now

    he promised me ( since i missed my slideshow) to go back tonight for a PRIVATE show…


    I still can’t believe that at one point i was walking down the street with the president of NATGEO
    explaining to him about my theories and connection about freaky venice…



  • … i will shoot today more crispy portraits of everybody..
    anybody, any questions, kinky sexy questions…
    please ASK, ANYTHING…

    ( i can’t believe how many female photographers are out there
    reading but not posting… like Nayantara )..

    oh , i forgot to say that ANTON is n amazing kid….
    super energy, best smile…. love , love , love and LOVE

    there was a point that DAH asked DAVID MCG to photograph us
    with the flash… David McG doesnt care…
    he has his own agenda… me and DAH WERE YELLING AND BEGGING HIM TO USE HIS POP UP FLASH because we wanted
    an overexposed burned night photo…
    Well, again.. DavidMcG could care less…
    He did his thing…
    i love this blog…

    VEBA… i thought i might get a little dissapointed by meeting the real faces… BUT NO… NOT AT ALL…

    this our radio, tv, talk, soap show…

    THIS IS A FINE ART OF COMEDY… we serve here..

    HE TALKED ABOUT A BOOK ( blog ), exhibition…

    and before i forget again…

    THE “GLUE”

    THANK YOU MIKE C… coz i know that without you,
    DAH wouldnt be able to keep up…

    again, small, smallest, smallish peak…


  • Okay, people in North Carolina are talking about me….behind my back no less….this is probably not a good time to bring up the fact that among the more unattractive features of my personality, and a feature I do my best to hide here, is an ongoing and completely rampant paranoia about almost everything you can think of. Please do not inflame the paranoiacs; we are very nice people when you get to know us and we promise we won’t hurt anyone with that arsenal we have stashed in the pantry next to the cans of string beans. Thank you.

  • I’m sorry, Charlottesville is in Virginia, isn’t it? Yes it is; you’d think I would have remembered something like that. Ah well.

  • AKAKY,
    there was a point that i was talking to DAH about YOU,
    so i had to ADMIT OPENLY,
    of your posts….
    and this little beautiful , babyface girl steps in out of nowhere
    ( i honestly cant remember the name… really pretty face and said:

    and i thought i was the comedy.. guy..
    so AKAKY be as paranoid as you want ..
    people LOVE YOU… they read your shit

    ANNA B,,,
    I might send you some iphone portraits later to help me post in your blog,..,. coz i dont want to wait until tomorrow…
    but so far … still fighting the hangover a bit,..,
    i will be checking the iphone so please ask me , ANYTHING..



    please say hi to DIMA from uncle Panos…


    thank you (really) for your description and in focus picture so we can live a little bit of C’ville… WE WANT MORE from everyone!

    is it possible that I saw Chris A. in one of your (energetic) Pictures?

    I love your work, seems to have a sense and strong emotion to me, I’ll write you an email.

    have a beer for me.. yes one more!!!

    thank you (really) for your description and in focus picture so we can live a little bit of C’ville… WE WANT MORE from everyone!

    is it possible that I saw Chris A. in one of your (energetic) Pictures?

    I love your work, seems to have a sense and strong emotion to me, I’ll write you an email.

    have a beer for me.. yes one more!!!

    thank you (really) for your description and in focus picture so we can live a little bit of C’ville… WE WANT MORE from everyone!

    is it possible that I saw Chris A. in one of your (energetic) Pictures?

    I love your work, seems to have a sense and strong emotion to me, I’ll write you an email.

    have a beer for me.. yes one more!!!

    thank you (really) for your description and in focus picture so we can live a little bit of C’ville… WE WANT MORE from everyone!

    is it possible that I saw Chris A. in one of your (energetic) Pictures?

    I love your work, seems to have a sense and strong emotion to me, I’ll write you an email.

    have a beer for me.. yes one more!!!

    thank you (really) for your description and in focus picture so we can live a little bit of C’ville… WE WANT MORE from everyone!

    is it possible that I saw Chris A. in one of your (energetic) Pictures?

    I love your work, seems to have a sense and strong emotion to me, I’ll write you an email.

    have a beer for me.. yes one more!!!

    thank you (really) for your description and in focus picture so we can live a little bit of C’ville… WE WANT MORE from everyone!

    is it possible that I saw Chris A. in one of your (energetic) Pictures?

    I love your work, seems to have a sense and strong emotion to me, I’ll write you an email.

    have a beer for me.. yes one more!!!


    thank you (really) for your description and in focus picture so we can live a little bit of C’ville… WE WANT MORE from everyone!


    is it possible that I saw Chris A. in one of your (energetic) Pictures?


    I love your work, seems to have a sense and strong emotion to me, I’ll write you an email.


    have a beer for me.. yes one more!!!

  • …. what about the girl in pink twice in the right side of DAH pictures?

    waiting for the new post….

  • …. what about the girl in pink twice in the right side of DAH pictures?

    waiting for the new post….

  • …. what about the girl in pink twice in the right side of DAH pictures?

    waiting for the new post….

  • …. what about the girl in pink twice in the right side of DAH pictures?

    waiting for the new post….

  • …. what about the girl in pink twice in the right side of DAH pictures?

    waiting for the new post….

  • …. what about the girl in pink twice in the right side of DAH pictures?

    waiting for the new post….

  • …. what about the girl in pink twice in the right side of DAH pictures?

    waiting for the new post….

  • thank you Panos for the division(sharing)…

  • You didnt get her name and number?! Yikes! :-(

  • I have just understood the sense of “be there”. It means be in Charloteville ! Next time, I’m there. I’m just a jealous guy now. ;)

  • Ok… Live from the PARAMOUNT..

    me sitting to his right..
    Next to me is sitting SEAN GALLAGHER,
    and to his right Is DAVID MCG….

    WITKIN STARTS AT 1 minute..
    I’m gonna try to make them leave a comments in a
    anyways.. WITKIN STARTS..
    DAVID IS HERE.. Too.
    back in a second…

  • I have to start off by saying that it seems strange to be showing/discussing my new work in the midst of all the LOOK3 excitement. But maybe it isn’t so strange after all. It’s as if I was taking David’s workshop here in my home instead of in C’ville as I’d planned/hoped. Showing my photo essay to you people whom I respect so highly is every bit as important to me as it would have been to have had it shown in DAH’s workshop slideshow at LOOK3.

    BOB B, LISA, LAURA, AUDREY, KATHARINA (by email) & KATIA (by PBase comment)

    I was brought to tears by your responses. This is a project I’ve had in mind for a long long time, but didn’t know how to start. So now that I’ve started I can see my way clear to continuing.

    ALL of your comments are helpful and I will do my best to keep them in mind as I have new choices to make day-by-day. One of them–like Katharina’s suggestion that I put my body in more of the pics–has already been enacted. And yes, I know I need to get rid of some repeats but haven’t yet decided which are keepers & which should go. Suggestions would be appreciated.

    This is the most personal series I’ve ever tackled. And I thought taking close-up self portraits of my wrinkled face was out there! No, this time it’s like I’ve invited you inside my skin to the place where my body is at its most vulnerable. There’s something so personal about how my body & I relate as we get ready for each day . No one sees this…at least no one did until now.

    And I have to say that Bob’s got it right, my scooters–I have three!–are my exo-skeletons. We are ONE. They are my legs, my feet, my mobility, my everything. A pic of my scooter is every bit as much a self portrait as any pics of my flesh & bone & muscle & nerve & blood body.

    Thank you SO much!!!



    I just read the comment you posted on my PBase gallery. Your words are SO SO helpful!!! Special thanks for your specific suggestions regarding which images best tell the story. I’ll give it lots of thought.


  • PANOS…

    Thanks SO MUCH for the reports.

    “anybody, any questions, kinky sexy questions…
    please ASK, ANYTHING…

    I’d LOVE to know what was said about me but I’m paranoid like Akaky…so just tell me the GOOD parts, if there are any!

    P.S. According to Julia Dean DAH is teaching a weekend workshop in Venice mid-November. I’m coming for sure. Please confirm this is happening with David and pass it around.. maybe we can make it a bloggers workshop.

  • panos, i love your recounts!! :))
    and who knew you were a scruffy ol ruffian?
    just my kind of kid. ;)

    and thanks so much for your posts.
    it started to make me feel like i was… actually… there.

    mwah! and big smiles!


  • Gotta say it–PANOS, YOU ROCK!!! And you’re GREAT at making us feel a part of it all. BIG THANKS!!!!!!!


  • David, sorry I back again, I’m reading previous posts and I couldn’t believe that you had a workshop in India?! just a 4 hours flight and I missed it! don’t you have any program to be in Turkey or middle east in 2008? for sure you not going to have a workshop here in Iran but I really love to be in one of your workshop

  • typing in the dark..
    didn’t forget about you..

    WITKIN… Amazing…
    I’il explain later why but use to scare me..
    now I see he is PURE COMEDY..
    he is a healthy funny funny funny funny
    wonderful human being…
    more in a sec..
    I’m not suppose to use iPhone in here..
    but I’m working.. Its not disrespect..

    After the show we are going to the
    … Which is a place for the BIG PARTY..
    more details later..
    I have so much material especially movie
    material that I can show you a lot of stuff..
    paradoxically I shoot more video than
    I use the M8 because I want YOU
    than me just doing art shit..
    gotta go.. Back in 30 minutes..

