live from the Kibbutz….

some of you might be interested in what is going on right now in my loft…the assembled below are gathered at my space to help make some decisions on the future of our forum…we are buzzing buzzing on the potential of an online many good ideas (and a few bad ideas) are zipping around the room…

we are interested right now in any input you may have….very soon we will be working on all the titles you so kindly suggested….and i think we have a nice clean design that will set up selected essays in the most special way and will also include a “behind the scenes” or “the making of” element that so many will find invaluable…

you will now have about four or five  hours to make comments…to me, or to anyone you see below….we should be able to have at least a pretty decent preliminary site within a week or two..or maybe sooner..

i cannot believe that Anton Kusters  flew here from Belgium, Tom Hyde from Seattle, Eric Espinosa from Cincinnati …i also cannot believe we stayed up ’til 4am for a pre-meeting meeting….and this was air mattress/sleeping bag  central around here last night…

please ask us some questions..give us your thoughts….we will respond immediately…..

Burning session

Erica McDonald, Andrew Sullivan, Chris Bickford, Tom Hyde, Anton Kusters, Eric Espinosa and on screen via webcam,  David McGowan

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  • the “burn” double meaning kind of went over my head – anyone want to fill me in?

  • Have some cold beers ;-)

    I’m off to a poetry reading that has been condemned by Christians. Last time there was even mounted police to try to deter them.

  • dmcg: you’re not serious about that question are you?

  • Ciao!!!!!

    Now working on my new site that means editing the last 6 years of work… in the last 15 days.

    But… I’m with you. Have a wonderful (or wonderfun) and fruitful day… and night

    Also if you have questions for all of us…. ;)

  • well now that you mention it I was probably to stoned to figure it out…. heh heh, heh heh

  • would burn also imply high contrast darkened imagery….would you settle on the title of burn, finally? but seriously i don’t know how inclined i am towards the title of burn…its too directorial a name…its filmy…thing is, any word you use would be loaded…hopefully it shall still leave some room for thoughts to develop, be it any kind…like Life was….photographs of the kind most of you are into …involves just that, Life…burn is a good edgy word, but kind of competitive…anyways, by saying all this i do not mean to downplay enthusiasm that this word built up…. its just my point of view and how i feel it creates a particular way of thought..

  • …Again…

    *** ZONE ***

    3 meanings/references…

    Zone System

    In The “Zone”

    End Zone~Reaching goals

    anyway…thought i would post it here as well…

    ** Z O N E **

    M a g a z i n e

    ~ is available

  • oh and btw BICKFORD…i was going to call you to meet me at chilli’s tonite but i guess you’re out of town! lets get up when you’re back…

    DAH – i’m so excited about all of this…and will have the space to think on it come january…talk when you’re here…scooter says soon?

  • how about ‘iris’? has it been suggested before or is it too directorial again..?

  • Oh boy! What the hell did I miss?

    Hi all… that photo makes me feel like I’m back in Charlottesville! Hi Eric, Anton, David McG! Tom Hyde, come to DC and I’ll buy you a beer or two. In fact, bring the others with you!


  • David,

    Did you get my email question about someone to code the blog to your design?

  • AKAKY: But…

    AKAKY IRL: No.

    AKAKY: But Anton flew all the way in from Brussells, dammit!

    AKAKY IRL: It’s not like he swam, dude. He sat in a plane for eight hours inhaling enough rhinoviruses to start his own pandemic and wondering why the airlines can’t afford stale peanuts anymore. It’s not like he ran the Boston Marathon in high heels. That would have been impressive. It’d be hard on his calves, though.

    AKAKY: My life sucks.

    AKAKY IRL: Tell me about it.


  • Joni, were the mounted cops there to deter the poets or the Christians? From what little of it I read, I’d say using mounted cops to suppress modern poetry is altogether a good thing. There’s nothing like a good whiff of tear gas and having your skull cracked with a truncheon to make your average modern poet appreciate iambic pentameter and the judicious use of heroic couplets, which always sounded like the title of a porno flick to me, but then I dont get around much.

  • LES…

    we sent you a signed archival print as per promised by way of Fed Ex…when we sent out all the prizes we checked and according to Fed Ex records everything we sent was received at the other end..someone at your address signed for this package…

    this is the second time i have tried to communicate with you…

    i think the problem is that you have never contacted us directly and are for some reason trying to communicate with me through another blogger… ????????

    if you contact me directly, or simply leave your address here, we will send you another print..but, as i have said at least twice here, i sure would like to know what happened to the original print….you can really help us to track this by calling me personally 202 413-1137…

    this is a valuable signed print…it is in both of our best interests for you to please please write to me here…i really love your self portrait photograph and i really want you to have the print….

    please help us…

    many thanks, david

  • in the spirit of this exercise: ‘in real time’.

  • David, Bob, Joni, Anton, Patricia, Panos and rest my dear friends.

    I agree with Eugene Richards that photographers should buy each others books (or prints). I am sure if not now many of you will have own books and for sure I will try buy all of this special treasures. You know I am always very proud if any of you have small or big success. I am also a big fan of works so many of you. I am proud of you David, because you are one big succes and I am sure your magazine will be big stuff in our photography world.

    Now, firstly I will try get Kyunghee Lee’s book, and I will wait for Anton’s.

    I have to buy “cuba” and “living proof” soon. I like books and I want a hundreds!!! Big masters and many of people I admire (including Eugene :).


    I must run.

    hugs for all

    ps. Anton, I just get your email, No problem, I understand and agree, famili first! :)

  • How’s about, “project”?

    We spend most of our time working on projects.

    And then projecting our projects.

    Am I projecting?


  • Title: Kibbutz

    Just a thought. Good luck. Keep it simple.

  • hey michelle, we’re overdue for a hang…be back midweek next week. How’s the weather down there?

  • Yes, “Behind the scenes” and “The making of” details will help many. Good photo; thanks for your efforts. Enjoy!

  • if you have some time, have a look at this:

    an inspiring quote from the article: “The third argument says we have to change. We have to develop content that metamorphoses in sync with new ways of experiencing it, disseminating it and monetizing it. This argument concedes that it’s not possible to translate or extend traditional analog content like news reports and soap operas into pixels without fundamentally changing them. So we have to invent new forms.”

    enjoy your meeting, keep it simple and… be bold! ;)

  • How ’bout SNOWBALL, cause that’s what these things tend to do!


    My only “tech” suggestion is to NOT choose any domain with a .net extension. People will always type in a .com over anything else. Looks more legit too.

    Names… I’m sure you guys already know what your gonna call it but here’s a few more to mull over.

    PRIME -It has obvious tie-ins. Plus is available.. just checked.

    BE THERE -I mentioned this one in an earlier post… didn’t stick so here it is again!!

    Good Luck Guys

    I’d love to help, if you need. (10 years graphic design exp.) But it looks like their are more than a few cooks in that kitchen.

    Keep me in though, it would be my pleasure


  • You can set up your domain to forward the inaccurate address to the correct one. For example, if you type .com or .org instead of .net you would be directed accordingly. I know there can be difficulties with this but it can be done. There may be costs involved though.

    Good luck. Looking forward to reading minutes.

  • This might be daft, it is daft, but FOUR CORNERS?

    SUBJECT – person or thing that is being discussed, described, or dealt with


    Ahhh bollox. Bed time.

  • PDN says it’s going to be ‘Live’… ( )

    Thought that’s a weird name, too close to ‘Life Magazine’…


  • wish I was there…still voting for Burn as #1 and Emerge as #2…actually Stills is sort of interesting as well but have the feeling that imagery wont be still, exclusively, for long…but maybe…

    great photo…looking forward to the update

    ~ chris h

  • Get rid of Bickford, he’s bad news

  • ** B U R N … Is hot and a great name…Several good names to choose from and whichever it is, the whole project will be a success!!!

