now in bangkok with a bunch of old friends and a bunch of new friends….
book project is : "Thailand:9 Days in the Kingdom"….this is a shoot with 50
internationally "known" photographers who will each do an individual essay on some aspect of Thailand in 9 days… this book is in honor of the King Bhumibol Adulyadej …his  80th birthday…
now Thailand is an amazing country…one of the most amazing things is that it
was never colonized….Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia etc. were
all colonized by various European countries…..
now the question is: is Thailand the way it is because it was
never colonized, or was it never colonized because it is the way it is???
Many questions lurk about Thailand…But for sure Thailand is populated by 
the sweetest people on the planet…one other truly fascinating thing is
that i have never been in any country where the people openly
love their leader….not forced….the people love their king….maybe not all
the political leaders, but the king….

more postings to follow….and eventually some of my work for "work in
progress"….sawadee lakon



beautiful….BUT girl or boy?


press conference with surat osathanugrah,oldest photographer on project;
laura el-tantawy, youngest photographer on
project; dr.suvit yodmani, minister of tourism and sports; didier
millet , publisher "9 days in the kingdom"; and steve mcccurry,
photographer with most famous photograph …


celebrity photographer greg gorman, his assistant josh, nym and nick,
assignment editors…way in the background is catherine karnow…


old friends mike yamashita and peter turnley



 jeff hutchins, who is shooting bangkok,on elevator with????

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  1. Took quite a long time before visiting your website. I was one of Thai NG staffs that you met at the NG-TH building, just a few minutes before you left.

    Many young thai photographers were amazed by you, I can say(also seniors, I guess:)

    Anyway, to give a kind of feedback of thai fan on your feature. Thai Kids love your hip-hop feature. Mostly they said you open their vision, but too sad that adults didn’t think so. They thought that it’s too violent( as well as the music.)

    Well, I don’t know why I tell you this but hope this lil piece of information can be useful for you in some way ;)

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