  • hanks David, my website is crashed but I am preparing a link. I have a BIG problem to selecting pix for that. I’ve read this blog on and off (except this 4 last months ) but I couldn’t remember if you talked about making an standard portfolio, did you? I’m so bad in making it… must I choose pix from different project? if yes how to put them together? I’m feel useless, that’s the worst part of photography

  • PANOS: :))))

    loved loved ur beautiful (and i do mean gorgeous) face…and you and david in that gorgeous embrace looks like long-lost brothers…which of course U R! :)))….i’m so happy for y’all…really which i’d been there…(like the ugly duckings left home, i feel slightly,)…and I aint no celebrity…just a simple guy who laughs a lot in real life (mike b, verifying me? ;))), and makes pictures and writes and loves his wife and son and likes people alot, not more than that…

    i hope u guys like my projection…and cant wait to see them all! :)))))

    AKAKY: ;0))))))))))…i talk about you too behind your back, and often in my head ;))))))

    PATRICIA! :))))))…GOT UR EMAIL :))))…my pleasure…like i said, i think this essay is really about each of us, given the very specifics of your very specific life: can’t wait to see how you go further and fly with this baby :)))))))

    running away for a few days…

    hugs y’all


    ON panos iPhone LIVE:

    Heyhey!! Never worked an iphone before
    Panos sitting next to me, watching Joel doing his AMAZING talk and images that are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

    panos I have a feeling we are gonna get drunk again tonight :))))

    so much energy here!

    Peace anton

  • Panos and Anton,

    Thanks to you guys I really feel like I’m there. I’m having all the fun without the hangover! :))

    Keep ’em coming…

    Panos hope you saw my other comment to you.


    panos is the most amazing guy…. got back to my computer here at the dorm to POST ANOTHER PICTURE…

    panos, you da man… no kiddin

    see you in half an hour at david’s place for a high five stereo :))))))



    i’m the bald one with the red shirt…. :)))))) cheers bro, hang loose

    peace to all

  • Panos, Anton and everyone else – Thanks for the updates, keep ’em coming. You’re providing a bright light in an otherwise dismal day, reminding that fun & inspiration are out there colliding in C’ville. Along with, apparently, a lot of Bud. At least I can do that last part, joining you in spirit(s).


  • ANTON: :)))

    u r a damn fine lookin’ man too then!…when i saw those pics this morning, i thought “damn, panos is beautiful” thinking he was the bald guy in the red (i know david’s bald beauty already)…well panos is still smokin’ but man, i gotta shoot u someday too…and just in case u r worried: my wife is quite the photo-op, hopefully y’all see someday…so, dont be scared…

    really, running away for some time alone now…


  • Talking about smoking hot…..
    Who is the girl walking out of the frame in the Brooklyn Bridge pic above?

  • Love all the photos but the best so far was of panos meeting David and the two hugging….anyway, looks like the party was a lot of fun

  • Fuck, Panos, man Im jealous of who you got to meet…Nat Geo….David….all the guys from this blog…in no particular order..I wonder, did you tell the Nat Geo guys your views on Nat Geo?:)

    David, man I wanna hear from you about how you saw the event…Im so starved and desperate for info like you wouldnt believe at this point and I have to run out the door to go to work…damn damn damn…I hope you invite some of the NAMES who saw the show on here to share their opinions of what was shown…..that would be awesome!

  • ALL,
    I just gave a big hug and
    spent 20 real minutes with

    I’m so lucky. He promised me lunch or at last
    a photo and an interview tomorrow..

    ALLARD is my friend now..
    I thought he didn’t know me…???!
    I got crazy.. When he told me ( over a joint)
    that he loved my Venice beach work..

    VENICE BEACH.. Work??
    ALLARD wants to exchange emails?
    then , FUCK ME..

    all in one night..

    1:09 am, LIVE
    FROM C/ville .


  • ALL,
    this was PANOS,
    pretending its ANTON..

    PAOLO, DAH..

    Can’t go wrong!!!

  • PANOS YOU GOT TO HUG PAOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    He is just toooooooooooo yummy………..

  • 4:23 am…
    back in the hotel,,,


    drove me home…
    We found the waffle house…
    DAH is a gentleman…

  • I will try to give it a try again tonight, but can’t keep up with the blog at this point, or the net in that respect. Somehow, I still feel all the love and energy from the Look3 gatherings coming this way, nonetheless, so i am off shooting in a minute in Paris, or maybe just my suburb, that’s where I was raised after all… My childhood, all here…

    Tomorrow, going to the other side of the moon, aka. french farmland, Picardie, more shooting, but absolutely no internet, for a week. There too, my very early childhood, family everywhere, my family name an ubiquitous presence on many mailboxes. You have to tell the first name to know whom you talk about, and even…

    Thanks for the energy, all, no time to read, but just a few lines here and there, and I am charged. With love. No love, no photograhy….

    Adieu… for one week! David, we meet soon, OK?

  • Man, Panos, whatever you get high on, you have to share! On a normal day I barely have the energies to crawl out of bed and start writing :o) I’d eat my thesis alive if I had some of that ;-)

  • … 6:15am..
    i see the sun rising… ok, gotta go to bed…
    i cant even read any comments..
    I’m downloading… i will post photos later…
    Hopefully, i will show you the “relaxed” side
    and the babyface of the real CUTE italian MAESTRO

    ok, sleep now… no energy left…

  • “ok, sleep now… no energy left…”

    I don’t believe you! :oD There always a bit more!

  • ….. Joni ;-)…
    fuck it … you are right… fuck sleep..
    im going for breakfast and a STELLA ARTOIS…


  • lol, breakfast is better with something hoppier, though! have a nice day, I’m off to shoot ;-)

  • david alan harvey


    i would love to do a workshop in Iran, but i do not think that is possible…my girlfriend was just trying to work in Tehran and just absolutely loved the people and was having the very best time and photographing more or less easily , but finally ended up having her files confiscated and she was deported…she has no idea what she did wrong and never had a bad word with anyone and smiles everywhere, but surely someone did not like something…anyway, please stay in touch and perhaps i will be doing something in a country near enough to you that it would be easy for you to join me…


    had you come to Look3, as was your original plan, you would have been an integral part of it all…i will do my best to keep a clear eye on your work here….mentoring is so so much more difficult online…it takes days or weeks to get to the same points you can do in an afternoon in a workshop…just ask Anton or Robert…in any case, i will be “on your case”….you are special….let’s work together to make your work sing….


    you are getting some interesting reports from Look3…i trust there will be more to come…we will post a link to the slideshow today or tomorrow…

    for sure, in the most unreal unbelievable magnificent way, our blogland became the “real world” at the Look3 event…

    OUR forum here is quite literally one of the big “buzzes” of this event…our “debut” was palpable…

    any thoughts that our forum is a “virtual world” only were erased with YOUR presentation at the Paramount Theater..

    we turned online chat into something to be touched, seen, felt….

    we were all quite amazed with each other in the surprise sense of seeing how much everyone really was in person exactly the way you might picture them to be from their writing…

    the online “family reunion” aspect alone is enough to literally bring so many smiles, hugs, and yes tears, as to be seen by anyone as a phenomenon in and of itself…

    stay tuned…..

    peace and hugs, david

  • hey all

    I had a difficult journey finally getting to Look3 and now I’m off today to Mexico City. I did manage to meet some of you and it was great to do so.

    It was good to meet you face to face. I’ll follow here when I get back online, but I’ll be off the grid for a few weeks.

    Brendan, Lance, Renault & Erica
    It was great hanging with all of you. Erica, thanks for worrying so much about me. You’re the best! After trying to swing Greyhound and Amtrak I ultimately had to get a limo from C’ville which cost more than my flight from Dulles to DF. There went my budget on this trip. Brutal, but it was worth it, if not just to get to know more of you. Here here to the power of the online community!

    Thanks for all your help with the edits. You too are the best! Ok, it’s a tie with Erica, but truly I appreciate you’re giving me your critical eye.

    Cheers y hasta pronto,

  • And now, a musical interlude…

  • typing in the dark again ..

    JAMES N. is talking..
    hmm !
    I’d rather listen..
    but, of course I know.. I know ..
    I promised to keep you informed..

    I just had lunch with our Michael K.
    and his wife.. We are all mesmerized
    with JN talking.. LIVE
    last night when I talked with JAMES
    he had no problem to confess that
    he was nervous about this show..
    now I know why..
    with his low tone amazing calming voice,
    he answer questions..
    at the same time an endless slideshow
    takes part on the big screen behind him..
    unlike most other presentations,
    he doesn’t comment on his photos..
    he doesn’t even look at his photos..
    he Is being interviewed and tells a story..

    .. Just talked about 911,
    .. He just revealed that he got his first
    cellphone right after the WTC drama…

    he also described the way he got wounded…
    calmly , annoyingly calmly .. Buddha like tone
    on his voice..

    About photography???
    I havent peaked yet!!!!! He says..

    … To be continued..

  • .. To give you the atmosphere here…
    you all know JAMES N images..
    but everything here is being said with
    tons of humor..
    you would expect a heavy depressing
    you know, WAR, TORTURE, PAIN..
    but no..
    the opposite ..
    amazing, thrilling..

  • I also forgot to mention that I met
    today two more amazing
    DAH bloggers.. Amazing ladies..
    Rosemary and Lee Guthrie..
    photos .. Later..


    I am looking forward to singing a duet with you as we work together on my photo essay(s)! I am honored that you will be “on my case.” Sounds like a privilege to me.

    Regarding my having had to miss your workshop, it was hard but I know I made the right decision. My sweetie is still struggling with what he calls “waking the cat”–intensely nasty back pain. He needs me here so here is where I want to be. Besides I would not have started my morning toilette project if I’d been in C’ville.

    This is a project I’ve been gestating for years, and it had to be set here at home. For four days now I’ve been taking photos, editing/selecting, adding/deleting to the online essay, trying to tighten it up without losing the flow, receiving/thinking about the MOST HELPFUL responses/suggestions from Anna B, Katharina, Bob B, Lisa, Katia, Laura and Audrey.

    Whenever you have time, David, I anticipate hearing your feedback as well. But no rush. Don’t know how you like to do this but my email is croneart@comcast.net and phone is 313-886-0967. Doing it here on the blog is fine too. Whatever is easiest for you. Thanks in advance.

    Now enjoy the hell out of your last night at LOOK3!!! And hug our bloggies for me ((( )))


  • Here’s the link so you don’t have to go searching for it:


    PASSWORD: disability


    this is my final edit of the essay for david’s workshop here in charlottesville…


    the atmosphere and the festival here are really special and intense…

    THANK YOU david for all your work with us students and your presence

    i liked meeting panos as well :-)

    incredible experience!

    thank you all for looking at my work, i hope you all like it!



