BURN magazine receives Lucie Award


No cameras allowed at the ceremony, but Kerry Payne managed to sneak out a tiny iPhone pic…

Needless to say, we are so very humbled by this award…Photography Magazine of the Year 2009


-david alan harvey (editor), anton kusters (creative director)

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    I know you are not into networking or awards for that matter, but we sure are with you tonight as you sit in the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center surrounded by iconic and emerging and everyday photographers, gallery owners, editors and publishers, folks from the advertising and fashion worlds, and probably celebrities as well. We are so proud of you and Anton and what you have created here with Burn. Whether or not Burn wins a Lucie award, it is a blazing *STAR* in our sky, always burning bright and with pure passion!

    Now, be sure to let us know what happens, OK?


  • Patricia. Burn is also all of us. The more the merrier. Ready to celebrate…. Win or lose! :-)

  • Burn wins “Photography Magazine of the Year” Lucie award?

    Shit, yeah! Thanks, kh!

  • Congratulations on winning the Lucie award!

  • Wow! Cogratulations David, Anton and any other “behind the scenes” workers who have contributed to Burn!!!

  • Congrats to DAVID and ANTON !!!

    and to everyone who has believed in BURN
    and in whom BURN believes!!

  • Wow.

    Well done. Amazing. Congratulations David and Anton.

  • and one year ago it was only an idea……
    FUCK yeah!!!!!!!!!!
    its awesome!!!!!!!!
    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!
    to all!!!!!!

  • CONGRATULATIONS to david, Anton, and the entire BURN community.

    Now the world may find out what we all know…..What Not to Love?

    Good light to all, indeed!


  • I am so excited for DAH, Anton and all the Burnians. Congratulations to everyone for their hard, incredible work. Ok, enough celebrating. Time to go shoot.

  • David and Anton, congratulations what a ride it has been for the past 10 months. Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh Wendy, your post sent me back into the archives, to a thread David posted on Road Trips almost exactly one year ago (October 24, 2009 to be exact). He ends by saying:

    “so, i think we now sink or swim….choice 100% up to you…not me….i cannot pull off my totally energized ideas now of an online magazine, to be manifested in print as well, without all of you lending a hand…some of you perhaps more “hands on” than others, but we “sink or swim” on the “whole” …i believe we are in a position to do great things…unique…first class ticket….i think most of you smell this too…

    our interaction is unparalleled in blogland…you must know that….we have been “here” for each other time and time again…but, should we take the “next step”?? it is not that “all good things come to an end”…it is that “he who hesitates is lost” or some other tried and true phrase that i cannot think of right now that connotes something like “what the hell, why not give it a shot?” see, i know already that one of the brilliant writers here will “set this up” just right and be most eloquent…..

    yes, everything does seem to be a bit of a mess….it seems that worldwide, things could swing one way or the other….we all feel it….there is promise, there is potential disaster…so, what do we do with our little microcosm of life?? let it stall, or make it fly with the wind???

    “troubled waters” or “sea of change” ????”

    Well, I guess we know the answer to THAT question!!! Sea of change indeed. And as Katharina so aptly says, Burn is ALL of us, not just David and Anton. We’ve ridden some pretty rough waves together and now we’re here to celebrate. Bravo to all Burnians! What’s not to love???


  • burn is a WINNER
    fantastic stuff… well worth all those beers and smokes you donated to the lucie judges, eh? :o)

    i still think the only way to get work is to do work.. find a place for it.. publish.. and then do more work..
    a ‘network’ of one editor will do that.. one client..

    right.. burn is ‘working’ and burn is getting noticed..

    brilliant stuff.. so proud of everyone contributing thoughts and pictures..
    wake up europe.. it’s a sunny day.

  • sea of change…
    chris bickford needs to write a song….

  • David/Anton/All…Just read the news. Many many congrats! What an amazing ride it has been for the past couple of years from Road Trips. Let’s hope it just keeps on going!


  • i promised myself i’d never use capitals here again ; )
    but under the circumstances…



  • DAH, Anton

    You thought you had submissions before. Ha. You better be looking to hire some picture editors…

  • 6am.. top cat waking up.. running..
    grat stuff.. thanks for the ‘sink or swim’ memory pat :o)

  • Talk about a vote of confidence for burn.
    DAH and Anton your hard work has not gone unnoticed.

    Big congrats!

  • fantastic! eating a caribbean popsicle in celebration :)


    Woke up this morning thinking, “Did Burn get it?” and what a joy to find out that all BURNIANS can now celebrate. So much achieved in just a few months and the best yet to come I am sure!!! You guys can be very proud!!!!



  • ALL…

    as i said from the stage tonight, Burn is an audience driven magazine…YOU won….ok, i have had too much tequila to write any more….now, we really have a lot of work to do…FYI, this was not an online category…the others in this category were print magazines…….in any case, i hope a simple thanks from the bottom of my heart will suffice for the moment…

    hugs, cheers, david

  • a civilian-mass audience

    AM I LATE ???

