3:30 am …is this getting harder or has it always been this way??     fresh nuked coffee….    where in hell is my phone charger??     i swear i had it right here….just last night…ok, clothes easy, laptop, cards, batts, cords too many damned cords, book, ok ok that’s it….yes??  gotta call cab…wind blowing cold out there…but warm mexico….phone ok……post from san miguel……ok gone…

5 thoughts on “6am flights”

  1. david,

    we met a few years back at mizzou. i was a grad student figuring out the future. you were, well, you. i’ve just been turned onto your blogs. thanks for the insights of your life beyond your photographs, your expansive community.


  2. hello adam……

    so, tell me what you figured out??? any work to show?? in any case, thanks for joining me this way and when you are in new york stop by….there is always a mizzou student or two lurking about….


  3. my photography’s to the side. my writing’s up front. i’ve figured out i’m a wordman–journalist, essayist, poet–who will always love photography and enjoy following photojournalists’ happenings. your site will help me with that. thanks. i look forward to the new ideas/visions you described today, and beyond.


  4. adam

    it sounds like you have found your voice…..good

    besides, photographers need all the help they can get from writers who “dig” them!!!

    tom o’neill, my good buddy from natgeo writing staff has always been like you describe yourself to be….

    stop by when in town…..

    cheers, david

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