    Your essay is magnificent!!! So much is said in the silences between the shots, and even more is said in what you LEAVE OUT! That to me is the genius of an artist–knowing what does NOT need to be said, does NOT need to be shown. Your essay is full of sexual power while also having an air of innocence. Brava to you!!!!


  • David,

    the intangible became tangible….not a surprise, this little blog stopped being little months ago and is probably one of the top 5 photography blogs on the web and by miles #1 in terms of how interactive it is and how much content it generates from the bottom up. Its an exciting thing to be a part of.

  • David,

    the intangible became tangible….not a surprise, this little blog stopped being little months ago and is probably one of the top 5 photography blogs on the web and by miles #1 in terms of how interactive it is and how much content it generates from the bottom up. Its an exciting thing to be a part of.

  • New report from the warzone…
    I have JAMES NEXT TO ME:

    How do avoid becoming a cynic?
    after all that you been through?
    and.. any positivity or hope?

    Coming soon…

  • ALL:

    just got home….

    PANOS sent me this and ask that I post it here for y’all…after Jim’s talk



    :)))…Love the essay…gorgeous and richly poetic…like all your work (prison, Italy, Interiors), it contains a melancholic eroticism that reminds me of the physical eros of sight…love how it moves from the real (a woman) to the abstract shadow of man/woman/whole…the memory of touch and time rather than the description of it…lovely and luxurious and beating :))


    running away


  • Been out of the loop for a few days, but just logged back in to see that the look3 event went well. Well done David! And thank you for making me a part of it. I would have loved to have been there to see the presentation and meet the folks from this community. Next time I hope! I wait with baited breath for the online version of the show.


  • David, just saw a new Photo-journalism monthly magazine here, called POLKA (beautiful paper, prints…How do they keep getting them out?) with an article and interview of you, about (Spanish) horses, with a few related pictures running thru your career. There is someting about James Nachtwey in that issue as well.

    Running…. Back on the 22nd.

  • …james signed my book…. i have a new bible now, and it’s called INFERNO…

    just can’t believe that i had the chance to talk to him… shake his hand…

    going to bed, leaving tomorrow morning with a heavy heart for missing all the wonderful people here… david up front… hug and kiss to you… yes panos to you too…

    c/ville has given me so much, i cannot begin to describe… i guess i will only understand the magnitude and the power of it all in a couple of days…

    but my heart is also very LIGHT at the same time, i see now more clearly than ever, the path i have to follow… david made all this happen… we all picked up on his energy… so amazing…

    i am broke now, but i will be going to mexico now for a few days… some street photog… trying… finding my way… focusing… with a light heart because i know david and all you here are standing right there behind me…

    omg i’m going sentimental :)))))

    jim’s fault, his talk and images were so overwhelming…

    will post pictures of panos’ shoes, david preaching, jim’s signature and some random party pics asap! but too tired now… gotta sleep…


  • ps funny how this post began with jim nachtwey and through a long loop comes right back to him :)))

    hugs to all


  • I’m in the airport..
    I was talking with SEAN for the last hour..
    he just left for China…..

    Tears in my eyes…
    Sean.. Yes.. Let’s do this..
    we can do this..
    we have to..
    .. Have a nice flight..

  • … I just made it to Atlanta..
    Transfer to .. Hel L.A..

    I just found Ben K..
    drunk as fuck..
    glad they let him board..

  • David,

    any word on who will be doing the next workshop in Seoul? That should be coming up really soon, right?

  • Dear David,

    I appreciate your warm care. ^^
    There are a few people who are willing to mentor and help others.
    You do it !!!
    You are very nice, thoughtful and passionate as ever!
    I’m always admired and respect you.
    Thank you very much again.
    I really want to see the slide show.

    I’ve upload some pictures of assignment.
    I’ll continue to take pictures and edit again and again.
    I would like to show you.
    Well then how many pictures do I have to submit for assignment?

    I’ve think about the title of essay, too.
    “Re- tour” is come from French. It meams recurrence…
    I love the music of Andre Ganon.
    One of Andre Ganon’s music title is re-tour… I remember…
    He’s from Montreol, Canada… New-age musician.
    Anyway I ‘ll think about it more.


    Panos, and Anton : Many thanks for photos and details of Look3.^^
    I feel as if i’m there… like a grand view of panorama….live braodcasting..
    Sean : Have a nice trip!
    Christina : your essay is very beautiful and erotic…and poetic… thank you. ^^
    I’d like to say hello to participatants in C’ville.. David McG, Eric, and Mike…

  • ANTON, you’re not going to start singing Kumbaya now, are you? I’m glad you’ve got your batteries recharged down there in Dixie land, but a line has to be drawn somewhere and that whole let’s join hands, form a circle, and annoy the Lord with that stupid tune is it. And remember, circles are totalitarian; just ask Milan Kundera.

    PANOS, how do you avoid being a cynic? First, be a pessimist. Cynics are invariably idealists who’ve gotten clubbed across the snout with a 2 x 4 a few times and are now in a deep funk because the world isnt as idealistic as they used to be. Pessimists, on the other hand, who expect nothing but the worst to begin with, are then pleasantly surprised that the worst has not happened, which is, surprisingly enough, more often than most pessimists think. Of course, being a pessimist will not make you popular; nobody loves a downer, but on the other hand, you’ll probably live longer. Remember, it takes just 14 muscles to smile and 72 muscles to frown, so frown a lot and you’ll get a lot more exercise than if you were happy all the time.

  • Just finished the 2&1/2 hour drive home. Wife is sleeping and I’m catching up with all of you!

    Will be processing photos and posting sometime today…I hope.

    Great lunch with Panos yesterday. Dude! I sooo respect your stories, man! Thanks for sharing.

    mike stopped by just at the end for a beer, too! Killer bag you got man! Lee Guthrie and Rosemary came by as well…damn we had a popular table.

    Ran into Sean G. a few times throughout the festival and each time we chatted I just thought…damn, can this dude really be that nice? Well hell yes he can, and is!

    Bill Allard and Thom Mangelsen were totally engaging and willing to talk about anything. Didn’t spend the whole time looking across or around the room thinking something better is going on over there. Good men.

    Lance! Good insights into the man! Thanks.

    David…thank you for all of it. This venue, your encouragement, and the good times.

    Peace til later.

  • Yo peeps…. it was great meeting people from the blog at LOOK3, it was a great time. I did not get to stick around the whole time but enough to get a few pics. Panos did a great job sending out reports, below is a link to some pics from the event.


  • david alan harvey


    i am sitting alone on a porch swing…yes, alone….not lonely…just alone….nice…..

    for all of you who were not at Look3, i hope all of the hullaballoo and postings about this whole event did not bore you…i know how it is to be hearing about something of which you are not a part..but, trust me please, all of you were a part of it!!!

    today i will either go back to New York or go down to the beach for recovery purposes…hmmmm, what to do???

    i too have some pictures to post of our whole gang….maybe by tomorrow…and we will post the EPF slide show within the next couple of days….

    please enjoy the rest of your weekend….

    peace et al, david

  • DAVID: :))))


    enjoy the rest :)))

    check u’r email :)))



  • OK then, folks. Here’s my (very short) take on the last three days. Good time.


  • Sitting in DC airport, anxious to post about the weekend – perhaps later tonight if I make it home in decent time – perhaps in a little while if I’m stuck in the airport.

    What a fantastic experience!!

  • ALL

    ‘ve got a few hours here at dulles international… time to post the last batch of images :)))


    you’re right papa, it got the better of me for a second… usually never happens… but, in my defense, i was really really drunk and it got me all sentimental… i know you don’t like me drinking, but it won’t happen again, i promise. no-one ever noticed.


    day 7 & day 8: party, panos posting in front of david’s house, david preaching to us on a grassy hill at 2 a.m., an electronic cigarette (wow never saw this before) and a cool french guy, my bedroom, DAVID’s BAG!!!, me sleepy, my star sign says everything will be fine with me in the near future, mini CRISTINA fotoshoot early in the morning at cafe cubana, hillary’s necklace, PANOS’ bandana, some more party pics…. and OMG jim’s signature :)))))


    day nine (today): no pictures, just saying goodbye to everyone… really, love you all

    hope you all enjoyed the semi-live updates… i’m sure some of you did :))))

    of to mexico… flying…


  • DAVID McG!!!

    you in DC airport??? how could i have missed you? i’m coming to look for you now!


  • Forgot to mention Eric!

    You are a lucky man. Such a beautiful family. Have fun the rest of your vacation!

  • so stoked for everyone!
    thanks to all for sharing the pics and info. sounds like the event was a great deal of fun. Looking foward to more pics and reports.
    good on you David.

  • Hey Jonathan! Just read your blog, and you are most welcome, so glad it worked out. As it turned out, I was (and am) sick as a dog so no one would have wanted to be near me anyway — boo hoo right? Thanks to everyone for the reports, I look forward to seeing more photos.

    And special thanks to Panos and Anton for making me feel the excitement of being there.

    Happy Dad’s Day to all the dads out there, enjoy being celebrated.


  • damn… i’m right at the other end… boarding in 10mins so i think i’ll pass… have a SAFE flight man!! talk to you soon


  • MICHAEL K: )))))))))!!!1

    great pics…wow, really love the pic of David (#!) introducing the EPF slideshow :)))))…and the ummmm pic of Nachtwey is awesome :)))…let me tell u amigo, i wish to god I had the control and command of color that you do…when i do (if, if), I’ll make an homage to you, i promise :))))))…i’ve always loved your Wyoming and Great Falls stuff very very much :))))…but, im afraid, you’ll have to be patient, ’cause my foray into color has always been weird ;))…’gonna shoot 1 roll of color too for the Bones of Time project for David…we’ll see if any of it makes the grade ;)))…thanks Michael: cant wait to the eventual/someday meet up…AND aint Panos just a teddy bear! :)))))))…(something i’ve known privately for awhile ;)) )


  • LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PICS OF LOOK3!!!!! Thanks so much Anton, Cristina, Panos & Michael! Each of you has taken us inside your own unique vision/experience of what was obviously a life-changing event. And we have both Davids’ pics to look forward to and others, I’m sure. Keep ’em coming! Because of you we were there and CHANGED too! And because of DAH we are all together on a journey that has no borders and no limits. BIG THANKS TO DAVID!!!!!!