    I love you
    I love you

    ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL and the Universe and …I will shout to the whole word !!!


    P.S I will be back , I have to recover …BURN is a MASS driven magazine…
    Thank you SOCRATES, the mom of MR.HARVEY who had an idea to have a baby like MR.DAH’s and the mom of ANTON’sand the mom of KERRY’s and the wives and the husbands and the kids who are behind the scenes and they are supporting the PHOTOGRAPHERS …THANK YOU everyone for the visual stimulation …hiohihi

    BURN is only a baby and there is a VISION for this baby. The bar has been raised …!!!
    Drinks on the mass Audience today !!!

  • David, Anton Congratulations! Fantastic news. But I knew it. I knew you’d win even though I hardly know most of the other contenders. Burn has a winner’s aura. You had to win. As the Burn motto goes WHAT NOT TO LOVE! You thought you were busy before…. I’m so proud to a part of Burn. Thank you for being here or us, David and Congratulations everyone.

  • Congratulations to all but particularly to David. David, you have reinterpreted the photo essay. One of the most important things you are doing is proving that there is an audience for good, inventive visionary storytelling. Magazines are failing because they shoot for the lowest common denominator.
    Burn doesn’t, its pure.
    All best from South Sudan
    -Stephen Alvarez

  • !!! WOW !!! David, Anton, all Burnians, Congratulations!!!

  • Yeeee haaaawwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wooooop de wooooop,
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    in the place to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Burnians this is a code red, repeat CODE RED

    Civi… ya getting this???
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    Captain DAH – Sir… (i’m holdin ma hat on ma heart now – i’m tellin y’awl
    that cause not even your eagle eye can see me out here) behind every great posse
    there’s a great Sherif and you sir are one heck of a dude sir

    yes Civi, i said ONE HECK OF A DUDE…

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    and don’t believe em if they say they ain’t got no cash,
    heck them boys have got money to BURN……..

    now ain’t that the truth – ruth.

    Civi…. Champagne breakfast – with beans on the side…

    What Not to Love Peace & Photography

    Yeeee haaaawwww !!!! for Burn

    Yeeee haaaawwww !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!

    ç√∫µ∫©∂∆∆∆√√∆©ƒƒ˚¬æ………˚∆˙˙˙©©ƒƒ∂∂ßß∆˙¨©¥ƒ∂´ß˙∆ (thats secret code y’awl ; )

  • CONGRATULATIONS David, Anton and the whole community at Burn!

  • THANKS AUDREY! :-)))))

    I wonder if the nomination and acceptance have been video-ed. I hope so. David looked pretty dapper for the occasion. Our man in black! (or is that Bruce Willis…. nahhh, that’s David!).

    Just a word for 2 great sites that also deserve more than mention, for the dedication of their owners and the quality of photography and information: Pete Marovich’s 37th frame, and Ka-set, about Cambodia today, by John Vink and friends. With BURN, my Olympic podium 2009.

  • JV
    “Well toasted guys…”
    harvey most probably is :o)

  • Congratulations to all BurnianS out there.
    David and Anton thanks to your hard work BURN is on the map…

    Keep up.



  • Magazine of the year and not one year old yet………neat.

    cant wait for year two.


  • Unbelievable. Congratulations to maestros Anton, David, and all the photographers who have shown here. The journey continues. Great things coming.


    Congratulations!!! I am happy for you! Keep going. Burn is hot.


  • excellent stuff………….. DAVID, ANTON,……………..

  • Congratulation to Everybody and David and Anton expecially… We WONNnnnnn..

    WO WO WO

  • Well deserved! Congratulations!!

    Nir Alon
    http://TIPUSIM.com in Jerusalem

  • Congratulation David, Anton, and all the staff!!!

  • I tried to stay awake to see who wins but lost the fight against sleep. Even woke up late this morning (because of keeping up so late)
    Oh man, I am so so happy! Congratulations to all – but most of all to DAH and Anton, who spent nightshifts after nightshifts putting BURN togehter. And who had the guts and believes to do it even though funding was not secured.

    I remember well sitting in Perpignan last fall, a little more than a year ago, in front of Café de la Poste, with a huge RoadTrip group brainstorming about what would become BURN only shortly after. That was before BURN had a name. And right after that DAH did an edit on Lance’s Thirst for Grid photographs right there … An essay we were lucky to have seen developing and published on BURN later.

    And I remember that Anton almost did not make it to Perpignan … :-))))
    Wow … I am sooooo glad he did eventually.

    I still have some pictures of that event in front of Café de la Poste. Will see to it that I find them.

    Once again … CONGRATULATIONS to all!!!! This is really something to be so proud of!!
    Geez… what a day! :)))

  • Great news to wake up to!!
    Congratulations David, Anton, the staff and all the Burnians!!!!
    (feeling more and more like an ant witnessing an avalanche!) :-)

  • WELL DONE THAT MAN……both those men!

  • David, Anton, and all those Burn contributors.

