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Brigitte et Bernard by Audrey Bardou

New images as part of the “Brigitte et Bernard” essay, previously featured here on BURN:

From time to time, we will feature updates from previous stories as “Work in Progress”.

Website: Audrey Bardou

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  • I have waiting for pictures like this. Great shots Audrey! Classic journalism.

  • Audrey

    I’m glad to see this project is on-going. I love this project

  • Marcin, Gordon, thank you very much!

  • great audrey.. to see the story expanding, that is..


    Well, the story continues…great to see that you are pushing and still working hard at the story…..I really like the first shot in particular, the construction, the expression of the kid…very nice….

    By the way, as I rechecked your new site, I saw that you are now working with a gallery in Brussels…When are you here next…. You are not allowed to come and not say Hi…. Tiens moi au courant….


  • Lovely Audrey — I particularly like the first image – a beautiful addition to your story!


    So happy to see your Brigitte et Bernard work in progress. As you know j’adore this project! I’m particularly taken with the first image you show here. It is layered visually and emotionally. A great addition to an already impressive body of work…


  • go Audrey
    go Audrey
    go Audrey
    go Audrey go…

  • Nice. First one I really like.

  • bien fait chou chou!

  • gorgeous pictures audrey!…cant wait to see Brigitte et Bernard II!!! :))))

    et le livre??..:)))


  • I LIKE :)
    Real Audrey style photos – always wonderful. both are gems

  • Audrey

    wonderful wonderful photos!

    the top photo is simply superb – well done!
    (but i also like the second very much ; ))

    my wife, Yael is asking me to tell you that your essay is one her favorites.
    we look forward to more, keep up the excellent work!


  • little
    in undies…
    the complexity in this photo
    merci audrey

  • These are soooooooo good! Superficially saying life is fine, everything’s great..what could be wrong? Well, what could be wrong? But something might not be oh so right. Just a little bit wrong. or potentially terribly wrong. Tragically, awfully wrong. The man in #1 is distracted, maybe he’ll become even more distracted, perhaps walk away, forget that this little adventurer is just now thinking what fun it would be to wrap himself in ropes. That’s what he’s thinking. We know it. We see it in his eyes. We want to tell that man don’t walk away, don’t leave. But we’re mute, we can yell, we can point, but the man can’t hear us. He’s just part of the photo. He can’t hear us. In #2 people are looking into the car. Why? Maybe they’re just saying goodbye. Yeah, sure, that’s all it is, they’re saying goodbye. Right? But maybe the kids are alone, or maybe not alone but with someone who’s bad, someone who’s not ok. Maybe there’s distress. Maybe, maybe..but no, i’m being silly. Of course everything’s’s just my imagination..i mean, right? Audrey? it’s just my imagination, right?


    Great job..adelante, chica!


  • Dear friends, thank you very much!

    Eric, mon expo est fini à Bruxelles :( mais j’ai le projet avec la galerie d’une petite édition bilingue (merci Erica!!) de 15 minutes, on recherche des financements, tout est prêt, je dois le rencontrer à Paris Photo justement, j’y serai du 18 nov au 21 nov, on peut se retrouver sur Paris? Sinon je pense revenir à Bruxelles, je te tiens au courant…

    Sam, thank you, I like your family too…

    Kathleen, don’t worry, I was here!! but, yes, my parents have to remove the ropes, it is dangerous, I agree… The photo 2, it is saying goodbye, it is always sad, my mom tries to make laugh the little boy , I know that many does not like this image, but I like it… I like that all made the funny face (la grimace!)


  • Audrey,
    I found time to look at BURN site and what a surprise… Knowing very well your essay I love to have the feature update.
    Regarding these images I like both but I found the first more … compliant?.. close intimate to the rest of your essay. And to you. (I’ve already seen the N. 2?)
    Cngratulation to you and … to BURN for the award

  • Audrey,

    Love it. :))) As you know, I love your family portfolio.

    Looking forward to see your book soon.

  • Thank you very much to like my parents, it encourages me to continue…

    Laura, yes, you know this photo, you saw it at Perpignan.

  • audrey ~

    I love your whole series with B &B and the first photo here will add so much to this beautiful body of work.
    The child in this photo engages me in the present moment, his reflection…your family’s past…and bernard…his future….the cycle repeating itself as my eye moves through the frame, always finding something new in the photograph…simply and complexly beautiful… am looking forward to buying your book when this portrait of your family is completed.


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