    (I think I’ve caught Panos’ CAPS!!! I’M HONORED!!)


  • Hi David, everyone.
    Sounds like LOOK 3 was the place to be!! Thanks everyone for providing the running commentary….

    I don’t want to hijack the conversation but I thought I’d put a link up for my recent images from the IDP camps in East Timor.

    The original idea I talked to David about fell through (the Sister I was to follow had to suddenly go to Australia). This first story is the start of a long term project I will be following in East Timor. I will be returning asap, (& funds allow of course!!).

    I will still be editing this selection down, but the first essay and article will be coming out in the Nov issue of Australian Photography.

    I will be putting up another link of other images that are not part of the IDP story this week.

    I’ve also put up a link to a cockfighting story (not essay) I shot over a couple of afternoons. I wanted to show document the atmosphere without showing the actual fighting. I will be cutting the images back to 6 or 8.Any comments are appreciated.

    I’ve pasted the links below where the images can be viewed. The page is a temporary link to view the images before my site goes live. You may have to paste it into a browser for the address to work (or may be able to click the link) as it’s too new for Google to find yet



    I spent 3 weeks in Timor and spent nearly every day in the IDP camp opposite the Hotel Timor. In times of conflict (and after), it is usually the women and children who bear the brunt of the resulting living conditions.

    My focus evolved into coverage of the way life was affecting the women and children, (especially the younger girls who to me seemed the most affected).

    By spending day after day, and many hours at the camp I attempted to become accepted. I wanted to catch the moments when their eyes “spoke” of their sadness.

    As you will know everyone attempts to make the best of a bad situation. But when the people began to know and trust me they began to talk and show how they really felt about their life and situation. These were the moments I attempted to catch

    My trip also coincided with the repatriation of the people back to their homes. This caused many conflicting emotions, some were happy to return, others had great trepidation about returning.

    The images I have taken hopefully reflect their emotions, and the emotions they brought out in me. My work would be classed as “personal documentary” and I can not honestly say it is unbiased; I photographed what I was feeling at the time.

    Any critique is welcome.

    Cheers everyone.

  • ANTON:

    DAMN boy, you use long exposures even more than i do!! ;))))))))))))….and that 2am sermon on the mount pic of DAH is priceless!! as is the electric buggaloo cigarette and all the shots of Master P and his sneaks and M-whatever body :)))))>..

    go forth and remember the Force Master Luke!…



  • Lee Guthrie called me from Maui to see if I was going to the festival of the photograph. Amazing to hear from her–we had met three plus years ago at one of David’s workshops in Santa Fe. But time and space don’t seem to limit friendships in the photography world. We had a great time taking in the festival and seeing photographers we knew and putting faces to names–especially some of the members of this community. Totally great to meet Panos (as David said, a “perfect gentleman”), talk to Sean about his project, meet David McGowan and Michael Kircher.
    The images were fantastic–the “emerging photographers” series was truly special.
    The amount of work we were presented with at the festival over the space of three days is impossible to describe–through live and recorded presentations as well as through gallery showings.
    The photographic essays included so many issues and so much beauty and so much pain that I was not only totally inspired but totally exhausted. I agree with Maggie Steber–the world needs to see more photographs. The images stay in our hearts.
    Lee and I agreed how much David has given and continues to give. She said she had been to one of his loft workshops, and he had made such a difference for her with his teaching of LISTEN AND FOCUS. Interesting to me because my husband’s medical school training was OBSERVE AND RECORD. Seems very similar. Back home again–grateful for the experience and the memories.
    Too long a post–but will make it longer with a quote from former Virgina Mark Warner’s 2008 commencement address at Shenandoah University.. “Now I’ve come to my final piece of advice to you, perhaps the most important lesson I can leave with you today. Call your mother. Call your father. Call your grandparents, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife….I say this because–if you’re going to be honest with yourself–you didn’t get here alone.”
    Just read that upon getting home, and it seemed to fit so well with the photographers I had just seen. And the comments from this “family” are part of getting there.

  • Bob B…

    Thanks so much! Means a great deal. Come to DC sometime and we’ll head out to Great Falls together, shoot together, trade cameras in mid-flow, switch “styles” mid-flow and create something weird and wonderful.


  • Hello All!

    Damn, I hated leaving Charlottesville. Here at the Marriott in Bristol, VA, just over the line from Tennessee. Really missing the fun and excitement of the festival. I can honestly say that there was not one moment, and probably in my sleep as well!, that I didn’t have at least a smile on my face if not a full blown grin and many moments of laughing.

    What I loved, aside from meeting all of you and seeing old friends from previous workshops (Rosemary, Mark Bennington, Ralph Lee Hopkins, Andrew, Kelly, Lance and many others), was the ah ha moments in regard to questions I have about conceptual work. I love this kind of learning.

    Panos, you are a sweetheart and I am glad to have met you in person. I hope we meet again. Now I know why you posted the words to the Doors song on this blog. Good work.

    David, as always, it was good to see you. Loved the opening show you put together and look forward to next year. And did you notice, no David/Lee slideshow? Sorry I missed your party. After driving for three days (1/2 of the day of the first day of the festival, sitting for four hours at the opening day presentations), I was bone tired. Next time. The photos told me enough to know you all had your usual good time party.

    Rosemary, so good to spend so much time with you. Looking forward to meeting up with you again and all of you! Damn, I miss Charlottesville!


  • Alright, just got home, completely wiped out—but so want to write my impressions before this buzz wares off!! I think I’ll build a fun gallery instead… stay tuned! And sorry I couldn’t give updates like our Panos. Internet connection was dismal for me.

    Oh and thanks for the compliments on “DAVID meets Panos.” I’m also referring to that one as “F(1.)8 AND BE THERE”

    Bob, for some reason I’ve always imagined being around to shoot when YOU meet David… that will be an occasion. Panos is just fine!!

    Okay, watch for the “Three Amigos” gallery!

    … the sweetest soul and SMILE…
    preety classy woman…

    When you “hug” Lee, you really dont wanna let go…
    so warm…

    LINDA O…
    beautiful, happy Linda… maybe we can’t save the world but,
    you definitely know how to work the iphone…

    me and JIM NACHTWEY …from LINDA O’s phone…
    Linda … what can i say, but thank you for everything…


    ok… going to bed , im home, all alone , & LONELY…
    stoned and drunk… thinking of EVERYBODY i met….
    DELTA lost my luggage…

    i had a VALUABLE item i brought with me… gone…
    fucking DELTA AIRLINES…

    going to bed..
    which i would love to be able to “TOUCH” soon..
    if you know what i mean…
    DAVID MCG… i’m with you…
    i have so many photos to share… let me create some galleries…
    tomorrow coz people want to see better quality than the iphone coverage… but people you have to agree…
    that nothing faster than a phone….!

    BOB ( & ANNA ), thank you for posting Jim’s live coverage last night…

    sorry i never sent you any feedback… about your work, yet…!
    but i was overwhelmed meeting David and ALL up in C/Ville…
    thank you for supporting our efforts in this forum..
    it’s not an easy work, and you know this…
    you are my Bhuddha – girl…
    love you

  • wait 10 minutes before you crash, Panos….

  • ANTON,
    Has the sweetest smile, i ever seen in a man,
    Has the sweetest smile, i ever seen from an Italian girl..

    great friends, what can i say…
    thank you for listening my stories regarding my tormented
    past and present life..
    thank you for the advice, …
    I hope i didnt depress you all that much..
    ..but i had to tell you, so you see where I’m coming from..

  • and DAVID MCG.. never relaxes…
    loved the man… never time for public relations and bullshit..
    DAVID MCG is photographer that WON’T GO HOME UNLESS
    THE BATTERIES IN HIS CAMERA IS completely depleted..
    for him its not about if there is enough light to shoot…
    no no no…
    it’s about if the camera’s power can match his superpower…

    David MCG ( unlike me )..
    is Henri C.B… flyonthewall guy..
    you dont really see him but you KNOW he is there..
    you know…

  • that’s why I love this Panos…. talking craziness non-stop!

    Thanks bro.

    that’s what i’m talking about..
    can you see MIKE.. at the back , left with his flash…
    going off like a machine gun…
    what a fucking night…
    that ended up in the “waffle house”


  • yeah I think 10 or 11 is the shot

  • Hey, Panos (otherwise known as the sweetest guy in C’ville) don’t worry about my stuff! So glad you are home safe & sound. Now it’s time for you to catch up on some ZZZs! Night night…


  • David McG, LOVE THE SEQUENCE!!!! So was David saying loosen up when he wanted a sip of his drink or was it when they all got a little bit silly ????


  • Patricia… Thanks! I think it was somewhere around frame 7… silliness was working…

  • Anton – home safe – sorry I missed you at the airport. We’ll hang out more next time.


    two more photos… but this time , black & white…!
    David McG you make me ENVY my ownself…
    please, let me sleep…!

    ALL, two more amazing portraits below,
    from our maestro of the night DAVID McGOWAN…!!


  • http://www.lightstalkers.org/galleries/slideshow/13222

    Hey David, and all,

    I just sat down and pu together a slideshow of my Home Sweet Home project on Lightstalkers (the mp3 audio isnt working for some reason). Its a 20 photo edit (vs the 9 that were in the Look3 show) so its a bit different. Im trying to edit the 50+ shots I have so far down to something more manageable and LS seems like a good place for doing that (if only the audio worked..any clues as to why it wouldnt?)

  • Nevermind, its working…though I wish i could slow down the speed of the slideshow….

  • sorry to hear about that,sure it wasn’t her mistake, it is just a hard time for journalist and photographer how are working here…

  • oh my, that post gave me a giggle..

    only just begun to look here recently – and how very true.