    I thought of a twist on zone and a better reference to photography & The Zone System…It is also what all photographers have in common…Our camera meters are calibrated to:

    ** Z O N E * F I V E ** ~ / ~ ** Z O N E 5 ** & are available at the moment…

  • Hey, you folks have been sending off some kind of crazy vibes! Last night I couldn’t sleep worth diddley-squat. I swear it was like I was there with you in David’s loft, right in the middle of it all! I think I finally dropped off around 4 a.m., just when you guys were hitting the air mattresses. And, of course, it was a full moon night!!!

    I just got home from an entire afternoon spent at the van repair shop. Fun. So I’m probably too late to add anything in live time. My guess is the magazine is already named by now, and I’m sure whatever you came up with will SING.

    Just sending love & good creative, pragmatic, idealistic energy your way. Sure hope you go to bed before 4 a.m. tonight! That would give DAH one full hour’s sleep before he heads upstate for tomorrow’s ad shoot.

    HUGE THANKS to you all for making the trip and bringing your best to the table. You are representing 1000s of us across the globe, and I couldn’t think of a better group to do it. Let us know when we can do our part…



  • watching ‘waking life’… again…

    “The trick is to combine your waking rational abilities with the infinite possibilities of your dreams. Because, if you can do that, you can do anything”

    waking life is a good name..

    hi all.. hope the meeting is / was good..

  • ..and erica.. and patricia..

    much love.. thanks for your mention on last topic..

    tor is born out of love.. i wish we all were :o)



  • WOW – this is really happening. SO exciting! Thank you to those who are there and speaking for all of us.

    I like Burn and Emerge!

  • Anybody there still?


    Nice to see a pic of you, you may not be the original ‘Quiet American’ but you are the best!

    I am definitely going to try and be ‘Over There’ in the nearish kind of future, maybe Look3 so plan on a few beers OK!


    Well it seems you have got to ‘Big Bro’ Status! Congrats on ‘Sugar’

    Always knew you had it going on!


    I am still going for EVOLVER, reasons already stated and I just like the sound of it…

    Though RAW is my second favorite…

  • Yo Cary, why don’t you come over here and say that to my face…


  • ok, just got off the phone with Captain Harvey there……

    FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!!…..:)))))

    YO, SISTER LISA, i resent that ;)))))))))))))))))))))…..lots of good americans around here ;)))))



  • Sounds like a great and productive gathering, possibly even historical. Has someone already said,”burn baby burn?” Well…

    DAH-Just sent you an email. I suggest you open it while everyone is there.

    ALL: I’m going to start discussing my veteran’s project in my blog, as the project progresses-kind of a step by step. Should be boring but will let everyone know that the tediousness of getting something going is not a singular event.



  • Based on today’s meeting (8 hour teleconference for me!) with 99% certainty I’d say it’s BURN MAGAZINE.

  • Not sure if David saw my email or post earlier… does he have a person to code the blog to whatever design he wants?

  • Hey Pete,

    I’m pretty sure Anton is handling that.

  • David et al.

    I just got in and it’s somewhat premature but from what I can understand from sporadic messages(leaks?) from Bob and DavidM – seems you guys had done the hardest part???

    Is it time to congratulate on the monumental step?

    give us a line. please. :-)




    Buy my books!


    My vote is still for Burn. Please don’t take it so literally.

    Speaking of titles, met today with a friend of mine who is going to help me edit my next book. It is going to be a book of portraits (loosely), essentially a culling of the files from the the last 30 years. Will be interesting to see if it flies. My working title for it was originally Negative Creep, but we both axed that (at least for now). Too much grunge connotation.

    Anyway, trying to pull another book together from the archives will be a way to get some work done during the first year or so of the new baby. My designer friend is excited about it. He wasn’t so excited when I told him about the realities of money in regard to fine art photo book publishing. He just got spoiled designing a book of photos about a big name band (REM) where he actually got paid a real sum. Uh uh brother, this is for the portfolio (though I will slip him some dosh when I can). Anyway, something to think about….


    Not sure if I ever told you how good your car wash pics were. Stop by next time you’re in Seattle.



  • Cool, I knew he was designing it, wasn’t sure if he was programming it.

  • ALL, sorry to be a pain, but I just wrote a new post and discovered how strongly I feel about this new project I’m starting on Vietnam Vets. Old Subject, but still relevant. Please look. This is at the very beginning stages.

    DAVID: In addition to another project I’ve been working on (Skylight of Man), I would like you to consider using this brand new project as a serial, from inception to completion.

    OK All, back to the Burn celebration.

    For me, back to work.



  • sorry, my links didnt work…

    so ok, some tunes…

  • It would be cool if the new site had a system where unknown musicians could submit mp3s of their own music to the site. Photographers could then go through the music selection and choose a song/songs to accompany their slide shows if they would like. Again, just trying to think about combining my two passions of photography and music. Best regards, Dan

  • PETE…

    that person would be Anton….


    hmmmm, pretty sloppy reporting particularly since “Live” was never even discussed by anyone ever…..we have no name officially yet, but most likely will be “BURN”..

    cheers, david

  • David,

    A voice from the past. I check your site once in a while and this project seems very interesting. I get much of my news and pictures online.

    We don’t see your mom very often… maybe in passing at City Market.

    Good luck with this project!


  • ALL

    OK, friends, I’ve got the PERFECT YouTube link to share today…thanks to my photog friend Ai Li in Singapore. To my way of thinking, this song demonstrates exactly what’s been going on here today. Now, be sure to watch/listen to it to the end, and I dare you to do so without a smile on your face and a bit of a tear in your eye.

    much love


  • BOB

    YO MAN!!!!

    Pick my musical tastes like a nose you do, THE PIXIES & YEAH,YEAH,YEAHS…



    Thats the funniest thing I have seen for ever!!!!!!!



  • BURN MAGAZINE – fucking cool!

  • BOB, LISA,


  • “It’s better to


    out than to fade away.”

  • KURT COBAIN “It’s better to burn out than to fade away.”

    this one for my brother CHARLES

  • special request…

    i know, i know , it aint rap, but…. its still…


  • PANOS IRL: are you fucking done?

    PANOS: leave me the fuck alone, bitch !!!!!!

  • PANOS IRL: so you think you are so cool, dont you

    PANOS: you know what…? fuck u , im going to bed..

    PANOS IRL: bed… ??? i didnt know you have one…!

    PANOS: ok…, i meant , i’m going to sleep in the car seat… how about that…

    PANOS IRL: ohhh… you mean the red mustang seat , but… you didnt even pay the latest payment,… did you… idiot…!

    PANOS:… ok, ok… i give up…

  • PANOS IRL: so you think you are so cool, dont you

    PANOS: you know what…? fuck u , im going to bed..

    PANOS IRL: bed… ??? i didnt know you have one…!

    PANOS: ok…, i meant , i’m going to sleep in the car seat… how about that…

    PANOS IRL: ohhh… you mean the red mustang seat , but… you didnt even pay the latest payment,… did you… idiot…!

    PANOS:… ok, ok… i give up…

  • I think its a great idea to have musicians put music on.. also have a spot for some film (video)?!? ** Multi media… burn baby burn…. **

    PS Panos.. loved burn mother fucker burn!!

  • Here’s one for Venice’s finest

  • PANOS IRL: wait a minute… now you are stealing..

    PANOS: stealing?????? from who????