    To receive this recognition when up against some of the long established print magazines is truly a great achievement. Does this suggest that Burn – as a model for publishing photography – is the future? Perhaps. The rate that editorial publications are laying off staff and cutting costs indicates that we may be experiencing a revolution in the publishing world.

    For me, the printed page still has great value and importance, but it has to have quality work printed on it, and that is getting harder and harder to find.

    If the quality work ends up on on-line publications, then that is where the readers will look.

    Burn winning the Lucie suggests that this is already happening.

    Burn now has to forget all of this fuss and keep focused and keep moving forward, as I’m sure it will.

    Well done. I’m pleased to have contributed and see my essay up there with a lot of great work.



  • Yeah, great. It’ll look real nice on on display in the loft.

  • Fantastic News, and this is only the beginning…..

  • Hervé, thanks for mentioning Ka-set.

    Unfortunately being a photographer doesn’t make me the best of managers, and journalists are not necessarily good fundraisers…

    A few mistakes, no possibility to implement Paypal in Cambodia and Ka-set ran out of money last May. We had to let go of our staff, Stéphanie Gée and myself “manning” the site to at least keep covering the Khmer Rouge Trial.

    So…. Ka-set is finished, unless someone wants to take it over?

    In those two years I have learned a LOT though (and lost a bunch of money)…


  • Congratulations to David, Anton, all photographers who provided the visual content and, of course, all of you people!

  • congratulations on the award; justification for a great deal of hard work.

    regarding Justyn’s comment:

    “Does this suggest that Burn – as a model for publishing photography – is the future?”

    my opinion would be that until there is decent financial renumeration for online publishing of photography in the style of Burn, then it won’t be my future! As nice as it is (or in my case would be, as i haven’t had anything published on burn) to have something published on an online magazine, until it pays my rent i won’t see it as the future for publishing photography.

    the question is – who is going to pay photographers what they deserve for online content? I make decent enough sales through my picture agency – Picturetank in Paris – and its all for printed media….

  • Congratulations David, Anton! Congratulations to all the Photographers who have been pubished. Congratulations to all the writers/commentators who have written. Congratulations to all the donators who have donated. Congratulations to all the readers (silent and vocal) who’ve carried the work on their shoulders. The award bestowed best upon the audience, for Burn really is the readership, above all else.

    for david, anton, michael, kerry, tom, chris, anne marie, eric, andrew, erica, marketing expert from ogilvy (sorry, i’ve forgotten his name), and yes, even bob, all those long hours you all deserve a drink….and then some…

    i wish all of you all he best for all great success, terrific work continued, and for the realization of that each of you most cherish, whatever that is…

    all the best

  • “Does this suggest that Burn – as a model for publishing photography – is the future?”

    It’s not a publishing model for publishing photography unless you have a famous magnum photographer as editor and publisher. Burn Magazine is David Harvey, and can’t continue beyond him.

  • ps. oh, forgot….BIG congrats to Kelly Lynn (James) who came up with the name in the first place :)…

    live large ya;’ll



    Sorry, my point was perhaps a bit vague there.

    I totally agree with you there – expecting to publish for free online cannot be the future to sustain photographers or quality photographic work.

    However DAH has indicated numerous times on Burn that the plan is to offer paid assignments to photographers and the work would then be published on Burn. If the funding starts to come in to support this, then it could very well be the future, or at least part of it.

    As I noted in my post, I value the physical printed page over online content – heck I’m still working away with film, but I feel it is important to have an open mind when it comes to online publishing. After all it is still early days and a lot could happen.



  • Congratulations!
    Well deserved award.



  • I am so thrilled for everyone here, there is no way to truly express it! This award is so well deserved, I would have been very unhappy if anyone else in the running had received it. BURN is The shining beacon. Congratulations to all, and BURN ON!!! :-)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BOBBY.B just said everything I wanted to say, in exactly the way I wanted to say it.

    MR.SIDNEY, my apologies…you know me …I just copy and Paste :)))


  • Well said Civilian. Too late to be pessimists indeed!!

    Congratulations to DAH, Anton and the entire burn community.

    You gotta believe.

  • David,


    Alex and Rebecca

  • DAH, Anton, and the whole Burn Gang,



  • Is there a Desi award? I don’t think Desi ever got the recognition he deserved. He was one of the best straight men in the business. I know this will cause controversy, but I’d put him on the same plane as Margaret Dumont, Edgar Bergen, and George Burns, although I think he’d have to be in economy class with Edgar Kennedy, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Congrats to David and Anton.

  • David,
    I knew Burn would do it. It just has too much soul to be otherwise.
    Congrats to all.

  • GREAT shot Kerry!!!!
    to all

  • ” this category will include online photography magazines in addition to traditional print magazines with the emphasis on acknowledging great vision and execution regardless of the platform.”