    ‘as many ways into photography as there are photographers’.. they say.

    when asked how to a music phot-journ i say
    ‘give up hopes of a living, look for interesting subjects and just do it.’

    no secret formula – so true.

    drink more and think less..

  • Sounds like a helluva shindig folks. Nice off camera use mr McGowan! I’m a sucker for dragging the shutter and spinning the camera once I’ve got the safe shot.

    Cheers all you folks for giving us all a flavour of the festival. I’m looking forward to seeing your new work.

    Rafal, great access, great pics, not sure how the nudes fit in, love the baby hand in her hair, cheesy I know. There are perhaps too many shots of kids eye view of Mom/apartment, I’d pick the strongest (and there are real strong ones).

    Damn, I need more coffee to work.

    Any folks going to Perpignan? If its gonna be 1/8th the party that it looks like look was then I’m so there.

  • I’m very happy to see everyone had a great time in C’ville (this blog crowd seems to make it even more exciting than last year)… Congrats to all for the show! BTW, first time in my life someone looks exactly the same as I imagined him (Panos)… thanks all for pictures.

    I am leaving for Sarajevo tonight, 2.5 months in the Old World/Life… Back here in September, hopefully with photographs to share, will try to log on from Sarajevo from time to time…

    Wish you all a GREAT summer.


  • off camera flash use….s’wot I meant…

  • Rafal and Neil,

    Of course i could be wrong, but this is my take on the nudes in Rafal’s beautiful series…

    Simply, I find it to be a straight forward, unvarnished, realistic look at this family. In this case we see a woman who is quite clearly and at the same time a loving mother and a passionate lover.

    Love it Rafal.

  • VEBA :)))

    great talking w/u and with Mr. Grownup (that’d be your little man!) last night :))…tell Secret Agent to be careful…and i’ll write u when i read Lazarus..quotable ;)))…

    have a safe flight…we’re down for some sarajevo time for sure! :))))…


  • Neil, Michael,

    thanks for discussing my project. The way I see it is similar to what Michael is suggesting. The nudes and the more family type snaps are mixed to show the variety of life at home, sort of the extremes of G rated to more R rated activities that make up our lives while at the same time totally connected since one cant get the former without the latter, sex is still primarily a reproductive activity even if we enjoy it for other reasons, too. Ultimately I want to fill the wide gamut of emotions between those two extremes.

  • WOW

    what an exhausting beautiful blessing of an experience..

    I gave no idea how some of you managed to post..I think I only slept 3 hours each night as it was.

    So many names, faces, hearts; I wish I could have met all of you…

    Thank you DAVID and MICHAEL, tho we hardly spoke, for all your gracious exacting hard work to make the visuals soar on that mega screen. The beauty of every image projected came through and represented us to the world outside this blog..I will do all I can to continue to be a part of this mystical DAHland creative force, to show anyone watching the real and concrete results of being part of David’s reach. Thank you..

    TO Everyone I had a chance to see and spend time with..THANK YOU for the sushi, the hugs, the dialogue, the camaraderie and kinship, the permission to be a smart ass, the support, the excitement, and for making me feel very much as if I have found a real family. Thank you for the memories and the beginnings, and thank you and a big kiss for keeping me up way past my bedtime. I’ll be reeling from that for awhile to come, but every precious moment will stay with me..

    To all the photographers whose work we saw and whose words we heard over these few days..thank you for the inspiration and the ideas and the tears and for reminding me that we are, at large, not just concerned photographers, but creatures of compassion and light.

    I can’t wait for next year..

  • OH!

    and a huge THANK YOU to Andrew and Nick and Jessica and Brian and the volunteers for making this real!

  • Hi David,

    Re. assignments. I am definately doing:

    1) At Home with a Legend
    Insights into the daily life of one of Africa’s most legendary drummers.

    and possibly (a case of ‘Ishallah’ rather than procrastination):

    2) Stone Town Rasta
    Rastafarianism or Rasta-‘Business’ – a story about ‘Rastafarianism and the Beachboy’ in a major tourist destination.

    Have an enjoyable and productive week.


  • Rafal, I am deeply moved by your current selection of images for Home Sweet Home. I’d have a hard time editing it down myself. Your choice to include ALL aspects of your life from big-eyed boy to beautiful nude wife to wise old grandma to you playing with your family on the floor is what moves this work beyond any family album I’ve ever seen. And now I see a book-in-the-making. Bravo to you and your family for sharing your lives so generously!!! Keep going…


    I’ve finally joined so many of you on Lightstalkers. What a fine resource…and FREE???? How do they do it?

    I’ve just posted what finally feels like my final edit–until David sees it, that is!–of My Morning Toilette project. Talk about a process! For five solid days I was taking photos, editing, selecting, deselecting, sequencing, changing the sequence, adding them to the mix, deleting them from the mix, re-editing individual images, etc. etc. ad infinitum. YIPES! This kind of serious photography is definitely not for wusses! And I’m sure David & others will be helping me see it all in totally new ways. Is one EVER done???

    Here’s the slideshow:



  • Patricia,

    thanks…as it grows I find it easier to edit in that Im getting a wider variety of shots, wider variety of life captured and Im also trying to think of things like still lifes with a strong emotional charge…this is the exciting thing I find about shooting a project, how it gets a momentum of its own and how it shapes itself…one of the first things I found was that I sort of went in one direction aesthetically (harsh flash and high contrast)…now Im starting to think more in terms of content too…

    book…well maybe…that would be a dream for sure as one of the things I want to do is to be able to give this to my son when he is old enough to understand it..be that as just an album or as a book…

    Eventually I really need to also get to Poland and shoot MY side of the family, especially as both my grandmothers are really old as is my grandfather and also the US and really balance this out as a whole portrait of a family that spans 3 continents.

  • Fair point Michael, Rafal. There was one of them in particulary I did’nt see like that, no 18, wheras no 20 I felt was more effective, maybe I missed something there. Thats my opinion. I like the shots, it can’t be too fun cutting them down but I’d say you’ve got a really solid story when you’ve done it. Good stuff!

  • Rafal, beautiful, lyrical, tender images…the poetry of every day living. Showing your side of the family could be very interesting — the separation, and the connection. The human story of us all.

  • Panos! Here you go. This is David’s Emerging Photographers presentation that I recorded on Panos request. I’m not a videographer, so I have to apologize to Andrew and Rafal—I just ran out of room at the end. Disappointing because there was much applause for all your hard work:


  • BIG thanks to all the great firsthand coverage!!! …. i don’t think anyone has posted these links yet … FYI … PDN articles on Look3 …

    David hints …

    Nachtwey …

  • ok,… VIDEO TIME..
    anyone interested to see
    DAVIDMCG, SEAN G & ANTON posting from my iPhone..!!!
    while you can hear WITKIN lecturing in the backround…
    just posted this in YouTube….
    more, more, more to come

  • Almost forgot..

    A highlight of our slideshow for me was seeing Panos’ work (a.k.a the recent explosion of self expression)


    one of the best LOOK3 moments for me was hands down watching DAH dance quietly to himself to Riders on the Storm as he watched Panos’ work. Priceless.

    I’m so sleepy..

    look at William ALLARD below and me with a canon???????????


  • Is anyone one interested to see
    STEVE McCURRY’S face…..?

    click below


  • ok…

    at age of 6… please this my gift from me to you..
    ladies and gents WITKIN EXPLAINS…

    i just posted it in YOUTUBE…click

  • David, actually these days I get out the door everyday to take picture from life of boys and girls in their rooms but if we must give a new idea, this is it; it’s funny but one of my problem (beside Ahmadi nejad) out of Iran is to answer different people who asking me about women dressing in Iran, do they cover their face too? for resolve it at last in a small area how about taking pictures from girls first when they choose a dress from their wardrobe which they LIKE to go out with and second with a dress they should wear to adopt themselves with the rules are written for women. I am sure the difference could be noticed
    I put the link in student works too
    I wish I could have your opinion, is it possible?

  • WOW…
    what can i say…lost for words…
    just watched the emerging photographers fund video by mr mcgowan…thanks for the video dave! i am so exited and mind blown about the quality of the slide show, set to magnificent music. giving lots of inspiration, peace, excitement, and tranquility…having just spent the last 30 mins on youtube with research into haarp technology…

    i would like to thank anton, panos, david, dah, and everyone else (can’t remember names …) who updated the rest of us on look3 in c’ville. been great fun and have felt like being there…in spirit.

    project “raw”…i haven’t been making any progress, but have decided to show you a preview of what i have done…need still to do the editing (procrastination?)…and a selection…will hopefully get my arse to post it within a few days…

    homeless project…i did a shot (of the man i would like to spend time with..) …yesterday…who by the way, calls me mister jørgensen…the issue at the moment (which i am having with myself) is that he’s having a criminal record, and is “hiding” from the government…as he’d have to “spend time”…would his id be released/published. have to talk with the man tomorrow…as my time is slowly but surely running low…before my return to the motherland.

    godspeed to your week :)

    ~ j.

  • ANOTHER UTUBE VIDEO just posted..

    Listen to the creative-artistic conversation between me & DAH…
    do we have enough beer in the fridge… coz he knew…
    what was about to happen…

  • PANOS…not now!!
    gotta focus on my editing… :))))
    but video…good times!!

    back to the selection now…
    breathing breathing breathing…

  • me, explaining “Venice Beach Project”
    to a NatGeo editor…
    DAH, CAREFULLY gives me a plug …
    never selfish… always a gentleman,
    always a giver….

    YouTUBE again…
    me , explaining, DAH helping, someone “special”,

    gonzo style, once more, click my new post below!!