    PANOS IRL: yeah motherf….., you are stealing AKAKY’S ideas…

    PANOS: AKAKY????? who the fuck is AKAKY…????

    PANOS IRL: oh please… the super intelligent writer on DAH’s blog…

    dont act like you dont know.. now you really pissing me off…

    PANOS:… what the fuck is that DAH BLOG..???

    PANOS IRL:… you know what bitch ? go sleep in your car…

    you deserve it… enough of you…

    PANOS: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  • damn, TIM…

    you got that right…





  • I’m envious, Austin sounds just right. The NW is getting mighty cold.

    Here’s my vote for the Road Trips soundtrack…

    Morning can never come soon enough

  • Christ, I missed a lot in two days! I can’t wait to hear more about the meeting today.

    We had the lovely Gina In Austin (A-town) tonight. Blog family meetings all over the world tonight.

    Thanks for the Cray-C, Panos. :)

  • PANOS IRL: you’re an idiot… you have to attend COURT this friday..

    SHUT UP… i thought we agreed to keep your foul mouth shut…

    PANOS: i know, i know.. but i’m innocent… David Alan Harvey was there … i also have 1000 witnesses.. they will let me go… i didnt do anything… i was just there with my little camera… is that a crime???

    1st amendment ??? etc…

    PANOS IRL: you are innocent???? how come.. you are a photographer… idiot !!!! i wish you were selling crack or heroin…


    any good lawyer can get a drug dealer free in a second… but a photographer???? you are delusional… you are going down…

    PANOS: ok.. ok… i will SHUT MY FOUL MOUTH immediately…

    PANOS IRL: phew! i hope nobody reads this stupid blob..

    go to hell now… goodnight

    PANOS: ok, goodnight

  • Still there? :)

    Burn of course is what I imagine it was going to be chosen. Perfect.

    The site will be? All the ones with Burn all taken.

    Thank you Panos, Pat and the other youtube dispenser. I wake up after a short night with the right music…Here around there is only water…rain …river Tevere going to have a flood. Fire is just what I need!!!! :)

    Other things that came out from THE MEETING?

    Ok may be we’ll have to wait for a few hours and a lot of coffe! :)


  • MICHAEL K. – I WILL take you up on that in the future … if you take me to Great Falls :))

    LISA, planning beers :)))

    CHARLES, thank you for the good words, and I definitely will :)) Love your book, it’s here :)))))

    All, everyone is asleep here … almost. It’s been nonstop. Pics from The Kibbutz later today. Gotta sleep.

    Damnit Bickford, stop snoring!


  • Ok water is arriving… going out to have a look and take some picture. Thank mum I had swim lessons since I was 5:)

    Anyone in Rome to have a swimming party?

  • ALL

    a quick note from the kibbutz where we’re all working hard…

    David is out on an ad shoot for the entire day… he’ll probably only be able to get back here tomorrow… he asked me to let you all know:

    he’ll be back “soonest” :-)



  • …. morning Anton …

  • … mornin’ young tom…

    how’s the coffee?

  • … pretty darn good, thanks for making that by the way …

    Road Trips … where the virtual world meets the surreal.

  • Hi David,

    I just read on PDN that you have this blog, this post is just to say hello from Italy, how are you doing, and I hope to see you again in Italy some day!

    many hugs


  • … we should go out for bagels soon, i’m getting hungry

    probably wait till chris gets out of the shower, see what he’s up for…

    any cream cheese left?


    Rome is too far from here… I’ll have a swim in Po river, just for solidarity! ;)

    Hope everything is well in spite of this rainstorm.

  • Morning anton, morning tom: y’all get a sneak peak at bones slideshow?….


    I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!!…i knew there’d been something similar BETWEEN DAD-AKAKY AND PANOS….LISA: PANOS IS OUR LONG LOST BROTHER!!!! YOU KNOW, the one mom use to talk about during her midnight weeping, before you were shipped off ot Oz….

    seems like i got dad’s long-winded writing proclivity (stemming from our love of overly-indulgent russian novels) and inability to contract Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, while you got dad’s good looks, svelt shape, and propensity to take off your clothes at the drop of a hat or sound of a popped iron-canned beer, while poor Brother Panos inherited Dad’s foul mouth, beautiful/soft heart and music/drug induced schizophrenia….i always knew knew in the deep debths of my drunken skull that Panos and I were brothers!!!!

    See Dad-Akaky, or Akaky-IRL, your miscreant, unkarmic act of tossing away lisa, panos, mom and i to the wind as failed…we’ve been re-united and we know who you vote for and what ‘burb you live in!….now, come on Dad, let’s make it a REAL FAMILY REUNION!!!…can we, please?..




  • Anton, thanks for putting together that little slideshow of photos from yesterday …

  • Any other Road Trippers in London? Speak up.

    By the way, Dan, like that music contribution idea.

  • Panos, really hope it goes your way tomorrow.

    Will you report back?

  • AKAKY: Svelte? Good looking?

    AKAKY IRL: Clearly, they ain’t talking about you, bubba.

    AKAKY: You got that right. What’s this about your selling off another kid?

    AKAKY IRL: News to me. There were just the two of you, as far as I know, and five will get you ten those two arent not even mine. I wouldnt trust their mother as far as I could power boot a kielbasa.

    AKAKY: What tasteful imagery.

    AKAKY IRL: What it lacks in couth it makes up for with versimilitude.

    AKAKY: You know what versimilitude means?

    AKAKY IRL: Sure I do. I got it out of the Reader’s Digest Improve your Word Power thing.

    AKAKY: Why doesnt that surprise me?


    You people are THE BEST!!! Yes, what happened in DAH’s loft yesterday was historic. We’ll look back and say it all started there. And thank you so much Tom and Chris for documenting it so well. Your photos practically scream with the energy–and exhausion–of the day. And thanks to Anton, we see them today in a beautiful slideshow format. Can’t wait to hear more about the fruits of your labors!

    Enjoy your day. Hope you can get into the city to see some of the fabulous shows that are up.



  • Thinking about it also Genesis was a good name… Thank you for the report.

    Here the water is under control!

  • I want to meet Akaky (or Akaky IRL?) and Panos (or Panos IRL?).

    Where is Erica?

  • PAUL,

    thank you…

    of course i will report everything…

    i messed up the FRIDAY COURT date though.. my bad…

    The ordeal is next

    friday the 19th….

    another lawyer meeting today…

    another $1K goes to the garbage….



    THANK U… for the support

    …. morning KIBBUTZ

    ….morning ITALY

    … morning ALL

    this one for ALL the superstars out there

  • How exciting to see this really happening! I still remember our meeting in Perpignan – right amidst 5000 people partying at Café de la Poste :)

    Thanks for all of you who are there now (still?) to discuss this for us and get things going ahead. The group size seems to be right to focus best.

    My vote still goes for “burn”.

    Btw. Anything else I can do, please let me know.


    good luck to you, man. I think you had this important date today, did you not?


    wonderful to see you reappeared … How is your little man? And how are the pictures of him doing? Or did I miss it ????????


    and the others that managed to get additions to their names and/or show their work: CONGRATULATIONS! It is so wonderful to hear this news. I remember when Anton showed us his first pictures for Sugar …. Not so long ago. And now this! I am very happy for you.


    remember, I still have to sent Anton the Sugar-Picture! I have now about a dozen of it, but I never manage to get there when the light is right. I will go on trying…


    waiting …. waiting… waiting…

    Have you had a look online at the project? I did sent you a link. If everything works out fine I will be including the flash-files this weekend.


    thanks for the slideshow … first time I get an idea of how the rooms actually look like. In any older slideshow there the room was so slammed with people there was nothing else you could identify. Wow… nice place to work … and nice view to let the mind dance freely.