    I couldn’t wake up this morning because I was deep in a dream, we were all at the loft, there was another burn gallery opening and sales were happening, we actually had sort of a print on demand service going on with a curated selection of available prints which we kept the files for instead of prints. When a buyer had chosen we could print it then and there with some kind of ‘erica mcdonald for burn gallery’ stamp mark that was printed too..and then later we had a workshop, with kids there and a team of us made a hands on mm piece with them..there was a dog too David, I hope you don’t mind I let the little ones and a dog in, I held the dog the whole time.

    LET”s GO

  • oh and



  • Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
    you rock!!
    very well deserved award!!


  • Awesome. Congrats David, Anton and all the Burnians. I’m always curious to hear the thought processes that go into such decisions. What was the deciding factor, etc.

    Burn Magazine becoming the Life Magazine of the digital age? I can think of worse things.

  • Congratulations guys! Happy for Burn!

  • Congratulations David & Anton and all!
    Well Done and Good Luck!

  • WOOHOOOOOO!!! Congratulations David, Anton, Kerry, and everyone here!!!!
    We are “kind of a big deal” ;)

  • Hey, does this pic count as being published on burn??? ;-))

    Heartfelt congratulations to David, Anton and the entire BURN community for making this place so damned special.

    Now, the business of building the business begins!



  • Oops – ment to add, if it wasn’t for everyone here participating, submitting excellent work and keeping the notch set high, well, you know. It’s an accomplishment of everyone. David and Anton made it possible, everyone else helped make it happen. :) So what’s next? Any other awards we can go after???

  • Kerry I think it does mean you’ve been published! And with an iPhone photo nonetheless! Right place, right time, right equipment for the job.

  • Agree with Jason…
    Kerry !!!!!:))))
    You’ve been published on Burn
    with just an iPhone single photo…
    No cameras allowed…
    But you did it..
    Live coverage…
    Congratulations Kerry
    congratulations Anton
    congratulations DAH…


  • Congratulations David and Anton!!! Very much deserved! Well done guys!

  • Weeeee! Congrats BURN people:) Such a pleasure to have met you all personally and share in the excitement of this award…thanks for the support, the fun, the education, the friendship, the inspiration, the mentoring, the love and…NY bagels (YUM):-P


    “Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

    – Mark Twain

  • Congratulalations and great iPhone pic – imagine, no cameras allowed at such a function. Doesn’t seem quite right. Glad Burn didn’t obey. I have a lot of Burn to catch up on, as I have only discovered you so very recently.



    gonna go faint from happiness now.

  • Hells, mutha-f__kin’ yeah!
    And we all know that this is just the beginning…
    The foundation has been poured…
    Now the walls of gold will be erected…
    as the temple grows ever-taller…

    BuRN is…
    think ahead…
    think ahead…
    think ahead…
    GO! GO! GO!
    Watch, see, record…show…
    Produce…produce, produce…
    Spread the magic and inspire.

    And that’s only the beginning of my love. Congrats to you all. This is so deserved.

  • No cameras allowed at the Lucie awards?

  • wow !
    en hora buena y mucha suerte

  • Hurrahh……!!!

    Good work AK & DAH….!


  • Great news! – congrats all around. DAH, Michael, Anton…I’ll tip back some Patrón in your honor and look forward to another year of amazing photography and the therapeutic, kick-in-the-ass inspiration it brings. Cheers, Joel

  • congratulations!
    (not yet) one-year old
    and playing in the major league since day one
    and now winning the world series
    stay tuned…

    yes… great care
    yes… i can/want to help

    um forte abraço para todos,
    carlos filipe

  • “WE ARE ALL….. LUCIE NATURE!”-The Buddha (and Bob Black too!)


  • Awesome!
    Congrats to David and to those who have made Burn what it is. What a wonderful, ever expanding photographic community this has become. And thanks so much again for devoting your energy to us young photographers.

  • We are toasting here … to BURN, to BURNIANS, to LIFE …. to DavidB’s chicken and roasted potatoes …
    yeahyeahyeah! How cool is this?!

    Civi, I need some more tequilla … :)

  • congrats … this is brilliant. rock on, as long as there’s talented photographers the fire there’ll be fuel for BURN.

  • YES! don’t mind me; I am easily amused…

  • Bravi, David and Anton! Congratulations to all Burnians: crowdsourcing rules…maybe Burn is not the next business model yet, but it is definitely the league of good will…