  • “…Panos! Here you go. This is David’s Emerging Photographers presentation that I recorded on Panos request. I’m not a videographer, so I have to apologize to Andrew and Rafal—I just ran out of room at the end. Disappointing because there was much applause for all your hard work:


    Posted by: David McGowan | June 16, 2008 at 12:29 PM..”

    sorry David i missed the first link..
    many thanks

  • To ALL-

    I went on straight from Charlottesville to vacations with the family with no computer, no ability to post….Just standing right now in the lobby of a hotel in Charleston where I will spend a week with wife and kids….What a past few days at the festival!!!! You have all seen the pictures from Panos, David and others so I do not have much more to add from a photographic standpoint but I thought I would share with you all what will be for me the most magical moments of the past few days at LOOK3….

    He is one of the main reasons I had decided to go to Look 3. Jim is such an inspiration, I wanted to listen to him, hear him talk about the atrocities of war. He came at the end the festival…and left me moved, profoundly touched…Panos has used the work “voice of a Boudha” to describe him earlier on the thread…Not sure what the best word is to describe Jim but the man seems so touched by “Grace”…. I did not even pay attention to his images, so capticated I was to listen to his voice, carefully receive his profound words…

    There were some very special moments during his interview….Towards the end, MaryAnn Golon, the lady from Time Magazine asked Jim: “When you see so much pain and so much sadness, do you feel you still have the capacity to love?” Jim could not find his words initially but then answered “Witnessing pain and sadness is an act of love”…..Simple, moving answer!

    Another time, similar to the question I had asked him on the blog, MaryAnn asked if his work had changed him… Jim’s voice changed….He could not find his words, seemed all of a sudden in pain, took a sip of water, then answered with a shaky voice “You carry everything with you” “I think sometimes you might see too much, but you have to deal with it. It changes you…”

    At that stage, with the entire crowd, I was ready to break into tears…. and then, maybe the most magical moment of all…I was sitting not far away from David, just on the side…MaryAnn asked Jim if he has time for his friends…Jim answered not enough, that there are very few people you can relax around… He added that he is counting a very few of them with whom he recharges himself…They know who they are….then he said, “when I see Dave Harvey, we pick things up right where we left it”…I looked at the side to see if I could see David’s face…David just lifted his hand at that very moment and, although I was not next to him, I believe that he collected a tear in his eye….I think I also had a tear in my eyes…VERY MOVING moment. I almost did not want to report this as this is very personal between Jim and David but there is obviously a unique bond between DAVE and JIM that no words can describe…Very special moment between two very special individuals!!! David is lucky to have Jim as a friend…He is one of the most remarkable persons of our time. Jim is lucky to have David as a friend…..

    It was also a privilege to meet many of you over the past week…Erica is as charming and sensible as her portraits…Sean is a very kind, energetic and talented BRIT who I am sure will go far….Finally also met one of the all-timers Lance!! and so many others Mike, Michael!!! Nice crowd you have built David!!! And of course, how can I miss Panos…The man is excatly how you would have imagined…fun, in your face but you can tell immediately that he cares, that he is a great guy!!!

    Well, David….The man of the festival…David was mentioned by the VOICE of the festival as an inspiration…and went on saying that “HE IS THE PHOTOGRAPHIC LIFE”…was thanked by Sam Abbel as David managed to get him a version of the decisive moment book signed by Bresson…was also mentioned by Jim as shared above…The man was everywhere…So much generosity..great to see him present the excellent work that you had all done…in good Harvey’s tyle, did throw a party with 100 persons at his home…whoever counts in the photographic world was at David’s place that night, ALLARD, HARVEY, NAGHTWEY, etc etc…Amazing wonderful night…I could not stay too late as I had wife and kids with me in Charlottesville but was very special party for us all….I wish I had more time to talk with DAVID…actually only exchanged a few words… David was often with close friends around and I did not want to intrude…Let me tell you that he is a busy man who draws a crowd around him within seconds….the man is a magnet…. So although we could not talk much David, was great to see you still and great to see all that you inspire around you, family (his sun was there), friends, students and bloggers….

    Now I need to head to the beach as my wife is complaining….might post more later.



  • Eric,
    I had a high five with your kids..
    ask them..
    you have a great family… lucky guy..
    i wish someday ,
    i will experience love at your level,
    you are a Buddha soul too…
    that’s why you love Jim and David…
    Buddha tribe we are building here…
    sorry, bibleheads

  • akaky said…
    Why not Canon?! I use Canons; they take pictures, dont they? ;-)

    June 16, 2008 10:07 AM

    thank you AKAKY…
    then I LOVE CANON, and LEICA and NIKON
    and APPLE computers and EVERYONE that willing to
    respect and support…
    that’s what we need and we promise that WE WILL DELIVER

  • Hi David, everyone.
    Had no luck with the previous post so thought I’d give it one last shot….

    “Sounds like LOOK 3 was the place to be!! Thanks everyone for providing the running commentary….

    I don’t want to hijack the conversation but I thought I’d put a link up for my recent images from the IDP camps in East Timor.

    The original idea I talked to David about fell through (the Sister I was to follow had to suddenly go to Australia). This first story is the start of a long term project I will be following in East Timor. I will be returning asap, (& funds allow of course!!).

    I will still be editing this selection down, but the first essay and article will be coming out in the Nov issue of Australian Photography.

    I will be putting up another link of other images that are not part of the IDP story this week.

    I’ve also put up a link to a cockfighting story (not essay) I shot over a couple of afternoons. I wanted to show document the atmosphere without showing the actual fighting. I will be cutting the images back to 6 or 8.Any comments are appreciated.

    I’ve pasted the links below where the images can be viewed. The page is a temporary link to view the images before my site goes live. You may have to paste it into a browser for the address to work (or may be able to click the link) as it’s too new for Google to find yet



    I spent 3 weeks in Timor and spent nearly every day in the IDP camp opposite the Hotel Timor. In times of conflict (and after), it is usually the women and children who bear the brunt of the resulting living conditions.

    My focus evolved into coverage of the way life was affecting the women and children, (especially the younger girls who to me seemed the most affected).

    By spending day after day, and many hours at the camp I attempted to become accepted. I wanted to catch the moments when their eyes “spoke” of their sadness.

    As you will know everyone attempts to make the best of a bad situation. But when the people began to know and trust me they began to talk and show how they really felt about their life and situation. These were the moments I attempted to catch

    My trip also coincided with the repatriation of the people back to their homes. This caused many conflicting emotions, some were happy to return, others had great trepidation about returning.

    The images I have taken hopefully reflect their emotions, and the emotions they brought out in me. My work would be classed as “personal documentary” and I can not honestly say it is unbiased; I photographed what I was feeling at the time.

    Any critique is welcome”.

    Cheers everyone.

  • talking of Nachtwey…
    received today the civil wars portfolio of JN published by Stern…have not been able to locate the publication year (apart from a number 10570)…but on the back there is a add for the leica m6…it is a beautiful “new” magazine, with great paper quality, and large photos…and only paied 18 euros…what a bargain!

    edited the images down to 27, for the project “raw”…still want to make it tighter…but need to sleep before the last edit…

    off to watch a mofie (on the comp)!

    sweet dreams!


  • Eric,

    it was so great to meet you..only wish we had had more time..you make me sound like a favorite pair of shoes or Sunday best..charming and sensible..very funny!

  • DAVID McG: :)))))))))))…thanks for the great show :)))…all the projections look brilliant and inspiring :))))…only wish is that marina and i could have been there with y’all…

    PANOS: :))))…your Venice fuckin’ rocks…and happy that NG dude got real to your gettin’ real! :)))…thanks for the Witkin too…loved David talking about scoring Beer! :))))…were you hounded him the whole 3 days? ;))))…and yea, u got a sexy voice to match the rag and the devil-tee :)))))))…

    ALL: THANKS for all the great reports, sister Erica, Eric, Lee, Rosemary, (i think Linda o is mad at me ’cause we couldnt hook up ;))), next time, i promise, it’s been one of those years for the Family Black, believe me), etc…i still wanna hear Lance sing opera with a Bud in his fist…;)))

    ok, cant take any more ;))))))…it’s like hearing that your family had the greatest vacation of their lives but you had to stay home with the mumps….

    and 20K, omg….insane what has happened in 16 months….i am profoundly happy for david and the group, though i dont know if there is a group, it’s just a house, a big tent under which all, speakers and listeners, photogs and writers, editors and money-bags, lurkers and dreamers, the real and imagined, sit and carve out their light scattering and wide…good on you david alan harvey and the rest of y’all, those from the beginning and those new to the circus, shuttle in and through all..:))



  • Okay here are three new galleries from the festival. I have no idea how I shot Bill Allard that way, but I’m glad I did:




    THAT’S IT…


    ok… phewwww! that was it … I’M DONE…
    more , next year



  • if for any reason you found the link above slow loading,
    especially in China, please click here, to see the photos
    in a .mac setup…


  • so that’s what Dave McGowan looks like

  • Finally back in Paris, jet lagged, exhausted but extatic about all the new things I learned (thank you Eugene Richards for an extradordinary workshop), all the incredible imagery I saw (congrats to all the blog members who showed their work), and all the fantastic people I met (David, Eugene, Bill, Maggie, Michael, Erica, Sean, etc, etc, etc).

    It’s going to be real torture having to wait a full year for the next one. I already miss the late night discussions about “peace, love, and photography”.

    Thanks David and Michael for taking care of the late night entertainment! See you all next year!

    Sweet (photographic) dreams!


  • Damn! I’m such a “straight” photographer that even the great Panos–one of the loosest shooters we’ve got– has to shoot me “straight!”

    I mean seriously…look at the photo of David the mastermind, of Allard, hell look at Lee and Rosemary! I’m actually sitting right next to them! And look how loose he shoots them! Ah well, that’s alright. I’ll loosen up eventually. ;^}

    Thanks for the great shots Panos.

    Peace and love.


    this is the most loose portrait..I’ve done..
    I broke ALL MY RULES,( same with Steve
    McCurry’s portrait)..
    I see you more in the McCurry school

    glad you noticed..
    straight and centered..
    sructured and disciplined…
    you’re a good friend Mike K.
    can’t wait to see more of your stuff..
    ok, off to the dentist

  • No problem, Bob. We’re all sorry you couldn’t make it. Next time!