    I hope your minds are free to dance!

    Enjoy it! It is an important moment you are helping to create.

    Thank you for that.

    Cheers from Germany

    (among wallpaint, boxes full of trash and other things you apparently need when you move …)


    nice to hear from you..

    ( again, my mistake, the freaky court date , next friday the 19th,

    you know, my little X-Mas present…;-(


    loved the DAH RAIN PHOTO… damn great


    thank you… yes , i’m back…

  • Yeah Panos, I remember vividly :((

    But – taking your music-link literally – I do not know if anybody really should envy my dog at present … I am hardly having time for the poor thing with all the mess going on here … And as he had to be operated some days ago, he is not even allowed to run in the forest, which for him is something like “42”.

    So your court day is on the 19th. Will DAH have to be there as a witness?

    I sure am thinking about you. Too many of these things are happening. Sometimes it feels as if we all were running backwards.

  • “….Too many of these things are happening. Sometimes it feels as if we all were running backwards….”

    Ahhhhhh Lassal,

    sorry about the doggy’s operation…:-(

    ( no, DAH or any other witness have no reason to be at the court

    at this time… only… if things gets super ugly… but thats the reason im going to the LAYWER’S DEN again today … )

    in America MONEY TALKS….

  • sorry… i meant to say: ” in america ONLY money talks”…


    staY Away from that River…

    we will hopefully meet soon…



    thank you …


    I wanted to give you credit for helping me translate the Persian poem … But do I write Karim or Ryan? And … if I link your name to your website (if you want) – I still get an errormessage when I try to open … Shall I link to somewhere else?

  • Wow Laura,

    where are you at present?

    Take care and I hope we meet again soon …

    We should put up a calender with events here on this site, so people can try to meet more often. Any time you are here in Frankfurt, you are more than welcome.


    I will have to postpone my travels to Scotland some more. Things are a little out of hand here at present.

    In fact I had to postpone all my travels for the postcardproject which were planned for December/January/February. I will stick around here instead for a while. Lots of strangers around.

    Thankfully we have a good Lagavulin Special Edition in our shelve… To make the time pass by smoothly ….

  • Good morning all-

    Anton is working hard…. we are hanging in here, in David’s loft with Tom and Chris but without the “maestro” who has left early for an ad shoot and will not be back before tonight… we are here to support Anton… our tech guy… Anton is so good at this… exactly what I am horrible at…. so I am supporting him while eating a baggle :):):)… come on Anton… people want to see the site… you are too slow :):):) let me have another baggle in the mean time…. really contributing hard on my part :):):):)

    The past day and 1/2 have been quite something… we have agonized for about 4 hours on the title…but BURN it will be… the more we talked about it, the more it became evident… As I recall David saying eventually, BURN has so many meanings… “Burning fire” but also “burning desire”, it can be destructive as a fire or comforting as a flame or candle and can provide warmth…. for about 2 hours we were trying to be “poetic” but eventually, when a very nice young lady entered David’s loft, we were exhausted and had a laugh as we practiced the titles on her… “hello, we are from “emerge” did not sound very cool…”hello, we are the photographers from “Road trips” seemed like going back somewhat from the 70’s but “hello, we are from BURN” seem way way more cool…. we laughed!!!!!!!!

    The one person who deserves a medal is David Mc. Poor guy was at home in front of his video screen for 8 long hours…. more committed than ever, keeping us straight… David will be the print man as David hopes that the on-line magazine might lead to an annual “collectors” print edition showing the best work that will have been produced by the photographers on the blog…. anyway, more to come from David on this but, we have had many many ideas that we now will need the help and the commitment of a few critical persons to make happen. It was very rewarding how many want to help, be part of this little new journey we are embarking into…. some could not be present but we have talked a lot about you all and knew you were all behind us. Some called like Bob to check on us, just to be sure we were progressing :):):)…

    Overall I tell you, this will be great. I do not want to divulge all as I am sure David will want to talk some of the details himself but lots of cool plans, lots of cool features that Anton ill be preparing…come on Anton, still not ready ??:):):):

    When we had breaks, we talk a lot about life, photography, I guess what this blog is all about… Anton has developed an amazing essay called “Sugar” the young girl….very moving and this will be a great book… Tom has shown us a great short essay on “car wash place” that is very cool…I have told him to share the link again with all… we had pleasant surprise with a brief visit of Stanley Greene who came to have a brief chat with Andrew from Look 3 who was also there for a while… this place is buzzing… so many come in or out…there is an opened door policy here that is very refreshing…. eventually, late yesterday, we have done some more editing of my boxing work… like some others, we will be trying to ready a few essays so that those can be used for content when the on-line magazine is launched….

    Any way, it is probably a long enough email for now (no more bagels)… I would just say before closing that David continues to surprise us all…I do you know many around here who have his sense of hospitality…with four guys hanging around his apartment even while he is away, feeling as if this was we are at home… No wonder that David had called his workshops “at home with DAH”….this is really the feeling you get when you are here… the man has so much energy, last one to go to bed, first one up… this man must have a secret of eternal youth…. I feel he is the young one here…. full of passion, always new ideas and plans… anyway, enough about him… you all know him by now…

    Hope you all did get a flavor of our past day… we might report more later… oops, new very nice lady has just entered… recall we are from BURN :):):):):….



  • Is the Kibbutz still online???


    I did leave before getting your e-mail so will check it as son as I am back home Saturday… I cannot believe that my post card did not get there yet… Great to hear from you.


  • oops…


    mind reading.

  • Oh, I forgot something…

    I was able to check here the book of Charles (Peterson) CYPHER on b-boys..very very cool Charles… will be ordering it as soon as possible…


  • ERIC

    when I read what you just wrote (while I was teasing if you were still there) a lot of words bubble up into my mind, unfortunately not in English … But, GOSH do I have wished to be there with you guys!

    I just would not know what to contribute at the moment besides competing for the bagles :))) I do not know enough about online magazines, to really be of help.

    Someone wrote a while back about possible content like the stories behind the stories of pictures, or the “making of”s! This will shure be a feature I will always be looking for! Some of the best stories are always left untold because they do not immediately fit to the project. I will be glad to hear more of those. For me it gives a project something human from the side of the maker, more soul.

    Thanks for the report Eric! And have some tea on all these bagles. :)))

    See you in Brussels soon!



  • and ANTON …

    thank you for your hard work!!!

    I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that we are glad to have you …!

  • AKAKY: In America only money talks.

    AKAKY IRL: Really? How come I can’t get you to shut up?

    AKAKY: You’re not paying me enough.

    AKAKY IRL: I thought so.

  • Morning all – in or out of the war room ….

    ANTON – let me know if you bump into any problem. I can help with or share your load on pretty much anything… just whistle… I’ll check here a bit later…


  • Hi All….

    I have been asked to produce a huge, killer print of kids I photographed while diving in Irian Jaya.

    The final size could be around 4 feet by 6 feet including the frame and Mat. The original is shot with Fuji Velvia slide film.

    I have always loved the look of Ciba/Ilfochromes but how do they now compare with a fine digital print from a 250MB drum scan?

    Money is no object, the best print is paramount!

    The other thought that occurred to me is to enlarge this image to a huge transparency and build a lightbox behind it…but i question the quality at this size? Has anyone done this before?

    Also, could anyone suggest a lab/printer that is the best of the best! I have always used Duggal in NYC for great prints, I just have never printed anything as large as this will be.

    Would anyone out there be willing to share their thoughts or experiences with me before I start this process? Greatly appreciated!



  • Thanks Eric. Hopefully I’ll be ordering your book of Lords of the Ring someday (I’m serious).