  • Today has been a great day, filled with positive vibes after the pleasant surprise of this morning and this fantastic Lucie Award. Like most of you, above all, I have been happy to see the hard work of Anton and the vision of David recognized. This whole BURN “experiment” is really turning into a life lesson for me that is very inspiring…. I remember the cold day back in Dec last year during which some of us flew to New York and brainstormed until the early hours of the morning with David in his loft to come up with a name for the magazine…. David was just so so excited with the possibilities, what we could create together…. Everything was already in his head from day one….the magazine, the mixing of emerging and experienced photographers, the gallery, even the T-shirts…it all came there, from David or the happy few that were lucky enough to see the birth of what has become BURN today…. of course, David did not do it all by himself and Anton has clearly been the force behind and many of you have helped and given a hand along the way but I remember that day vividly, the camaraderie, the energy, the sense that we could move mountains if we were committed to… I was just there not because I could do much but because I wanted to be part of it or at least witness it… I remember thinking at times whether David had been smoking something (the answer was YES!!!), whether this thing was going to take off….after all, as Pat said, we were just coming off some rough times on Road Trips but….the flame was there, burning in David…. by the way, already that day, Anton did the hard work designing the site…. now, as I am looking at this again, 10 months later, all I can say is waouh, what a journey!!!!… so many having been inspired by the vision, so many have joined the family… Burn has become this very special place that is alive, where we can exchange, develop friendship, learn, be inspired and above all see great photography… All this happened because fundamenally, David and his right hand Anton did believe that they could do something very special with us all… Who would have bet that day that Burn was going to become “Magazine of the year” less than one year later…. I even remember PDN writing an article that day saying how weird it was to try to craete an on-line magazine live and strange to brainstorm about the name on a blog live….well, without that Kelly would not have shared the winning name!!!!! I will stop here but witnessing this whole thing has really really exciting….whenever you think this cannot be done, think twice…. BURN, David are living examples tha when there is a will, when there is passion everything is possible…. Thanks so much David and Anton for this incredible ride and now, let’s all take BURN even to the next level what ever that is :):):):)…

    Happy evening and cheers,


  • Congratulations David, Anton and all who published here !!


  • Thank you, Eric, for your inspiring words. You bring back so many memories. I was not in the loft with you folks during those December days when you midwifed David’s dream into being, but I remember FEELING like I was there. The energy in that room fairly crackled across the miles/kms, and part of that was because DAH invited us to participate live on that fateful December 11th day…


    That’s how it’s been from the start. Our visionary David hatches these amazing ideas but he ALWAYS includes us in the process. No ego, no “this is mine, don’t f***k with it” kind of attitude. It is ALWAYS a collaborative venture. I don’t know if folks remember how we kept trying different ways to make a place for comments, ways that would respect the work yet keep this an interactive forum. We have our own Jim Powers to thank for suggesting the “one comment per photo essay” idea. And it’s worked great.

    So now that we are offically The Photographic Magazine of the Year 2009, it will be interesting to see where we go from here. We all know that DAH has been doing everything he can to interest sponsors in Burn so he can have the fuunds to commission work from iconic and emerging photogs. We also know we need funds to pay Anton and, hopefully, more staff who can lighten the load behind the scenes. But I also know that David doesn’t want us to get too big or too organizational. That’s not his or our style. We’re all about organic growth, about puushing the boundaries, about staying true to our unique sense of authorship.

    Oh my god, this is SO EXCITING!!! Aren’t we lucky to be part of this community? And we’ll need to be especially sensitive to being welcoming to ALL. Yes, some of us have been together for awhile, but think of how important some of our more recent Burnians are to the mix. I mean, can you imagine Burn without A Civilian Mass Audience??? WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE!!!


  • Congratulations to all!

  • Patricia, Eric, exactly

    was thinking of a possible PDN headline :)

    Burn Magazine is the Photography Magazine of the Year: WHAT NOT TO LOVE

  • Yeah, what’s not to love???
    Just came home from a long shift, ready to fall into my bed – and then: those fantastic news!
    Congratulations, David, Anton, ALL!!! And of course Kerry for the publication!!! ;-)
    It’s a blast! BURN, baby, BURN!
    Good night from Germany… D.

  • From foto8 Magazine’s Twitter feed:

    “foto8 FOAM, Aperture, other mags ignored Lucie best mag “award”. winner nascient website. how “innovative” to give real, viable print the finger.”

  • PDNpulse has a headline:

    Burn Becomes First Online-Only Publication to Win a Lucie

    Last night at the Lucie Awards, Photography Magazine of the Year went to Burn, the online publication edited by photographer David Alan Harvey.

    It’s a milestone: This is the first time the Photography Magazine of the Year award has recognized an all-electronic publication. It’s also significant that Burn, which launched less than a year ago, has already established itself as a leading venue for photo stories.


  • but … BUT … BUT
    … where is the acceptance speech??? here online??

    pssst, DAHhh ANton??
    are you still hangover-ing??? pssstt!!

    yahah!! what not to love!

  • WE proved ourselves… right..
    And WE ridiculed our enemies…
    How many many many many many or
    should I say NUMEROUS times we have
    been attacked in the past by all kinds
    of pessimists and jealous haters..
    Many predicted our fall..
    NO RULES ( laughing … Except Jims one comment per person..:)
    no communist manifests or MANIFESTOS..
    no stupid gear talk.. ( unless it’s a Leica of course..;)
    beer.. Sex and rock n roll..
    Or should I say RAP…!!!
    many left hoping that WE will sink…
    Many laughed at us ( see Flickr HCSP for example )
    many called DAH a RISKY editor..
    And this and that..
    Many called us NOT INTELLECTUAL ENOUGH..
    all kinds of names and negativity..
    Don Quixote wins this time..huh..
    Now as Eric said it’s time for the
    which is shoot , shoot and shoot and
    shut up and work harder ..
    and yes you will be published in burn..
    So, once again..
    To all of out haters out there…:
    “we ain’t going nowhere..we are here to stay”…
    Viva BURN….

