i am still in san miguel and will be  for another week ….doing this workshop has caused me to fall behind on new blog posts……it has taken all my spare time to just respond to comments…in any case, i have a one day break now and will try to get some work up soonest on all four blog sections today or tomorrow…..this is turning into a full-time job!!!     please stay tuned, i will do my best!!!!

5 thoughts on “new posts from mexico”

  1. hey cristina (garcia rodero) just left new delhi for mexico last night (via the us). is it the same workshop???

    we actually talked a lot about you.. and she might ask you about the letter that the national geographic editor wrote to you after your first assignment.. :)

    take care…

  2. hi s….

    cristina is doing another workshop….but i do hope to see her…..she is such a terrific photographer and i am so pleased she has been nominated for magnum…

    where will cristina be in mexico???

    salud, david

  3. san miguel if i’m not mistaken..

    but not too sure..

    she was teaching me spanish while i was helpig her out with english..

    she left on the 6th night, was going to madrid for a day and then to L.A. and from there to mexico. perhaps you could send an email to her?

    regards. :)

  4. just out of curiosity…

    how does one get into magnum?

    don’t you have to know certain people from before who can back your application?

  5. s…

    if you go to the magnum website, there is a pretty good explanation of how the magnum process works….check that first..

    the so called process of “networking” does not really apply to magnum….i have seen nominees come in who nobody in magnum had laid eyes on…

    simply put, it is about the work, about the work, and about the work…..and, authorship, authorship, and authorship….it is not at all like entering a contest or applying for a grant…

    if a photographer has the work, then he or she will quickly be able to meet “certain people”

    young women who are thinking about magnum should definitely take a look at the inge morath grant that we sponsor every year….see web for details….

    at some point i will write an article on all of this


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