    Nice pics Tom and Chris. Looks like the weather is just as miserable as it is here. Nice to just hang out in the loft for sure.



  • Hillary,

    I recommend the digital print. You will have a lot more control over the finished project (and I doubt anyone is even making Ciba prints that big – or any size for that matter – anymore). I prefer inkjet prints but many also like the Type C Lambda/Lightjet prints. The inkjet prints are more archival than the Type C (depending on type of paper used) but also a bit more expensive. No idea about printers in NY but that shouldn’t be hard to find.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks so much, dear Eric, for your report from the frontlines! See, your job is not just to eat bagels and bug Anton, but to keep us up to date. So glad you brought up the hard work that David McG did via webcam for 8 hours yesterday. He deserves a medal. Hell, he didn’t even get any of the bagels ;=(

    Guess I was a dreamer when I said in an earlier comment that I hoped you guys were going to make it into the city today to see some exhibits! It’s now obvious that Thursday was just the beginninng, especially for our tech wizard Anton.

    Eric, I’ve been hoping there would be time for DAH to help edit your Lord of the Rings project while you’re there. Can’t wait to see it featured in the first online issue of BURN!!!

    Give my love to all…


  • Tom Hyde–

    Deal! A trip to Great Falls then a stop at the Irish Pub down the road.


  • Charles,

    Thank You for the info … very much appreciated!


  • Hillary

    check out


    lightjet prints


  • Hillary

    I like your works, but pictures from papua new guinea are outstanding!!


  • Wow, this “working together” thing tastes fantastic. You’re great guys!! Keep the flame alive for BURN!!

    Thanks to you all there making it happen. Don’t forget that you have the rest of us around the world following you, encouraging you and helping you if you need.




    Well, still in there… with Anton still working… magical afternoon light over New York… this building has an incredible view over Manhattan… just took a few shots that I will post when back.. few hours ago, early afternoon, during a short break for Anton away from the computer, we went on the roof to take a few pictures and then we see this very nice girl Kim, a neighbor of David, one floor up who comes to practice Hula Hoop on the roof with little on her… great light, great subject… she is a photographer herself doing a self portrait project… the 3 of us shot some cool images of her but Tom managed to get THE shot, the killer one… I am sure he will post it but what a picture…. Afterwards, I went for a short walk in Brooklyn… what a change vs “boring” Cincinnati… you have images everywhere… Tom, Anton, Chris and I have been discussing that this is really the place to be… there is always something happening around here… Would be good to come back with more time to shoot and do an essay around here…

    In the mean time, Anton is working, working…. when this on-line magazine starts, we will all have to thank the man… OK for now, I will stop to enjoy the last moments of light over New York, nice music… the sky looks like it is BURNing… there is a fire out there… must be Anton’s computer….



  • from the roof of The Kibbutz today … the chocolate ferry of 475 Kent …

  • Tom


  • You guys are gonna FREAK when you see Anton’s site design. It looks KILLER!!

    And can you f-in believe that shot Tom took this afternoon?

    Crazy shit happening here…I’ve got a headache and need a nap…

  • Tom.. what can we say? As Eric says: THE SHOT

    Eric, it seems to be so lightful, (burning?) to be there

    Lassal! Hi!!!

    yes we have to arrange meeting more often but I would like to be useful ad in this case as you I am not so expert in web page.

    I am in Rome right now, the river at this point is 200 metres from my house. but I’m lucky I live on a hill…

    Abele, I was around Po in october taking picture.

  • tired now… need beer… beer… beer… and food…


  • Thought I would throw together some images in honor of “burn”…

  • Goodnight everyone, crashing into bed.

    Hopefully we will be allowed to see something tomorrow???? This is worse than having to wait until you are allowed to open your christmas presents :))

    ERIC, could you please share that last bagel with Anton? The poor guy is starving :):):)


    I am so proud to somehow witness BURN being born. Even not being right there on the spot, but far away … I’ll do my best to help it grow.

    Good night now – before I become too sentimental…


  • WOW, Tom, that is SOME SHOT!!!!! Too bad your subject & background were SO boring…

    Oh my god, you guys are really DOING IT! Anton, PLEASE get yourself beer, food & time to chill out. You don’t have to do it all right now!!! Let some of our web wizards help…

    BIG hugs



    you are too deep in it, man – go have a beer – sleep. i am still here – fresh and ready. let me help if you have the trust in strangers – it ain’t easy, i know.


  • Hi people… really nice shot of hoola hop girls.. good job Tom… I remember that roof.. nice moment and nice view I got…

    Anton thanks for the slideshow gave us a nice feeling of the mood over there.. iìd be in kibbutz too.. bye

  • Tom…Really kool shot of David with the raincoat.. was that in the elevator??

  • I like Anton’s shot of David in the spectacles lens.


    have been writing/editing for 2 hrs (drinking too)….trying to finalize/revamp the Text (poem, essay, fucked up thing?) for BONES….

    THIS TIME NEXT WEEK, THE TEXT (long) for Bones will be in David’s hands…….

    time out, so, putting up some stupid pics of my face from Ibooth…as i write….

    David: that small photo im holding, recognize it?? ;))))…im sending it too you with the CD next week…it’s from the exhibition i did for the project I did last year for the EPF…when i see you in person next, you’ll get the whole fucking box….small prints, 5×7, but u’ll finally get to see how fucked up my grain and blacks are…small pics, to fit in a box, and in a hand…that’s my gift for the project from last year…when i come down…

    ok, tomorrow marina and i have a retreat, and i need to finalize the writing by monday to send to Harvey….

    pics, drunken:

    in honor of Panos’ Iphone pics and Mi McD’s Max Hendron vid cam shot:

    my tired and during-writing drunken face….

  • HYDE!


    ok, im throwing in the towell for the EPF….so, yo, where the fuck u been hiding….

    i’ve spent my entire photographic life saying, if i make 1 photograph the speaks about all that is contain in the rumble of the broken heart inside my chest that compells me to carry those stupid mechanical boxes, i’d put the cameras away…and you my friend (dont put the cameras away), have made that leap into the engorged, heart of what reminds me of what it means to steal moments from life and prick it upon the skin of our that fucking picture is magnificent….


  • BOB

    – your links point to private area. you mean that?


  • Haik ;)))…shit….hmmm,….ok, let me change it, one moment ;)))


  • OK, fixed…sorry Haik, u gotta wait until you and Panos visit us here In toronto to see the real private shit ;)))

    ok, off for a walk to clear my head before i return to this insane essay…


  • nice – woiks now – thank you.

    you are sleepy, tired, and still thinking …

  • not sleepy, just writing writing writing, thinking (about time, my son, my dad, harvey, my wife, time, memory, bones, words….writing, drinking, all coming down in my head like dripped wet time….i dont look happy, but i am, words….ask Daddy-Akaky: better and worse than sex….just that: to make something from nothing:

    photography, language, time….

    running to the night before i return to write more…

    have fun ya’ll


  • or this one with Lanegan

    running into the night..


  • fucking photography, fucking writing:

    “like a mouthful of rain…”



  • bob – toronto??? private shit??? panos??? hmmmm. that’s a killer combo there to seriously refrain from but …. :)))

    – have fun writing … :)))

  • Jesus, 2 1/2 hrs at home of writing and i turn into my brother Panos ;))))…music for y’all

  • more Cave for VELIBOR…

    ok, that’s it…until next week y’all, im outta here…

  • ok, LAST post, i promise:


    my mind is totally insane, i guess the madness of the artist….shit….



  • Great Pixxx…Fun Links…Roundabout Rambles…Good Times…Good Times… SIN~cerely, to all of you working hard @ the Kibbutz…YOU ROCK!!!!