  • Ah…you are too kind Panos! Good luck at the dentist.

  • Hey gang…pretty cool set of video shorts all about the Festival. Be sure to check out the WPOW video. At about 40 sec in Anton makes a breif walk-through! Cool.


  • Thanks for all the photo links- I really wished I could have been there.

  • I rarely post here, but I just wanted to thank David and the rest of my classmates in the workshop for the great experience.

    I think it’s safe to say my classmates did some great work. I remember David saying that most of us would be producing some of the best work we ever shot in a 3 to 4 day span and he wasn’t lying. I’m sure David will be posting the work we did soon?

    If you’re bored I posted a few images from the two essays I worked on to my blog:



    Thanks to Anton for the inspiration for this series.

    Thanks again David.


  • Sometimes a man stands up during supper
    and walks outdoors, and keeps on walking,
    because of a church that stands somewhere in the East.
    And his children say blessings on him as if he were dead…

    And another man, who remains inside his house,
    dies there, inside the dishes and the glasses
    so that his children have to go far out in the world
    toward that same church, which he forgot.


  • HEY ALL!


    Thanks heaps for the coverage of the slide show! It made me cry that BoB, James, Katharina, Erica who are the guys I have met in person and have written to for a while, have such incredibly beautiful an affecting and effective and soulful work.

    And even though I haven’t met all of the others, I have tears on my cheeks ‘cos well I am so proud that I am part of this blog that produced such work, really great stuff!


    You are a LEGEND man!

    How can anyone be so generous? What a rare human being…

    There is a song written by a Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly called ‘From Little Things, Big Things Grow’ which is the story of Vincent Lingiari an Gurindji man (Aboriginal Australian) who led a historic strike at Wave Hill Station.

    Its the story of one man changing the course of a nation’s attitudes.

    I wonder if some of us here would ever have had the confidence to do the work that is being done without DAH. I reckon DAH has really changed the course of a few photographic lives here…

    Cheers ALL, this one is for you….

  • SORRY!

    I think it should be this

  • Don’t know if this will work, but have to try..

  • … one more VIDEO clip…
    “please change your clothes in front of me…”
    censored version…

  • Jarle and Lisa,
    No problem, happy to help. I’m just disappointed I couldn’t shoot the whole show, but I bet someone has it.

    Anyway, time to start spinning down so I can concentrate on my assignment. Got to clear my head—we partied hard!

  • Yes, David McG, it’s damn hard to keep a clear head around here with all these fabulous photos & videos of LOOK3!!! What an extraordinary experience for those who attended & for those of us who are lucky enough to be sharing in it thanks to the generosity of our blog sisters & brothers!

    But even with all the excitement I’ve stayed true to my new project that I’m tentatively calling “From the Inside.” I now have TWO galleries posted on Lightstalkers: 1) my morning toilette; 2) to the park.

    Sure would love to have feedback from anyone who has the time and inclination. David, I trust you’ll check it out when your life settles down a bit (Does it EVER???).

    The easiest way to view this series is as one continuous slideshow. As of now, that’ll be 24 images. The URL is


    Thanks for your critiques/suggestions/responses/encouragement.


  • Joan,

    I went back at it, some minor tweaks so far, trying to give more variety and I cut out a few of the mother/son photos as it was correctly stated by neil that there may have been too many shots on that theme. I brought in a few still life shots instead to show the texture of the environment around the people in the story..I think this right now is the best edit but as I shoot it will change…

    Its not fun to cut them down, for sure but it has to be done..I still dont have a good handle on editing but I think thats more of a problem of lack of variety…as time goes on and my son grows there will be more situations/emotions/ etc to capture so it should get easier plus it will have the added depth of time which will help…

    And yeah, Im definitely looking to connect the dots here: Poland-USA-Korea..the problem being money, money, money which isnt there to let me go to poland too often.

  • Amazing there are now so many great look 3 links to catch up on…can’t wait to see the slide show…

    I’ve been feeling a little left out of the “look3 high” but tonight was the start of 8 weeks of instructor slide shows at Santa Fe Workshops. Every Monday and Tuesday at 8:30. Free of charge…Tonight’s show included Chris Rainier (Great.)
    Next week includes Keith Carter and Antonin Kratochvil
    (whose workshop I was supposed to take except I’m moving back into my house at long last.)

    It’s not Look3 but it’s right down the street…in fact down two of the most beautiful streets in the Southwest…Canyon Road and Camino del Monte Sol…mountains all around.

    Come check it out if you’re in the area.

  • What a journey it’s been from there to here and back and forth. Thinking about LOOK3 from last year when I was introduced to David’s work. Since I wasn’t able to make it “there” this year as my body of work keeps me “here” in the discovery of the Gran Chichimeca-Northern Mexico and the southwest. EVERYthing is going into DOING of it. So last years inspiration from LOOK3, and Dave’s blog and this community of photographers has kept me company through out my journey and continues to inspire me to keep putting it out there;
    I was inspired by David’s story of Cristo Rey Cabalgata last year in
    NatGeo while traveling and photo assisting my best friend Dawn Kish. She brought it for me to check out when I was photo assisting her; we lost it on the plane and so I looked for it on the web and that’s how I stumbled into this blog world. Still the pictures remained in my mind and I was inspired to call my friend Narciso Martinez who has rides as Pancho Villa. We met last year during the Villista Cabalgata in Chihuahua in the spring when they rode through my town- a twelve day horse trek to the border. I would have to say this portrait will stand out in my life as a moment of really feeling there. In that moment of watching a tear fall through a lens I rarely ever use from afar-it was a different way of shooting for me, as I rarely shoot from afar and usually like being close up after introducing myself. What I felt is something that still unfolds for me as I do my work and put everything I have into “doing it”. if I had known how much that one little moment would unfold for me what feels will be my lifetime love for a country and the people connected to this land-before even knowing the man or the people who have now captivated my attention and love. I showed his portrait, Tears of Pancho Villa, last year at the “My Space” LOOK3 and I began my year going to to Cristo Rey with Pancho. All these dots connecting and leading me forward!!

    LOOKing back over the year I see all I’ve learned and still have yet to SEE. I guess I don’t think of it as getting a break, or waiting for IT to happen, but rather more like I got to keep this boat in the current; like rowing, it sometimes needs just a little nudge- a subtle nuance of a feeling for the flow of the current- felt discernibly-other times you got to row like hell and not give up or just enough. As one of my other mentors Dave Edwards taught me when I was a young person about rowing in Grand Canyon; keep your oars in the water, keep consistent strokes, keep your angle and repeat over and over to yourself, “keep it straight, never give up! “. I think this too applies to one’s pursuit of dreams and passionate work.

    I’m on a path and I just got to keep following where it leads me even when lost. Doing the work keeps me busy enough even though there’s not much financial gain for it at this time; But I’m
    richer for all the amazing experiences and the way I feel within myself loving the world through my eyes. My joy is being able to
    give the work back to my community and watching them SEE
    themselves in a new light. I still ask myself where is this work going? I don’t know…I just keep doing it and trust one day it will be what it needs to be.

    I refer other fellow photo geeks to this site, to learn and
    see from this great community. So many great images,writers; story tellers. MIL GRACIAS for this wonderful dialogue. Who needs school when some of the best teachers are here? So let’s go out and do our work!! Look forward to getting to know some of you!
    So if any of you find yourselves in Flagstaff,AZ or in Chihuahua, please don’t hesitate to reach me.


    here’s a couple cool quotes to share.
    HOLA! this is my first post. My name is RAEchel Running;I happened to discover much to my surprise my work under David’s Umbrella of the Emerging Photographers. Somehow too this has been foddar to keep me inspired to be proactive to get my work out there. I’ve been meaning to write to finally say Thank YOU for selecting my work last year.

    These days I’m less likely to submit to contests as I’m having to make choices such as entry fee or gas for the Mariachi Mobile to travel back and forth across the border; or ink or paper to print on – that seems more important to me than ‘winning’ these days. I’m learning how to write grants and find ways for my work to serve a greater good; to help people understand or appreciate better this world. I want to serve my communities on both sides of the frontera; especially these days with the border issues and all the fear and hate I come home to. I want people to have greater understanding, to see connections; This seems to be more and more important to me; I have to keep it going…keep my oars in the stream…

    I’ve been looking up these writers, and thinkers who inspire me to think more about my work as a photographer; duty,responsibility. My dad, John Running,a photographer would read to me and still shares his love for words; besides being one of the BEST DADS he’s one of the BEST mentors and I am proud of him for that – I’ve been fortunate to know him all my life; He has always told me to do my work and not to just get a “job”. This has always been his advice;

    “No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit. ” Helen Keller

    AND “Understanding, and action proceeding from understanding and guided by it, is one weapon against the world’s bombardment, the one medicine, the one instrument by which liberty, health, and joy may be shaped . . . in the individual, and in the race.”James Agee quote

  • I’m still young, I know that there are things to learn and I’m sure that I know still a small bite from the huge cake of photography.

    I want to ask a question: the first photo in the post, from Tangier, did you set them up to sit like that, or was it a ritual to drink a cup of tea/coffee? What do you think about setting up the pictures (I mean if we talk about travel photo or documentary photo)

    thanks in advance.

