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It still always blows my mind to go from winter straight to summer. I just got off the plane this morning in my always life changing Rio de Janeiro. I have very good friends here. All I had to do today was nothing. Chill. Have a caipirinha under an umbrella. Don’t move. So caipirinha in one hand and testing a Leica Monochrome in the other. So I sat in a chair and I didn’t move. Would you?


In this day-3 of my burndiary, I wanted to post a kind of tourist photo of the city that adopted me for a while. I have to say that Edinburgh is such an special place, an intriguing city, with some dark and bright sides. I’m not a tourist anymore here, so it was difficult I guess to make a kind-of-tourist shot, but maybe this photograph would represent how I see part of the charm of this town. #burndiary #burnmagazine #edinburghPhoto by @akirchuk

In a Scottish Train

This is my day-2 with this visual journal I’m sharing through BurnDiary. I was born and have lived all my life in Buenos Aires, now I’m temporarily in Edinburgh, Scotland, for a few months. I’m missing the sun a lot. Looking forward to be back home soon. Here, Lucía in a Scottish train. #burndiary #burnmagazine #scottishtrainPhoto by @akirchuk

Lucía and Mailén

50 days ago, my daughter Mailén was born. This changed completely my life, in every sense. I guess this is also affecting and will affect strongly my photographs, the whole process. Still don’t know how, this is really an unexpected journey, every day there is something new I see and I learn. Here the girls I love, Lucía and Mailén. #littlemailen #burndiary #burnmagazine Photo by @akirchuk

Ashley’s tattoo

Ashley’s tattoo. Washington DC.

Matt Eich – Sin and Salvation in Baptist Town

Matt Eich

Sin and Salvation in Baptist Town


For the last four years I have been drawn to Greenwood, Mississippi like a moth to a flame. Since 2010, I have explored a complex intersection of issues that span race, class, joblessness, opportunity, housing, education and segregation.

After years of making documentary images, I have grown frustrated with what photography is, and more interested in what it could be. I started making 6×7 images, a mixture of landscapes, documentary photographs, and most importantly, collaborative portraits. In this work I begin to blend these different representations of place with an emphasis on creating work that is less about my perspective as an outsider, and more about how the people I am photographing wish to be portrayed.



These collaborative portraits will become the basis of a public exhibition intended to create a safe space for dialogue about present race relations in Greenwood. I will partner with the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation to facilitate an open dialogue. The work will also live on a website where the community can upload their own text and images, thereby shaping the outcome of their story.

Additionally, I will collaborate with high school students from three different schools to teach children photography as a form of self-expression. These images made by students and other community-contributed content will become a part of the larger project, empowering the residents of Greenwood to portray themselves and their community from an insider view, to show a more balanced and nuanced perspective about life in this often stereotyped corner of America.

I seek to engage a historically divided community in a dialogue about present race-relations in the American South by minimizing my voice and presence while allowing the community to take the helm. We must acknowledge that the legacies of racism and segregation continue to impact people throughout our country economically and culturally, in persistent and often pernicious ways.




Matt Eich was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1986. He began working as a photographer while studying photojournalism at Ohio University for clients that include National Geographic, The New Yorker, GQ, Esquire, TIME, FADER, Harper’s, AARP, Apple, Tiffany & Company and others. He is currently pursuing his MFA in Photography from the Hartford Art School.

Matt has worked with support of grants from the Aaron Siskind Foundation, the Alexia Foundation, National Geographic Magazine and The Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography. His work has been exhibited widely and his prints are in the permanent collections of The Portland Art Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston and the New York Public Library.

These days Eich lives in Norfolk, Virginia with his family while accepting commissions and creating photographic essays about the American condition.

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Nat Geo Party


NatGeo party Washington DC. These are two of the most famous natural history/adventure photographers of our time. The tribe is gathered for the annual photographers Seminar. Who are these two?

The wrap up post

This is the wrap up post! Thank you all for following me through out the week. Special gratitude to @burnmagazine @burndiary and @diegorlando for giving me the spot to share my work. (4/4)Caption: Embraced! Photo By: @ismailferdous Ismail Ferdous #finalpost #Day7#iphoneonly #Dhaka #Bangladesh #burnmagazine #embraced #street #documentary


Today is my last day with Burn Diary. I’m gonna post 4 photos today, 3 of them would be from Dhaka taken in 2014 and the last photo would be instant post. (2/4) Caption: Few pieces of Color…. Photo by: @ismailferdous Ismail Ferdous #Prints available#Day7 #iphoneonly #Dhaka #Bangladesh #latergram #color #burnmagazine #burndiary #balloon #street

Rain rain rain

Today is my last day with Burn Diary. I’m gonna post 4 photos today, 3 of them would be from Dhaka taken in 2014 and the last photo would be instant post. (1/4) Caption: Rain Rain Rain…ah Dhaka! Photo by: @ismailferdous Ismail Ferdous #Prints available#Day7 #iphoneonly #Dhaka #Bangladesh #latergram #rain #burnmagazine #burndiary