  • ANTON – you are amazing!

    TOM – fucking incredible picture!

    DAVID MCG – great pix from your end

    you all are doing an incredible job – THANK YOU.

    PANOS – thinking of you!! best of luck on the 19th.


  • ALL

    Has anyone else noticed the resemblance between DAH and LIL BRO ANTON?…


    You are a legend my friend…beautiful, gorgeous, sumptuous image…

    Bloody hell you make me want to go out and shoot one of the new projects I am working on, thanks for the inspiration!


    Did you have to tell everyone I lose my kit every time I hear a beer can popping? What will DAD-AKAKY think? (Apart from ‘damn those kielbasa merchants!’)


    What is a kielbasa?

  • Love the Pic of Uncle Dave in his rain coat , love the coat , he looks like a Mad Monk!

    In honour of BURN , I just created a new gallery on my site,

    Great work Guys

  • GLENN,

    mate – awesome BURNs you got there. amazing.


    Great site… how’d the Walkleys go?


    Was just joking, I’d already checked Wiki…

  • Lisaaaaa. hungry, and – daaaaaaamn you and your sausages :)))))

  • Lisa – Did’nt get up this year , 3rd year in a row as a bridesmaid!

    You’r name did pop up in conversation though!

    Marc – I did’nt realise the story behind one of your burn pics till I dug a little deeper into your site – Tough Stuff Man!


    Yeah I am sure my name came up in conversation…

    Just proves that people really don’t have any idea of what is important at the Walkleys if they could waste their breath talking about me…

    However, if they talked about why there was not a single photograph of the ‘Apology’ in the photography nominations then maybe I have done them a disservice…

    Somehow I don’t think so…

    Sorry you missed out though, maybe I am a poison person to know, same thing happened to Matty Newtown last year…

  • oh.. i would call but this is not a good time.. i really wish i could be there.. oh man it’s like a family reunion that i’m missing.. but with friends which is actually harder to miss.. much love to the kibbutz and here… you know, ‘here’.. peace, lance

  • Hello ALL!

    Another one of my regular visits here…

    Now I wish success and long life to BURN!


    Thanks for the link! I’ve heard about Playing for a Change before, but now I am trying to check their amazing project carefully.

    Brilliant idea. Beautiful and compelling interpretation of Stand by me!

    Hugs and kisses to you All!

    All the best

    Ari B.

  • Thanks for the sharing, it delays me seeing on-line BURN !

    Have a nice day, audrey

  • Thanks for the Cray-C, Panos. :)

    Posted by: Kelly Lynn James | December 12, 2008 at 01:43 AM


    i think that the credit is all yours…

    KELLY THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • … ok… speaking of fire & BURN…

    THIS one goes for PATRICIA…. the peacemaker of this blog…

  • ….



    this one is dedicated to me… ( if i may )

    Jesus Shooting Heroin (Flaming Lips cover)

  • Just took a look to the genesis slideshow. That’s great! You can feel the mood there… Yes, it is so nice that you are giving all of us the oportunity to share how BURN is being born. We are there, in spirit, heart and vibes. Just wish I could help from here.



  • Kibbutz’s folks, reading your reports and looking at the pictures you took (yeah, great hula hop girl) I can feel the FEVER that BURNS you… well done and thank you!


    I just arrived home in AUS to find your book on SHACK LIFE waiting for me — it’s fantastic – your images are so VERY Australian and cut right to the core of the shack lifestyle! Thank you so much for sending it.

    My (sapphire miner) uncle tells me the fossicking/shack life of my childhood is all but but gone on the Western Qld gemfields now — replaced by big mining operations and heavy earthmoving equipment– predictable, I guess, but sad nonetheless…


    Yaaay you! You did good!

  • Oh, and David, or Mike, or Marie, or whomever is responsible —

    I love, love, love the new image on the DAH homepage!

    from the Family story?

  • GINA,

    love U & miss U too…

    thank you for your support..

    cant wait to see you soonest!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Wow, just got home, walked in the door of my cabin in the Northwest woods and saw all the comments. Thank you! And Bickford’s photo of David in his raincoat is just amazing … when I walked in the elevator, looked at David on the phone with Uptown and saw Chris with his camera already out … I thought … shit … but in a good on ya kind of way … :))

    The Kibbutz is an amazing, amazing place, like a well of creative serendipity … and Anton, Chris and Eric are three of nicest, most talented people I’ve ever met, and David Alan Harvey, well he’s okay too ;-)) … but don’t tell them i said that okay? i’ll just never live it down :))) Wish I’d had more time to talk to Erica and Andrew Sullivan, just super great people … next time.

    This project is going to take a lot of commitment from a lot of people … and everyone can help from everywhere … it’s going to need great, great content, that’s what it’s all about, that’s IT, work and photographers ON FIRE, burning it up with their personal projects and vision, energy, energy, energy, a bunch of cats out there on fire doing it, doing it, living it, yelling it, this is it, this is what can be done … so get to work ;-)))))

    So much was discussed, so much … not sure how much of the idea and vision is coming through here but i know it will with clarity soon enough …

    Tired, sleep deprivation has taken it’s toll …


    old/young tom

  • TOM:

    Great photos, both in the slideshow of the loft meeting and the damn hula hoop photo.


    Can I get a print of that DAH elevator photo? I love it!

  • Hey, kibbutz crowd, you magikmaker midwives! You’ve got folks dancin’ in the streets (or wherever they happen to be) with all your exciting news!!!

    Young (now old?) Tom, glad you’re home safe & sound. Thanks for your creative fire & amazing photos. Anton, I know you’ve got another day in NYC. Hope you get some time just to chill out with DAH. Chris & Eric, are you still there, on your way or already home? You guys did fabulous work! David McG, HUGE thanks for all you brought to the “birthing.” Love your webcam shots–totally surreal! Andrew S & Erica, you two were essential to the process as well, not to mention ALL the behind-the-scenes folks across the globe whose ideas, hard work & support have made this possible. And of course our very own DAH, the mastermind behind it all. Hope your ad shoot went well & that you got home safe from ice-covered upstate New York. You, my friend, are what they call a shapeshifter, one who creates magik by their very presence! Our world is a better place because you’re here.

    love & hugs


  • Oh! I love Patricia !!!

    very Lovely and Cute… hahaha. I want to dance with you with heartful gratefulness to friends.

    Thank you so so much… Tom, Anton, Eric, Chris,David Mac G, Erica, and Andrew for your huge efforts to our home. :)))

    When I saw the photo of Tom…I’ve missed the Kibbutz…Tom, thanks for very nice picture!

    Kerry, I love ‘burn’ and thank you :)))

    It is for Kerry & Diego and Michael.


    Kyunghee Lee.

  • I love you too, dear Kyunghee! I can still feel your warm and loving presence sitting next to me in David’s loft that October Saturday. So much has happened since then–you & your book have been in Paris, and now I have your book on order coming soon (I hope) to my home. Please remember, you always have a “second home” here in Detroit.

    BIG hug,


  • 1) DAH, anton, andrew, tom, chris,eric, erica, anton and dave mcg–

    wow, just… WOW. you guys seriously rock!!

    i wish i could contribute somehow but i am a total techtard.

    maybe i can contribute a photo essay about my street family down the road.. :)

    and tom, chris and anton,

    thanks for the photos! i really lingered on them

    and started to ‘feel’ a little of what it must have

    been like for you to be there. some really great shots.

    and young tom – YOU NAILED IT!

    and DAH in the rain…. so nice….