  • panos,
    music please!

  • Dose not surprise me David and everyone there working hard on BURN, as its obvious that your the most deserving..

    I’ve been away for past couple of weeks working earning some poorly needed cash, but glad to of poked in to find out such pleasant news. Best thing I could of heard on here today.

    Again. Well deserved..

  • Congratulations David and Anton! It’s been incredible to watch this online magazine mature into an award winning publication. Burn is a daily source of inspiration and entertainment. Thanks to both of you for all you do.

  • Adding inclusiveness to the mix of great ideas and out of the oven pops BURN. Smells like inspiration to me.

  • Wow! I never saw this until now. Great news.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EffiRHdKRv8&feature=related

    Great news from Venice beach…
    last night obama decided NOT to let the FEDS to attack our dispensaries…
    Free CHRONIC…

  • this is what “they” tried to do to “BURN” last year…
    sorry… it didnt work out that very well… did it???


    ( they tried to make “Burn” to go to Rehab…and WE said NO NO NO…. )

  • What a ride!! I just can’t express in decent english how much I admire Mr Harvey for making all this effort for the young photographers. Congratulations to all in this intense community.

  • “Congratulations to all in this intense community.”

    Right on…
    INTENSE is the word…:)

  • Panos

    In the spirit of concilliation and brotherly love I dedicate this song to all the Burn detractors
    that have come and gone :>))

  • Marc…yes…
    u nailed it…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    A philosopher once told me…:”be careful of what you wish”

    and even I …the Civilian MASS Audience can’t keep up with all of you…
    BUT …I will never stop calling for new blood…
    and the marriage between the emerging Icons with the emerging Photographers is Unique …thanks to MR.HARVEY’S vision !!!

    and we can’t forget the BURNing voices …BURNIANS !!!


    I can’t imagine BURN without all of you …ALL OF YOU …
    yes…Our Patricia …can you imagine BURN without the MASS AUDIENCE…we are so many
    BURN, BURN,BURN…all we need is BURN !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    YES,MTOMALTY we LOVE and our detractors…what we have been without them !!!

    and Yes, You nailed it …PANOS

    CAN I SING now ???

  • First of all I like to congratulate all the winners of the Lucie Awards!!!
    Great people and wonderful work!!! Well deserved!!!

    Big big congratulations and maximum RESPECT to David and Anton and all Burnians out there!!!

    Leute, das ist der Hammer!

    Eric, thank you for your words! Well said!

    Burn certainly is the place to be!

    P.S. I am off the net for a day and things go completly wild… Love you all!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    happy birthday BURN…we wish you many ,many ,many flexible years !!!

    P.S REIMAR …hihihi…completely wild !!!

  • Word UP for BURN!!!!!
    Well deserved!!
    Congratulations to DAH and Anton, you guys really rock!

  • …….. haha haha ……. what a farewell …. though I missed the ceremony/party by hours …… one month of making coffee for the curator and few days for the creative director …. and we have had the first show and and a bad ass award to keep next to the coffee machine ….lol ….

    … would be difficult to explain this to psychological mortals …. but I am freaking glad I quit college to learn from the master …and couldnt have had asked for a better internship …..


  • a civilian-mass audience


    WE never quit …we only postpone …BUT we are freaking glad you are HERE !!!

    “To all of out haters out there…:
    “we ain’t going nowhere..we are here to stay”…
    Viva BURN….”
    as PANOS wrote …DAVIDB …I LOVE the (jam) roll

    P.S Wake up KATIE …we are BURNing …KATIE …I need you ALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!

  • here we go:
    online print sales
    burn gallery
    photographer profiles
    international print shows
    burning visa @ perp
    jam rolls
    SPONSORS – please take a ticket and please form an orderly que

  • .. and for vivek, the first burn intern

    There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.
    Jawaharlal Nehru


    Stimmt, es ist der Hammer! :-)
    Wir sollten auch mal skypen (absolutlassal) … bin froh, dass es Dir besser geht.

  • ALL….

    many many thanks for your kind words of support…..i know that you know that i will take this award as peer group validation and mostly as impetus for improving Burn as best we can… the primary intent of course to show your work and continue your discussion to an international audience…my aim all along has been to change the landscape of what a “photography magazine” can be….not a magazine just for photographers, but for all who value photography as one means of journalistic awareness and artistic expression….

    this is your magazine, your award, your vehicle for reaching a wide audience….use it….make this your place, your way, to reach an appreciative and eager audience…the imminent technology that is about to come at us now like a freight train, will only add to the influence we will have in the coming year…take a deep breath…think clearly…..now is the time for you to really show what you can do , state what you believe, and help to bring our craft and our art on to the next playing field of communication….

    the responsibility for what we can really be is upon all of us now….obviously resting on my shoulders and on Anton’s, but just as much on yours…we have flipped the equation…done something new….this audience drives this train….please take this seriously….i certainly will…..

    oh yes, i will try to get a new dialogue post up by tomorrow….i have a house full of people making books…pictures all over my walls, fire in the fireplace, cat sleeping on the mantle next to Lucie…sun bright…..congratulations to all of you…

    peace, hugs, cheers, david

  • How does one become a Burn intern?