  • David and all…
    (i’ve said it before) it’s awesome what you’re doing here… and it’s great to read all your comments/reports from Look3, see all the photos and videos and blogs… (and now waiting for the slideshow…)
    now i want to go out and shoot (again)… make photos. i said to David, in Lisbon a couple years ago, that i love photography but i stopped taking photos… now i don’t (even) know why… and now i want it so bad (or so good)… but i’m almost like Cathy with her new house project, i have so many things to do (before)… an economics exam in two weeks… a cultural planning thesis… work on a monthly local agenda, copy-editing for a site, write three reports on promotion of cultural activities and somewhere in the middle, a trip to Dublin, with my love and my 11-years-old stepdaughter (also my love…) and i haven’t found a place to stay, yet… and i miss running so badly… than, i promise, i’ll go search for my old contact sheets and negatives to have something to show and i’ll pick a camera and start taking photos for me and you.
    um forte abraço para todos,
    Carlos Filipe

    PS. with next stop in Perpignan for Visa pour l’Image, you may want to read this (long) interview with Jean-François Leroy made by Claire Baudéan, Caroline Laurent and Lucas Menget, at http://aphotoeditor.com/visa.html and more at http://www.visapourlimage.com/

  • david alan harvey


    the photograph from Tangier Island was not a “set up” situation….this man and his wife sit there in the kitchen every morning having their coffee….for this story i became so close to many families and could knock on their door at almost any time….being accepted by the community at large (850 population) was the key for this story to work….

    i like both fiction and non-fiction writing and the same for photography….

    however, the photographer who is submitting work for a journalistic publication has the obligation to NOT set up situations….in the U.S. photographers are often fired from publications for altering the “scene” either on location or in photoshop….however, outside of that world, anything goes….and even in the last China issue from Natgeo were at least two “fiction” photographs used to make an editorial point, but they were so labled as being artistic works by a conceptual photographer…

    creating “fiction” but trying to sell it as “fact” would be the only problem….otherwise, there are “no limits”….


    so nice to have you here….i am a long time admirer of your father and his work and have enjoyed seeing some of your work submitted for the EPF …..

    i will be driving across the U.S. for all of july photographing families….i hope we will meet on my trip….

    many thanks for writing and i do hope we will meet soon…..

    my warmest regards to both you and your father……

    peace, david

  • Well, I’m happy that everyone had a good time and here’s a big shout out from me and and Lucky and Pozzo and Estragon and Vladimir to all the emerging photogs who managed to get something done while we’re stuck here waiting for what’s his face. Nothing to be done about that, I guess.

    Mr Harvey, congratulations on the blog’s success; when I first came here all you had up was a photo of a young woman stabbing a birthday cake and I thought, ah well, another site for the slasher flick fans and their nerdy friends, but that was an abberation, I think, just you feeling your way towards the audience you knew was out there. It’s always nice to see someone work hard and succeed at something. You’ll go far, just as soon as you stop all this running around, settle down, and get a real job.

  • from my LS post:

    LOOK3 was lifting. where to begin? there are so many elements of this event that are great: meld with old friends, shake and nod to new ones, celebrate those that couldn’t make it (bob, tommy, and more), flow through a vast sea of fine photography, be challenged, learn, express, share, drink, toke, swim naked, watch the sun come up, hugs good-bye, until next time, take care and godspeed… breathe.. LOOK3.

    there are way too many names from this blog to give shouts to as i’ll surely forget someone and feel bad about it.. i’m so so glad to have shared some time with all of you.. it’s such an upstanding crowd that it’s a little scary. and the beauty is, we’re all here still.. right here!


  • Right here, maybe…but it all ended too soon for my liking and somehow I am feeling a bit alone about now…

    see Bob, there is the silver lining..you can’t suffer the withdrawal from something you never knew. sigh..

  • ok, Dad akaky and Sister erica…this goes out to u….just return from a night with mrs. b of wine and discussion and walking and tonight we forgo meditation for something else….so, Dad brings up my beloved samuel b. so,ok, for him…and Erica: for me, there is a silver lining in everything…but u should know, im still only a yogi, so i suffer withdrawal from everything, even things i never new…

    for Papa Akaky:

    “…The tears of the world are a constant quantity. For each one who begins to weep somewhere else another stops. The same is true of the laugh. Let us not then speak ill of our generation, it is not any unhappier than its predecessors. Let us not speak well of it either. Let us not speak of it at all. It is true the population has increased…..

    …Astride of a grave and a difficult birth. Down in the hole, lingeringly, the gravedigger puts on the forceps……

    …I don’t seem to be able… (long hesitation) to depart….

    …Such is life.”–s.m, wfg

    for Sister Erica:

    It would be good to give much thought, before
    you try to find words for something so lost,
    for those long childhood afternoons you knew
    that vanished so completely -and why?

    We’re still reminded-: sometimes by a rain,
    but we can no longer say what it means;
    life was never again so filled with meeting,
    with reunion and with passing on

    as back then, when nothing happened to us
    except what happens to things and creatures:
    we lived their world as something human,
    and became filled to the brim with figures.

    And became as lonely as a sheperd
    and as overburdened by vast distances,
    and summoned and stirred as from far away,
    and slowly, like a long new thread,
    introduced into that picture-sequence
    where now having to go on bewilders us.

    CHILDHOOD, r.m. Rilke…


    Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be.–Kurt Vonnegut

    so it goes ;))))


  • ALL– For those of you who were not able to make LOOK3, definitely try to make it next year. While I could only make the last day it was sooo worth it. Amazing experience! Definitely filled with LOVE, PEACE and wonderful PHOTOGRAPHY! It was incredibly inspiring to be among the Gods! So F/8 = Be there at LOOK!

    DAVID– Thank you for your generosity and bringing this blog community together. Words cannot describe what an amazing person you are. This experience charged me so much. Thank you!

    PANOS– You were exactly as I pictured and have one of the nicest hearts on the planet. And yes — we must believe in world peace. We must, we must!

    Jessica N, Tim & Bill M– Thanks for your wonderful generosity and welcoming spirits at dinner.

    George S.– I was so excited to get to see your stunning work on the the big screen. It appropriately belonged there and was fun to hear your stories about the behind the scenes of making your photographs. Thanks for sharing!

    Maryann G– Thank you for asking Jim Nachtwey the questions everyone has always wanted to know. This was the best interview I had ever seen with him and the work you do at Time is incredibly appreciated.

    Steve M– Thanks for everything and I really hope to make your India workshop in the Spring!

    Jim N– Thank you always for your kind words and your generous, lovely spirit! I wonder how many lives your work has touched and saved. :) How about them sand dollars…

    Martin G & Alyssa– We’ll have to share more wine again in some other box seats.

    David Mc & Chris– Great to meet you both!

    Anton– I missed you?! What about the lyrics? :)

    Bob– Next year, next year.

    Link for some pics — all shot with an iPhone


  • LINDA O!!!!!!

    JAN & DAH is the best sequence from LOOK3!

    Fabulous stuff!

    Now I really am sorry I live on the other side of the world!


  • LINDA O :))))

    please, remind me next year about the world short film festival and send me advance warning and i promise you marina and i meet…i’ve always been known to keep my promises…sometimes it just takes me some time ;))…my wife can testify :)))

    next year, i promise


  • DAVID McGowan:

    Thanks for posting the video of the presentation. I wish I could have attended, so it was really nice to feel a little more a part of it by seeing the presentation. Just like being there!—even straining for a view past old curly top! (only teasing ;)) Thank you.


    You post so much here I am often unable to keep up. The video was was the first time I have been able to see your work in a condensed form. Do you have a link to a tight edit of your stuff? Or even to the edit that was shown at the presentation? Cheers.


    Just wanted to check in and see where we stand with the “assignments” project. I seem to remember it should be in around this time?… Obviously didn’t want to bug you during Look3, and have been pretty slammed myself, so have waited until now to put new gallery up. (Will add link to the link page too).


    It includes all the images people have shown interest in after the last edit—around 26 I think. (Thanks again for your opinions folks!). Due to the general busyness all round I am sorry we haven’t been able to communicate in more detail regarding specific image choices and the tone and pace of the work in general. I hope there will be the opportunity to do so before this is finalised?…

    I have grouped the images in to similar types to try and make the process a little easier. I may have been pushing it hoping to cut this down to 13 images max, so am happy to expand a little if necessary.


    New post on my blog if anyone is interested… Just a small piece of work shot during a couple of days on the “holiday” part of this trip… No biggie, was not planned and invested little time and effort—we were trying to take a break!! But the plight of this little island moved us, so we spent a couple of afternoons putting this together.

    We had some technical issues with the blog at first (hence this little story being posted late). But we are up and running at last. We hope to be posting more regularly now with current work, so please drop by occasionally if you have the time.

    One question: I have split the blog into sections “main” Blog, Photos, and Video (coming soon). Do people think this works? I wanted to have a separate area for images, so viewers can just check out photos if this is their preference. You will see that the “main” blog is the standard type thing with images and pictures.

    Same applies to the video section (when it gets there) It will be a space purely dedicated to short video clips. All this means a bit of clicking around to see/read different stuff. Is this too much!?


    Still gutted to have missed Look3 and met some of you. Thanks for all the updates!


  • Geez turn your back for 5 minutes and all of a sudden the world’s gone arse up , theres something cool my mate Matthew Newton’s been doing lately , NOW! LISTEN UP YOU MOB! THIS IS FOOTBALL!

  • Having trouble uploading the web gallery… Will try again in an hour or so… Will keep you posted.



    Matt Newtown’s footy doco is just fabulous!

    And so is James Chance’s blog!

    Wow what talented guys!

    (And ladies I can vouch for it, they are both cute as!)

  • Hey Dave, nice picture of Kate and I there. I must return the favor and post one of you and Jim (not a threat ;-)

  • Hi Dave!

    It was really great to meet you the other weekend. I am quite excited to see myself on your site. Your photographs are awe inspiring, but I am equally inspired by your words. I am not a photographer, but your advice and encouragement in this post is still relevant. Thanks!!! ;)Hope to run into you again.


  • i loved this post.


  • Back to Paris, and the net!

    Not sure if I will ever catch up with everything posted in one week. Bit by bit, most likely… uncompletely… not quite…?


    David, in time-honored “DAH blog” fashion…: I have sent you a mail.

    I did not pick up which day you arrive in Paris, but looking forward to meet soon, and how!!!

  • Thank you David for a well written and honest piece.


    Great light and color; I like 7 & 11 best. Is Seattle naturally that angle and why are you posting at the end of an abandoned thread? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • I’m trying to find out the history of the quote or phrase, “f/8 and be there” for a specialist I work for.
    He thought it was originated by Edward Stechen.
    If you know or can point me in the right direction to search, I’d appreciate an email.
    I won’t be able to get on this blog site regularly, if at all

    Debi Delaney

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