    2) my computer got a virus last week and i lost most of my photos from the last 5 years.

    i have the last 6 months worth still. the rest is gone.

    man, that hurts. i didn’t back up.


    seriously, i think i’m still in denial (first stage of grief!)

    co’s there’s this weird sense of calm in me about it.

    shouldn’t i be screaming and having a tantrum??

    maybe it’s my buddhist practice coming to fruition in that

    i know that everything is impermanent and I know that the less

    i hold on and am attached to things, the greater joy in life i will have.

    there’s pain around the loss, yes. but there is a sense of liberation as well.

    and a new beginning.

    3) i am having a christmas day feast for about 30-40 homeless street youth here in seattle.

    if you would like to help with a donation go here for details:

    thank you!

    and i love BURN. it captures the passion that i feel for photography…ufff…..

    love to all!


  • KATIA,

    do not panic…

    dont throw the comp in the trash yet…

    actually , go ahead throw it in the garbage,

    BUT… keep the hard drive…

    there are all kinds of software to extract data…

    dont panic yet…

    im sure

    KARIM ( & others here ) might be more specific…

    send me an email, what kind of comp, hard drive, etc…

    i know its the weekend but we will think of something…

    we better…

    again , dont throw the pc down the stairs yet…

    peace & hugs…

  • hi..jumped on a plane directly from the meeting (if jumping means waiting for a 2 hour weather delay only to be delayed further because the plane lost a windshield wiper that needed to be replaced and then once on the plane finding out that the person who was meant to fuel the plane had forgotten and went home and had to come back while we waited..oh well) so I haven’t had a chance to thank everyone for all the work they kept up after my departure… it was a true pleasure to meet everyone and have some time to work a little on the magazine-to-be. As expected, I already felt we knew each other..can’t wait to see the progress!

  • OMG Katia!

    I would look into seeing if you can recover those. Just don’t use that hard drive anymore – don’t touch it. It may be expensive to do, but maybe you can find a computer whiz as well. I had an external hard drive get corrupted on me (I’m a Mac user) and my wife (who works for Microsoft) was able to hook it up to her pc and recover a lot of images by using DOS. Anyway, I’d also been lazy about backing up though fortunately got everything back (RAW wise – a lot of my scans I didn’t but I have the negs). Now I have a RAID 10 array and taking discs offsite etc. Kinda went overboard because it is traumatizing. But hd’s are cheap now – no excuse.

    Anyway, I really feel for you. And glad for your Buddhist practice because that is what helps one get through things like this. Yes, all is ultimately impermanent.



  • panos–

    my dear, i love you, as you know. :)

    i’m not panicking at all. i’m rather calm.

    don’t YOU panic now.. ;)

    my son, who is supreme in all tech areas,

    has tried to recover the files

    for about a week now.

    they won’t show up on the computer.

    but yes, when he gets home i will email you

    with all the specifics. can i add karim to

    the email? need his e-dress.

    thank you, my dear.

    and there is a hide-a-bed in seattle for you any time.

    and it’s a comfy one! :))

    beijos** and to erica and audrey too. :)


  • charles–

    thank you! i will take all advice anyone has to offer and pass it along to my son, zakk. he is extremely capable and super tech-savvy but more

    input couldn’t hurt at all.

    to share any ideas about recovering my work,

    please email me at:

    very grateful..


  • Katia,

    I had these guys recover my files from a portable drive that failed on a trip:

    It cost about $900, but I would have lost most of a trip to Costa Rica. Despite the cost, I’m happy I did it. I couldn’t imagine loosing 5 years!

  • Dear all,

    thank you for your hard work. BURN is an amazing project,

    see you, Julien

  • david mcg–

    thank you. $900.00 is out of the question. i’m broke.

    at the moment i am at peace about letting go,

    although photos that i dearly love,

    especially of my street kids,

    keep popping into

    my mind

    with an ‘ouch’ that they’re gone.

    but mostly, at peace.

  • I’d get estimates, but I wouldn’t let people mess around with that drive too much (other than professionals.) I’ve got to think that cost could be recovered by print sales—street kids is a valuable body of work.

  • david mcg–

    it is certainly a valuable body of work for me.

    but it will continue. there will be more photos.

    when my son gets home i’ll get specifics from him

    about what he’s done thus far to recover them, etc.

    thanks for your concern. :)

    and pete–


  • and here’s my contribution to our theme, BURN (graphic):

    those crazy kids..


  • ALL…

    as you have all surmised, things have been cracking around here…so many ideas, and so much actual WORK….i will never be able to thank all of you enough for your input…except to just put out such an attractive site where you will be proud to publish photo essays, strong singles, and incisive text which should appeal not only to photographers, but anyone interested in the picture driven vision of our world….

    whatever we put up soonest will remain a moveable feast….we will be able to to make changes easily as actual ease of use dictates…just as in looking an at architects plan of a new house, we will need to “live” in it for awhile to see how it works in actual practice…

    essentially there we be three basic parts to our new site…

    (a) FEATURES….

    finished stories…of interest to photographers AND anyone who may interested in the subject presented….this section will be edited/curated by me, but with the FULL collaboration and approval of the photographer and writer…behind the scenes discussion of the development of the story will be one click away at the end of every story ….

    (b) DIALOGUE….

    our “road trips” blog pretty much as is…discussion of issues that affect all of us….these discussions, as now, will lead to both final features and to work in progress…


    this will be one of the most popular sections of our new venture….behind the scenes, story development, project start ups, etc etc..cooperating with PhotoShelter as the “place” for work being seen, critiqued etc etc..

    cheers, david

  • Hi, everyone! I`m new here, just been visiting on and off for about a week or so… English is not my first language, that`s probably why “Evolver” is my fav.Look forward to see the result, and to be able to follow the process.


    we can do it..

    Sorry, i dont deserve credit on this…

    i meant KARIM CAN DO IT…

    This kid is able to bring back the DEAD…

    i know this for sure, because he brought me

    back from the DEAD..

    either way…


    We got your back !!!!

    Love U Katia…

    & thank you for thinking of the HOMELESS KIDS…

    Thank U from the bottom of my heart

  • “So ya know I sent a link to David Alan Harvey to look at my first little slideshow.”

    “OH Nancy…why did you do that…do you know who he is?”

    “It’s okay ..he knows I am learning..remember I only bought my first camera two years ago and I told you I am going to learn this shit if it kills me”

    So the photographer friend(who soon reminds me that he was published in an “esteemed” magazine)…was feeling badly for my sloppy shots suggests a few fixes and tells me to go home and do the changes…along with a mental list of what else not to do.

    Thats okay…i can take it cause one day i will learn this shit!

  • Hi Katia,

    just got the email from Panos, I’d be happy to help you recover the images from the Hard Drive… I just need the hard drive or the laptop, I can probably recover most of the files in two days. Email me if I can help.

  • You’re very sweet KYUNGHEE. Thank you for the photos and your kind words.

    However, credit and thanks for the title BURN belongs to KELLY LYNN JAMES who pitched it on Dec 8th…

    kelly/kerry: similar but different :)

  • panos and karim – thank you thank you!!!

    i’ll email you as soon as my son gets home.

    (could be today or tomorrow)

    xox !!

    kerry– you are so generous, thank you!!

    i will send you some photos from our feast.

    you too, erica.

    i’m soo happy! :)))

    and please all, excuse my usurping the thread.

    i’ll take all of this off-list now.

    one more thing– a woman, a stranger, just dropped off

    a huge down comforter for the street kids and lots of

    hand-warmers and you know what?

    you can bet on good people doing good things.

    it warms my heart, all this goodness. (^.^)

    happiness to all!