  • OHMY! I´m back after two days sans internet thanks to my cable company..haven´t even had time to read or digest this news..am over the moon with glee…David, Anton, congratulations is the best i can think to say right now..i can´t even imagine how you´re both feeling..and to all Burnians all over the world, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB! A HUGE HONOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • a civilian-mass audience


    don’t be lazy…
    don’t be blinded by excess optimism
    work hard
    be humble
    go the extra mile …

    “…Please, take this seriously ….this audience drives this train…”
    Yes, and it’s MASS …

    and BURNIANS…be true to yourselves and to your audience …
    P.S Can we go back to the regular program or shall we leave the door open for more congrats…???
    I BURN to LOVE

  • a civilian-mass audience


    I got to go…BUT … I am sooooooooo happy :)))

    I LOVE to BURN

  • Lassal,
    jau, bin für die schnelle Besserung wirklich froh und dankbar!
    Wir können gern skypen, allerdings kann ich Dich unter Deinem angegebenen Namen nicht finden. Schau mal, ob Du mich findest: reimar498
    Bin eher abends online.
    Bis dahin!

  • DAH…

    Is the bookmaking workshop ON right now??
    Thought you postponed it because of the Lucies…


    try sending an email to the curator !

  • VIVEK…

    When the world stops spinning, could you please write a couple of posts about your internship??

  • Congrats David, Anton and all the others who made burn burn.
    I’ll Smoke few for you.
    peace and peace

  • man, this party just SWELLED>>>>
    come in, come in.. find a bean bag and slouch..
    what potions d’ya bring?

  • Wow, how wonderful!! very happy about this news! My congratulations to David, Anton, and all Burnians! proud of ya :)

  • DAH

    I was just reading a short interview with you at PDNonline and again the comment was
    made that , “BURN will be a channnel of Magnum”

    I know you touched on this briefly in the past but is anything more concrete available to be shared
    as to what this actually means?

    Does it mean that BURN has a link on Magnum?
    Does it mean that published BURN content could be licensed through Magnum by prospective clients?



  • CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!! this is so exciting for BURN!

  • That’s fantastic! well deserved burn team!!

  • Been busy for a few days and unable to check burn. And boy did I miss something BIG ;)

    Viva la vida burn

    DAH / Anton – Congrats!

    Deserved. Unique. Edgy. Expressive. Innovative. Creative. Alive. Burn.

    2 Men and a Laptop I believe was the phrase. What’s not to love.

  • Yeah !! well done !!
    Congrats David and Anton, you deserve it

  • Well deserved indeed !

    Bravo & Bonne continuation !

  • Fabulous, David. Congratulations!

  • Congratulation !!! BURN magazine and thanks to David and Anton…………….monirul

  • Congratulations to you! The best kind of news! : )

  • Congratulations.

    Interesting to read that foto8 are disappointed. I can see their point when you have very strongly edited magazines out there like FOAM (it quite simply rocks). It’s quite a surprise that Burn made it over them… the jury of the award must have been looking forwards to a bit of a twist and opening up the definition of magazine.

  • It’s quite a surprise that Burn made it over them… the jury of the award must have been looking forwards to a bit of a twist and opening up the definition of magazine.


    Does FOAM has an Akaky? a CIVI? a BobB? a Jim ????????
    didnt think so………..;0

  • Joni, but who reads foam? 5 people? Im exaggerating but FOAM has a very very small audience, especially compared to Burn, but even without comparing it to Burn it simply fills a small niche. Its a niche magazine but does not have nearly the impact that Burn does. While maybe the level of consistency of FOAM is higher than Burn, that doesnt make it better. I find Burn vastly more interesting than FOAM. Burn is dynamic, inclusive and encompases a wide variery of photography. FOAM is a niche magazine and thats it.

  • Rafal

    Foam is different from Burn. It’s a fabulous read..all the interviews and different projects in the recent Talent edition are a total thrill. It was sent to me as a gift and i’ve been dragging it everywhere, looking and reading. BUT, can i get Foam in Costa Rica without paying an arm and a leg for it and even then maybe getting it hung up in Customs? NO! I can get Burn here by just turning on the compu’. I think that’s the point overall. Burn is the wave of the future though a magazine like Foam is pure unadulterated luxury..holding it in my hands, turning the pages, touching the images..no computer can ever equal the experience of a magazine’s look and feel. Burn is like a cake behind glass at the bakery. You can look but you can’t touch. Foam is 2000 calories of luscious, rich goo. They both work!