  • Katia,

    I sure hope this works out. Looking back through your blog, man that’s some good (important) work. It takes a lot of dedication and patience I’m sure to work with these kids. I doubt I could do it – too many of my own hang ups – props to you for taking it on.

    Lets wait and see what happens, but I’m still up for someday dumping everything into Lightroom or Bridge at the studio and helping with an edit. Nothing definitive of course – just giving you my take at what I see. I often see what others overlook (and same goes in regard to others looking at my work).

    Best of luck with the xmas party.


  • David… how often do you plan to “update” or “publish” Burn?

    I am trying to figure out why is it that I do not revisit existing online photo magazines often. Why are they so…. boring? What is it that you can do different?

    And I think it is the dynamics, the dynamics is the key. Having it tied up with the dynamics of this blog is sure a good thing and I believe the online magazine CAN NOT be quaterly or monthly or even weekly, if it wants to keep the audience. It needs to be ALIVE, daily transformation of content… This is where online only magazines, like Blueyes, fail. Lots of good content there but very slow transformation… But that would mean someone would have to work on it full time which is probably a problem… Anyway, just thinking aloud… wishing you success. Veba.

  • DAVID and BURN team,

    Veba’s observation is important — ideally, the site should be ‘dynamic’ — new / fresh material daily to keep the majority of visitors ‘hooked’ and returning. This is especially crucial if you intend to seek serious sponsorship dollars…

    perhaps you’re planning on (C) Works in Progress to fill this need?

    if not, the section of the plan I sent you relating to COMMUNITY might have some high leverage/low effort ideas for consideration…


    KATIA, thank you for the giving us the opportunity to contribute, but it is you who is generous. Generous with your time, your energy and your obvious love for these kids…

    I really hope you get your images back… :(

  • TOM.

    Love that shot! What did the other’s shots look like? Would be interesting to see…

    BURNERS… :))

    Could someone please repost links for the DAH raincoat shot and whatever else was posted from the “meeting?”

    Just came home from a friend’s (suicide) memorial and I’m not up for searching back for them. Thanks.

  • KATIA,

    Sorry to hear about loosing your pics and I’m even more sorry that you had to learn the lesson the hard way..

    Most harddrives can be recovered, BUT I would never let someone that isn’t 100% professional do it for you or even look at it. Even if they are super good with tech. It may work, but it’s also possible that it will reduce your chances of getting the work back.

    I like the images and really hope there’s some solution to this accident.

    And for the future I guess you know you have to backup.

    For those who don’t know a lot about computers, backup, RAID etc I can recommend the Drobo.


  • Just saw Karim and Panos posts and I don’t doubt Karim can do it. If this works consider yourself lucky! :)


    i am wrestling with this one…i do not see how we can update daily…at least not the essays..great essays are few and far between…we have now a whole lot of content to last awhile, from the forum here and the workshops etc…

    but, even with a number of essays on hand i cannot imagine any more major postings than we do now…that is, major features updated at say three or four per month, but we will have the blog going on as per usual and maybe a daily single picture category…..and lots of stuff going on under “work in progress” there will be a lot of activity..

    but, carefully curated developed stories in the main Features section will be , by their very nature, little treasures and not daily “newsy” fodder…other sites already do this very well..

    what we have that is special and unique is self generated content..stories started, edited, mentored right on BURN… we become producers rather than just be a compendium site…everyone knows that in the new communication world, content will be king…i think we can “play”…

    remember this whole magazine is built on a blog platform..if you update the features too often you will not have any one up long enough for the photographer to feel that he/she has really gotten the max exposure…of course, the great features will stay up forever in the archive etc…at any one time, readers will see about 10 photographer names/stories and from say number 11 on, one click gets you to the next 10 etc etc..

    major daily feature updates would require a full time well paid staff…to just get one story ready to go and on the level i foresee is already a major job…one thing we did discuss was putting as much responsibility on the photographer as possible..we will have a very strict submissions guideline ….this will reduce the need for raw man/woman power…

    our primary goal now is to launch soonest a “model”…with what it will look like, a sampling of possibility, but not yet a full blown magazine…but we will clearly have something that could be shown by you/me to potential sponsors..

    we also think we have come up with a very creative plan to finance photographers beyond the relatively limited have specific sponsors finance specific grants which will be given to specific photographers…this way sponsor money goes directly to the photographer who then shoots something for BURN..this leads to more reader interest, which leads to more funding, which leads to more reader interest, etc etc etc…

    i plan to “BURN the house down” my friend !!

    cheers, david

  • DAH – still in austin… going to dinner with Lance and Dave Keenan tonight! i am sure your ears will be BURNing.

  • david

    quick thought that came to me after your get together…

    might be interesting and dynamic to have your magnum peers (and others) as guest curators every once in awhile.

    maybe alex webb one month, bruce gilden another month, eugene richards another month…

    just a thought…

  • MARC…

    good idea…will do….

    cheers, david

  • GINA…

    if you are going to be with Dave and Lance, the three of you MUST check out the post coming up tonight about how we will finance BURN….

    hugs, david


    I sent you an email – I can send you some software tools that will help in recovery of your files.



  • Just saw it – will let them both know about it…. i will comment on the new posting…

  • HAIK,

    you dont only share your sandwich…. your food…

    but also your kindness…

    you are a cool kid… man !


    when are you back? let me see ya. am i coming to court with you to spoil the judge? i have software for that too. :))))

    be good.

  • Yes but think of all the logo possibilities if the magazine were called “STASH” ! ;-))) Actually, turns out it already is a hot hip-hop mag … darn. :)))

  • BURN –

    I like that the goal is to be dynamic and am glad to see the post on updating…it seems that there is so much on the web to DEVOUR that it is all people do and perhaps that is the nature of the beast – the difference between web and books/magazines – but just because you can does not mean you have to. Anyway I like Blue Eyes and personally don’t want to go to Blue Eyes everyday to see the latest update, nor would I want to go to BURN everyday to see the latest update…I think I would get BURNED out…I’d much rather get an email letting me know there is new content/feature on BURN every month or 2/3 weeks that I can check out, then go back to it again a few days later because it was that good : )

    great idea with the financing.

    looking forward to the “model”.

    not sure if I can be of assistance from the dessert but if there is anything I can do, call anytime.

    Also DAVID…I’ve been thinking about your comment about an edit of my work being much easier and faster in person and with a “cold beer”…if you have any time between now and Jan 12 its a good possibility I could make it to NYC or to Carolina.

    ~ Chris H

  • I like Zone, but how about “The Zone”?

    Because when you get into ‘the zone’, so I’m told, the photographs are nothing like you’ve ever seen…

    Good luck!


  • Tom, lovely shot, and definitely “burnt”, all in the shades… ;-)

    BURN sounds good, I like the fact it does not point at “photography” per se, and that’s a very smart and “hip” way to say photography is never quite about photography only and much happens on and in the way to take a picture.

    Anyway, INFERNO has been taken already…:-)

    Back in Thailand, expecting a move by next week, but since we mentionned Pattaya lately and that’s where I base myself ( I own here the only piece of property-don’t fret: only 32 square meters-I will ever be able to afford in my life, anyone welcome to take advantage of it BTW), maybe that at the tip of their arrows, these little novices turned cupids threw a bit of love amidst all the sex the city has on offer… Just to make things more interesting and the world go round…

    (Warning: this is PEACE PHOTOGRAPHY at his most unbashful, nothing, but absolutely nothing is happening…!):

  • Profuse apologies, I “oopsed!” again, so here’s the pix with one click only:

  • AKAKY IRL: I still like GROKKLESNORP the best.

    AKAKY: I hate you.

    AKAKY IRL: Stick it in your ear, dumbass.

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