  • I can touch the images just as well on Burn as I can in a magazine. The point isnt about touching, its about seeing. Its a visual art afterall, isnt it? FOAM is a small niche magazine. It has very little impact and as such lost the lucie. Foto8 can bitch and moan all they want, they are niche as well. Frankly, I wouldnt buy FOAM if I could, not for that price.

  • Rafal,Kathleen

    I love magazines, just ask my wife, they get way out of hand. I also love Burn and spend to much time on it.
    But I’m with you Kat. I love lounging on the couch with a magazine, or, my favourite, in a very hot 45 min bath. It just ain’t the same on a computer screen. I’ve never actually held a laptop on my lap, or my stomach. Besides, resolution on a computer screen sucks big time compared to print.

  • KAT
    BuRN is like a cake
    behind glass at the bakery…
    you can look
    but you can’t touch…
    FOAM is 2000 calories of rich,
    luscious goo…
    they both work….
    oh yes indeed….

  • Gordon

    Actually, you touch on another big difference and that’s the trouble with monitors. There’s the good, the bad and the ugly. There’s large, small, cheap, expensive, flat, CRT, laptops, Macs, PC’s, blackberries, and whatever the hell else there is out there. So an essay published here has to run a virtual gauntlet of viewing devices while the photographer cross her finger that her message is getting through. A magazine is what it is. The only difference is the kind of light reflecting off its pages. I guess i treasure a great photography magazine because they are not sold here. When i get one in my hands it’s, well, it’s just a huge deal. So where would i be without Burn? Screwed. But do i occasionally cheat with the real deal? mmm….yeah..

    Rafal, it’s not JUST about seeing! A book or magazine at its best is a very sensual experience. I don’t go to a museum just to see art. Part of the pleasure is actually being at the museum and much thought (and cash) goes into museum design and architecture to enhance that pleasure. I don’t buy a photo book to just see the photos but to hear the spine crack every so slightly and know i am the very first person to open that book and discover the miracles within. To feel and smell the silky–or stiff–or crisp–paper, to know how that paper bends, how it turns, how it falls into place over the page before it, to see the text, what kind of font was used, to read the words, always properly edited and all spellings just right, yes, to sink into the couch with that book, to arrange it on a table at a cafe just right so my cappuccino doesn’t spill on it. I don’t have a laptop so having the pleasure to peruse Burn at a cafe is not something i have ever enjoyed. But books? Magazines? ALL the time!

    Yes, Burn is the wave of the future but it is not the ultimate photography viewing experience to me. not by a long shot.

    Ok, ’nuff about this..take care, Both


  • awww Wendy..you make me blush when you do that…it’s always like my words look and feel and sound so much better than they did in my own head.

    thanks, grrl


  • Do you touch the mona lisa? Its behind inches of glass. Do you touch a rembrandt? Photography is about seeing and thinking. For me anyway touching means very little. A photograph should make you think. And whats best for thinking than the constant stream of work on Burn, and the ability to discuss and debate in real time? Magazines are dinosaurs. Sure, its nice to hold a magazine since you wont get electrocuted in a tub if it falls in the water so its not lethal, but what kind of relationship or communication can you have with a magazine? Thats where Burn totally stomps all over Foam or other magazines and Foto8 can kiss our asses and shut up.

  • Rafal

    (haha, funny visual of getting electrocuted in the tub with a magazine)..It’s not about touching the Mona Lisa, sheesh, you can be so obtuse..BEING at the museum is part of the experience of SEEING and THINKING about the Mona Lisa. For me anyway! If it’s just about seeing the Mona Lisa i don’t have to go to the museum, all i have to do is google the bi*ch! kabish? Burn and Foam, et al, they’re ALL good! I love The New Yorker. But does that mean i don’t also read books? Or The Daily Beast? (my guilty pleasure) or go to a movie? i mean, c’mon, Rafal..move over and share the wealth..magazines, books, Burn, photos on walls, all good!

    best atcha

  • Rafal, do we really have to dump on other magazines — print or online — to feel good about our winning the Lucie Award? Hey, man, let’s be a little gracious here. There’s nothing tackier than big-headed winners.


  • yes since they dumped first. Foto8 dumped on Burn, Ill dump on Foto8 as an irrelevant print rag.

  • “irrelevant print rag” Can’t online mags, and real mags and books co-exist side by side. Especially since they are completely different mediums and different experiences…

  • …it’s all information Ross no matter how it comes, like many here I like mags even smutty ones.

  • ………even got some on my ute

  • Imants; “…it’s all information Ross no matter how it comes” Yes; that’s exactly my point. :-)

  • Imants; I was just answering Rafal’s “irrelevant print rag” comment. :-)

  • We all agree, Burn rocks!
    BTW, when will the Burn “birthday special limited paper edition” be published?
    I’m already queuing…

  • im right here ( in grecolandia ),

  • Congrats David, Anton and the rest of the BURN gang! Bravo!

    Dave — here’s hoping that your wish and vision for BURN that you shared at LOOK3 manifests. :)

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